Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1935
Page 4
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ByAHERN Hu HOUSE 11 Ethiopian women with their men. 13 To hasten. 15 Sheltered place. 23 You and I. 25 Either. 27 Organ ot hearing. 28 Calmed. 39 To help. 30 Insight. 33 Awn. 34 Dry. .16 Dower property. 35 Acts ot shooting. 39 Java community. 41 Police attack. 43 Musical composition* <4 Musical character, 4 5 Toilet box. 46 Cattle shed. 47 To boast. 49 To sin. 51 Perched. A«»ww to Previous WORK H..S UP AGAlU . VET NOTE THttT VOUK "BOY GOT CSOUtED BY A , c H , M •plAxNO TRUCK, WN 1TLL ) M ^, BE A MONTH BEFORE HE'S OUT OFTVT CAST/ 4S Wise man. 60 Cents. 51 Henveuly 1 Otherwise. 2 Mole. 3 Noblewome:! 4 Exultant. 5 Starch. 6 One who compiles sta tistics. " Repairs. S Short letter. 9 God. 10 Dozes. 52 Row of a series. Melodies. 54 Epilepsy symptom. 55 She broad- casted a radio for prevention of war 56 She completed 16 days of and Metrical 'Syllables. S Noise. nsumes. 3fffo accomplish ot war. •& Selections. 4STo recede. MEANS A COUPLt OP OGATAS, •BET WTO HIS GROCEP //-23 JSP^S UPS AMD by MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES PLhCE. • STf\0\OM •* g) 1935 BY NEA-SERVICE By CRANE A Lesson in Politics S Center Point >•£„ j TMrs. A. W. Meadows spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Lee Watktns and daughter, and they called on Mrs. J. R. PerceU. 'j Mrs. Lee Watkins called on Mrs* A. ^W. Meadows Friday W. W. Wright spent Saturday •"< 'Sell It! Fred It! Bent It! Buy It' in the Hope Star ARKET PUCE i .4' Remember, the more you tell, the ' "?** • quicker you soli. 1 time, IGc line, rain. 30« J"or consecutive insertions, mtoi- ' mum of 3 tines in one as 3 times, 6c line, min, 50« 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3Vzc line, min. 52.70 { CAverage 5Vi words to the line) NOTE— Waut ads will be accepted 'with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of •statement, before the first publication ? Phone 76k with Mrs. V. L. Holly and daughters. Mrs. Albert Chambless and chil-' dren are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jim i Stuckey and baby near Hope. Minor May spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. • Wright and children. , Dale Arnold of Bright Etar spent Saturday night with Vernon Percell. i Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blakely and son. j and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Davis and children all of Texarkana and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meadows of this place .spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Watkins. i Mr. and Mrs. Roy Arnold of near Bright Star spent Saturday night withi Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Percell. i Mr. and Mrs. Ray' Mercell of Waco, | Texas, called on Mr. and Mrs. J. R.! Percell Sunday afternoon. i Vernon Percell spent Sunday with' his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Arnold and family near Bright Star. ; Oscar Hcdnett called on W. W. 1 |. Wright Sunday afternoon. . j I Delma Wright spent Sunday night I with Mr. and Mrs. Jim A Wright near 1 Hope. : i Albert Chambless spent Sunday, I with Denver Hall of Amity. ! ! Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hamiter and son ', \ of Hope spent Sunday afternoon with ; | Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hubbard and' • family. Elrnore Nichols of Evening Shade' tailed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. I W. Wright Monday morning. ' Berry Porterfield called on Ed Hub-! bard Sunday. I ALLEY OOP HAW.' YOU SAID IT, G05H,GU2-"—-^OOP! HE DID POOR FOOZY MUSTA\ HAVE AK1 HADQA MAWFUL I AWFUL TIME, V 7IME WHILE WE fYOU CAM TAKE WERE&OKJE Jj, IT FROM ^ ME 7 / SWELL, SAY--)DO?-1 AIWT GOMNA DO WHATCHA (NCTHlWy LlSSENJ, FELLA' GONNA DOVl'M GONNA GIVE YOU A BOUT WHATS LITTLE LESSON IN TH* HE DOME? ;K^ KING BUSIMESS - oc FOOZY DID A SWELL JOB OF RUMMIW MOO, WHILE I WAS GOME - BUT, IF I PAT HIM OM TH' BACK, TH 1 MU&S THAT ARE DOINT ALL . . TK SQUAWKINTLL )( THA'S BE BURNED / V RIGHT -AM' IF I CRACK DOWN ON HIM, ALL. HIS FRIENDS-LU B£ MAC? -SO, BY DOlN NOTHIN, NOBODVLL HAVE/- 7" ANYTHING ON ME,AN' / X WELL, PEC. EVERVTHINGLL BE f y'SAV, THISWNGr AlVJTIT?.' *H'ift 193S,BY N&A SE.RVICE WASH TUBBS Lulu Bell Explains By HAMLIN WANTED WANTED: Log trucks to haul logs to Hope. See Floyd Forterfielcl. 22-Gtc. Ozan Money to Loan— MORTGAGES Borrow $30 to ?250 from us at f>''c on , your furniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back in small monthly payments. For full in- ; formation see GREENING INSUP.- ANCE AGENCY. 20-26tc_ NOTICE Mr. and Mrs. Earl Robins went to the show at Nashville Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Goodlctt visited J. S. Conway and Mrs. Pearl Holloway NOTICE—I will not be r . for debts contracted for by any person other than rny wife or myself. D. B. Phillips. Sr. 20-3tp Notice: I have returned from a business trip to Texarkana and am back jA rny Poultry house. I pay highest > "market prices for Poultry and Pecans, j T. P. Beard. 22-3tp ; FOR SALE FOR SALE Car load Mares. 3 to 6 years old. Cheap. Coliin's Mule Barn. Look Them Over Combs and Farrar Hope, Arkansas FOB SALE—Horses and mules, See C. H. Sutton at Button and Hate Service Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp of Hope was a visitor to our club last Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stuart have moved to Nashville. Mr. Stuart has accepted work at the Scott store. Ben Goodlett went to Hope Monday afternoon on business. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stuart went to the show in Nashville Tuesday night. Floyd Matthews and Ben Goodlett i were in Hope on business last Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Utley of Nashville were visitors here last Sunday. Mrs. Floyd Matthews was shopping i.i Hope Monday afternoon. Mrs. Warner Citty and son Clifton of Ashdown are visiting relatives here this week. The Methodist Missionary society has completed their study on that other America and are giving an entertainment in connection with the saudy next Tuesday afteroon at the Methodist church. The society wishes to extend an invitation to the Ladies cf the Baptist church. Bill Gist and daughters Frances and Nancy, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Matthews and Clifton Citty attended the ihov/ fit Nashville Tuesday night. auiMEA-pi<3 MAN PISAPPEAR6 FROM ISLAND, T\VO BARRELS AL50 MI5SIN6, BELIEVED THAT HE LEFT ON A RAPT MAYBE HE "V MAYBE \BALONEV/ I TELL.V£, HE WAS WAS AFCAIP A HE WENT W ME AM 1 EASY, HE KKJOWED WE THE WATER \FOR HELP,/SUSPECTED HIM OF KILL I NT THE BI66ER SUPPLY WOULDK^__JXV B1?OTHERS ' AM ' HAP A 6UIUTV COM-^ GIVE OLTT. *zw. :> ;>^ •s»%2 i m^ fei AiNi* HIS FRIENDS Mystery By BLOSSER FOB SALE—Perfectly new set of Psthroom fixtures. A Bargain. Sec W.'P. Agee. 15-6tc ~f OB SALE: Quilt tops and Victrrjlii- old patent. Mrs. R. L. Taylor. 815 Sixth Street. 20-3'.n Tokio ARE YOU SURE YOU CAW'T FIND THEM"? I'VE LOOKED HIGH AWD LOW.... I HAVEN'T A PAIR OF PANTS IN THE HOUSE .'/ THAT'S STRANGE.' I JUST GOT THREE PAIRS OF YOUR CORDUROYS BACK FROM THE CLEANERS AND LAID THEM CAREFULLY IN YOUR DRAWER .' THEM AWAY HAVEN'T Yo NEWFANGLES (Mom-n Pool FOR SALE—On? 5100 srhobrshi:) i Tyler Commercial C'.'!t.-':-i'. U'" :f ' '• $300 on tuition. For quick KJ'C ; $35.00 cash. Hoj.e Su.r. I'J-.'Ji FOR SALE -- Fat Turk.--., f.,i Thanksgiving. !.'•<-• H. G;.r!;,nd. P'r.^n. 150M-3. ^-- ; !' FOR RENT FOR BENT-2-ro'i:n ;,,. ..n.r.Li.t ^.v adjoining bath. Oar,-gt. All uti.i! pjid 820 :-i;^;-it!,. - V . T I.-:. W f. HuR *,».. S, -'UT V.. D',--,,: '.I,:: .'^ ' ••< Ruie Li. v.e and J. B. Hution were \ businL-ss vi:,ilurs to Nashville Wednes- j day. j A. C. Holt was a Nashville visitor Thurf.d.:y. I Mrs. Sarah Co-jley w;.o in Nashville • Thiiifd.iy i; n businc.'-.s. Hi)Wa)'i.l Coi;ley is at Hot Spring ! t.ikiut' a couc.'.e of b.'iiln. : !.. f,. Sarfoid v.-Cis a bu-i:,c=s visitor i., Dierks Tuesday. Quinton Saiifurd v;;i.- •: Iv.i.iiness vi^- i-r ('. Nafchvillc- V/edni.-.'-day. J. S. Harris, R. A. Sanl'ord. E. A. tiiiiford and Lee Stuuart wore busi- iit--.-i visitors to H.ipi.' Tufsdiiy. Mr. and Mrs. William Robins and i,;ib •; of O/an uix- visiting Mrs Robins' :,;::-Ji)ts. Mr. and Mr:,. Lee Stc-uart. Hi-., rol'l Hi!i«in«-- '^ in l.'-il •••.•;th ;.:' •iv.ick of aprjendivit'ii, ,»luJt« I HAVE T'BE VEp-r- CAOEFUL V WELL, EVERYTHING ABOUT WY MEALS' TUE LAST \ WE SERVE PLACE 1 STAYED,T.AEY SERVED \IS STRICTLY S'^UCU CAMMED FISH TUA.T NAY STOMACV4 ROSE A.ND FELL WITH THE TIDE EVEN THE POSSIBLY OLD ONES J^foUR DAD HAVE S KNOWS DISAPPEARED/SOMETHINC? 1 ' THEM / CALL IN HAVE EITHER OF YOU SEEN ANYTHING OF MY PANTS HIM ASK .HIM ! By COWAN SLJPPIN GOOD MADAM

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