The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT pinion Still Prevails That President May Run By RODOLFO L. N'AZAKKNO United Press stiff Correspondent MANILA,.April 15. (UP) — Wlio will succeed Manuel Luiz Quezon as president, of the Commonwealth of the Philippines when his six- year term expires Nov. 15, 1941. has become a puzzle even lo usually K-ell Informed observers of th? country's politics. • The commonwealth's constllu- tion forbids a presldenlial re-election, but proposed constitutional amendments, to be submitted In ,;jnne to n national plebiscite, in, elude one allowing n second term lor the chlel executive. Jusl why the amendment on reflection was projwsed is easily explained: the overwhelming major- liy of the 98 national assemblymen •want Quezon to reinnln In Mah- canan. Paradoxically, It would seem, Quezon has repeatedly stated publicly he Is not n candidate for re-election. 'Hence, the puzzle. On the question of Ihe presidency, one.thing Is admitted as axiomatic: that . if Quezon wants ta succeed himself, he will. Nobody in the country Is considered qualified, to give him a light at the polls ,The loosely organized opposition ( probably will name a candidate *s a matter' of form. • ,. Quezon May Reconsider There are certain Informed qunr- lers which do not seriously regard Quezon's oft-repealed disavowal of intention to succeed himself. These quarters aver that on recent occasions Quezon Intimated he might be obliged under certain circumstances to run for a second term. These quarters point but that temperamental Don Manuel, with adequate provocation, has intmy times changed his mind on a moment's notice. A veteran Nnclonnllstn party irrnn. who refuser! to be quoted, said he asked the president to run for re-election nnd the president asked if Ihr; people would really like him to stay in Malocanan. Informed party men said that if the Nacionalistn parly convention should decide tb launch Quezon's candidacy, even against his will he would have lo be president again. And II Is not unlikely this will happen, party men added. Thnt Is »hy (lie constitutional ban on re-election , Is being removed they argued. On the premise Hint Quezon will . not be a candidate, Vicc'PresHonl Sergio Osmena has launched hh candidacy Osmena emphasized. thM he would {filrf'paiidldijiyoiiiyiir it should tie -Impossible • To 1 persuade the president-to .-accept a second term. • . , To Remain Neutral Commenting, on. Osmena's conditional candidacy. Quezon reiterated he Is not a candidate He was non-committal, however, on Osmena's candidacy, and said he would rot, support the candidacy of anyone for Ihe presidency. "I expect the people to make their own choice uninfluenced by any preference on my part because I cannot and will not assume any responsibility for the policies of 1 my successor," the president said Let every Filipino make up his' ntmd as to who fa the best man to carry the tremendous burden of leading our people in these mosl critical limes." In lU.e face of this categorical assertion of neutrality, the best ii,n r iH C ^ 0l)S l rvcrs I> rctllct «l that should there be a real fight lor the presidency Quezon, an undisputed boss oi,.the..Nacioimllsins, ml?ht take n i, aild lo nvoit , ., ^ y Vr pl i t "' II ts wl <l»ly believed that if..Quezon-endorses a caudi- BI/TOTEVILLE (ARX.) COURIER NEWS Republicans .Deplore Absence of Democratic Emissary at 'Mass' Meeting Mississippi county Republicans who met In what they referred lo us a "mass convention" nt the nl Osccoln lust Friday deplored the failure of the "missionary" named by Ihe Democratic Central commltlee to attend the convention. In Democratic circles It was ru- rooretl lhat the parly's "inlsslo!!- ary" or mlnkter-plcDipolenllary" was Oil hand Friday but failed aflei much dllljjcnt effort lo locate a "mass" convention ol, any kind underway at the Osceola courthouse. It was reported that Mr. Miller at one lijnc sighted nl n distance one or two mc.i said lo be Republicans but fell sure Dial such a small gathering could not possibly be tile ."mass" convention called by the Republicans, However tho Republican.? Issued the following statement: "Alter the business of Ihe convention was Iransactcd a committee was appointed lo escort the lion, Joe Miller, designated by the county committee of Democrats to attend tho Republican, convention us a 'Missionary or Minister-plenipotentiary to Ihe floor of the convention. Failing to iiml Mr. Miller In the convention hall, n search was made for him over Ihe town, hut lo no avail. The convention was sorely disappointed at his failure to appear, as It was expected ho would tell the convention how the New Dealers, Third Termites, Socialists and l(cnei;ade Republicans had taken over the Democratic party and .stolen Its mime, leaving It only tin- emblem—a sad and 'discomfited Jack ass'." D. F. Taylor was electe:! chairman of the convention and A. R. Krew.wn. .secretary. Delegates to the stale convention, which meets In Lillle Hoc* May 11 nnd the congressional convention, which mci-l.'i at Wynne May 10 were elected and liic comity committee reorganized. The convention, it was icpuiicd, adopted resolutions denouncing the Nc\? Deal administration n.s being "undemocratic and diametrically opposed to all tho doctrines nnd principles of the Democratic party as oiiu.ielatcd by .leiferson nnd Jackson" iind commending the He- i;ublk'.iii pnrly as "the only iiveiinc through which the country can bo saved from bankruptcy, Socialism and Anarchy." served, Mm. Bnrlmm Ird ll, e m( . m Ibers out, ln(o her flower garden »;«' l .e »'o Ufcrcnl,' plants were .died and discussed Mrs ii-ir 'hum also displayed some of her handicma ami paintings ( 0 the The play tournament wa «' ,11,. cussed |,y Mrs . , Iownul Cal(lwi ; n mid It Is manned that Armon;! »'Jll Oiitcr tills tournament Afta' games wti-o contluclcd by Mrs T-ift, Mother the meeting w's^jomt v'il l,' C i ," " 1Cell " g m ' xl l>10 » l " v.'lll be- held on May K! „» u,r. home of Mrs. Howard Culdwell. Passover Service _IsJf> Be Held A .service for Passover, the f<-s- !!nn ™ mmci "°™<"ig "ie Jrealo:,, won aflcr years of slavery In », y)) t will bo held m Temple Israel Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock The home of the service will | )c « (Bion, i, lfc m,d Prmiom," Rl ; „• Herman Pollack annoAnw) in observance of . international Youth Day members of the youth tenet* will parlidpale In the «'n- i«.'. Mhs Frances Jaffc, of Osccol-i will lalk on «vo,uh Q losthms ,,'i Commenls" „„„ j,,,,,,, QII *' « I-iecdom: the Keynote of lielH,,,, •• ' ' so fai ns gathering more money for Ihe povcrnmcnl is concerned. Villa, speaker of the National Assembly, Is even younger than Roxas. A brilliant corporation lawyer, he became secretary of Jnstlcs n few years ago. In the last, elections for national assemblyman, he won a scat- for Occidental Negros. the province of sugar barons, and, will) the tacit support of Quezon, was promptly elected speaker ol the unlcamcral Inw- maklng body. Yulo's rise has been meteoric, taking into account lie hnd never Iwld an elective office previous lo running for Ihe nxscmlily. 4-H Club News Notes Lost fane J-II Club lorene Murry presided over the meeting of the Lost Cnnc 4-11 Ohlh which wns held Friday when HI members were present. The following club captains gave reports: Leonard Rued, A. C. Weeks, Hasscll Lawson, Lillian Lorrene, Ethelene Ou-ens, Thclma Staller and Maxlnc Baclmss. A demonslrallon on forestry was jjlv- ch_ by..Frederick J. Shulley, Exlcn- sloii Forester of Little Rock. made reports. Mrs. Neal lold ol Ihe free cotton and ticking for mattresses which Is available to nil low-income farm families. Twenty-nine club members nnd 13 visitors were present nt Iho mceliiij;. The regular club meeting will be with Mrs. Gilbert Rrcwcr on Thursday afternoon. rim festival will be observed in Kryanl .fiiiilor-Acliili Club A meeting of the Bryant Jnnlar- Adult -I-JT club wns held Monday with Zella Drown presiding. Hny- mond Turner, song captain, led Ihe club in group slngini;. A (iimitcU was stinij by Raymond Tiu-ner, Ev- erclt. Edmonston, Elton Ptcemiui, and Junior Bandage. Dnrinj; HIP socinl hour, Lois Brown led the group In playing Barnes and a chicken spaghetti -supper was served by the refreshment committee. IlroH-ii 1-11 Club The Broivn 4-11 club mcethif; was held Tuesday. The following cliiu captains Have reports: E. W. Robertson, Carl Thi'elkeld, and A. C. Fox. Croup singing was led uy Carl Threlkcld. A mixed chorus sung "Prairie Moon" and "Gypsy Song" accompanied by giiltiirs, tambourines nnd horns. iio.t E!(!er t'lnli • Mrs, Herman Hill yns hostess lo !hc Box Elder Home Dcmonstrn- llan Club which met Tuesday for nn all-day meeting.; The morning was spent in quilling and nt noon n pot-luck lunch wns served, after which (jmncs were played and Mrs. Josle Newcomb was given n house shower. After the regular business meet- In!;, during, which the chairmen Armurt-l Club The Armorcl Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. George VV. nnrlinm' In Blylhcvlllc Tuesday wilh Mrs. \V. L. Smith, president, presiding over thc'imcel- ing. The devotional was given by Mrs. O. U. 'Garner followed by the dull creed which wns read by Mrs. Lorene Melxscr. Enc-h member answered Ihc roll by telling of some plant or flower she would like to Blvc someone else. *• • Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration ngent, gave n clis- CMsslon on cotton mattress ninklng and Mrs. Cozliine ninckwell discussed slip cover making. After n dutch luncheon was No Filling Required with this PERFECTION OIL RANGE NOTICE PITTSBURGH J1ATIGE LINE Inc., a corriorntlii, • organized un- <lci the laws of the Commonweallh of P.'iu.sylvnnta, hereby gives no- ice that on the 2nd day of April 040, R flip, wjlh i,^ :ntc f^ Commerce Commission, Wnshliig- 'on, D. c., Us application under Paragraph (c), Section 3 of (lie Inland Waterways Corporation Act of June 3, 1024, as- amended Mav -«' S« J "" G 1(i ' 1934 ' " IK| A "°'" sl •:!», 1035, for n certificate Hint the present nnd future public convenience and necessity require the operation by It us a common can-ipr r.n Ihe MonoDgnlicln, Allegheny Kiinnwlin,. Ohio nnd Mississippi Hlvcrs between Fairmont, w. VIL, on the Monongalicla Rlvev, Temple-ton, Pa., on the Allegheny Uiv- cr, njid Clmrlcston, W. Vn on tlie Knnnwhn River, on Ihc otic • linnet, and Memphis, Tcun,, on the Mississippi Hiver, on the other hand; and to timl from Intermediate ports on said portions of said Monoti- eaheln, Allegheny mid Knnnwlm' Rivers and on thai portion of (lie Ohio River between Pittsburgh, Pn,, and Cincinnati, Ohio, both inclusive. PITTSBURGH BARGE LINE. Inc. 17-2-1-30 homes on Monday night. At the home service, which Is known as Ihe Seder, and which Is rich in symbols, the story of the deliverance from slavery under the leadership of Moses, is read from the rilual, the liagijiHlali. On Tuesday night, April 23, at eight o'clock mi informal congregational Seder will be held In the Temple. Members of tho Sunday School win lake pail In reading the ritual'. The gathering is sponsored Ijy the Sisterhood. H. E. ThonTps^ Will Address Farm Bureau II. E. Thompson of'UUlc Rock, assistant direclc;- of estmlnu vni-i-. In Arkansas and widely known'as an authority on farinlinj activities, will be Die guest speaker nt 11 meet- Ing of the Mississippi county Farm Bureau to be held In Blyihevilre Wednesday, April 24, it was announced today by Charles Cole- mnn, president. At Oils slipper meeting, to he held at Rustic ]iij>, 7 o'clock, • reports will also be m!U i c of U)c membership campaign by A C Owens, executive secretary. Professional money-lending dates from BlMleal times. Uuvs were en- acied lo protect Ijolh borrower and lender by governing lending methods, securities, and costs of loans WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1940 WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilful Calomel— And You'll Jump Out o1 B«<l in tlt« Morr.inj R«im' to Co llgulil t»!e Into jour In'm'la daily. If (Mi Wo » not flowltw freely, j'mr fon.l m.iy lint limit. It ilc-cny in ll,o l»,,™l» t»as liloats up your 6toin:ic>i. YQU ycl cunsti- palcil. You fctl sour, sunk H nd Ac world looks punk. . - U»cr Tills to nut Uics,! two lilnln of'bile Howlnit freely lo inhhc. you, f cl! l "m> and '.!";,'A" 1 !",*.'",!:':' ki ?y M'?'"*- '«'»• : One Pah of Sjaott *t Make a Summet" Any man who has em tried to go througri a whirl of summer activities knows the physical discomfort and mental uneasiness of trying (o outguess the situation. 1. Pick one style for cool easy wear in town 2. Add another for plain carefree loafing 3. Add a Ihird for dress of sports ...and you've a slice waidiobe every man needs to make his summer complete. Boslonians. .. S7 85 BOSTOMIANS FIT RIGHT...FEEL RIGHT...Ihey'rt MEAD'S •11 •> : MAIN ; i —~. — .315 . :Besides Osmera. there arc at leas Uvo other presidential possi- YUlQ ; R ° X!>S ftlKl Josp Rosas Has Followiu s L 5 sun you,,,, bllt fe . a national «g urc with tremendous polillcnl following es- wcially among the youn ? er generation. Farmer speaker of the Howe of Representatives. Roxns, with Psmena, fought bitletly .. Roxas now is secretary of -finance; of late his economic phn- _ "ing has not been o.uite su:cSl Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. YOU'LL ENJOY THIS CONVENIENCE ...SAVE MONEY, TOO! with these modern PERFECTION Oil RANGES J. L. GUARD Optometriit Only GndoaU Optome- trfot In BI;th<viUe, GUms Fltttd CorttcHj BIytheville Gasoline At STATE LINE PRICES 6 Gate, for Jl.o.0 JOYNER OIL CO. Al ted T*» Gin U. S. nittinr U, N«th Here's a MODERN oil range tint requires no filling -a beautiful range wilh the fanuuis High-Power Inirners, for a lifetime of fasl, Oe]iend"hk-, economical cooking service. In place of ihc usual fuel reservoir there's » constant level valve, fur connection to an outside fuel lank. Remember, with oil you don't have to sign n contract dependent on one source of IW1 supply Maintain your independence, and be will, this b^ut.ful, convenient I'crfection. \Vc will give >,,„ a liberal trade-in allowance on your old stove. Time payments, if desired HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 "Quality, Variety and Values" Orlin Cash Bags Two Wild Turkeys Cilln cash, manager of Ihe Big ."He wildlife refuge, lias relumed from n hunting nip In Desha county wlici-e he succeeded In bagging l»'o wild turkeys. These were Ihc first, reported |,y any sportsman in this vicinity for some time The season on wild turkeys opened Monday and will close aflur 15 <wys, Two uirkeys per season is limit for one Hunter. I'. S. Blast Fnmjres There arc 20 blast furnaces in Alabama, 19 In Indiana, n In New Jork, 8 In Michigan,. unU 6 to, Maryland, wliile Colorado Ten-'., 1 ) WMt 'Vln,l»la have ^rU^^"J'-^9^c^n^ ! THE HOUSE OF MEAD Hoap^l'amou.j moi . 0 than 20 yfar* Diagram shows how connected to outside storage tank \or continuous fact supply. Burns the modern economy fuel.. Kerosene that saves many dollars a year on fuel costs! • Now you can enjoy continuous fuel supply ftlas the economy of die modern fuel kerosene! Perfection's unique constant level valve connects to outside storage tank-fuel is pi|>c,l in! You get other advantages, too, will, a Perfection. All oner- ntions arc convenient at the front-no reaching around"- M ovc can be placed in an alcove. Tlie High-Power Burners give instant, clean, easily regulated heat that slays set; no fading or flaring. And the"Live Heat' 1 oven makes for better baking. Models with attached reservoirs, including "Table-Tops, 1 ' also available. \Vide range of sizes and prices. Stop in at your dealer's tomorrow. Easy terms. PERFECTION STOVE COMPANY 7200 Union Avenue • Kansas City, AJo. GULFWEIGHT GABERDINE Tailored by Hart Schaff ner &Marx $ 37 50 Gaberdine is (he great American favor- ji i(o of spring suiting fabrics because it's just as much, at home at a picnic as il is at Ihe oflice. H's sleek, smooth, cool- itts lo Ihe (ouch anil just about the best thiiitf .vel discovered al hnltling a uress. In fact, there's only one reason why Gab- enlir.e has been a little backward in establishing itself as summer's A-l fabric before no«" —it's so closely woven (hat it was apt lo be a (rifle heavy on really hot days. Hut Hart Schaffner & Marx have solved lhat problem with Giilfwcight Gaberdine, the liirhtweit;M champion of the gaberdine class. (iulf\vei|;ht Gaberdine takes good tailoring superbly—and there's something in the cloth itself that makes its fresh, new colors take on an added sparkle. Here's a suit that will keep you cool in any situation—and even its price is a pleasure. Other Suits from *25 MEAD'S 315 MAIN 315

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