Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1896
Page 2
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HOW A PHYSICIAN HEALED HIMSELF! A Chapter In rue History of an Eminent Scientist LYMAN P. WALTER, M. D. Oculist, Aurist Deafness Positively Cured by a to Method, INTERESTING STORY OF THE DISCOVERY TOLD BY THE DISCOVERER-A BOON TO SWFEKEttS FROM DISEASES OF THE EYE AND EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. , AT HOTEL MURDOCK, From Monday. Jnoe 1st Till Saturday, .June 6tb. CATARRH CURED NO MATTER IfOW LONG STANDING-IMPAIRED EYESIGHT RESTORED—DISEASES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT TREATED SCIENTIFICALLY AND BY NEW AND MODERN METHODS, AND I/ATE DISCOVERIES-DEAF MUTES MADE TO HEAR AND TALK—THESE STARTLING AND SEEMINGLY IMPROBABLE FEATS ARE EVERY DAY OCCURRENCES FOR DR. WALTER. POSITIVE CURES GUARANTEED, Cross Eyes Straightened in One Minute Without Pain or Chloroform and Patients go Home with Impunity-Granulated Eyes, Weak, Watery Eye*, Droopins Eyelids, Wild Hntrs, Astigmatism, Nearsightednoss nnd Farsightedness and all Eye Strains Ctai-cil-Glasses Fatted When All Others Fail. - Polypus Tumors of the Nose, Enlarged Tonsils, Granulated Sore Throat, Loss of Voice, all Diseases of the Nose nnd Throat Quickly and Permanently Cured. • ' / Noises In the Ears Stopped In Every Caso-DLseharglng Ears Cured In Every Case—Deafness, we cure 90 per cent, of the cases, no matter bow long you have been deaf-It is not the length of time but the charges in the car that makes it Incurable-Come and soe 31 c; I can tell in five minutes whether you can be cured or not. / Catarrh, I can cure every case. Troatmcnt Rives immediate relief—Treats only ' diseases of the Eye, Ear,-Nose or Throat. For eons of ages it has been handed down to posterity that deaf mutes, from heritage, from sickness or from othe causes would be deal' mutes always But science aud study of the hurnai 'anatomy, more particularly the head have developed methods for restoring those senses to the afflicted. The methods that I am using are the result of a condition, not a theory. Thi. facts are that I 'was treating diseases of the eye-and ear and in the latter case like many others of the most scholarlj and advanced men In medicine, I was In many cases completely in the dark until the atUlction. of deafness. came 'upon rue aiid I was confronted with the time worn proposition, "phj'slclan, heal thyself." • My hearing had gotten so bad that my door bell would ring and I would not hear !t. My wife would speak to me and I would not respond. Her continued allusions to the fact that I was getting deaf annoyed me and I soon discovered that I was In reality rapidly losing my hearing. All the methods of treatment that a'knowledge of medicine and science gathered by 13 years of actual and continued practice had been -exhausted, I obtained no relief. In my desperation I called upon the best ear specialists in Chicago and received no encouragement. I went to New York and met with the same fate In the east- era metropolis. ' You can readily see the conditions* that stared me In the face, I tvns treat- Ing deafness and proposing to give relief to others but could not.relieve my-" self. I felt that my profession was degenerating and that science had run up against n snag. I must either hunt a new profession or put myself In shape to follow my chosen one. I decided to go to Heldelburff, Berlin nnd Paris If necessary. I. visited all the prlnclpaJ ' hospitals' In Europe and consulted the most scientific men abroad and returned with no relief. On my return to America, I conceived the idea of going into a medical college In New York and ex- aminlug the heads of subjects in an effort to discover what my ailments were. Suiting action to the thought I called on the professor of a New York college and made arrangements with him to buy the heads of all the subjects for the next 30 days, engaged a table In the operating room and there began the study of my own profession, I labored for six weeks incessantly, many times working night "as well as day. Finally the head of a deaf mute was brought to me one morning and It was In dissecting this subject that-I dlscov- bred the heretofore hidden knowledge which opened up an avenue through which deafness could be cured. It was there in the confines of the dissecting room I, almost deaf as a hat, rejoiced at having learned, that my own case as well as that of oo per cent, of the deaf people of'the country could be relieved and .their hearing hestored. I Immediately began the study of Instru- mnts and.succeeded in perfecting several which. In-later years ; have been of great ser.vl.ee to me and have done yeoman service to/sufferlng humanity. • Dr. Walter then.detalled,to the reporter his success since' the discovery and told of numberless dea'f mutes that had been made to hear and taught tojalk ill of which stories are corroborated'by testimonials -'tta near Logansport .-as Anderson and Frankfort. ^ . Ninety Per. Cent, of Deafness Can be Cured. He Immediately resumed hls.'prac- Ice, advertised the discovery, ancl met with signal success. He.-rtslted the deaf ind dumb colleges and there obtained deaf mute subject* to treat. This' was • • . Jess than 3 years 100 Deaf Mutes UKO «'ul since that Made to period over 100 deal! Hear. mutes have been n:aila to boar and talk. Tlionsaiuls of people who from aj;e or.disease wore deprived of their hearing lifivc been entirely cujroil, tlieir hearing restored as good :is in youth and It is not beyoud the province of truth to state Hint ~>0 pet cent, ol' the deaJ.' can be relieved at ono treatment a.nd cured in from one week to one month by the methods that I am using. NO FEES UNTIL RELIEF IS ASSURED. After an oxaminatlon I will tell yon at once whether I can benefit yonr case or not. Call at my parlors, Jlimlocjf; Hotel, one week, .Time 1, to June 7. ."• CATARRH CURED IN EVERY CASE Immediate Relief. I make the above positive assertion because I KNOW what I am talking about. It is no conji'ctnre,Tio untried theory, but a statement that is confirmed daily by people who visit my rooms sufferers, and depart therefrom with a new life aud restored health insured by their improved condition after one treatment. By ob- The Cause serration In every of day practice T have Deafness. discovered that sev- Relief in an Instant. enty-five percent, of the' deafness of the present generation is traced directly. to catarrh in some form. -I have relieved with one treatment aud permanently cured In from one to four weeks cases of years' standing. I make no exception no matter how stubborn or deep seated the case of catarrh In the young or the aged, I can. cure it. . . Suppressed Catarrh. •Many business men who art aflllctcd with nauseous nasal secretions in the morning will obtain, in nine out of ten cases, instant relief with ONE TREATMENT. The mildest case of catarrh is an enmy to health,.physical endurance and happiness. Suprossed catarrh may produce inflammation of the lungs, brain or eyes or give rise to rheumatism, nervous disorders, weeping, moaning, tremors a-nfl convulsions, drowsiness, chilliness, starting, twitching, palpitation of the'heart, etc. When the frontal slnures above the eyes, posterior and anterior nasal passages become clogged up, and the antrim or cavity of the cheek bone- becomes filled or partly (jllc-d, It often prodces a pressure of the nerves which supply these parts and pain like the most cxcriiela.tlug'neiiral- gla is the result. The disease follows the mucous membrane through the custnchian. tubes to all parts of the same membranes of the ear causing hypertrophy of the drum, Interferes with the function of the -glands of Wharton, which secrete the wax; a dryness follows, hardness of hearing, roaring, buzzing, singing, whistling, cracking, the ringing of bells and similar noises, which vary, and which are simple effects and when the cause is removed the effects cease. The hardnesd of hearing Increase with cnch additional cold. Hundreds of pooplain every community are sufferers from suppressed catarrh, their physicians fail to rsaoh the case or to bring relief In many-cases the disease becomes so deep rooted that life is burdensome, wort of any kind distasteful, business in consequence Is neglected, living Is not what It used to be, a distaste for home pleasures and fireside pastimes follows, the prattle of your own children Is annoying, brooding over' the disease, In many cases mistaken for premature old age with Its attendant nflrmltlos, oftentimes wrecks the business of men and the happiness of their lousehold. It has been uiy good Cured in fortune to have dls- Four covered a method Weeks. for the cure of this and far between. I have over C.'OOO testimonials from people in all parts ot the United Slates who have voluntarily given me their names ;is references. Among them arc physicians of the oM school null the Hahcnmami school, Lawyers, tankers, business men and if you c.'in rind any one of them t';at will say that they ever saw or used a treatment .similar to my method I will treat you free. I am not Indulging Speci-alAp- in any boast that pointments for will not be madt Evenings. g°od when I visit in your cily my rooms will be crowded. On my sccouil visit the crowd will be larger. If you are an inlcnsc sufferer I would prefer you to c.'tll on my first visit, .is it is flio hardest cases that I wish 1o tackle first, For the benefit of those who cannot come lu the day time I will maku special engagements! for the evening between the hours of 7:00 and 8:30 p. in. but would prefer that the appointment be solicited by letter before my arrival at the Miirdock hotel. This is to avoid conflicting appointments'. Cross Eyes Straightened In One Minute Without Pain. On my first vloit to Free to the city of Logans- First port I will devote Applicants. the time between 9 <v. and 10 o'clock a. in. on the morning of Monday, June 1, to •straightening cross eyes free of charge. The- operation is painless and done without the use of chloroform. No bandage will be necessary, In short bring to me your cross-eyed children and in that one short hour I will operate on a dozen pair of eyes and send them home so changed that you will not know your own off-spring. If you are an adult you need lose only the time it takes you to come to my office and return to your business. No danger of inflammation or other complications following the operation, it is absolutely painless and done in the twinkling of an eye. Also the first case of cataract will be operated on free of charge. Granulated eyes, Diseases weak watery eyes, of drooping eyelids, the Eye. wild hairs, near sightedncss and all strains cured. I shall bring wilh me a competent and skilled optician, a graduate ot the best, ophthalmic colleges in America, one who fits glasses property and restores impaired eyesight when all others fall. His department will be open for the examination of the eye and the fitting of spectacles and glasses during the time of my visit. Diseases of the eye, car, nosa • ' and throat are Positive treated by the lat- Suecess. est scientific methods, including all the latest discoveries with positive success. Polypus tumors of the nose nnd rtisense thnt never fails. I can relieve the most radical case of suppressed catarrh in ono minute and'a positive and permanent cure Is guaranteed In from one to four weeks, • Ringing Noises in the Ears Relieved'in One Treatment CURED IN A WEEK. Many thousands- of people arc annoyed In more or less degree with ring- Ing noises In the ears. I will stop any case of ringing noises In tlie ear. If yon are deaf from other causes, causes thnt are Incurable, I will tell you so In five minutes ' spent Jn examination. If I cannot help you it will not cost you one cent. It I can benefit your case I will tell you so and guarantee to produce the result that I promise. Bear In mind that Jt Is not age. alone that produces changes In the ear, but oftentimes the result of some ordinary ailment that can be reached .by my treatment and cured In n short space of time. Ninety per cent, of the deafness of today can be cured entirely and cases that cannot be benefited materially are few enlarged tonsils, granulated sore throat, loss of voice, all diseases of the nose aud throat cured quickly and permanently. As I shall hnve occasion to use many testimonials in the columns of this paper in the future I would simply refer briefly to afew.to whom those contemplating visiting me fro requested to write If among the people ot Logansport and vicinity there are any doubting Thomases. CROSS EYES STRAIGHTENED. Ad;im Uhly, 30 South Noble street. Anderson, Ind., had been cross-eyed all his life until Saturday he called on Dr. Walter at the Doxey House and he straightened his eyes in one minute without pain, and he went home without any bandage or appliance to his eyes with perfect impunity. Mr. Uhly is not only happy but his friends are delighted to know that his eyes have been straightened. Miss Anna Toms, 3d South Pearl street, Anderson, Ind., was cross-eyed, .•tnd has been nanWe to have her eyes straightened until slie had been referred to Dr. Walter, when he straightened them in one minute and without pain. Her eyes are perfectly straight aud Miss Toms Is delighted at her success in meeting with so skillful a physician as Dr. Walter. Miss Amanda McCormick, KS Old Noble street, Anderson, Ind., has been cross eyed since childhood, until Wednesdey, May 29th she called upon Dr. Walter at the Doxey House and ho straightened her eye in one minute without pain, and she went home without any-bandage or appliance to her eye with perfect impunity. Miss McCormick Is not only happy but her friends are delighted to know that her eyes have been straightened. She cpllcd upon different doctors and among some of them many prominent ones who told her she would have to go to the hospital and stay three weeks and be operated upon three or four times, and be kept in a dark room to get the eye straightened, but Doctor Walter straightened It and did not even put a bandage over it, and I't Is as straight as any ones eye. NASAL CATARRH AND FIBROID POLYPUS CURED. Mrs, Rugs, Elwood, Ind., says: I had suffered for six years with nn' obstruction of breathing through the nose, ,ind about two years ago It began to. pain me arid iny nose began to spread out and grow large, my voice changed and my palate pushing down so 1 could scarcely swallow or articulate words. The doctors treated me and I got so bad that I got frighienod and thought 1 was going to die. Some of my friends insisted upon nly going to see Dr. Waller; I called on him and in five miuuios he diagnosed my case as fibroid polypus of the nose. He operated and removed the tumor almost -without pain or blecd- "ing, and in five minutes I could talk aud breath freely and today I feel quite well although it has only been two days since the operation. WAS BT.TND TEX TEAKS AND RESTORED TO SIC FIT. George Ilonon. near Anderson, says: W.-is completely Wind fnr ten .'yfcirs with catarr.'i; Jind consulted several oculists; would not give me enough encouragement to be treated. I was persuaded by friends to call upon Dr. Walter. He operated upon me and gave me immediate sight. I thank God for his wonderful skill and .=;)y, there is no one who uoeil hesliaie to trust him with their ryes. Mrs. Belle Harding, Elwood, lud., was partially blind for several years with a growth over her eyes. Several oculists were consulted but would not uudcrtakc to remove them. She called on Dr. Waller. He removed thorn with one operation without any pain or soreness, and her sight is now all right. He is a skillful operator. STOPPED THE NOISES IN FIVE MINUTES AND RESTORED MY HEARING. T. 0. Harold, Anderson, iDd., Bays: 1 have been gradually growing deaf from catarrh for eight years; had constant noises In my cars; was stopped up in my nostrils aud so on: took cold every time I went out. I called on Dr. Waiter Saturday; he stopped the noises in five minutes; he removed a small tumor from my nose aud now my hearing Is almost perfect, TOOK ONE EYE OUT TO SATE THE OTHER. Mrs. Chas. Jamison, Anderson, Ind., says: I was blind in one eye for fifteen years and commenced to lose the sight of the other eye. Was treated by several oculists and they could not tell me what the trouble was. I got no beneflt until I went to Dr. Walter at the Eye and Ear Infirmary. After a' thorough examination he pronounced it Sympathetic Ophthmah'a, caused by Irritation from the other eye. Ho removed tha bad eye and in six weeks my eye-sight got all right and has not bothered me since. I advise nil persons suffering with eye trouble to consult him. DEAF FIFTEEN TEARS BUI- MADE TO HEAR IN ONE TREATMENT. Another Frankfort man gives unstint- ied praise to Dr. Walter's methods and ability. George Tuttle of that city, says: "I had been deaf for fifteen years, nnd for eight years had not heard a word spoken without the nid of an car trumpet. , "I went to Dr. Walter and he treated me with a new method—one I had never come is contact with before. It may seem wonderful to-those who read my words, and.it is wonderful, but It is God's truth that after the first fifteen minutes' treatment I could hear an or- A Prominent Attorney or Green- vil'e, 111. mm Greenville, 111., Jan. 19, '95. Pepsin Syrup Co., MontUello, III.: Gentlemen—I have been troubled with biliousness, sick headache, sour stomach, constipation, etc., for several years as the result of close confinement in my oBice. I sought long and tried many remedies for relief, but was disappointed until I tried your Syrup Pepsin. It gave me immediate relief, and since I have been using It my general health has been improved. I can cheerfully recommend It to any one suffering from the above complaints. It is a. first-class remedy. Yours truly, C. E. COOK. For sale by B. F|. Keesllng. 4 C REMEDY. PHELPS' COUGH, COLD AND CROUP CURE. Office of "KIngsfisher limes.' Kingfisher, Okla., Dee. 12, '93. Gentlemes:—I believe It my duty to write vou a line In repard to the beneficial effects ot Phelps' "Four C Remedy-so far as I am 1 personally concerned, A week apo last Thursday, I was taken with a severe attack of Ja grippe and In a shore time became sa hoarse I could not speak above a whisper. The night previous 1 had coughed nearly tile entire night; Just before retiring I took a teaspoonful, ana slept the entire nigtit as sweetly as ever I did in my life, not coughing once. I waa entirely relieved .before taking one bottle. Phelps' Cough, Cold and Croup- Cure should be in every household in the land. I send you this wholly unsolicited by anyone, for you are benefactors of the race in giving it the antidote for some of the worst afflictions to which it is heir. Very Truly Yoiirs, C. J. XESBITT, Editor. I guarantee -1 C In grip, asthma, croup, cough and colds. Try it.—B. F. Keesling. dinary conversation with very little difficulty—something I had not experienced in many years. I regard Dr. Walter's methods as the most wonderful In medical science. My words may seem strong, but I cannot say enough for the man who lifted my awful burden." GEORGE TUTTLE. Frankfort, lud. NO MORE to be DREADEDI A safo and RELIABLE known a» OR. WRfCKTSMAN'S SOVEREIGN BALM OF LIFE is now iircpnrcd especially for mothers 'n the period of gestation. It is one of the greatest medical discoveries of tlie we, and will relieve mothers in this period of nervousness, «U«- A BLOOMER GIRL'S TRICK. I,. D. Smith Will Never Again Loan 111" Wheel to ClikniMvn Churmcrs. "May I ride your wheel up to the corner?" asked a young woman in bloomers of L. B. Smith in Chicago the otter day. "Certainly," returned Mr. Smith, gal- l.intly, and the young woman, whom be thought he recognized, rode proudly awa.v. She did not stop, however, at the next corner, but kept on to the third. Mr. Smith commenced to get excited nnd watched anxiously for the bloomer g-irl to turn around at the third corner nnd bring: back his nice, new wheel. But she didn't turn. Instead, she kept right on and he stood in the middle of the road and watched his bicycle fadeaway. Then a pursuit bog-nn. John Lyons, of L. P. Cycle club and J. P. s'mith mounted their, trustiest bicycles and rode in hot haste on the trail. Filially, after a long- chase, Smith sighted the fugitive bloomers, aud riding- up demanded the wheel. A crowd which assembled sided with the daring 1 15-yc.ir- old girl', but Smith got the wheel away from her nnd returned it to its owner. The girl who had borrowed the wheel mixed in the crowd oud could not be identified. The wheel was returned to its owner, and the next .bloomer girl who aslcs to ride it will be handed over to the police. zlncua, achcf). puinH. Irackacha, HIUBCU- lurj-tftlilfly, nnmbneon of llEilm.-Vftrlo. cone or lnr«c veins In limb*, and all foel- iiiES of distress. It. elves sweet natural sleep and strength, and assists nature so tliatslie will pass through tier ac«oiicnci.nent speedily and easily, followed by a sure and speedy recovery, thus avoiding the dangers at such times. It V also a sovereign remedy for all Female Complaints. It Is purclv vegetable and contains no opiate 01 poisonous'drug, and positively will do no harm. CP*Wril« for clrCMlars fn-ivhich fuller particulars are given. Mention This paner. Address D. B. Singer & Oo., Franklin Grove, III. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. NO CURE, »JO PAY. > JO MUSTACHE- !*oO PAY. " CURED. I will r-^'ta Con:rr-ci- *.c r r O'-" hair on the heac! rfecaviih '1 •'••' '•••' "• '•'•'" c * l > at my office.or ,„ ,j, 0 ,,ff, ... .,,- :-y . .(.-nif.. isriivi. cJ -lio hcad.im not'i'lo-,./ MI •!:: n-r-' ~! !:•-•: scaip noi closed. \V : i. ii ix i ill' '; •'••• '• : "''' V rt - '-'- J P^rcs closed^ tiicv; i'.-i .1 T 'M '• <"s'i-" r -'i I s '' '.^iiniinc'rficc o. <:bii'!'!. 3 '' vn >" ~-t'i"< 11 r -~ 1 ' v.T'tt-Mo me. St;tto (liocilMl CJ...: .:-.no? sliu y i'i n-iit your occ» tjtion -•«"•"•• «. W1.1KHOI.Z ,. Jw .,, 5 . i ;i ..... , „ . ; ,.,r; (.:• i»vo.. New York Manhood Restored. KEKTITAN, llio Wonderful When Baby wta nick. »« p»"<! hr-r *Hien she was n Child, she crlfd 'or Custorla. -,Vb«D che became «lss, slw rlung to Castorii* ffben ib , written tcc to euro oil Nyrv. ou« Dlncnv. -ncll HI Wi-ak S!riuory,I,o*« of Brnin Pou-or, Head- wrUlcn onry. plain on EanrfL-.-"-— - •"MF'..-???!!?' Eli!*?."^! ;(W?i)Jir frise ...J?. Xd«JS»RS»V\-.VrllEMICALC», __ j -r ^ j^ 4^ y&g iMftrbcra SU. CHlCivv* ILi* J F!~K"»4linti*IX>GANSPORT. IND Typhoid «nd Scarlet Fever. Taten in time Brazilian Balm preventi typhoid or scarlet fever. Also makei theso diseases very light and alwayi prevents deafness and throat trouble, which scarlet fever and measles so ofte. leave behind. Always keep on t-JSw .

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