Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1937
Page 5
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Friday, December 24, 1937 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE FtVt HOUSEHOLD HINTS IOO Passes to the New Theater---|o_Each Week Here are the rules for the House-hold Hints Contest 1. Write any Household Hints that you have discovered that are practical and a re'a time saver. These Hints may lie in cooking, scwinyr, denning, garilcnintc. flower raising, etc. Kach week the best Hints will be published, and the Hesl 10 Hints will receive KUKK 1'ASKKS to the New theater. 2. Clip out any advertisement appearing on Food Page. 3. Mai! or leave Hints and the advertisement that you haev clipped care Food Department, Hope Star. ..„ Look in next Friday's paper for winners of this weeks recipes. Mrs. T. B. Fenwick Hope. Arkansa.. Mrs. Gerald (lilherl. Fulton, Arkansas Verjjic Sutlim Hope, Arkansas Mrs. John Hrilt Hope, Arkansas Mrs. C. 10. Collins Hope, Arkansas Mrs. Floyd Osborn Hope,, Arkansas Mrs. Lester .ATiillins Hope, iloule 2 Fern (Jorham 1 lope. Arkansas Mrs. ,/. \V. Ames 1 lope, Arkansas .Miss Marie Collier I lope, A rkansas Please call for your fret- passes al the CITY HAKFKY OUR -BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLlAHll EP, ALLTH' C5UY5* C3IVEN JOBS BY TH' HOOPLE SAWTA CLAUS A<3EKlCY POOLEP IM AlOP •BOUGHT A B1<3 TURKEY, AKJD WE'VE <ro/v\e TO INVITE YOU AN' TH' MISSUS TOR A HOLIDAY CHILI <30Efe/ v i-' w/ MY VM2W, M'DEAP,/ VO Y0U HEAR THAT ? THEY ARS THROW/W(3 A BANQUET |M OUR HOMOR/ EGAD/ THIS "REMINDS ME OF THE TIME 1 WAS "PfeTED ' BY MY RE3IMENT IM THE TRANSVAAL—-MAW—ARRAYED IM MY PRESS UWIFOR/V AMD WEARING AV/* MEDALS, 1 WAS EVERY . IMCH A LEAPER OF . J NOW/ PEEL THIS W FAIMT/ TOO MUCH IT'S THE TIRST YUUETIDET siMCE I, TEAMED UP WITH VcDU THAT I'VE BEEN IWVITED OUT TO A TURKEY T3IWWER/ ^v«S?fi f PLEA.-SAMT SHOCK FOR V COPR. 19S7BY NE»SE V JUST A MOMENT? THIS V / "WHO'S WHO" HAS A LOT \ OF QUESTIONS MERE -•• \ THEY WANT TO KNOW WHAT OFFICES YOU'VE HELD, WHAT HONORS, ANP WHAT CONTRIBUTIONS TO ART, LITERATURE AMP A LOT OF OTHER QUESTIONS — IF YOU HAVE A MOMENT. ^ HA - HA! THAT'LL \ 'BE TH 1 SHORTEST TH/Nfo EVE/? TO 6O IN "WHO'S WHO"' FOUR. VEA.KS IM ONE Gl?APET AMP FORTY YEARS /N ONE SHOP WELL, HE'S 6ET NOTICED/ IT'S WHEN WS DO MOTHINS, WE GETNC 1S.17 U' MCA SCflvicC, INC. { T. M.' REC.'U. S. PAT. OFF. SHORT NOTICED BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Not So Bad at That By MARTIN To prevent cake;; from sticking to the pun. Turn |J:IM upside cluwn and l;iy on the bottom of it ;i sliulitly wet cloth. Le;ive ubout five minulc.s ,'ind remove cuke from pan. vine;IK J.UTTON Mope. Ark. Soup to Si ill.v Chip M riiw Irish pntiito into Kiup. if it is t<jo .salty, ami cunk ;i frw inin- utes lunger. The potato will absorb tho sMt. Lime in IV-iikcllie- To remove lime from a teakettle 1 . boil n little vinegar in it. MBS. 'GERALD OILBKHT Kultiin. Ark. Mix about one and one-half cups of powdered siiKar with one tables]K>on of peanut butter and cnuui'h cream to s| read. This is ospcci.dly KOIK| on spire and dark eake.s. MRS. C. K. COLLINS VOU SQOKc:. MODR PRONAI5E WOT TO GET ME AWVTWM6 THIS VEAR..'. SO D\D THE Tims, BLESS THEIR HEARTS ....AMD THE BOVS. rV\ORE \ THIWK. A&OUT HOVW GRAND EVERYBODY WAS, THE MORE 1 WANT TO DARLIMG/ -<^\ 77^ Cliotnlale 1 '£ cup of sugar l"a cup of flour "j cup of cocoa 'i: cup of lard 1 teaspoon of soda 1 cup buttermilk 1 teaspoon of vnnilla flavor. 1 ;: teaspoon of salt. MRS. FLOYD OSOORN Grease To remove grease fro msilks. Take a lump of mafjnesia, rub it wet on thy .spot, let U drv. then bru.'-h the 1 powder off. MRS. T. B. KKWVICK Jlo|)e, Ark. Try (iriipffruit This Wny It makes a tasty lijilit dessert to a heavy dinner. Sprinkle ( aeh half with one tablcsjxKjn of granulated su^ar and small dubs of butter. 1'lace under hot broiler and brown. MISS MAH1K COLL1KR Hope. Ark. Peanut Butler 1'riMjn; When you are in need ( if a delicious Irostim,' and have only a few minute:- to prepare it. try ll.i-, easy rei-ipe. fATfUHAY X.MAS DAY It's Our Birthday A Si'leeted Program BOB STEELK - in— "THK COLORADO KID" "I'ainled Slallon" No. 12 Mickey Mouse Cartoon Our Gang Comedy SUNDAY & MONDAY In Gore,enous Technicoloj- MARLKNE DIETRICH an.l CHARLES BOYER —in— "THE GARDEN OF ALLAH" "The Public Pny.s"—News TUESDAY & WKDNKSIMY Double Feature I'riiftram No. 1 A story of the Northwest Mounted Fohcc- "Kenfri'W of the Roval Mounted" No. 2 ' Erie limitn. Roots Mallory in- "HERE'S FLASH CASEY" TIIUI1SDAY & KHIDAY The Star of Lost llori/on RONALD COLE.MAN -in 'THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK OF MOM IK CARLO" with JOAN BENNETT Con-ing "A STAR IS BORN" ALLEY OOP Ooola Packs a Good Wallop By HAMLIN EVEftV TIME I THINK ( IF HE HADN'T OF THAT &IO DUMB > LAUGHED AT DINOSAUR CHA5IN7 YOUR PLIGHT RIGHT OOP OFF THRU TH' WOODS,! HAFTA •^-. LAUGH / WOULD STILL BE CHASIN' vou, NO WASH TUBES WELL. GOGGLE- EVED 60OBS, IX) 5OMETHIMG! GOOD OIDDILTY ,TH'CRITTER'S COME 6ACK —AMD LOOK JITS GOT QUEEN UMPA.' Easy's Not in the Mood WELL, 5EEIM' A5. HOW YOU'RE TH'GRAND \\'IIEC, THAT'S 1 UPTYOU TFIGGER OUT.' WHY SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT THAT OL' BATTLEAY. ? ALLEY. WE'LL HAVE TO QU&EW UMPA,' "WHAT CAM "rP 1937 BYJJEA SERVICE, INC. T. tyirREO. ,U. S, PAT. Clf By CRANE Saint Nicholas HORIZONTAL 1. 6 Jolly old St. Nick. 11 Liquid part of fat. 12 Concise. 13 X. 14 War flyer. 15 Company. 16 To accomplish. 18 Paid publicity 19 South Carolina. 21 Scarlet. 22 Dry. 24 Passage 26 He lives ,n the . 31 Branches. 33 Ratile bird 34 Gods. 36 Nothing 37 Cardinal number. 39 To assume 41 And 42 Upright shaft 44 Before 4.5 Doctor Answer to Previous Puzzle 40 To cut griiss. 47 Hair cut. 49 Obese. 51 To slide 53 Pertaining to poles !>5 Early 57 Frozen water. 58 Conscious 59 To sin. 60 He is the nS toys ill Christmas. 61 He Drives VEimCAL, 1 Therefore. 2 Singing voice. 3 Born 4 Something very inflammable. 5 Form of "a" 0 Court. 7 Commander 8 Circle part 9 Consumes. 10 Southeast. 15 He comes down . 17 Alleged force. 18 Like. 20 - delight in him. 21 To countersink. 23 Walking stick. 25 Race track tipster. 26 Tidy. 27 Lubricant. 28 Right. 29 Point. 30 At this place. 32 Intellect. 34 To sketch. 35 Slave. 38 One who runs away. 40 Harassed 43 Grinding tooth. 46 Isinglass. 47 To nod. MEH CHRISMU SISTA MOODY HI JU VHOO-EE! DE MAKE OUT ) CHRISTMAS AH EVAH CORNELIUS/HAP, BOV-AH'S SHO ^\ FULLA PE SPIRIT. r x*~--^.— — FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CfMTO THE HARBOR OF PIRATES' SAY,V/BST cLb INJPIE5, THE DISABLED PLATONIC 15 TOWER OBOV/ C'MON, » LOOK UP HOLIDAY CHEER. I CANT FORGET HOft/ A" SWEET WP LhCfi < . BEVERLV HILL \S BEiNS MAULEP AROUND 6V A GANG O 1 KIPNJAPER5, AMD HOW W POOR OLD BARNEY MUST BE. NO THANKS,;] SON, X DON'T FEEL LIKE CELEBRATING.- The Note 50 Lacerated. 52 Falsehood. 53 Nominal value 54 Coin 56 Native metal. HERE IT IS....I'LL READ IT? DEAFJ MR.COOK: XWOWIWG YOU BY REPUTATIOW AS A KIWD MAW I AM LEAVIWG MY B.*.BY IM YOUR CARE!" JUST WHAT DID THAT NOTE FROM THE BABY'S MOTHER SAY? ^<?^^ 3>*£*&«. DID SHE: S/GW IT WOPE!SHE JUST WRCTIH "YOURS TRLJSTIWGLY, A HEART- BROXEM, MOTHER ! YEAH.... rris OUT AT MAWSRELDj AMD I DOW'T E:XAMIWE:D IWIMK THERE'S EKIOUGH OIL lsl IT SO.UEAK OUT OF A PAIR OF SHOES/ YULETIDE GREET! MQS AWC> lj BEST- » WISHES; FROM ANO v || MIS' . r> ' FRIENDS, 1 f MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Jack Swings Into Action S JACK RAISES HIS GUM TO SHATTER.' THE LOCK, SEVERAL BURLY FIGURES EMERoE FROM THE OPPOSITE SIDE Or THE LANPINO 3ACK \\ANJAGE3 TO TURM, JUt>T IN TIME.... TOO BAD WE'RE IM SUCH CRAMPED QUARTERS... 1 CAN'T PEMOMSTRATE AAV "SUNDAY" PUNCH By THOMPSON AND COLL VOUR FRlEKID SURE IS RECKLESS WITH HIS LIFE, SALLY/ T M HEC. U S PAT. OFF,

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