The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 10JO __ BLYTnEVILLB (ARK.)' COURlUu NEWS. PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line lor consecutive Insertions: Vne time per line .............. lt)c Vwo times per line )icr day ____ Uijc Tines limes per line per day... Otic Six (linos per line per (fay ..... 05c Month rain IXT line ............ fide Cards of Thanks ........ 50c. & 15o Minimum chiuiic 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes mid 5to))|)cd before expiration will be charged lor the mim- Ucr o! times the nad appeared and adjustment, of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by pel-sons' residing out- Bide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above taute. Advertising oroemi lor invt'Ulur inseilions taxes the one time raie. For Sale Norgc ens range, Cold Spot refrigerator. KCA naciio. and other I'oitr room apiirtmuiL HU South KrankUu. Call 28 for infonna- lioii. 16-ck-2J 4 room furnished aparlment. Bath Call li'M. lu-ck-tf 3 room furnished a|>arlmenl 200 W. Kentucky, Mrs, bisk. 15-ek-tfj 4 room house. 905 K Cherry. Tele- b-eU-18 Nice htdroom adjoining bath. 8)H W. Chlcnswuvba, phone «3G. -till J'ront ticdruoin mljoliiiiiK iilli. Outside entrance. S2'l Phone U38-W. Walnut. 12ckU Furnished apartment!; and rooms. 1'hone 1I2U. Reasonable, innerspring mattress. fj-pk-2C 3 room furnished apartment. Call 104. Shnou Apartments. Main and 9-ck-U Second. urge comlortabic bedroom. T\vln beds. '> closets. Men preferred. : 10th anci Chickasawira. Photic No. • 1, Mrs. Siidbury. 5-ck-lf Koutl iioiisPliold ciniiiiiwnt. Katn-j ~ room uiifmiiislmr mmfliii^ii. Blccir'^io eSS Iirill ' l ' y iT 01 |" ! '''V 1 Cfl " 32? <(rli '~" i8llt 55 ' 3 - ck - ir ",,„„,,," . " :,.-~' —— . i 4 room furnished npartmenl. 1011 Beauty shop with muter,, equip- W- Ash pholic ^' D . w 3 k . tt mciu in i;ood condition. Uomg: • uti.v ill i;vjuu LUIKIUIUI1. UUIH^ • : , . nice business. Owner moving away. 2 room furnished aparlment. Also JUtiehess Beatify Mo. Lounge, Slci'ic,-; bedrooms. 1Q2 W. Davis. Pliouc ^7-pk-ai 1 38i. SEE VviM. HURNS About clioice builuing lots in fastest growing sectioii of Die C'ny, price $ns each. Phone 243-212. lG-pk-9 HONEYS BEAUTIES SWEETHEARTS Cull (hem what you wniil but lliu.v are rt'al values. Just ;i few of our selections: I!W)—Mercury Sedan. I if til Ktny finish, radio & Also White i ;C.ill J55-W-1 !or orders of „, ereain, or elinriinl butter milk. AU cows eovcrnnii'iit treated. HR!- tcll's Unify, I'J-rik-l-lU ( Expert gun repairing. Sec E. M. Dnmoii ut tl,e Ulythevllle Armory on Wednesdays nnd Tliured*)*. Business FULLER BRUSHED SM.KS AND SF.ltVICK SUntlifc l.litt, Wl «t lie bile (a rid yotirwlf o{ consll w »u». BUS pam.s, and tlmt sour i»nik Iceling, Tnke one box of KIUBV'S ACTJVK mvt-R mxs __ !Bc lit *U Klrby, stores ^ Wines, Liquors Tin' I.iH!,. Shop-Hotel NobiolTTiio wliws and llciiuirs. We six>etiili7e In Kroieli niid Imported Hems. Leo Llnlzeiilch. MiuuiEor. 25-fk-)-aS $215 i J. THOS. ItKNFKO, ' rilONK 30* licafcr equipped. SidiMvall Tires. Pay down only , ( .0.' !S _Cl,evrotet Master De-j ^^Inu'S,™ luxe Coach. Color black. Dual 1129 syeaniore-aw K«I K Shoe S381 c(|iui>pcd. Motor it Tires A-t. !!).'(7—Ford Tudor. Original black finish, while sidcwiill tires, including, radio. With ;i price Hint you eiiii afford 10,'i!)—l.'onl Deluxe Tudor. Cloud mist j>ray color, low mileage, clean (hruughoui. Hcauty $552 — "°-ll riyminilh — I9;i8, 2-d o o r, 2 room furnished apartment. 108 ( nm k, verv low mileage. The W. Kcmucny. tMione «». wpM .3u w \ m is ^ m ;md ^ { .., r Ivosc Bushes Two year old rosu bustirs, all colors, 25c each. Frfsh dna, field grown. Evergreen licilgc plants and oilier slinibs. llcilloil's Home ilT Fluucis ^.00 Davis Avenue Ifi-ck-20 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. Oarage. Olosc 111. 120 Diigan street, Mrs. Uelle Wood. 29-ck-u Comfortable Iront bedroom, outside euliaiice. Plioue 3D1, 5)5 W. Walnut. l-ck-U Nice bedroom convenient to uath. a team lic»t. Plioiie 280. Iclc-ti - •' • ,; --~.r. — ;—:- I Utifurnlshcd airartment (» Shane FOR SAUE: Feiutaer, black d,rl. Apartment. Building on West cinders. Reasonable. 1'houe SlilW. j Maill atrcct ,. Ca!1 571 0 ° , al _ ^.^ 75 Tons Hay ALFALFA & SOY b£AN EARLMAGERS Di'll, Ark., Phone -1115:; Welding fc'oy Beans. Lnrcrtos, Delsla, Ark- lira saiv. J. A. Hagc, B miles sontli of MuniUi. a-nk-5-2 EXPERT ELKCTKIC & ACKTYLENf WELDING line and heavy welding State certified also pedigreed Htonevillo 3D and 4B Cotton Seed, and Dl'L 11-A. (Jan treat, with Ccrcsaii: Gin Co. Phone M8-J, Saddle liorse, weight, BOO poinuis Age (i years. Black. Fast and gentle. Good fur plantation or pleasure. $185, or will trade. J.'i- cludes saddle and bridle. R. E. 1 Wright, t mile south on H. W. 61.1 Barksdae Mfg. Co. Plione 19 or Kcs. 1U18 Expert > Electric and Acetylene WELDING Dragline and heavy .(vcLdlnu our 0. W. CRANFORD Small electric relrigerator, good condition. Cheap. Phone 174. ai-ck-tr Four head line mules. Will sell cheap. Wiley Smith, Burdctte. 10-pk-S-19 ATTENTION USED CAH BUYERS '39 ; Do ( !gc T Sedan, Radio, Healer anil Spot Light, Lew Mileage, Clean Car $629 '37 Btiick T Sedan, City Driven, Only $419 '38 Ford V-8 Tudor A Beauty $389 '38 Chevrolet Sport Sedan, Only $389 '36 Dodge Sedan Specif $195 '34 Poiiliac Sedan Real Buy $149 '38 Plymouth T Sedan Today $365 '37 Ford V-8 60, Radio Motor A-l $299 '33 Chevrolet Sedan Fishing Car $45 Easy G.M.A.C, Payment • Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'hone B?,3 Dell, Ark. I'll u i ic 8-F-ll Black leather purse Irani ear in front of Post Office Sal. 7 P.M. Finder may have money bin plonsn return purse and other contents lo Courier News. 15-ck-18 .... $389 runs like nc\y. A wonderful vnliie ;it. 19;!G—Kord l f 'ordor. Oilor bliii', motor in excellent condition. Quo owner, sec and (Irive this car. PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT OPKN EVENINGS & SUNDAY !i(h i Walnut Phone 112! FOR SALE—TRAILER labcvs all-sice! loy (niHei-, vacuum brakes, lor cash,. Phone 372 Division Day, Mtht 1'huiie Garages till 5-pk-5-5 WKcii Your Auto <; f ( s sick JRrln,- It t.i thf Auto Hospital Next to Camp Mtinllric John Buchanan Phone 107 Wanted Have sale for business properly on Main St. What li.ive you? Phono 1128. nollt.son & Co 111 NO Scc- 011(1 SI. I5lpk-18 Poultry Baby & Started Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery i.«..m.. • _ . ' Blyfhevlll, -y. r;t N,,rt,, OPKN for InislutKi. oklesT'shm'- innfccr in the comity, when olu- ers fail. Iry si. Hx 'em yep. 117 So. R. n. St. Simon P. Lee, Mgr. ___ ___^_ a»-i>k-<-M _Salcsincn Wanted ii w||h ear! No IHIUSO to ninvnE.sliiB. Kspci li'nci' not, iTiwiry. Your income will exceed »SO weekly. • Phono Mr. l.undecn, Noble . Hotel Tlmrsday lor a]>- pointhirat^ 18-nk-lB 3 ymiiijj mo n with em : s~Tc» : ~;ml(;s work. Interesting, rtcmuueratlve. Phone IMiiuin Kiuith, Notilo Hotel, •lliiifsdiiy. 15-|ik-18 I'ann Loans Shouse-Henry Hardware Company r ' ('use Culkry Avon householil products. Mis. John Long. j ( ;i . w , .Kentucky. phono 051, 3-[)k-5-:i T E R M1T E S Work While YOU Slcepl Wake up before they dam<\Ko your properly. I'or Free In.-.|K:<;tl(ju C'ntl (502-W. Walker and Archer Sli'te Mcenst'd Orx-rntore ' MULES \VIII Irvrfr (or Mulf», (,'!>»», ||n AA Delta Implementu, Inc. Ste Floyd Slnipmti •••••• 3-elc-u MOOTS AND HKK liuiHMKS " Large or Small At l.nw InUreit llnlrn We are enulpiicd lo liuiullc l«rg« or smntl loans un any filled tract at Iiinn lajjd. ut low cost, nnd at a low Interest rate TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY "t St. lilvthevilKi, Ark NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Without hujluir :\ BVJTANi; CAS I'l.ANT. thin plciism'e ' for Cook- lealin,, l|,,i Wj(l>r B|1( , Oas Kclrljcnilliiii »'«i- firtl. (iifnrnmtlon "r make lining u( » s WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY IVhttiilr.r-lwcrt Attniiililti Blylhcvlllo Wcrt Optometrist "UK MARKS 'KM 8KB" Ovrr Jnc l»u»o»' Store Phone BIO FOR SALE H'e IKIVB rarliwil iVJInreed I). I'l. and Sluncvllli! Srert. At»" Innjc iiniiiiiiit n( siime klml (tin 1 Ii«» lii'en iihinlnl |iei-s »no .vciir See or Call Os For Price! L. R. Matthews Very llhrrnl price ulluwain-e fur ynur old sei'd. Gin Co. riiiiiii- -IIU-H'-a Varlirn. ,\ti'. •Special:'This Week •I reiim rr.slileiirc, S l»is, I'rlde Addition, rilj'c 5175. Thomas Land Co. H. (,'i Cuni]ilicil; salosmiin parks were visited persons. ismm STRAYED ti-o'ii 0. o. siuw'b plaie 2 miles liorlli of Victoria,•• 1 lii'ht Itjy j, 0fM , mute H , (h «liltc nose, w|. lOflo j(, Vj j dark hay mare niulr. Ml. 10WI His. Notify Smith Gin Co. l/uxorvi, Ark. FARM LOANS Jas. I!. Olark niriutir Hiillitlnt ' "WlicUllf, Ark li«fl*f«l Mori S »»< IXMII lcllm-* fur (he Melropoll 'an Life ImuMnie CD. MHV 1'ttOMI'T INSWCTION), f.iii'ulfd lii (ilciieiw HotH s ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU 1>ON 1!1)\VAI!I>S, Vruyrlttw All Makes ot U, H •V«, l .,,TUm. AMI,, K M »d.l,«, ,,,d Minnows fou Sale Goldfish and shiners. Jc up7 Cop- o: ^-;-,— perigc Gin. lly-Wn IS, Pride Ad- Sowing Sewing & Slipcovers. IVLrs. Smith Mrs. Uluefcwell, Armoiel. Photr; S^S- - - ti-ck-5-6 ( Room and Board itooin and board. Phone. 033. MAP PUZZLE IIOH1KONTAI, 1 Map of South ' American slate. 6 Us — or speech is Portuguese. 12 Frozen 13 Rounded molding. 15 Afternoon meal. 1C Spanish measure. 17 Twcnty- fourlh p<Tf. IB Kind of fine. Zn'M.iH drink. 'i I Poisonous extracts. 22 Near the car (prefix). ?3 Unless. ' I Maxes.-;. 2fi KOI HI of "be." 2R To ratify. .10 Onli). .11 Uissn. 0.7 Cut «itli a 35 Story. Answer lo Trevious Puzilc 35 Custom. ' 38 Its most important river. 1?. To rclrnct. •IS 1'iccc o( limber. 47 Musical Iragcdy. ^0 Species of willow. ':?- Forlinrnlion. S3 Principal •ICtlCfS. 5'l Sanrlunrv. lOPerlainine lo air. 11 Manner of walking. H Dispute. 16 This land's president. 10 Us chief crop. 21 Citizen. 23 Baseball loam. 24 Low wagon. 25 To chop. 27 Flightless bird. M Gigsnlic. 35 Capital of this 32 Pertaining land, Rio tie ,•> (he feet. ——• 34 .Oust. 37 iM(/se noise. 38 Egyptian sacred hull. 33 On Ilic lee. •!0 Kngrrncss. 41 To marry 42 Gerfus of frogs. 13 Box. term. 44 Person 7 I'crl.iining lo opposed. winRs. , -15 Root food, fi Shorl letter. 4RBy, !) Indian. 43 Reign. VKRT1CAL 2 French gold coin. ,11,,iml measure. 1 Indian corn. 5 Locality. 6 Zoological WHAH _ CALL ME CLUMSY OX I'M SLQAH1,1H£NEW MARSHAL—VUH ME PIDW'T BITE 1KT FIMGEROFF ME- 8G1CHUM /, HIM 1HAT QAC cxrtL/w; BV GUM,THIS SCOUTIM r BuS- ^-^^•')^v^V| E IT^ e - IDEA ALL THESE AMAZO ('GALS WERE IT... HELLO YOURSELF BIG BOV/ WASH T1JB15S —4-tr RY ROY CRANK THEM WE'LL WEEP WLtC CAR FOR A f.Ef- . you TO IBWE wow, AT QUCE 1 —— "' UNl -fc • VWP, BV r»E WAV, PCECWUS, VOU'O BETTEKDRWE..-.THE COPS AREU'rSOAPT TO •START SHOOTIM6 IF THEM A 6IRL ALDUS SM Wt'S VIS1T.I* K6R ND HTS FIMRNDS ' BY MERRILL BLOSSRK THERE s THE CABIM THERE .' Bur tou SHOULD BE UP FROWr HEARINO ECK Tfc'LL YOU THAT INSTEAD OP S 1ERE WITM SYLV/A CAMT RIDE IM RUMBLE SEATS, LARD — SAYS SUE- 1 CAM GUESS , FRKK IS "TtLLIWG SYLVIA now PSETTV .SHE IS , AMD SYLVIA " TtLLWQ FRECKLE PRETTY' SHE 10 ' CATCHES COLD Too EASILY I . COAT IM THESE MOUMrAIMS ? PHOOtYf TALkiNQ UP •THERe?

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