Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 17
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t \ v- * '» ' 1 ( v 4,1' Vjf, ' /if -**i; if sV< ' ^ '?S i t t,l« '' ^ HOM STA*, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, July 30,1952 CLASSIFIED Adi ftttftt ft to Office D»y Btfort Publication Allow*! With AttWifrt )* I* Modtftd, fhrt« Blx On* Daw Dm Mdhtti .§0 1.50 4.M 2.00 8,00 2.60 7.iw 8.00 0.00 8.50 10,50 4.00 1100 4.80 13,50 B,00 10.00 DISPLAY no par loch >,„, Wo par Inch *„, 006 per Inch quottd «*ow oft fw «*v itlv». lni#rfl(mi. lrr»9uW w *kip> Mi will MM fh» WMNtoy roi», ".dttlly.ttoiUHwi wMrtiUng torn M o«epl«d until S p.m, for oilwi in* «eliowtn0 do/. I pu»)ll»h*n r««fv» tht rlpht to ,,.— *r «Jtt oil o<ivtHiwm«M» of. firing 7»r publtertisn ond te rtf*ct J - J -" *-«•"•-—'•- adv*rtlilna iub> w mota Mich at haum numb«r« eoun» 01 on* t wlllpot bt moon* In Warn 1 Adi untat id to «ur attention Inwrtlon of w) om) "JNI (W» for ONLY lh« ONI 7-3431 IH0PE STAR iFVrj! V, ^^MELUm.L 1 !!' r ,r US CO, rnoon by f.Ji. fi, j, Pflmtr, . &*t™>ft»i ite^a * rfcrt, um, W «l,. M». Hnmir, M»«h. tuft, .,OL., A« •) M»M, Ar»«on»»>, t, 11*7. •"- " |l«n RatM' (payobl* In ad> >m "*- „ as ,„.,.„..?.„.. 13.00 . t >i»i.<n,i\,i«imn.i »iff ^ *• ,11 ,..!., (1,00 AtJvtriUIno KfpNMmtalivtti DnHII«», Inc.; 1*02 &i*rick Hli 2, Tenn,, 90S T«xu» ,»,«»,, Dalian 3, Texoi; 360 N. Kin AVi,, Chltdoo I, III.; 60 6. $t, ( N«w York 17, N. Y.; ir«3 it Bldo,, 0«tn»lt 3, Mlth.; L flld8 H Oklahoma City J, Awo«lo»«'J , th« ut* lor (tpublicotion local ns*« prlntMi lo thu w*ll QI oil AP n«w» Offered THflKE room dpartnipnl. NleMy rufnldhcd. Kketflc bmt. Hill* paid. 2(M Bonner. Mr*. A. n, &«bb. 2Mf rrib5M7u7n}»h«d npflrlmfnt, Prl- veto hAlh, nillR pi'I'l. No children, 712 F., Division, 2B-3I Altlc fan. KUoht'n In, IfK) N. Wri»h 21). Ill LA nor; 3 room newly <l<«cor»t«d iipAi-lmi'nt, rillU pnld, HUH Wf.t Foitrlh. Dlnl 7-3I.M. 20-lf UKI.) room, .1(11 South Main, Phone ao-:it KintNI«HKt> npnrtmvnt. ,'l ronrtin. biilh, Ainu l)«>(lrodin with private; 1002 K, 3rd, Ulnl 7-HI84 UNKURNIHIUfi 3 room apartment Private bath, PrlvHti- cntnincos. Attic fan. Pocnn (ii'ivt! Apart- niMitu, Dial 7-M7I. :iO-OI •I DOOMS and bath, Lnrgc Hni"K" I block went of hlKh achnoi, Phone 7-'Hafl, 30.31 Notice HAUL 1 and iproad «and $1,29 ynrd Clravol nvnllnblo, Foy Hnrnrnorii Phono 7-2d50. JO-1M WOODLAND WATKHMEI.ON OAU DKN, ttonl cold watormolanii nut wher«s Ihc cricket* nnd k»ty rllcl cull, 2>,ii nillcN |';ii»t on 07, Krwln. 34.01 Wonted to Lease A form with *llio to IfJO nVnei 2 yp«r» or longer, Plen»« give /nil deiicrlptltin urid n mount or I'fnt per yonr. Will pny bonus to owner. Write Mnrlln William*. 113 MiiKnnlln Slrcwt, Itut HprlnK", Ark, 24-dl For Sole B is AUTMan7iitVnTu^ «<r», $7^ up. Mutiillon Mink, up, Viiltlltt I'nrnm. Lomlru, WI.1 --Atlnntii. Toxnn, 0-lSt THKK rlpfiii'il Klbcrla Fri'sh from orchard nnch diiy, 4i miU- went on 07, Sfl.flt II' G, K, lO-frlueriitor, Ciood «s ni.'W. 7' Friulclnlrt>. Otmcl jiluipi-, Qn» cook »lovi!. A biiriiiiln. Cull oml wiiti't 1 , $100. $5 down, $3 per month. T, N, Holt'w, 7-2043. ao-:u Legal Notice N brToi ' ..... TO ALL 1'ROI'KRTY OWNERS IN STRISIC'P 1MPUOVISMENT DISTRICT NO. IU (l''AIR PARK of hlsh w . \vovK »,.?. Cunnon, Phono 7-MU or J. '49.1m ^iul ironing dono In )K)IT>O, MM, U, H, Moudin\ > Hiutal. , Up*. Apply in pin. Holjday'8 Cafe, 4 mlK-s past on 07^ 24-Ct ^Wonted experienced wnltrou. of the finest Blrl» 9,-fbut nfted one morw. " ost »ftl«rie8 in the m«nU 1oo 83-U nnd $<,!« You ttr<? notified Hint the third pavement »s»o»«inont on the prop. oily in IhU dUtrlel IB pnyubli- on or before July 31, J053. All persons who pnld ihclr nssensment* In M\ provlously will tilnrounrct thi« notice. All property owners who will now pny thjjlr roinninina us- «<w»m«nt In full will *«vo fuiuro inleii'Ot payments. ^ CHAHLKS F, REYNKRSON Collector Cily Hull Hup«. Arknnsns July U, 111, a;i, 30 Legal Notice this rtJwood turn- -ow U' lit W ail LEGAL NOTICE No, 7411 INTHECHANCEKY COURT OK 11KMPSTKAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS JAMES A, 1WRKKH PLAINTIFF VS. \ MATTIE ADISLLA PARKER DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER Tho defeiidmu. MotUe Adelln Purkcr, U wurncd to appear In this Court within thirty day* und unswcr tho complaint ol tho riiUnUff. Jame» A. Parker, , Witness my hand nnd tho ton) of said court this Hth dtty ol July, JW8. Omcrtt ^vi ( ns Ctork (SEAL) John L. Wilson, Attorney Ail Li tern July 9, 10. 23, 30 from Legal Notice No. 1410 lit tho Chancery Court o( Hcmosu-ad County. Ark. Pt'tt» Monk ............ i'lalntift vs. Mnry Monk .......... „ Defendant WARNING OROBR Tho Defendant, Mary Monk is warned to appear In this court within thirty days and aniwor tho complaint of tha Plaintiff, Pet* Monk. Witness my hand and th« aeal of court this B day of July 1WS, Omera Evans, Clerk Political Announcements Th« Bur It authorised to •Baounct that th« foUowlof «r« candidate* for ptiblle office tubjset to the action of th» Democratic prlmarr el«ctloni: Per Tax Aaanaaor CRIT STUART Olympic Standing! i HELSINKI (UP* — The unftffl- ciwl point tunneling* In lhi> IBM' Olympic gnmt-a ;il tho Blnrt of to- PRESCOTT NEWS For Circuit Clerk OAJWKTT WILLIS A. (Speedy) HUTSON for Reprmntattva TALDOT FEILD JR. For County Judge CLAUD H. BUTTON U. Cl. OAfinETT FKKD A. LUCK Por Sheriff C. COOK For 1 Aldnrman Ward JOB UniTT R. C, (Bob) DANIELS JOK JOURS For Aldarman Ward I FRRO JOHNRON D WIGHT HI DO I.) ILL PAUL HALEY PAT For Aldtrrnan Ward B. L. HKTTia United ftt.ttr* lliinRiiry Finliincl flt-rmany C/.cch' sliivnkln j ll.-ily f!rc:H llrltnln Swit/ri I.mil Ai.sti nli i .f.'ipan NOI-W.I.V I)i •iiinark Ir.in .I.iiiuiii ii Tin key Ai'Ki-nlini' C,in.id,i Si;nlli Afrii.-a llnII,mil Kuiniinnt Au .ti ia i IIK.II.I | Nr-.V X.f.'llillKl I Kcirrii i Yiiil'islnvln I l.i-bniuiii | TrlnUlai.l ' I'oitiic.al 814 440 22.1 1.2 124 10.') 100 1(17 92 (17 f!2 5<l 54 47 40 M) I' 2 1-4 1-4 3-4 3-1 l-i I State Senate TOM .1. SILVEY Drt. F, C. CROW Chancellor (First Olvlilon. 6th DUtrlotl WKSLKY HOWARD A. P. STKI'IL For Congrats OIIRN IIAH1US Sp.im Mexico ll.iluunas 2V! 22 21 I!) 17 HI 15 12 12 II II il 7 ,1-4 Wednetday, July 30 Mid-Week ncrvices at the First Baptist Church ore; an follows: 7 pin. Bible School Teachers and ijffirpri mooting; 7:45 Prayer and Uiblo c.tudy. There will bo prayer meeting; at Ihr Church of Nazarene Wednesday i", i-nlriK at 8 o'clock. - ~ : Prnynr meeting will begin at 7:45 (Mil «n Wednesday evening at the Chin ch of Christ. i ^ ', , 'jltHp' will be prayer meeting at it,i FiVst Christian Church on Wed i.i'sday evening at 7::iO. Choir re- hi iir siil will follow the service. Thursday, July 31 Mri, Murks Slu-lton will entertain u., inbi r.-i 'of the l!)r,() Canasta Club ;it her home on Thursday afternoon Mre. Johnnie Hook* Honor* Daughter Mrs. Johnnie Hooks honored her daughter Karenina, with a party Thursday afternoon in celebration nf nor eleventh birthday anniversary. The guests Amelia Harroll, Virginia Clare Crews, Glenda Inlaw, Nancy Lewis and the honoree, were accompanied to Hope by Mrs. Hooks where they enjoyed a swimming parly at the Municipal pool. After the ssvim, games were played and a picnic supper was served. I 1-2'. 1 i 1-2' Youth Rally Held at Baptist Church An association;)! youth rally of the WMU of the local First Baptist Church met on Thursday at the local church for nn all-day meeting with ninety nine present with representatives present from Gurdon Arkadulphla. Curtis and South Fork. Mrs. W. P. Jones Jr. of Arka- dclphia opened the morning session with a devotional talk and prayer. Afler the song "More Love In Thee," Mrs. Thelbert Elder of Arkadelphia presented the pro- i dram theme on "AbiclinK in Him between Heavyweight Champion | Th ,,,i lf , n • P ,. n yer." Several diseus- vValcott and llocky! Promoters Vision Million Dollar Gate By JACK HAND NKW YDHK i/li Plans for n mil lion dollar Scpti-mhor titli' match St. l.ouls Del roll Yc«limlay'n Htiulti Phlliulelphia i)-4, I'ini'ilinatI V. Uruedilyu I, •(, New York 2. St, Louis I). Hti.itfin .). Today's Games C'lnelnnntt «t I'liiUulelphlil Plltitburuh at llfooklyn, CIlkuiKO Hi New Yoik, Ml, Lou In tit UoHtnti, NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York St. Louis t'hlliidolphia C'lilcniso Itoxluil Clnulnnnll W (II .V/ Ml !M 411 -10 lit) 2H L 20 ;i;i 4) 4tl 47 .VI 50 71 p,,( .577 ,;il>ll M(j;j .ll-I'M'.V Jill- M.iiciiiiin, tho Hrockton, Mass.,; crunlii'r, hint:' 1 on throi 1 iniportaiitj piiiiit.;: J. I'rrccnliiKi'S. l-'i-lix Docchic- clii'o. Wiilcnll'.s in:ina!!i'r, insists on •!.'• |)i'f (tent. Marly Woill, Mar- Claim's inaiuiK''!'. wants "moro lhan 15 per cont." Promoter Jim Noli is says hi; can allot only (id per cent. ~, Dale. Wcill nnd Morris prefer Tuesday, Sept. 21. Hocchlcchiol likes Si>pt. If) or Sept. Hi. j :i. Site. Weill and- Norris wiint New York's Yankt'u Sttidinin. Boc- uhii'chio wants a plnco "whore 1 car, iniinaiie my fighter," possibly Jersey City or Philadelphia, The prrvrnUiKc angle may give Norrl.-i' Internaliuniil DoxlnK Club <iuilo a lu-adaelie. If Marty Wcill. \\l-ose ,-tep fatlier Al Wuill Is l.B.C. m:itchmuki<r, insists on too much they will Result* Cleveland 4, Mostiw 1 .St. l,ouls 7, WfishliiKltin 3 rhlladulphla fi-», Detroit 0-10. NDW York 10. ChictiKo 7 Today'* Game* Ntnv York nl Chlcnuo at St. l.tmis iuoro than have iiulle Huxtun ill Cotton Ststes League W I. Mi'nilan 00 Jl'nu- Hlnff -IH Kl Oorado 4tt llol Spi i|ij;y 35 Grt-onville ;i5 Lust Night's ItesuHs II. Hot Sprinns 11, Pine llhiff Kl Ooriulo 8, Cireenvillo rvonwiwd tii. Monrou I Tonight's Gaiiu-s Meriiluin tit Hot Natclui/ ut l'in<- IlluK (ireonvillf at Monroe at Kl Dor; Southern Atsoclation 411 -It) 15 per eent, a hassle. The (Into hi really no major hurdle, b'elix wants to K" in mid- September boc'ausc of pcssible con- Iliel with tin- bla/tnu basol.mll pennant riices und world series ballyhoo. Weill wants to give Murcinno a UlUe, vaeallon before he starts back to iralmny cump. Norris thinks the late September dale tho I'est fur the gate, j The site is u problem Unit will | take » bil of doiny. Hooi-lucchi» | hi.s no nuuuiKer's license in Now I'ctjyt,,.^ ttnle. lit lUia. Hiu-chicchio's •"'"; applieation fur a manager's II- .lllXi eeiise, complete with pardons from .'AM iv\' V) I'l'iinsylv aniii novel noi's-- John ,.'it!;'i j-^sher and James Duff- fur crimes ..MM i committed in Pennsylvania, was• •InJi iifi^i f ul three months and ro- •3tW:Unned by the New York State •W Athletic Commission, then headed ty Ktldie Kiln an. "1 c.m't manage my figlitcr in New York." s.iivi Hocchicchio. "And 1 can't put my (itlhtcr where | I can't manaye him. I will not j apply for a license if fn\ goinjt to be turned down ayain," I sions wore given on the program topic. At noon a picnic lunch was served on the picnic grounds by ladies »f the Prescoll WMU with Mrs. Watson White Jr. in charge. The afternoon session was opened with prayer by Mrs. S. M. Cooper. Mrs. N. L, Lee of Gurdon president, presided over the business meeting. The _ minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. Jack Cooper, of Prescott. Several vocal selections by a girls trio from Arkadelphia were enjoyed. The meeting adjourned with prayer by Mrs. Elder. Miss Loyce Stewart has returned to Little Hock after a visit with her mother. Mrs. Bob Stewart. Miss Norma Eagle has resumed her studies at Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, uf- ler a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kagle. Miss Dimple Burke of Lonoke, who has been visiting Miss Caroline Andrews, has returned to her home. Miss Andrews accompanied her home for a visit. Miss Lila Grimes has returned lo her home in Morrilton after a visit with her sisters, Miss Alice Grimes, Mrs. C. U. Ward, Mrs. Foy Box and her family. Miss Opal Daniel of Hope was the week end guest Sunday of Miss Hazel Mullock. Rose Makes No Claim to Being Master Mind By CARL BELL LITTLE ROOK ift — Big Glon Rosi?. who was drafted to return to Ihr University of Arkansas as btisketball coach this year, lot* it be known that hr.> doesn't consider liinis<'lf a mastermind or miracle man despite his reputation for winning"Your success depends far more on the players you have than on v.'hiil you tell the players," he told the student mentors at the Arkansas Coaching School here yesterday. "The coach who wins consistently is the conch who gets the Hood players jear after year," he said. "The cciieh being smart is not KoitiK to win many yames. My biKKest job is finding good players. "Regardless of your players, your job is to get the most out of the material you have. You have to fit your system to your material." Rose advised high school coaches to develop basketball programs which will briny along good players. He suggested providing• courts at grade schools "and let the kids shoot." The lanky, poker-faced former Ruzorbacic athletic star who turned out five Southwest Conference champions at Arkansas and in recent years has produced fine teams at Stephen F. Austin College said he'll use a single pivot style of play with a fast break next season. It won't be a running game altogether, though, he explained. "I want my boys to recognize fast break opportunities and to use the fast break at the right time — not just run helter-skelter down the floor. I want my men to be aggressive at all times." This was .Rose's first major public appearance since he succeeded Presley Askew a ball-control coach, at Arkansas. "Another thing." he said, "I don't believe in these long stalls in the fourth quarter, but a lot of teams use them." Rose described the basketball situation in the Southwest Conference as "a healthy situation." "Our basketball may not be as good as that in some other sections, but down hero we play for our own league championship and don't over-emphasize the game Too many basketball teams are trying for national championships. I think the NCAA playoffs are as responsi- Hot Springs to Play Hope Tonight at 8 The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Items to Ml«a Turner at Hlcka Funeral Home Hot Springs Kafeles come to Hope tonight for a game with the Hope Legionnaires, starting at 8J o'clock at Fair park. Ktlsel Nix will start on the mound for Hope. This is the first of a two game series as the Army j tr, c Hicks Funeral and Navy Hospital boys will re- ( sponsored by Bethel turn to Hope on Friday night. This game will end the regular at 1 a son play for the two teams. There will be a weiner given Thursday night, July Pros, Amateurs Tee Off or L. R. coif pros nnd nmnteurs square off Hi Iho Little Ruck Country Club Inrtny in the state's first Cup iVIiik-hes. The compotition. matching 22 top tiiiiatenr.s aj>iiin.st nn oqual number in' pi'dfeKsiunals, will touch off throe days of play which will feature the Arkansas Open Thursday and Friday. Top match in the cup play \#111 pit Martin Termcy of Little Rock, the state amateur champ, against Curtis Collier, Ft. Smith pro and IwD-timo open titlist. Ross Collins of Monticcllo is in Pennsylvania to defend his national lefthanders crown and will not be rnc public is roaj 31 Home lawd AME churc^ invited to attenq Misses Linda K. .and Pnulin Morrison were Ihe dinner guesls the HPV. and Mrs. E. N. Glovii Monday. Tom Malone of Milwaukee, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mr! Willie Malone and other relative! Miss Etta Douglas is visiting relatives of Mllwaukc and friends! Miss Nona Tyus of Mihvaukel is visiting her parents, Mr. an| Mrs. Will Tyus. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howard an! Horace Howard and Munn Waslf ington of Russton. La. are visitinl Mr. and Mrs. Shcp Jackson, an| other relatives. on hanu to try for slraighl Arkansas Open ship. a second Faddon champion- Athletics Only Six Games Behind . DETROIT Wl—Jimmy Dykes has been around long enough to get used to almost anything in baseball—even his Philadelphia Athletics. But the 55-year-old manager is a bit amazed today. His sixth-place Athletics—and this may come as news to you—are only six games behind the league-leading New York Yankees in the all-important loss column. And only three games behind the second place Cleveland Indians in the same column. Until now everybody was talking about the American League race as a five-team affair. But if the Marshall Lewis and Willie have returned home af spending several days visiting latives in Chicago, and Detroit. Mi The first meetihg of the yea| of the Ladies Auxiliary to th American Legion met on Mondal night, July 29, at Hicks Funerif Home. The following were electel Mrs. Essie D. Brantley, presideni Mrs. Evelyn Murry, secretary an| Mrs. Leona Nelson, treasurer. Plans were discussed for coil ducting a membership drive E§-| the next meeting place. Refresrl ments was served by the Nelso| Hill Post 427. Lie as anything else for overemphasis of basketball today." Jack Gardner of Kansas State, who is the other chief cage instructor at the school, said the first things he looks for in selecting a player are intelligence spirit, speed six.e, timing, looseness and ability t^ execute the skills of the game— in that order. "Basketball," Gardner said, "is B game of habits. A coach's job is to give his players good habits. It's like grooving your swing in fiolf." The coaching school closes todav. A's have a hot streak in makinl up their postponed games, it coul| be a six-team squabble. The aged A's—so old that Dykcl wonders how they do it—hav| crept up almost unnoticed. They took five straight series bil fore moving into Briggs Stadig'-l here and splitting a twi-night doil ble header with the Tigers yestc:| day. Behind the pitching of ace Bobbl Shantz (18-3), Alex Kellner, Caif Scheib, and rookie Harry Byrd, thl Athletics have picked up 3Vi game] or. the leader since July 14. They now trail the Yankees b| S 1 ,.'. games. The ruins of Jarmo in Iraq, covered recently by archaeologist are remains of a village believe, to have thrived between 5,000 a 6,000 B. C. SPANISH RANGE, LEE WELLS Mrs, Kenneth week ond sliest tori. I.eiibctter was the uf friends in Ben- Atlanta Now Orleans \V til 64 1, 4(1 47 49 44 58 57 58 62 Penman ft Dftiunan. ta Att'y. tar'PIMfttitt W. S. AtWni, Atry. Ad Utwn July 9, 18, W. 80 Mobile Memphis M Birmingham M Nashville 81 Little Hock -«4 Last Night's Result* AUunJa ti-l' Little .Rock 3-7 Memphis 6, Birmingham 'i Mobile 8, Chattanooga. 4 New Orleans 8-12, Nashville 1-7 Tonight's Games Little Hock tit Atlanta <1> Memphis at Birmingham Chattanooga ut Mobile Nashville at New Orleans By Tho AnocUUd Pr«w AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indianapolis 4-2 St. Haul l-ti Louisville 7-5 Minneapolis 5-12 Kansas City 3 Charleston o Columbus 7 Milwaukee <t TEXAS LEAGUE San Anlomo 0 fort Worth 3, Innings Boavuucmt 9 Oklahoma City 4 Dallas « Houston 3 Tidaa S Shreveport 4 ASSOCIATION LltUe Rock 5-7 16 Survive in Women's Western Meet ,S42; 4JJS ; I .OS ANGKl.ES i.W-Sixteen sur- ,-t73 vivors set out in the second round [473i*- 1 ' match i>lay in the Women's !-K>«t! Western Amateur Golf Tourna- ' i<ls ;menl today, with gallery attention toseusixt on a 15-ycur-otd upset kid friiiu Huntiitgtun, \V. Va., Uerridjjtf Ulerrii Long. The pretty tccn-agp high school t-irl drew the spotlight when she ousted the Western's defending champion, Marjorie Lindsay, Curtis Cup team member from D\-ca- tur, 111, Jt and 2. yesterday. Today Miss Herri, already women's champion of West Virginia lit spite her age. encountered tin • ll'er stiong opposition. Her opponent was perl, smooth swinging 1 Mrs, Lyle Bowman of Richmond, Calif., former state champion of Oregon imd winner last April of another recounted) intersection*! title, the Women's Trans-Mu*U- sippi. Mis Bowman, who triumphed over Miss Lindsay in the Tram- Miss duals at Phoenix. Am., defeated former California champion tli McCulliih, I up. is* L-ons. competUis in h«r first senior tournament, took a Miss l*in.ds$y aiMl on tt»e 6ta grepi Clarence Gordon III, student at Henderson State Teachers College Arkadelphia, visited his mother. Mrs. lloss Gordon and other relatives over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Hill Dawson have returned from a business trip in St. Louis, Mo. Miss Ethel Bemis and her guest Miss Beverly Balch of Little Hock, spent the week end in El Dorado where they were the week end guests of Miss Sylvia Varnell. Top Radio Programs NKW YORK * — ListeninR to- Copy i-lil. 1!" •.l.lijl.ci'K WcMs. 10 NHC— 7 What's My Line; 7:30 Groat Ciilderslevves; 8 Groucho Marx Quiz; 8:30 Holl>v,-ood Music Box; 9 Promenade Concert. CBS — 7 Hearthstone Drama; 7:30 Dr. Christian; 8 Johnny Dol litr; 8:30 Steve Alien Show. ABC— 7 Postmark USA Quiz; ABC — Valentino's Sung; B Mr. 1'resideivl; 8:30 Crossfire. MBS— 7 Music For Hall-Hour; 7 :>0 Ureal Day Quiz; 8:03 Science 8:30 Family Thtuli-r TTur»day: NIK* 10:30 a.m. Bob and Ray. . . 10:30 am. Grand tUm. . AHC' 9 a m. My Ti~ue Story Drama . . MBS 10 a.m. Ladles Fair ... MBS Game of Day Network !£:£> ii.itu St. Louis Cardinals at In ancient Rome, salt was so valuable it was sometimes used as moijey. SYNOPSIS Returning with Ins middy Hal King to his home-town lu California, BluiKC ttamlcll Hilda Ills land uonllacutcd, his old sweetheart. Molunlc. wed to another. He'd spout ten years In prison, framed on a murder charge. [Ic means to clear his name. Neighbors now oeaccfully settled us fanners, (car range war, as Ruudcll stalks his old rncmy and accuser. Leon is. Molanlc (till In love with r.lnlco. bens him to KO away, to becln life anew, elsewhere, but he remains adamant, tie IInils a staunch supporter In his old pal. Slim Starling- CHAPTER NINE "WE'D BETTER get along," Blaise said. "You'll be welcome, Slim. It'll be like old times." "You bo careful," Slim warned, "until 1 get there. We'll give Leonia something to worry about." He walked outside with them and moved up close to Blaise when he mounted. "Did any of the Conejo folks talk about Chavez?" "No," Blaise shook his head. "That gent deserved killing, but I never figured you done it. It wasn't tike you to sneak up on a man, Blaise." "I intend to find out who did it." "It's a cold trail," Slim shook his head. "I wouldn't bet a bent peso on your chances." "I can try." Blaiae straightened and Slim stepped back. Blaise touched spurs and Hal rode thoughtfully beside him, studying the high rock escarpment. Hal straightened, glanced at Blaise, •That Jasper had a point," he said abruptly. "People can forget a lot in ten years." Blaise's Jaw tightened. "I'll find out." "Lconia?" "—or one of his men," Blaise added. "If comes to the same thing." Hal shook his head, pursing his lips, -Maybe . . . maybe." They climbed up Into the mountains, the road narrowing to follow the canyons. The rocks trapped the beat of the sun so that it concentrated bale hilly on horses and riders. "U s e 1 e s • country,* Hal said. "Wouldn't teed nothing but snakes." Blaise laughed. "You might be driven up here if things get too not for us In the Valley. You could bole up torever U you wanted to." "Had to," Hal corrected. "I can't figure anyone wanting to come up Mrs- 4*uxes of Loot B**ch, C»li "Pllwr. They finally broke through tne mountains and drew rein atop the last ndge, Tne road followed Uxe west tor » ftjwKt distance and then toopcd 4ow»war4 & tat Valley floor. Hot, Iftr ajny-almd * nimttr W^l^ WW* WW -PI *' ^ff ylWw'M W V^^RWf^ "Chatsworth," Blaise pointed to tho village. "We'll have to trade hero tor supplies if Lconis keeps us out of Calabasas." "Where's your ranch?" Blaise pointed southward to the distant line cf mountains across the sky. "Over there." "M ore mountains," Hal said dryly. "Not UkQ these. You'll see." They rode across the Valley, alert and ready tor trouble. Now they invaded land originally claimed by Leonis, but they met no riders. • They crossed the main stage road and headed directly tor the mountains just ahead, Blaise led the way, Hal watched Blaise, saw his jaw relax, his eyes grow soft. "Close to home?" "Very close. This is my land," Blaise said. He lifted the reins and the horse moved forward. Riders had recently come this way and there «as sign that the trail had been used many times. Hal straightened, aware that Blaise nadn't noticed. He rubbed his thumb along his Jaw and then quietly lifted the Colt from the holster, let it drop, making sure it would draw smoothly and swiftly. They came into the notch. The mountain walls fell away to either side, Blaise glimpsed the house among the trees and his heart lifted. He had come back to a home that tie dad not seen in a decade. The trail turned and the house and buildings stood in full view. Blaisg drew in with a cry of protest. The place was a ruin. Two small sheds had fallen down. The corral was no more than bare poles sticking up out of the grass-covered ground. A door had fallen from the bttnkhouse and there was no glass in the window. The roof sagged. The main house was in fair condition. It stood solid and square. BUuse saw a rag stuffed into a broken window pane. The yard was knee nigh in grass and Blaise caught the glint of sun on a tin can. Hal pointed to two saddled horses standing under the big oak. "You've got visitors.'' Blaise hardly beard him. "What have they done to the place?" he demanded. Hal shrugged. •Tea yean, Blaise, and BO one to Keep it up." They rode slowly up the path to the house. The door opened and a man stood tramcd, hands booked in bJU? for a week. The big man Stared boldly at them. "Strayed, ain't you?" he asked. "Who are you?" Blaise asked. Hal reined to one side, keeping his eyes on the smaller m a n, who seemed' content to work a cud of tobacco and await developments, The bigger man lifted a brow in surprise. "M i s t e r, I ask the questions!' around here. Call your brand or ride off." "1 like to know who visits my place when I'm gone," Blaise said with deadly calm. The big man faced him with a crooked grin. "You strayed your trail, pilgrim. I'm Gus Pcetie, ride for Scorpion. This is part of Scorpion range." Blaise stiffened and Hal became tense, eyes glued on the smalle; man, who had stopped chewing hijp tobacco. "Does LeQnls claim it?" "This and the whole range around," Peetie nodded. Blaise's voice became tight. "Then he's a bigger thief than I thought him. I'm Blaise Randell and this Is my ranch. • Hit your saddles and light out." They stood glaring at one another. Peetie laughed, an ugly sound. "When Scorpion takes over a place, it stays. You're bucking a big outfit, RandelL Git while you can." "Why auger, Peetie?" The second man spoke for the first time. ,Peetle's gun blasted almost before it cleared the holster and the i bullet whipped clo^e to Blaise's head. Blaise swiftly lined the Colt and the weapon bucked. Blaise's slug caught Peetie in. ..!>, the shoulder, spun him half arounUV The second man had drawn hi* gun, but Hal's shot whipped his ' hat from his head. He stood frozen, j gun still lifted, hammer dogged bade Hal spoke dryly. "Just unwrap your Angers, friend, 'and let her drop. Then step bach . . . 'way back, where it's healthy." The man dropped the gun. Peetie stood holding his shoulder, blood staining bis fingers, his heavy far^r screwed up in pain and anger; Blaise dismounted, picked up the two Colts. Hal chuckled. -You'U be sorry for this!" Peetl* blurted, "Ride out-tend don't come back. Tell Lconis that Randell took bac* what was his and be Intend* to hold It. If any Scorpion Wednesday, July SO, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS •LONDIE By Chick Young OZARK1KB N <"* . // <frff/ f ^ . \ ' N ^ \ <& ^ " > •-, c^frv ^3 .^4C.-'"?" '^ ^-J^-V >• ""x/^ Xl •mtuf^tt^f' J ' ,"•-' -\ . ,W\| >•>/' / (ALL RIGHT- vv /* TM TYING RUNlJ ON ( FUST,BueQUH,90 I SfWNKOtT > SCATS AN ( LICKED Xi* *' UH-AH'M AU FEf^, SPADE DONT tOSS < MENOOOJC-CtlONS; Tnanr" THIRD/ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willionft VIC FLINT I Dinner Date Answer to Previous Puzzle |\ HORIZONTAL 3 Grant I j - turtle 4 Genuflect 5 President . Coolldg nicknam e Alkene Unusual t* ! k soup - on the \. Coolldge's ' f nickname i K cob i 9 Baked ' Virginia a A V R A N A T P R B 1 1 t! A N Bt o l_ E R B L_ V N E S S R E A a o f A K N T S ** 1 U E M 1 1 T O V E A R fsf S A K 1 S B b S L_ O fa f A T E N T ]li B A Ft t* N B «; S C 0 o K E R S «; E A T «; A L. r FTI R S R T T e ft i K s re E N\ 1 N P T B t. HA S A L. f *T E R 1 M S ^ B S A O R e. i_ i R El P S N e e & fE A U B e P> 5 12 Where cakes ? 5J rd>s homes t are baked 13 Wings 14 Eggs • H Place r 26 Stopping 43 Chicken 15 Those who 1C Japanese 28 Festive < 45 Entertain ^ -, distribute volcano occasions 46 Sea eagle ;, again 20 Cherry • 30Algonquian 47 Name word 17 Encountered for dessert Indian 48 Great Lake 18 Woody plants 22 After dlnner 31 Essential 50 Seed covering 19 Shackles A P ass tne being 51 Ardor 21 Places ' b° x 33 Candle 52 Feminine 23 Salt 24 Lamb ->— 35 Lasso appellation 24 Watering 2S Peel 40 Artists' stands 55 Morindin dyes place 27 Warbled 29 Spanish 32 Scottish plaid 34 Changes 36 Commission 37 Scottish girls h«" 38 Cry 39 Time measure 41 Golf mound 42 Oriental coin 44 Continent 46 Dinner I courses 49 Astonish 53 French king 54 Animals S6 Sister . 57 Slay 58 Thailand 59 England (ab.) i 60 Soap frame , : Cl Feminine • t . suffix I ' VERTICAI, I1 Death 12 Above, T -PONI'T WAMT U wti.ST it>r VE->. \ / PttOPLE ARE TO 4ek rr/ /S rrr ,-( \VHAT V oETTiM'f-.roiLT/ - KE / S-^Xr^'nv A WE UAJ& FLAT •y Michat! O'Maltay «ntf Rolph CiET THE iCfc CAM HAVES ANjy-n-nNo j \ i / A PICCC or- ice ABB ^U SUCE? t AM©HT J -» \&V JU5TTAK& >Cl-' PLAV ALONO \VITH \ PON T <36T \\'?C- OKAX MUSHY. CALU HER MWELP ANt? TELL f TVOUT, \\U5HV. o;-o A { WHAT CO VCD , A UTTU3 \\AV5 UMTIL < 7I-IATS MEG MOD AMI? CME OP TUB MB/ T8UU MB \VOULFNT FH A P6W OIL VVEO.L5 IN I CO.'M<& TO WASH TUBES WE'RE DVIMG TO DID VOU 5EB Y BLKZES THJ; PAPER, E^v?l H^ppE-^)l CA.KOL DA.PDY HELPED LOCMB TWO IMDEFIWITE ABOUT [TRMMWOWl HB'LL HEAR A.LL (VBOUPIT THW. BUT THEY M/50 \ <3WE IJ5 THE FOUWO OTHER WI59IWSV DBTML51 OLP w^eTERe IN BEEW 5TOL&M FROM /X PREMCH WOISEUMI COLLECTION) 1 . - TOO SOOM BORM TMIRT/ VTIfn Maior Hoopla OUR BOAkDINC J1OUSE GAD, toys/ THIS PICTURE? OF \.f/ WE vJlTM IV'E 5TATE5AAAM'i5 AMD ^TRirJG TIE LtKe < INi THAT t)l-56Ul6£ 46 MIGHT \MILU ABO TOME TO >. CAMPAIC5N? 7 I-'LU •DISPA.TCW By Edgar Ma BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SWc. COOVD •v BleR T»f«n CARNIVAL cii"/rToViT r 'fitTE«y7iM. I.it. T. M. «(JGS BUNNY ABE- - t*, ^r^^aifk 6TOVEPIPE? Wd^^^SHSS ONE NEBI7 THIS WATSR THAN TC>U PO' By Henhberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP QOOLA/ TH HOLYCOW, WHAT A TANGLE! WHERE'D THEY GO? MV GOSH, I., \"Aw, what's wrong with giving her one little old Jelly ' bean? Don't tell me you've got her on a diet already!" By Golbrolth "He's the best efficiency expert we ever had—he advised .me to work less and raise my own salaryl'y. \ CHRIS WELKIN, Planerccr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT WEREN'T FO£ THOZE INZCKIPTIONZ, WHICH I CANHOT RBAP, BELIEVE TUB EARTH W4£ cor A * iWEET LITTLE HIDE- TCA»/E \ DE READY TO TMEOU6M THAT CLIP I SHOOT, BUT CA.REFUU--- WE 1 OUT UP AT THE LAKE DOMT WAMf TO GET THE KID/ KJOW CLAM UP AND DRIVE WHILE I KEEP AM eve PCELED COPPERS ' DANGER ATQWC W6AH3KJ TtiT SITE Twis CUP is A CILLER.; I THIS BE ON YOUR. / NlGHr "WE TOES, ED.' SfcT UP RGAC BUXXS.HUHf WWELL, WE'LL PIX^iAfT PUtt UP 6fHWD THAT SCHOOL BUS / **

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