Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAfl, E0m t ARKANSAS "The More You Ten, the Quicker You Sell" RATES CM* ti»fr-ie wotd, minimum Me tfc»*'.am*s-4%e word, mln. We Sbt ttoe»-4c word, minimum JOc month (2* toes)— ISc word. ' «fe for continuous Inter* ttota only. Ill making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Rent," "For Sate," etc.-thls is tee. But each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as • toll word. For example: FOB KENT— Three-room modern famished apartment, with garagt* elOM in. Bargain, j. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2e word, 3*c for nine time; at 3&c word, 53e for three times, etc. NOTE: All vfders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation at bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered HOLD EVERYTHING — Old Beds, New Beds. For Christmas can you beat it $4.50 to $9.50. Come and see Kempstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St. Call Paul Cobb, 658-M. 12-2-26tc COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South Elm, Phone 383 Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed, be ready for Christmas. 29-26tp Thursday, December 23, 1937 Today'! Amwori to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Past' One 1. Mohammedanism is the dominant religion of Palestine. More than 70 per cent of the population are Moslems. 2. The states indicated by the flowers are: columbine—Colorado; bluebonnet — Texas; sunflower- Kansas; red clover—Vermont; Indian paintbrush—Wyoming. 3. a. The San Francisco earthquake and fire took place April 18-19, 1906. b. The Titanic sank April 1-1-15. 1912. c. Lindbergh flew the Atlantic may 20-21, 1927. d. Hauptman was executed April 3, 1936. 4. Virginia was named by Sir Walter Raleigh after Elizabeth, the "Virgin Queen" of England. 5. The inscription "In God We Trust," authorized by Congress, was first placed on silver dollars, and other coins large enough to carry the words, in 1866. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Orville W. Erringer State Manager Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp. Denver, Colorado. Wanted HIGHEST PRICES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. FURS P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. j<M East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-26tc LOANS Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy monthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 10-26tc Notice NOTICE—To rny friends and customers—my living quarters are now at Capita! hotel. Phone 2. Dr. J. H. Weaver. 21-3tp Lost LOST—Bird dog pup, 8 months old. Lewellen Setter, black and white, name La,ddie. Reward, Phone 817. 22-3tc For Rent •FOR RENT—One furnished apartment, one partly furnished. All utilities paid. Mrs. Frank Hutchens. 707 East Division. Phone 79. 23-3tc Legal Notice "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN" Mr. T. T. Mimms is now owner and operator of the Western Auto Associate Store, located at Hope, Arkansas, having purchased same from Mr. Joe T. Riddle on December 20th, 1937, and will not be responsible for any debts or bills contracted prior to that time, by the Western Auto Associate Store of Hope, Arkansas, or of Mr. Joe T. Riddle the former owner. 23-3tc GENERAL ELECTRIC Products Harry W. Shiver Plumbing--Electrical PHONE 259 Have youi winter Suit dry cleaned in our I modern plant—pressed ' by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS, Cleaners & Hatters The Best In Motor Oils Gold Seal lHt% Penn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hope-^Cpen Day & Nile SO YOU STUCK YOUR NIECTK IWTO TH' MOOSE AMD THEM PULLED TH' TRAP/ 1 TURMEP TH' TRAFFIC SIGMALAOAIMST YOU WHEW YOU STEAMED OUT OF HERE TO BUY UP ALL TH' SAMTA CLAUS WHISKERS, BUT YOU RAN' THROUGH TH' RED LIQHT^ THREE-HUMDREP SETS OF WHISKERS WHElVc IF YOU WEKJT TO BUY "' A FOUMD OF BACON, YOU'D COME BACK WITH A HERD OF PORKERS ' •^f^^^^.^^^W^ u .._ t \-*. •<-•'-','^-~~-~v-^--i -^'l HA4F-F I : f \.-'2-\ IMDEEP; " Major Hoople _ •. -•• - • -A __•> OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS TMAT'S ENJOUC5H HAIR TO STUFF TH' MATTRESSES NJEEDEP TO SLEEP TH' OVERFLOW AT A RALLY OF -TH' UN EMPLOYED' THAT'S THAW You TWO WOULD PO FOR' W T- PERSUADED ' /MERCHANTS TO PUT BO EXTFvA : SAMTAS TO WORK- THAT PROBABLY 1 POESM'T PLJIC'KEW' YOUR ICE-COATEp HEARTS / BUT LnJE's SA.kJTA CLAUS TO "FlPTY <ST. )<1ICKS = . COPB. 10.17 BY COPR. (537 BY HEA StOVlCE. INC, ^ T. M. REO. U. S. MT. Off. HER.OE5 AR.E MAPE-MOT BORN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Good Old Hawkins! By MARTIN VOOU. C«\CH AU. UES.P MV CARE OF THt ^HONit CfWA.S. ? . FREE! Your Full Name Ort— Sheaffer or L. E. Waterman Fountain Pens and Pencils. Priced 1'rom $2.50 to $15.00 Also Leather Goods. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Bexoil Store Phone 63 Delivery NJO TIME. OO Vi\\A- SE OO MORE V\\<b THAW AVA. TH' ALLEY OOP SWELL.' JU5' WHEN I GIT PEACEFUL,THAT FOOL 0 HERE WITH Tl- -' &IT AWAY FROM HERE.'GWAM, NINCOMPOOP Her Bark Is Worse'n Her Bite By HAMLIN VOU SAID IT OOOLA- HE'5 BUT, N A SLINJK eozo.' IF THAT I LlMPA. MV \ CRITTER DOM'T 6IT/-" ^,1WILL.'. s-"~~~~^. '•' /-- —< HM~>! HE MIGHT &E AT THAT/ ./OH. IT 5\ WELL, 1 CANJ'T JU5' 57AMD GOIMG IM \ AROUND AN' SEE AK1V- AFTER HIM.MTHIN& LIKE THAT HE'LL BE ^ HAPPEM- KlLLED.'y BY NEA &EBVICt. INC, T. M. RLG. U. S. PAT. OFF. A Day of Hope By CRANE Hindu Reformer HORIZONTAL 1, 8 Reformer in . modern India. 12 Dower property 13 Snake. 15 Drunkard. 18 Public auto. 17 This leader frequently fasts. 20 Pair. 21 Not bright. 22 Century plant fiber. 23 Eon. 24 Beetle 25 Chums. 88 Girl. 27 Annelid 29 Platform. 30 Stream obstruction. 31 Insect's egg. 30 Inborn. 33 Silkworm. 34 Southeast. }5 Idant, 99 To shed feathers. ?7 He encourages Answer to Previous Puzzle AIBISIAIRICITLJRIOISIE TOPERSHVHSTPAY N5ERBNETB60RC Indians to foreign cloth. 38 Half quart.' 39 Flat plate. 40 To pulverize, 42 Baking dish. 43 Grain. 44 To put on. 45 Pronoun. 46 Male. 47 Blemish. 48 Blue grass. 49 He advocates for India VERTICAL 2 Smell 3 Opposed to cold. 4 Like. 5 Percussion instrument, 6 Bronze. 7 Spain. 8 Main points. 9 Genus of auks 10 Born. 11 Scalp covering. 14 Dress coat ends, 15 He wishes native fostered. 16 Large. , 18 Baseball nine. J9 Coffin. 21 Old garment. 22 Ache. 24 Morsel. 25 Portion. 26 Secular 28 To help 29 Blockhead. 30 To clean with gasoline 32 Fetter 33 Aurora. 34 Street. 36 Money factory 37 Flour box. 38 InstrumenL 39 Noise. 41 To bellow. 42 Moldings. 44 Any flatfish. 45 Cow's call. 46 Member of parliament. 47 Musical note. 483.1416. FORTH' LUVVA P&TE, STOP PAOW TH' FL002.- YOU DRIVE ME D)PPV. / I'M GOIWG DIPPV, MYSELF. I OWE MV LIFE TO &ARWEV HILL— I PROMISED TO LOOK AFTER AWD BIW&O.' SHE'S N4APEDJ HIS OiMLV CHILD KIDMAPED, A.'JD I'M RE' / 5POM5IBLE.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT REMIWDS ME OF JK 1 YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS', SOW .' . O BAD HE'S TOO THE BLA1E5 DOfO T VOL)/ S OOK/ } DO SOMETHIMGf WHEM ARE ( A SHIP VOU GOIMC3 TO GET THAT WIRELESS WORKIMG? AT LAST/ AT LAST WELL 6£ A6LB TO PUT THE AUTHORITIES CM THE TRAIL OF THOSE CROOKS - j IT LOOKS AS IF THIS BABY IS THE: SUM TOTAL OF WHAT SAWTA CLAUS IS GOIMG TO BR/WG US .' SMALL. TO XMOW IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME ! Warming Hearts By BLOSSER MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE HES A DREAM -V IT SAID SHE WHAT DID /WAS TOO POOR THAT NOTE / TO CARE FOR FROM THE ( THE BABY -' MOTHER / AMD WOUI-D I SAY ? ^i KEEP IT AMD ^ GIVE IT A ( GOOD HOME .' SHE MUSTA MISTAKEN ME FOR THAT RICH SYLVESTER COOK WHO MOVED OUT OF SHADYSIDE .' GOSH,I DON'T KWOW WHAT WE CAN DO TO GIVE IT A GOOD HOME. .' srrf ^^^M^^^i SMALL.,MOM....BUT SMART GOSH j HE CAM SAY "coo 1 ' JUST AS PLAINLY ^~-':^\ AS I CAM ! Myra Takes Charge POOR CHILD....ITS SUCH A TINY IMFANT !.' - JACK--WAIT CM THE LAWDIMG- 11 L CALL WHEW I GET WIU IE BACK 1H.E '. frlOLOLV EMTERlMG THE ROOM MVEA 15? PASHES TO THE OPEM r 7 WELL, IF IT \ ' / iSM'T MV OI.O \ '( PLAYMATE/LITTLE \ 5ALLX.WITH THE J ; ' , PI6-TAILS.' y ^ WILLIE By THOMPSON AND COLt OH, IT'S TOO HIGH TO \ / VOU SAW US JUMP OUT THERE WITH-1 OUT A PARACHUTE/ J 1HEN,TOO, 1 5AWVOU ) \ COMING AMD... ,--S \\ ICE, INC. T. to. BCO. U. 8. PAT. OH

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