Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1935
Page 6
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IM MOM OTAfe, H0pi, AltKANBAfl »ter Halts Wrestling Bout gttXDavte Go Stopped KM J9<h¥y Exhibition"— f^Other Match Okeh _... -._,..— _ pugs think they can fo Hope nnd pull off Just any of exhibition and draw their pay have another think coming. 4Bert Mauldin will see: to f^Mihe American Legion arena Wed- ntght Promoter Mauldin ab- tolled a match between Billy ably M» fftsi ttW wmtUnii technique appa«ftllj> te not tha kind destfed by the #afrd thAt Was on hand Wednesday night. Mcfiuftft took Ac flfst fall in short order. A f«# kicks and an airplane spirt Wad all thftt was needed The two grapplehf e%n« back for the second found. McEuen had Davis "grog- ay" with a body slam of two and then Mauldin halted the match. Although the second match was not the best etrer witnessed here, it made up for the first exhibition arid was pleasing to the crowd. It was a battle between the Bald Eagle of Burbank, Alaska, and Fred Morassic, former Northwestern University football play- and Owen Davis. the ringside Mauldin announc- '"this is the worst exhibition of wrestling 1 ever saw." was the end for McEuen and The tw> wrestlers sheepishly UP robes and left. A . more than 200 including the jji«te fltoge Boys band applauded tlidin loudly. cEuen has a reputation as a strong fearless grappler. Fans remember tof one of the toughest and hard- fought battles ever seen hre. But t Was last summer against Jack ____ nald. ^Wednesday night McEuen had an Jtt opponent in Owen "Davis. It was iVis' first appearance here and prob- er. HATS .j,-: Cleaned and Blocked [OUR OWN PLANT ?, 'by'Modern Machinery *Wq, have just installed the very siajest Automatic Hat Blocking ma- {chincs and can now assure you of "fast? quality, factory finished Work. Hall Brothers ) : Phone 385 LET KIDNEYS FLUSH OUT 3 LBS. A DAY Clean Out 15 Mile, of Kidney Tube* Morassie won the decision by taking two straight falls. The first one ended with body slams and then Morassic straddled him. The Bald Eagle fought hard in an effort to take the second round but Morassic proved to be the better man. The show, sponsored by the Hope Boys band, d^ew a laree crowd. The band was present to furnish music. ltm t )». — British Admiral Jellicoe Dies, 76 At Jutland He Commanded Largest Fleet in History of World LONDON, Eng.— (ff)— Lord .JelHcoe, British admiral who commanded the biggest fleet in-the history'of the world against Germany in the battle of Jutland, died Wednesday. He was" 76. The immediate cause of his death was: an illness contracted during the recent Armistice day cel- cbrbation at the Cenotaph here. His illness was not announced until November 17 t when a bulletin said the earl had contracted a'-'chill, and would be forcetl to cancel his engagements for three weeks. The earl," whose long and distinguished naval'career was climaxed by the gigantic''ba'ttle of Jutland,' be! came a viscount in 1918 and .the title I of Earl Jellicoe of Ccapa was' conferred upon-him: in 1925. His only son, j the 17-year-oJd Viscount Brdcas of ' Southampton, succeeds to the title -of Earl Jellicoe. Outbreak of War (Continued from page one) "L ^'v'Nature pat over 15 miles of tiny course of events in that region.'' vtubes and. Alters in your kidneys to " ttirafn the •waste matter out of the , v i;» blood. Kidneys should pass 3 pints ; 'f;-.,;a-';aay and so set rid of more than t ; ^RSPds of waste matter. '«KWhen the passing of -water Is scanty, with smarting and burning; ttfae? 15 miles of kidney tubes may 'ned flushing out. This danger signal fijay be the beginning of nagging Backache, leg pains, loss of pep and wtergy, getting up nights, swelling, pufflness under the eyes and dizzi- riess; If kidneys don't empty 3 pints a day and so get rid of more than 3 pounds of waste matter, your body may take up some of these poisons tdusing serious trouble. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan's Pills, •tthich have been used successfully by, millions of people for over 40 years, rficy give happy relief and help th«' Udneya to flush out 3 pounds a day. 1 Insist on Doan's Pills. General Kawashima has just returned from the army's annual maneuvers in southern Kyushu. Small .groups of his subordinates .boarded -his .train at various stations,as he neared Tokio to report on events in North China and confer on the army's policies. The reaction of Washington and London to the situation was followed closely here. Both the'Foreign and War office" issued denials Japan was in any way responsible' for' the autonomy movement. The Foreign. Office was expected to present statements to foreign governments in an attempt to justify Japan's position. COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us iErescription No. 200,OUU will cure it. 'It kills the parasites in the sknu 50c JOHNS. GIBSON Drug Company . ''The EEXALL Store" Phone fili Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Although Corot paintpd only 600 canvases, there are 6000 alleged Corots in the United States alone. These are largely faked paintings, the huge sheet of ice. In proportion to population, New Zealand receives three telegrams to every one in England. WASHING- NEUON-HUCKIM LAUNDKY COM PANY Phone 266 I WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS FREE DELIVERY -PRODUCE— TURNIPS APPLES POTATOES Purple Tops DELICIOUS No. 1 3 Lb. IOC 22c 10 Lb, 19c Dozen Pure Cane SUGAR, 10 Lb Cloth Bag ... 55c LIGHTHOUSE CLEANSER 3 for 2 CRACKERS Pound i O A Box IOC SAUSAGE j Very Best Ifln MIXED, lb IW PILLSBURY'S Pan Cake FLOUR—Each.... 10c CORN Fancy SUGAR No. 2 Can lOc 3 TOMATOES No, 2 Cans MACKEREL SALT Each 10c OYSTERS Extra Standards Pint- 25c Kentucky's Repeal of Sales Tax Near BACON DECKER'S TALL KORN ROAST PRIME RIB CHUCK, SHOULPER- -Lb STEAK BABY BEEF CHUCK Lb Home Oivued HOBBS Gro, & Market Home Operated Forecast Made by Chandler, ttt Arch tfoe, Elected Governor LITTLE ftOCK — Describing; Kentucky'? 3 psf cent sales tax as dis- criminatoiy fiftd unfair, Governor- elect A, B. tft&ppy) Chandler predicted here Mfednesday night that the 1936 legislature will carry out his campaign Jsrdmlse by refusing to reenact the tflitt which *ill expire June 30, 1936. Denying charges of Osro Cobb, chairmrtn of the Arkansas Tfepublicah Committee, that the New Deal had pcured $40 per re.licf client into Kentucky in order to swing the recent election, he said "the amount of money spent in my campaign was almost nothing compared to that spent by the Republicans. "King Swope," the Republican candidate, polled more.votes than were cast for Governor Laffoon when he was elected four years ago but had it not been for thc negro Vote they would not have made such a good showing," he said. '!The Republicans made a supreme effort to win the Kentucky election because in previous years i the national trend Had followed the result of the Kentucky election, '.'Kentucky's ?10,000,000 annual return from the three per cent sales tax has been wasted to create more bu- reaufe and provide more jobs for political hirelings,'' Chandler said. In spite of the sales tax revenue he said the state's', floating' debt 'had increased from $12,000.000 to $20,000,000 in the last.- four /years. "Kentucky can get along without the . fates • tax," he said. "We are planning a reorganization that will reduce 'governmental expenditures and provide for retirement of the floating debt over'an extended period," Chandler said the state has no bonded indebtedness. "Taxej- should be collected, from people who are able to .pay, at times when they are able to pay," he said in condemning the principle of the sales tax. Despite the large return from the to the Rescue Arkadelphia Beats $50,000]tond Issue Proposed City Hall Issue Put to Route by Vote of 205 to 87 ARKADELPHIA, Ark.-Arkadolphia voters Txiesday registered extreme opposition to the floating of bonds with i which to build a new $50,000 city hull under a PWA town and grant, polling 205 votes against, to 37 tor. More than n majority of qualified voters did not go to the polls nnd by their absence registered against the issue. The result automatically disposes of the problem of getting bids on the job by contractors who have refrained because of inability to gel liability insurance to cover possible accidents to workmen. Insurance firms have withdrawn from Clark county because cf what they term excessive verdicts in favor of plaintiffs in that case of suits In circuit court here. Woman of Ice' Is & Silent on Crime U.D.C. Achievement p \T T\ * 1 tAV YpflF nPVlPWPfl 1U1 M. \jlAL lit TlV TT V<U Can this baby, tiny, appealing and helpless, know the threat of "tho Foe of Youth?" Alas, yes. Neither age nor position are a protection against tuberculosis.' It Is tho greatest' cause of death between the ages of iyTj.g T, ow thom MalfPS Pre- 15 and 45; and It takea fifty per cen» ml °- ~°, V Ln ^ P, 1 ; 1 * 1 ™? more glrla than boys between tho ' SCntatlOll to Mrs. MaS- ages o£ 15 and 25. The appalling part j S6V, National Leader ia that the persons who die aro hu-1 man sacrifices, because the disease j HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-Achicvcmcnts is both preventable and curable.' O f the United Daughters of thc Con- Two thousand affiliated tuberculosis federacy in all sections of the country associations throughout the United during the past, year were reviewed at States conduct an all-year-round Wednesday's business and social scs- campaign 16 acquaint everyone with, sions of the organization's annual con- life flaring facts about the disease, vcntion here, and plans for the com- to discover canes in the early singes in S year's work were presented by na- whlle they are still curable, and to tlo " n . an . cl dlvl f lon offic . cs ' 1 .... Following a day crowded with business session and thc annual memorial services of tribute to the Confederate dead. Thc Jefferson Davis Highway fnent." «»•«•< Because of ltd cheapness, tear gas wa* used moro than any other gns in the World war. One shell would cover an area which otherwise would take $00 or 1006 phosgene shells. Snakes have no eyelids, so their eyes arc constantly open. The eyeball fa protected from dust and injurious particles by a transparent coating, .November 21, 1036 i SUGAR CURE 3 For 1 P O R K~~B E E F s I IT'S Better, Safer, | 1 Cheaper and Easier i 5MONTS SEED STOREl = Hope, Ark. = Described by police as a. "woman ot Ice." beautiful Vera Stretz, 31, above, met a merciless grilling with utter silence on the secrets of her love life with Dr. Fritz Oebltnrdt. <3, whom she admitted slaying In tils fashionable Nevr VorK apartment. Police believe Jealousy drove nor to murder tba wealthy financier* (dentist, who bad o wife and two children In Germany, secure treatment for them. Their efforts are financed by the sale ot Christmas Seals. The X-ray, which Is being used to photograph the baby's lungs above, Is one of the most im- O f the group which is sponsoring con- portant diagnostic instruments. It structicn of one of the great memorial tells •whether the lungs have been Infected with the tubercle bacillus and dinner was held to celebrate activities sales tax he said Kentucky had failed ! *° what extent. It active tuberculosis to live up to its agreement to match! federal relief funds on a onc-for-1 three basis, but he paid tribute to th^ Roosevelt administration saying: "I want to continue art administra* tion that takes into account the lives of : the people, instead of'concentrating wealth, : in • the hands of a few. In Kentucky, we are going to do our best to keep in office a president who is a friend of the people." Chandler was elected, governor by a 96.000 majority despite the opposition Workers Clearing Ground for Canal highways of the United States. Mrs John L. Woodbury of Kentucky nre- sided and introduced members of the Executive Board. A brief history of the highway, which begins at Washington, D. C., j and runs south and west to San Fran- I cisco through cities that include cap- ]1taLs of the Confederate states, was given and a program was presented. About 150 guests attended the function, which was held in private dining New Jersey Fights Hauptmann Review Denies Condemned Man Has Been Refused Constitutional Rights WASHINGTON—{/p>—The State of New Jersey urged the Supreme Court of the United States Thursday not to review the conviction of Bruno Richard Hauptmann for kidnaping and laying the Lindbergh baby. A 30-page brief filed by Joseph Lanigan, assistant state attorney general, said: "It is respectfully submitted that the petitioner has now shown himself to -, _ , — _. _ __ - , !.*«)», TVIHVIl T» IIH *1>_(1.1 111 t_Jl 1 f U HJ \J || t 1| |(J Relief S q U a d S PUShing room of the Arlington Hotel, conven- Florida Preliminary ' ' ' Work at Top Speed HOP headquarters. Following the dinner, the annual Division President's Evening, one of the most brilliant semi-social events of Governor Laffoon and the admin- QCALA ^11 _ UP) _Dn Vm g ahead of the annual convention, was held m .stration mach.ne wh.ch bo^d he rehef worker, are Quick- the pmlors of the hotel, bcg.nr.ing Democratic party and supported the j c i ea rmg the way for the huge with a p.octsMon.,1 of division p.esi- Repubican party and supported the G ulf . AtlanBtlc shlp capa i acrosb F ] 0) . dents and their pagco Brief reports Republican candidate. He ran on a , da _ thc i argest wa tcrw«.j undertaken of the work of 38 divisions weic given platform of a New Deal for Kentucky . t - c Un]tcc , statcb smcc thc Pan . by their aclminiitrativc officers, taxpayers, promising repeal of the ama canal , , j Thc annual page's bdll was given m sales tax, a one cent reduction Jn the , -within a few weeks relief workers the ballroom of thc hotel later in the gasoline tax and additional state sup- ! draftcd at war .tj me speed have clear- | evening, with society girls of Hot port for public schools. Federal Drive on Accidents Begins, Jurisdiction Over Highways Rests Largely With Local Authorities cd a considerable portion of the way ; Springs acting as convention pages and laid preliminary plans for thc tall;* 1 ™ 1 hostesses for the large group of bridges to span the $146,000,000 water- | pages .-.(tending the convention. Flow- way. Contracts have been let for ex- el ;s wore presented to each of the vis- ca.vation work on a 14-mile strip of, i lin g P»ge.s who were guests of honor, the route and the war department en- Among the courtesies extended ginecrs estimate more than 5,000 per- Wednesday was presentation of a set I sons will be employed on the entire of silver goblets to Mrs. Masscy by i project soon. | the Arkansas Division. Mi's. C. S WASHINGTON—<;P)-At the suggestion of. President Roosevelt the government prepared Thursday a threefold effort to reduce the number of accidents,- now -costing 100,000 lives annually. Declaring that accidents on land, sea and in the air "constitute one of our gravest national problems," the president authorized Secretary of Commerce Roper to call a conference early to devise preventive Lieut. Col. Brehon Somervcll. army Lowthorp of Hope, division president, engineer in charge of the work, said paid tribute to Mrs. Masscy's leader- he could work more than 25.000 per-j ship as she presented the gift from sons if given sufficient funds to con- i thc division tinue working at top speed. President | Roosevelt made an initial allotment, If a .sealed tube of radium is plac- of $5,000,000 in September. i cd in an ordinary salt solution, thc so- Opposition Met. | lution becomes radicactivc and capable A small wooded spot near here has of affecting photographic plates. been converted into a bustling little | - — — . , = city, where canal operations are cli- j rcctcd. The beginning of work lia.s j a business boom to Ocala, city MEAT CURING Ingredients BLACK PEPPER Ib 25c RKD PEPPER . lb 40c SALT PETRE Hi 25c The Very Best Quality BRIANT'S Drug Store CAR GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO FIT ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts •111 .South Laurel Street $50 to $500- Ou Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER next month measures. Determined opposition to the project has'come from a group of central and touth Florida farmers and growers, who see in it a live clanger to their water supply. Recently the Central Florida Con, . servation association of Sanford has WASHINGTON.- (fP) —A drive to led thc> ant i-canal fipht, claiming it reduce the nation's annual accident | wou jj be no thing more than a great toll— a hundred thousand killed and "drainage ditch" which would draw For Safcty'si Sake nine million Injured—was initiated off underground water and contami- Wedncsday by President Roosevelt. nate what js loft by allowing sea wat- In a letter, he authorized 'Secretary cr to ,; ee p j n t 0 tne ground, Roper to call a conference of leading • Members claim ruined farms nnd citizens to form plans for controlling j groves would be too great a price to "this distressed situation." The com- • pay f or the two and one-half days' merce secretary announced the names sailing time proponents say the canal of 3 committee which will meet here within two weks. The group will be headed by Senator Moore of New Jersey. Other members will include Senators Capper of Karisas and McAdoo of California, While it was emphasized that high- would save between Atlantic and Gulf port; Idfu of Philip Tl Sidney Paige, government geologist, declares the damage would be confined to a narrow strip along the right- of-way. Lieut. Col. way and other transportation acci-1 jses every effort will be dents would, receive a major share of prevent any water trouble attention. Roper said other types would be considered. Somervell prom- inarle to 32c] "IM The president stressed the jurisdiction over highways rests largely with local governments, but said "you can accomplish much by getting these other government agencies to proceed more actively than they have heretofore." Unitwl States ail exports to have risen 600 per cent. Italy Back in the 16th century Philip II of Spain first conceived tha idea of NOTICE OF REVISION OF ASSESSMENT Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 3, in thc City of Hope, Arkansas will meet at the office of L. Carter Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Company building in the city of Hope, Arkansas, at 10 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, December 17th, 1935, for the purpose of revising and readjusting thc assessments of benefits against the ARTON'S CASH STORE SPECIALS FOR FRI., SAT. AND MON. LUZIAPE COFFEE 1 24c K.C. BAKING POWDER 30c 22 oz Jar Libby's 25c MERRY WAR LYE Per Can 7c LARD SWIFT'S JEWEL Lbs 99c an artificial waterway across the Florida peninsula to save ships a voyage around the Florida Keys, then infested with pirates. Most of the canal route is along natural streams, many of which must be deepened. From the Atlantic ocean ships would enter the canal at the mouth of Ihu St. John's river near Jacksonville. They would follow the river to a point just south of Palatka. From there th'.' waterway would be cut westward ' across land to the Oklawaha river. ' More digging would be required to join the Oklawaha and Withiacoochee , rivers. The canal would follow the Withiacoochee to the Gulf. i The sea-level canal, 30 feet deep imd j with a bottom width of 200 feet across ' land, will be 200 miles long. Police escort accompanied the- i bramny Minnesota griddtrs on the' field at Iowa City. The police, of I CHUM lOc real property in said district Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of his assessments, or any change in values, for improvements erected or removed, or any | change whatsoever, may appear be- j fore the Board and make application | therefore and same wifl be considered. | This 21st, day of November 1935. I Polk Singleton i Eugene White Carter Johnson Board of Assessors Nm- ''I VI course, weren't molested. ! At a recent Los Angeles dance, free I operations were offered ns pri-is. | Wonder what the manager got in the ' way of a cut? An editorial points out that Greeks j voted not only for George II, but for his son. grandson, etc. On the other | hand, a vote- for u U. S. congrussman i apparently includes more distant rel- I Eovhludayaep SPECIALS For Friday and Saturday, Nov. 8 and 9 MUSTARD QUART JAR lOc M £ A L FULL CREAM I (Of A f Pf\ CH GLAZED?; 24 Lb£ CHERRIES, lb 39c PINEAPPLE, lb 35c TRON, lb 29c LEMON PEEL, lb 29c ORANGE PEEL, lb 29c FIGS—lb 19c AVONDALE Every Sack Guaranteed Lbs CATSUP Large 14 oz Bottle BAK8NG POWDER CALUMET Lb. Can 21c CRACKERS RITZ Pound 22c CHOCOLATE DROPS Lb lOc BANS NAVY 4 us 170 RED BIRD V Boxes 1UG HATCHES LARD 8lbs. 99c FRESH VEGETABLES DAILY FLORIDA Full of Juice Dozen A 4_4 V^ »X A *-* * 1. ORANGES LETTUCE I LL • • UUt. BANANAS ^DADCG Head 5o GOLDEN RIPE Pound GRAPES Pound 9c NO. 1 RED POTATOES Lb£ 20c CATFISH FRESH CHANNEL Pound HAMS Small Size SKINNED Whole or Half Lb 23c 27c SALT MEAT No. 1 Pound 2Uc ROAST Fancy THICK RIB Nice and Tender Lb COUNTY PORK SAUSAGE 100% PORK Pound 25c POT ROAST BABY BEEF Pound 9ic OYSTERS "FRES-SHORE' Medium Select Pint 27c PEANUT BUTTER Fresh Made B U L K Pound 15c STEAK LOIN, CLUB, T-BONE BABY BEEF Lb MINCE MEAT Best Made Brandy Added- -Lb

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