Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE FOtm HOPE STAfl, HOP15, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 22,1937 "the MOJ* You Tell, the Quicker YOM Sell" RATES One time— 2c word, minimum 30c Three times— 3^ic word, mitt. Stfc Six time*— 6c word, mioiniuin Me One month (26 times)— 18c word. minimum' J2T/0 Rates ate tot contlnuow la*er- Uoos only. Ja making word count, disregard classification name such as "Fur Rent," "For Sale," etc.-thls is tec. But each inlticl or name, or com* »Me telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT— 1'lirce- room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close iu. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. . Total, IS words, at 2c word, Me {or one tine; at 3 He word, 53c for three times, etc. MUTE: All -tilers placed telephone are due and payable presentation of. bill PHONE 768 b» Services Offered HOLD EVERYTHING — Old Beds, New Beds. For Christmas can you beat it 54.50 to 59.50. Come and see Kempsteacl Mattress Shop, West Fourth St. Call Paul Cobb, 658-M. 12-2-26tc Today'i AniwCM >d CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One 1. The planet Mars has two moons, the planet Saturn has 10. 2. New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois rank first, second and third in population according to the 1930 census. Wyoming ranks 48th. 3. a. True; the camel is believed to have originated in America. b. True; the cud-chewing characteristic shows the camel is a. member of the same family as the cow. c. False;'a camel c.nn live for a long period on green fowl with no water, but will die in a few days if deprived of both food and water. d. False; the camel stores extra water in its stomach. The hump, composed of fat and muscle, is a storehouse of energy. 4. Easter Sunday. 1938. falls on April 17. 5. The pilot carries eight passengers. There were six in the original party. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . . Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. 522 COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South Elm, Phone 383 Radio's, Baiteries, Tubes Repair work gxiaranteed, be ready for Christmas. 29-26tp WILL SAW pine or cypress shingles, $1.25 per square or on halves. W. A. Austin, Centerville. 20-3tp Wanted HIGHEST PRICES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. FURS P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. jU4 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-26tc LOANS Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy monthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 10-26tc For Sale FOR SALE—Girls Latonia Bicycle, large size. Can be seen at 302 East 2nd. Street, Phone 861. 16-6tc FOR SALE—1927 T Model Ford coupe good running order tires, tubes almost new? 25.00, will trade for corn. 3000 ft. rough lumber. A. C. Moody, •Hope, Route 1. 20-3tp For Rent FOR RENT—Desirable duplex apartment, 317 N. Main St. Call Harry W. Shiver, Phone 259 or 904. 20-3tc Notice NOTICE—To my friends and customers—my living quarters are now at Capital hotel. Phone 2. Dr. J. H. Weaver. 21-3tp Lost LOST—Bird dog pup, 8 months old. Lewellen Setter, black and white, name Laddie. Reward. Phone 817. 22-3tc An Ordinance to be an Ordinance Entitled An Ordinance Amending Sec. G cf Art. 5, of the By-Laws of the City of Hope, Arkansas, and for Other Purposes. WHEREAS. Under the law governing cities of the first class, the monthly salary of the City Attorney is the maximum compensation that can be paid him regardless of the work done by him and the 'ime given by him to the duties of the office; and WHEREAS, the work of the City Attorney during (he past two years has greatly increased and demands more time of the City Attorney; NOW, THEREFORE. BE "iT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE. ARKANSAS: Sec. 1. That Section 6 of Article 5 of the by-laws of the City of Hope. Arkansas bo and the same is hereby amended to read as follows: E'ec. 6. That the City Attorney of (he City of Hope, Arkansas shall receive as full compensation for his services as such City Attorney a salary of S75.00 par month, "payable monthly on the first day of each month after the services are performed. ?ec. "i. That all laws and or crdinrnces in conflict herewith are hereby repealed and this ordinance I shall be in full iorce and effect from end after its passage and publication. Passed and approved this 21st day of December 1937. Published in the Hope Star this 22nd day of December 1937. ALBERT GRAVES Attest Mayor T. R. Billings it y City Clerk. DRAT IT, STAWDFORP/ X MUST HAVE H.EEK) BERETT Ot= REASOM WHEM X BOUGHT UP ALL THE WHISKERS, TO CORNER THE SAWTA CLAUS A\ARKET~~MY WORD/ THREE- HUMDREP €,£TS / WHISKERS/ WHISKER'S/ ALL ABOUT ME/ LAST WIGHT L TPREAMEt? I HAD OPOVVJO ;•/ A A LONJ<3, WHITE BEARC? THAT EU- >/ww TWiWEt? ABOUT MY THROAT, SLOWLY CHOKIMC5 MB/ WHEM 1 WOKE UP, "THE SHEET WAS !M A WAD AROUNJD THAT'S TH' AROMA 1|| CHIM HEPGE^ TH 1 X-fZ KJEYT POOR, THAT X HAVE BEEM RAIDIKJG FOR FlREWOOC? TlEP A POLICE PO<3 IM THEIR BACK YARP, SO I'VE BEEN COALIKia TH' COOKER WITH SOAAE ^ OF OUR SURPLUS 1; BEAVERS —-THEY SAY BEARDS KEEP YOU WARM/ BUT X WEVER KWEW ^THEY'D RADIATE. ^ HEAT LIKE )zi THIS/ i; * Xv^,v> m •y/s/i SMIFF-F—- DO -L SMELL SOMETHIWQ BURMIWG S Cfi ILLLLL m \ ^ COPR. lia JLAJRM/WG t UP HIS \ MOMOPOLY= J /y SMELL IT/ SMELL tHAT MEAT/ I'VE A MOTION TO MAKE SOU EAT EVERY BIT OP IT/ WHAT HAPPENED? WELL, SOSH WELL, T WAS SL.IDIN AM 1 FELL DOWN!"A COUPLE TIMES—AN 1 X -~UH *— GOLLY, TH POTATUH HE PUT ON TH 1 SPOUT FOR A CORK, COME OFF--—. ATS WHUT DONE IT,' <op^ E jYjE*j"vi£E F me. BORM THIRTV VEARS TOO SOON . BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Best In Motor OiVs Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt. ._ 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt 30e Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hope—Open Day & Nite FREE! Your Full Name On— Sheaffer or L. E. Waterman Fountain Pens and Pencils. Priced from $2.5&to $15.00 Also Leather Goods. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Store Phone 63 Delivery Something Else to Worry About By MARTIN .^ , cbVvit \\ of, \v,c^ = -«v.\viu XOOR uv^ > rv vst'. \'u_ 6t\ AVO THE ^\^<=>T ~\^t \ OOT ,VOO \^SiOV/\J \ A,ViO X W\L\1 O.Vi, ... -- 60 OOl-i'T J ^ '" COPR. 193TBYNEA SER ALLEY OOP Umpa's Good Record Is Shot By HAMLIN English Princess IT WELL. GIRLS- NOBODY CAM SAY US WOMEN) AIMT DOIM' A GOOD JOB OF RUNMIM' MOO- D)C s EVER SEE IT 50 QUIET _^ TH|5 WH£M ^GUZ HAD THE THROME v&- GAMGIA/AY/ - ~\ ts*^^ ,.\ >, /y^^ -" -'• ' • "- • ' -'i; ^f .J f : ~ 1937 BY MCA r, IHC. T. f.! RfT, u. »!. PAT. OIT. WASH TUBES (IT MN'T WOWE OF fAY BUSINESS, CHIEF, , i THOUGHT! HORIZONTAL 1, 7 Little British princess pictured hnre. H Drunkards. 12 Wanders. 14 Regretted. 15 Cutting tool. 18 On the lee. 19 Onager. 20 To place by itself. 22 Measure of cloth. 23 Exists. 25 Story. 2V Ell. 28 To approach. SO Woolly. 32 Sun god. 33 X. 34 Eighth ounce. .36 Boundaries. 38 Float. 39 Frozen water. 41 Anxiety., 45 Method.' 47 Gold coin. Answer to Previous Puzzle lace. 49 To wake from sleep. 50 Heavy staff. 51 Genus of. geese. 53 Mesh of 54 Tiresome persons. 55 She is a daughter of King . 56 She is line to the throne. VERTICAL 1 Frozen dessert. 2 Monkeys. 3 Scarlet. 4 Grain. 5 Inquires. 6 Bad. 7 Right. 8 English coin, 9 Auction. in 10 Shoe lace hole JlShe is being carefully —— as a member of royalty. 32 Pertaining to seta. 13 Venders. 16 Nay. ITObtse. 21 Exaltation. 24 Vagabond. 26 Foe. 29 Constellation 31 Blackbird. 35 Competing "* races. 36 To entice. 37 Sketched. 38 Gets.thf better of. 39 God of war. 40 To relieve. 42 Either. 43 Not any. 44 Billiard rod, 45 To caution. 46 Aye. 48 Lion. 50 Cow's call. 52 Railroad. 54 Before Christ. BUT I— WELL. I WAS WOMOERfM' WHY / MAYBE I'D HOLD YOU BROUGHT THIS BEvERLY HILL DAWE /HER FOR RAMSOfA HER OLD M.UI'S A BIG SHOT OIL PMM. ^r A p-VX, « ' ''> iM-:/i\: FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS f * ' ™ " -----GUESS WHAT, MOM .' THE \ A BABY? GRACIOUS,THE COOKS HAVE A BABY AT 7 COOKS CAWT AFFORO TD THEIR HOUSEE: ! IT WAS ] KEEP A SABY .' WHO LE-FT AT THE EXPRESS % IS ITS MOTHER "? COMPAWY OFFICE BY ITS MOTHER .'.' BUT WE GOT IN THAT CASE, I MIGHT FEtD HER, TO THE . SHARKS. Whole Hog or None fl DON'T LIKE \ WELL,! OUNNO. l'f*A AFRAI? By CRANE , SEE YOU PULLED A BONER, CHIEF. KIDNAPING'^ A SERIOUS OFFENSE. \ r \ ~t. *** so's PIRACV, YOU YELLOW-BACKED POODLE! STOP YOUR SQUAWKING — IF WE'RE CAUGHT, THEY CAN] HANG US ONLY ONCE. ^ v fc ; ^ "1 C, X Second Hand 19}7.iiy.NEA SERVICE. INC. _T_jO'i33I3rf !l yf'TCnre/ By BLOSSER I WOWDER WHY SHE LEFT IT FOR COOK SHE MUSTA GOT WUTTY'S NAME MIXED i UP WITH THAT RICH MR. SYLVESTER COOK , WHO USED TO LIVE OM MAPLETON DRIVE: J MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Dangerous Territory I MUST PHOME AWD ASK MRS. COOK ALL THE PARTICULARS ABOUT THE KIEV/ BABY '• I DOM'T TMIWK HE'S A NEW BABY, MRS. M^GOOSEY.' TWE WAY HE CRIES SOIJHD A5 F HE'S HAD A LOT OP EXPERIENCE / >y By THOMPSON AND COLL -!AT'S WiLLiti V LET'S HURBV UP-THERE-He ALL RIGHT.' I It APPEARS TO &E AJLOME-' , BEi'EVE HE 1 . /HA HA-' ( Ht-KE Tur V ; J, > COME .' / R V WAIT, JACK," IT MAY \ (BUT. A«YPA- IF WE BE A TRAP/ HADM'T 11 WAIT IT AtAY &E TOO WE BETTER CALL } \ LATE -THE MAM'S HEADQUARTER-Sry ^-/ IM5AME/ I'A. t-lf. 9 2^1 I-1 GUESS \ VOU'RC RIGHT -W &UT I IMSIST N THAT YOU WAIT IM THE HALLWAV- JUST IM CASE ... I KMOW HOW TO HAKIPLE O/ ! 0I-4— i «->' <• ,

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