Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1937
Page 3
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We(lnesday,pecember22 > 1937 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Christmas Tho deathless legend runs across the years, And Mary's tcnrs Of gladness make nil flowers brighter yet. Tho lordly rose is lovelier on its stem Qccnu.su of Bethlehem. The purple iris .still is wot, Dreaming of that while star that does not set. Tho beauty of UK.. ( .,.,r|!i Is greater for lli.s birth. The snow is whiter for one child's white brow And even now, Down the long centuries -since that sweet night Lingers the light That led wise pilgrims to a lowly lace To look upon His face. But oh. for .stfiiTier .skies To .shine with greater glory in men's eyes! For that clean radiance of His crib and birth To circle round Diet earth! —Selected. New light* beam on old, rild message; modern illumniatiim used to express good-will to men. Some nineteen hundred and mine years ago, The CHRISTMAS .Spirit is in the ;iir . . . niifl at nifdil. to relax after a hard shopping; day . . . take in a Rood show . . . you'll find one at cither one of these 2 theaters! FASCINATING CLAIRE TREVOR In (lie heart of the world's biggest cily ... a hunted girl with a past finds her "hideout" right in (ho spnl- 1 of fame.' "BIG TOWN GIRL" when sheperds Watched their flocks by night, a glory shone around n little family, hovering about a new-born babe lying in n manger in a stable And bright in tho slcy above gleamcc a star. Through many centuries since then lights have been burned in the house at Chrislinastido for a sign am token of peace and good will to men The lights of our Christmas present adorn the night with myriad jewels for all tho world to sec nnd know tho sign, nnd thereby catch the spirit that gathers for a season nil men, rich and poor, into one family—in spite of strife that F.C(S nations asunder and rumors of war that never cense. The Christmas tree itself has come out of the home—and been plrtced whore it could gladden ind brighten the eye of the stranger hurrying by or lingering to look, nnd never before in our own little cily lias that spirit been more beautifully manifested; in nearly every homo you will find some kind of sign in light expressing that message of good-will to men, when darkness has fallen and ighLs go on, you will find oh, so many homes lighted up "like n Christmas tree" as it wore, and in the entrances or on the lawns you will find festoons of lights, flood lamps bathing the house faces, the roofs and the Rabies, and the porticoes giving dramatic value to picture after picture set in the darkness of the light gleaming forth that mossngr of love. We would like to go into details with each home decoration, but will only mention the more elaborate ones. On South Main street, the homes of Mr. and Mrs, J. H. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Crank, the M. M. tinylh home, the Fred White home, the l!oy Anderson home are all beautifully lighted wilh outside decorations. PAGE THREE MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking ngain.it the authoritative answers below: 1. If n boy who does not have a car asks n girl to go to a dance, may .she offer the use of her car? 2. May n girl ask a boy she knows but with whom she has never had n date, to go to n dance sponsored by a club of which she is a member? !i. Should n girl write a "thnnk- you" note to a boy who has invited her as his guest for u week-end of college parties? •). If a family has a housegucst who is with them on Christmas day, should there bo a gift for him? 5. Should the guest buy a small gift for each member of the family? What would you do if— You have very little money to spend on Christinas— (a i Leave the friends you usually include off your list this year? (b) Use some time and imagination to get something inexpensive but showing your thought? (c) Tell your friends that you wanted to give something Carter Johnson homo, and one of the prettiest scenes in town you will find it the Murph homo, with the Throe Wise Men pictured in the front of the Veranda. The Carl Brunei- yard and ionic arc filled with gleaming lights, ind tho Dorsey McRae home with the star in the. yard and tho decorated window boxes is very allraclivo, as s tho McWilliams house with its out- short nulls Jnvi'iiuls" "Talking the Count" T O N I T E 10—Stars—10 —iu- "Merry-Go-Round of 1938" —on the singe— for your answers uizzer" THUR. & FRI. EDWARD G. ROBINSON "THE LAST GANGSTER" (i ray of bright light shines out from each home up the entire street. In tho north end of town the Arch Moore home is beautifully lighted, and the Carrigan home is lovely with its ligbl- ed Colonial doorway, the Frank Ward home has nn unusually lovely scene from a festooned veranda, the festoons of light at Uie George Green home, tho decorated doorway at the home of Mrs. Clyde Hill, and the lovely Christmas tree and window and door lights of the Ross Gille.spie home, and countless gleaming Christmas trees from the windows and doorways of every home. The O. A. Graves decorations are well worth your drive to North Washington street. And spunking of tho decorations down Main street, don't fail to take n peep at the Home EC Collage, M,> dainty and pretty. Down Second treel you will find outside decorations nl the home of Misses Marie and Nannie Purkins, (lie E. ii. Greening home, wilh Die attractive flood lights at the On Elm street, the Bates home stands I side lights, also the lighted trees at the out with gleaming Christmas trees, and Harry Lomlcy home. Then out highway G7 to the beautiful blue star on the Fred Luck home. And so many other homes with gleaming Christmas trees and lighted windows as a sign of peace and good will toward men. Drive over our city, and get the spirit, and we guarantee that Scrooges will not linger in a town with such spirit. SWEATERS $1.00 to $6.95 Separate and Twin Sets The Gift Shop PHONE 252 LAST DAY Wednesday Ooulilc Feature—"Navy Blues" Also "Dangerous Holiday" Thursday and Friday FKKDUIE RAKTIIOUUIEW in "Little Lord Fiiimllcroy" S-fl-L-E V n On Bw NOW IN PROGKESS SILK and WOOL DRESSES $3.00 and $5.00 L A D I E S' Specialty Shop Miss Jcanelte Witt will have as holiday guest, Mrs. Elmer Smith of Shrcvcport, La. Mrs. Finley Ward, Mrs. K>lly Briant and their house guest, Mrs. Sutton were Wednesday visitors in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Reed will have as holiday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Blake of Minden, La. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Franklin and two daughters left Wednesday night for a holiday visit with Mr. and Mrs. S. Franklin in Philadelphia, Miss. Miss Rosemary Coop left Wednesday for a short visit with her cousin, Miss Helen Campbell in Idabcl, Okla. The members of the American Legion Auxiliary nrc requested to bring donations for baskets to the home of Mrs. Glen Williams Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Pa.vton Kolb, son of Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Kolb, is expected to arrive home Wednesday night from Waco, Texas, where he is a student in Baylor University. but couldn't afford it? Answers 1. Yes. 2. Yes. Unless she knows that he Is dating only one girl. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. Yes, or one gift they could all enjoy. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(b). Cnlls Girls "Too Ueflncd" TAUNTON, England.-(/l>,_Mrs. Emma Conies, Britain's oldest woman, who 'has just celebrated her 107th birthday, says modern girls miss a lot of fun because they're "too refined." "I doubt im they enjoy themselves half so much as I did when I was young." The European lobster rarely reaches 10 pounds in weight. In America there are records of lobsters weighoing 34 pounds. Sncngcr-ftlnKo The Christmas spirit is in the air ... the weather is fine and at the Saenger and Rial to the programs arc great. At least that is what the manager says and to prove it at the Saenger is "The Merry-Go-Round of 1938" and it's billed as the last musical of the year and features ten stars of screen and radio. On the stage Wednesday night (to- nighl) Ol Dr. Quizzer will again give cash for the correct answers to his questions. As an extra added featur- olle. Manager Swankc has booked the football specinl, showing the 20 biggest football thrills of the 1937 season. At the Hiallo fascinating Claire Trevor and Donald Woods are co-starred in the radio mystery picture of a haunted girl who found her "hideout" in the spotlight of fame "Big City Girl." Both theaters for Christmas will feature big double programs. If You Want It Warmer, Just Raise the Mercury KEWANEE, Wis.-(/?')-^of Houdek, inventor of the dual-steering system for back seat drivers (which wasn't supposed to work), is convinced there is close connection between imagination and temperature. Adolph Lukes, Joe's partner, looked at the shop thermometer, found it registered 62 and complained he was cold. He came to work wearing heavy un- derweaer and woolen socks and kept the shop door closed. When Joe complained of the heat and opened the door Odolph looked at the thermometer and laughed. Without Adolph's knowledge Joe had "fixed" the thermometer so it registered 78, where Adolph liked it. Now Adolph is happy, sans heavy underwear and socks. Malachite, a bright green mineral, is one of the commonest ores of copper. I-adies R«ady-to-Wcar 111 West Second p«Utt YOUR SortM 6m- You can please me very much with a box of lovely dmlraJtoli COSTUAAS w w w S w w w w 9 y sr » Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Westerman left Tuesday for Athens, Ga., to spend the holidays with their daughter, Mrs. Lois Kenney and children, Janellc and James Kenney. DIVIDEP V4\s CLOAK I Daniel Green LKISUKE Footwear FORMAL And the Famous Comi'ys No. 20110 Li'ft Tliu Cuiiify Traveler with new type case. Moiru in tea- rose and tuniuoi.su. No. 70,'iOjj I"ran Fran in lurcjuoi&L*, and black .Siitin. $5.50 Ladies' Specialty Shop ; WINTER winds lashed them and I cold penetrated to the very ! marrow of their bones as Martin ! and his fellow officers of the proud | Roman cavalry in Gaul rodo ' through Amiens one day in the , fourth century. Tightly the men I drew their heavy \yhite cloaks j about them. ; And then, suddenly, in the'path | of the riders appeared a ragged i and shivering bpggar. The officers looked, laughed ;,rid rodo on; that is, all but Martiy. Instead, he pulled off his cloak, ripped it in half with his sword nnd handed one part to the beggar. The same night Jesus appeared before Martin, clad in the same half cloak he had given to the beggar. Stunned, Martin gave up the army, became a Christian, joined the work of the church. He became, in time, Bishop of Tours. And in that post he worked great, miracles, converted countless heathens. Today he is patron saint of France, beloved by all Frenchmen. The incident of the cloak and the beggar Was portrayed by the great artist Van D y c k. His Version is shown on a 1910 Belgium charity stamp issue, h I !i 37. NK '• K'-i vii'f. I in-.) NEXT: On what stamp is Christ portrayed union? His <Us~ 23 RobisonV-A Store Full of GIFTS FOR GIFTS FOR 25c .* GIFTS FOR 49c.^ GIFTS FOR 98c Salt and Pepper Shakes Ash Trays What-Not Ornaments Dusting Powder Wood Coaster Set Cigarette Box and Pin Cushions Vases Metal Powder Box Bon Bon Dishes Nut Bowls Men's Handkerchiefs Lady Ester Face Pwd. Woodbury's Face Pwd. Cashmire Boquet Face Powder Black and White Face Powder Lady Ester Creams Hinds Honey & Almond Ben Hur Perfume Nail Polish Nail Polish Reniover Lady Lillian Nail Beautifer Set Thistle Linen Stationery Pocket Combs Dressing Combs Glass Plant What-Not Dog Ash Tray Porky Pig What-Not Pine Bur Stork what-not Sachet Bag- Men's Fancy Sox Boys' Gloves Hippo Ash Tray Aligator Ash Tray Duch Boy and Girl What-Not Old Fashioned Pin Cushion Novelty Roll Tapelines Dundee Wash Cloths Laquered Cigarette Box Cigarette Box and Nest of Ash Trays Powder Puffs Rogue Brilliantine Sugar & Cream Sets Cookie Jars Flower Pots Candle Stick Holders Dusting Powder Glass Powder Jars Five Year Diary Cigarette Boxes Pen Cushions Vases Tea Pots Bon Bon Dishes Hot Pads Book Ends Glass Ash Tray Set Cashmere Boquet Shave Set Palmolive Shave Set Perfume Bottles Gardenia Cologne Buttoniers Childs Knit Gloves Linen Handkerchiefs 20x16 Pictures 9x11 Pictures 17x17 Linen Napkins Leather Wallets Silk Sox Suspenders Men's Gloves Underwear Shorts Underwear Shirts Briefs Men's Handkerchiefs Panties S Salt and Pepper Shake I Sugar and Cream Sets £ Cookie Jars $ Laquered Hdkf. Boxes Dusting Powder Pen and Pencil Sets Powder Jars Dusting Powder in Cedar Chests Tea Pots Hot Pads Bath Salts Mirror Cigarette Boxes Coty's Talc Buttoniers Compacts Childs Knit Gloves Chiffon Handkerchiefs Linen Handkerchiefs Full Fashioned Hose What-Not Shelves Lunch Cloths Rag Rug 24x24 Neckties Belt Buckles Leather Wallets • Silk Sox : Suspenders i House Slippers : Gloves Collar Pins Slips : Panties : Brief's Bloomers Gifts More Than $1.00 FOR MEN I Gladstone Bags . ..$6.98 Pajamas 1.98 Shirts 1.55 Shirts 1.98 Hats 2.98 Hats 5.00 Leather Jackets.... 9.98 Robes 4,98 Shoes 5.00 House Slippers 1.98 Gloves 1.98 Tie & Hdkf. Sets.. 1.48 Belt & Buckle Sets 1.48 Luncheon Set $4.98 Bed Spreads 3.98 Bed Spreads 2.98 Gloves 1.98 Purses 1.98 House Slippers .... 1.98 Slips 1.98 Lounging Pajamas 4.98 Sleeping Pajamas.. 1.98 Silk Pajamas 4.98 Dresser Sets 1.98 Overnight Bags .... 5.98 Sweaters 2.98 Salt and Pepper Shake Sugar and Cream Sets Cookie Jars Manicure Sets Dusting Powder Cedar Chest Bon Bon Dishes Book Ends Dresser Sets Cake Tray Relish Dish Sachet Powder Coty's Dusting Powder Coty's Talc Clocks Buttoniers Compacts Beaded Evening Bags Ladies Wool Gloves Pillows Phoenix Hose Belts Leather Wallets Mufflers Silk Sox Suspenders House Slippers Gloves Shirts Ladies Purses 14x18 Pictures Pajamas Hand Painted Plaques 18x21 Gold Frame Mirrors Smoking Stands 3-Piece Vanity Set Briefs Lace Pannels Ruffled Curtains Satin Slips Crepe Slips 80x105 Bed Spreads Panties Lunch Cloths Turkish Bath Mats Neckties Belt Buckles Hand Emb. Pillow Cases Bridge Sets Smocks Wrap Around Smocks We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison HOPE PRESCOTT Co. NASHVILLE

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