The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1940
Page 4
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NEWS THE BLYTPBYILLE COURIER NEWS • ' not COURIER NEWS co. ' H. W. HAINES, PubUslier J. GRAHAU 6UDBURY, Editor BAMUEL F. NORMS, Advertising Manager Bob National Advertising Representatives: Arfciuuw DtUiet, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma city, Memphis. Pub!|fhe<< Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered *£ second class rr.nltcr nt the |XBt- ojfice at Blylhevtlle, Arkansas, under net, ot Congress, October I, 1917. Served by the United Press • SUBSCRIPTION KATES By c»jtler'ta Uie City of B)yUiorlllc, 15c per week, or 65c per month. By'mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, tl.W for six months, 75e, for three months; by mail iJi postal zones two to tU inclusive, $j>.5f) per J'cs.r; In zones seven nnd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The Local Merchant T(ic' local !'P(«il merchant is mi insli- tutioji i|( himself. Community life centers around him, business, social and educational, lie keeps n dependable slock of mercliim- clise always QII jiaiul for inspection and selection. lie supports all civic undertakings, in fact bears Die brunt of every movement, for the city's advaiit'cnienl. Ho pays (axes for the support of schools, (ire and police protection and maintenance of peace, as well as contributions made to churches and public am) private charities. He is the cornerstone of the city's business life. Tfie Trouble Wnli Radical* One of llm reasons why America has not flocked lo radical ilocli'inus wilh any more enthusiasm is that your av- crauc tloctiinaire radical is apt lo hu a glum fellow, lie is so concerned with life's injustices and grim lerrors thai he refuses to laugh at its absvirdilies. True to form is the action of the Mexican Confederation of Labor in banning '"Ninolclikn," thai very gay spoof on Russian Communist life. The governmenl censors okayed il, Inil the CROM, which controls movie .workers, blocked it. Of course that is indefensible censorship by a group—Ihe only kind worse than official uovornineul censorship. But more than .lhal—it reveals the grim and dour spirit Dial lies behind so many of the more radical groups, a ''spirit lhal repels those who might otherwise be more sympathetic. Tronic From Norway The easy capture of Narvik |iy I lie invading Gci-nians i.s now believed due to [lit- fact that the Norwegian command there had been entrusted to a known Nazi sympathizer. lie betrayed his trust. This recalls the fad that various investigations have revealed, as dl'licm in the National Guard syiiipailmers and even members of Nazi, Communist and other groups whose ideas are less than ilcmocialic. They ought all lo be rooted out. No iiucstioi) of a citizen's rights'is involved. All holdiors, but more specifically officers, take a .solemn oath of loyalty to the government, they serve. The loyalty and dependability 6f ; ,11 those entrusted with military responsibility must be beyond OUT OUR WAY MOW Ll&TEU-Y t DONTr LIKE 1 THIS .' HE'LL CLAIM VOU'VE CRIPPLED HIM AMD X WON'T GET A.MV WORK PUT OF HIM FOR A WEEK! '?"^;/< W/%** oj PobHcaUoo ID thfc column at from other a*wsp*pen *x» no< ntcesatrily mew endowment but It ui tcknowledgiMot at **tenet In the »ubJecU discussed. For Oiilsidcrs, I lowevcr, They're "Quick-ancl-Kasy" Divorces 11 is true Unit, as N. I). Cothniii writes train Monlta'llu, Hie lO.'ll let'i.slalin-e did not clmngc the grounds for Hie ^ranlinf of divorces in Ar)(i)l).s;is u-liri) II )>nv;«l l|ie "80-day )a»'," la Ihal- miu'i'l, divorce was imitlo no "easier" than 11 had hrrn previously. Hut, liio r|ui'.s(lon is why Arkanwis should srt up what may ije " divorces" lor oiil-uf-.slalc people by |X'M)iilllii(j them lu establish technical rcsidenci; In (his stale for brief period:; in order lo (;H divorces on grounds which their own .slates do not rec- ounlice. When Arkansas claims mill exercises the light lo pri'.',c)Jbe coiiditluiiii find grounds fw divorce for iis own peiple, Arkansa.s Is bound lo respect Ihc i-iyhl of every oilier .stale lo prpscrlbe conriillons null groiuitls for dh'orcc for Its own people. WJifii's residential rvriujrcmml Is set .so low llml peimk' can virtually italic the divorce law.s of Ihi'ir own .slates Ijy niniiiiKj into Ail-.nn.sis with no Intention of beroiiiln:,' 1)011!) (kid residents, anil riuuilnj; oul ngiiiji wllli Arkansas divorce dccrpes, Arkansas simply is not pla.vuij! the name fairly with Us sister stales or with their people. It Is lending; Ihc machinery of il.s courts lo cieallnj; situations where a wife living in another state may be divorced l>y her husband without knowing that .she has heen divorced, and may not lourn what has been done until her six-month right of appeal has lapsed and the Arkansas decree can not he challenged in Arkansas. It Is making itself a party lo slhialions where a person may be divorced In Arkansas but not divorced at home, iind where courts in oilier stales, In order to protect Innocent persons and uphold Ilidr own' divorce laws, may he lorccd lo refuse to rccoj;- ni/e an Arkansas divorce decree as pusscsslni! aiiy validity. We'll ugiee with om- Monlicello lender that the slate's lawyers in itctieral are nol responsible for the 00-day law, and that it Is not the stale's lawyers In general whose .altitude toward repeal of that law would lie obstructive. Dut, the fact Is that lenal reforms are usually blocked in (lie Arkansas legislature, and blocked by the cllmts of some lawyers Inside and outside the legislature. And it is true, us Mr. Colhum will nnd If he will turn back to newspaper files for IU3I. thi\t the iirgmncnls successfully used to win legislative favor for tlic 00-day bill were not hiniKiniliuiiui or social, but, mercenary. H was publicly said that in order to t;cl lawyers' fees and money that would be spent, at hotels and other places of pulilm entertainment by visitors seeking release from marital bonds, Arkansas should bid tor a slice of Nevada's quick-divorce business. —Arkansas Ga/eltc. • SO THEY SAY There Is nothing in the principle of religious freedom or (he si'iia'ialion of church nnd stale lo hinder Ihe .school's acknowledgment of the IXJUTI- and of Gml.—Demi UHher /\. Weiyle, Yale University uivinlly School. :t * * ' ""— We ale not inarching away; \ve are soiiv/ direct to Ihc people (o he refreshed and stmiiUhened tor our work l>y a renewal of con- fidence.—Narnwu L. Rogers, Canadian minister of defense. * * * There is a dclciinlncd, deadly hatred in I lie hearts of millions of (jeinian worliini; men cun- li'oiiling Ilitlcr— Vredcrich Slaainlcr, lorinei- mtnilKT, German Kcichslai;. * t * Hall the prisons pul UmniKli the cu'irscs in Ihc United States schools cannot aksorlj Ihc instruction, and move than half don'l know wlial lo do willi Ihc informal ion when it is absorbed. —Ur. K. A. lloolon, Hal van! anlhroixilostM. » * * My inland wilh Communism is thai il is too reactionary.—Wendell WUIkio. Commonwealth and Southern president. [ SIDE by Ctlbratth "We're iKivjng roasl Iinnl, for otn- .supper, in case you <Km I \\i\\c any hick wilh yours." THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson -STRAIGHT SOUTH FKOAA X\M~>' OMEH OF C/ 1 THE BRONX .ZOO, NJEW VORK CITY: THEY ENTER. INJ .SEARCH OR BIRD CCFH 19»0 UV Ml SICk-ICC • SERIAL STORY K. 0. CAVALIER WEDNESDAY. APRIL 17, 10-10 BY JERRY BRONDFIELD VIWTKlllMYt Vnl flml» licrxelt frccoiiilijjj more Inlcrrxtcil in I'livnllt-r, Wlti-ii Ilie /fflKMrr rciiclits ,i ur (, lluir, r nij« Hie |iru- uiolcr, Itntim «J (h, Mil>»llluli(n.. t>I t.'orky I[rlKKX II* Kilille's U|l- limu'iil, lie trim!* ( u null luii'k (o tlioj'll go hack on HJL- frfi[;Ut(>r, CHAPTER XVI! J)UFFY KELSO was almost apo plcclic. "You've changer] youi mind?" he howled. "You're loain it, you mean! What's the matter kid—you crazy or something?" Things were happening almusl too fast for Val Douglas lo follow. "I know exactly what I'm doing," Eddie replied calmly. "Don' you ECC il would be bad psychology for us to rush bade righl now? Briggs and the whole fight mob would think we're Belling panicky —that we're a little worried about taking him. "They linew we intended (o come back Ihe same way we came up. It'll look awful funny lo change our plans just because we go against ,-. iibstilule." "Look, Eddie," Duffy pleaded. "J nei'cr went to college and I ain't much at (his psychology business. Let me handle this from now on in, Eddie. Ain'l we done swell so far? Ain't 1 been like a father to you?" Eddie smiled. "Sure, DulTy. Sure. But I know f'm right. Don't worry about anything-. Not even Corky Briggs." "He's got Ihe right slant, Duffy," Val put in. "Eddie's indifference will make up for those 10 pounds he'll be giving away." Duffy surrendered. "Guess thai settles it. Every time lhal dame puts the clincher on an idea it takes two off my life." "j^OOKS like a nice little town," Eddie observed when they came up on deck after mess. Darkness had just fallen and the lights of the city winked cheerfully. "Well," he inquired. "What are we going to do?" "What do you mean?" Val asked, somewhat puzzled. He nodded toward shore. "Might as well give old terra firma a whirl again. How about a walk around town?" "Sure," she accepted with alac- rily. She didn'l mention that she'd previously accepted Captain Hansen's invitation lo do the same thing. Oh, well, Slevic wouldn't mind. Fifteen minutes Inter Ihey were swinging off down (lie dock. 'We're not unloading anything until tomorrow morning, yon know," Vnl said. "Sieve wants everything handled In daylight especially lhal mining machinery." "Still worried, eh?" "Sieve has lo be. He's doubling Ihe watch tonight." "What does he expect—someone to walk off with the ship?" "From what 1 know of the situation, it isn't so futmy." One ot Ihc first things she wanted to do was get some newspapers. She wound up with several and standing under a streel light, she turned hastily to the sports pages. "Here it is," she chortled. "And look at it splashed all over the page, would you?" It was her story on the rescue of the previous night. "Come lo think of it," she mill- leied, is page one sluff il unylliing ever was.' She looked up and saw the sloney, immobile expression on Lddic's face. Val tossed the papers into a convenient refuse can without a further word. They walked on silently for another block. She could just about read his mind, lie probably preferred lo force! the whole thing. * * * "priED?" he asked about an hour laler. "No, bul I've walked up my ippotite again. Got the price 'of i sandwich on yon?" "Just about," he grinned. "Belter not order lettuce " with it, Ihough." They strolled into a little tavern on Victoria slrcel and sal down at i booth. "Toasted cheese and coffee," she said lo the waiter, "Same," Eddie told him. They were only half through vhen a man entered and walked luiekly to a booth a little in back of Ihem. There was something in-live about him that drew Val's attention immediately. "The Belle's in," the man said n a low voice—bill not too softly or Val lo catch it. She clutched Sddie's arm and motioned for ilcnce.' There were two ithcr booth. Thej „„„ njickly wilh the man w,ho brought he news. ; Val stood up. "Did-you hear vhat he said?" she said excitedly. What business il of his? Who ire Ihey, I wonder?" She grabbed Eddie by Ihe arm again. "Come on, we re going fo follow them." "You're bally," | le (ol( , ,, cl . Just because one guy jells another that a ship is in port, j s no reason for you to pull a Scotland Yard act." men in (he walked out "I'll go alone, then," she flashed and slrode toward the door. ' lie sprang :itier her, pa'id |ii c check and followed her oul. "All righl, bloodhound, which way did Ihey go and what do you expect to find otil?" She nodded across the slroof "There they go. I Ijavcn't even got a good hunch—yel. But where Hie Iforlhem Belle is concerned so urn I." ' He saw her mouth set in a firm straight line and he knew there was no further use arguing wilh her. Val Douglas had her mind made up and he knew her well enough by now lo know what that meant. •"THEY followed the trio for two blocks. One of the men went into a drug store while the others wailed outside, from across the street Val and Eddie could see the man making a telephone call. He was out again in a minute and all three wailed until a fourth man joined them. "Reinforcement's," Va! muttered. "Naw," Eddie replied. "Just a fourth for bridge." The four men walked rapidly toward the waterfront. Val and Eddie trailed. As they reached the docks, Val looked at her watch. II was almost 10. "So far they're peaceful citizens, just like you and me," Eddie mur- nu(red. Bul even Eddie had his doubts couple of minutes later when one of the men disappeared inside ;i warehouse and returned with something that looked very much like n sledge-hammer. "Funny time to be oul cracking ck," said Eddie. ""ttock, nothing," Val said excitedly. "I gel it now. Those men' arc headed for the Northern Belle. Maybe my imagination is running away wilh me, but J'll bet they're going to try to muscle their way on board and sabotage that mining machinery before we get a chance to' unload tomorrow. Let's j;o, Eddie. We've got lo warn Caplaiu Steve." But a voice, chilling and menacing behind them, stopped them bs- forc they took a step. "You ain't goin' nowhere for a while—and don'l make a sound!" The man behind the voice advanced toward them. The authority in his voice was backed up with a snub-nosed automatic. (To He Cqiilinucd) ALL ABOUT BABIES AVIiat Is Good Pieimlai (.lure fur Mothers? /HAT BIRD DID NIOAM <. FIRST SENJO OUT' Q ( RROAA THE ANSWIilt: !Javcn. When it failed lo relurn, he sent a (love. Nt;.VT: A very ciirions Irce. Autogiro's Use On West Front Held Feasible I'HILAUEU'IIIA <UI'J — Capt. Louis I). Ely. iiiniy iirlillei-y in- sliuclor. predicts ilial Ihe aiitojiio may ciovide the ri-onch army wilh a means of crackinj Ihe Cicr- Hian West Wall. : Ely .said lhal new unannounced developments in the suilogiro field have brought the allentimi of military experts lo the po:ssilih> extensive use of tills type nhoall in military Ely pointed out. lhal the aiilo- giro is of considerable use in observation work because of its ability In rise ard lower itself within [ a very .small sjiace. It also can be ! protected effectively with small arms from Ihc ground. Ely said. With a licet' of aulo^'iro;;. observing French artillerymen could place a lew sliols in the Weal Wall, correctly note placement of their shots and (hen lay down a dcvaslaiui 3 barrage, believes Ely. UV KlCtlAUU AlU'ilUU liOl.T, M. I)., 1111. !'. H. Secret*!-}-, Maternal anil Child Health Section of American J'DMie Health .-Vs.wci.-itiiui Every prospective mother .should I know what constitute good prenatal care, and she .should expect to receive such care on tlic part of her doctor and nurse. Of first importance is Ihc selection ef a jccnniicfcnl, con- p li y - 'sifiau known to ibc skilled in the practice of obstetrics. Such a doctor should be consulted as rar- ! ly in pregnancy as passible, the (c.nlicr Ihc bcllrr. blood pressure and carrying oul laboratory tests of the blood and urine. At that time Ihc doctor should lake a complete history, going into details <_•:! o'oscure points. He will complete the first vi.sit hy ' iiij! definite instructions as lo the hygiene of maternity, including diet,, exercise, clothing, cliini- iralion and care of tlic breasts. It is importiim lor hoc to return lo the elector ul regular intervals, even lluuieli she may feel perfectly well. On each visit he wil carefully check (he blood pressure and test the mine, us well as inquire ahmit any unpleasant, .signs or symptoms, as the following: Severe vomiting and nausea. Any discharge or bleeding, even in small imioimdi. Swelling of the hands or face. Shortness of breath. IJi.stujbanco of vision. fighliii. in 171!). bought its first, fire- app.iralus from England Persistent hcadaciies. Undue faUgac. Di/zlncss. Pain, in upper abdomen. I'ainfnl or scanty urination. Any one of these in itsejl may not prove serious, but it may indicate to the physician an underlying condition which if taken in time may avoid disaster later on. U is important to have a planned delivery whether il takes plate in the home or in the hospital. In Ecinc places visiting or public hcjlth nurses arc available to help the prospective mothers. Where maternity hospitals and clinics arc part of the commimlly resources, mothers may receive needed help from these. If a well-equipped hospital with separate aiateniily service is available with consultation services on call, il is more convenient and on Ihc whole safer lo have Ihc mother in Hie hospital, especially lor the lii si baby. However, it mus.t be 1111- (lerslnacl that with skilled medical and nursing care, home deliveries can be carried out, with salcly and cojnfoil. Hy j. R. Williams OUR BOAKDliNG HOUSE wilh Major Hoople I'M NOT GOIN6 TO V^^1K HIM UP LIKE A FISH --JUST CATCH MM BV THE FEET, AND VOLS HANDLE HIM THERE OM| ™M^.'t^9rW8^«^ ; ^i',v'''.M*''' •*'''f£ !/ ''';, f :'•'••.. 7^^,''' l \''''. , '^Sj'*-' ' ^VHV MOTHERS GET GRA.V ','•17 .'/ i «>eE THE KANC-E APTeR THE BOER l\W. y 'I FIRED A .45 WITH SUCH ^ RAPiDITV THEY DUBBED ME "UWSTDNES OMCE I UNBUTTONED A BARTENDER'S VEST V\!ITM PULLETS AT 19 PACES.'"^ 6V THE WAV, f>W GLAMOROUS OLD COWIBOV COSTUME SflLLKEPOSE IN THAT LAR&B TRUMK __ _ /,-,_• TME BG if THE rtlGHT ) : V He E.xfeR GOT TO i-CM mVHGM KB U A Rf\K!bE WAS THE <H Hf\0 TO TAKE B VjiltN H& \vesT WAS] OFF Mis oww ITO.THE K WILD, I A v/EST WITH A tiTO COMPLftIM 1H PAMCAKES "^£&^..- r^T 7 ?^? •!'< >O W J\ 't k4'J before the middle of pregnancy. The doctor will want lo comlucl a Ihurougli general physical cx- niiiiiiiiiion. including careful incas- j nrciiipnls of the pelvis, e.xamina- I lion of hrarl and lungs, taking ol HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyds Lewis /I nnoiinceineiils: Tho Courier Neivs lias been lor- lually anlborl^ed lo aniiomice the [ollowing candidacies for ollke SH'D- jccl lo Ihc action of Ihe Democratic primary in August.|jpi Counl.v -Ii/'lKc R'.H.AND GREEN Sbrriff and Collector HAI.E JACKSON C'ouuty Treasurer K. I.. (BILLY) GAINE3 'For Second TcrRi> JACK I'TNLEY ROBINSON Touiily mul rralnlr. Clerk T. W. POTTER T-'nr .Secoutl Term) Circuit Coiirl Clerk HARVEY MORRIS O-'or Second Term) « + • Krprcscnl.itcvc (I-'or (he seal now held by Wnodvow Hutlon) J. 1,1'iE BKAHDEN (•'or p<v,l now bold by Frank Williams FRANK WILl.rAMS (I-'or Second Tenn> (Foi |Kist now held by I,. H, Autryl L. II. AUTRY (For Second Tevml FRANK I). UNDKOWOOU 4 » • A.vscuor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON (For Second Term) "I lliink soinodiiiig nnisl l)c liie inaltcr with )iim, Dncioi' —lie Iius slopped fighting with Ilio boy next doer."

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