Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1935
Page 4
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' UP YOUR ;RBILE NOTICE NOBCfc-l will ftot be responsible tor debts contracted t& ,by any per« son 6th« than my wife of myself. D. B. Phillip* Sr, W-3tp ..-_,.. , u f food *>Ma't<H«**t. I tttjh* b6*eb. Ca* bloau tip A You (Mt c<in»Ut»t*d. Yon* i B Wtsotied *M ma feel xrar, jtWfrMlooiapaak. r«UBS only ttMfashtiti. A m«t* MBt doesn't ««l «t the c«tise. It '- nt *U Cirtert tillle Llm »a two pounds of btlo flowing ;*yt>« feel "op ami up". Harm* w. yet utHUlne in mokldf btlc flow ,s* ft*ClMefi Little Unt Pill* by ilbbarttsf rtftcw anything «be. ZSc. t R oof ea of **ln costs Hope clt-s }, ttftre than ottc year's fires . * * Caii FK a Good Roof. Can Help an Old One. = ^Sullivan Const. Co. = trinjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiin av M O N T S SUGAR CURE For ( PORK—BEEF = Better, Safer, f ^Cheaper and Easier = IONTS SEED STOREi Hope, Ark. I Itl Find It! Rent III Buy It! ;5 , in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE er, the more you tell, the „<•-•" ' quicker you sell ,^|" : 1 time, lOc line, nain. 30« For consecutive insertions, mini-. ^''L mum of 3 lines in one arf ',- 3 times, 6c line, min. 50* 5^ 6 times, 6c line, min. 90c f 26 tones, 3%c line, min. J2.70 ^".(Average 5% words to the line) >*f«*j " ... , , "NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bOl is payable on presentation of "statement, before the first publication, *.' Phone 766 BOLlS White Oak~Wh!akjr and Oil Itftde. Ovetctip, Post Odk and »4fd Oak. Round 9we« Gum Blocks, for prkcs and spMlfteaUonsi, S«* HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 2*5 M^PgL^J^ How Women Get Two-Fold Benefit By Taking Cardui According to reports from thousands who have taken it, Cardui helps women in a two-fold manner, affording prompt relief of certain functional pains and strengthening the system by increasing the appetite arid improving digestion. . "I like • Cardui because it helped me," writes Mrs. Obie C. Eaffety, of Cambellsville, Ky. "I suffered "pain and was nervous and needed strength. 1 have taken Cardui and have been benefited. I have taken it two or tnree times. I can tell, when I am taking Cardui, that I have a much better appetite." • '.,.•• Before the next monthly upset, .begin taking Cardui. Of course, if it does not benefit YOU, consult a physician. For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sco Roy Anderson and Company MEAT CURING Ingredients ...''. BLACK PEPPER,....:. Ib Zoc RED PEPPER. :..:........'...::.. lb 40c SA1,T,PETRE .;:......:. lb 25c The Very Best Quality BRIANT'S Drug Store iff *;T, Money to Loan— " "•& MORTGAGES T ,J to §250 from us at 6% on furniture, automobile, or other ^personal property. Pay it back in .'small monthly payments. For full in- &iormation see GREENING INSUR- raANCB AGENCY. 20-26tc *m , Help Wanted |'/ •"$£•"• •'•"• MAN OB WOMAN ^??-Wanted to supply customers with ",'^fanious Watkins Products in Prescott. sV'No investment. Business established, ^'-earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts , jt, <imniediately. Wnte J. R Watkins Co., 11 '70^84 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. WANTED 15 pound 'WASHIN NEUON-HUCKINf LAUNDRY COMPANY fe,"' WANTED—30 bushels of corn. A. * C." Moody, Hope, Route 1. 18-3tp F >"' FOR SALE ^r 1 .—_ — i v- ^ FOR^SALE—Horses and mules, Sec , : t, n C«R. Suttcn at Button and Hale Ser- I r?"vice Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp $, k , FOR SALE—Perfectly new set of! ?t""'Bathroom fixtures. A Bargain. See! W, P. Agee. 15-6tc ' FOR SALE or TRADE—Car, Pump Shotgun, hogs, yearlings for milk cows j and hay. W. C. Tyler, Washington, . Ark., Route 2. 18-3tp FOR SALE: Quilt tops and Victrola- old patent. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, 815 West Sixth Street. 20-3tp FOR SALE—One §100 scholarship in Tyler Commercial college, good for $100 on tuition. For quick sale at $35.00 cash. Hope Star. 19-3t HATS Cleaned and Blocked —in— OUR OWN PLANT by Modern Machinery Wo have just Installed the very latest Automatic Hat Blocking ma- chinea and can now. assure you of first quality, factory finished work. Hall Brothers Phone 385 BLOCKS We are now buying Sweet Gum Blocks in 40-inch lengths. Gall 328 for prices. Hope Basket Co. FOR RENT FOR SALE—Seven room, two Bath ; Modern Home with Acre of Ground. ! Property known as the Doctor Kolb ! Home E. 3rd Street. E. B. Scott. j H-12tc I LOST LOST: Liver and White female pointer, 3 years old, answers to "Bell." Reward for return. Earl O'Neal 18-3tc I O PI * t._f CRANE WATER SALES SERVICE $15 for your old one $1 Down Balance Monthly. Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 l$jjl{ By WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDS HOUSE By AHERN r AwfeT&iwr-AWR<£ttf /' L6T ALOWK/ rAfeLL BE JUST A t>OOT3hAAT t oueoNJ ME ALOWE/ MOW CAN I LEARM TO AMVTMING- WITH HIM ALWAYS TMAJ4 VDU &IGKT AUEAO — BUT OOWT SHOOT TILL I &VT BEHIND SOU I BGe.Ki TO SCV4OOL LOM&ER/ ,' / TR.VIM& TO BE OUTSIDE TV4\NiK L\KJ' =xr NXbWT . T^VS'SUK SO 1 CAN 60 TO ON HM NEW HOLt) CALLED TH" SAUSAGE WOLt>- \NTO UNKS I TOUGW SV<\N TOR I SAUSAGE: ,-ROSCOt! GET GRAV If Boots Only Knew BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VAJOfcO -> By CRANE The Grand Wizer Throws a Bomb ALLEY OOF VAS>I DID/ AM THAT TRAITOR \S TH' MUCV WHO PUT ME THERE YER HIGH MESS, I FORMALLY CHARGE FOOZY WITH TREASON.' HOW COME Y'SAY I WON'T ! LEARM NOTHIN' AWKI&HT, BUTCHA WON'T 'LEARM NOTHIM' OF IMPORTAMCE FROM THAT MUG/ YOU KEEP OUTA THIS, OOP- 1 WANJTA KKJOW \WHAT WEWT OW HERE VWHILE t WAS GOME/ WOTWA MEAN), THIS AINT NJO/CbMCERM OF MIME, YOU HAIRY-FACED APE ? YOU DOKlTkiWOU/KJOTHIM' 'BOUT FT/ YOU WARMT HERE/ . BECAUSE THATOL l<iWOCK-KMEED SPEMT MOST OF TH' TIME YOU WERE GONJ IN WRIT/ PROM MY OL GRAND By HAMLIN Easy Gets a Break WASH TUBES ^BLAZES/ MOW'S MYCMANJCE. _E BEEM WAMTIM6 TO SEARCH THI5 BIRP'S POCKETS 'FOR PAVS. /KI6HT MOW, " HO, MAW, WEE.' BOY, AM I A PETECTIVE.) WHEM? ' I 7 TO SBB WC* U&S ftJHjrnr' 8ETWEEM THEM B/6 ROO4.S I'M. SHAPDERIW JOHM SKEE7 UP JO, AN' WOTTER YE TMIMK. 1 CAUGHT 1M ME — HAW, HAW/ HE- Y£E,HeEJ HAW HAW/ HE TAUES A PATH By BLOSSER Sleuths at Work FRECKLES ANi' HIS FRIENDS WHATEVER IT IT'S / WOVE 'WNOT THIS TIME —MVCURIOSITV FOLLOWSP HIM [ MAVGcT THE" BEST OF ME, BEFORE-HE'LL/ BU T FRECKLES JUST DITCH US AC5AINJ. I GUESS THEY'LL GEE, PEOPLE "YEAH FRECK, EVERY YOU SURE CAME THRU. HAVE TO OOWTINUE WE'LL FOLLOW HIM AMD ONE HAS BEEN FRECK...BUT; SAY WHAT NG HIM HIS THOUGHT 110, UNTIL I FINISH iWOWDERIWG WHERE HAVE -YOU BEEN DOIWG ALL KINDS MY JOB ' I STILL VOU DISAPPEARED CRIMSOKI WHEN I SEE YOU ASKED _/ WHERE HIM ABOUT f[ HE GOES/ IT" WITH YOURSELF THESE OF THIWGS JWAVE TWO MORE ,ABOUT // DAYS LEFT You' y\'^-, TO WORK! TO SO MYSTERI OUSLY EVERY PAY ' DAYS, AFTER By COWAN A Place for Everything NEWFANGLES (Mourn I JEST RENTED IT,FER FIVE BUCKS A MONTH, TO THE NUDGETS,PER A GARAGE/ tU., IF YOU HAVEN'T THIS HOUSE-WHATS THE MATTER WITH LEAYIN' H\^ LET'S SE£,NOVN : -WHERE VVE PUT CAR? GAPAGE FOR ^AY ; CA,R, WE'LL WAVE ' TO SAY.'I KNOW WHERE WE THET BABV'

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