Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 20, 1935
Page 2
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Star tteratd From, False lUshing C6., Inc. .fiff, DooMttte, Lotting; In the Days of Giants, A..B. Brown; Bhie by Star ft Washburn), at The " Arkansas. C. fi. PAtAtiSB, It. WASHBUBN. Editor and PabUahtt Arkansds "The newspaper is »n Institution developed by modern elvtt the netfs of the day, to fdster commerce and Industry, inciy circuteted advertisements, and to furnish that cheek upon t WhW< no constitution ha> ever be«n sWe to provlde.»-Col. R. hfc*. <Al«a»s Payaote In Advance): By city carrier, per $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, .Nevada, $3.50 y per year; elsewhere $6.50. Blekf* The Wonder dock, The Jinilte Bwk (and Jxwt so Stories, KlpllftlfThe Ssok of King Arthur, Mary §tokes;t Puelc of Pooks. Hi , Kiplifttf; Kari 'the .filephantt Mukerjl; The Call ,0f the Wild. Lttndon; The Flarningo Fdatfter, Kirk Munroe; The New Moon, NUUgs; "WE.". Lindbergh. | Kidnaped anrf Treasure Island, Stevenson; Scottish Chiefs, Potter; Story ct &ng Arthur & His Knights, Pyle; Story of Mankind, Van Loon; Bob- Son of Battle, .Ollivant; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain', Tom Sawyer. Twain; The Young Stomp deflector's Own Book. Butler; Model Boat' Building for Boys. Cavileer; Pets and How to Care for Them, Crandall; Just Dogs, Barker; Myths Every Child Should Know. Mobie. ' ' More boys'' books Will be included in the "Early Teens" list tomorrow. This if t/onc netospap*f to it, titters tritldzing tW *<" torial policy or 'tomi**#nnii )octs In the «eu>* colwtnru, equally welcome. Choott a ee«n/one wilt be Intended ttu brief. Avoid personal abtwe. wortd'» preatest critic* w«r« patn fully poHte. Every v>^ ie lign hit name awd address. B* *. 'at' ttu* Associated Press; The Associated Press Is exclusively o the tS for^SbUca5orfof all news dispatches credited to it or SftS catted [irTihis paper and also the local news published herein. Rcoresentatlves: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, XorkClty! » Lexington; Chicago, III., 75 E Wack- Mch /33S Woodward Ave.y St Louis. Mo.. Star Bldg. an Tributes, Etcj Charges will be made for all tributes, cards refolutio^ or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial hSdtothta policy in Vhe new columns to protect 'Jioir readers of 1pace-taki«S memorials The Star disdaitns respcnsihility return of any unsolicited mantiscr.pts. Bv Dr. Morris jterest, but as a reverse-English study of the essentials of journalism. Published by Farrer and Rinehart, the book sells for 53. . be only partly right if you sinus infection of children on ? *»«. controllable things as bad venti- %Hon» damp houses and clothing, and . 'Smanire tJ cold. The remainder of A the causes for this troublesome con! '%ition will be-found in circumstances J^'ttat permit the infectious germ to i-\ Multiply and make things worse. .Such circtaiistances include deftcient *' hygiene, errors of diet, bad | conditnons, and not infre- ; , r , HW «~y abnormalities in the structure ; 'llfot the nose, and enlarged tonsils and "i adenoids, ' - The sinuses begin to develop when [the child is young, but may not attain .Aheir "full growth until the fifteenth lyear of age. By the fifth or sixth By Olive Roberts Barton Whet books are most appropriate for toddlers? What are the special rending interests of boys and girls? Olive Roberts Barton, child training authority, makes timely suggestions on these subjects as the Christmas gift rush nears. The list iu this second of her series of three articles on children's books will be valuable for future reference. By Alicia Hart Pralacs Stnr's Stand Editor The Star: Please ' allow me i to commend you on your editorial on the liquor question in your paper of November 16, 1935. I favor the handling of liquor prel- tv much as you outline it, so as to let as far as possible, all the profit? go for the benefit of the city, county and state. , I am sure that you are absolutely right when you say that the churches .OMMMMUMMI MMMIMBM I II Morassic, Davis on MatProgram Two New Wrestlers Make Debut in Hope Arena Wednesday Night Two former college football players, Fred Morassic of Northwestern University, and OWen Davis of Oklahoma A. Sc M. will make their local wrestling debut here Wednesday night nt Fair pork arena, Morassic takes on the Bald Engle, veteran (Trappier of Burbank, Alaska, n the first main event. Davis will mot Billy McEuen of Fort Worth, Texas, in the second main event. Boln oouts are billed for two hours each if necessary to reach a decision. McEuen is no stranger here. Funs remember him for a tough battle here last summer against Jack McDonald Tickets may be purchased from an> member of Hope Boys band. Courtesj tickets will be honored, but all com A p.irl with creamy skin has 'to be exacting in her choice of makeup and particularly careful about cleansing. This type of complexion is sure to look I£y T it isn'tgiven meticulous attention. ... Generally speaking, creamy skins ; arc often wrong. For instance, the church schools have been for years "pulling off, and continue to do so, bigger show in athletics than Ringling pulls off in his United Shows. I could call attention to some other instances where I am sura they arc far from right. GEORGE R. WOLFF "—-"^^T^^ii. j.' _i. i •: H ii ii Yerger to Play at N.L.R.onTuesday Negro Elevens Will Meet In Capital City's North Side at 3 o'clock Yorger High School Tigers will go o North Little Rock Frfuny to play lottos High School negro football 1 team it 3 o'clock nt Booster pnrk. The North Little Rock team holds victories over Washington High School of El Dorado, Mnnnssn High of Memphis, and a tic with Arkansas State High of Pino Bluff. Hope has n tie with Washington High of Texm-knna and holds victories over Nashville ami Prescott. plimentary passes have been suspend ed. The match starts at 8 p. in. r lights in it. ' that has subtle orange will blend fairly I dition. emphasize the creaminess of . If your '• skin is creamy and normal, always remember to use soap and water before cleansing with cream. It vised to be taken for granted that small children liked to be told stories rather than be read to. They still like :ar, they are large enough to cause , ;t jj ut the f er tility of the average par- Bauble if they become infected. } ent in producing fiction suitable for .ft Complications may affect the brain. ', ta bes is lacking in the funny, fearless ' " years, or other structures associat- | and even moralizing tales that delight 1 with the sinuses. ithese youngsters so. can tell a child with a chronic ,, <&foWi infection by the fact that it is •tr&fefaced. a*"* &sUy fatigued. Us^ there is a fairly chronic running the nose and some difficulty in ireathing. t i The child gets well from one cold ,&ily to catch anbther. There is a |jbose cough, which \&id in the early and intermittent or con- f'stant hoarseness. .? Headaches dccur in 20 per cent of ..children with chronic sinus in- and secondary earaches and vi - J - ^ r " k 'of-the neck- exceedingly common. Some persons insist that food is an important factor 'in rela- Tdion to sinus infection?. One even fr goes so far as to say that a deficiency •»'«of vitamin A is»of chief importance. I"' Another argues that when there is Ijatt excess of starch and meat in the the sinuses becorre affected. Still Besides children love to own a book. They like to look at the pictures, and to ! carry a book around. It* is, they are smart enough to know, a sort of magic box that opened on mother's knee, keeps them happy and interested. „ it has a tendency first. then,wash. are flushed ment. Undo better than shade. This doesn't go in for a If to be oily, cream your skin. . . „.. . The real test of your ability to pick cosmetics that enhance your loveliness comes when.you buy face powder. Don't let anyone try to sell you ! > i_;_i_ £_«..**» n. e-Urtt-t t cKnrln a world will mt matches the nai- r cheeks when they exercise or excite- lly an off red will be ear one or a pink ;an that you should range orange-hennja >ss there's something health, never in the a your blood tones. darker than your own complexion. It must match and match perfectly. Don't wear black mascara unless your lashes are coal black. Brown is best. Eyeshadow, if used at all. should be brown, too. Do. however, use all makeup sparingly. There's no advantage in having lovely, creamy skin if you cover it completely with layers of cosmetics. and of the Guffey act r< ccal mining business in will be passed on by th before it adjourns late nt Washing! W H. Stingley and W attended the meeting at Hope, Tuesday, hearing J, E. Matlock, district supervisor o Federal Writers Projects with bend quarters in Texarkann, wns in Hope Wednesday on route to Washington where he will collect additional historical data on Hempstead county. Members of Mr. Matlock's pni-ty included Mrs. Mntlock, Mrs. Ltllimi Jones Porter and Jack Davis. lock, on the liquor question. The Baptist Missionary society me Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs John Card for their missionary program "The Christian Conquest in China." Mrs. Boyett was program chairman. The Presbyterian ladies served a chicken supper Friday night at the hardware store, for benefit of th church. Charley Lewis of the northern par of the county was n business visitor In town one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Kennedy of Covina, Calif., visited S. A. Conner 30-Hour Week Is (Continued fr«m page onel phases of New Deal legislation. The constitutionality of the Wagner act has been challenged by tho Fenn- _ . stater. Be Hid nd family Tuesday. ftflftrl Levins and Sue M aunt, Miss tvferft visiting relatives in Hope rs. Settle Conner of ed Mrs. Roxle Redmond Tuesday. Ninety statues under the care of the office of works in London require the constant attention of six men to IOOK fter them. The Ceylon cotton tree drops 'H* leave* in dry weather to prevent Its stored watei- from evaporating. T 0 L"fr-T E X OIL COMPANY Tractor Fuels and Lube Oik Anything for Vmt* Cnr. Phone 370 »uy and N«ht | Does Your .Food Sour and Turn to Gas? Do you !-«&ll«e that what you cat today is your flesh and blood tomorrow? Also, your strength or weakness? It' you have no appetite or u your food sours and turns to gas, instead of digesting normally, you grow Weaker and weaker each day Instead of stronger and more vigorous. ( Do you suffer with sour stomach, flatulence, and a sensation of fullness after eating, due to functional disorders? We strongly recommend B-L Tonic to restore your appetite and stimulate your digestion, thus assisting nature to renew your strength by promoting the digestion of your food. Try B-L Tonic on our positive guarantee of SATISFACTION OB YOUR MONEY BACK. We aro authorized to refund the price of the first bottle to any of our customers who are not delighted with B-L Tonic—you are to be the solo Judec. tUJBf VY£ BlilUIlHlJ' 4UUUIii«»W"»» «v^w .i.*.--..,. JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO., Hope, Ark. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing find you cannot afford to take a chance is likely the validity of that measure Rev. Blay- by Robert Bruce O 1935 NEA Service, Inc. soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as tho germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) but I have goneyin for. variety. If the title sometimes sounds grownup, it is unfortunate. -In this list all are decidely fon«yery young .children. ^-'s-names follows t the " ' , ' Fjtf'Bqby Rag and Linen Books: Baby's First Book; Baby's Picture Book; Our ?ets; Alphabet of Toys; Farmyard Friends; Little Red Hen. From Three to Six Bear Twins, Hogan; Tale of Peter Rabbit, Potter; Tale of Benjamin Bun- another feels that the lack of calcium "Js-the important factor. The mere fact that these diferent opinions are offered would seem to indicate that the person who is likely to be infected should eat a well-balanced diet with all the important vitamins, mineral salts, and proteins if he wants to keep his body in the Tpegt possible shape to avoid infection. We know that infections of the sinuses are much more frequent in some parts of the world than in others, and that in the United States the areas around great bodies of water develop more cases of sinus infection ny, Potter; A B C Tadpole and the Bunny, Gag; Tim Bullfrog, Flock; Mother Goose; Story of Mrs. Tubbs, Lofting; Picture Tales for Tiny Tots, LeCron and Jewett; Goops and Hdw Not to Be them. Burgess; Chimp and Chump, Carroll; Beast, Bird and'Fish, Morrow; Nicodemus and The Little Black Pig, Hogan. Jchnny Crow's Party, Brooke; Chicken World, Smith; The Little Wooden Farmer, Dolgliesh; Nonsense ABC, Lear; Bobby and Donny Were Twins, Brann; Fairy Circus, Lothrop; A Train, a Boat and an Island, Kuh; Tales of Wise and Foolish Animals, Carrick; A B C for Every Day, Sewell; Short Stories for CHAPTEK JCUII T HE? were sitting in the living room of Jean's little apartment: Jean, fler father, and Lprry Glenn. Refreshed by 12 solid hours of sleep, Jean sat ID an;arm chair, glancing fondly back and forth trop? one man to the other "So, you see." Larry was'aay- ing, "the important : tb|ng lp .not to let all that baa happened blight .your life. .,ypt»'y.e>been {polish, as you say: tiut you've been no more foolfsto than any girl might have been under the same circiim stances.. The cards were pretty well stacked against you. after all." He dropped his clgaret butt in an ashtray and leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. "The chief trouble," he said, "was that you worked for a black -By all means," ne sam. Overriding Jean's protests, the iwo men got their hats and left. Jean stood alone In the. living room. They had left the hall door open,, and she could bear them, greeting Bobby, on the stairs. Then the sound of • their voices died away, she heard a quiets step crook and never suspected it until too late." "You mean—Mr. Montague?" sue asked. "I mean Mr. Donald Montague," he said grimly. "He, by the way, Is cooling his heels iu Jail right "At any rate, ne naa to get this document to the Jackson outfit. Montague has owned French Pete's place for several years, it's an ideal place for a hideout tor a gang that's dodging the law, but It's not good tor much of anything else. As an Investment, It'f a complete washout. What Moti ...... laEue wanted 10 do was simply; .coming along the hall, the door transfer title to the place to J.*-k- clicked shut, and Bobby Wallace sott'arltnseir. ; , was in the room. .;: ,= -'VT-bat was .what you took down she stood by'the windows, het tnere-r-faked papers, by which II !back toward Bobby, fumbling mis- appeared that Jackson nad comelerably with the curtain. She into ownership of the place some i heard him coming ovefuo her, six or seven years ago. at the time!and her knees trembled, this man Roubtdous got rid of It j "Well," said Bobby at last, It had never actually been carried -aren't you even going to say Ii) Montague's own name, by tbejgpod evening?" way. included In the package j ' she said. "Good evening," in a were directions on how to B<tLl small v?lce> "You don't sound awfully glad 10 see me," said Bobby. She made uo answer, hut continued, absent- tain. "I'm glad to see you," he remarked, "fir 1 would be, if you would turn around and let me look at you." "No, you're not?" she said miserably. "You can't be. You're Just being—po-polite." COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No, 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 63 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 What Prescription Dependability Is essential In having your prescriptions filled. You must he able to rely imnlicity upon the accuracy and integrity of your drug- K i«t . often your life is In his hands. Be sure his ingredients arc fresh anU pure ... he sure he lakes every precaution in compounding ycur prescriptions. . You Will Find Ward's Most Dependable. WARD & SON THE LEADING DRUGGIST Phone 62 "WE'VE GOT IT" Prompt Delivery there, and a note to the caretaker instructing him to turn everything than are seen in the dry southwest. olfers . Practically everybody is agreed that B | ac fc'. enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids is freguently associated with infections of the sinuses. This does not mean, however, that all tonsils and adenoids ought to be removed. It does mean that suitable investigation should be made of the tonsils and adenoids in every case, and whenever there is any indication that they are failing to cope satisfactorily with in- Little Folk, Bryce; Butterfly Land, The Pony Tree, Brate; Little Black Sambo, Bannerman; Adventures of Puddle Muddle, Bonnen General Suggestions Most of the series books that carry one character, or two through their pages are enjoyed by small children, if they are especially written for them to understand. Authors know, nowadays, to leave over to Jackson. Harkins and Uewlf went on ahead, took the place over, and then burned this note. Harkins told me that, along with some other stuff, before he died. "Montague, do you see, thought now. and before very long the | you were an Ideal messenger. He legal profession will be rid ot one i thought that sending these papers ot its worst shysters—and the! with you was Infinitely safer than population of beavenworth prison} either entrusting them to the will be increased by one. mails or trying to get an underworld messenger through. He never expected you to come Dack, and he didn't especially care. The Jackson gang. 1 should add, bad planned to lie low there for six months or a year, until the furore died down in this part ot the We Present a Special Christmas Plan Of Vital Interest to Those Considering the Gift Purchase of a Frigidaire. fections. they promptly. should be cut out A Book a Day By Bruce Catton out the "frightening" adventures for the little boy and girl. I advise the out-of-the-way mother beyond reach of shops,' to write to publishers, stores, large city libraries or child-study associations for lists or catalogues. Sometimes a friend or! i club-woman or local librarian can j i furnish the names of publishers of i I children's books, and the cities they | Every school of journalism in the| are ; n i country should have a copy of "Forty j Then keep them—never lose a book Years—Forty Millions," by George j jjst. Britt For this is a biography of that ; Fcr Older Children lamented publisher, Frank A Munsey, j please understand, the following list j pnd it is a magnificent handbook of: "Books for Boys" is not any such i the things that a newspaperman should (thing .Girls like the same books, of- no t be. j ten prefer them to those written spec- j Munsey made millions in the maga-|j a ii y f or girls; besides children young •4ne field, and more millions in chain j and old seldom play favorites. groceries. He aspired to be a Dana Age knowing no boundaries when or a Pulitzer, go he started to buy! it comes to books, let us go at it this j newspapers; but this touch was death, j way .. The first are for children of say and all that he is remembered for to- ( £ ix or seven. The scale gradually rises day is the way in which he killed re- to ten. "Don Montague," he went on, after a moment, "represents the sort ot thing that every decent lawyer wants to see stamped out. He was one ot the links in the chain that makes large-scale crime possible in this country. Every, u lawyer has the right to defend a!country. man accused ot crime, of course, That's what lawyers are for. But Montague didn't stop there. He H E spilled, "You more thaq . . made up for everything when went on and became, to all Intents ., QU en0 ( jacHson," he added, •••--' reminds me—Bobby tor his slip in the matter or the. ponda, too, He was and purposes, gang himself. "He helped plan things In a member of the -And that tias atoned mob the Jackson advance. He to)d able to give my oiBce enough In- was a brief pause, while 1 Bobby digested this. Then he ( said, aggressively, "i' y 'hy can't 1 be glad lo see you?" "You Just can't be," "I can. I am." "No, you can't. Not afUr—after everything—" Two strong hands suddenly came down on her shoulders and spun her around. Bobby wae pay- lug, ''Foi the love of Mike, will ygu leave that curtain aloue be fore you ruiu the dam thing?' Then be was standing, (aclag lie;, Ills bauds ou her shoulders. Shu looked down at the middle button them, beforehand, bow to dodge | rormtllo*^nd £^« ( ^ ^ ^ ^^^ and waile(J- the law. He helped frame crooked alibis tor them, ou occasion—as he did when the Dover police were on the verge of pinning a robbery charge on Sandy Harkins. He helped them dispose of their stolen bonds—as he did in the affair that almost got Bobby Wallace into a jam, » * » tJ'T'HAT'S a bard one to figure, *• by the way -*• why they should have shoved those oonds through an outsider like Bobby. The reason, i presume, was that they figured it would leave every- building, out on the southeastern edge of town. We descended on H today—and found Bobby's employer, Mark Hopkins, engaged In The manufacture of Armored cars for the gangster trade, And sines we seised the car the Jackson out. fit had/and are R b|e> to prove thai Lewis, bpugbl It from "—"'about a montU ago, Mr. will be going to prison to join Mr. MoRtague, "Those are the links in the chain I'm telling you abou^raec gpected old journals. Munsey was crochety, opinionated, a tenth of the good books for chil- | and willful- but his chief fault seems I dreri today, so I reach into the grab- \ " . . ., , t__ i i..A«I «•« 'i Vm-rKlinj-1 -tf\\AoA '\r\A r\f\ iV\t\ Kiact T fan ' It is impossible to name a third or i body |n the dear Jf the deal came "kisteji," he said. "U you waded out over your depth in lllip business, so did 1. it you got Into a Jam over It, BO did I. Don't be like this," 'One hand came down and took Her chin and tilted her head back. She was looking In Uobb: at last—those same clear. Feature Number One Extra Allowance On Your Present Machine By special arrangement we are now offering an EXTRA Allowance on your present mechanical refrigerator, regardless of its make. This allowance amounts to considerably more than the customary trade- in allowance nonmally made. Offer Expires December 31st Feature Number Two Payments Suspended Until March 1st You may buy your Frigidaire now and your monthly payments will not begin until March 1st. This is especially convenient for Christmas gift purchases where the added expense of this occasion causes a heavy drain on the family budget. Offer Expires December 31st « 1 eyes that she ba0 girlhood, speaking message that was Bobby's eyes Honest Known stoce now with a liUe balm to like ftJantftgMe like this miserable Po« to have been that he looked on a newspaper purely as a money-making pioposition. Now a newspaper, of course, has to bag blind-folded and do the best I can. Six to Ten Adventures of a Brownie. Mulock; The Terrible Nuisance. Bacon; Mister ' Penny. Hallet; Junket Is Nice, Kim- j but iTis'Tl^TVreat'deal more than hardt: And That's Why, Reed; The j that and the publisher who doesn't'.Train Book, Fryor; The Fire Engine | know it is no publisher at all and (Book. Pryor; Sugar-Plum House,! pay its way. and if it doesn't it fails; to light. Lewis, who passed the bopds, would be gone. Montague, who bought them from Bobby, would be able to tell a story which, while manifestly rather out in Chicago, man never will he. Luii'ki; Stories for tho Seven-Year- Of the business of finding out what i Old, Chisholm & Quinn; Stones for, .onkind is doing, telling about it. I the Eight- Year - Ord1, Chisholm &:, , would still leave blm tech nically innocent, And Bobby would bave bad to take tn« rap. "Anyhow, that's what Montague was like. You worked for He introduced you to (be manager ol The Golden feather night club. he person thinking (bft| perfectly respectable you were not suspicious of people in any hud no lhan u Chinese coclie; nor did he have any better conception of news- work as a high calling with a Quecnie, Day; to whom the manager, Introduced you. In turn who's another trip tp prison. n^les., flown ai harbored, these due for a iUa the Midlothian, who gangsters, and wL 10 prison tor ft while. "Gangsters don't sifted alone, you sea, They »eed *» *lnd» of and it takes a Jong string „. people »n widely separated walks of i«e to give it to them, in this case we've not only destroyed a gang-**we've also brokep the supporting chain." •The apartment buzzer sounded, and Jean stepped to the speaking tube, 8be said. «Ob—come op up." in a queer, flat voice: thep ol |)er bruised self-esteem, speaking a pledge of love and fidelity that no accident and no folly could) '«} love you," said Bobby, j "Maybe you've forgotten, but 1 do. And even U=-rif you don't '°ve me thq same way, why If you like ne Quite a lot you could stand jjavlng 8)« around, and-^-1 mean dear, can't 1 take care of —-ALSO —- A Special Combination Offer in Which You Can Buy an All - Porcelian NORGE RANGE —AND— 6 Cubic Foot FRIGIDAIRE Both for Only Sky Untermeyer; The Spider's Fulace, i . _,. — And then this flnal etunt otlsbe turned asd said Montague's — Bending you Q? tp i Wallace Bobby un- ity. was money-bags incarnate, and for his .failure in jour- |The Oz i Mountain, Simon; Uncle Remus & nd the to You (collection), «ujun» 6 uv« w,«...-o *v* tf"-\ v arr v Giens smiled and got un. carry a letter to MarKlBS, thai I ** • t/ •* L. «««.« M«*»« a A~*>~ Harkins that jroo either (WfW *» ] oz *JivJ7 w w * * n hn«» Rui-felna' record or would freSB •»»• _ . ... .... . you were w deeply involved with Harkins that you either (WfW fJ| about BarlMW record or would b» un»blo to baclf out when PU»JJ wagged bta 6e*4 it y<? u after this?" She looked up, wondering. ; "We'd get along." be said. I "You 4o ll k e me, like a—*a sister. Vgu «ald so. And I wouldn't , bother you. I'd-^" I "Who said 1 liked you like « sister?" *'ypu did." "1 wai a fool. You shouldn't nave believed me. It never was true." He looked down dumbly. "J love you like — a sweetheart," said Jean suddenly. "Like 4 wife, Ob, Bobby, darling, It you can eve* forgive-*-" pot iwl tben Bobby kissed her, and she never did manage to finish the sentence, Per Month JVo Down Payment Necessary For Further Details Call Hempstead County Lumber Co. PHONE 89

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