Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1935
Page 4
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HfrkttP *tfclMf t«Jftttktti !»***!« no HBHS araniii HEI a fflanin ratiaa RHCT •scarara (omnn raaas niifflKi tfann ranoiarj KK313 ramraro aaesata fc s away, homes, eteran, make, an tjon. tfte DtfcL 48 Form of "be." 49 Epoch. 50 Medicine In 51 Genus of firs. 52 Container weight. VBtttlCAL 1 Spain. 2 An oasis. 3 Always. A Sand hill. 5 Negative. 6 Presented. • 54 Capital of this 7 Constrained, country. S Southeast. 55 Half of Its 9 Axillary, people live on 10 Ballot wish. . 11 Consumes. is Street. 16 fence picket*. MThts country's premier. 21 Covets. S5 Mortal. 2t noof point covering. . 23 Middle. 29 Before. 32 Wash basin. 33 Great regard. 35 Danger. 3fi Therefore. 3? Pronoun. 39 To eject. 40 Song for one volte. 41 Powder Ingredient 44 Chestnut. 45 Seaweed. 46 Part of school year. 50 Postscript. 51 Cry of pleasure 63 Corpse. n & toy** &>)« S So" 30 8 SI S ^ 10 II 43 ^SS >49- 53 37 i'.' Greenland, in spite of its climate, i Nhe home of more than 400 species Kflowering plants. j ->Y'. •>«•. —. I ^Jale humming 'birds desert their riates before the eggs hatch. The aotners'bring up the family. iiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiMu [Does Your Roof Leak ?= i One-month of rain costs Hope cit-jj£ zejos taorc than one year's fircS aniagc. , Z >: We'Can Fix a Good Roof. E We Can Help an Old One. = | > Sullivan ;Const Co. = iiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii -Bantltl Buy in the Hope Star MARKETPLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you salt 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c 4Tor consecutive .insertions, raini- Jnum of 3 lines in one atf j times, 6c line, min. S0< 6 tunes, Jc line, min. 90c 1 25 i tomes, 3',^c line, mia. ?2-7ft 1 ".(Average 5'/i words to the line) N0TE>-Want ads will be accepted .with'; the Understanding- that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 76& For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company TOL-E-TEX OIL COMPANY. Tractor Fuels and Lube Oils. Anything for Your Car. Phone 370 Day «" d Nig1lt SALES and SERVICE ?15 for your old one $1 Down Balance Monthly. Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 25Q WANTED |lf, hof oughf cond RANTED—30 bushels of corn. A. . Moody, Hope, Route 1. 18-3tp FOR SALE a |i FOR SALE— Horses and mules, See pife. JL Sutton at Sutton and Hale Ser- onafsee station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp akeij -- -- wh| FOR SALE— Perfectly new set of • sees tflathroom fixtures. A Bargain. See |c In Phiiy. P. Agee. 15-6tc Jeath rai FOE SALE or TRADE—Car, Pump leihotgun, hoes, yearlings for milk cows ti<? in ind hay. W, C. Tyler, Washington, ticulaiVrk., Eoute 2. 18-3tp We medi Of these SALE-One $100 scholarship in er Commercial college, good for ,00 on tuition. For quick 5.00 cash. Hope Star. sale at 19-3t FOR RENT ;ga "Ma by ; race ord me FOB SALE—Seven room, two Bath fodern Home with Acre of Ground. Iqiown as the Doctor Kolb :E. 3rd Street. E. B. Scott. 14-12tc RENT—Furnished apartment, I frfvate Bath and Garage. Phone 1-W i 18-ltc i LOST t? Liver and White female j sinter, 3 years old, answers to "Bell." • ewar(| for return. Earl O'Neal lff-3tc LOSTf—Brown kid glove. Reward ir'r?t«rn- "This office. Uc - The story of a girl \\ho followed the dictates of her heart— and w.'is surprised at the c o n s e <| u e n c c •< —makes a rich and warmly human serial. "With All My Love" Begins in The HOPE STAR Thursday, Nov. 21 STARTS TOMORROW i Friend ane LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP OUR Nu HOUSE By WILLIAMS By AMiRN OOf OUft WAY OU30N NEXT .N1#* DOING © 1«5 BV HEA StHVICE. INC. T. M. REC. » 1 B6T IF THAT OL \ MILK COW MAD AMV BftAlNS, SM6'D BE SAVIM' TO TWGT CAT, * YOU LAlV TMIN&-—VCXJ PARASITE- ~VDU PLAVIN' APOUMD. AM' ME WAVIM' TO FEfeO VORe BRATS -ME eEEDIM' PUPS, CATS, CMIGKIMS, PgbPUC.AW EVEN HOGS— AKl'WMUT GOT WMUT IS SHE'S SATISFIED OOWT -3ME AM'AMVOWE WMO O' SUCM THING-S MAIMT SATISFIED —-• SO, WMICM IS BRAINS? SOU KMOW, WE'RE ALL PURSLMM' HAPPIMESS— SM6 DO I GIT OUTA LIFE?* =_ U-ff V?5 If M BV NEA SCRVICt. INC. THE PRIZE WINNER T. M. BtO. U. S. PAT. Off. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hundred Per Cent Wrong by MARTJN . KMC£ tOOUCt \M K9H2. N300T St 9N2W ? t MO ? 1935 OY NEA SERVICE, INC- T. M. REa U. S. PAT. OfF ALLEY OOP The Grand Wizer Adds His Two Bits By CRANE HAH '• YOU'RE TH' ) YES, VERHIGHMESS -BUT ' MUG I BEEN LOOK I M FIRST LEMME TELL YOU I JUS' TAWGLED UP WITH GENERAL ZOOZOO/ ! WHAT 7OOZOO DONE TO YOU WON'T BE A PATCH OW WHAT I'M GONNA DO T' YUM... C'MERE/ JUS" LOOkA THAT! WHAT MJZTH' IDEA.GUMMIN UP MX 'SCRIPTIOW ?.' OiVJ, WOW-TALK -x FAST/ ROYAL" 1 P " OF ? MOO ?r GOZZ'..^ 'HAH! THIS ISTH' DAY IVE BEEW WAITIM FOR- NJOW, HIGHNESS, IF YOU'LL LISTEN TME - —~^-~- -jl^£t© 1935 BY'NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEG, u. s. PAT. OFF. HOLD ON, WHISKERS ~ THIS FUSS IS MO COMCERW OF YOURS, SO VOU kEEP YEE BIG YAWP SHUT, Y'UNDERSTAND/? WASH TUBES Lulu Belle Turns Sleuth By HAMLIN HMM; MEARLV iz O'CLOCK.' MOW PVE S'POSE THAT SKEET FELLER'S" UP TIME O 1 WIGHT? BV 6UPPX HE SURE ACKb SUSPICIOUS LIKE. HF AIM'T SLlMklW AROUMP IM HIS BARE FEET PER MOTHIW' VES, SIREE/ HE'5 UP TO SUMPlM, SURE" A<5 SMOOTIW'. WHV, LOOK, HEfe TAKIW 1 WITH ALL THESE WOULD-BE AROUKJP, IT'S (3ETTIM6 SO A FELLER 6ET UP /M THE MlPPLE OF THE FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS Everything's Lovely OFF HIS CLOTHES. WHY DID YOU WBAR NUTTY'S MASK, FRECK"? WELL, COACH, I WANTED TO PLAY IN THAT GAME:, BUT PEOPLE HAD AN IDEA I WAS YELLOW .' UTTy FI6UBEP MAVgE THE TEAM HAD THE SAME IDEA, AND WOULD LAY DOWN ON THE JOB IF THEY SAW ME IN THE LINEUP/ SO BETWEEN HALVES, NUTTY JWELL SWITCHED CLOTHESS I'LL WITH ME, AND I <BE RUSHED OUT ON THE FIELD IW HIS MASK.CWLY THE" (ZEPEREE, NUTT/ AWP 1 KUEW ABOUT GEE,K1UTTY, I'M SORRY I HAD TO PRETEND I WAS YOU.' IT WASNT FAIR TO YOU.'.' HOOEY/ SHAPYSIPE WOW^ AN 1 THAT'S ALL THAT'S IMPORTANT/ rv^p THE NEWFANGLES (Mom v n 'SO'f JUST A SjTvCH OF PnEWN' EH ? WHAT'S .TUE. GIM^T IDEA, PEEWN' THQOUGU TH' ^"*KEYHOLE ?, WELL, FRECKLES. THE WHOLE TH/M6 WAS I2ATHER UKJUSUAL,BUT I'LL HAVE" TO 6IV/E YOU CREPIT POR THE WAY YOU' RAM WILD AMD WUTTY, TOO, FOR OP SUCH A TRICk, AMP 8EIWQ SUCH AGOOP SPORT/ We'd Say Bo By COWAN YOU COULDNT FIND A CrttsAE ON THET WHOLE CREW,WITH A -_ SEARCH WARRANT SU-H -SH-H ! CANT CHA KEEP YER BIG TRAP CLOSED? I GOTTA HERE / NOT NOW, tV\AYBE, BUT LOOK? I JU5T COLLECTED FORTY CE.MTS T'LET THE^A PEEK THROUGH THE KEYHOLE «" TME FPEAKS \ FREAKS? AND I W/43 IN THERE.' YOU AREN'T INSINUATIN' THAT J'fA ONE OF THEM, ARE. YOU ? \-nA Q IMS BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S ^' • •' • ; ' • ,f ' • \ff f'_ .Off.

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