Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1937 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1937
Page 2
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PAGfifWO" MOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, December 21,1037 Hope jp Star Star of Hope !*»; PrftSSt J927. Cfeaaohaated January 18, 1329. O Jitstice, Deliver Thy ffertttd From False Report! i-i!-.^- 1..W..-J m S._ ,..-.'.-.. - ...... .,_. _...,. ......... . ._ » Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Ptlttet & Ate*. It Washbum), at The Star builaing, 212-214 South , Hope, Arkansas, C. E. PALMER, President AL£X ft WASlIBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press (JfEA)-'Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city cartlef, per week Ife; pet month SSc; ohe yea* $8.50. By mall, in Hempstead, Nevada. Howafd, Miller tnd L&Fayett* Counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Fwss: the Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for reptlblicatlon of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise) credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Cftttfgfcr en Tributes, Etc..' Charges will be made for, all tributes, cards at thanks, feSohi lions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news 'columns to protect their readers Vom,a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility tot U»e sale-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Common Sense Curb On the Demeagogs THIS business recession must be getting serious. Father 1 Coughlin is going back on the air. There was an underproduction of most things during the last depression, but of one thing—demagogy—there was a great glut, a superabundance that ought to have brought the good life unaided. The tubthumpers and the nation-saver? come up out of the nowhere when business indices fall, like night-crawlers coming up out of the lawn after a rain. So we might as well prepare ourselves for a new crop Whether all of the old favorites will reappear or whether we shall have some brand-new ones is not clear, just yet; but that we shall have a bumper yield of them unless business revives is as certain as anything can be. -*•*-* PROBABLY ws shall survive the experience without much Jl damage. A nation that could live through the last depression can live through anything, very likely, and what is ahead of us can hardly be worse than what we have been through. But applied demogogy is a dangerous thing, nevertheless, in this day of masspropaganda techniques. It is dangerous for the same reason that a quack doctor with a suitcase full of patent medicines in dangerous at the bedside of a man critically ill. It offers the wrong sort of remedy, and offers it at a time when people feel desperate enough to try anything. It ought to be obvious that a time of profound depression is the one time of all times when clear, unprejudiced and accurate thinking is needed. Yet that is just what the demagog does not offer; on the contrary, he offers a heavily emotional dose which makes clear thinking impossible. He calls upon people to emote their way out of their troubles. He appeals to their feelings rather than to their reasons. He can do this, in a depression, because there are so many things to get emotional about. * * * E VEN in the best of times, Heaven knows, this imperfect world is full enough of injustice and inequality; when the wheels slow down and honest men are brought face to face with hunger and want through no fault of their own, it is 10 times worse. Than the demagog has his innings. He has but to point to these crying wrongs, beat his breast passionately, damn all the constituted authorities for not doing something, and offer his own panacea. Let him rouse enough honest indignation, and he can save his panacea from critical examination; if anyone :doea criticize it, he can cry, "Ha! So you want things to go on as they are, do you?" And there is no stopping him. c No stopping him—except through the good sense of the people as a whole. In the long run, that good sense proved sufficient last time, and it probably will again. And if this recession deepens, it will once more be put to the test. Go Easy On Brazil I TNDERSECRETARY of State Sumner Welles made an ex- U cellent point in his recent speech at George Washington, 'University, when he remarked that America's "good neigh-; bor" policy in Latin-American affairs has a direct application' in the current upheaval in Brazil. This policy, Mr. Welles points out, calls on the United States to refrain from minding its neighbors' business for them. In other words, the kind of government Brazil chooses to give itself is strictly Brazil's concern, not ours, and our abhorrence of the Fascist label should not cloud the friendly relations that exist between Brazil and this country. As a matter of fact, added Mr. Welles, we may be a bit hasty in pinning the Fascist label on the Vargas regime. Not all of the facts in the matter are known, even now; and for Americans to fly into a furor over a Fascist government that may ^ot turn out to be Fascist at all is rather silly. SANTA CLAUS and COMPANY By KING COLE TM6 -TIMS THAT HAS THOUGHT OP <3iviN6? SAHTA CLAUS ACHSlSTMAS PRESENT, 0UT WHAT Peres TOUY SOWS to <a!VS NO use, SAStA'LU STICK to HIS <30O0 8 WOUU0 KI5M1 HIM, LET'S SAHTA AM Y» Y'ASK Me.SANtA'flJSSt' / ! UlKfe SOM6TMIM' THtf't> auftw UIAA duiLOfifW AIM T By Olive Roberts Barton ? au; There's Art to Getting Good Effect When Trimming the Tree As every Christmas tree is beautiful to a child, it savors of the ridiculous to speak of "style." Yet there are certain rules to follow if you would get the best effect of your ornaments. Distribution has so much to do with appearance that it psiys to count DIP supply of glittering balls, and divide Or mnke small cones, boxes and baskets from stiff gold paper. Children love to help with tree ornaments, to Le left where Suntu can get them Stringing popcorn is .something every child love.s (o remember. Let Older Children Help Perhaps the children are over the p o gerng as, an ve, remaps the children are over the them equally among the pine boughs. ] Santa Clans age, but there is to be a This saves trouble, too. and you won't | tree just the same. Then why not let them help to trim the pine, or spruce, be robbing this and that brunch later to get enough for the last one. The heaviest bulbs should hang near the widest part of the tree, although symmetry is riot necessary. If there is a toddler who has a ten- dene to eat glass, and most babies put everything in their mouths, use unbreakable toys for the lowest boughs. on Christmas Eve? Ask them. Some Still Men Reveal a New Type of Temperamental Film Star HOLLYWOOD. - You'd think the the still camera. Most difficult sub- movie stars would )>e extra gracious jects lie iwiill.s in hi.s time were dura and co-operative with .studio .still pho-; Bow. who .seldom kept an appointment tographers, for certainly the pictures and clowned through those she did printed in newspapers and magazines! keep, and Riciirdir Cortez. The Inlter are the most unvaryingly favorable publicity that players can receive. Well, some of 'cm nre very nice indeed. Many arc painfully persnickety, of lialos in most Hollywoixl eyes, but and others kick like a buy steer at the ; Coburn is enthu.sifi.stic about her. mere mention of posing for portraits. > Once, too busy for ,1 .studio .sitting, .she Hollywood's still men have H list of I had him conn- to her house in the eve- favorites very diferent from the prefer- , ning. He arrived at 10 o'clock tnces of most groups who comu in i ct.ntact with the stars. sva-s sarcastic and just plain ornery. Some Are Helpful Joan licimetl wears only the faintest they worki.-d until 2 a. m. Merle Oberon is another who's very Katharine Hepburn, for instance, isjimient and helpful. Miriam Hopkins | * children love a surprise more than i " photographer's delight. Her angular I is hard tu pin down to an npiiointmcnt.! helping, so in that case, mother and' features offer chnnce.s tor arty effects, but slit 1 keeps those she makes. Also father you will have to be Saint Nick I yourselves. POKES gracefully and patiently, i she offers «»od If you are tired of mixed colors, and ' tlu '- And she keeps appointments on the Irene Dunne is one who becomes \ By OK. MORUIS FISHBEIM Ultor, Journal ot the American Medical Association, «nd of the Health Mtgvzlae. Quiet, Restful Atmosphere Is Urged For Convulsive Disorder Sufferers This Is the eleventh in a series in which Dr. Fishbeln discusses cause, effect and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. (No. 402; Once epilepsy is definitely diagnosed, the care given to the person concerned is of the utmost importance in regulating the number of attacks and the general health of the individual concerned. When an attack comes there may be danger to life as well as to health. Furniture and other materials should be moved so that the person in the convulsive attack will not strike himself in any manner. Biting of the tongue is usually prevented by putting a spoon or lead pencil between the teeth. Tight clothing ahouW be removed. In the period of exhaustion which follows the attack the person is best permitted to lie absolutely quiet. No attempt should be made to hasten has awakening because an activity brought about too early may cause headaches and even persistence of the exhaustion. In rteatment of this condition nowadays the doctor plans not only for the utmost in hygiene and improvement ot the diet but also avoidance of fatigue which seems to lower esistance and increase the irritability. Epileptics do best where they are not faced by exciting and irritating contracts but where life is even and smooth. They should not be exposed! to extremes of heat and cold, irritating' light effects, prolonged heat cycles, thunderstorms and similar atmospheric condition. The occupations which they choose should not be those which demand great physical labor, intense concentration, mental fatigue, emotional strain, worry or anxiety. A great deal of research has been ! done on the diet and particularly the j water balance of patients. Control I these factors seems to be important in ! lessening the number of attacks. Especially valuable are some of the new drugs which have been found to replace the bromides which used to be i the only drug available for people with this condition. i A warning should be issued, how- i ever, against those people who prey | upon the sick and who offer to sell , ''sure cures" for this condition. These cures consist invariably of strong seda- tivfc drugs, prescribed in a dosage and with a persistence far beyond that usually used by physicians familiar with the treatment of such ca.ses. A properly regulated hygiene of life, particularly in mental activities, the diet, the water intake and the rest, will do much to lessen the number of attacks in any case. in his sicle-oi-the-mouth. tough-guy manner—as ever; and his new novel, 'Serenade" (Knopf: $2.50), is well worth your while if you can stand a few shocks. In this book, Mr. Cain deals with a >roken-down grand opera singer who is on his uppers in Mexico City. Voice gone, money gone and pride gone, this man falls madly in love with a haU- areed prostitute, recovers his lost voice ay a convenient miracle, smuggles the ady back to the United States, and sets out to make a career for himself. What happens then is almost as dizzy as some of the things that happen in real life. He breaks into the movies, scores a big success, gets a Metropoli- an contract, and is presently sitting on the world, back in New York, as wealthy and as successful as a man could wish to be. Then his buried past bites back at lim. A sinister rich man who has a more-than-brotherly attachment for n comes on the scene; the hot-blooded Mexican lady picks up a bull-fighter's sword and kills the rich man— and then our singer goes down the adder as fast as he came up, fleeing with his lady love to Latin-America igain and winding up about where he started on his uppers in Mexico City. All of this Mr. Cain unreels for you with great skill, so that this becomes one of those "once I picked it up I couldn't lay it clown" books. It is fast, violent, outspoken, brutal—and, under everything, essentially romantic. Rcmance isn't necessarily a matter of honeyed speeches, moonlight and honeysuckle, and stately southern plantations. It is principally a way of looking at life; among other things, it is the ideae that the world can be well lost for love. That idea Mr. Cain expresses in this book. want a change, all blue ornaments, or i Sylvia Sidney, on the other hand,! self-conscious before the still can,- j ..11 ..it..»» ,.„ m .—« ,i. i: may be a favorite of the correspond-' **''*'• nn( ' would rather visit a dentist g ents but she's a hetulnche to the cam- than K '< for Coburn. He admires her j A all silver or green, depending on your taste, make a beautiful effect. But don't forget the star at the top, whatever color scheme you choose. To me, Christmas colors are still red and era boys. They're the ones on whom 1 she pours whatever pent-up fury she hnppens to be hoarding. Nobody, per- green, but all red makes a rather over- hops even Miss Sidney herself, knows a great deal. Del Rio. who Also h<> like.s Dolores belies her impression of powering display. If you can find them, a nice change from spherical ornaments are glass birds. Children are always excited when they discover little animals and Santa Clauses in unexpected places on the wonder tree. However, it is best not to sacrifice glitter too much. This fruit-bearing evergreen must shine at all casts. If ornaments are scarce, a package or two of "icicles" the just the thing. "Landscaping" Base of Tree Under the tree, ah, here is where daddy shines at his best. He probably about July to browse for barnyard citizens in miniature, and to concoct tunnels and hills. But in case, just in case, mother x the terrain is left to your ingenuity, the area under the tree is not hard to fix. Hide the holder either with cotton sprinkled with mica^r get some dark green flannel, which lends itself easily to caves and mountains. Bright tin pans make good lakes, if you slide them under the cloth and cut holes. Today "creches" are purchasable at a very few cents; that is, the holy family and the manger scene. Many families prefer the "story" of Christmas to other decorations. Hang some gayly wrapped gifts on the tree, for the children to pluck. The lights. I leave to you, your purse and your imagination. J, the reason for this antipathy. patrician dignity. She'd stand on her head if a cameraman needed a shot. So would Andrea Leeds. Ginger Rogers, an agreeable and j M OS J flexible personality in most ways, is another troublesome subject. For one thing, she's very difficult to light advantageously. For another, she refuses to follow photographers' direction and attempts to pose herself. Has a large mirror placed next to the camera and believes the lens will see her as she sees herself. Wrong, of course. Marlene Dietrich and Claudette Colbert have the same trick. The latter will allow only the left side of her A New Year Resolution We're turning a new ''leaf" (as wo always do at the beginning of each .season) . . . and we're clearing every single garment in our full and Winter collection in order to start out 1938 with a stock that's brand n-e-w! So we've taken the quickest possible way ... made reductions that dwarf most savings we've offered in the past few seasons! There's no guesswork about what you save or what you get in this sale! men are .self-conscious about posing with women, I'spocially in kissing scenes. William 1'owoll and Richard Dix are two notable exceptions, the photographer says. When a tight clinch is suggested, they grab the girl in a way that almost melts the emulsion on the film. Gary Cooper is putty in a still man's hands. Cooper doesn't know how to pose, and realizes it, so he allows a photographer to tell him exucalty face to be photographed, and that fields , what to do. That makes him u. perfect Rice, wheat and millets are the three greatest food crops of China. A line of English rajahs has ruled the independent nation of Sarawak, on the coast of Borneo. to the complications. lie's Independent Most still photographtrs' are very reticent about discussing their subjects, but Bob Coburn, head of Samuel Goldwyn's still department, is such a skillful am! sought-after picture maker that he can afford to be outsrjoken. Also by refusing to piny stooge for the whims and tantrums of stars he has won respect and special requests for his services. Miss Sidney asked for him. Constance Bennett used to have a trick of telling still men: "I'll give you just 10 seconds to make your picture." Then she'd ridicule them while they fumbled their equipment in im effort to get set up and shoot in such a short time. When sne gave Cobarr. rie* to-second ultimatum he picked up nis camera and walked away. For three years thereafter he was the only photographer for whom she's pose. Ami he ul- j ways took his time. Coburn, 34, has been in Hollywood 17 years and is a former cinematographer who returned to his first love, subject. ALL SUITS PRICE 2 Still a Good Selection GORHAH & GOSNE1L TOM BOB FOR CHRISTMAS The. Best Gift of the Season FRIGIDAIRE 4 CUBIC FOOT 8 Lbs. Each Freezing 1937 MASTER Special $149.50 t LOW DOWN PAYMENT—EASY TERMS 6 CUBIC FOOT 10 Lbs. Each Freezing 1937 MASTER Special $225-00 6 Piece Vitrock Refrigerator Set in BLUE OR RED S2.95 BELMONT Electric Radio 5 Tube $24-95 A A Xmas Present I PHILCO For You 10 % This Offer Applies to All S Off on any Item listed in this ad from now until Christmas. Battery Radios Electric Irons Electric Toasters BICYCLE Head & Tail $|.45 Light Sets *•"• 1 ABC Electric Washing Machines 6 Pound 8 Pound $72.50 $89,50 STERO ELECTRIC Washing Machines BABY CLOTHES S8.95 NEXT: A Book 9 Day By Bruce Catton GENUINEHADEES {FLASHLIGHTS Hot Water Heaters $g.95 » With Batteries Complete V— $ 2 Cell Bron?e SEA-BREEZE Fast, Ktugh, and Brutal, But It's Romantic Jafno.s M. Cajri i.s a.s haf/Jboiled, as thoroughly readable imd us romantic — 112 South Main SEAT COVER STRAW AUTOMOTIVESUPPY CO Standard Replacement Parts $5.95 Phone 144 Hope, Ark. $075 And Up Beautiful Modern Living Room Suites in Homespun, Velours, Mohairs and Tapestries. Prices never before heard of. $34*50 and up 3 and 4 Piece Suites in All Finishes Desk Set $12.50 Less Chair Walnut Finish m m *2 & ** « « fc 9 w Suitable Christmas Gifts for All the Family Hope Furniture Co. (R. V. Herndon T- S. Cornelius j

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