Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 6
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sT-tv • V**'. . I..V - b ' , July 30, 1952 HOM STAR, HOFI, ARKANSAS file 1 .HOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, July 30, |Vff 'ouchfhg Event * UH — On# nf UIA fcvenU of the Demo- H6n occurred when «ltu. ot Illinoi* led (ten, up the platform »ttp« id _„ ht W»i ftbandonlittf any of, wmnlnjt «b* pr«»i<Jentidi Man, , hp'n (ho Senator from , whore Adlfll Htovcniion In For Governor - Vote by County County Arhonun* Tot. JUxttr lli-ntnn Wiofi r,*w)m iinrt-catT)i>al«n«<t for -mlrtflllOT, tWd ntA Alovtntnn, llfttiil « flrfit«Ho|*t ft, c> Who know* Donald* n>w« he Idji mttft of Interwt f«el- rlWflr lTwh*n ha wun In fori/ftf nod UtoreCflfa wax 4ft '«rt Ihtouflh ib« iBmo train- it tho yauntMt rscnilt wo* upon to onduro. He founhl [ii thbr!?{i#I/le And at Okinawa, and woundit Umt tort onp bund Jifld muck clone to Ktfauver Nroiigh all ihe-trying eor.y dny« to- tmnventfon. UK hod no nm« lion /of .tho pronldoney » nad flatly r»jeotwl any . vihat h« bo n candidate, JM f r»»t brook came on Friday, |?0>£ ttie<!riMt two ballon, That th« Brad toy Colhoiin Carroll Chlcot Clark CUy Clvnurna Clevclrind Columbia Coliwoy Crawford Crlttendf-n Cro»K Drew Faulkner Franklin Jul ton Clarland Orant Oreene Hot llownrd Iridpnce hwrtl Juckdon (r»m winning, returned -j - 4 --,.-..-.-.- __,_._„ Hdrrimon «fy hart th« onnounc«ment (hat ho and wni throwing J Slflvaniton, which MI would get tho , JiBt«Iy uiUewardi Oov. D« tf <MfUittQhiM<iU*»<tyha had tho t Wk»toe of,delc8o»« vote* from oUh,»UBrf Jioving no real i »>f j|>c jioliiiinatUm, came TOfbiljn, '« the end of iho road hud vaittptilgnod Kplnjt from count to lit'JounUeHN UiQUHnnd* 'mBHJflll,'»|>ePC'h«i» without t had lout to Rttvimxon who ittld onp w.-jrd in hlo own heat all, Johnton lSofoy«tlo Luwronco Lee Lincoln tittle Hlvor and Dffor In hi* »*nt fi rwrn a who (loors nway, (to diroetly to Uon o |1 Htuiounoo til* ^ jjj^/oowi!"" •« !»«• Uve KtMlntf, Duuj(lu» Umoke Madlnon Mnrlon MlnKlHtdppI Monroe Montgomery Nevada Newton Outicliltn Parry . Phillip* Pike J'olk PtiJlO 1'nilrlo rulimkl Itunclftlph Saline Scott Sovkr Sharp St.FrunclH Stone Union Von Huron the U>-Jnrib tjie ty off to one tide, Only Die >0n clQI« to th« itairway «()e what wn« happening on tninvoy. DouBlo», »u«»rlng lor In thin woimnl of Itls While Woodruff 2ft zn 2(1 47 3,1 27 17 21) ID 40 27 JO 17 30 20 34 ,11 27 22 2.1 21 III III :m 21 41 21 37 84 33 33 3(1 3ft no 33 24 21 93 22 111 20 ;w 31) 21 24 43 00 23 22 27 an 3) an 87 10 :H 27 :i7 ID -ii 20 It) 4(1 Ull 2.1 24 au ,13 a 40 •17 Jil Vein. Hplni! 2.1 24 Zfl 40 2.1 27 in X!) II! ;i'i in !W in 27 12 in :to 30 33 ill 41 21 37 M 32 30 .13 35 no 3:1 24 21 3ri M III 20 15 30 in 21 43 (10 23 23 27 27 'M 211 27 111 14 27 III) 1:1 no ;to <n nu 17 42 211 2ft 22 22 as 11 4(1 42 in ao Chfrrry 107 nmi 17. (Mi 057 411) 4115 M? linn im 07 n;u MI4 1 4<H/ 41(7 75 211 1 1 T> 3flO ,'KIOO ll'.ll r,w fl.',;t fill) 214 M^Malh f(!4 877 Oil wo IIIKI 771 «!)•( I. ''.Mil 11:10 1101 4711 40? 4:d 20(17 WM I 17!! II7II •III! I'/'IKI 7 (HI n r> 1117 I 'M I 1.07 304 ir>ni 12:10 1420 \n (100 U4I .'147 4070 :«)» 231 I Oil I OKI 4111 no Hill I KM 17 fil) 733 nm HH nun 13 112(1 '.!!•! 1 WO on 13434 Total •i Hit 1.11 aa-i 1WW 210 41110 07 ,'M92 1107 ;M:I 82004' j;ur, -101 ,i«it II -in 11112 7011 710 47(1 u»a 7S3 iiin-i :r.i7 mm 404 1M.KI I '.!3 ICIHU 1120 r.ni •tin 24,'i liir.ii 11)22 103.1 MUD Mnrry 10.14 044 no :IM I no !ii;t 01)11 ^,'i(! 4J7 420 4(1 75 :,:,•( 2*1 1702 40.1 r.oi in rr.ii 432 7:) 101 7S3 41 2511 1200 :'2ii .10 a;i2 447 2t!0 44 114 I '.III I) 270 1 31) mo 280 n no 10 K!07 0!) KIO.'I •1 III! 143 2:M III! .'UN. I '10 MM I '.!7 (I.) 24 Tackott :i77 701 :M !»or> 3(13 3«l 00 1.127 127 47« 101 1070 7«7 1114 Court Rules German Pact Is Legal llll IV1 22 7:10 120?. 214:1 7n:i 031 oo.i OOH .190 0:15 104,1 on 1«2 1(1.1.1 1.172 230 7 27d 330JI 1131 UG'I nun 11,1 1,1 '.2 70 •\OI1! Vi>4 I'.IM •Jt 77 S 12 II 7 10! 'I III 42!H 1.1:11 S13 Mil till 11171 112 0(12 illll 2!)(! IMS)!) C!<>r>nnny <fl •-- (Jcrrriiin Chancellor Knnr;t'l won court victory I" t!»y In hi* flKht fur riitlfjcnllrm "f hi.i cnuntry'n nllinnce with th.' W'-ttl hut the w;ty wni Ir.-fl open for tnot-f Ir'Kal Imttlr-fl that could rfdny (jtTHinn Hr/arrnamont. The ("nniiltiitlonnl Court tuicn It rr,ulrj nr,t cimMklr-r Suclallst trhiil- |r n«>'M rif thir pcnco contract wild tlu- Allies imcl iht Europcnn nnt.y iixrt'ijtru-nt until the pucls had t.i i-tl ('Mill Ir'rl into lnw by the 1 W" t f»f'ri)i«n I'nrllnmctit. The two troutIIM, cnellnR ninf-l occupation controls and obHfjiilim; Wi'st (tcrmnny to ralsr> riOO.txK) troo|jfi for the proposfd I'lurop'-.m tirmy. foic up for fln.'il volt- lifter thi- -lowc.'i 1 hi-iisf of I'arllntncnl, itic JUiixtcxtnif, rccunvont's In Soptcm The- cfciirl doclNlon wits n IHK booitt toward rnliflciitirin. since Uif i trilntruil ri;ftiK«'d lo rule on Soci;il- Isl cixitentioii'i Ihiit thr- pnct.s could. be iippruvcd only uftt.T national c-Icctions chose u new Purlin incut utul uflcr n confitltutlonal iiinend- merit (iiilhnri/injj renruiiiiticot, Socialist It-iiflcr Kurt Si.-hutiiacli- (•;• hud pci'dictcd hhi parly would be .swept Into office if a nation..! flection was ordered this year. Otherwise, the Adenauer K"vctn- merit Is not scheduled to fiu-e the lectoiale until l!)."i:i. It I.H uotKTiilly adinitted that tho Kovcrnrneiil can not mtt.ilcr tin 1 iwo-thirdH majority of Ihe prevent Ititiult'Xtnu m-ccHSary to chtiriKc* tin: constitullein, .illhuiij'.h Die nuineri- Citl superiorlly of Its coalition over the Socialist-led opposition alliiu\(>! appears In a.ssure ratification nf the treulies. Favors Extension to General Airlines If You Feel You Are in a Rut *Here Are Some Suggestions on Ways, Means to Break Out Sister Kenny Told Reds a Thing or Two' By HAL BOYLE NKW YORK (/It-Are you ono of tl.r- mlllieins of Amcricatis who feel thciTiNelvox in a rut? Has life Klve-n you ovcrythlng you yenrncd for: A wife-, chilclre:n a job, it hejrtie in tho suburbs. cv<n a place to park your motor r,ir-;j!;d still you feel dissatisfied? Tlir:ii you are sufferim- from civ- ili/a lion's moat wielesprcad tlis- i-;.ie-io ice't what you want. The'i-r.. i. only c>i;i> -cure. 1 , and lhal Is to you dull a habit, and turnj nj?htin« infantile lopsy-turvcy in a l"day sl'i.- told the 20017 A three-year Urouaht reduced the cnltli' population of tlio uiiint Kmn Jluncth In tJoutlKTii Texas from 85,• 000 to 00,000, in has (ended to the United States and is now grown Southern Illinois. us far north WASHINGTON W — A Civil' mind AeroiiiMilirs Hoard examiner i.-.' n commending that Central Air- lino.t receive a fl-year renewal of its local service corlifieato •- prii-, viileil the company adds certain' .slops nnd eliminates others. | Thi' examiner rrcommended that; Ci.nil-ill rxii-nil Its Oiillas-Texar-! Uana mule i-ast to Little Rock via lint .Springs. He also recommended that local air service he provided between Little Hock and Shreveport, I.a., via I'ine Hluff, Camdcn and HI Oorado. Ark.: that American Airlines suspend service at 'lYxarkana and that IMno Bluff and El Dorado i be eliminated us stops by Chicago nnd Southern Air Lines. Jack: "Has! your wife changed much since you married her?" Mack: "Yes —- my friends, my clothes, my hours and my habits." life; \vny. To do this you don't have to run dfl with your stenographer, disinherit your children, bait your boss. ;el fire to your car or become a top fighter. You can break the pattern of sameness in your lift- in ymall ways as well as big ways. Hi-re are a few suggestions on liuw to find fresh windows to adventure: 1. If you invariably start the day. with a glass of orange juice, have a piece of watermelon for a change! 2. Comb your hair differently if I yi ii have any. Kveryone will remark, "what's happened to you— >IMI look younger." II. If you have been giving w ife a goodbye peck on the check taeh morning, kiss her full on the mouth. If she doesn't die of surprise, there will be a new sparkle, in h'-r eyes when you come home. 4. Tell your boy. "geo son, kids have it a lot tougher today than they "did when I was your age." 'I IMS will give him a new respect for your judgment. He may oven go out and cut the lawn. ">. If you have been riding on tin- left side of the bus every day, | switch over to the right side. That i will give you some fresh bus cards j Id read and ponder over. I Ii. Lunch at a new restaurant . each noon. A man's stomach gets , as weary of a rut as a man's By EDITH K. ROOSEVELT LOS ANGKLKS, (UP) ---Sister Elizabeth Kenny, the Austrialian nurse v. ho has spent a lifetime paralysis, said Soviet secret police "a thing or two" when she visited her clinic in Russia. The 65-year-okl nurse, • who appeared with eight reporters on a televised news fonferencf 1 . said she now has 18 clinics behind the lion Curtain. Two years ago, she was lavited to go to Uu.^ia to give Soviet scientists a demonstration of her trratment of infantiln paralysis. "The Soviet officials asked me what my politics were." she said. "1 told him I don't have any politics, but I don't like yours." Sister Kenny, herself a sufferer from Parkinspn's disease, told reporters she was "a dying woman." The white-haired polio expert re |,roached the National Foundation fnr Infantile Paralysis for its failure to cooperate with her research and support he.- in making tho rc- fults of her studies available the public. "In 65 per cent of cases poliomyelitis is treated by , "IS method In the early stages, said, "its effects are minimized] the invaded areas. Forty two yef figo I discovered what the doctcj iire only just learning now—th poliomyelitis is not a disease cal to certain areas, but sys| mlc." The first patient she ever tre| ed, she said, is now a tennis coa| and the father of nine children. Sister Kenny said the yiv causing poliomyelitis has beeir"cj finitely isolated. "I have microphotagraphic pi tures of some of the virus, s] said. SOCIETY Pnont 7-8481 Between 8 'A. M. and 4 P. M. served to the guests nnd to thirteen members of the Green Laster club. Mrs. Carter Sutton presided at the punch bowl. After refreshments an enjoyable visit together climax ed the aiternoon. DOROTHY DIX New Interest Needed Calendar Wednesday, July 30 The Christian Men's Fellowship lot the First Christian Church will give their annual watermelon fes have retiirnrd from a visit with Mr. uiul Mrs. J. W. Patterson, .Jr. in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Policeman Charles \V. Abbott of 1 • j Shrovt'port, I,a., who is attending tival at Fair .Park Wednesday | school at the Slate Troopers Po- cvening, July 30, at 7:30. Bring j lice Department in Baton [your whole family and have a Ijiood time together. K. K. Ambrose will be in charge. And more pretty waitresses. 7. Whenever you feel overborne ill your melancholy lot. go visit the nearest church, cemetery, or slum section. Each will give you a reason to quit your inner whining. iJ. At least mice n week do something completely new. Walk a different way. swim in a different pool, read a different kind of book, or visit a different store. !). Take up a hobby you postively cannot afford. Many men simply can't afford not to be interested in trying to net something they your j cannot possibly ever buy. For them it is better to get something they cannot possibly ever buy for their it is better to save up for a yacht than to buy n rowboat. Nothing destroys most people like achievement. 10. Find the person who dislikes you most, and, no matter how| ignorant and worthless he is, force him against his will to not to like you. This can be more fun than anything, and, of course, after he does get to like you, then you tell him to go to hades if you want to. But you probably won't. Jf a man does these things he may not necessarily escape his nit but he'll l»e enjoying himself so much lie will no longer remember he is even in it. Fan or Furnace? Thursday, July 31 The Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will hold its monthly potluck supper at the home of Mrs. Bill Mudgclt Thursday night. July 31, at 7 o'clock. Supper will be served at 7:30. In case of rain it will be held at the church. Department in Baton Remtje.' spent the week end with his wife, and son, Charles Jr., who are visiting Mrs. Abbott's parents, | Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Rogers of. I Hope. Mrs. J. C. Atchley, Mrs. David Waddle. Mrs. Jai.ies McLarly, Jr., Mrs. Jimmy Griffin, Mrs. Walter Hatliff, Mrs. Lester Kent, and De Roan ! I The He Roan Home Demonslra-j ! tion club entertained the members: ! of the Baker 111) club with i\ teal j at the home of Mrs. Ruck Rogers j Tuesday. July 22,. between the : i hours of ,"i and 7 p.m. j Guests were greeted at the door i by Mrs. Kogers and Mrs. Sam' Roaih. They were invited into' the dining room by Mrs. B. B. Holt where Mrs. j. H. O'Stecn presided at the punch bowl assisted by Mrs. Herman Lester and Mrs. W. Cassidy. Artistic arrangements of summer flowers were placed at vantage points. Approximately 2.1 guests called during the appointed hours. Mrs. Oliver Adams attended a 2 Monday, August 4 Mrs. R. L. Gosnell will pre sent her summer piano class in i day, recital for their parents. Monday | night, August 4, at ti o'clock at 119 North Pino. day statewide leadership training program of the Arkansas Congress of Parents and' Teachers held at Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia, Monday und Tucs- There will be a called meeting of the Nandina Garden Club Monday, August 4. at 7:oil at the home o£ Mrs. .Thomas Fenwick, Jr. i Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mullins of Dallas, Texas, are visiting Mr. MuUins' parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Mullins. and other and friends. ill Ail If you want a fan or a furnace, or almost anything else, you can find a dealer who sells it in the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory. The Yellow Pages are a handy, complete guide for almost anything you want to buy, sell, rent, or have repaired. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. | "Going .us the theme jr, jib* IftV«mor „._,„„ i& win i-tttomlnuUou Chvrry (n 'r«m»ln in hu h«r» twnor Wilt we WWwln THANK YOU Sn ,P <' ii*St m *\ ra*» *L»- JUDGE FRANCIS CHERRY Wishes to express his deep appreciation for the vote given him in Hope and Southwest Arkansas Keep up the good work iinti Final Victory on August 12. He sincerely solicits the support of all friends and supporters of the other candidates, and ask them to join him in this campaign. 4 * *) Miss Clara Allen Honored with Shower Mrs. Eugene Co>: ;md Miss Fay Black honored Miss Clara Allen, bride-elect, of Joe Barrentine, with a miscellaneous shower Tuesday night, July 29, on the la'wn of the Cox home. The honorec was presented a corsage of blue carnations and was the recipient ol! many useful gifts. to a Wedding" was used of the parly which was conducted as a play with tho prize going to Mrs. Orval Allen, mother of the honorce. Arrangements of garden flowers were placed at points of interest. The dining table,, covered with a| white imported linen cloth, held; a center arrangement of pink, gladioli and white Marconi dai-j sies in a low crystal bowl. | Individual cakes and punch j sweie served to sixty-six guests., MHs Joyce Greenlt-e served thei caks and Miss Betty Guthrie pour | cd the punch. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Hamilton and children of Husscllville are visiting friends in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Walter daughter, Carolyn, of were Tuesday visitors Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Miss Vclma Goss, of Hope, Mrs. Fred Glanton, Hope, Discharged: Miss Mary Tyler, Rt. 4, Hope, Hoy Dyer, Rt. 1, Ho- e. Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Still, Hope announce the arrival of a son. Columbus The Columbus Home Oemonslra lion club entertained the Blevins HD club at an informal tea on ,the lawn at the home of Mrs. J. E. Delaney the guests th a short business meeting. The guests arrived at 8 p.m. and were introduced by the hostess relatives! After visiting on the lawn, Mrs., Delaney invited the group to enjoy refreshments from a table covered with a lace table cloth, centered with a boukuet of periwinkles. Mrs. Billy Webb assisted in serving. There wore 9 members from the Blevins club and U from the Columbus club, one visitor, Mrs. TJ. C. Phillips and two children. The next club meeting will be in the school lunch room. Dear Miss Dix: 1 am n lady almost 40. have boen married twenty-two years and have two sons, one in the Navy nnd one tl years old. I'm in a rut and don't know l.ow to Ret out of it. My husband and I have never been companions. He is just a provider and I'm just a housekeeper. I don't want to leave because 1 want a home for my beys. We are buying a homo. My husband makes a small salary so I haven't the money to join clubs or do anything else to make friends We've only lived in this place for a short time, and I don't make friends easily. Since my boy went into service it Is more lonesome than ever for me. 1 would like to go to work but my husband won't have it. He says the younger boy needs me at home. The only place 1 ever go is to my mother's and home again. MRS. K, M. Answer: A lady-in her late thirties is much too young to put herself on a shelf and retire from the Locke and Magnolia, in Hope. Preceeding arrival of j world. Naturally, the absence of Columbus club held your older son has left a gap in the family circle that is difficult to accept, but you must fill it with someone else. Your two boys give you the best introduction you could have to activities that will ease your own loneliness, and at the same time help you to cheer someone else. Try Mothers' Gr°up Eisenhower Set to Start Campaign By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH OKNVKK i.li -Hack :>t his cum p:\imi headquarters lifter a 10-dii.v vaention, lien, MwiKhl l>. Kisen i houer stowed away his tishiiH!! j,ear ahd turned full attention In: day Id pressing his liid^ for the; presidency. The Hepubliean nominee re- liirneil here last UiKht from thi' Kocky Mountain eatlle ranch near Kramer. Colo., where he went for a rest a few days after the Hepub- liciui National Convention. Firs; on the general's agenda to day was a conference with his newly appointed political chief of staff, Guv. Sherman Adams of New Hampshire. Kisenhnwer plans to spend most of the rest of the week c o n f e i r i n (i with other party leader.'!. Yesterday, the general's final day at Kraser, was devoted only in part to relaxation. A j'.ood share \\iis isiveii over to discussion of Josephine Admitted: Mrs. Jim McKenzie Hope, Mr. A. R. Bennett, Washington, Mrs. O. McQueen, Mope. Discharged. Mr. \V. O. Carlton, Gurdon, Mr. and Mrs. O. McQueen announce the arival of a son July 30. Cbming and Going iviray Lee Thompson of Little Rod i is spending several weeks will her sister, Mrs. Lee R. Still, who is ill in a local hospital. Clubs Rocky Mound I The Rocky Mound Home Demonstration club entertained the Hopewell club with a tua Thursday afternoon from 3 to 4 at the home of Mrs. Earl Dudley Artistic arrangements of summer flowers were placed at vantage points. Guests were greeted by Mrs. Dudley, Mrs. Jerlos. and Mrs. Mosser, officers of the club, introductions the guests were invited into the living room to register after which they were served from the table covered with a linen cutwork cloth and ccnterod j with a crystal bowl of pink bou- ganville vine. Mrs. Violet Mitchell presided at the punch bowl. Cookies, nuts and mints were arranged in a serve, yourself manner. Miss Hannah Sumner was tile "weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Haddix and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Haddix of Texarknna, Texas. Mrs. C. J. Rowe and son, Jim mie Bert, have returned from weekend visit in Atlanta and Augusta, Ga. They also visited Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Motion in Smyrna, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Patterson Green Laster On Friday afternoon, July 25, the Green Laster Home Demonstration club entertained the Ccn- terville club with a tea in the club house at the Experiment Station. The guests were greeted at the door by Mrs. Ernest Cobb. Mrs. Carrie Dragoo, and Mrs. Lloyd! Collier, officers of the entertaining a i club. Summer flowers were placed on the mantle and piano. The dining table was covered with a white luncheon cloth centered with flowers. Punch, cookies and nuts were BETTER 1st RUN MOVIES AT YOUR HOPE THEATRES • Air-Conditioned For Your Comfort O STARTS TODAY _ O FEATURES: 3:10 - 5:10 - 7:10 - 9:10 JUNGLE-KING ogoinsf KILLER OUTLAW HORSE! before YO Your Range,! Check Important Advantages of an , : and the • STEVE COCHRAN and "WILDFIRE" THE WOf.DlR HORSE A WAISE8 IROS SHORT "The Art of Archery" Joe McDookes Comedy & News Convicted Grow Faces Suspension FORT MEADE, Md. —(UP.) — Maj. Gen. Robert W. Grow, former L'. S. military attache in Moscow, today faced an official reprimand and suspension from command for six months for letting his "war now" diary fall into Communist nands. A high-ranking military court martial yesterday found Grow-guilty of two offenses—improperly ro- corcling classified military information in private records and failing to safeguard properly classified military information. The court martini's sentence, however, will be subject to review by the commanding general of the 2nd Army, the judge advocate general and the Court of Military Appeals before it becomes final. The court martial, which con ducted the five-day trial in the strictest secrecy, aquitted Grow 01 a third charge, which was described by Army information officers as "more serious" and involved classified information that could not be made public. Crow's diary was allegedly stolen and photographed by Communists agents while the 57-year-old gtncral was in Frankfurt, Germany on official business. 1C o m in ulnlst ' propagandists promptly exploited militant passages in the diary to support their "warmongering" charges agamsi the United States. Radio Moscow nlso claimed that the diary proved that Grow was a "spy" engaging in "subversive activities" within Russia. Many communities, probably including yours, have groups of Navy mothers who meet for mutual encouragement and to do what they can for their own sailors, as well as any others who could use a little help. Contact your local Red Cross Chapter (in your telephone book under American Red Cross), and ask them to put you in touch with such a group. Have no hesitancy in joining them. You'll find that other sailors' mothers, like yourself, want company and will welcome you as one of them. Your 11-year-old son also presents nn opportunity for you to WHO. meet mothers of children his age. After | The school he attends undoubtedly has a Parent-Teacher Association, which always welcomes new mem bers. Participation in your son's schoolwork will soon banish all remaining loneliness. Remember, when meeting new people, to concentrate your interest on them. Forget yourself, your shyness, your loneliness. You are with them to do a community job — not to worry about your own shortcomings. Don't apologize for your Keif-consciousness and they'll never know it exists. Ask for work, and in mutual accomplishment, you'll find fine friends. These activities cost very little money, too, and whatever expenditure you must make is so worthwhile Jhat a little more skimping won't Tie begrudged. Since your city is the Center of considerable naval activity, why not act as hostess to a lonely sailor now and then? Have one or two home for dinner some Sunday, to your mutual benefit. Here again, the ,Red Cross will help by telling you where to send your invitation. So much work is needed in the world today, so much kindness, so much charity, that it's actually to sin to let willing manpower go to waste. Get busy on something to help someone else, and you will have had your last lonely moment. from her pay? Should she pay board? ' K. N. Answer: 1 am always irked at the idea of a child paying "board" into the home where she has been nurlured and cherished all her life. A home is not a boarding house, and any amount of money contributed towards its upkeep by a working child is part of her responsibility toward that home — not a standard stipend lo he paid as to strangers. The amount of money contributed depends on so many eircum stances that no definite amount could possibly be set by a stranger. The girl's expenses, the needs of the home, whether she is saving for higher education, paying her own doctor and dentist bills, insurance,etc.. all are matters lo be considered. The amount arrived at should be settled in family conference. pinna with his vice presl-j dcntinl I'unninii mate, Sen. Richninl M. Nixon ot Cnltfornta. Nixon drove to the ranch from Denver pnvly in the morning nntl — before the serious tnlkint! got stnrted—recetvcd Ills first lesson ! In how to cast for trout. Ills tutor? The OOP presidential nominee, nn expert fisherman. Hefore the conference, Kisen- howe'r and Nixon joined In predict- itit; a Republican victory in Nov ember over the ticket the Donui crats se'.octed in Chiengo hist week —CJov. Adlni Stevenson of Illinois as the presidentl:\l cnndidiih- and Sen. John .1, Spnrkmim <>f Alabama for vice president. j Nixon suld he was confident "wej are going to have the victory fur' Gen. Kisenhower that the country j r.eeds." Sented on a bench alongside Ihe j ralifornla senator, Kisenhower interrupted and told his Hl-year-old running mate: "You menu victory for Ihe party and not just for me, my boy and, I more important, Victory for Ihe country." After the conference in li'isen hower's rustle cabin, Nixon issued this statement: "Tht? general nnd 1 disci'iised] campaign organization, and itincr-' ary, as well as strategy and tactics| and several of the major issues.! "The general and 1 agreed that this shall be as iulenslve a campaign as we can make 11. We expect to conduct a fighting cam palgn on the issues and the fuels, and lo bring our case lo the people. , "When the campaign gets under , way, we shall visit as many ol Ihe I slates as possible, including slates In the South." ! Hence the nomination of Alabama's Sen. SparUman to run with Stevenson on the Democratic ticket apparently had no effect on plans of the Republican cnndltlatcs to invade the South — trndlUonnlly hd for lht % Democrats, tlon Adjourned. A bit Inter, Mtx vor antf told n news fetottf Over the week-end, Rlsrnhowcc ,md Nixon both slapped, nt tha RtevensotvSpnrkmnn ticket ns one commuted to nllout defense of Urn Trumnn administration record. "The Democrat party hns named its candidates nnd otters them Ihe country on a oneplnnk pi form: defense of the entire administration record." Kisenhower said in n statement Saturday, n few hours after the Democratic conven Stevenson and Spafkman ffl . scene but that they owed afiog to "the same old*deal" to int- The strategy was cleat 1 ,' rublltnn to ' conce eoncentf nte * tlfcflr * flrS on Truman administration and' Stevenson 'to 'It' M ttto -PfeSWi personal choice't6 succefl tho While .House. >•. Released By The Inc. Bell Syndicate, HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club<rd. LAST DAV Knthryn GRAYSON <,, by Tochnlcolor Don't Miss These Values CLEAR A N C E MEN S PANTS 100 PAIRS These summer pants are from our regular stock. Priced for quick clearance. Buy several pairs at these low prices. One Group Values to 9.95 One Group Values to 6,95 $5.00 $3.90 Dear Miss Dix: Although I am 16 years old, my father won't let me go out with boys as he says I will fall in love and want to get married. He thinks I am too young. What can I do to make him sec I have no intention of falling in love and getting married? 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