Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1935
Page 6
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»>,!*' « » ^<-- tth t miah Is Topic eRev.Webb of Satan" Used to Lull People Into Security your *<Hil. God gave Vdu «h« teellng lowtorh you of Judgment to orr Soft* #»y 'Con't get stirrtd up about to warn y6u of Judgment to c6m<*. to sl<*p. God save you your have healed also the hurt of daughter of my people slightly , Peace, Peace; when there is Peremiah 6:14. was Rev. rl Webb's text for his Message Sunon "Snow, Hope and Hell." message" said the Rev. "Was aimed at false pro- ere lulling people to sleep with their message of peace, peace, there was nj peace. If a phy- Is" sleiaft were attending out of your s relatives and would say to you that the patient was getting along fine, and • £eu should discover after death httd ..Visited the home that the doctor had been administering opiates all the time, and that the seeming improve- consciehco to protect you froth eternity without God. Don't deaden it. God has set over your soul the watch dog of your conscience. Don't play the fool and so deaden your conscience that it will fail »o warn you. You know that you need God. Turn to Him tonight." A number responded to the altar call after the sermon and were con* verted. Sro. Webb announced the following subjects for the week. Monday night—"Healed of an In* durable Disease." Tuesday night—"Are You Mad?" Wednesday night—'.In the Wrong Crowd." "Thursday night—"The Great Tribulation, What It Is and Whom It Will Effect" Friday night.—"Mr. Henry will Give His Life's Story. Sunday night — "God's Starvation -merit of your loved one was just the i Committee." feKfects of the opiate; you would feel' There will be special instrumental that the physician had done you a! and v° cal numbers each night. great injustice. The snow part of my subject docs n o t have reference to ordinary snow, but to an opiate called Heroin that is referred to as "Sniffing SttW" by the underworld. It is a White flaky powder that is sprinkled Here and There (Continued from page one) on the hand and sniffed into the sys- ,_l6rfl. Dan McNaliy a converted crim- League and wrote prohibition into the teat Who spent several years in the j federal constitution. Missouri State Penitentiary told me; Ours is the true temperance pro' ihat many of the daring robberies fram around which the public-spirited that haVe been committed in recent i men and women of Arkansas should "^ abate have been committed by men , under the influnce of "snow." It seems _ to take away all fear. *•'.Satan, has his opiates too. When jtelks get under conviction one of the j cf absolute prohibition. .;. most popular ways to trick them is to i But we can not honestly demand have them stay away from services, i law enforcement on the one hand and 'and a more popular way still is to ! on the other hand support a law which 4fl ' • ___ '• every reader of this newspaper knows ' _., " ' —g*=g~< . ! i s a dead-letter the moment it is "mm*m**m*mmmm^*mi^*^^aamm**m enacted. Where There's Smoke, ^omelhrnfrHidaehTrom iinetiu' Fire *y I PfftST DOWN -AND THEN SOME j rally—and we will defend it to the ; last ditch. • ' i The Star will go along with the i churches on any liquor program short Rosston Girl Dies in Car-Truck Crash Thelma Lee Dillard, 15, Fatally Hurt on Road North of Waldo MAGNOLIA, Ark.—Thelma Lee Dillard, 15-year-old Rosston school girl, injured Friday night in a school bus- truck accident eight miles north of Waldo, died in a Magnolia hospital Sunday. She received a fractured skull and other injuries. Felts Hart, 19, member of the Rosston basketball team, also injured in the accident, had developed traumatic double pneumonia and his condition is serious. Eddie Hart, father of the boy and hailed as marking "a revolution in' a brother, Wendell Hart of Memphis, the trade relations between the two' Texas, arrived Sunday to be at his i countries. It said the larger part of bedside. While they last SPECIAL lOc Trialj American' export trade with Canada \ The body of MisS Dillard was taken Lizes on sale at John'S, Gibsori Drug j was covered, while this .government's to the home of her parents, Mr. and * WANTED-HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade. Overcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. Bound Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, Sec t HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phono 245 . Hope, Ark. Stomach Gas V One dose oz ADt.BRliCA quickly n. * HoTwr gaa bloating; cleans,out BOTH * upper and lower bowels, allow" you to " ««t and. Bleep good. Quick, thoromh v action, yet entirely gentle ana «afe. ADfcERIKA Tariffs Are Cut (Continued from page one) of Canadian imports in 1929. Secretaries Hull and Wallace sat beside Mr. Roosevelt as he read a 27- page statement summarizing the reciprocal tariff:- pact signed only Friday. Its rate becomes effective January 1. In this summary, the agreement was New York wearing u lialo? No, no! It's still too venial a place format! The effect of u into enclrclitifi •the towering skyscrapers of lower Manhattan is just part of the smoke screen by which U. S. Army planes concealed the city lo defend It from attack by a supposed "enemy" air fleet. Theaimy strategists .reported .tlf maneuver suc.CPsst.ul-.-and the picture attests Uie nliqtcg.raphl_c success of tlis (light. EVANSiTON, 111.— Lynn O. Waldorf, whose Northwestern Wildents^spnmct the biggest upset of the year* gainst Notre Dame, continued in the coaching profession because he gets a lot of fun out of it. He says that when it censes to be sport ho wilt quit. Wnldorf believes that the players should enjoy football and, ns u consequence, is riot the driving typo. He prides himself on the fact that during every practice something occurs to give the athletes and coaches a belly laugh. "I try not to have the players under • pressure at any time," asserts Wnldorf, I .'We made no effort to key the team | before the Notre Dome ame. All sveck | our boys were like a bunch of kids I without n care in the world. They entered the game with that attitude-, I and I suspect that it played an import- I ant part in the outcome." | It is quite unnecessary for Waldorf i to say that the 14-7 victory over th<' ! Irish— Northwestern'.^ first triumph j over Notre Dame in the 34 years llint i the institutions have been competing In oho of the early games this autumn, the opponents gained rather consistently with a certain play. Waldorf thouht 56 much of this play that he adopted it and the following we«k this same play go I nod ground for the Purple, Waldorf has been termed a November coach, and not without reason. In seven years his clubs have lost only two contests in November, and these were in his first season ns head coach of a major team at Oklahoma A. & M. But, at he points out, his teams have lost n lot of October engagements, This year the Evanston array dropped three Western Conference contests in October, but starting again Illinois at Champaign on Nov. 2., it has chopped two important starts in succession. '•We make haste slowly," explains Waldorf. "We don't try to bring the players along rapidly. I guess 1 never have learned to bring a team to top form soon enough. It is one of those things that I must get around to doing." This—his first season at Northwestern, where ho inherited one • of the most severe schedules ever attempted—is the first year that a Waldorf- coached squad ever has lost three battles in a row, those being to three of the most powerful teams on the gridiron today, Purdue, Ohio State, and Minnesota. Bnls have eyes and can see. They easily da/ed by [he glare of Men of the Skllluk tribe of AWch spend years in training their hair to grow into curious hat-like shapes. They take great pride in their coif* furcs. CAR GLASS CUT AN» GROUND TO Fit ANY CAB BRYAN'S U*ed Part* 411 South Laurel Street .Company! concessions to her Northern neighbor For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec Roy Anderson ' and Company: Mrs. J. J. Dillard at Rosston Sunday affected commodities which accounted afternoon. Funeral services will be for about two-thirds of our total im- i held at 2 p. m. Monday at Bluff j ports from Canada in 1929. \ Springs, near Rosston. j In addition to the tariff reduction, I She is survived besides her parents ) the treaty also 'contains an important by two brothers. J. D. Dillard and concession by Canada in an agree- Bernice Carol Dillard; one sister, Miss ment to revise substantially its pres- Bonnie Sue Dillard, all of Rosston; one ent system of arbitrary valuations ap- grandmother, Mrs. J. W. Dillard of MO NTS For P OR K—B E E F IT'S Better, Safer, COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,0ud will cure it. i It kills "the parasites in the skiu. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 63 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 plied to American products. Americans Doubt (Continued from page one) Rcsston, and one grandfather, T. Mason of Mt. Moriah. J. 9,000,000 Children Thero nro 36,000,000 children under 15 years of ago in the United States. Ono • fourth ol them are infected with tlu germs of tuber c n 1 o s i B. B u 5 Christmas Scale and help protect them from active disease. might make a change requiring a close-up writing shot in the office of a broadcasting company. So, just on the chance, he devised a trademark for the company, thought up some names for its executives, and had envelopes, letterheads, oncl interoffice memo blanks printed. In the corridor I bump (literally) into another example of modern movie thoroughness. This is Herbert Biber- mfcn, the director, recently of Manhattan's Theater Guild. He knew precisely nothinR of pictures when he was brought here, so his employers told him to observe and study, take his time, and let them know when he was ready to work. '. They didn't hear from him for seven months, but their confidence was well- j founded. Biberman has just finished "One-Way: Ticket," which is drawing huzzas from the preview critics. , , 1( American-Chinese ,' Lunching on the lot of 20th Ccn- j Atlantic Coast Is Lashed by Storm "Northeaster^Roars put to Sea Leaving Millions Property Loss By the Associated Press The worst "northeaster' in many years roared out to sea Monday after pounding the North Atlantic coast with devastating fury from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras. The reaboard states from Maine to North Carolina suffered property damages amounting to several million dollars. The freighter Florida reached a r.;ifc ! anchorage in Hampton Roads, accom-! panied by the Coast Guard cutter! Sebago. The freighter was badly clam- ! aged by heavy seas Sunday. j —was the most satisfying of his career, jhght. since they are nocturnl crca- "Thc victory was thrilling to us for u "' e;i '"«' thus fly blindly. an even hotter reason than that it was .... . _... . _. over Notre Dame and at South Bend." — beams Waldorf. "It served as the happy culmination f .it boys who had suffered three defeats. "It truly was a squad victory. No one player dominated our play." Wnldorf Makes Use of Plays Him Aninst Northwestern Waldorf's style of play is based on no one system. The varsity lines up in a basic four, four, three position, and then shifts into n variety of formations, including the Warner single wing, double wing, punt formation, etc. Lynn O.'s system is a hybrid one. Black-Draught and Good Health Year After Year "I have never had a bad sick spell and for years I have taken Black- Draught for the least symptom of upset stomach or sluggish feeling," writes Mr. W, F. Pulliam, of Gatewood, Mo. "I am a very hearty eater and sometimes 1 eat too much. If 1 feel uncomfortable, I just take n small dose of Black-Draught and soon fell nil right, I feel I owe my good health to use of this reliable vegetable medicine, Black-Draught." Where constipation is at the bottom of such troubles as Mr. Pulliam mentions, take a good laxative. Thousands of men and women have given Black-Draught credit for having helped them to avoid serious development of constipation troubles. —ndv. $50 to $500 On Cars and Trucks Highest 1'rices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER HUNTBNG SUPPLIES Season Opens Wednesday Super X and Witro Express DUCK LOADS' DUXBAK HUNTING CLOTHES "The Finest Made" COATS $6.90, Long Pants $3.85, Lace Pants $4.25 Good Serviceable Hunting Coats $3.95 E HARDWARE GO. 202 S. Elm Street Phone 431 Miss Lera Dillard, 14, and Dee Jack- j tury-Fox, I meet another Chinese a,c- son, 18, also injured in the crash were " - • •• - ~ : ' reported as recovering. All the injured were members of the Rosston basketball team, and ever his record as a political leader. The restraining influence of an American governor general and auditor, removed from local political pressure because they were responsible only to the. President of the United States, will b'e gone. "It was the governor general's pruning knife that kept the budget balanced all these years. "Meanwhile the duty-free American market, the whole basis of Fhil- ippine economy, already has been partially closed under the Tydings- Me- ' Duffie independence act and five years hence further onerous restrictions will be progressively imposed. "There is not a single Filipino business man of the first order. Every major enterprise is in the hands of Americans or foreigners. How can you have a successful nation without business men? "The Japanese will ;iavc'economic control in a few years." I were to play in a game Friday night between Rosston and Buckner. Twenty-six other students and teachers had a miraculous escape when one side of the school bus was smashed when struck by the truck. Hope Team to Be (Continued from page one) you hoped a low-priced car would have are yours in j Wheat farming employs more per- I sons throughout the world than does any other paying occupation. ed 4 out of 13 for 37 yards. Passes intercepted by Hope—one for no gain. DcQucen intercepted three for 42 yards. Hope kicked off three times for an average of 45 yards. DcQueen gained 50 yards in returning kick-offs. Hope punted 11 times for an average of 36 yards. DeQuecn punted 11 for an average of 29 yards. Hope trained 46 yards in running punts. DeQuecn gained 6 yards in returning punts. Hope gained total of 157 yards. De- Queen gained a total of 100. I Penalties—Hope 6 for 30 yards; De- Queen 5 for 35 yards. We Thank You- for the prompt way you have paid your assessments in the Herndon-Cornelius Burial Association. Your promptness In paying your assessments is indeed gratifying to the management of your burial afscicaiion. To us it indicates that you have been pleased with the manner in which we have handled your affairs. The officers and the agents of the Herndon-Cornelius Burial Association thank you for your splendid cc-operation. Authorized Agents for the Herndon-Cornelius Burial Assocation Tom J. Matthews J. M. Milliner Robert F. Carncs Will Fiivchcr Clyde B. Toland William H. Gaincs W. T. Palmer N. F. Helms T. W. Uuides Emmet, Ark. Emmet, Ark. . Emmet, Ark. Hope, Ark. . Hope, Ark. ... Hope, Ark. . Hope, Ark. Hope, Ark. Patmos, Ark. Herndon-Cornelius Burial Association PHONE FIVE By Paul Harrison HOLLYWOOD.—Behind the screen: On a drawing-room set for Columbia's "No More Yesterdays," Ruth Chatterton is a bro.wn-ancl-orange vision challenging belief that her stage career began more than 25 years ago. She hasn't played Broadway in a decade, but now and then reads and rejects a play script sent by some hopeful producer. You immediately recognize a stager trained actress as she effortlessly goes through long speeches in this flicker sequence. She knows her entire role. Other performers sometimes falter in their lines because they try to learn then only a few moments before rehearsal. Marion Gering is a painstaking director, who demands many rehearsals; won't shoot until he's confident of a perfect first take. Saves miles of celluloid. Free for a moment's rest. Miss Chatterton invites me to watch Marian Marsh, one of Hollywood's skyrocketing ingenues. j "Notice all her different expres- isions." whispers the elder actress. ; "And when she srnilc.s she looks like Marlene Dietrich.'' No Detail Overlooked Here's a night club that will be part of the ''Panic on the Air." Ann Soth- |crn and Lloyd Nolan have just finished a scene which required many takes and the tmokin? of as many cigarets. But that was business smoking, puff- td under tension, and now they're borrowing cig'arets to smoke for relaxation. Among the properties for this picture is u little stack of .stationery, which illustrates how meticulous is I the preparation incident to picture ! making. Nowhere in the script is its I appearance called for. But the prop- It-rtv man fiHiirPfl th:il the director tor—Keye Luke, native of Canton, graduate of an American university, and a motion picture press agent before he got this chance to go straight. Doesn't know a word of. Chinese. He was brought to this country.,at the age of 2, and the first words jie learned were "Beat it!" Later he picked up an Oxford accent because it helped him sell objects of art in his father's shop. In "King of Burlesque," Luke speaks something that sounds like Chinese, j but isn't. Pure gibberish. | There's Dixie Dunbar, the delectable (if I may say sol dancer from Broadway. Both she and Alice Fayc arc i in this hurlscquc picture, and I'm j afraid they're going to create an er- j roneously complimentary impression | of the kind of scenery and talent the j real rtrip-and-grind showshops have i to offei. , j Real Life to Reels i No matter what film subject Holly- • wcod attempts, among the jobscckcrs j always are a lot of people who have c some real-life connection with the j stcry. Start casting a chain-gang story and droves of unshackled convicts will | show up at the gates. ' Do a gangster movie and you'll be j surprised at how many extras arc i willing to claim to be reformed rack- i cteers. Even so remote a subject as : the crusades found scores of descend- ' ants of crusaders besieging the cinema j city. I War aces, deep-sea divers, moun- ' tain climbers, Russian dukes, and poo- 1 pie who have shaken hands with : Abraham Lincoln all are wattintr to • CHEVROLE FOR 1936 NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES the safes! and smoothest ever developed SOLID STEEL one-piece TURRET TOP a crown of beauty, a Fortress of safety DCALCR ADVCRTISCMENl IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION BIDE* the itmoofhosf, saftst r/de of a!/ get into pictures dealing with their experiences r.nd backgrounds. "Professional Soldier," now shooting, has brought out ;in army of soldiers of fortune. Out of Burlesque Hollywcod is overrun with former queens and comedy kings of burlesque. Amng 50 extras hired one day was Lillian Drew. She's 66 now, and you may not recall that in the days of well-filled tights she introduced the song, "Meet Me Tonight in Dream- j land." j Then there were the Steclc Sisters, i Agnes and Minnie, who are as much ; to blame as anybody fcr the beginning of the sister-act cycle. The name of Frankly Bailey is on I the Central Casting Bureau's roster ' of extras. Marlene Dietrich's legs are j not as famous as were Miss Biley's— ; but that was before Marlene wu.s born, j In those times, of course, burlosque i was the equivalent of stock company j musical comedy, and was a good deal | more respectable. There's a long list j of current stars who got their starts i in burly houses—George White. Jack | Pearl. Jimmy Savo. W. C. Fields, I James Barton, Ted Healey. Luster Al- j Icn. Bert Lahr, J-j-j-joe F-f-frisco, I Fanny Bricc, Polly Moran. Clark and ! McCullough. Weber and Fields—those ; are only a few of them. i NO DRAFT VENTILATION on New Bodies by Fisher the most beautiful and comfortable bodies ever created for o low-priced car HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE giving oven belter performance with less gas and oil SHOCKPROOF STEERING* making driving easier and safer than ever before An American air line has asked the British and New Zeland governments for permission to establish an air route between Auckland, N. Z., and California. Student flyers should not practice forced landings until they have acquired the knack of handling the plane in gljrling turn.s rinrt in InndinK. CUtVKOLliT JVJOTOU COMPANY, DKTHOIT, MICH. Compare Climrolet'f Jow ilcliirrcil v ricc* ami the new greatly reduced 6'.M..1.C «u ptt ctnt lime pu>»ic/K iilmt—ilw luiccsi Jiiutiicinf cost in G.M..I.C. liialory. .1 General Molura Value, ALL THESE FEATURES AT CHEVROLET'S LOW PRICES AND VI'- l-ist l»ri«;e of New Standard Coupe at Flint, Michigan. With bumpers, spare tiris and (ire lock, the list pritf is S-0 additional. *Klicc-Actlon on Master Models only. $2(1 additional. Prices quoted in this ailvcrtlsi'iiu'nt arc- list at Flint Michigan, and subject lo cliungu without notite. YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. HOPE, ARKANSAS B!ail&aS^^

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