The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 17, 1940
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»>• MiTKR C. RHODES United press Staff Correspondent KIRUNA, Sweden, April 11. IUP) —<% telephone to Stockholm)—A German force of between 2,000 nml A500 men loday faced the choice of annihilation, surrender or a •fighting retreat Into Sweden from Narvik, the Norwegian Iron ore port and ihc northern outpost of (lie German occupation army. German troops mid Urlthh occupation forces were reported lighting In Ihe streets of Narvik. A small German force hail fought Its way across the rugged snow-covered mountains to the Swedish frontier. The main German force ts based on Ihc bluff Rombak Heights, across Ihe fjord from Norvlk, its line of retreat covered by the big guns of British warships Tlie | way from Nnrvik lo Sweden Is dolled with Germnn and Norwegian dead, lying in the snm , More limn 1.000 Germnn, Norwegian and British dead lie nt (he bottom of Narvik hurbor The hurbor Itself is lhe graveyard of some « Germun. British and Norwegian worships and German, British, Norwegian and neutral merchant .ships. My Information is (hat amoii" these ships Is n British cruiser I Imvc reached Kliunn, one of the two great Swedish ore centers after above the Arctic circle, after escaping with the Inst Norwegian troops and rcfu f! oes from Narvik and keeping as near us f could to the scene of ncllun, in the frontier area on tjolli sides, sometimes using skis. The situation as it appears as I telephone to Stockholm Ls (hut Hie whole Gemum occupation force in the Nan-Ik nr.-.i Is completely cut oil from contact with (lie main crenunn forces by Imtd and sen. Their W) j u | 10|)c , ()f S1I1 ,. lily In the Inhospitable Arctic snows is Die airplane. By a desperate light along [he railroad line to Sweden a small detachment of (he Germans have reached (he frontier, •]•,.» O f ()icse at lensl have crossed into Sweden lo be Interned, Tlie rcHiHimlcr of the Germans may try to light Ihelr way a!6»K Ihis rond, leaving a .small suicide party on Ilombnk Height.? to Cover their retreiil Into Sweden. The German force at Narvik nnd mi lhe heights iilleimillvely may try to ilchl US way either norlli- wavd lownnl TroniMe or .soiilh- wnrd towurd llodov. In cllhi'r of these events they would come lo a d«id end rond In a country held by .superior fortes of Norwegians reinforced by lirlllsh and without food or other supplies. Or (hey mny elect lo muss on Hcmbak Heights fov a last man 'Hits Is the course which lliosn or (ho Oermans I have lalked lo, 'lie ones wlio crossed Into Swc- uen, hnve told me they believe, Uinr commdes will chouse. Kombukfjm-il Ls nn Inlet, three miles ncmns at It.s widest iwtnt, ->/Hilhs of a mile nt Us niirrow- <'•••!. 15 miles long and from 250 1,1)50 feel dec)), leading (o the Ofotenfjord whlrli corniccls with tlie sen. Narvik Ls at the southwest cor- ' 1 ' 1 If Hie Koiiilmkfjord. Koinonk Heluhls lie across from II, Between Narvik i\ml the Swedish Itontlers, about in miles to (he t'nsl, are lowering mountains, with no roads 1ml with a mllroud wlilch runs llmnisli ci itnmcl. The. Nor- wcKlans In (heir lUst rolmil blocked this tunnel, [or train tinfllc. by wrecking a fully loaded Iron ore Iriiln In It. II Is in Ibis sol Unit thai lli« bat- lie or Narvik Is being foiiuht. Tin 1 pli'Im'e of events of (he lust nine days Is one of Intrepid nij between men who had decided on 11 I'oiii'M! of nd Ion ami drlermlned | 0 carry a mil 01- die in the allcinpl, of lirlllsh wiir- Bhl|is blowing up their own mer- t'liiiiitiiicn rnlher (him let the Gcr- mnns keep them, of Clenmin.-; blow- own warships ruther limn permit their capture by tlie liilllsh. The Intest developments were (ho surm.'i of (he; Cicnnim detnch- meut in reaching the .Swedish Irontler yesterday morning alter days of fighting and privation; the storming of Djinlmk Heights by Ihe Genmins yesterday after Norwciilnn troops had held 11 for n week; mid (he flehllnj bciwocn Ihe lUillsh inul Clerjmnis In Die Mirds of Niuvtk. rest of the ulory remains lo be fought out. Tin: llrltlsh In cooperation with Norweijlnns mny try to recapture liombak Heights, They may ctcct simply lo hold Narvik nnil starve VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 26. .—.-.._ _;. ___ _ •»^]_'_i™irj>wi^ wnrsnips rnihi'i- simply t<> hold N BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • — ' EWSPAl 1,R OP NOUlUlvAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Ali.SKrnim the Germans into surrender 'or death. The Ocinwii-! may In desperation try to 'break through northward or southward to meet Wrong Norwegian forces anil '• a bleak Arctic country without'r£- fiources. • •••-.• This Is what has happened since eight, days ago, on'Tuesday, April 0, a .Cierimin occupation force, partly concealed for days in "Iron ore" ship.? In Narvik harbor, aided arriving German warships to cap> turc Narvik, and the Norwegians, misled by tliclr own commanding officers—since arrested — rctrcale'd before nn Inferior force wlihouC a fight. I went ivlth them. Blythevllle Dally News Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Vnlley Blylhevlllc Herald AND SOUTHEAST AHKHOU1U WKDNMSJMY, AI'Kll, 17, I'MO . __ L ^- siMiUjj COPIES FIVE CENTS M1JEDJK! LAND FORCES^LASHlTfi Jugoslavs Act To Curb Undesirables; Deny Himmler Shot BERLIN, April 17. (UP)— The propaganda ministry denied emphatically today that Heinrich Himmler, chief of the secret police, hsul been shot in Copenhagen. "Anyway, he has not been in Copenhagen," the ministry said. LONDON, April n. (UP)--The Daily Mail said in a Stockholm dispatch that reports had reached there that Heinrich Himmler had teen shot through the mouth on a Copenhagen street. Admits Bonte's Death BERIJN, April 17. <UP) — Tlie high command announced .today thaljCoininodore Bonte, commander of~the German destroyer flotilla" at Narvik, Norway, had^becnAllied in action. 'Viri.' a-'-'- heroicV'figlftK.agalnsi; superior British forces." ••''• A high command conimimlque asserted that n U-boat had sunk a British destroyer of tlie tribal class (1,890 tons), northeast of the Shetland Islands; that German pursuit planes had shot down a Lockheed-Hudson I American-made) British plane'and a British sun- derland flying boat off the southwest coast of Norway, and -.that BELGRADE, Jugoslavia, April 17. (UP)— Police authorities today ordered extensive measures throughout the country against foreigners regarded as undesirable. The measures are to ue completed within 10 days. In some quarters it was estimated that as many as two- tliirds of tlie foreigners in the country might • be expelled. In nmny towns in the province of Vojvodina, which lias a large German minority, it was reported that the police had ordered a house to house combing for foreigners. Police orders are for a quick countrywide revision of permits of sojourn of all foreigners. Those held to ' 'expelled _____ -..-..,, ________ ... . . It -«m understobdi : Jhat 'those who remained would be deprived of llieir .passports and would receive insiear, certificates, which would forbid them to travel through Hie Interior. Newspapers reported that police hart been warning Jugoslavians against consciously or unconsciously taking part in foreign propa- giuida. Included in this preplan- Sails for France To Aid Civilians ictd to_be undesirable arc to be •spelled :&n'vlSrlcf^iio(ice: ! :.•;'."•'.•'."'.".'' . Mrs. Henry A. Million, French Red Crosi volunteer nursa in Ihe last World War, pictured as she sailed from New York- for France recently '.la: head vol- unleer civilian refugee •• -' the North Sea yesterday. in the people, and especially to ,,,,,.^.,. lo them not to fight in event of: BIGGESI Wit Four Unions Seeking Rights In 61 General Motors Plants The high command said that "«s' war. already reported (by the officinl| Foreign agents were blamed by! Germnn news ngency) an enemy | newspapers for many recent inci-! cruiser was sunk by heavy bombs i dents in numerous towns, includ-) 90 miles northwest of Mold Fjord, off Krbtlnnsand, Norway," The communique admitted for the first time officially that British troops had landed hi Norway. It said the landing was on the island of Hinnoy, 38 miles north of.' : Narvik, and that "no landing attempts were made in the vicinity of Narvik/Of the death of Bontc, the most important casualty in Ihe German armed forces since Col.-Gen. Werner von FrlUich died In action before Warsaw in the Polish campaign, the communique said: "In defense of Narvik, destroyer leader. Captain and Commodore Bonte fell in a heroic fight against superior British forces. About two- thirds of the crews of the destroyers which were damaged or put out of action at Narvik, and whose ammunition was exhausted, reinforced occupying troops in defense of Narvik.' Tiie ther communique claimed fur- successes against Norwegian troops, and said that on the Western Front, "German shock troops blew up four enemy posts southwest of Merzig, shattered troops occupying the post, among whom were many Britons, nnd brought back prisoners, guns and ammunition." Stock Prices A. T. & T 173 1-2 Am. Tobacco 91 Anaconda Copper 30 3-4 Beth. Steel 80 1-2 Chrysler 86 3-4 Cities Service 47-8 Coca Cola 1273-4 Gen'l. Elect 37 3-4 Gen'l. Motors 53 1-2 Int. Harvester 561-8 Mont. Ward 511-8 N. Y. Central 101-2 Packard 33-4 Phillips 37 5-8 Hadio 61-2 Republic Steel 211-4 Socony Vnc 111-8 Studebaker !0 3-4 Std. oJ N. ,1 41 Texas Corp 45 S-8 U. S. Slccl Cl 1-4 ing the distribution of leaflets. Reduction of the number of foreigners, newspapers commented, would help police control the activities of those permitted to remain. Tlie Jugoslav police order, aimed apparently against ngents of nn unspecified power or powers, recalled the "Trojan horse" tactics by which Norway alleged Germnn. agents had penetrated the conn-1 p * es try nnd hampered Norwegian dc- C P '' DETROIT, April 17 (UP) —The argesl- collective bargaining election of (he National Labor Relations Board began todny with four unions seeking bargaining rights in 01 plants of General Motors organization. Approximately 135,000 workers in 11 slales choose between the Am- I erlcnn Federation of Labor and congress of industrial organizations County Agents' Office To Support Picking Contest The National Colton Picking Contest (o he held In niylhuville September 23-24. will hare the wholehearted support of the county neent's office, as well us farm groups and organizations throughout this entire section of the state. It was staled here this morning by Jim Plckrcn, county agent for Ihe Chicka.wnrljn District of JvTIs- sissippi county. "The NatUmnI Cotton picking Contest should bring great benefits to the farmers of Mississippi county and cotton growers ot the whole south, and my oftlce will do nil it can lo cooperate in making Hie event a success." Mr. Plckren said. "Many things of this kind arc being Httcmiiicd nil the lime, hut most of them fall because of Ihe way they are handled, because the idcn behind them Is not fundamentally sound, bemuse of l«ck of support, or for some other reason. nut the National Cotton Picking Contest seems lo me to be the answer to the problem of how lo. make America more 'cotton, jr.£h- scloiis', ' queries jiiiidc of farm unions and groups throughout, this section, it was learned these will furnish nil the support, jmssl- "I realize It will require the full support mid cooperation of everyone interested In the collon business, and I'm sure (lie county iiBi'iits throughout, (lie stnlo wilt gladly do Anything they can to iH'lp put II over," Mr. plckrcn snlcl. neprescnlutlvcs of major manufacturing firms of products used In Ihc growing and processing of cot- Ion me being Interviewed dally by members of the ' National Cotton Picking Association with the (joal In mind of obtaining ihelr pnillci- pallon In the event. 11 wits brought out uy Uosco Cruflon, president of Ihe nssoclntlon. "These firms realize, Just us we (to. (lint the contest and the results It wl|l accomplish will brlnu great benefits to the cotton grower and the cotton Industry as a whole. And of course, since this is true,; llicy know it la nn event that wnYranlir Ihelr support i|inl participation and arc willing lo give it," said Mr. Cruflon. Lions To Vote On Two Candidates List Two panels of officers which will be voled on next Tuesday were presented nt the weekly luncheon meeting of the Lion.') club yesterday nt the Hotel Noble. District Governor Jackson of Holln, Mo., spoke briefly to (lie club members on principles.:,of Lionism. Another guest nl.thc meeting was E. E. Romiiigcr, who Is a member of the largest Ijlons club, the Houston. Tex., group. Jess Pierce, World War Veteran, Dies MANII A ions era" and former deputy couslnble lenses. President John L Lewis of Hie'?- ",' C " iS Lakc . lown -'"lP. < lic <' i^ „,„! ,!,.,„"... „ s . l . ° Ins home one mite south of Manila yesterday noon. Death resulted from 11 (Kiralylic stroke with which William AFL made pre-election speeches ! victories" 1 " m " CteCi ovcrwhDlmill B'he wns stricken • UAW-CtO lenders D - Wils 43 ' To Conduct School For Eastern Star Mrs. Ann C. Dlnl of Fort, Smith is lo conduct the annual school of instruction for the tStli district ™,, ...^..„..., ul lul; v)nw u of the Order of the Eastern Star 1 era! Motors promised thai it' u-nnr Thursday at the Mnsonic Hall In continue existing contracts re^d " '- I- - •• • l """«.i!> ieg,uii „„,„.,. , )( , fo) . c , [e Ian the both Osceola. «eol»- less ot the outcome of TO IIP Bar ! ', Mrs. J. D. Smith, worthy ma-1 gaining will be conducted on the '" !y Ihc and was t. soldiers lo go over- arm in the Argonnc- Forest battle. Later he served for four years as deputy constable nnd move re------ ,. _. -^ ..... .., „„!„, Iron of the local chapter, 1 v.u.i ui »••%. iui^iii UlLIVyiLUi, lin& Jill- I Uit.313 U'VillTJ nounccd that the school will begin j lated plants _ , FllTOrnl forming, arrangements To Argue Land Case - Before High Tribunal OSCEOLA, Ark., April 17.—Attorneys D. F. Tnylor and D. Fred Taylor, Jr.. of this cily left today for Washington where (he latter will argue the boundary Mill between Arkansas and Tennessee, which nllccts a Inrge urea of Inm GHIUIGE5 [FFDR1 10 Says 'Imaginary Wai-' Fever Used To Obtiiin Al- tenifitc Locks Approval WASHINGTON, Apr. 17, 1U1')- Scnulor Co!,), U, Adams (Dem,, il-self In spend $M)0,(IOO, construction of alternate. , n lendcv of (he economy bloc, clmri-eil loday Hint Ihe senate Is being slnmpcded Into committing '• lul „ »*>«n.miii ui IUI.UL iiiiiu locks In the I'nimma Cniinl because, of the "iumghmry danker" of war. • The ehnrge was iimdc when the sennlc begun consideration of Iho $22,'t,36-2.6n war deparlmenl civil Junctions bill. The Mil contains $15,000.000 to start' work on new locks. -The house Voted to giant, Hie. nppraiiHntlan but the scuiid; cominltlcc buck In the'men; Mire,. Senator Elmer Thomas (Dem,, Okla,), In clinrgc of the inensiirc explained that the approprlallon wns to begin digging connccllnii cliniinels nnd conslnfclton of u tlihd set of locks Hint would be some distance from (he present ones. He added mat. It, was fen red that an enemy could destroy (he present locks In event ot war. Wants 'iVnrhCs Largest' WASHINGTON, Apr. 17 <UW — Admlrnl Hnrold R. Stark, chief of . nr ce o lying across (he Mississippi "aval opemtions, todny asked the es o Towhcnd. before the supreme court , build the world's largest navy The " r "- " ....... ' ------- •• ' construction he propMed would cost ?:i,'!BG,000.000. As ninny us a hundred components nrc blended In expensive per- J " m O • •«•• ".>.j 11 iv, i*u.-)oiri.-)l]SJSI nn i in U|IL;I ilUUllti, lUlllly ilSKCCl I rtiver frojii lllckmnn, Ark., known sennle nnvnl nimirs committee as Moss Island and Blue Grass authorize the Unllcd Slates , _ ..„,.,,.,..^...^ vu ,. tv . bllilH Ihn u-n.-MV l^,-,,.,.-4 of the United Stntcs on Monday April 22. Tlie suit, wns originally begun neat- tiie close of (he administration of Gov. Carl E. rjulley when nt- lorney general nnd wns 'inherited' by the present attorney general, Jack Holt. A special muster, appointed by the court to lake proof In the cnse, late, Inst year recommended a decree In favor of Tennessee.' Tlie master ruled llml lhe area In question wns a part of Hie original territory of Arkansas and within the limits of lhe siild stale, but since Tennessee had possession of the nrcn for one hundred years, held In her favor on the theory of adverse possession. Expectations to that part ot the special master's report were Illcd by Arkansas. The argument Monday by Mr. Tnylor will be confined to these exceptions. Tlie urea •in question consists of iipproxl- mately 8,000 acres of land lying opposite Dyer County, Tennessee. lo But Real Issue In Norway Still Ships Vs. Planes lly United Press Allied ni-niwl forces ciunc to grips with Germimy lotlny "(Viiwnfu . KI ' C " 1 losl of Nll ' / ' i ail> I1II(1 Allie(t sc " l lower ' At tho ijuiu inm ovo port of Narvik on tlio Norwegian Art-lie rousl Ilia Lotuflicst liflitors of llio Allied oxnetlition- IH-.V Iprc'c joined vvilli Nonva'imi troops to blast at the dar- iiill (.cnimii iiiviulei's, wtpUii-c ill jwi'l of the lown and drive the Nii/ia l o llio Swedish frontier or to nlmost carte'ii aiiiiiliiliition in tho ncm-li.v heights. But,Is HcaVylki)ough To Ride Our Ga)e Says Coast Gtmrcl NKW OliLUAiNS, Apr. 17, (Ul'J— The Hulled Slates const gnnrd rc- porled loday Us cutter, the Sava- nac, wus rushing to the aid of ihc steamer lilrkcnlieiid, 7,000 Ions ndrlfl In the Gulf of Mexico with a disabled rudder mid her engines useless. Tlie coast |;mml said the slcaincr Stnndiiitl Arrow. 8.000 tons, wr/ by llii) UlrkenhCHd, np- Commodore nonls, German naval commander at Narvik, wns killed In the flglillng which lcft':iwo score Milps (Including seven German doilioycrs, two or three British de.stioyci(, and posblbly one cruiser) nt the bottom of the wide (Joid or wrecked.^ ' ,, OIT the Ntirumglan const the Ger- nmns lepoitcd, n. liritish battleship" was hit by Ociinnt) nil bombs, ail Allied tinivspoit slilp was botnben and "probably sunk",'a British submarine Was destroyed, fn addition the high command .said n British destroyer of, tho 1,870-lon tribal claw (I1JO officers anil men) \vas sunk off the Shetland : Islands'by a Germnn U-lmal. ••*. ' On the western front, there was more sharp notion. Two German companies were reported by the Trench to have ndvnnced Ward. Hrlttsh positions and to have be&i driven bnck with heavy casualties. The British admlrnlty nd "" -••••••& »j mi. lJ^l KUIlHCiUJf (l\t- J*'»-MJ linn ni iiibf Ulllil proxlmntcly ('2t, miles south of the llml - tllu suljmnrlno Thistle, a > ' south puss of the Mississippi Hlver Uoth HIE Uirkcnhend nnd u, B Stnndard Arrow nre owned by Uiu Socony-Vacuum oil company, The const unurd wild the lihkim- liend was henvj' enough to ride out the Bale forecast for the I.oilishnn nnd Mississippi gulf lernoon. •100.000 vessel of 1,000 tons and'.carrying n normal complement : of'.-6.3" officers and men, luid been lost ; ln the North Sea. But against the repealed Nnv.I threats of Intensified It's Circus Day! at ten o'clock. There will be alv- - <...u, , morning and afternoon session, • union wins a majority. an- i basis cither of individual or re- gemcns are n- 1 , , n :.. , i_._j ..i^..i_ ._ . L complete pending arrival of rela- ' addition lo Ihc firm of Tny. irtll-u |JJnni^s e,\tl!lH On mattOr'; ,--••*.... & t^ii. t> i ui ILIU-: . _ , r . common to all plants in which one " vcs from FIinl - M1dl " bul "''»- rn t , yT ?»i Of1 ,°f :ola - ""''^ union inns a matar .„ °" e 1 t<iry rites will he held TliuRdav , Co »'hs of Llltle Uock, A. P. Barbut, the annual night session has I The UAW-CIO already )nd won I t>ftcri100 " wll 'i the Dud Cason )K)sl hnnn r-nnrioll/irl I «--» :-.: -i_ _i i _ ' t\f Tl\\-t lifvi'f 11 n in r\\,r,^.., n „ ,,,, mnjr IIMtl M Wl I bargaining elections at Chrysler, New York Cotton in charge. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open high . 1018 1081 . lf>!9 1053 . 1022 1029 . 1011 1018 . 1000 1004 . 1000 1008 low close close j Briggs Manufacturing Co. (bodies)' Hc ls survived by one son, .less j Packard nml smaller motor plants I Pierce J r-. of Manila; four bro- To obtain supremacy In the auto- i ttleis ' A - T - nn<l H. S. Pierce of motive field, cither faction needs I Mtml| a. and E. J. »nd Howard n majority of General Motors fac- 1 I>I( ' 1 ' CC ° r Mint, nnd four flslers, 1073 1W5 1019 1008 991 098 1073 1045 1019 1008 907 098 1017 1055 1018 1008 996 997 lories. Tiie two AFL , Mrs. Ed Ashnbrnmicr. Mis. unions were I Tl >lum, Mrs, Cora Wright and Mrs. un, mv <XLU CIJIIL unions were! ^'n" 1 "' * vii , vui,* wrigni. nn on the ballots In only la of the-1 Vera Odum, all of Manila, tilantjr. Tlicv are HIP T:,!,,*,,.,.;„,._, ! _ . Livestock plants. They arc (he International Association of Machinists and Ihe! I'aucrn Makers League of North I Amcticn. prcv. open hlgli low close close Mny . 1090 1092 108T 1087 July . IOCO 1064 1058 1058 Oct. . 1021 Dec. Jan. 1017 1001 1032 1023 1014 1023 1012 1004 Mar. . 1007 1012 i DO i 102,1 1012 1004 1005 1000 .198 Chicago Wheat Open -.High Low close May 1055-8 1093-4 109 10D5-8 ly 1081-2 1083-4 1081-2 1081 dee Kiwanis Club Today The high school glee club under 1023' c 1C< n rm " ° f Mlss Nilll " ic Clarke 023 | smith renaered a program at the ""•> luncheon meeting of the Blythevllle Kiwanis Club nt the Hotel Noble today. Russell GUI. James Edwards and P m C 'I ,' i V ghl ' new members who will be Inducted into the club next week, and Noble am. H. A. Ford, EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., April 17. (UP)—Hogs:. 8,500 To]), 5.C5 170-230 Ibs., 5.S5-5.G5 140-1GO Ibs., 4.45-505 Cattle; 2,300 Steers, 7.05-10.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.73-10.50 Slaughlcr heifers. 10.50 Beef cows, 0,25-7.00 Cutters nnd low cutters, 4.2V6.00 Chicago Corn Open High Low Close 03 031-2 631-1 031- ham of Osccoln, nnd Ivy Crnwton. of Blythevllle are also special counsel assisting the attorney fjen- crnl. E. P. Delaney, 40, Dies On Tuesday Afternoon E. P. Delnncy died late yeslcrday afternoon at his home north of Bly- tlievllle where lie had been quite 111 since December. He wns 40. Funeral services were held this afternoon nl Cobb Funeral Home by the Rev. F. M. Sweet, pastor of the Lake Street Methodist church, with burinl in North Sawba Cemetery. Tile family lived In ftlpley, Tenn., for a. number of years before coming here. Hc Is survived by his wife. Mrs. Ella Delnney; five sons, llassell, J. P.. Burlin, Billy Joe and Bobby Delaney; one daughter. Angle De- U-bonl and ncrlnl attacks on the lirlllsh Isles from new bases in this nl- Norway nnd Denmark Ihc admiralty j announced the sewing of a. new _ mine field off the western coast of Scotland In Ihc Clyde area. The Intensified wnrfnre In tiie North served to Increase the tension In the little, neutral'countries, es- pcclnlly •Belgium which recently hns tnken additional ^precautions against spread of tile conflict and which today recalled lo Ihe colors scvernl thousand men who had been released because of advanced age. But—perilling some thrust that spreads the war to 'a' hew field— greatest interest centered on tlie struggle for power in Norway, where lhe Allies and the Germans were mclng each other to get their troops In the field first. - - .• Tiie actual military situation was obscured by official secrecy 1m- 1 osecl by London and Berlin but from the frontier -cnrac ss.Mtered reports of how tlie Germans were thrusting their way toward the Swedish frontier in the southeast» (after capture of Kongsvinger) and nishing' re-enforcements by airplane to a 50-mile front established along the railroad between the Norwegian west coast port ot Trondhelm nnd the Swedish frontier, nt the narrowest part of mid- Norway. Boy Was Dying When Brought To Hospital It was erroneously reported In yesterday's Courier News that C. G. Gardner, eight, of Steele, was prcpnrlng to undergo an operation for a ruptured appendix: when he died nt Walls Hospital Monday night. Brought to the hospital in a dying condition, physicians did not plan to operate, they said. WEATHER" Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight preceded by tlnmdershowers over cast portion this afternoon or to--, .„ ..„. „,. , .. ...--.. ...„„„ , .. , "te'it; colder tonight, Thursday 1 John and Tollie Delnncy of here, „ ,,' , manager of the circus, stated this morning "that fair, colder in east portion. , and Thadloiis nnd Felix Dclancy 1J " SSC " " ros - Circus wns the second largest circus on the rond this Memphis and vicinity — Showers of Delroil, nnd one sister, Mrs.) 801150 "'" Mlss p n»Une Russell, owner of the show. Is the only woman ' nlul coo!er ton '« ht ' lowest temper- Kathleen Anderson of here. I'" Hie world who owns nnd operates her own show 'iUure about GO; Thursday cloudy Hiisscll Hros; Circus arrived at 8 o'clock this morning. M eleven I ircc hours later, their lei.l crew had nil tents erected vcariv for lhe days business on Highway No. 61, south. The Inrge tent has'a sealing capacity of 4,000. Two new European acts are appearing for the nm time in this country nt the performance tonight. Mndnm Bcillnn pre- " '\. L ! ter i y HCt v y' (h f ° Ur Arabi!m wn'to horses. Another new net s Mlss Lucy In a bareback novelty riding of the circus, stated this morning "that

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