Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1935
Page 4
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9??.W'f? pfff^V',' 1 " 15 Contest. 36 Capable. •" Male child. 38 String. 3d Color, of "a." nale Sit. i benrken. *1 Astringent, 42 A lure. 43 Divine food. 45 Neither. 4S To deaden. 47 Muddled. 48 He Is a coach. 49 And will be - coach ot otit testa. VtettTIif'Ati 1 Shower. 2 To possess. 3 To eitlsV 4 To re'broftd- ea«t 5 Street car 6 OrUnkftrd, 7 Bone. 8 To nultiri-. •9 Pertaining to ants. 1$ Star. 20 Scheftfi*. 21 Idiot. 22 Broken' cliff. 25 Needy. 24 Sound. 28 Rodent. 26 Piibltelty. 27 Celtic foot soldier. 30 LftW. 33 WflfWl. 33 To bother" on. 84 feye pa«. 36 ExcWse. 37 tfl tell I (fence. SSPlant variety 3S tricks. ' , 41 G'ffd of 'Sky. 42 Chesthdt Covering. 43 Sftsett 44 To total. 16 Northeast. 4? Form ot "rite:" Antioch ?"e are glad to say our school bus ,'sfeurt Monday and will be driven Beaty, Jr. Marie Hicfcey spent Sunday 'Miss Cleo Dougan. Mae Hickey spent Sunday StVi : It! Find I« Rent It! Buy It! >'* r ' iti the Hope Star FLAG nember, tfte more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time; >10c line, min. 30< coosecutife insertions, nxini- mum of 3 lines in one acf 3 times, 6c line, min. 5Q< « 6 tunes, Sc line, min. 90c' 26 times, 3fec line, min. $2.70 (Average 5Ms words to the line) t ads will be accepted 'iwith the understanding that the ibill is payable on presentation of . statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 with Marion Crabb at Emmet. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace. Mohon, Mrs. Hazel Dougan and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cook spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mohon. Mr. Lee Cook attended quorum court at Prescott Monday. ; WANTI3) r WANTED—To buy fifty (50) bushels "ear corn. See Dorsey McRae. 15-3tp WANTED—30 bushels of corn. A. Moody, Hope, Route 1. 18-3tp — Female !elp, , ( ^envelopes at home, spare$5 to ?15 weekly. Experience necessary. Dignified work. Stamp ! details. Employment Mer., Dept. Box 75, Hammond, Ind. Help Wanted MAN OR WOMAN ^Wanted to supply customers with amous Watkins Products in Prescott. investment. Busine^.s established, 4ngs average $25 weekly, pay starts tiediately. Write J. H. Watkins Co. ; W- Iowa Avo,, Memphis, Term. FOR SALE We can't : _ Jgy:J(iays r in : these cars/and expect to drive Judge T. V. Holland, Kansas City, Mo., as he fined one-arm driver. • It is' Americanism and not partisanship to say we cannot approve the policies of a government which . . . has added nothing to human knowledge but the academic information 'that a donkey can eat more than an'elephant. —Gov. Harold Hoffman, New Jersey. , As long as. politics interferes, or the sweatshop, government projects, or other hangovers of the old system prevail, wa will always have labor troubles.—W. B. Stout, head of the Society of Automotive Engineers. It is a gross calumny against the Constitution to represent it as only the protector of property. It is a protector of rights, and the rights of the least and the lowliest among us, quite as much as anyone. — Brainbridge Colby, former secretary of state. International law as we know it today is the law of the wolfpack. With all these peace organizations nad palavering lip service to peace, no nation has agreed to oppose the law c of conquest.—Senator Henrik Shipstead, Minnesota. The community is our business. The better and safer and happier we make it, the better our government will be, for we make the government; it does not make us.—Ida M. Tarbell, notec author.. Criminal cases never improve with age.—S. J. Mauhs, special assistant attorney general, New York. This shouting down of people anc refusing to hear arguments is the see6 bed of dictatorship. No democracy can live where opposition views are not tolerated.—Stanley Baldwin. SALE— Horses and mules, See If. Sutton at Sutton and Hale Ser- Stetion, Hope, At'k. 12-26tp SALE or TRADE~Car, Pump tgUfl, hogs, yearlings for milk cows hay. W. C. Tyler, Washington, Boute 3 15-3tp SALE—Perfectly new set of atljroom fixtures. A Bargain. See , Agee. 15-Gtc SALE or TRADE—Car, Pump hogs, yearlings for milk cows hay. W. C. Tyler, Washington, „ Route 2. 18-3tp FOR RENT n room, two Bath Home with Acre of Ground. known as the Doctor Kolb B. 3rd Street. E, B. Scott 14-12tc RENT—Four room apartment See Dorsey McRae 15-3tp BENT—Furni^h«d apartment. Path and Garage. Phone 1-W 18-ltc LOST .1— Brown leather purse, con- i f5 bill, one silver dollar, change, it slips. Reward. Mrs. . Eason at Penney store. 15-3tc 8T: Liver and White female £:, 3 y$z.Ti> eld, answers to ''Bell." for return. Earl O'Neal 18-3tc Want It Printed T? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality Job. What' eycr your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes an Impression" BOARDS HOUSE h*>»4 ^"~"'" * " ' jjyffls By WILLIAMS n By AHERN OUT OUft WAY CAN "PAY ME d=P \M LINT OUT OF HIS , 6UST * CHAMC& OP . VOU •5TAK1KJINJ' TWERE G-AWKIW AT OTHER PEOPLES' BUSIME'SS RIM WWV PEOPLE CAN'T UWDfeR WATER TMAT LONG AT N fc, Wf^fctUNG TO &\Vfe VOU A CVAANCfe, AHt3 WE H\§ NNAsN WOUUt) OF UNDER GLASS IN* TEM ftA\NUTES / 1 SAIt> > WOUU't> 1C> ^^ I - "n t •'-• t•//'/, \?m BYNKA^lRVICE.INC. T. M. fcEO. U.SPAT. OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Answer by MARTIN TO TV\\«b POONfo- ALLEY OOP What a Time to Turn Up! By CRANE SO THAT SCATTER-BRAIKIED FOOZV 'YAP I'sju' MUG RESPONSIBLE FOB TH 1 EJEFACIW& OF My PALACE IWSGGlPT/OM, (S HE ? PALACE m OF MOO WHEW I GHT MV HAKJDS ON ! THAT UDWG-WO5ED, GOGGLE- i EYED VAHOO, I'LL BUS B/ERV I BOME IW HIS FUMWV LOOKIW HEAD, S'ELP ME/ > WASH TUBBS B00Y, HOW •JGS,YERHI' MONARCH OF MOO/ Wash Plays Spy FOR 3 PAYS, PODNER, DOHM SHEET'S BEEM POKIMQ AROUMD "THE -5AWR OVER 8Y THE WORTH •PDIKit. KEEP AM EVE OM HIM. HMM.' LOW TIDE. MAVgE LOOKINJ' FOR SEA SHELLS. / ,VO HOURS PASS. SUPPEMLY, MR. SKEETGIVe? , TRIUMPHAMT SHOUT. f Zl6GE?y/TME MISSIW6 7 LIWK. IT SEEMS WMPA 3OOFV TO ME. ALL AT OMCE HE VELLS GUMPINJ ABOUT A MISS IW LIMK, AIUP MOLP5 UP A . WELL. 1 PUVAJO WOT, EASy;. BUT IT LOOKED WMPA LIKE A BICYCLE PUMP, OR A FIRE EXTW6UI5HER. FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS Surprise! By BLOSSER POUR I KIEVER SAW AWYTWIKI6 EQUAL MINUTES ' ) COOK IS THE GREAT- WOT < Tl EST PLAYER GRAM,' WOMT' YOU? } PEOP1 - E ' S V.OWT 7'C J GIV «!^-Y ME .A SOUVENIR Y SORRY, *~\ KEEP THAT PEWCIL AN' ^^-f^' \ BUT i I.JE/ER LOAN rrio PEOPLE.... GRAPH MV PRO SIGN OTHER JUST WRITE K ' AMES NUTTY COOK''WITH ) THINGS' MY EYEBROW PEWCIL .' .. ^' fe U ' '• \ . /., ; *- V.J: THERE'LL BE A LOT OF EYEBROWS THAT'LL NEED RAISING,WHEN HIS MASK COMES OFF I WHEW/ THIS 0^ MISTER, IS ^ OU (<MOW WHV 1 SAIP KJUTTV COOk COULDM'T PLAY FOOTBALl THE NEWFANGLES (Mom v n Peek-a-Boo! T^K f/ / •I'**' ( U 1M6 BY NCA SERVICE, INC. T. ^JUC.JJ. 8. PAT. OFF^ By COWAN' RASPING OPPOQTUNITY BY TUE EARS, •WINDY COLLECTS TEN CENTS A MEAD/ F8OI* TUE GANG, POB A PEEK THROUGH TVE KtYHOLE AT TWE FREAKS PRIENDS, ROMANS, COUNTWN\EN, LEND W^E YOUR EABS I CO^AE TO BURY CfrESAR NOT K /^TO PRAISE HIM" ,' OH,. YOU A.PE V/ONDERPOL : YES, YES, BUT TO A/WELL,! WOULDN'T PUT hAY SOUL INTO \ BE SURPRISED 'P I TWS, I NEED I COULD ACCOMMODATE AN AUDIENCE I A YOU, MR IA« GOBBLE .' V \

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