Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1935
Page 3
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November 18,1936 Crct Mra. Sid Telephone 821 Not Understood Not understood, we move nlong nsun- der. Our paths grow wider as the seasons creep; Why life is life. And then we go to sleep— Not understood. Not understood, we gather false impressions And hug them closer ns the years BO by; The virtues often seem to us transgressions, And thus men rise nnd fall and live and die- Not understood. How many cheerless, lonely hearts nrc aching For lack of sympathy—nh, clay by day how cheerless, lonely hearts are breaking, How many noble spirits puss away— Not understood. O God! Thai men could sec n little clearer, Or judge less harshly where they cannot sec— O Gob! That men would draw a little nearer To one another. They'd^ be nearer thce— And understood—Selected. and mnny valuable hints were given on the wide range of bulbs that could be used for winter cheer. Christmas wreaths for window and door decorations were also discussed, closing with n round tnble discussion on shrub planting. Following the program, Mrs. Smyth served delicious homo mnde candy. The next meeting will be held on tho third Friday in Jan' uary with Dr. Etta Champlin as hostess and Mrs. E. E. White leading the discussion. The Bay View Rending club will hold Its regular bi-weekly meeting at " o'clock, Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. W. W. Johnson and Mrs. Ada Swiccgood as hostesses at their apartment in the Gnlster home on North Hervcy street, with Mrs. Hugh Jones as leader discussing the Revolutionary Period of American literature. Closing n week filled to the brim with delightful social affairs, the re- Double Event at Wrestling Showi Morrasic vs. Bald Eagle ; and McEuen vs. Owen Da-; vis Wednesday Night A double main-event is offered Wednesday night nt the American Legion arena, Fair pnrk. In the Spoiling tussle Prod Morrasic, former star football player nt Northwestern university, meets the Bald Eagle, of Btirbnnk, Alaska. Both of these prapplcrs arc new comers.. Morrasic recently completed n successful campaign in Kansas and Oklahoma and comes highly recommended as a fearless mat man. In the second main event Billy McEuen of Fort Worth, Texas, returns to toko on Owen Davis, former star performer at Oklahoma A. & M. colilogc. While a student there he is snicl to TAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS LI to if* t/lfl ty.- WUf'flfU)tpt|ttf, 1 Jo it. Lttlit <orlal fK>t<tf{/' »rt the M<«* bt Mt+HUd In, briff. Avoid jteftoptl tbiu*. fht worlfi ffittiit cHtttf titt* fully politt. have won tho national fimnlcur wrestling championship. McEuen will be remembered here for his rough and tumble bout with Jack McDonald last summer in the old arena. The match this week tho Liquor Traffic Editor The Star: The liquor traffic is hoary with age and sin. From the dawn of civilization until today the UEC of intoxicant drinks has. teen one of the most serious 'hindrances to human progress and one of the most fruitful causes of human depredation and misery. For thousands of years suffering nnd spon- , 1°;, ,.;,. , V ' j / rorou oy me nope Boys band Part organized Cotillion club composed of | of )ho proccods wi)1 go , (h „, some of the cities outstanding young f und Courtesy tickets will be honored but nil complimentary passes will be sus- With Mrs. A. F. Hanegan leading, the Hope Garden club held n most interesting meeting on Frodny nftcr- noon at the attractive home of Mrs, M. M. Smyth on South Muin street. Beautiful flowers adorned the rooms adding their beauty to the cheer and warmthc that contrasted so strongly with the cold November day. Bulbs for winter forcing led the discussion The PfilNTZESS COATS and SUITS A Complete S ock in the Very Newest Styles and Colors. Ladies Specialty Shop ladies, entertained on Saturday afternoon from S to 6 o'clock at a very | charming tea at the home of the Co- I tillion mother, Mrs. L. W, Young on South Hervcy street. The guests were' n t 8"p""m!" greeted by Miss Pansy Wlmbcrly who t nlso presented them to the receiving lino which included Mrs. Young, Miss Elizabeth Bcrnier, Miss Mary Billings- Icy, Miss Lula Garland, Miss Helen McRae, Miss Louise Hanegan and Miss Elizabeth luidttie'orooXs. The decorations in the reception suite were bcau- tii'ul, with graceful arrangements of chrysanthemums, two toned marigolds, roses nnd other fall flowers. A color scheme of yellow predominated in the dining room. The beauty table WBS centered with yellow chrysanthemums and baby breath, with tall yellow tapers gleaming softly at cither end. Presiding at the tea urns were Mrs. R. T. White nnd Mrs. Chas Hayncs. Mis.s Marguerite Taylor and Misf. Helen Belts assisted by Miss ruin have followed the train of fhffl hideous destroyer. Jt has damned Untold millions of individuals both bodv ' took half of the front page explaining h6W Mjk Rockefeller hnd n change o heArt m the prohibition question and also Stated that Mr. Rockefeller knew more about the prohibition question than all the preachers west of the Mi* slsslppi river. May I challenge this statement ant Counter by saying that Frank Norrl or Bob Shuler know more about the prohibition question than nil the mil lionaires In New York City. Reason logic and common sense bear this out They have made a life study of this tiuestion while Mr. Rockefeller has spent his time accumulating his mil- ions. You also staled that the preachers knew nothing except what they were told and that up lo the present they had been told nothing but what they wanted to hear, but you were going to tell them the Irulh. Sad in,deed is this picture. Many of these preachers spent hundreds of dollars find years of hard atudy in Yale, Harvard, Princeton and other universities trying lo acquire an education but according to your statement il was money and time thrown away. Some of these can remedy their mistakes by going to you now and learning at your feet of knowledge, but alas many will have to live in ignorance as they will and soul, it has ruined million's of! never hear of you. homes', it has doomed millions-of chil- i Despite all the jibes, jeers and de- .dren to Ignorance, disease and dcprav-! nuncialions of preachers, by those who ity, it has been the fruitful mother of poverty, idiocy, vice, and crime. It has corrupted all social institutions and has been -a perpetual menace to civilized government. That there has been and still Is 'a wide-Spread effort pendccl for this match. Tho doors T^ 1 u V wa . c - s P rcao enort oopri M 7-in Th» fir«t „,„•„!, 4 ,* backed by large financial resources to open ai I.M. me first match starts ji. n __,ii 4 „„„ ...«i,ii.:i!_i. : _.i.;Li .•.. It's old "TCP HAT" at the good old— night down SMidllR nQv/ Matinee 2:30Tucs. FRED ASTAIRE —and— GINGER ROGERS -in"TOP HAT" Cartoon News Ozan-St. Paul Ozan-St. Paul Home Demonstration club held its regular meeting on November 15 at the homo of Mrs. J. W. Gist with vice president, Mrs. Floyd Matthews, presiding. There were 23 members, one new member, and two visitors present. The new member being Mrs. Earl Robins, and the visitors, Mrs. Frank Miles 'and Mrs, Jerome Smith. The scripture was read by Mrs. Eugene Goodlett; prayer by Mrs. Frank Miles. .,._,. , , . . I Club officers and leaders were elcct- Manuc Briant extended courtesies in ' ct | (ls follows 1 the dining room. Other members of j p,. esidcnt Mrs . C . H . Locke; vice the club dispensing hospitality and ,, rciidonti Mrs . j. K . Grccn; sccrc . saying good bye were Misses Ray tary mld (rcasurer Mrs . c M< Irwin . Webb and Alice Bcrnier. About fifty ' ropmlcri Miss Elizabeth Hanna; gard- guests called during the tea hour. Mis.s Elizabeth White returned Tuesday from n two weeks visit with relatives nnd friends in Batcsvillc. on leader, Mrs. G. B. Stuart; landscap' ing leader, Mrs. S. M. Stuart; poultry leader, Mrs. D E. Goodlett; food preservation leader, Mrs. W. D. Jones; food preparation loader, Mrs. H. O. Stuart; clothing leader, Mrs. H. E. Born, to Mr. and Mi's. C. C. Chancy, Robins; home management leader, at 7:30 o'clock Monday morning, No- j Mrs. Autrey Smcad; art craft leader, vcmbcr 18, at Julia Chester hospital,! Mrs. G. S. Smith; recreation leader, a son. Mother and baby arc doing' Mips Alma Hanna. well. On Friday evening a group of Hope's young ladies met and reorganized the After the business session, Miss Griffin gave a demonstration in cutting and making Christmas gifts. At tho close of the meeting, Mrs. Cotillion club and elected Miss Eliza- i Floyd Matthews, conducted several both Bcrnier as president and Miss Marguerite Taylor as secretary nnd treasurer, Mrs. L. W. Young was selected as Cotillion mother. Il will be the policy of the club to sponsor social, features and assist in worth while community work. The president, Miss Elizabeth Bcrnier has called a meeting of the club for Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock at the New Capital hotel. Mrs. Ethel Guntcr and Miss Dorothy Guntcr were Thursday visitors in Shrcvcport, La. Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Allison had as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Norman of Kansas City, Mo. interesting contests, after which' refreshments were served by the hostess. Our next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. H. O. Stuart, nnd each member is asked to donate a gift for the Cliristmas tree. discredit any prohibition movement is a matter of common knowledge, Meniin high positions .here in our own county have, not .only expressed contempt 1 for temperance, but are openly championing the liquor cause, Wo anticipate your answer to-this. You all 'including the' saloon "keeper, are fighting for" real temperance.- Remember th'erb are no whisky men today, but also' remember''the ^people know, the honest from the pscudo^em- pcrnnce .leaders.' i,The liquor qiie.stion draws, a distinct line between' the two elements of our population so. that we have'a study'of .•personnel as well'as of method. .. ' . . We arc nbf 'Saying that "all o'f'the bad dement are : on'one side and ,the good on the o.iher. But apart from exceptions the distinction'"is very definite. We knpw exactly .where to find all crminalSi crooks,, hoodums,.'gang- sters, racketeers arid, bootleggers^ The effort has been made' by somo' anti- prphJbitionists to:"classlfy .R portion of this group .as prohibitionists, but they refuse r to be ."56 .classified,. In a recent Issue of your paper you Otis Rose of School, faculty the and Saratoga mother High were Mrs. Mary E. Daguc HATS Cleaned and Blocked —in— OUR OWN PLANT by Modern Machinery We havi- just In tailed the very liilcst Automatic- Hut Blocking mn- chlncs and CHII now assure you of first quality, factory finished work, Hall Brothers Phone 385 Sunday guests of relatives and friends in the city. Mr, and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius and Mr. and Mrs. Max Cox spent the week end in Faycttcvillc attending the University homecoming. Any serious attempt to give a new slant to the Thanksgiving dinner ends only in disappointment because the peculiar charm of this feast is its fond memories and traditions. • • • • . But there arc little touches and accessories which will lend zest and interest to the feast without offending ' the most loyal descendant of a Mayflower ancestress. In fact, the ances- i tress with her spirit of adventure and | daring would doubtless aprpove of baked peaches, squa.sh and Springs and Saratoga. BLOCKS We are now buying Sweet Gum Blocks in 40-inch lengths. Call 328 for prices. Hope Basket Co. Miss Ethel Rose is spending a fev, rlny, visiting with relatives in Mineral walnut c '' OC|U . etU ; s ' I „ . .. Thanksgiving Pudding Four cups milk, IVi cups broken crackers, 4 tablespoons molnssrs, 1 cup .sugar, 4 eggs, 1 tcnspoon salt, 4 tablespoons melted butter, ¥• teaspoon cinnamon, IVa cups seeded raisins. ! —, j Scald milk and pour over crackers. ' Lester Kent left Hope last week for Let stand until eool. Pour boiling ! Los Angeles, Calif,, where he will be water ovy raisins, cover nnd let stand 1 employed by the Union Pacific rail- until plump. Pour off any water not ! rond. absorbed by fruit. Bent cges slightly ; _ ,» i «» . nnd add lo cracker ami milk mixture i In the old Gevangenpoort prjson of with sugar, molasses, salt, butter and ! Legend has it that "cocktail" is an i spices. Mix well nnd add plumped ! Aztec word nnd that '.the liquor was raisins. Pour into n well buttered ! discovered by a Toltec noble, who sent baking dish and bake very slowly for it by the hand of his daughter, Xochitl two and one-half hours. Stir twice 1 to the king, who promptly named it j during the first half hour to prevent ... . . . .« t K mi tint: tVnm unHlit^rr tn tlt« V. n 4<m» nf 'Xoctl,' whence 'cockUiil.' " All bears nre not vicious. The American black bear is no more dangerous to the hunter than a clog of the same size would be. Zdamagc. 5 ' Wo Can Fix a Good Roof, = Wi> Can Help an Old One. = § Sullivan Const Co. 5 IIIIIIMIIIMMMMIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIII PEDDLER'S COSMETICS and The DANGER Involved! House to house peddlers of Cosmetics and beauty aids offer you an unknown, unreliable product that is of such dubious merit that it must be sold by high-pressure methods. Why endanger your complexion and your skin tissues when for the same or less money you can get nationally known and approved products . . . such as BARBARA GOULD. Your druggist guarantees and stands back of the products he tells . . . the peddler docs not. Buy Your Cosmetics From Reliable Firms. John P, Cox Drug Co. PHONE 81 We Give Eagle Stu raisins from settling to the bottom of the dish. Serve with hard sauce or sterling sauce. Sterling Sauce One-fourth cup butter, 3-4 cup light brown sugar, 3 tablespoons whipping cream, ',-. teaspoon vanilla. Work butter with a wooden spoon until very creamy. Slowly beat in sugar which has been rolled until smooth. Stir in vanilla and gradually beat in cream. File lightly in a dish and tfarnish with snips of candied cherries. Rake:| Pcuclrs Eight large peach halves, 1 tablespoon butter. % teaspoon mace, grated rind of one lemon, >/ 2 cup peach juice, ',-! cup sugar, 2 tablespoons brandy. Drain peaches from juice and arrange in a bakin gdish. Dot with bits of butter and add sugar, mace, brandy and peach juice. Grate lemon rind over the top. Cover baking dish and Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Sliced pineapple, cereal, cream, baked French toast, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Potato nnd cheese souffle, stewed celery, lettuce with French dressing, brown Betty, milk, tea. Dinner: Tomato bouillon with oysters, crown roast, of pork, .'•quash and nut croquettes, Brus- .•,c!.s sprouts with Hollanclaise .sauce, French endive and avocado salad, baked peaches, milk, coffee. bake in a moderately hot oven (375 j degrees F.) for twenty minutes. Chill land serve with u garnish of whipped ( cream. i Squash and Walnut Croquettes f Four cups bnkrri and mashfd' squash, 2-;egg jyolks,' l-fkteaspoon nutmeg, 4 'tablespoons .baiter,. 4 tablespoons cream,,.! tos!spoon:.salt! r 4-8. tiga- spoon p/uppcr, 1 cup .ichopped nut mcatK. ',-.•'''• .V". : '. ;: ,"i' .,- : Z'':.- "; : ; " •..,' Walnuts. . pecans, hickory •• nuts or Brazil nuts' are .best in the •croquettes, although peanuts may' : .be -,used. . .: Rut squash' through, a ; riccr to, be sure it is perfectly smooth.'.- Beat egg yolks .until, th'ick. .Add .t6 ' mash,ed squash with :scas6nihg, -butter, /cream and nuts. Mix w'ell and'spread on. a platter to 'cooL. Ejhape.as Ranted .-and put in refrigcratoir rqritjj^ ready \to f^y, Roll In ;fine .dry,breBd'vcrumbs,''dip in egg slightly .beaten, with•'one table- ypoon rpilk, roll again in crumbs and fry in deep fat hot enough to brown bn ihch cubc ; of bread :c in sixty .sec- ,onds, or 390 degrees "F, on n fat tli6r- momcter. It wil' Itake- about three minutes to fry the croquettes. Drain and serv6 with a garnish of crisp parsley. • • •-' • •" love greed and appetite more thnn they love their fellowman, these same preachers will go on trying to help mankind to n better and cleaner life. Revenue is the catch phrase today of those who advocate legalized liquor. It is tho snmo today as it was of old. Judas betrayed Christ for revenue: Benedict Arnold sold his country for revenue and there are (hose todny who will stand upon the crushed and bleeding hearts of wives and mothers and wave the banner of death over the orphans' home for revenue. In conclusion will you read the following as closely as you did Mr. Rockefeller's report. The Chicago Daily News is another that has had a change of heart. It was aggressive in its fight for the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment but this is what it says how on the subject of legalized liquor: "The salon is back in a form more infamously evil than ever before. It is again the ally of vice and corrupt politics. It is violating every regula- i lion made for its behavior. It is selling at unlawful times. It is selling to minors. Il is promoting gambling. It is trading for profit in every form of crookednes-s and indecency." There was still another specification in this indictment of the saloon as follows: ' It is dispensing bootleg liquor. To prove that assertion The Daily News pointed out that there are in Chicago fourteen thousand seven hundred ten persons and firms that have paid the federal liquor tax but only seven thousand eight hundred ninety-five that .have city licenses. There are 6815 bootleggers operating in Chicago. J. C. TIMBERLAKE. 16, 1935. 'Route 3, Hope, Ark. Wilii THi LAD!!? • By Helen WebhiiMf Love cannot be held in bondage'. As surely as you try to imprison it, love slips out of your fingers, elasively as a summer rainbow or a wind song in the grass. Love is a gift, freely given, and freely received. When an affection becomes an obligation, it is no longer love. A man or woman who walks proudly would not try to tether the husks of an emotion. if Daisy Alexander Root had real- seed this, she would not be in jail today on a charge of murder for spaying her husband who had evicted an nterest in a girl who sold cigarettes at an hotel counter. Mrs. Root wasn't living with her husband. Quite plainly his interest did not center in her. The thing with which she should have been concerned was not that he loved someone else —just (hat he didn't love her. Complete Understanding Is Impossible Love, real love, seeks the happiness if the loved one first of all. If sacri- ice is necessary it makes it cheerfully, t realizes, too, the sense of its own mportence and does not stoop to act unseemly. It wijl not humiliate itself giving vent to bursts of undignified ealousy. H had loo much self re- ;pect. After all, if a man or woman spurns ove that is worthy and which is given by one who has received the right o accord it, the spurner is the loser. t' the one who is left alone goes melodramatic in the tragic method that Vtrs. Root did, it becomes apparent .hat there was little generosity in the affection in the first place. Self respect is the basis of love. A man or woman who does not have such a high regard for the affection he or she bestows can't expect the receiver to feel especially honored. Jealousy, which denotes a feeling of umvorthiness, makes the affection appear shoddy and uncertain. Two people may be very close to each other—so close that either knows instinctively when the other's mood withdraws for a minute. Two people may build the walls together that s-hut out all alien things. But there are no two people on the face of the of walking over <h> of Mars, who can 6vcr be one in spirit and in hearth, If they could be, it would lessen the excite ment, the interest that colors love. Marrlaje Success Demand* Brnve JLlfe The people who' aH most likely Jo succeed in marriage are those who keep their lives brave, genroug, awake to the multitudinous interests around them. They place love in the proper room in their lives instead of work ing a false juxaposltion. They do not infringe on another's emotional and fiplriutal privacy, though the door between two minds is so near (hat either may enter at a nod from the other. People who understand the Value of their love do not bestow it lightly. When it is spurned they do not cheap* «n it by shooting, bulleta into the heart of the supposed-to-be-beloved. A clean wound heals if the right medicines are applied. Vou only begin a trend of infection if you start to toy with it. Mrs. Root has discovered that. Love Is not lovV when it. becomes self-seeking. It is greed, instead. Or Vanity. Or possesstveness. When the banns or ownership are .published something precious is irrevocably lost In, brief, love is not hard'to keep if you act like a normal, selfrespecting adult who finds entertainment in the mere process of being alive, ah enjoy- A r«ent invent eft, fatted tot ffioM i in the Oral Sp crates with a fluent. ,, _, At 25 miles it remarks!/ ."The city " passed. t» there a mah behind you?" ' At 35 miles: "too fist for iSity drfvlftg. .. you are now in the country/^! At 4S miles: 'f^ "Your car Is still under cottt watch the ear behind the i 50 miles: "Yotir responsibility ; Keep your eyes on the At 60 miles: '.Are your insurance to date?" At 70 wiles: .. "You drive-this attachment the praying." '/", At 80 miles: "Probably someone will car repaired. H so, we thank-y*! the sale of another speedometer,to?; place this one which in a few;'""" J is goiog to hell along London had a fog which (ically continuous from Novemfc 1879, to February, 1880. It . . ____________ „ ______ _________ mont that is hightened by sharing the (worst period of fog ever experience of it all with > someone else. But if you hand him-r^r her— all the keys to all the kingdoms you run a pretty big chance of being lock-^ ed out of most of them. • '".'.- •,•.;' There arc 30,000 street traders, ; or peddlers, in London, Of this number, 700 are sandwich men. there. Mothers! In treating children's <3olt(s/g don't take chances., use VA^oRi ML PURPOSE American Indians used toicm poles ! for tombstones as well as for idol wor- j ship. Ashes of cremated braves were ! placed in the poles. An airplane with a large upper wing and o small lower wing is called a scsquiplanc. ••'•' T O L--E--T E X OIL COMPANY Tractor Fuels and Lube Oils. Anything for Your Car. Phone 370 Day and Nighl WHU mrr tut . > . . , OWT j TO * eurrowoi HOPE HARDWARE COMPANY Beware from common colds . That Hang On No matter how/many meditlnes' you have tried for your cough, chest cold or.bronchial irritation^ you can get relief now 1 with'.Creqmulsion. Serious trouble may-be brewing and', you cannot afford to takeVa chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the. trouble 'to aid nature, to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm! is loosened and expelled. " . Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion :and to refund your money if you are not satisfied •with results from the very first, bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS W/KHIN .NEW DAMU wfi'.M SERVICE- NEUON-HUCKINi LAUNDRY COMPANY See Our Selected Lluc of New FALL DRESSES. , Silks andi Woolens in tho N«U'cst Fashions THE GIFT SHOP . C. P. Holland CRANE WATER HEATERS SALES and SERVICE $15 for your old one _'|s $1 Down Balance-Monthly. 1 .: Harry W. Shiv PIumbing-Electricaj K Phone 259' . ' DANCE Barlow Hote|^ THURSDAY ; r?i ,:«i November 21st V'rJ • f ';4 .".,'1*3$ , . . "'^ —featuring— .y HARRY WALKER-: ,, . ,' "'i and his .. -v.t ORCHESTRA V Adm. $1.10 Mild ness etter Taste 10 TULf f' 19.i\ I ll.Gt IT >V Mvm TOMCCO CO,

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