Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1937
Page 4
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:'> ffiiMHte WH minimum Jfte «>» tttt«^3MiC word, e&ia. 5*c r{Hi«)N-|« word, Mtateitua Me ^ — 1L ( M Ai^pife wtttd, HmV ftrt to* eontlauous fauWf* ward canat, dlstegard i naffle juch as "fwr W»V "FM Sate," etc.-UULi b foe. fttti «cfa inltlftl ot name, of COM"*"" felephode number, eouats as $rera. Forexampie: i AfiN*-Thre«-room modem bed ajwrtment, with eatag^ ifl. Batgala. j. V v aiank, tot (OMMMi STAMP! OUT OUR WAY Services Offered SOLD EVERYTHING-Old Beds, New Beds, for Christmas can you beat it H50 to |9.50. Come and see Kempstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St Call Paul Cobb, 658-M. 12-2-26tc COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South. Elm, Phone 383 Radio's, Batteries, Tubes .Repair work guaranteed, be ready for Christmas'. 29-26tp Wanted HIGHEST PWCES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. . P. A. .LEWIS MOTOR CO. a04 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-tfc LOANS Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy Monthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 10-26tc For Sale FOR SALE— Ladies fur coats. Latest styles. Full length and swagger. PHced ^reasonable. Apply Travelers' Camp, North State Line, Texarkana. 14-6tp FOR SALE— One new Chevrolet car heater. Call 463. -8-ltp ' FOR SALE— Fat turkeys for Christmas, Place orders now. Lee Garlanc Hope, Ark. Rt. 4. Phone 1609 F3. 16-3tp W»^ {£ r*l • > ^^^^^^i^pQ^F'^y >r '* r "' - ~ • fJVEOEKD, as the true subject <~ matter fbf the lyric drama had long interested Richard Wag- .net. White still at work oe .Lohengrin, .he delved more and more into German, Scandinavian and Icelandic mythology. And eventually he chose a character lor a new opera, This was the mythical Siegfried, Volsung hero, Wagner started, in November, 1848, with a poem depicting Siegfried's death, but found that he scarcely had touched his engrossing subject. So -the great composer turned his hand to a prefatory opera. He reversed his treatment of Siegfried by writing "Der junge Siegfried" (Young Siegfried). By this time the idea had developed so richly that Wagner wrote still another preface, "Die Walkure" (The Valkyrie) and that in turn he prefaced with "Das Rheingold" (The Rhmegold). Eventually he shortened his first title to "Siegfried" and added a fourth and final member, "Gotterdammerung" (Dusk of the Gods). With completion of the four poems, there was still the music to do. This Wagner composed at varying intervals up to November, 1774. Two years later, in Aug. 1876, the entire tetralogy now named "Der Ring des Nibelungen," was produced in a specially constructed theater at Bayreuth. It proved the crowning Achievement of Wagner's brilliant career. Siegfr i e d, after slaying the dragon, is portra y e d on the Nix?lunge n jssue of Aus t r j a n itamps of 926. A SAMTA CLAUS wew TWIST/ NOW Plt> YOU HAPPEN TO HATCH THAT E<3<3 OUT »W TH' OLt> HE PO YOU THEM OUT OS) A-PERCENTAGE-, OK OW A £TKAk3HT 2 IJMJLIMGTL^ dfffc / OP MV 1 TELL IT ALL TO SOU By YOUt^ r^^^-Trtftri^ HE=y> m^sop* HIWKY LEFT WOftD AT TH' OWLS CLUB X.THAT HI'S ! TUMBLING <XRe J'LJP AM' WILL BE BEADY FOR VVOttK SHQKO.Y vtti; ST. NICKS FOR ALL aCCASf ^^\ & 1937 BYNtA StBVll BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ~* F : y SH, WHAT AW / INSULT tO TH' / AHOfV I'LL B6 By WILLIAMS .A* - . .-_ BET WOODS GOES AW TAKES OPF HIS SWEATEE,, CAP AM VEST AKi' WALKS 6V THAT GUV THREE E£. FOUR, TIMES* WA£M OPPlCfe TO PUCK INJtO EVERY t§M MlWUtES " TH' . TH' 6IGOEI2. Hfe 5 " <^SJ MAKE HIS D O T ;,.s y iy f VS?^, m \M >o- > 7^1 '<£/ M .•^O, % *&.^ ^r>» ^ ; ->, j f S f *' • . 'j''S r 1*"^$ ?-SsC ! T. M. REG. U, 5. PAT. OFF. KVICC, INC. Sfss'S^ THE TENJ-MIMUTE EGG • . (Copyright-, 1337, KKA Scrvk-i-. Jnr I Not Very Encouraging O^V --AKbO ViO ^OQ\ Pj I2-I6> FOR SALE-Girls Latonia Bicycle large size. Can. be seen at 302 East 2nd. Street, Phone 861. 16-6tc Lost LOST—Mouse colored horse mule, frosty face, about 6 years old, weight 900. Ibs. Notify George Kidd, Hope JW.-1 16-3tp For Rent FOR RENT—Furnished home. See Middlebrooks Grocery. 16-3tc New York was first, Los Angeles second, in the volume .of air mail poundage handled in the first 10 months of 1937. Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One 1. The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East river in New York. 2. "Pidgin English" is a jargon English traders used in dealing with Chinese. 3. "Cracker," Georgia; "Hoosier" Indiana; "Show Me," Missouri; "Bonanza," Montana; "Sooner," Oklahoma, and "Old Dominion," Virginia. 4. A tetrahedron is a solid figure bounded by four triangles. 5. Yes, Isaiah Sellers, noted Mississippi river pilot, contributed articles to New Orleans newspapers under the pseudonym, "Mark Twain." The name also was adopted by the more famous Samuel L. Clemens. ALLEY OOP &-OA/M OFF'M TH'CLIPF HE LANDS RIGHT THEM ocww ITS LOOK .VI HOMESTLV BEL/EVE TH \\ EMJOVED i A Return Trip WASH TUBES J ByHAMLlN I < Famous Americah 1 HORIZONTAL 1 Nickname of the pictured former U. S. A. Presidoit. 5 His last name. 12'Neither. •13 Larva. ,14 Farewell' 15 Adorns, 1.7 Those who have liens on their property, .; 19 Transpose. IT 120 To lay a street u [21 Musical note. 44 3 1416 f 23 To chop. 124 Brooch, {25 Writing tool. ; 28 To guide. 28 Street, Answer to Vrevious Puzzle i «~ ,v * 50 Measures. I 28 Vulgar fellows 52 He served j 30 Prevalent. i-33 Measure of Jfe area, ;33 Candle. [39 Most Jr beneficent, } 38 Structural * unit, '39:Mulberry bark j 41 Indians, 45 Tea. 47 Winged horse, prize. 49 Golf 59 Eye tumor, professional. 60 Destined. VERTICAL 2 Freedom of access. 3 Period. 4 To leak, 5 To feel displeasure,. 6 Alleged force. ~ "Rough - " in the U. S. Cavalry, 53 Desirous, 54 To bake meat. 56 He was the - Roosevelt to become U. S. President. 58 He was 7 Lubricant. 8 Monkey, J) Weathercock. 10 Night before. 11 Ogled. 13 To correct proof. 15 He was fond of . 16 Knock, 18 Any feeling. 23 To twist out of shape, 25 To peel. 27 To eat sparingly. 29 Taxicabs. 31 To draw tightly- together. 34 To cleave. 35 Wise men, 37 Elf. 40 Saucy, 41 To consume, 42 Grass, 43 Electrical unit 46 Small wild ox 48 Entrance, 49 Time gone by 51 Membranous bag. 53 Brother. 55 Southeast. 57 Provided, EXPLOSIONS StiAtt S»S» FUTOMIC HOLD SW\P'S OFFICERS «T IM AUV PfcRTS OF SV\\P FRECKLES AND HSTBlENDS SU\P'S $3,000,000 IN GOUS> VfSUUT. Easy's Old Girl Friend WELL, FOR CRV-MOMEV 5AK6.S AM' HOVKAWOW/ WHAT'S HE DOIW' WITH ^ PUTTIM' HI 6ACK UP OW V TH'CLIFF WHERE HE By U CRANE' IM AFRAID IT'S GOIWG "TO BE A DULL. CHRISTMAS (w OUR HOUSE: THIS YEAR ' *«•*' UP, WUTTY...., MAYBE THINGS WILL BRIGHTEW UP WHEW THE DAY COMES \ Come, Come, Boys! ^) Y^ 4 llllll -,.-....., _.., . ,. ,| m^ffft-fy ggr, J.-.-..-1 | | TWRH MlUION IN 6OtP y FOLKS, LOOK WO'S B^K^MCi OR»e»S>. NONE OTHER' MOTHER PHOMEP AND STAID THAT YOU'RE WANTED AT THE EXPPESS- OFFICE: THERE'S SOMETHING TWERE FOR You ! ~7 FOR ME? WHY, DON'T THEY DELIVER IT "Z MFir^TMlTH" „ ByJSLOSSER RAVE ow....PAVE' OW.'TELL WUTTY MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE On the Right Track n'Q A NEW SLED, OR A BICYCLE,, MAYBE A ALL YOU KNOW.... MITT! t JUST KWOW " is!! WON'T TAKE AWY LONGER .' /yes-BUT ITS EA.MWHILE, IM THG SANATORIUM,TIM HASTILY SCAMS THE NOTE AFTEIi : HE HAS DEVELOPED THE HIDDEN WRITING WITH —i ~T" ------- «FI"*. ""VirEt tr-rmgmj By THOMPSON AND COLL —-"—A ,/ ^ i ^ WE'RE OM "THE RIGHT TRACK,AT LASXMVCA- SIGMALS ARE 6COW-YI »•« STCOMGEE. AMD

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