The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILI.E (ARX.) COURIER NEWS <PuU the Trigger on Constipation, and Pcpsifl-izeflcidStomachToo ^ When constipation brings on acid indi- gosiion, Wailing, dizzy spells, gas, coated tongue, sour taste, ami bad breath, your luvit,, *JV f uu IH.VU WUlll 1 V|J^1II IV HCll break upfast that rich undigested food in your stomach, and I^axativeSciuu to pull the trifiycr on those lazy bowels. So he sure your laxative also contains Pcjwin, Take Dr. Caldwell's Laxative, because its Syrup Pepsin helps you jjain that won- derfulstoniachconifort.whilottie laxative Senna moves your bowels. Tests prove the power of Pepsin to dissolve those lumps or undigested protein food which may linger in your stomach, localise belching, gastric acidity and nausea. This is how pepsin- "JngS'Ourstomacli helps relieve it of such distress. At the same lime this medicine wakes up tozy nerves jmd muscles in yt;ur boweJs to relieve your fmislijKit ion, So sec how niucli Ixrtler you feel by taking the laxative also piMsPepeiti to work on that stomach discomfort, too, Kvca finicky children love to'iastc Hits pleasntit family tosnlivc. lluy Dr. OiMiyt-Jl's l,;ix- ative—Senna wilh Syrup Peyton at your druggist today! Try One of Our Delicious PIG SANmVICHKS Ole Hickory Inn Across From H1eh School P 'retry Women—Bean I i fill Horses bo given In Uio inominB swaton and the remainder in Ihc afternoon session. Winners at first, second mid llilid pluccs nnd honors for ln- dlvldiinl ncUni; will lie announced nl Die close of the «f(ernaon session, Recording to Miss Corn UT Colcmnn, home demons (.ration uKont. Tliesc winners will meel winners of [lie South District contest at an uarly date nnd (he count.v cliamji- limslilj) players will go to (he state home demonstration Wny Tounia- iiient to be hold this summer Mrs. J. A. Payne 'is president cl Ihf hostess cliib which will lie It) ' of the tournament.. Luxora School Paper Wins Recognition The Panther, mimeographed newspaper of Hie Mwora sciiolo, was nwarded an honorable mention by the Mississippi Valley Press as- x'jclntlon at the seventh annual two day convention of the association nt Southwestern college in Memphis, Three members of Hie Gommcr- •clal Appeal stair, Jack Carlcy, Ida Clemen* and IJnvitl nioctn, spoke nt ft Forum Saturday morning. SPECIAL! 1/3 More for the same money Johnson's Wax and Glo-Coat SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Pretty women and beautiful horses are necessary requisites for any circus and Russell Brothers Chens, showing here Wednesday. April 17, prides Itself on meeting these two requirements In a big way. Light (ravels at a rale of 180.000 miles a second, or about six trillion miles per year. To reach tlic outer edge of cmr present telescope range within 1C years, we would have to travel at n rale of six trillion miles per second. Junior Highway Safety Bicycle Club Organi/ed "AJiidc in the Park? No Sir! A ride lo Haiipv Hour will mean much to your urocery IwdRct. Anil fiii- your liiblc too, for (|iiiilily foods niwiu excellent' mt'iils. H APPY Grocery & 100 W. Main Sf. PHONE 15 WE DELIVER OUR Market The Hlytheville Junior Highway Safely Hicycle Chib was organized in a meetlnu of 200 members Snt- imlny lit Hie Rox (beater under sponsorship of the Arkansas Stale Police C o in in I s s i o n, niythevlllu lions Club. School olfleials and Oily of Dlytlicvlllc after a preliminary mcctlnn sveral days aco nt Ihe Central Ward school, [flush Oo/.ler wns elected president; Vrrnon llouehlns, vice president, and Prances Shouse, 1 secretary and treasurer. Prom Ihis central group will be formed separate mills end! of the city Hlcli School, Junior High School. Central Ward School, Sudbury School and Lange School. The group, mnde up of ridcra and drivers of bicycles in Dlylhe- vllle who ntteiKl |>ubllc schools, voted to have. dues of lo cents monthly which will be used for liculcs and other expenses of nnt- iis when bicycles will be used. ' This group is similar lo a num- jcr which will be formed Uiroiigh- [int Arkansas wilh'lllytheville lo be used us a moilcl for Northeast Arkansas district. State police went to Wilson tills aftcrnon to make plans for such fin organization anil to confer with ] school officials concerning a Field D»y May Z when bicycle races will be featured between members or Ilie clubs of Blytbeyil(e and Wilson, it! wns Announced by John VV. Pniilkncr. state police in charge of the organization. • Such orgiiiiliuilioiis, being formed throughout the United States, arc In promote safer bicycle riding with (he idea Hint today's bicycle riders an.' the automobile drivers of loin in vow. To Hold Play Med~ At Burdette Friday The North Mississippi County Home Demonstration Clubs wiil have Its animal Play Tournament at Uurdeltc School Friday when lhi: Dogwood Club wil be hostess. At lenst 12 of the 28 clubs In Ilie North District wilt present one- net plays with the. first of these lo Placed 157 Workers In Month 01 March During the month of Marc!) t)x- lilylhevllle office of the Arkansas Stall! Employment Service placed 157 workers In jobs, according lo lisiire.s released by Herbert wnjlu- lu-ad, niannijor w the lotal ofilce whlen serves Mississippi county. 'Jhe IJJytlieville office acccptj'ti registrations for work from MO 1 new applicants during March. Jitbs | Jlliwl in private placement iiuv; comprise the grailest j>arl «f all iibwinenls nmclc through the piil)- lie employment offices which in- I elude business, domestic, farm and j I public placements, in both regular ' mid temporary employment. The Diytheville ofllce served diirln» the month 3(jO Initial benefit claims, 0'2U walling period claims, and 2.071 claims for comnciisflble weeks which resulted in unemployment compensation benefit payment checks to the beneficiaries. Applicants lor work In the local office Include men and women, veterans nnd juniors, white and negro, laborers and white collared workers—in fact most every type of business and domestic job classified t inns. "employers who call the Blylbc- villc Employment office," snld ... Jiiiger WnilelHMid, "will be sent o.:c ur 'more of the best qualified workers available for the particular job opening Involved, according to [lie number the employer requests from which lo ninke ills selection. Ihis office Furnishes full information about the applicants and their aunliricfldons—nil final selections and work nminscments n tc made by the employer himself. No fees are charged either employer or worker." .;»'!de figures siioiv an increase (n placements' according to Slate Director Eli W. Collins. Total March ptacemsnts In Arkansas were 3078 as compared to 1775 f'n'Ppli- niai-y, there were 30(53 plaeeme'nis In private Industry and only 315 in public works. •'•' '•Employer, employee and Employment Service cooperation are making encouraging progress agaiiist unemployment," commented Mr. C.'ollhiE, "Needless to repeat lhat.,we arc must deeply appreciative ' of this fine spirit of working together/' ATTENTION! Ex-Service Men Free Barbecued LEGION HUT TONIGHT TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 194ft Old Tk-bfor f-OT£lit in Amij- -' LONDON'•{UP) — A Jettei- from n» ex-soldlcr who Is trying to find a-Canadian who borrowed $10 lioin -AMERICAN I WHISKEY" 100 PROOF BOTTLED JN BOND Genuine o! J- fathionci) Sour Muh Kentucky Straight Bourbon lilm in. the World War has been received by the headquarters ol the Canadian troops nt Aldcrsbot, "Strangely enough/' says the let- tcr, "I have not since,"' . . heard .from him Heud Courier News want ads. l.y I.'NITKI) I,l()li(lli, Wliolcsalsrj /.idle Ro<*, t'tirt .Siuilli 9 Advantages |%ofCAPUDINEfor **• HEADACHE/ • When you take Cjpiullnc tor a headache or neuralgia you enlur at least five ail vantages: I. ftipudln* acts eently. 2. Htllcf comes soon. 3. Vout nmes arc sootlitU. 4. In a few minutes you enjoy relaxation and a sense at well-being. 5. As CapiiiHue Is li<ivilil, the ingredients ate already ills- solved—all ready lo act. • Why te satisfied with any remedy that ilocs less than Capudine? Gel It [rain jour druggist. JOc, 30c, «0c. CAPUDINE Smbling anb Amiable With a gait as rolling as a Jeep-water sailor's, ami a coat as shaggy as ever you saw ... the Old English Sheepdog ambles onto our scene. This amiable bear-like creature is worth two men in herding sheep ... Is exceptionally good with children . . . And has a sense of humor almost human. • Naturally such a fur bearing animal as your Sheepdog has an extravagant thirst . . . And because of that we know he'd especially like this community—with pure water so plentiful, and inexpensive too. BLYTrOILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" NOTICE OF BO.VW SAUi ''" Notice Is hereby given liint the Uitrdctle Special School District of Mississippi County, _ Arkansas.. >HI offer for sale, .tar' cash at public sale its Issue of $415,000 in rcfiiua- liig bonds dated Jainury 1, 1340, bearing Interest at the rnle-''''bl % per anmmi from date im'th paid. nn:l. maturing on Jarimry 1 of rach year as folloivs: IBillo 1950. Inclusive. S'l.O'Jl)' 1951 lo 1960. Inclusive. $2,501) . tool 53,000 The sn;e ivlir be Held at 10-00 A. M., April 19; 1940. in the office of Superintendent tr Schools li, Burrtctlu. Arkansas. The dUtricl will reserve the right to reject any and all bids. Given this 2C day of March, 1940. BURDETTE SPECIAL SCIIOpt DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. By C. G. Smith, President nrnl L. It. Autry. Secretary -I MB! FRIGIDAIRE Don'l I',| SS Up This Sctisalional Savings Opportunity! • Out supply of ihcse rccord-nuking rcfriocrator values won't last long! Act before it is too late! Never before hw a genuine 6 cu. ft. Fr^fdair complete with so man)' advanced features so. : for so sensational a price. Evcr>'model br.ind nc , v Compl«e with a 5-Year Protection Plan aMin service expense on the mechanism. Come in Toda Easy Payment Plan terms. YOU GET AI.I, THKSE EXTRA-V U UF ADVAFXTAGES! ramoM Mwcr.Mijcr - Exclusive f. n .( R c r,; gc , !r ,, sifcst known . 1-Ktcc All-Stcel Qbini ' Ught • Opcn-Shul Prcezct Door . Uni-Mnic Cold Contml . Autoimik Reset Dcfioster . Fiozcn StoriRe Comparcmcnc-. Cold Stougc Triy • Touch-Latch Door Opener .-1 Big Ice Trays wilh Automitic Tray Release > Stainless Porcelain in Food Compliment i Satin-Smooth Dulux Enciior • 5-Year Prelection Plan Agjmsi Service Expense!... an J many oihcrsl ^*- m~^ Hardaway Appliance Co. .'Main St. i -m 1.1*. *,. 206 W.'Main St. .1. W. Adams, Mgr. .Phone 23U GASOLINES BETTER! DIFFERENT! At Premium Grade Price Uon Elliyl is designed for Ilie motorist who wants Ilie higliesl iinli-knock value coupled with iiislanl slarling, ligl<lning.ra;t ntf ill rinion, and steady, soarin}; power. If ynn want "record" |>erforn]Bnrc — list Uon Ethyl! NOTICE OP SETTLEMENT OF ADMINISTRATORS, EXECUTORS, GIMKKIAX.S AND CURATORS Nolice Is hereby given lliat set- (IcmeiHs linvc been filed nnd will be subject to confirm.itkm at tlic Alii II 19th. 1940 term of'the Chancery Coiirt. Probate Division, for the Chicknsnwbn District of MIs- slK-^ippl County. Aikaii5n.<, in (lie following mnllers to-wil: Pinnl settlement of Mercer E. West, Giinrcllnii. Daniel Eclwanls. Annum Scttlemciil, J. U'. Oordon, Gunrdlnn, Harry ishmral Gordon'. Annual Settlement, C. M. Eiuck, Arlin. J. C. demons. Estate. Annitnl Report, Luna Haynes Sisk, GuaKllan Eiisenc S. Sisk. Amuml Account, Mis. U'na Hill, Ounrtilnn W. Artliur Houston'.' Annual Settlement, z. n. Harrison Executor Mollle P. Bradley, Estate. Final rcriort, Maiulc Kirkendnll Executor fieri Kirkendnll. Estate. All parties Interested in tlie above matters will hereby dike nolice that settlements arc on file in the county and Probate Clerk's olliro nntl ere subject lo Inspection by «ny interested parlies. Dated (l:ls the 15tli dav of Anrll 1040. ' ' ' T. w. POTTKK. I County nnd Proualr Clerk [ By Bryaiil Slew an Deputy Clerk. ' NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry nnd Cleaning Service LION KEEPS ITS PLEDGE OF PRODUCT LEADERSHIP In offering these three new, improved gasolines, l.ion once niiirt: fulfills iis promise to always provide its patrons wilh outstanding petroleum products. Wilh ample facilities for research and development, l.ion is constantly engaged in making improvements which assure that Lion products will, nt all times, meet the increasingly exacting requirements of modern motors. Try the grade of New Lion Gasoline best suited to your needs. You'll find it to be a leader i in its class . . • honestly described and fairly priced. At Regular Grade l.ion Knit-Knox is a product llinl will slanil on it4 oxil rncril. (t |>ruvitlcs premium performance al regular price. Use Kliix-Knox amt enjoy nli-kimrk, ipiick Marls, inslaiil power, anil lung Al Grade Price l.ion Thrift Ornilr C» lii,i' f () i «B9) slnrling, full pni»i-r, »nd Ions milt'nj; 1 '- I' ^ tnatlt for the tnolorist v,hr. wanlt gasoline nl n saving. Thrift) motorists will Ihor- ouglily ipjirovc lion line. LIONO REFINING COMPANY El OORADO, ARKANSAS

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