Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1935
Page 4
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-^ King's Wife Jo Pwvlous Tusale vtn. . IJOalftsh. USSttaU^. .JfWftfidfSd. it ftttilftl sounds. l5 3l,Afftit«nt. ^,24 NSMow way. mm i anas WILLIAM , lABERHARTl e *\i SOWheals. a 3S Nominal value, $T Public storehouse. 38 Parrot. 40 Pertaining to Homer. 45 Natural home of-a plant. slrl 62 She was lovely — 53 Feels indignant displeasure. VERTICAL 2 Stem joint. 3 Wooden pegs, 4 Genus of • turtles. 5 She was — 6 Coin. 7 Opposite oC gain. 3 Existence. 9 52 weeks. 12 Her famous queen daughter 14 Repulsive. IS Portrait statue 19 to prick. 20 Any. 21 tablet. 22 Right. 23 Above. 24 Catalogue. 25 Things done. 36 Low tide. 28 Cot. 80 To perish. 32 Varnish ingredient. 35 Moccasin, 36Hurrah! 3*8 Courtesy title. 39 To walk through water. 41 To have. 42 Magpie. 43 Measure of cloth. 44 Portuguese money. 46 Twice. 47 Frozen water. 43 Five and five. 49 Work of skill. 17 57 42 ^ 43 4-1- 45 53 ^ 30 >I6 N 3 + 47 48 49 H Union f > We are having some winter like ' weather, but no frost yet. l Most everybody has their crops _ gathered. ^ tg , ifealtli is good at present in our , ', * S 8 '"*(' f ," ' ^MtTfa^d Mrs. Johnnie Carlton spent Ba^rday. night at his grandpa Lee's, near; Stamps. •' $ ?fr--and Mrs, Arthur Mattison and daughters; Misses Opal and Hauteen, Spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gresham.-and Erless Gresham and lStl?' daughter of Bodcaw No. 1 f'Mr. and Mrs Albert Bustin and iamilx were Sunday night visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Sutton of Bluff Springs. fMrs. Cora Mattison and daughters meat F riday with Maggie Carlton. v ' Mrs. Birdie Smyth and daughter, Allene spjent Wednesday afternoon jnfith Mrs.' Fuston. -, 'Ajv. and Mrs. David Copeland spent Moffday and Monday night with Albert'-Bustin and family. *"-Miss Ethel Aljen visited Thursday night of last week with Miss Gladys •Sniyth.. , '•• • '. {, Joe and Alva Carlton were business ^visitors' in Prescott Wednesday after- nbdnl *iS£s. Ethel Fincher arid son, R. M. of - Xffltf JJope, spent the week end visit- ingVher- children of this place. 'Mr.' and Mrs. W. R. Mattison and sbnJ'W.''R. Jr., Charlie Mattison and 'WooSroW Lee were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Mattison and family, Tokio Sunday school was well attended at Sweet Home Sunday. The attendance i is growing. I The Rev. E. B. Adcock will serve) Swet Home as pastor the next year.' Everybody seems to be proud he-was,' sent back. j This community was made sad , through the death of Wash Hutson, this being his boyhood home and his friends were the numbers that knew him. Mr. and Mrs.'M. L. Steuart and son) Donald of Hot Springs visited Mr. and Mrs. Rufe Lowe Sunday. Mrs. Sam Huddleston is suffering from a sprained knee. Joe Gosnell and B. J. Steen were Nashville visitors Saturday. Jeff Hutson returned home Monday' from Hope where he attended the, funeral of his brother. Wash Hutson. I John R. Cooley was a business visitor to Nashville Monday. i J. T. Harris of Roy visited Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Harris Sunday night. James Hutchinson of Mt. Pleasant was a Tokio visitor Monday. j C. B. Moore of Mt. Pleasant was a; business visitor here Friday. i They are shipping radishes from the' big orchard in car lots now. i Lim Smith of Mt. Plasant was herel on business Saturday. . j Sheppard Itl Find ItT Rent Iti Buy It! / in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you selL 1 time, lOc line, min. 30< For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one arf 3 times, 6c line, min. 50< 6 times, So line, min. 90c 26 times, 3V->c line, min, $2.76 (Average 5Vi words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted .With the understanding that the bfll is payable on presentation of itaiement, before the first publication- Phone 76& We are having cold and rainy' weather at the present writing. Health is fine in this community. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cornelius and Mrs. Alice Finley were shopping in Hope Saturday. William and Clenton Chandler and Bill Clayton were shopping in Hope Saturday. Harvel Clayton was in Hope Saturday afternoon. Miss Dimple Clayton of McNab spent a few days last week with relatives here. Mr. Gentry was shopping in Hope Saturday. Misses Lucille and Christeen Cornelius spent Saturday night with Miss Blanch Clayton. | Mrs. W. L. Cornelius spent Friday I with Mrs. Grant of Guernsey. | Little Ruby Lee Cornelius spent j Tuesday ngiht with her. brother Roy Cornelius and family. WANTED To buy fifty (50) bushels of ear corn. See Dorsey McRae. 15-3tp FOR SALE FOR SALE — Horses and mules, See . fL Sutton at Sutton and Hale Ser- Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp FOB SALE or TRADE— Car, Pump Shotgun, hogs, yearlings for milk cows and hay. W. C. Tyler, Washington, Ark., Route 3 15-3tp ^ ii i ii 1 1 " * fOB SALE— Perfectly new set of Bathroom fixtures. A Bargain. See W. P- Agee. 15-6tc FOR RENT fOR SALE—Seven room, two Balh Modern Home with Acre of Ground. Property known as the Dwtor Kolb Home E. 3rd Street. E. B. Scott. 14-12tc FOB RENT—Four room apartmcnl and garage. See Dorsey McRae 15-3tp J.OST LOST—Brown leather purse, contains $5 bill, one- silver dollar, changL-, 'japk deposit slijjs. Reward. Mrs. Milton V. ison :>t Pennc-y storf. 15-?.fc Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call 011 you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes an Impression" HOPE BQARDir<- HODSE By AMERN OUT OUR W /^r-'j-sr: i /> ; >r< \ V fly WILLIAMS - IS^Wi YEfl* WY-OU E/XRN SOUR H HALP Ot- 1 TvC MONEY W3SCOE NO IDEA OP- WHW AK^8£ GETS 'OR LWNO\N<3 OH WS IT \S BE\NCj TV4E- ^C VUs/XDi^NO WARtNNCa OPr __ ABOXEK hKD 1. PUNCHES WITH H\S G-UNJ VVP&ESTLET^ TPiYlNCiTO &RP»£.NGjE J ""-^OUR TOUGHEST WORK k MfcTCW TO* VAlMKWHEOO-oo!/ WILL BE CHEW1N6 Av GGKfc _, , M ...... ,-*~» e>-rcsKiki »-r J \N ANtMNOjSVDE SE.F\V/WV\\L.c THE IWnNTAu olrsWvN \ \ \ ... ... ^ . »n-n it-c=>t IMPOSES ON Mfc \STET\Kff \C.I 1 VOURfvAAN \S UP THERE. -M^Sy^Y-WBE, A> GOOD L&D, j VVJTH K <-^v, . AND VAOPOUTTOTHt f TOE-HOLD C^^ .._ _ / .„,.., ^j. 5 ? 'FETCH ME SOf^ " • — \CE CUBES | f BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Thumbs Down by MARTIN W ' -ife"' %'^ w£ fis£Ki&,j#<. ">$* "^ ,^i a** .•wassrV OO6HT k CKVV. e>o ALLEY Hold That Line! ^© 1935 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. 0. ^^^' By CRANE LEMIAM :- TH' FIGHTINEST WARRIOR TOTHER SIDE OF 3RGE/ THAT HE'S BEMT MISSION! BODIMG DR MOO, (S A CIMCH T, WHOOO5H, _^ WHAT CAM I DO? HE'S BIG AW TOUGH AM' MUCH -TOO ROUGH FOR TH' LIKES O'ME T'TACKLE- BUT, COME WHAT MAY, MO6ODY CAW SAY, FOOZy'S JUST A . LOTTA CACKLE ID I'M A WEt BIT LIGHT RE ATHUWDERBOLT, BIT NEVERTHELESS, I'LL [EAL •|M A JOLT' ILL HIT 'H' MUG SO BLA6TED H\RD THAT EVEN HIS UW.'-E • GOMKJAGET © 1935 BY NEA SERVICEJNC. T. M. REG. U. 6. RAT. WASH TUBES Bit' of Sleuthing r<5EE VVIZ/ WOTTA ASEARCh/IMcS IT, VOLJ VAR YOU DOIM' IM JOHN H -\ -r/ SKEET'S TENT? ^ ,, \ / LETTER AC5PRE<5EP TO ^ FIND? /JOHN NETTLETOM.^ETTHAT, r JOHN NETTIETON /»vorTsiMce skEET LIED ABOUT HIS^ Of IT^/OUIMEA Pid FARM AMPEVERV- ELSE, STUPID, I RECKOM HE'D UE ABOUT HIS NAME, WOULDN'T ME?^, By HAMLIN V'TMIMK ~Vl'D <SIVE &O BUCK'S. PODMER/TON HE KILLED \KKJOW |F SKEET/S THEIR RELATIVE. TM' BIC36ER THEY WERE MURDERED E/THER| BROTHERS py FOR RE\/EMC3E, OR THEIR '^ 500,000 LIFE INSURANCE, ANP I DOW'T THIMK IT WAS FOR ^ ^ REVEK'cSE. r?l 19TTBY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. I). B. P»T FRECKLES AMP HIS FRIENDS Who Is This Knocker? By BLOSSER (HE MASKED •^MARVEL HAS TURklED THE TIDE/ WITH BUT A FEW MOMENTS To 60, SHAPy£!DE \-5 IM THE LEAD OVER rr WE 6OTTA GET ALL THE DOPE wRfTE A COOK, IF I WERE "tbU-.-HECAWT PLAY FOOTBALL / COOkf hl& / S A t LISTEN INTERLUDE, WOULD ARE YOU TRYING OUGHTA KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING LISTEN, KID, DOHT SfT THERE LIKE A BUMP OKJ A LOG, AMD ~rW "TO SELL US THE IDEA THAT THE Kip WITH THE! MASK OKI CANT PLAY FOOTBALL / WHO ARE YOU .ANYWAY? THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n fop} Step Right Up By COWAN I PAID GQOD ' MONEY T'SEE WHAT DOES SHE. LOOK STAY1N AT YE.P UOUSE CANT CWA FIX. IT SO'S Y LETS WE KJN G\T A LOOK AT ) SE-E- IDEA TEN CENTS A PEEK, BOYS ' i/"ujfn A SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Wf.^ttZ^-lJj

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