Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1937
Page 5
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Friday, December 17, 1937 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Give Old Coiffure a Holiday for the Christmas Festivities By ALICA HART NL'A Si'rvlci- Slaff Wrllcr ) Your coiffure for heiliehiy parlies c.in, bc> as im|,resivc as the jewel in the loe of a movie .slur's Christmas stocking, demure a.s the nngel on iho Mi'celing card to grandma or sophisticated as the wrappings on the linkage from an art student in 1'ari.s. But klu'ther it's spectacular, demure or dramatically smart, it will be hand- .some. Never have hairdres.se.s been more alluring. The prettiest he-ads these gala oven- iny.s- are sleek on lop, (hen finished with halo rolls or frames of loose curls. Pompadour effects are fashionable, but don't attempt a severe ver sion unle-ss your fealure.s are fairly small and just about perfect. The av rt age face neoels curls or fluffimss place-d low b,.hi,,,| ears („ . so f|,.|i (|, t . otherwise hard line nf the jaw. Making I'ompadour If your hair hasn't been cut too short ,-it Uic back, you probably can aiTungf a pompadour it I home. Simply brash your hnir upward all tile w.ij around, tic a thread or .slender ribbon around tin- cuds that arc gathered on top "f the head, then arrange lho.se end;; in loo.se ringlets, milking sure, of cour.se. lluit the threael is well covered. If little ends |>crsisl in falling down over your neck, fasten them in place with a tiny jewelled pin or wilh a little jewelled comb. Tiaras and bandeaux of feathers, juwcll.s and ribbons are seen a great deal And flower headdresses with veils to cover all or part of the face continue t,, h,,|d Iheir own. If you waul ,-i headdress for the biggest ball of the holiday season, do spend much time .-uul care .selecting it, make sure that it is becoming to you and in keeping with the kind of gown you plan t;> wear. It's a mistake indeed to gel a frothy, ultra feminine, must formal \ Illicit view e;f a truly smnrl ceilffure for a uala holiday parly . . . the hair Is briishi-el flat to show Ilii- ci.iileinrs of Hie- lie-nd, fluishc-el wild mils at fronl ami shies, n l-'re-nch twisl effe-ct al (he hne-k. Tiny c'.nihs hUel the- (wi<:t in place and aelel i; ele rativi- lie.lt'. C're.wn of (he head >h-e-k am! shining, sculpture-el lulls nl Hie- sides, (he- hack of (he- hnir arrniiKcel lei Rive (he a|.|)i-arame nf a lew htm—a truly handsome coiffure. A liny e-i >»!> is (ne-le»-<l into (he- simulated him, nnel I'M-rinu-i (alu- auay (he bare lei,I; dial lite- he-iiildrcss e-mphasi/e-s. ORANGES Our Sweete-sl Christmas fn-sli freim the> trees. Box—10 Ibs. Basket—25 Ibs. Ciise—!)(( Ibs. Grapefruit—25 Ihs Tangerines (>.-«<ce<) 2"> Ibs. Ix-nwns—75 Ihs. Our kinel is quick to purify the nice Hope folk. Sl.OO 52.00 $•1.00 51.50 SiOfl $1.51) Eat one boiled daily David Nichols Co. Rockmurl, Georgia Box 84 SUNDAY & MONDAY Mickey Roonoy, Anne Nagle—in "The Hoosier Schoolboy" TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY DOUBLE FEATURE No. 1 Mary Brian, Dick Puree 11 in "NAVY BLUES" No. 2 "Dangerous Holiday" Santa Clans is coming in person. Me will arrive on the Missouri Pacific train No. I al 1:41 p. in. Tuesday, December 21. Be there and greet old Santa. Free tickets to children to 12 years. THURSDAY &. FRIDAY Freddie; Barthelomew in "Little,- Lord Faunllcroy" with Dolore-s Coslello Barryrnore XiMAS DAY, Sulurtlay Dec. 25 BOB STEELE in "THE COLORADO KID" No. 12 lend i "The Painted Stallion" headdress to go wilh your white glam- or girl gown, then to wear it with a longsleeved black dinner dress Culorod Uie'ks A famous hair stylist reports that women in Paris arc going in for colored hair. Usin ga light rinse which can be washed out the next day. they achieve altontion-getling light blue', green and orchid effects which contrast handsomely wilh black, the favorite costume color of Parisiennes. The authority .says also that many French women are wearing twists, Ihof-e vertical rolls which go from the nape ,,f ihe neck up to (he top of the head. And that earrings are becoming increasingly important because hey take away from Ilic- ears thai Hare: look which Ihe new hair style's lend to cmphasi/.e. How to Eliminate DoubleChin Told Never UVe a Chin Strap— But Take Plenty of Exercise By BKTTY CLARKE Al> FEATURE Service,- Writer Never use a chin strap-unless you want to develop a double chin. 'Chin straps are crutches Hint will re-suit in bigger and boiler double chins." says Ann Delaficld, New York bounty specialist. If you want to gel rid of a double chin you must lengthen and strength-n the controlling muscle—tin- stenjo- mastoid that runs along the side of your neck." This muscle, she says, holds the rest of live; neck muscles in low Lengthening and slrengthc-ning it is not a long drawn-out process. In fact, the trouble I often may be corrected merely by sitting or standing properly over a )X.-r- ieiel of time. One exercise, however, is very helpful. This is it; Sit elown. Slump at much as pew- sible. Pull your stomach in a.s far possible. Lifl your chest. Drop youi bead forward. Then push your chin out as far a:' |..is.Mble. then slowly draw it as fai back a.s possible in a line parallel lo the floor. (It's a gooel idea to elo Ihe exercise with the chair backed against the wall—.so that when you get lo the end you'll feel your neck pushing against the wall). Thai exercise will do three things correct your sagging chin; lengthen and .slirengthen the slcrno-masloid muscle, and get rid of the hump on the; lop of your shoulders. Gay Christmas Is Planned for Many Service Writer Lists Some Tricks for Christmas Feast By MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE AP Feature Service Wrile-r Lei the family go into a kitchen hud- dio over culinary creations for the holiday season. Whelher it's for casual refreshments —to be passed a.s guests drop in—or for a holiday feast, there are all sorts c.f ingenious means of refit-cling Yuletide gayety. Let the Children Help Try making a little farm or home scene from cut-out cookies. Fashion Ihe cabin of date or caramel sticks Icruncbk cookies) arranged on a glass reflector. Sprinkle the roof and the grounel with confectioner's sugar— and you have a delightful snowy scene. Let the children add people made of prune's, fii/s anel dales faslened to wooden picks. Make the holiday meal gayer by some of these stunts. Bake thin ceiokies— Iwo or threc- incl; squares to be useel as name cards. Write the names on them wilh tiny varicgateel candies, or colored frostings applied with a soft paint brash a wooelen pick or a fine pastry tube. Cul oul liny slar-shaped pieces of toast to teip Iho soup. Tie a handful of nut's in reel larlalon bags, cut in stocking shapes—for favors. Cranberry .Te-lly Tree Use a variely of garnishes cul in boll, tree and s(ar shapes. Pour a one-inch layer of cranberry jelly inlo a largo, shalleiw pan. When 1 jelly is very firm o shnpo, using a Transplant the lo a tray or servitu;! I-hitler and dee-orate il wilh festoons of thin carrot or e-olery strips hung with pea balls and other vegetables cut in holiday shapes. S:tick tiny trees made of broccoli into small beet bases—anel use them tr cm-round a platter heaped with butler- eel peas or other vegetables. Fill inexpensive candy jars or unusual shaped dishes with candies anel cookies—lo give friends to take home vith them. Wrap individual baked or teamed pueldings in gay paper and lie lliem up with tinsel. Or put mince. ranbcrry or pumpkin pies into covered glass dishes anel tie them up wilh •berry reel ribbons. PAGE FfVB Suppose Santa Came to Dinner The grand finale of the Christmas day menu need not be expensive '" sand W? f " m !,' our enlirc «P«*tallons for a steamed pud- ^ h - Plum , s ' T'V^aetive topping consists of not too raisins, nuts, and sliced eumdrons in colorful nrofusion. By MRS. GAVNOR MADDOX NEA Service Staff Writer It won't be long now before the family Bathers arounel the Christmas tree and waits for the Christmas dinner. Whal specialties will you cook, what candies and puddings will add the festive touch? Better begin planning now. Do you like Ibis suggeslion for the festive menu: Cream of pimento soup, roast young -"' " nt " hll 'S c turkey hen, cornmeal dressing, giblet ' J " PCr P .'! U . 0 :T.:U nw >- Bandied sweet potatoes, green ARE YOU READY? Get ready for the Christmas Social Activities with a Permanent at Sibyl's. One of our expert ope-rators will Hive you Ihe coiffure lie.st suited to your type. Sibyl's Beauty Shop I'lieme 80 Bul. Ceix Drug Co. IICHLOISE MILLER, Oni: in hack side- . . or l\vi> sculptured curls, a halei roll across (he front, a fan effect ... a vlcneh-r jcwcllee! bar \\crii jusl above Hie- roll on the left Ill-re is a cetiffurc lo e-mphasi/.e the shape of the head. We, the Women By Faith Millett It Isn't the Poor Alone Who Have Money Worries in such emergencies. Drive slowly enough lo be sure that you are completely in control of your car in case of emergency. Some impatient motorist may blow his horn behind you, bul keep your alert al- tention on Ihe slreel ahead. Your immediate object is safety. In Russia, persons wearing beards ar forbidden in Moscow's new subway. The government considers beards a menace to health. More than 255,030 pounds of milk were used in making a giant cheese. exhibited at the New York State Fail- in 1921. The cheese weighed 12 tons. ToiiKirreiw's Menu Breakfast: Baked apple with cream, broiled sausages onel pancakes, maple syrup, milk, coffee. Dinner: Fruit cup. roast chicken, chestnut stuffing, polatoes au yralin. broccoli wilh Hollandaise. fteamed Christmas puelding, coffee, milk. 'upper: Cream of broccoli soup, sliveel cold chicken, watercress sandwiches, lemon layer cake, tea, cocoa. butter beans, cranberry sauce, celery, green salael wilh herb dressing, slcam- eel Christmas budding, pralines, coffee? Pralines Three cups brown sugar, % cup bul- ter. 1 cup cream, 1V 2 cups chopped pecans, '/a teaspoon ground cinnamon. Mix- sugar, butter and cream and cook until it forms a sofl ball when a Htle is dropped inlo cold water. Add cinnamon and chopped nuls and boat unlil almost cold. Drop by spoonfuls on oiled platters or marble slab. Steamed Christmas Puelding (18 to 20 servings) One bup seeded raisins, 1 cup cooked prunes, lV-> cups granulated sugar, i cups fat, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 2 teaspoons mace, '/a teaspoon cloves, 2 teaspoons rum flavoring, 2 eggs, '/2 cup fruit nectar (plum, peach-nectarine, apricot or peach), % cup sifted white flour, 1 teaspoon soda, 1 teaspoon ."alt, 2>i> cups whole wheat flour, % cup chopped Brazil or wabiul meats. Blue Ribbon Bread Place Your Order NOW for Your Christmas FRUITCAKES PASTRIES ROLLS At Your Grocer and! CITY BAKERY While most of the world i.s fretting If I only had enough money " one girl will be facing Christmas with tin much mone-y. And il seems she i.s troubled by it For instead of celebrating the- inheritance of the second chunk of the- tn- bacco fortune left lo her. Doris Duke [Cromwell — called e richest j-'irl m the world -- went eMil tfj see how 'Christmas i.s aniie-i- paled in one and ilwo room .shacks. [ Certainly .s |i e ! didn't find anything lo make her satisfied with having loo much jin.n- :ey, when .site ,>aw the defeat in the faces of Ihe hopelessly ]xmr. Ruth Millett A n d cciVainly hose pitiful little shack:, will come- to ter mind often when she got .s back t'i icr own life of being the richest girl n the worlei. You may envy her. You shouldn't So much money ha.s been dumped in her hip that she i.s going lo have to give a leftime of finding intelligent, worthwhile ways of using il. Thai may sound easy, but Doris Duke probably is finding il a disheartening problem. And .si would you. Now you can face your own happy middle-class Christmas with a brief sigh for the poor. Hut il will be the kind of sigli that a.-k-. "Wliy doesn't someone do something for Ilium?" You couldn't cat your turkey in that kind of complacence if you were- one of the people who "e-ould do .something." If you are any kind of a per- son at all you'd have lo think, "What c'.n I do about them'.' How can I help net rid of the misery and the poverty ;iml ignorance'.' Do something with this money thai will be more Ihan a temporary geiexl thing'.'" No, "peace- on earth" isn't for the ilc'tilute or the money burdened, it .•ei-int.. It's for the people who have ,lii.-t enough. Enough money for ncces- •itie, 1 - and for "necessary luxuries." l-'nouvhf health to (enjoy them. Ki-ouiili love lo e'omforl them. Ami enough .si-n.se. 1 not to envy people who have tun much of anything. I Safe and Sane DRIVING By the- National Safety Cemncil IOO Passes to the New Theater—10 Each Week Hero are the rules for the Household Hints Contest. 1. Write any Household Hints that you have discovered that are practical and are a time saver. lhe.se Hints may be in cooking-, sewing-, cleaning, jrardeniiitf, flower raising-, etc. Each week the best Hints will be published, and the Best 10 Hints will receive FREE PASSES to the New theater. 2. Clip out any adverfisement appearing 1 on Food 3. Mail or leave Hints and the advertisement that you hacv dipped care Food Department, Hope Star, Look in next Friday's paper for winners of this weeks recipes. THIS WEEK Passing I'arker Cars The careful motor car driver breathes a sigh uf relief when he h.'> |.a.-..seil safely down the narrow city .-irei'l line wilh parked cars. Hi.-> moderate pace and utmosl caulioii .1" nut always enough to escape a .sci - i'til.* accident. Feir there are many drivers who s'il. i-u-h along such streets at 25 or lit) miles per hour. And many a driver will pull •mi from a parkeel place at the curb without either signaling or looking b.iek. Another frequenl hazard is the car carelessly (/arkcd so (hat a corner projects dangerously into the traffic lane. Even a pace of 15 miles per hour may lie' loo fast lo let you avoid the child ih.il. il.-i.shi-,-> after a bull between the paiked cars just ahead. Or il may be; me old lady with poor vision who is living in her memories of old hurst- aiul-bujLjgy days. You are fortunate if. your fool reaches iht- brake in limol Ann Chambless Prescott, Rt. 5 Mrs. C. E. Sanders Emmet, Ark. Mrs. F. J. Gordon Wanda Collins Please call for your FREE passes to the New at Cox Drug Company. Rin.se, drain, and slice raisins. Cul prunes from pils in small pieces. Cream together sugar, fat, spices and flavoring. Add beaten eggs and mix. Add nectar, and while flour sifled with Soda and sail and mix. Add while wheat flour and mix. Add fruits and nut meats and stir to blend. Pour into greased 2 quart mold and steam over waler about 3'/a hours. Serve with lemon, vanilla or hard sauce. Pudding shoulel be served hot. To reheat, cul inlo servings, place in double boiler or other container and boat over hot waler. Few lears were shed in the slove league this fall because the Dust Bowl game was called on account of weather. In the Christmas poll on the most popular person, Santa Claus is being given a big lead on Die wrile-in vote. The big boom everyone was expecting came from China, and it wasn't made by a firecracker. Tile man who dived 420 feet in Lake Michigan and came up alive has a fortune if he can adapt his equipment to stock plunging. The woman writer's husband who sued for divorce claimed she expected him to exist on a diet of dry serials. The Colorado river aqueduct, now under construction, will bring water 242 miles across the desert to Los Angeles and surrounding cities. The world's largest potash lake, in California, is just a mass of crystals, interspersed with brine, 12 square miles in area and 80 feet deep. Holiday Season "Saddest" Monstrel Bob Goodiiij| Tells of His Many Adventures „ _ n __ . 5 SEATTLE.— f/P) —Christmas is the saddest season of all to Bob Gooding, wandering minstrel who practices: "t>o unto others as ye would . . ." Still a wanderer although late in middle life. Bob, his small pack and saxophone, are now a familiar sight in Pacific coast cities after years ort the east coast. He's headed where "someone needs cheer or help" among the under-privileged. His life was not always so.Al/12, out of an orphan home in England, he was a bugler boy in England's army at Khyber Pass. South Arica, Egypt, Honolulu and Mexico and the fields of France saw him in army uniform. He played with Sousa, Victor Herbert and in the Portland, Ore., symphony orchestra and once Precy Grainger shook his hand to tell him the .saxophone was the most beautiful- sounding musical instrument. B'U t * now— a wanderer, spreading cheer and help. "To those who have little or nothing at all, Christmas is always sad," he explains. "After the celebration is over, there come 364 more days, each just another day of sorrow, unhappiness, illness' or misery. "I learned about suffering when I was a boy. That's why I do this now." Bob counts his friends among the thousands. He's played and entertained in recent years in more than 3,000 hospitals, children's institutions, homes for the invalid and aged, prisons, eVen death houses. But no pay. Only enough for a cheap room overnight, food, meagre traveling expenses and occasionally another shirt, or shoes. The geological survey made more than 9,000 technical decisions regarding natural resources in the last year. OPENING SPECIALS I Pure Pork Sausage, Ib i 23c Round Steak, Ib 20c T-Bono Steaks, Ib Ham, Ib , 23c Pork Chops, Ib 23c Hamburger, Ib. 12%c Chili Meat, Ib 12% c Visit Our New Market for the Best in Meats, F. J. Gordon Meat Mkt. Located in Rider Grocery •• East Second Street /\ girl who's handy 'round an oven Will keep her loving husband lovin' ALWAYS S Milkle-ss and ISiilictlcs.s Caiii- 1 pky raisins 1 cup nuts 'i cups sugar 1 teasjxion .soda 1 teaspoon bilking powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 tea-spoon cloves 1 teaspoon nutmeg 1 teaspoon spices 1 leaspoon salt Lard si/e of eyy 3 cups flour 2 cups cold water. Bake.- in moderate oven. Mrs. F. J. Gonlun Try serving lemon drops in.su.-ad of slices of lemon with hot tea. Thc.s are utlruclivi' on tin- tt-a-Uible,- or tray. Wanda Cul bus The- odor of fish may be entirely re- ni.ved from dishes anel silver whe.i va.--l.mg them, by adding ;i tablespoon .1 bicarbonate of soela l o the dish Ann Chamberless Prescoll, Rt. 1 -i Cuke •I cups flour 'i cups sugar 'i cups buttermilk I cup bullov 1 cup jam 'I Uaspuonfulls soda S teasixjonfulls cinnamon S leaspoonfulUi allspices 1 tea.spuuii nutmeg 3 teaspoonfulls coco. Use any kind of filling. Mrs. C. E. Sanders Rt. 1, Emmet, Ark. PILLSBURY'S BEST THE "BALANCED^ FLOUR—MAKES GOOD BAKING BETTER •~^*^\S*~* f \s»S\S~+~**i*s*'\^~*^r\S^\S^^^-~^\s^*S*~ Good Afternoon Hope Star Carrier Boys endeavor to finish their weeks' collection each Saturday afternoon —and are required to pay for their papers not later than the following Monday. Your LITTLE MERCHANT is in business for himself. This is his first venture into the business world. • His success or failure in this venture will in a large way determine his success or failure in later years. Your newspaper is SOLD to the carrier boy. He is compelled to pay for all papers which he receives and depends entirely upon collections for his running capital and profit. Won't you help us to keep good, reliable carriers on our routes by paying regularly each Saturday morning when the boy knocks on your door? Thank You HOPE STAR.

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