Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 15, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1935
Page 4
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£ . one) » , warrants would >ay«ent by ttany tt *te made teto ___ j .Again November SB*. , tia? 'be made dW .ok to Cl^f Tkts it the city oft Sli Friday afte tt a», cUkeix? h» d,*iid failed to aopcaf ; »r ' aii"ams, dtunkenness, plea ,. , it, dmnkertncss, forfeit- rbdttd'ort failm'c to appeaf Wstor Replies (Cantifitttd from p8#> oo«) rf ..-,..-. *.,..--.,.-. - r ... . ^ |r|| ^ , ..,-.-.- -w... *-. Ozan i JRobfe* Mrs. H. E. Rob- Mrs.-Bart Stuart left Friday visit -in Cromo, Texas*. Arthur-Hyatt ol Phoenix, Aria" Visitor in town Tuesday 4 Lu<* of Bingen was visits. aAd relatives here Tu ;.;E|Ued Pain S Id a rnedtcine for such con- below by a lady >v ft tun-down condition, d,it ea$ed the pain and jwnervous • system and weakness," writes Mrs. E. TTM, _of milaboro, Texas, "I have' j ysrvdus*'5pells that would ifc'for,.'lJ»y'Wrk; I took Cardui f'SiKOu'ld.iwt all-right I.was,never ^riiti-iiiwhen needed," *" " " 1,,'pains and ,.riervousness -periods'V often go away 1**nourishment- has been .>»;Cafdul- relieves certain 'sesi-the".appetite and im- iiojn.Jf it'does not benefit physician* —adv. FREE litClean- t wts will clean in ex. |rthf «*• Pants FREE' with iban's,. salt No- strinfs AtHust brine la the cx- ite".wlOi your sidt. 385 right thing by otir cittamshfp. ' f *is1h to Congratulate out leaders fat their good business judgment hi keeping our city out of the "red." !«% as'tp Mr. Smith's article I wish c^il "ihe feublic'4 attention to hJs in^iit in Vegnrd to things neces- . to'buUd a town. Speaking for itf'and 'on the authority of the _. - 'Jtesua Christ, such things as ,sM6\$S. carnivals and dance halls are dammable to any people. , If you are acquainted with the annals of all nations or communities that have gone down you know thatisuch things ds these are at the head of the list of things responsible for starting their downfall. • I wsuit to-thank the'leaders of our city "for whatever stand they have taken against ihfc things that do npt help to Strengthen the, moral and spirt- ual :srength of our people and urge them to tighten down oh these things. God says in the Holy word'"Come Ye out from among them," and "If God be for • Us • who ' can be against US." I hereby pledge my loyal support to any program that is seeking to drive evil from among; us. . • Mr. Councilmen, I say onward with the fight for the right: ' Rev. W. Paul H<Jdgc, Nazarene pastor. Nov. 15, 1935. Hope, Ark. day. . ' -. Mrs. -Hill Gist and daughters, Nancy and Frances are visiting in Arkaclcl- phia this week. Mr. Bill Gist left Sunday for Anderson, Mo.; for a short visit with relatives. • • MrS. : J. K. Green was shopping in Hope .Tuesday. -. .' . ' Liquid-Tablets Salve-Nose Drops".'...,..' •'- checks CQLDS , . and FEVER " first day Headaches . in 30 minutes' WANTlED-^HEADiNG BOLTS WWte Oak—Whisky and Oil grade, Overcup, Post Oak,and Red Oak. ''Round S>veci, Gum Bfocks. For prices and specifications, See MOPE HEADING COMPANY Phono Z43 < -• '; -Hope, 'Ark. uiiiiiuiiiMiiiituuiuuiiu quf Rotif Leak?= h «#-rkln coste •Hopc ; cU-= le'jUjan - one, year's, fire= Ctx Vbc a Good Roof. = Helitan.pjd One. 5- llivan Const Co. = imitniHiumiimiiiiiniiiii , . Parts *•»?' (I?A4- k^.»ffa ;f'i/i»ftyintfwiiit: v 'J VJjfc^t '.-'A'I 1 ' '" i'^T-y-B^.. •'.<.->.<•>'..'. CRANE WATER HEATERS SALES »m* SERVICE .'.".: J15 for your old one, 51 Domi Balance Monthly. . Plumbing-Electrical Phono 259 , tfKV- ^y f|fty (50) bushels it. 'Sce ; 'D6rsey.;MpRae. 15-3tp FOR SALE ,„ j and mules, See _._. at Suttdn and Hale Se'r- ption, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp ,. T -, gALE or TRADE—Car, Pump Shotgun, hogs, yearlings for milk cows arid hay, W. C. Tyler, Washington, *•*---••-, 3 l5-3tp YOR 5A1JC—Perfectly new set of Bathroom- fixtures. A Bargain. See --"-•- l5-6tc FOR RENT SAUB-Seyen room, two Bath „„,.„ Homo with Acre of Ground. jProptrty known as the Doctor Kolb E. 3rd Street. E. B. Scott. 14-12tc RBJifT—Four room apartment See pbrsey WeRae J5-3tp LOST '—Brown leather purse, con- bill, one silver dollar, change ,}pog»t sjips. fieward. Mrs Bsson at Peniify store. 15-3tc Quicker, Easier Starting, Easier Driving .' 700 Service Station $50 to $500 AUTO LOANS . On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM K1NSER MONTS SUGAR CURE For E PORK—BEEF = : IT'S Better, Safer, = S Cheaper and Easier s SMONTS SEED STOREi : Hope, Ark. ; POUIS-DOLUS DOLLS PIUS, (4ttl* Oones, Black to One*. AU kinds and si***. Conif «k«t your Cnrtrtmab Dolls Ji»w oir st«rk We few* ttv «U tW* HM*. It is tl>» tte Wf trowd of i-WUUen of a dpU. »</|( each John P, Cpx Drug Co, PhttAe 84 We Crive Eagle Stamps, HOPE STAK, HOfl, fiOARDIMu HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY .By WILLIAMS PL^DN ko^ ON MV Wt:-Bfe.--AN!Y PUT fc .;! • lt - 'V, . TH' ^AACSOr^ <3EtS VOU 3^<aNE.t) UP TO Wf^fe^TLt 4 PI L& tMft\VER CAJSON, YvW tiONT VOLJ OO TO TH* STA1L^^LJ^A ^SO^AE *t, i CsUV t t^ASSLED I Si' NI6HT WH£.N HtiS £>OPtEN\N<3 AN/XTOfWY, AN GHT A US1E ON YWAV j' ug. oOULti WRAP tJONt L£AVE »T TOTtf MAvSpr^-- \ ^OWLLA Al^MS -^Hfe HA-o STATESMENS BRAVePCl'': ) I tO6 Ahl SQUEEIE TH' HE TJOE^NT CARE W£W MAMV /^S»N OUT OP TT !~*-Ht CANNONS WE -PACES>SO LOSVa ? cEJOT "ROWDY WITH fAE,Wr4' ,' AS THEVR& ON A ^ONUfAENT/J i -^ HOISTED AN !-*_ u ^ pE ^ cuT TH ^ r MADE 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U _ [OSCOE \5 GETTING VMS NERVE "bACK IM TUNE- WELL, JUST TH'SAMS . I AIMT dOMMA <3lT TH' SLAME FEK SINJUIW iSLAMPSf 1 HOP6 '. DQU't 6VEP2. IKJV6MT AUTO 6R AIJ5PLAWE 1'P MEVER AMD SARCASTIC/ IDOW'T HAPPEN •fO-Bff A ^Ake~— I'M A .FLOATIM6 ISLAKID CUSTARD. THE FALL SUV. •V HtA StgVlCt, INC. T. M. RtC. U. 8. rAT. OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES And So's the Lid by MARTIN /IV ALLEY OOP •) 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. TM. REO. U. S. PAT Ol' Zoozoo, Himself By CRANE U/HEKJ OOOLA AMD DIMkJY CROSSED THE RIVER, TO AID ALLEY COB FOOZY, UMABLE TO FOtLOU/, OISCOW50- UTELY TU(?W BACK TO MOO— WHAT A BIO, DUMB YAP I AM, WITH COP IM SUCH A JAM .' ALLTHEF?E IS THAT I CAM DO, IS UAND6R BACK AW WAIT IM MOO -. L AM' NJCM/, I 'SPOSE.ON MY RETURW,THE THINGS I'VE DONE'LL MAKE GUI BUPM- HE'LL PROB'LY ^& MAO AW W^MTA KMOW WHY I DOME THIS'M'THAT: AW SO'SJ'SO - HUH/ID-SAY, OFFHAND, I'M MOT ALONE IN THIS LAND - WELL, CURL MY HAIR WITH A LOUD BOO/ IT'S LEMIAN GENERL OL &* <***. *»*jfca U9E^^ WASH TUBES Easy Pulls a Fast One By HAMLIN GOT CHANGE FORAYS BILLJ^POM'T THINK SO. HAVE yOLJ.SKEST ?l JES OpT £3 JOHM 5KEET. REMEMBER HOW HE SAID i DIDM'T MEAN TO STOWAWAY ON Bl< VAC^T—BUT WAS BKOKE AMP IVAWTEP A PLACE TO SLEEP? WELL,H§ ; SNOT B^O"" HE LIEPJ.WE MAPE THIS TRIP WITH A_ SECRET PURPOSE IM MIWD., 7 OH, HOI I TRIPPED HIMA6AHPOPWER FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS The Situation Becomes Tense By BLOSSER GOSH, POP, FRECK LEFT THE HOSPfTAL A LOW<3 TIME AGO, AND HE ISN'T HERE, VET I/ I CANT IMAGINE WHAT MIGKT BE KEEPING HIM.' GEE, NUTTY 15 GOINC3 |f' LIKE A HOUSE-AFIRE >* TODAY! IF FRECK DOESN'T HURRY AND GET HERE, PEOPLE WILL FORGET \ THAT HE EVER PLAYED FOOTBALL! NUTTY HAS MADE THREE TOUCHDOWNS, .ALREAI THERE GOES COOK,THE MASKED PHANTOM, OVER FOR HIS FOURTH TOUCHDOWN OF THE DAY.... THAT K/D IS SIMPLY BREAKING OUT INTO A / TDUCHPOWN RASH/ // SURE FRECKLES SAID HE WAS GOING THE J \ ABSOLUTELY; AND ,AT THE RATE HE LEFT HERE ON HIS BICYCLE,, I'M SURPRISED HE DIDNT GET THERE BEFORE HE EVEN STARTED AJD,AT THE STADIUM, THE OUT- UNE OF A FIGURE 1$ SEEW SCURRYING FROM THE CLUBHOUSE DRESSING ROOM.... ' x-- "ff I GOTTA HURRY UP INTO THE SIANP. 1 HOPE NOBOPT SVILL RECOGNIZE ME /.'/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom v n Pop? Hay! Hay! Bv COWAN WELL,DONT DO HALFWAY JOB.' DO IT RIGHT/ THE. NEXT Tlly\E ONE OF SALESMEN CALL BUY A '^n-T. •—• WHWl . WE NEEDS/ "iUttaffiJbil M. HEC. u. j. P»T. of F,

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