Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 15, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1935
Page 3
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*•> < ' fv*> , November 15, 1035 , HOPE, ARKANSAS CrC Telephone 821 Tin- Empty Lftfle House Nobody over stops to see What flowers prow in there, Nor if !hc> !i|«c trt-c i.s out Nor what tho windows Wear— And nh, Hie lillle house must look As If it didn't enrol No fingers <;ver lifl the latch Of such a rusty gutc. Nor footsteps hurry up the path, Afraid they rninht be late— And oh, the littlr> house munt net As if it didn't wall! And when prospective buyers come And poke about nnd peer And cry their caustic comment on The haloed things and dear The broken little house must smile As if it didn't hi'iir!-~SoIect<?d. All 4(enis, announcements, etc., for this column must be ( ilhcr given in or phoned before 10 o'clock on Saturdays as the paper is roady for distribution nl noon on Saturdays, Your compliance with tho above request will be greatly appreciated. Phone 321. Among the many delightful .social functions given f or H IL , pi f . ;islll . c ,,f Mil, Kattie W Cu,iu,i> while ,\ guest In our city during this past week was the beautifully appointed dinner- id Mi s ispit.iblc book committee, distributed attractive new year books Dm ing the bus- iiie'i period, an appeal foi funds for community Chrislmns tree was met, as was also tho •student loan fund, with Mrs. R. M. Briant as chairman. Mrs. Lee Holt gave tho president general's nipssnpf nnd Mrs. Chns, Hhynes, state nnd local chairman for Armistice day C.-ivo an excellent report. Mrs. E. F. were centered with miniature baskets filled with-an-exquisite remembrnnce Rift nnd (he bridge fnvors until to Mrs. Lloyd Spencer nnd Albmt Graves. Tho regular monthly meeting of the Paisley P. T. A. was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Paisley school with 26 mothers responding to the roll call. Mrs. H, 0. Kyler wns elected president of the Association and Mi<- Jesiic Blown wss rlrclod vice pi evident. A most plersintf and com- piehonsive lopoit of the state meet- recently held fey Robert Bruce O 193J NBA Stttte*, fete* II130IN HRttE:-.Toi<AY JBA,N MIJNM cli-luy, net nnxircr nlitn IIOIHIY \VAM,ACI5 a»k» bcr 10 mnrrj him A» Tii* noirfeh will be held on the second Wednesday in December, with White will ptetnt the piogrnm on patriotic mu.sic. Mrs. Emma Holt, who hns been the west of her son, Rov. Guy Holt nnd Mrs. Holt, for the past month has returned fo her home in Memphis, Term. The following wedding announcement fnm the Honolulu Slnr-Bulletm unilci d.itc of October I2th will be of mleic'.t to the mnny friends of the Eleanor Fronk Clarke, daughter E S s Joe E. Brown "BR IGHT LIGHTS" —and— 'WINGS OVER ETHIOPIA" SATURDAY Here's another swell double slit u Coi <- i| U t 11 and all seats J 1 o'clock luncheon ,it Held Barlow I on Wednesday with Mis E F Mc- F.ulchn nnd Miss Mamie "Ivitchell ns ' hoitc^es 'Hie luncheon Wfls jseived ' lie the pnvate dining loom The large I round t.iblo peifcctly .ippomted W.T? j >cllow nnd white chr><uinthemums and ' ferns .surrounded with small crystal baskets filled with smnll chrysmthe- muiVK nnd gspsophiln Covers weio Inid for 16 members including Mf-s Mniy Jones n new member .ind Mt Kline Snydei, ,1 potcntinl inembei and (hp following guests, Mis Ross R Gillespie, Mrs Sue S Wilson of Lmlr Rock Mrs C D Lester, Mis Fiod R Hdiriion, Mis Thos Brewstci, Mi-, W O Shipley and Di Etta Champlm Following the luncheon, the meeting wns called to order by the Rc"ent Miss "Momie Twitchcll, who led in' the ritunl and snlule to the flag. Mrs R. T. White, chairman- of the year Dwichl Wilson USN, son of Mrs May Withf>r-,poon Wil«-on of Hope, Ark The R( \nicnd William H Fiy of the Methodist Cmscop.il Mission officiated in tin pir- tncc of about 200 guests Piuccrlmfi dm ceremony Mis Rosalie FIou<- inj' M.ii Poma Oe la'u. and Wi'iinu Foi Tlue and Joseph Ikeole and Mrs. Florcs .snng the wedding march. At the home of the bride's p !>.••( IM15 PoKi St, an impiovised all H of \\hite Mexican cicepei and aifingcd, an aisle for tho rliofcr litulnrfti ,'• vujriip Riiiuly (turn, Hol»l)t nnd ,lonn ,io n Mil. nnd AIMS.. i.Rtvrs. iinMi* «Mt* •nhic lionrt* for I,<MT|». rrho liiiyn n Pur, r.AltnY Oi.RNX Ic-ilornl flRciit. l« milllnc W.INfiV I.F.WIS, .Ijiiph rnlibcr. llr tenrni fllmtit llip lionil I.nrrr lielltven Hit cnr l,t\fl» b»H|clit IK nrinnrcil. Itoliliy Hike* (a find out, .lotin HB-rpfB tit n secret c •»<•»'• «IUi Siimly. -1-1,0 linnk'nl which lirr fnllicr I* |>re*ld<>n< t* totihui, nml l.nrry miirt* n urnrdi foi- the rohliprN. . . , . effortless. unslntkenlng speed; five silent people, one bewildered and jfrfglitened and lost, the other four nnd died In .her corner, looking out at the fields and woods and farmhouses and little towns that shot hy them, seeing nothing, nnahie to speak, hardly conscious of the passing of time. Noon came; a hot, blhterlne «»* «.ij.u tt,- , ,. > -^ 1 '"6 ' ^' tb ^ 6 91 ' n beat ' D8 d ° Wtl a cloudless sky, and no wind to coolthe air. They reached, the great National Highway arid turned to the east, nnd for a moment Jean's heart leaped up—Dover In? to the east, and this roatl. she 'il* .' >0<>n 'nJnrnl. lie iin<1 Iho livwlAcc ;lire nlM.vIng n( u fnrm- linit«c, stir noun Hit tin hor*Hf n fin" "rnrii'i ' P who1 * """y I'nvM r.nrry ill«novpr» ,!<•«« In with (lip ro .l.pfp..no nrtil hi* men ni-rlvc filler (lie rnlilirrx hnve «<mc. Tlicy coniltiuc I lip «eriroli. VOW GO ON WITH THR STORV CHAPTER XXXIX W/'MBN tho big blue sedan whirled away from the Bugles' farm, Jean huddled .In a corner of the back seat and stared straight ahead ( short-lived; for after half an hour's itravel the car slowed down and swung to the north again over nn unpaved rond that wound in and out through a tangled stretch of woodland, A mile from the main highway tho road bore to the right, nnd a little lane continued on into the woods. The lane was nothing more than parallel ruts In the soil, with the branches of the trees-meeting overhead and brushing against the MEDICATED WITH INGREDIENTS OF VlCKS V/ippRUB No. 7"TARZAN SUN. MQN. & TUES. v—?*??*® V" /«'-»m.v = I- nf . - «J it t . ^ -- U'/V^-rlfc., 17. tesff:,, 'PI«el!oo"Vil * '•>( -H.w H / ballioom U ' 'TvX ««ni»llonlH >' *„<£ .** ^' >ssfp M<dern successor to oldf ashioned cough syrojs... more convenient . . . less ox- pensi/a ... lingers longei in the tbroaf. 4$2*?'*' V jOTtS.fK.1 .„-.>:.. , ... ..-SSfe 1 *, Have you : Wfe, -%-:•• -\ * .'••- -y • *;*•:• "- *??'• " • ' found that ft<-;'''.-'^&>.. • ^ : >..•:•• old "Top ifelPV:; . 1 **^-" Hat?" Ui K it V£8K$T up and rend our K»t. M<! for the reason! Sec Our Selected line of New PALL DRKSSE5 Silks and Woolens in the Newest Fishions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs, C. P. lloll,,,,i i i i i bi id u I ut\ bring foimed of \\Jutf silm ribbons The bride who v -. Riven in maiii.ige by hci father UDJC <i j'ov n of cic.im biocade velvet, in ul(_ on the now full lines, with n ti.un nnd l>itf pfiffed sleeves tight at the- wtnts Stic cnnied n bouquet of orchids and lilies of tho vnllcy. Miss Bin-nice Smith was maid of honor She wns gowned in nquamnrinc crepe, made with a basque waist and full iknt. She \v)ie a blue hat and carried n muff of larkspur and Cecil BVuner roses. Mrs. Fronk wore wisteria crepe with a corsage of red roses. Lt. Crrtlr. Chas. D. Lcffler USN wns bc.st man and the ushers were Lt. Leslie K. Pol'nrd. Lt. Robert W. Berry. Lt. John ?. Cromwell, Lt. Roland P. Kaufman, and Lt. Robert S. Bert- chy. Immediitely following the ceremony, a reception was held at the Fronk home, where the bridal party and Dr. and Mrs. Fronk received before tho improvised altar. Mrs. Wilson cut the wedding cake with hoi- husband's saber. Lt. nnd Mrs. Wilson will be at homo at 1805 Poki St. after .spending a week at the Lanakai home of Dr. nnt Mrs. Fronk." Rev. and Mrs. Guy Holt nave as house guests, Mrs. Holt's parents, Mr. anl Mrs. A, R. Krewson of Osceola, Ark. Mif.s Cluirlecn Crunc has returned from a week's business stny in Nashville Mrs. C. H. McCree of Weathorford, Texa.s. is attending the bedside of her mother, Mrs. W. M. Hart here Australian Girl (Continued from page one) COATS and SUIlS A Complete Stock in the Vety Newest Styles and Colors. Ladies Specialty Shop Dakar. Africa, to Natal, Brazil, in 13 hours 15 minutes.' The French International Air Line m.-iking regular crossings, said thai Pilot Guillaumet of their company mafio the trip in 13 hours 37 minutes last October, the best on record. Miss Batten planned to fly to Bueno.s Aires after her piano is repaired. Ladies Here Is Your Chance to Get Your Christmas Gift for Your Friends. 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Instead, they turned to ?.he left and headed north; not, as ;bir as Jsan could remember, in the direction either of Plalnfield. the railroad junction point, or of Dover. .The red-headed man hnd practically forced her to get Into the car. He had said nothing except, "We're going for a ride": of Sandy's whereabouts she knew nothing, except that.be had ."gone on ahead" with Mr. Lewis. Jean felt herself a prisoner; the red-headed man Deemed a monstrous and enigmatic embodiment of menace, with his expressionless eyes of pale "blue conveying an unspoken but irresistible threat. -They rode for perhaps five.miles before she managed to regain enough calm to speak. Then, her fists clenched in her lap, she turned to her .companions, and"asked, "Just where "are. we going?" Eve Biady cast a sidelong, glance at her. and smiled.faintly 1 . The;.ren- headed man looked at h.e'r' hr mild surprise, and finally said, ".lust who wants to know?" "I do" (He gure her another siaie. subtly derisive. "You'll nnd out-when we get thone," Im.said, at last. "I want to know now. Are we going to Dover? I've got to get back. This—this isn't a 'joke, to me." Ho gave a mild little sniff. "It's not a joke to anybody." he said. "Rut lemme tell you this, baby—and try to remember it." He leaned across Eve Brady .and tapped Jean on the knee with a massive fist. "Where we go, you go. It's too late to back out now. You're in with us, and you stny in. See?" j jit, the car jolting heavily on the .uneven surface. They went down into a little valley, followed a brook for n hundred yards, then went up over a hill, descended on^ the other side—and. unexpectedly!; came into a 10-acre clearing that faced a little lake A large, rambling house in the architectural style of the 1870s stood near the water, surrounded by an unkempt but spacious lawn, The cur pulled up beside.what had evidently been a carriage house, years ago. and stopped. The car doors opened, nnd Jean automatically followed the others out. They took their baggage and followed Red along a gravelled path to tho house. Jean looked at it curiously. Once it must have been a handsome country retreat — isolated, with neat lawns and gardens Hanking the little stretch of blue water.and a belt of woodland surrounding it all. Now it looked gone lo seed and dilapidated. * * * AS Jean noticed these things they reached the front of the bouse and went up.a little flight of steps to a wide, sagging porch. They followed Red into the house, into the cool dusk of an Inner hail; and then Jean found -herself going up-a (light of stairs and obediently following someone to a room: A door was opened, and a voice mumbled that she was to go on in; then the door closed behind her arid she was teit a sudden ware of relief. SaadyJ tie would make things right. She hurried downstairs, reaching the porch just as he did. "Oh Sandyt I'm so glad you're here," she cried. "I've been so—• so frightened!" He raised hla eyebrows. "Why? What's the matter?" "Oh, It's all eo—so queer. This man Red made tne get In the car and made me come — Sandy, I you told me yesterdayjie'd promised to see that I got balk to Dover today—" " Sandy grinned and clasped hla hands comfortably behind his head. "What's the matter with this place?" he asked. "Nice and quiet and pleasant-like, Isn't it?" She looked at him in hurt surprise. "But Sandy, I can't stay here—" she began. He grinned ironically. alone. The room was in a side of the rode on and on, skimming over the concrete road with house overlooking the 'lane by which they liad come; -aijd it was furnished with an old-fashioned double bed, an equally old-fashioned dresser with a marble top, a vast chest of dnwera. and three horsehair chairs. She put her bag on the floor, opened a window, nnd looked out listlessly. She had no notion where she was or how long she was to be there. She was quite obviously in the power of a dangerous man, who lad said that she was "in with us" Jermniiently. What did it all mean'' iVhat was going to happen to nor? Looking down. Jean saw a familiar figure walking slowly toward the house from the outbuilding 'Oh, yes, you can, baby," he said softly. "Oh, yes, you can." * * * T"\USJ< had come, and the silence •^ that enfolded the queer, lonely house seemed to Jean to be oppressive and ominous. She stood at the border of the lake, beside the ruined boathouse. feeling more lost, more helpless, more frightened and more bewildered than she hnd ever expected to feel in her whole life Suddenly, on Impulse, she turned Uid walked rapidly from the lake to the lane that led to the outer world, impelled by a despairing conviction that only by immediate light-could she-save herself. She stumbled on through the dusk, naking a detour to avoid the car•logo house, and. plunging into tlie ;Ioom of the lane when it entered he woods with a feeling of relief. It was pitch-dark under the trees. Brandies and brambles caught at her dress. Her high-heeled slippers were worse than useless for travel over this uneven ground. Fear clutched her heart in an icy grip. A shadowy figure took shape In the darkness ahead of her, and the blinding light of a flashlight fell on her; and a harsh voice said, "Well, sister, where're you going?" She came to a halt, almost paralyzed by fear. The' man with the flashlight stepped up to her, and as he moved she could see the muzzle of an automatic shotgun which he carried under one arm. "Turn around and go back where you come from," he said. "I'll just walk along behind, to make sure you get there." Feeling dully that she had played lier last card and lost, Jean turned like an automaton and' started back. The light went out, and the guard plodded along close behind her. They went a few rods, and-.she found strength enough to protest. "Whaf rjglit have you to do this?" she asked, stopping and turning to face the man. "Who are you? Wlio are all these people?" Why can't : I go away if 1 want to?" There was a short silence, then the'man chuckled drily. "You mean you don't know who tho big red-head is?" he asked. "No. of course I don't know who IB is." "Well, sister, he's nobody at all. Nobody at all—but Red Jackson. d no moll that ever tied up with lis mob tried to cop a sneak without feeling awful sorry for it." And they plodded on back to the --•- .,.,,,.,,. iiu lu L , lc ulHUlllHHIlg IOUSO where they had left their car. She i (To Up Continued) Rockefeller Cuts (Continued from page one) We are now buying Sweet Gum Blocks in 40-inch lengths. Call 328 for prices. Hope Basket Cp, in character, which interpret the Christian task in the light of present clay needs and which are based not so much on denominational affiliation as on broad, forward-looking principles of co-operation. ''Any of your specific undertakings, either in the home or foreign field, I hat fall within this category I shall ,)e glad to have presented for consideration along with other enterprises. '•Alter so many years of co-opcra- ion with your organization I natural- y regret taking this action, the more ,o because, following the footsteps of ny father, I have always been iden- ified with the Baptist denomination, vorking with and supporting its var- ou.s organizations. Favors Denominations 'I believe in denominations—insofar s they make necessary provision for mlividual variation in religious experience. I recognize the significance, the beauty, and the helpfulness of ritual and creed as developed by different denominational groups. What gives mo pause is the tendency inherent in denominations to emphasize the form instead of the substance, the denominational peculiarity instead of the oneness of Christian purpose. I have long felt that this denominational emphasis is a divisive force in the progress of organized Christian work and an obstacle to the development of the spirit and life of Christ among men. ''My faith is increasingly centered on the few fundamental principles of Christ's life and teaching as set forth in the four gospels. I believe those principles can be applied with practical vision and spiritual power. "If the church is to go forward, if it js to hold the young people of today, who, generally speaking, are notgreat- [y concerned about denominational, distinctions and have a decreasing interest in sectarian missions and if their support of its activities is to replace hat of older givers who pass on. these denominational distinctions are bound 0 fade in the forward movement of 1 great united church open to all who seek to follow Christ a»d to find in him the abundant life. "Such a church will, I believe, meet the needs of young people and enlist their support of its missions at home and abroad. For Fundamentals "We of the older generation should not discourage them or bo instrumental in lessening their interesTby passing on the divisive elements of our present day religion. Rather shouk we work with them in relegating the non-essential to a place of secondarj importance and stand with them fo; the fundamentals of Christian unity feeling confident that on such a foundation they will roar n church far better adapted to the requirements o their day and generation than any we could build for them. "Relating this statement of my personal view and interest to present general trends, I am sure you will understand the action which I have 1 taken It does not indicate any lessening of my interest in religion and tlie Christian church. On the contrary, it springs from a deeper and growing desire to encourage and further those united and non-sectarian activities and agencies whic hemphasizo above all i else unity in Christian service, love for God as He is revealed in Christ and His living spirit, and the vital translation of this love into Christ- like living. "I am therefore seeking to use such influence as I have in emphasizing the basic truths common to all denominations, in lowering denominational barriers and| in promoting effective cooperation among Christians of whatever creed. Definitely to support such the next step for me to lake in that dilution. "Lest this explanation of my position be construed as a criticism of any who think differently, let me hasten to say that I concede to others tho same right to freedom of thought and ac- (tion that I cherish for myself. -The Baptist denomination was founded upon principles of religious tolerance and fredom that permit tho fullest cooperation with all groups in sha'ring the Christian experience and teaching. I am simply acting in accordance v. ith the principles of that denomination with which 1 have all my life bi-en so happily associated." No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance With anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the? trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don'fc be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company Fresh Daily Fuli~FhIvoi Yes Mam! It's as Fine u Bread ;:s You Can Buy DON'T Forget to Order Our DELICIOUS CAKES TEMPTING PIES TASTY PASTRY Home of BLUE RIBBON Bread A HOPE INSTITUTION Pride Is Flayed "For What Is 3four Life?" He AsKs tfae Tabernacle Congregation The Rev Bert Webb felt led to change his subject for Thur-!da\ night's message, and preached from James 4 13-15 n the uncertainty of life His menage was centered erotmd the phrase "For What I<» Your Life?" "Human beings, when they have attained a certain degree of financial success and a certain place in society," Mr. Webb said" "sometimes feel that they would b" coming down if they were asked to get down on their knees and pray They get a superiority coin- plex. One of the most difficult things in the way of people getting to God is what somebody else will think about it Remember God wiB have something to say and think about you too. "It might do some good for us just to stop and think that we do not miount to so much, neither you rtor I | The highest nnd most digimfied of us is going, to die and this body be eaten by the worms Then people Will not feel so great nor mighty when their souls are turned over to God; "All of you want to live. Some may long to be on the other side, but- let them get a little sick and they make a great effort to live If you want to live down here, it is only natural that you will want to live over there. People lay up money, life insurance, etc., but so few arc getting ready to live throughout eternity. "Our text says 'that "life" is even a vapor.' As fog is dispelled before the morning sun EO lives are snuffed put. How many times have you made preparations for something only to have your plans fail. How many .times have you felt that you were near death, but you have never let God into your consideration. There is altogether too much lethargy and delay in these matters. People are more concerned about pleaiuies or their business than they are about God. It is inconceivable that we should not take time to think about out *6 r win wfcej have gortfcltot nobody fBeW" Thursday ni trumpet «olo area on thfe Seedrdian. Miss Louise Kennedy < has been visiting a feW telatives of this place, > Mr. attd Mrs. Victor Cas children Aubrey faftd Opi and Mrs R,oss Roberts and Iris Nell of this place sftd . Mrs. Jack Thompson and ehlL near Columbus Sunday and all j ed a nice time. Miss Agnes Gahies spe<ftf Sb with Mrs Bud Campbell ^ ' '" SATURDAY SPEClAC Baked Ham, J Pork Ham, »__. Pork chops, ib. _ Pork Roast, !b. ^ .-_ t _ Pork Link SAUSAGE, Ib,... Cured HAM- * Center Cuts, 'lbl_ Cured HAM Whole or Half, Ib ' Beef Roast, Ib Iftc Steak lb,...J2'/2 and ,1% Clover B'loom ik '* - " J BUTTER, Ib SPUDS, 10 Ibs for _ 20c f Dressed Frieis and Maey Othei things at a Bargain. . REECE & GENTRY Meat Market 'M' System Quality Groceries and Low Price* LETTUCE Head CABBAGE Lb ONIONS veuow 3 POTATOES REtf IBs SUGAR PURE CAN-E 10 Lbs 52c Red & Gold, Ib..l9c; f Maxwell House 27c CRflMS 1811 If Pet or 3 Tal1 or IfSBLIk Libbys 6 Small WHEAT KRISPIES Kellogg's New Cereal. lie CHUM Tall Can HEINZ KETCHUP Large Bottle .. ,.... WILSCO Pure . Vegetable Oil 8 Pound Carton ,5 Large Bar's Crystal White 1 pkg. Super Suds FREE CORN—Sniders Country Gentleman—2 Cans'..—.,... PEANUT BUTTER Quart Jar _.., '..' Table Garden Sandwich SPREAD—Quart Jar PUMPKIN-2 Large Cans, I French's Pumpkin Pie Spice-All BACON Wilson's Sliced : ROAST Chuck or Thick Rib- -Lb MIXED SAUSAGE Seasoned Right—Lb BEEF RIB STEW Pound V f LINK SAIISAi HAMS PICNIC STYLE 4 to 6 Ib. average-^-Lb 27c BABY BEEF STEAK No. 7 or Church Pound CHILI Mexican Style Home Lb SALT MACKEREL FAT Each 121c FRESH GROUND MEAT FOR LOAF Pound SELECT BALTIMORE OYSTERS

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