The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1940
Page 6
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SAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER HEWS BETTER HONES TUESDAY, 'APRIL 16, 1940 An Inexpensive Cottage -FHA Compliance Inspec- ,; tions Not Substitutes for i Piofessional Services ...The Federal Housing Administration has encouraged the use of •architectural service as n means *of raising Ihe small-home slniui- .,ard and stimulating the bulld- »'Ing of better homes for American ^'families of modest means. ,' Good houses nt. whatever price .;can be produced only by the com- ^bination of good architecture, weil- ;selected materials, nnd honest building, declared Administrator Stewart McDonald. "The Federal Housing Admlnls- jtrallbn cannot Insist that an nppll- ( ~cant for mortgage Insurance use ^professional service \vhen building •-'his home," explained Mr. McDon- * aid in outlining the 1'HA policy i in regard to nrchUectural service. * "It does recommend It. however, ',- for no matter how attractive the , plan may be, an Inferior structure may result If professional ser^ vices me not used in connection "•*Ith the preparation of the contracts, plans and specifications, »and Ihe supervision of the actual 'construction to see thai they are earned out ns contemplated." Not Substitute | While the Federal Housing Adi ministration makes inspections to , assure compliance with plans and * specifications, Mr. McDonald said it does not consider them substitutes for professional services. j "Architects can often effect real savings in construction costs," Mr. "•McDonald continued, "ns well as in the use of space. He can suit the house to the needs of the family. He Is acquainted with new mnte- jrials, new 4 methods of ' applying )Uiem, new types of equipment. He 'ftui plan for the most economical 'use of structural materials. He can suggest the elimination of certain elements from the house which are .expensive In proportion to their actual use. •'. Because of'his knowledge of planning he may be able to sa\e the family from making costly additions' and changes to Jhe house ' during construction." "The THA has encouraged activities of architectural groups, such •as the Small Homes Architectural Service Bureau, which would help .to bring about, a better small home, he continued. 'Hie agency has not token any part, in determining or advising the builder ns to what, ice should be charged, as this is : fclt to be entirely within the business relations of (lie architect and ('Unpopularity Contest' Of i Homo Defects Brings i Suggestions Simplicity and compacfness of desisn effected without sacrifice cif charm nnil detail imikc tins small collate stand out. Two large uiry hedroom.s, Ijotli willi lwi> exposures and adequate [irivacy, lii|>hli|;lil tlie home's many fenliircs. Tlic up-tu-dntc standards (if gnod (ilamiiiiK nrc maintained in (lie arrangement nf Ihc livhiK rmnn ami the kitchen, which iilili/c.s l<i heller value Ihe space ordinarily allocated for a srpa- rale dining room. The I'Yileral lIoitsiiiK Administration insured a morlgngc on (h« property fur $4,500. A mortgage of this amount may lie [laid off river a period of 25 years willi nvcragc inonllily juiymcnlii of $26.15, exclusive of locul tuxes and hazard insurance. llullders .might benefit if they had an onportunity lo hear home tv.'iici's voice their grievances over defects in dwellings. As suggestions for buildm ami reiilractors, a innyanlnc vt'ctnily concluded ti poll of those features o( a home—or luck of them—which Irked lioini) owners mast. Lack ol •Jowl space wus the complutnl voiced most ufieny with an Inade- 'HifilP .supply of electric oiilleis txxi In (he voting. 1'oor Heat Scored Third in tlie unpopularity con- lesl was uneven distribution ot heat, while oilier complainls Included iraor kitchen arrangements, diafis, rooms that provide no wall ,=pace [or furniture, and rooms that lack sunlight. Families with children complained about lack of space for keeping toys, and a universal protest aruvlnsl inefficient hot-water hcat- soundcd. Garage doors Sam C. Owens Buys R. P. Paddison House Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Owens have purchased the H. 1'. I'iiddi- KOII residence at 215 East Kentucky avenue which has been rented by Dr. and Mrs. T, K. Mohan since . the I'addisons moved to Asheville. • A > )n a iwo-story house, the N. C. | most economical Installations are The bungalow type residence, j c » c ele<) when bathrooms are locat- sald to be one of the best, con- j Cl1 liu °vc each other or above oth- strucled houses in the city because ! cr plumbing fixtures so as lo per- Questions and Answers , Q. How should bathrooms bo ar-' the bathroom Door lo be flush with .ranged In relation lo oilier plumb-j the wood floors In adjacent rooias. ] ing for economy in Installation? | • Read Courier News warn nfls. of quality of woods used in it, lias three bedrooms and the usual Ilv- liitf, dining, bath rooms, hall ami kitchen. It Is heated by an arcola system. Mr. and Mrs. Owens anil children will move from 100 Hast Davis avenue, where they have been occupying the house owned by Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Walls, sometime after July i. C. W. Afflick Moves To Former Ward Office ! C. W. Afflick lias moved his farm j lands office from the Lynch build|Ine to the former L. L. Ward office In Ihe rear of the farmers Bank and Trust Company with entrance on Broadway. The two rooms have been redecorated, acotile linoleum laid on the floors and new office equipment installed. An attractive decorative feature is the use of large framed maps and a five by eight foot photograph mit the use of a common soil stack. When two or more bath- rcoms are located on the same floor, they should be adjacent lo each other. In one-story construction the bathroom and kitchen should be closely related ht location. Place water closets near the soil stack and the wastes of other fixtures in close proximity lo the stock to minimize horizontal pipe runs. In addition to an economical plumbing layout, conven-l icnce In the location of the bathrooms and fixtures is also important. A well-studied plan should and usually will make both possible. PLAN Physician To Erect Hovise At I 109 Holly Street Work has started on the new _ residence Dr. nnd Mrs. T. K. Mnhnn home builder. "re creeling on their lot, 1103 West. "Whenever it has been demon-]Holly street, which they recently strated that-a fee has been paid • purchased from the E. C. rtobin- to a recognized architect," Mr. son Lumber Company. The lot Is McDonald added, "the insuring of-1 ~A by 140 feet, fice may include such fee In the! The co t tnge , of ar | Amcrlcilu valuation of the property for ci cs ig n , wU] 1)!WC scvcr , mortgage _insurar,cc." - I features Inclndins an t room and tlie dark room, and in this room will be book shelves In the walls and a disappearing stairway leading to the attic, There is a closet lii each of tho bedrooms, in the bath which will have inlaid linoleum on the floor, :ind In the hall. The small dark mom. to bo used by Dr. Mahan in hLs hobby of photography, will hare a washing sink, work table and special ventilators which exclude all light. AH of the walls will be plastered and the floors will be oak except where the linoleum I.s used. Hint don't work were among the unpopular items, while n large number of feminine votes went to Hie house that is inconveniently iinangcd for care and upkeep, Other Grievances Other Items on the list of grievances against, builders included refrigerators that are not large enough to store. the family food fuplrty. drain pipes that, clog', lighting fixtures that glare, basements that flood with every rain, garages too small for ease of movetnenls. pipes that rust, dark hallways and j slninvay.s, serens (hat rust, and l weak water flow. The Modernl/.alion Credit, Plan of the Federal Housing Adminis- 'ratioii may be used lo correct nosl of llu'se grievances where they already exist. Actual funds are obtained from qualified lending institutions. of a Mississippi county cotton lleld to almost cover tlie lower walls of Mr. Airiick's private cilice. New York Store Is Making Improvements Tlie New York Store is making some improvements to tlie interior which include installation of several new cases and other eo.utp- ment. Open Mindedness Is Home Planning Need - u - u - i jL-uuirts l In modernizing old homes the }ml w , Ucr proceeds of a Modernization Credit Plan loan may include architectural expenses, as they arc view- _cd as a part of the actual cost of alteration. Noiseless Screen Doors A spring or check on screen doors will close them automatically without noise. The sound of the closing can be deadened by tacking .small pieces of felt or rubber to the main door frame at three points of contact. Various kinds of hinges and springs are kept in stock by .hardware dealers. systcm window in the living room and a modcrnly arranged dark roam foi ,:noio3uvphy. Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the fact that the prospective home builder should maintain an 0)>cn mind on every point during the course of the planning of the White asbestos shingles will form i 1 '™? 0 ' ™ A ° mclllls sl »'the exterior walk and the green in 1 ™° ll °, mC , buy " r " roly lms com ~ the composition roof will also be '" c ° "'•""standing of the many used in the shutters. The doorway f^f 5 th » l m »st be considered nun will be recessed i " 10 l «' llllic! <l details with which he „,,'.'. .„', . : must .deal. For that reason the will L y ' J , ?°v S , r °°"! m ' cllilecl nlul (m ' » l " I(!cr '"""M I* wdl have a red brick mantel and glvcl , every opporlm.liy to use their Injcmilly and Ilicir technical knowledge. adjoining It will be a dinette. The 10 by 12 fool kitclien will have built-in cabinets and Inlaid linoleum on the [loor. • A small hall will open inlo two) bedrooms, Caldweli, Loggins Homes Being Repaintei Recent Survey Shows Builders Preferenci Gardener Bill soys: Answers Problem Of Additional Space For Many Families In considering Hie need of additional space for a growing family, home-owning families might give thought to the possibilities of sleeping porch. : ' i'aylng returns In goad health the sleeping..porch of today Is usable the year 'round, and Us construction may be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of Ihe Federal Housing Administration. A roof outside ol a bedroom having a window which can be made into a door Is a favorable location for a sleeping porch. Siding materials, which should match those of the rest of the house, may be used for the enclosure nnd for that part of (be structure froiii Ihe level of the old roof to the level of tlie porch. The results of a survey made by the New York Journal-American I last year reveal that (lie majority i of home seekers in the New York area prefer detached one-story bungalows of Colonial design. A home containing six rooms and I one bath seemed to be the ultimate Qj desire of all who were questioned. I According to the survey, 9G per Among the niylhovillc houses! ccnt want garages with- their being Improved (luring the spring \ homes; 63 per cent want open season Is that of Ihe Chester Cald- ll jol 'ches; and 77 per cent prefer a will family, 900 Chlckasawba ave-! rushed basement room, niie. which is being repainted and . other changes made, and that ol I the R. L. Loggins family, 1010 West Ash street, which Is getting a new rouf. Q. Are wooden gutters practical tor collecting roof wnlcr? A. Wooden gutters are satisfactory providing they are built of a durable decay-resisting wood and the trough Ls properly protected by two coats of pitch or three coats of lead and oil. Instead of painting, it is good practice to line the gutters with sheet metal. This lining should start under the last shingle nt the edge of the roof and be carried down into, across the bottom of, and over the top outside edge of the gutter. Without these protections roof water is apt to find Us way into Ihe exterior-wall construction. Q. Can tile Moors be laid over wood-floor construction? If so. how should it be done? A. As a base for tlie tile mortar bed, wood-sheathing boards should be cut in between the floor joists, set flush with the top of the joists, and supported on wooden strips nailed to the sides of the joists. Cover the sheathing boards with water-resisting paper and set the tiles on a bed of portlancl-cement nioiiar 1 1-4 inches thick. The inoiiiir bed should be reinforced with either galvanized metal lath or wire mesh embedded in the mortar. This construction permits YUH CAN'T FIGGER ON A FINE GARDEN NO-GOOD SEEDS f I ! We know that, too. That's why we've been mighty careful to stock the kind of seeds that have Rot life in them. But it's also true that the finest ol seeds can't produce the grass and flowers you want if your, soil lacks food elements they need. So we've also got Vigow here. You can "figger on a fine garden" using our good seeds and Vigoro. WE RECOMMEND I swnin *u m woo iiiMom ' NfEBEB (KM SOIL; AUt]l[S It- SIHT1. A PRODUCt OF SWIfl. Hubbard Hardware Co. L. K. Ashcraft & Co. Swift & Co. Pert. Works Ufilils I-'nr (lie Mall A small boivl of diffusing glass is a jjood type of light for the hall. It may be recessed in the cellmo and. In " create an Impression of spacious- nnss. This kind of light is better than a fixture having either opaque or clear-glass panels. Lights for the hall above the stairs should | illuminate all of the steps Sf» 143 Actutl-ColOf Ifiustrationv Including.93 full-Color Photogtt- fhprorfacijon* ever 2 Squtre-Fttt in SUtf WllT?ndrt?««m«OT9n.w5l,«rwin' dittioiKon to ill e.Urior . i. tru.' Williams Pinir ana Color Slyla color harmony to its roomi. Even if ouid« tha ^uiekait, rnoil economi- you do not pUn to paint toon don't «l way to cofor-ityh your .nlira min thii color Ireall Drop in lodav k»m» ...«dai,!«-m;nul. color TJi... will b. no obligation. A PRESENTiFOR YOU! THE 1940 NOME DECORATOR ^towj In* «» «« rton. A»l «t for yeur eepyi PAI NT and COiOR Headquarters for SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. <?._". Fhnne 211 \V. Matn HAVE THE HOME YOU WINT! It's Easy To Build Now! Miniy h;ivo made (heir drenms of ;i home come I me. ,M;uiy others have not liecsusc they feel they cannot ;iirord it. Anil i( is (n (hnse people thai this message is directed. Never before in history has it hcen so ciisy to own your own home. Any family with re.r;u- lac income can alTord a home, financed with a long term, low interest KHA loan o through us. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 nuonc I ; l,ct us csliiniilc Ihe cost of rc-decoratinjj your home. Pay- j menls can lie made small under the I'll A Plan. Loans co'v- i j cr both labor and material. No down payment required, i E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Bill's Bringin 1 His Bride... LET'S CALL A PAINTER NOW! • WJiat mother wouldn 't "do over" a rooni for son's new bride—when it's so easy? With Pittsburgh Paints you can re- decoratean/ room in oneday. S PREAD the happiness and cheer of nature's gay tints throughout your home. But first let us advise you on color schemes. Our years of experience in the paint business is at your disposal. We will show you exactly what shades are most suitable for your room and how to redecorate in one day.. You'll also find the new Pittsburgh Color Book extremely helpful. If you want, we will recommend a reliable Painting Contractor. You'll find our delivery service prompt and efficient. Won't you call on us for your painting needs? WAUHIDE For beautiful ings. Looks better. Lasts longer. Best results WATERSPAR ENAMEL One coot makes furniture and woodwork spar- klewithncwUfe. Easy to apply. I'honc 100 HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Only Home-OKiicd Vard Sem'ng the Blythevillc Territory PAINTS WAUHIDE • FIORHIOE • WATERSPAR • SUN-PROOF

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