Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1935
Page 6
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iConlinued from pagfc one) SPECIALS For Friday and Saturday, Nov. 8 and 9 Embaasey Qt. 4C* S&lad Dressing tux FLAKES Sm...lOc Lg...22c STAR CORN 2 For HASH. . 29c liest Foods Mayonnaise Sm,..15c Lg..27c Seminole 4 For TISSUE 2Sc Country Club 2 For BRAN FLAKES... 19c STAR 3 For SLICED BEEF.... 25c SMALL 3 For SUPER SUDS 25c OLD GOLD 2 For CIGARETTES 33c NONE-SUCH 2 For MINCE MEAT... 23c Brown Beauty Beans ifexican With Gravy Quart Jar MUSTARD. lOc SOAP, Lux .4 for 25c Palmoltve .3 for 14c Gold Medal FLOUR 24 $-1.19 Lbs I SHOE Shittbla 2 for 17c Polish, Jet Oil 2 for 23c Country Club 2 For CORN .FLAKES..... 19c Staley Club STARCH—2 for. Beechnut SPAGHETTI 9c Crystal White 6 For SOAP, Large Bars....25c KITCHEN 2 For CLEANSER. 9c Beechnut P-NUT BUTTER 12c 23 oz. Jar P-NUT BUTTER 23c Hershey's COCOA—Lb 12c Fresh Vegetables Daily WINESAP, Doz .. 12c ROME BEAUTY, Lb.... 5c LARGE 6 For D E L I C I O U S 25c CABBAGE Pound lie 1 YELLOW ONIONS Pound Bag POTATOES No. 1 RED Lbs 2Gc PURE PORK OWN MAKE Pound Pound Fancy K. C. CHUCK or THICK RIB—Pound CHEEi Wisconsin No. 1 Full Cream Lb 19c K - C Ro «"d, Loin, T-Bcne Nice, Tender Juicy—Lb Sehefaitie tor Martha Can | Miss Martha Cantley, daughtej of , , . !Mrs. W. M. Cnntley, who is ft schior flottftl rtian want to know more about| n t Arkansas college. Batesville,|hns andon. ; made nn outstanding scholastic riord He is slightly above medium height,; f or the f j rs t quarter o fthc ykr's ocky arid broad cf shoulder. He has ; work, according to a college prcsifo- n square jaw, a firm mouth that i lease. Miss Cantley has an excellent breaks into an easy smile, and blue- record for the time she has beej in gray eyes. His forehead is furrowed j Arkansas college. She is one of] the and his hah' iron-gray, j leaders on the campus and is clnir- He won the Kansas gubernatorial man of the Women's Vigilance Cnm- t'ace in 1932 against Harry Woodring, "-'"-• ' now assistant secretary of war, while Roosevelt was carrying the state against Hoover. He demonstrated that this Vietoty.Was net a fluke or political rrittec. freak by repeating: last ycnr. tt=^ L with his parents in 1SMM, settling tear Independence. This is his first jlec- tivc office, but he is not without po^ litical experience, i He campaigned for Governor Stibb/> during the Bull Moose campaign (and | was Gov. Henry J. Allen's secretary in ' 1922. In 1928 he directed the cnmpMgn Wallace Appeals to the Processors! Have Common Interest With Fanners in Adju?t- j ing Crop Production \ WASHINGTON—(XP)—Food processors have n common interest with the farmers in tlio adjustment of farm production to market needs, Secretary of Agriculture Wallace told the Associated Grocery Manufacturers of America Thursday. : "American agriculture, wilth or without federal guidance, must adjust itself to a radically changed market situation, the outstanding feature of which is a lessened opportunity trt ex- ; port," ho declared. Economy When h6 campaigned, he promised Knnsans that he would apply com- mdnvsense methods of government if elected. He promised to reduce the cf Gov. Clyde Reed, cogt of government, wipe out all un- ' During his first term as governor necessary bureaus, and stop wastage j he instituted a cleanup of a Kansas of public funds. I banking scandal which sent meh to , __ The per capita cost of government in j prison who had supported the ;Re- j regional director of the WPA women's ; Kansas in 1929 was $71. Today it is publican party in state politics. | division, said Thursday thnt Avknn- $51. General property taxes have been He has consistently refused to play | sns js the first of the 12 Southern states decreased 32 per cent. State and local politics with relief projects ond earn- j ( 0 assign all women WPA workers to i revenues have been reduced from cd the adulation of Kansas farmers '. projects allotted them. ' by his unceasing labors during, the WPA Women Assigned , LITTLE ROCK— (#>)—Mrs. Blanche > Ralston, of New Orleans, Southern $124.000,000 to $97,000,000. '"Oh, yes," London admitted, "thive was quite a howl from party workers. I told them that if the way t-> prosperity was to give everyone a job in the government, then my job would be easy." During the first 10 weeks cf his first ! administration, Landon wielded the' pruning knife with facility. Bureaus ' were eliminated or consolidated and I waste Was wiped out. j Job holders who drew fat salaries ' for sitting in swivel chairs with their I feet r.n desks were rudly booted out j of office. i Minds Own Business Such an unorthodox method naturally horrified the professional politician, but if it hurt Landon politically it did not show in his second campaign. His first victory against Woodring was by a scant 6000 votes, while More than 5,000 Arkansas women are I new employed on WPA jobs, she said. ! Fayetteville Asks Police Protection i Is Threatened by Outlaw: Band, Says Appeal to \ Attorney General j LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Attorney Gen- j General Cnrl E. Bailey announced • Thursday ho had received n svire from Fayetteville signed by R. W. E. Curtis, deputy constable, requesting help to deal with .'a dangerous gang of outlaws." —_, -,. ,. '•• ,1 . . . "We need help from vour office," hir second triumph last year was by I rhnpelosa; a pipe that cmite a variety , d lh ^ Bailey'received. 63,000 votes. He lost only 15 of 105 j of odors, and a set of elaborate fish- j , <Kincl|y scmtfe good attorncy . W e have a dangerous gang of outlaws j here to deal with—bootleggers, thieves. ] property destroyers, and those 'who ! arc performing cruelty upon animals. unceasing drouth, dust storms and floods. While independently wealthy, he worked hard for every dollar earned. In both campaigns his opponents raised the cry ho was a member of the idle rich and several times a millionaire. "I only wish I had a sixth of what they estimate," he replied. Since the national spotlight has been turned on Landon, he has refused scores of invitations to public gatherings where he could not help but enhance his prestige. "I am too busy as governor to go scooting about the country making speeches." he insisted. Devoted to Family Next to his attractive wife, two daughters, and small son, his most prized possessions are a faded campaign hat, which is crumpled and counties. "I have only one predominant thought now," Landon says, .'and that is to mind my own business. After all a governor does have to work. Kansas has balanced its budget, lowered taxes, and met every relief need. In addition, we experienced three major disasters: drouth, dust storms, and floods. "My political philosophy decrees that I shall never worry about my political future and I am sticking by that creed now." This 47-year-old state executive and World war veteran declines to take any determined stand against the administration or to directly attack President Roosevelt, although he is not averse to a few jabs at the administration's program. After graduation from the Kansas University School of Law in 1908. Landon entered the banking business in Independence, his home town. Then he became an independent oil producer ond the business principles he has learned in banking and oil have been applied to government. Eees Foreign Trade Need He indorses part of the AAA, but believes the major error is the inattention given to a restoration of foreign markets through which the farmer benefited. 'Industry and agriculture must be balanced and foreign trade revived before there can be any farm relief," ing apparatus. He is an ardent baseball and football fan. He works in his shirt sleeves in summer, calls reporters by their first names, and trusts them inplicitly in '.off the record" talks. Unlike many public servants who laud their own accomplishments, Landon frankly admits that co-operation of Democratic legislators made it possible to place Kansas in the unusual position she is in today. He predicts the Republican parly will adopt a program between ultra- conservatism and ultra-radicalism and that the chances for victory next year arc good. ' "Roosevelt can't be beaten?" he repeats. "Wait and sec." Sets Drift From F. R. "From all over Kansas I hear the farmers—and I heard it in many sections of the middlewest, too—are gradually veering away from the national administration and will not support Roosevelt for re-election. .'Tho buGmocc man and tho ind}u:-. trialist are beginning to see that tho uncertainty of governmental experiments has retarded recovery." Landon is a liberal Republican and admits there is some good in parts of the New Deal. Nevertheless, ho is a staunch believer in the future of his party. "Wo should not forget," he pointed out, "that in similar economic situa- Life and property are in danger." CMC child of every six in the United States was a member of a family on relief in 1934. "Adversity and circumstances beyond the party's control might temporarily halt its progress, but it never failed to come back." MINCE MEAT ARMOUR'S Brandy Added—Lb Fancy BABY BEEF Pound 1 2 NECK BOMS BACK BONES 5c publican party took on new life and that any plan which j vigor and met every test of those tries to peg agricultural prices or | dangerously trying periods, create some sort of pegged prices for farm products is feasible or advisable, for the simple reason that man cannot control the forces of nature. Until man can control the weather, it is folly to try to control the weather, it is folly to try to control farm prices," says the governor. | Waste in the AAA and other ad- j ministration bureaus and from ex- j pcrimentation and high-salaried '.field j representatives," Landon chooses to i term "political and administrative de- j linquencies." And whore is the Forgotten Man today?" "The Forgotten Man is still partly | forgotten," Landon asserts. "Relief stops being relief when it warps I ho > initiative and industry of our people. .'We didn't do any experimenting ir Kansas," Landon .states. '_'\Vn measured our expenses by the ability j of the taxpayer to pay now and not in the future. No nation or business can spend more than is earned and expect to avoid bankruptcy." Born In East Alfred M. Landon was born in West Middlesex, Pa., and came to Kansas MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES ThU Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Of Pain Many sufferers relieve nagging backache quickly, once they dlscovei that the real cause of their troubl« may be tired kidneys. The kidneys are nno of Nature'! chief ways of taking: ths acids and waste out of the blood. If they don't pass 3 pints a day and so get rid ot more than 3 pounds ot waste matter, yoar 15 miles of kidney tubes may need flushing 1 . If you have trouble with frequent bladder passages with scanty amount which often smart and burn, tho 15 miles of kidney tubes may neod flushing- out. This dang-er sigrnal may bo __., the beginning? of nagging- backache, ticns in 1873, 1884, and 1893, the Re- i leg pains, loss of pop and energy, get- 1 ting- up nights, swelling; pufflness under the eyes and dizziness. Don't wait for serious trouble. Ask your druggist for DOAN'S PILLS— which have been used successfully tor over 40 years by millions of people. They give hnppy relief and will help flush out tho 15 miles of Sidney tubes. Get DOAN'S PILLS, AN ADVERTISING METHOD THIS COUPON WORTH $5.51! Open for Your Inspection! $6.50 Value 99c J Guaranteed Jndestruct- Guarantced I* im EL IL • 2 Pairs Fashionable KERS9I HOSIERY Tlit New Shades—All Sizes 8H to l(Hs FREE—$2.08 SIZE BOTTLE NARCISSUS PERFUME! Prevent this certificate and ilDc and receive one $1.00 size hex of Face Powder, $2.00 size bottle Narcissus Perfume and two pairs of Ladles' famous "Kerson" flrst quality Ho:.c, some formerly sold up to $1.00. 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