Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1937 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
Page 7
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Thursday,' December 16,1937 HOPE STAR, fiOHE. ARKANSAS •PAOffi .SEVEN ndependenee Wet; Lonoke Votes Dry J rohibition 'Forces-in Lonoke Expect Two to One Victory LITTLE ROCK-(/l r )-Lonoko counly otecl dry niid Independence county jled wet in county-wide liquor rcf- •ciidttms hold Tuesday. Ixjnoke prohibition forces expected Ffieial returns to give thcrti n two to ne viclory us the unofficial count in 7 of 29 precincts showed 714 votes gainst liquor sales and 435 in favor f such sides. 1 Complete unofficial returns from 'Independence indicated retention of ftlm package liquor stores in the county i))y a MO-vole margin, the count in 35 {precincts showing 10<ll for sale jgjiquor to 901 voles f One pre;a' •jbincl, at Craig, did not participate in |the election. f| Tlic elections wore the eleventh and pwelflh counly-wide liquor elections t|held since slate logali/alion in 1935. |fiight wenl dry, four wot. f«4 Voting dry were Howard, Johnson. j^Luwronre. Lognn, Nevada, Saline, ^Vhile and Lonoke. }j| Voliog wel were Randolph, Heinp- Wtead, Woodruff and Inde|A.'ndcnce. 3 In 28 town elections on the- sumo ftjucntion, 2!l IKIVC voted ilry, five wel. § The Tasmanian race is extinct. The ast Tiismaniiin man died in IHC'J; the last Ta.sniiinian woman in 1876. Britain Prepares Many Tributes to Former Governor (Continued from Page One) these corne from countries where disorders have occurred urut-'ia luivu until leu iruijueimj'—• -_i , * Iraq, Mexico, Venezuela and Trinidad. 1 EX.pT 68 Sl'OllB 01 He recalled that in the World war Britain had the assistance of the United States. tl. 'S. Note 'to apaii WASHINGTON - (/?') - The Come (From Leaders of State LITTLE ROCK— (^—Expressions of United highest,praise'for the career and public 5. tales Mookcd to Japan Wednesday to sorvlces of George W. Donaghcy came meet her demands for guarantees from leaders .throughout the stale us against furlher interference wilh Americans in China. A State Department official indicated Dial a Japanese' note, sent here before the United Elates made its formal demands, WOK ncceptoblc OK answering two points in the American nolc, namely, the re- (lue&ts for apology und indemnifications. It is not sufficient, he said, with regard to future guarantees. The guarantees mentioned' in the Japanese note apply only to inslruclions lo be given to Japanese) military so that Incidents Minilur to the sinking of the Panay Khali not be repeated. The United States, however, has in mind much more sweeping guarantees, callable of insuring a continuance of the open door policy in China. Secretary Hull said that the Japanese reply has not been received. A reliable informant said it might not be transmitted for several days, since the aiiane.se are given careful study to America's demands. Secretary Hull, questioned about .a they hoard of his death. Highlights of these statements follow: Governor Carl E. Bailey—"He provided Arkansas with the highest type of executive leadership. We deeply mourn his death. His loss to the state is -irreparable." Lieutenant Governor Bob Bailey— "The slate has lost its greatest governor," Former Governor J. M. Futrcll—"His example of right living and square dealing is an Imperishable monument to his -memory. He will continue to live in Ihe hearts of his fellow-cil- •ifcens." Former Governor Tom J. Terra I— "No man in the hislory of this state made a greater record and.accomplish- ed more than ho did. Governor Don- iigliey builded for the ages." Attorney General Jack Holt—"The many fine things he did for Arkansas both as a public official and private citizen will forever be a monument to him," Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our I modern plant—pressed by experts —delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters possible naval demonstralion by Ihe Secrelary of Slate C. G. Hull—"As United Stales in the'Pacific, said that cuslodian of the state capitol building no such move was under consideration. 1 cannot probably appreciate Gover- Departmcnt officials said that force docs not enter into America's Far East- urn policy. He also assorted there bad been no conversations with Great Britain on joint action. Secretary Hull refrained from committing the United States government to any course of action in this respect in the future. Uriti.ili Warn Japs LONDON—f/P)—Great Britain warned Japan that failure to stop attacks on British shipping in the Fur East would strain the relations of the two countries. The warning was delivered in (lie House of Commons by Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, who said the ORANGES Our Sweetest Christmas Oranges fresh from (he trees. Box—10 His Sl.OO Basket—25 His. _ $2.00 Case—flO Ibs. $4.00 Grapefruit—25 Ibs. Si.50 Tangerines (swccl) 25 His... $2.00 Lemons—75 His $4.50 Our kind is quick to purify the nice Hope folk. Eat one dolled daily David Nichols Co. RockmuH, Georgia Box 84 GENERAL ELECTRIC Products Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical PHONE 259 nor Donaghey's services to the .state of Arkansas in completion of the stale capilol building more than the average individual. Arkansas has lost a great man." Slate Auditor Oscar Humphrey—"He erected u memorial by which he will always be remembered." State Treasurer Earl Page—"The state has losl a wonderful character." Chief Justice Griffin Smtih—"No stale has ycl produced a finer type of man than George W. Domighey. He was successful in every walk of life because lie adhered to the finer conceptions Of social and public relationships which distinguish true greatness from mediocrity." MINDToor MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Should a man entering an empty church in the role of sightseer throw away his cigarette? 2. Should one over chew gum in church? 3. Is it good taste for women choir members to wear heavy makeup? 4. Should a man in choir vestments wear a colored shirt? 5. Is there ever a time when the singing of sacred music should be applauded? Wlml would you do If— You go Into your church while., n pr/iycr is being said— (a) Stand quietly in the back of the church until till prayer is finished? (|j) W/ilk quietly down the nisie and take your plncc? fc) Find n seat ns near the hack of the church as possible? 8 Are Burned in Match Co. Blast 7 Girls and a Man Injured at Chicago—and 2 May Die CHICAGO.—(/P)—Seven young women imd a man were burned seriously early Thursday at the Superior Match company plailt when fire swept through the second floor after a series^ df explosions. 'The victims, all employes of the company, fled to the street with their clothing ablaze. Two of the women suffered probably fatal burns. Answers 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. A white shirt and .black tie. 5. No. It should be regarded us a way of worship. Best "What Would You Do" solution—"a." (Copyright 1937, NEA Service, Inc.) Aft Colony 'May Wide Behind Stoc'kadfe CARMEL, Ca!if,-W)-This are colony Is discussing the building of a stockade around the town and chafg* ing admission. T*he plan has 'been pui forth not as a revnue measure but as one to keep out "undesirable tourists." The spon* sors also want the mayor and council to wear Windsor ties. It already costs a toll to enter Pebble Beach, GarmeTs swanky neighbor to the north. • Newlywed: "There's something queer with this steak. It tastes queer." Wifey: "I can't understand it, dear. I did burn it a little, but I rubbed •vaseline on it right away." They Need'Competition Girl: "I'm the happiest girl In the world. I'm marrying the man I want." Girl Friend: "That's nothing compared with the joy of marrying the man someone else wants." Crowley an 'Exception NEW YORK—Sleepy Jim Crowley is only the third football coach in Fordhum history who has directed the Rams for more than two years in a row. The Horseman recently -completed his fifth season. War-Debt Payment to U.S. Is Made L "" /j Hungary Breaks Stlspett* sion and Makes Sinall . Payment WASHINGTON — (/P) — Hungary broke the long general suspension of war debt :payments Wednesday by depositing a small partial remittance to the United States. Its payment was on.j $9,828 on all obligation totaling $467,673. ; But it was the first from Hungary, in more than five years and represented the first resumption of ]>ay- ments by any of the 12 debtor nations which have been in default since 1932. The greater part of the $1,680,170,447 which fell due to the United Slates Wednesday, on the regular semi-annual installment date, went by de- 'fault again. Most of the Other nations •reiterated their inability to -pay. Only Finland, of all the war debtors, met'its installment fully, as usual. -Its payment of $232,143, combined with Hungary's 'enabled the United State? to enter a comparatively microscopic $241,971 in the collection column of its war debt ledger. Plyehaslng Uncle TUECALOOSA, Ala. — (/P)— Mnchtolif, Alabama football cn, \as an uncle in majoi"4eague "baseball —Outfielder Meinie Manush #!th Brooklyn. More'than 3500 theaters in the World now are e^uiptfed for sound pictures.' Logs, Blocks and Bolt* We.oJ* In the market for White Oak, Overcup, Bin* Oak, ttetf Oak and Sweet Gum 'Logs. Round -Sweet Gum and .Black Gum Blocks* 'Oak, Ash and Pine Bolts. For Prices and Specifications .Apply ,tt Hope Heading Company PHONE m Orville W. Erringer State Manager Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp. •Denver, Colorado. Noti ce oa S A Gift From Robison's Is Always More Appreciated jovernment hud sent a note to Tokloj >Deun E. Q. Brothers, Little Rock usking more than mere apologies for! Junior College—"Junior college and unduy's attacks on the gunboat'Lary-j education in Arkansas has lost one of Every Woman Hopes for a Gift of Lovely PHOENIX VITA-BLOOM HOSE }ird and other vessels. After reading a Japanese apology, Eden said the British government was drawing Japan's attention "lo aspects of recent grave incidents; not covered by the note of (he Japanese govern- menl." Old UAW Office Bombed in Detroit Slight Damage in Office That Directed Drive Against F'ord DETROIT, Mich.—(/I')—Slight damage was caused by the bombing early Thursday of the United Automobile Workers clislrict office formerly used us headquarters for the union's campaign to organize Ford Motor company workers. No one was in the building. "Your husband looks like a brilliant man. I suppose he knows everything." "Don't fool yourself. He doesn't even suspect anything. SPECIALS MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING Pound Carton 4 SUGAR PURE CANE 10 POTATOES Red Triumphs Red Warrior CORN MEAL SHREDDED RALSTAN New Cereal—12 oz. Crystal White S O A P—Giant Size SALT MEAT TOBACCO FEEDERS SPECIAL COFFEE Guaranteed—Pound KANSAS BEST FLOUR ils best friends. His death ... is a distinct personal loss to the youth of this suite." Suggests Buying of Surplus Crops Would Be Cheaper Than Attempted Control, Figures Show By PRSTON GROVER WASHINGTON. — Figures supplied by Ihe Dopurlmenl of Agricullure show lhal under some recent circumslunces il would have been cheaper to buy up surplus food crops for the poor than to control the supply by AAA methods. 11 was this proposal as u future farm program which Senator Borah made in his speech in the senate attacking the supervisory methods for crop control eboclied in the farm bill. The senator did not give figures, but the Deparlmenl of Agricullure was willing enough to supply them. Here are some: To have bought up the surplus of wheat during 1933, 1934 and 1935 at BEnK E L E ^)4ohn C Meek Cnl,-| JJg* ^AT^af « S-" forma heavyweight quarterback, has $357,573,000-$30G,419,000 more the reputation of being one of the best ^ » ; * fa u Muckers on the Pacific coast. surplus Corn control, of which reflects directly upon the supply of hogs and callle, cosl $222,997,000 under the AAA program, while the computed 1933-35 surplus could have been picked up for $85,131,000, a saving of $137,860,000. Some Other Figures Borah pointed mainly to a program of buying up surplus food cro|)s lo dis- Iribule lo the underfed. If 'he had proposed buying up Ihe surplus of cation to be converted into overalls and rompers for the under- clothcd, he would have had difcrcnt figures lo contend wilh. Buying up Ihe surplus of cotton in Ihe three years mentioned would have cost $1,138,752,000 ;it parily prices, the Deparlmenl of Agricullure says, compared with $454,989,000 laid out for benafil payments, price adjustments und cotton options. For lobuccu, buying up the surplus at parity would have cost $209,914,000, j compared with $62,002,000 laid out un- 1 cicr the control program. Adminislralive expenses are not included in any of those figures. It took u lot of hands lo administer AAA, but it also would take a lot to gather up the surplus food crops. Might Upset Market AAA officials, however, argue that farmers, once assured of a market for everything grown, probably would produce an even larger surplus than in recent years. Thus to buy up lhal unconlrolled surplus would cosl more than the figures computed from 1933-36 produclion. Another factor to consider is what might happen to the market for the saleable part of the crop if the surplus were given away to the needy. Some of the needy might buy less from the general market and Ihus help to wreck the demand for Ihe farmers' ordinary output. In any event, AAA argues, it probably -would unsettle the market considerably to have huge stocks of food broadcasl free. Borah said he was gelling u lot of public support for his idea, however, and AAA spokesmen saiad they were not necessarily committed against the proposal. Of course they want to be surprised . . . but every woman sort of -hopes for .a gifl of lovely hosiery. So make "her" rjhristmos complele . . . give Ihe Blockings that lodk lovelier and wear 'longer— Phoenix VITA-BLOOM. No wrapping bother . . . every 'box comes ''ready lo give" in a lovely Cel- •lophane wrapper. 89c 98c $1 . Lounging Pajamas Luxurious lounging; pajamas in 'heavy satin or silk crepe. Fascinating styles exqusitely tailored in lovely colors. $4.98 to Sft98 Gay Bedroom Slippers Gay Xmas bedroom slippers in all colors of kid, some with matching .sheep skin trim on collar. 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We Give Eagle Stamps 98c to The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison 6- Co i f W ll 1 F ! f i t U | I ! I HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE

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