Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 29, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1952
Page 10
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HO PI IT At, MOM, ARKANSAS July 2f, Y4Sft LASSIFIED If HUM IN to Offlca 0»y Btfow t*db»*iUM -RATES WM It -BIW A"0 . ._ . -, Allow»<J WltW tfw Account it toy Wt It MlWMfttl. Six Oni D«yi Month tM 4.M 2.00 0.00 LBO 7.80 8,00 0,00 8,80 10,80 4,00 4.60 ,8.05 12.00 ia.no 10.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1* Tlrh* ,„„.„„„„ fBtt p«r Inch ,.„„,.„„...„., Me pir Inch „,„,„.„.,„.„„ BOO p»r Inch I 6b*v» ofe Mf can. JIM. IfWfluK* lad «» ~"' . bt w ac<«at*<*, until A IN following «r> . rr-imn-.ipnpni iwwfrB TOP ffonr FQ *,»dlt All odvirtlMfMnli of. .(of puWieolloo and to r«|**t «dv«rll»lr»o «ub- ot am or mart V*"" tueh 01 <MUMN -,*F<M» Vf^UiTln' «. «Nk HMlltd to ouf fltttnlion .NWOL!rt»*tl«^0f W ond wIlLlwt b« W*rt Att : 1*r ONLY (ha ONI 7.3431 1 t HOPESTAR U»»| CrtM I*!) 1 «i, If If aft*moon by ,n&lh In Hamtttlioc), Nevada, Howatti, and Millir coun- .....t,. .18 1.40 4.40 ..,.„„. mall — S.38 4.BO ot, Inc.; IflOJ St«nek a^Twin., 30$ T*xw Hai 1, T«xau JftO N, Chlcooo I, III; 40 S. »» N«w Yotk I?, N. V.j 1743 bjcat Bidfl., Dttroll 9, Mlih.; ^^ Pklatwma C«v * o( Pnmt to ih« UM tw ftpubllcotlon local twwt prlnttd m (hit 01 w^ll ai alt AC ntwt Strvict* Offered l^yfor^ coptucl Clnr Cmmtm, Phono 7-SflU or J-110.1 in For RiiM^ THREEVfim^Tp«irtm*nl. Nfeoly WM Bonner, Mr«, A, n. BltOb, 22-tf 3 lioOM~tmfurnUh«d npsriment. Hardwood door*. Hull! in fixture* Mr», J. K, 7-3577, 2 (C)OMurnUhfd*ptrtm«p.t, Prl- vnlo bnth, nilU l>*l'l No chil> drwi. 712 K, OlvlKlon. 28-31 HKDfiOOM ni-xl lo built. Newly Altlc- fun, Clour In. 10)1 N. Wn»h- 3 nwni newly IlilU paid. HOB W«-»t Fourth, Dint 7-1152, 2IMf HIM) mom. AUI Hoiilh Miiln, Phono KUHNISIIKD (!j)!irlin(tnt, 3 luith. Ainu bcdiimni with prlvnti- butlt, 1002 K. DrH, Dliil 7-3IIH, Notkfl HAUL and ipread innd $1.29 yard Ornvcl flvullable. Foy Hammoni Plume 7-2080. JO-1M DKN, Hmtl cold watermelon* out whom the rHolo'tfi nnd katy did cull. 2'/4 mllcn Kiut on ttt. Dick Krwln, 24-01 Wanted to Lease A farm with 120 to 300 ocrcn for 2 yonrn or lotmer, Plonno give full df»Bci'lpllon nnd amount of runt pi>r year. Will pay $M Inmiia to nwner, Write Mnrlln Wllllnrn«. 118 Hot Hprlngo, Ark. For Salt KAUTIF'UL qimllty MoUtolu ITH, $7A up, Muttttlon Mink, $3fl up, Vdlflhl FnrniH, Lnmlrn, Win - Allnntu, Toxns. O-lflt In retire from llio »o»ln uprvloo. Wntil to »«ll Mnttui nnd Aulo Supply bunlni'Hii, 6 room modern homn Htliiplu'd. Henry C. Ward. Hn»«ton, ArluinHnH. Phono Waterloo 2300. ON IS mule. Soe N, Cnok. 007 St. m. 4, Box 09, Mope. 23-01 nUSJS I'lpmiud Klberla pouches. Kreilt from orchard each day. Vi rotltt went on 01. ; tt' 0, K. Hofrlm»iHtor,™dood a* new, 7' Frl«ldftlrt», Clowl nhnpe. On» cimk stove, A biii'ttnln. Cull Political Announcements Tht Blur li luthortted to •nftminct tbit the toUowtof «r« e«ndld«l«i for public offic* •ubjtet to th« action of tht Democratic primary tttctloni: for Tax AiMitor CRIT STUART for Clreull Clark „ dARRBTT WILLI8 8, A. <8pe«dy> HUTBON for ntpr«(*ntatlva TALBOT FEILD JR. for County Judo* CLAUD H. BUTTON u, a. OArinETT FJlKf) A. LUCK Per Sheriff C. COOK For 1 Alderman Ward „ JOE murr R. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOE JOUES for Alderman Ward I rnBD JOHNSON DWIGHT niDODILL PAUL HALEY PAf DIM-TIE For Alderman Ward I H. L. RKTTIQ State Senate TOM J. SILVEY DR. T, C. CROW Chancellor (Plrat Division. 6th Dlntrlet) WESLEY HOWARD A. P. STKlf.L For Congreia OrtEN HAIU US Fair Enough By Wfltlbrook Pogler Copyright, 1052 By King Feature! Syndicate. dumped I th«,-lr flint Ploy Continues in Semi-pro Meet BOONEVII.LK, Ark. <JV- Pari« ela*h(?i« with South Kt, Smith to- nl«ht for ihi- right to meet Boon--- vill«- In (In- IB'iZ Arkmum Si-mi- l'ic H<ueb:ill Illl" mntch here W>->! ncudoy champion Boonevilir irl« 02 ln»t night defeat In 111* double tourney. Jap Swimmers Set a New World Record By LEO H. PETER8EN United Pratt Sparta Editor HELSINKI, iUP)~-A Jiipan,-*.- fmiratjine sped to n new Olyni|)li: tiwiiriiiiliiK n.-curd of <<l)<tit muni- t'-s, 42 I Ki-conds today In tin- Legionnaires Beat Camden by 17-13 Score ! Hope dofrnli'd the Cnmden Kraft ; -mien lout nli?ht in n baseball garni; i that looked more like the utoru 1 rif a football «nme --- 17 to 13. U 1 -A-us a loosely plnyed error-packed ; .iffnlr. i Although Bnrrcntlric hurled most cf the contest Reeder Huddle.itori ; K"t credit for the win. Camden used two hurlers. Don Riley and | Jiirk Shirley. Tho hiKhliKht of tin- ; rnnii'st came in the fourth whon , M.nty I-'llfiKarno homered with one < Illl. i Wednesday night the Hot Springs i tram will come tn Hope and Don/. I Stcvi-nu will be on the mound for i;«)-ni<.-lcr rcli.y quiilifylnK trials of, r Olympic Kfimi :•», Tin- Jiipiiru-se nunrtot -M. ASH-' ni'. M. Tmi.ikii, M. Ni»hl niul T. Tnnlkiiwu- -shaved ni-nrly four m-i--' (iiul.t off the ..Id Olympic murk (it. 11:4(1.0 •<(•! by the U. S. reluy tiMiiJ of Wnlly HlH, Wally Wolf, Jim lMr . ' l.»iie jind Hill Smith in the IU4IIJ erlcnn fournome \v;i»: oljfbt teoms thill quali-; - finals of the l-vent loin-' An Ann iimmiH the flod fin- thi (H 1 1()W. : Tin- U. S. tonm, which won Its lu-al In lnr.O.I) for the second best, time,- of tho <)Uiilifyln« trials, was! made up of Donald Snuff of Yule, i (iiilthcr HoMxitr of the University j HINQ and h-onlna done in U, llHttt Opportunity \vom«n ,oj(erii\e to route |700 for Olympic Stondings HENStNKI (UP) - The unoffl- clal Olympic standing lit the murt til today's ov«nl»; 911 4'JU 203 101) 10U 107 104 1.3 11M HO 5-0 US •4 (111 1-3 United Slnk'8 (lunuiiry swttdon G«rmnny Finland Itdly t'runco SwlUurlund Jupim liun Ucnmnrk Jiimulcu Turkey Notlu-1'lnnds Cmuulu 4B 40 3« 35 \-'t 31) Africa 1-3 Jlujlq ..SUr.}A» 8U 'l« Wanted 85-31 9fk. $35 per |j ft«tt board, Qood eo"or It miles 34-Ot <itt6 more, in the » too, Rmond xl!S, ife:. li.dta Urtull South Korea Yugoslavia Lobunon New Zealand Poland 1-3 Norway Romania Spuin Pliilluuines Cuba Mexico Bulgaria HollBud •i\ 1U IK 111 U II 10 u 7 5 & 4 4 4 3 a i i-a i i Memphi MEMPHIS * - WJUt dkplay o( sub-par fceU. HUlman Bobbing Jr., of MeinphU became »h« first iw^m« winner ol tto? i»vlUU««*l yt«t»r4»y. 9«v«a bir4i«* over uie »« final, he edK«d Southern Anu Qfty Bn»w#r Jr., ol , \ *v (,'IIIC'ACO --• The JutlKiiienl of iinlcd iicwH|ui|)i-r piililishci ninny yelll'H IU<"> (hot ll IS Inipcisslble tu (IVCM'tiillltnilli! the Htupldlty of the Amcl'lcau people IIIIK ln-eii put to Iho acid te!*t In this yeiir'.s cnnven- tluna of ih« lU'piiblk-nns and Deinn- criilN. Vliulictillon in l.ivisli IIH-UH- tire limned from tht- first act uf thin Ullols' di-llitht. Predictions wore heard, however. us tin.- frayed nnd sheepish UepublletuiH felunk away lo re.suitie their wonted iHineiUlty in llrlditcpoi-t. IUir- Itiiftton and Dalliiii. thtit the Denui- citil*. beltiK shrewd professionals, (ilwny.H IhlnkliiK well nlu-iid of the Ijiutlsh ri-iit.'tlnn-i uf the musses, would ItUM-eforc renouiu-e the traditional follies It-tit they nuu.seiUe hoi pollol and loso the 'election Tt-levUion had conn- iilonn fasi Hlnco the shaky experiments ol HMD and the candid cnmerii cnu^lil llu? Rupubllciins In revoltlnK fln- (ji'niu-ien, must of them unawiire that they were in the act. Tho Ut'inocraU would, profit bv the naive uilstiike und linprcivise n new doconun ; out of respect for tile peopltf'si int«'.lllj!0iu-e, tiiste nnd piilriotimii. This Rueas was unofficial and, Oil events have tthown. entirely Incorrect. ' On tho contrary, bclnu professlomils with long, consistent record of unre lii-ved vulKnrlly, personal und political IndocKitcy, insviltiiiK , contempt tor tho Comnuui Man, iind linlnlerrupled success, they never iloubled thut tht> thin« lo do wius to multiply the dose. I ThiK juduineiil ruled their show from the earliest" excuse for a lunatic rout thrtuiith Alben H.ii'kK-.v'.s act of dc-uradatlon, a )-|:et.-tucle of truly majestic t«nomlny, and on to higher and higher pc'nKs of maud' tin uproar. Trill' to the confident opinion uf ul! who had followed his career. HiukU-y, in the. fiuinu luniiuage of lu> had in every other (jrlsis In his political career. Yd there were -sumo on hand as he loosed his first counterfeit bellow whose very very trtpcs wrlthevl with pity und tcttrii for a num so little sensitive tu tihamc, Uurklcy hud lot Roosc- vi-U and Harry Hopkins steal an cioctton for him in ' n innssive fraud us flagrant as the one which Idler sent Marry Truman lo tho Senate on his way to the White House. In a moment ut unwonted integrity und pride, he had mod out against H oo.se veil's humiliating abuse, even re$i«<imn his leadership,, but, thinking on tho awful thing that he had done, wus frightened into quick cituUiton. These landmarks should have propuivvi the multitude in the hall and scat- Urcd iu their mlUimis across tho lend, far anti-climax whon Ins timo eaiue to speak, Against known however, even some could not believe that Barkley wuuld clo$c his career without so much ns a whisper try of Uie uniwi racketeers who tKimbed him QUl of the contest. But the real delight did not come till he had licked up the \\hule mess and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. Then the muiu^ers of this fantastic thing, to which the entrust their lives, their and their paltry counter- honor, r«a.Uy spat on' their They swarmed around the mun, pumping hi kissing his his .Siii-i-r M'ji'tiHil costaey over U hour of noise, Thi-y need not have rubbed it in, but Itnowinu Ihnl nuthliiK could ii'iiUi- him sick or tnovo him in si rlous i-c-Ki'iitmi'iit, thi-y drcd^i'il up Jimmy IV-trillo, the- tyrant boss of the- Musit-liiiiH 1 union, whose I'l'nstltuliiiii mnkos his power lib- liuliiU- ;IIK| his lorm of office i-(|iuil tn tin- U;rm of hi.s life, and made Iiin-kli-y pose llicrt- , with this Miiirldni; lu'<li!fho|j, althntiuh it w-iisj tin- unions which hild doni- him in, j l-'.lcimoi Uoosi-vt'lt. notoriuu.s fur! many personal |iolitlc:il cnormilii'S, i l,;ul lii-iii Iliimvn in Ihi'lr fiii-i-sl :unl her slrniij{i<. ti-rrililc voice. | hi.i- Ihi- jiubblc uf ;i ynrdful of Uir- UcyM, wliun|ii>d mi and nn in burin I prriods until slu- hud hm! her say iind iinulhi'r triumph over ir pen- I'll who fancy thomsi'lvcN proud, InU'lllrii'iit and Kretil. At tlii- hot doi? stnnd to the left of the hall In the rour, u mnn in <i silly l>iil i-i-miirkod to the IIUU- ml.hend In-hind the counter: "Mull Di'iiHH-rntli- finhly! And we K»t t<i listen to ol' hoss-faci;!" The little red-he.-id's fnce broke into a sunburst and she urabbed his hnnd will) both of hers ns tho two other Klrls rushed over to nxrdc. Now this was the sentiment of many n one within thai very hull thai hour. Hundreds of nobodies walked out to Avnndo.r around the cnlncomb lo watch n slxn-pninter (Uftly ptiintlnii picket-cards for all cnmers, to Idle the time nwnyj'nny tile! how until this liionstrous ^f- ft-nso w»s over. It is not true that she was! received with affection. Many 'WCro fiercely silent. Many wmnen OS- ti-nUitieusly sat on their hands. Individuals In the .catacombs said they haled her. They may hu^ve remembored Joe I.ash and Algcr Miss; her interfei'enee with the „ fummltlco which routed out the rt ,. j C'umir.unists und exposed her own defiant partiality lo Communists ami Communist front:!; the strange affair of the New York state cop for whom she wangled a safe, cushy Job as lieutenant-commander in the Navy and the stninne intrusion i|f three New York law- >crs to scare off Ihe lawyer- for the con's wife when thai lady swore lo a divorce petition. They may have remembered that K'euiutr was Ihe first oiut In the While House to uet an $0,000 l v cc mink coat; remembered ,thi> $-10,1100 aijuamarlne from the Bra- A hundred or i\ memories uf this fal, squinting old woman's lon>: campaign aB-iinst the traditional inuruls, ethics and ideals of the presidency could have (lushed across the minds of Americans \uuchiiii! these scenes. Kranklin, Jr's loud voice, ^ils mastery of deceitful argument, his handsomeness, combined to frighten old professionals who knew of hi.s dangerous associations nnd his ruthless opportunism. This fellow wasn't even a member of the party except by the skimpy technicality of a last-minute resolution passed by a typical Tammany committee. Yet there he stood be- lore the convention demanding that others be read out of the party. Even Jimmy, the not so gentle- slicker who nati taken Joe, Schenek for $50,000 and Uave Smart uf tin- locals. Hope llt)|l«on, rf Anderson, ss White, lib Heiisluy, Ib Ciuntur, 3b Thomas, If (0) Martin, c II.LS.S. If (0) li.'HTontine, p IliukllcKtun TutalH Camden Hay, 3b Wai son, 2b' Smith, c Bl-ll, cf <6l Shirley Ib p p (HI ill) Inuram. Wonclrill. liiley, p Kre/zell Totals ss rf cf (0) rf (9) AB 5 4 5 5 5 5 3 4 0 2 Z 40 AB 4 4 11 5 5 (i S (5 3 2 44 Yanks Pass Chance to GetLindell By GAYLE TALBOT NEW YORK AP — Though the f Meridian Yankees are somewhat short on: Natchez pitching since Tom Morgan re-j Greenwood ceived his service call nnd Cddlc Monroe Lupat developed the aches, they! Pine Bluff arc reliably understood lo have) El Dorado passed up a chance to acquire i Hot Springs Johnny Lindell, tho former Yank j Greenville outfielder who has developed into a hot hurlcr for the Hollywood club uf the Coast League. Johnny Is approximately tho COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet 62 '9 51 4!t 48 47 .040 .002 .531 .511 The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 . Or bring Itema to Mlaa Tarn at Hleka Funeral Home Tufe»tlay, July S9, 19S2 ILONDIE HOP! StAt; HO By Chick Yftuftft Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Palmetj 505' Little Rock spent the week 4!) .490 with Mr. Palmer's mother, 35 59 .3U2J Francis Phillips. 33 04 .340 size of a sun-ranch house these days, but he also is a terror to the butters since he wore out-his welcome In the big show and returned to his original love pitching. Only trouble is that the big guy's chief, if not only stock in trade is a knucklcbal! which flutters and dips nnd generally runs a catcher nuts. When aske.d if he wanted Lindell. Manager Casey Stengel of the Bombers was said to have replied Last night's results: Monroe 7 Greenwood 6 Natclu-7. at Hot Springs Greenville 3 Kl Dorado 1 Pine Bluff 0 Meridian 3 Tonight's games: Natche zat Hot Springs Meridian at Pine Bluff Greenwood at Monroe Greenville at El Dorado Lawrence K. Hicks of Lo" j geles, Calif., arrived Saturday spend a few days with his mol Mrs. Luphcnla Hicks, and of relatives. LOOK AT THAT SHINE--VOU CAN SEE YOURSELF IN MY SHOES JUST NATUPALLV NEAT SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Atlanta New Orleans Chattanooga Mobile L 46 47 with some reluctance, "No, I! Nashville couldn't do that to Yogi, He's got Birmingham enough troubles already." Casey referred, of course, to his great cumlc-readlng catcher, Yogi Bcrra. He plainly felt that a couple of broken fingers or a nervous breakdown for Yogi would for out- v.eigh any possible dividends from Undell's pitching. So the Yanks instead brought up n brace of green rookies from their farm system and are hoping for the best. More and more the modern manager is debating with himself whether it is worth the wear and \V 59 59 58 48 33 55 51 56 51 56 51 58 44 60 Memphis Kittle Rock Last night's results: Birmingham 16 Memphis 3 New Orleans 10 Mobile 2 Tonight's games: . Little Rock at Atlanta (2) Memphis at Birmingham Chattanooga at Mobile Nashville at New Orleans Pet .562 .557 .547 .491 .477 .477 .4«8 .423 NATIONAL, LEAGUE Brooklyn tear on his nervous system to [New York carry a knuckler on his staff. The gt Louis unnatural pitch, though wonderful- Philadelphia ly effective in the hands of such CMcago Marciano in Knockout Win Over Matthews By JACK HAND NKW YOHK Iffl-Rocky Marciano: eyes a Sept. 2.'l million dollar title shot at Heavyweight Champion Jersey Joe Walcott after his sensational two-round knockout of Harry Matthews. "Marciano and Walcotl will do all you can put In," said Jim Norris. International Boxing Club president after -last night's Yankee. Stadium elimination bout. "A million is a conservative guess, not counting television or theater TV." "I'm ready for Walcott," said the unbeaten Brockton, Mass., slugger. "I can lick anybody I step in the ring with. I don't say how I'll come out with Joe. I never mukc predictions. But I'm ready for him." Wall-nil, who watched Marciano's crunching left hooks to the jaw sprawl Matthews on his back In 2:04 of the second round, said he wat; "looking forward to meeting Mr.rciano." Back under the stands in Mat- threws' dressing room, manager Jack Hurley who does all the lalk- ing for his Seattle fighter said of Miami, Frank Dooley of Ohio State and Burwell Jones of the University of Miami, Frank Dooley of Ohio State and Burwell Jones of the University of Michigan. The Japanese' time for the distance U-ll short of the world rec urd 8:29.4 clocking set by a Yal< HUiirtt.t ul New Haven, Conn., last Feb. Ill, but it served notice of a serious threat to the Olympic swim ing domination maintained by the U. S. in the '48 games at London. In addition lo the U. S, and Japan, the teams which qualified for Ihe finals were France, winner of the first heat; Sweden, Argentina, Hungary. South Africa and Britain. An American was eliminated in the qualifying trials of the 1,000- meter kayak singles canoeing competition when Michael Budrock of Yi'iikers, N. Y., finished fourth in his heat. The first three finishers in each heat qualified for the fin als. Russia defeated Egypt.*3-2, and Spain beat Brazil, 8-4, in water polo, and Brazil overwhelm e d Chile, 75-44 in basketball, among the day's early results. The United States' skyscraping busketbull team collides with Russia's rugged squad today in an Olympic showdown. The meeting between the Amer ici>n case team, heavy favorite to defend Us title successfully, and Kussi.i has been long awaited. . Many claims have been- made .•bout the strength of the Soviet squad during the last few years and many observers during the for $75.000 among many! unciiing games here have come to exploits, was up there fol \ bt Hove thut the Russians are the Yanks' chief rivals for the champ- luck of the draw in a round game alter each won three earlier games. Though not seriously threatened in any game, the American team has so far failed to show its true form. Again in beating Uruguay yesterday, 57-4-1. the Yanks pUyed masters as Fred Fitzsimmons, th"6 former Giants' ace, and the age- li-ss Emil Dutch Leonard of the Chicago Cubs, can prove n terrible boomerang in a tight ball gume. Except in rare cases, the pitcher himself hasn't the foggiest kloa which way the floating sphere is going to break. His cathcer is. of emu si-, equally in the dark, nnd tin-re an- too many times when n passed hall is as damaging as an momy base hit. U is not at all unknown for a bullpen catcher to put on a mask before warming up a member of the flutterball clan. A few receivers—Kick Ferrell is one I have in mind — have developed special skill at catching the knuckler, but to most of them the pitch is just n dirty word. Gene Bearden, hero of the champion Cleveland Indians of '48, was an exception. His knuckler, which was a sharp weapon for one season, invariably broke only one way — down and out over the outside corner to a righthand batter — so there was no great difficulty in catching him. Hoyt Wilhelm, the rookie relief specialist who has done much to keep the Giunts from falling right out of the current National League race, depends on an extremely live knuckler. It differs, however, from the usual knuckler which appears to float up to the plate. Wilhelm throws it almost with the speed of n good fast ball, and it breaks iharply. For short stretches it has been virtually unhitlable. Boston Cincinnati Pittsburfih W 01 57 55 49 47 40 39 27 L 28 32 41 46 47 53 57 71 Monday's Results St. Louis 3; Brooklyn 2 AMERICAN LEAGUE Now York Cleveland Roston Washington Chicago Philadelphia St. Louis Detroit * W 57 54 52 51 51 44 L 40 43 42 45 48 45 40 59 34 41 Pet .085 .040 .573 .510 .500 .430 .400 .270 Pet .588 .557 .55! .531 .515 .494 .404 .358 Usher Board No. 1 of Beef Memorial CME church will nl Friday at 5 p.m. in the churcf The Sunday school of Bee Memorial will have their n picnic at Narrows Lake in frcesboro, Wednesday, July' Admission is 75 cents round t The bus will leave at 7 p.m. Songstress Answer to Previous Puzzta HORIZONTAL I 1,6 Radio songstress II Rugged " mountain ' crests 13 Tip 14 Feudal tenant 6 Seasoner 7 Anger 8 Repast 9 Tableland 10 To cut 12 Wild plum 13 Chefs The District Conference will vene August 7, in Braggs. All delegates and members asked to be present. The Epworth League of Beel Memorial CME church was pi'*' ed to have present 75 chili, Mrs. Mattie Sanders, presided Miss Bernice Daniels of Francisco, Calif., is visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave D| iels. Mrs. Bertha House has reUmJ home from Venice, Cnlif., wh| she spent several months with daughter and neice. Mr. and Mrs. Solden Chicago, III., are visiting Mr. i| ble's mother, Mrs. Luo Nolfi and friends. Mrs. Ada McMullen has rottj od home after spending sevo.' weeks in Kansas City, Mo., her daughter, Mrs. Lenora liams, and other relatives. Monday's Results New York 2-0 Detroit 1-2. Washington 7 St. Louis 0 (Only games scheduled). Willie L. Ross of Los Angeft Calif., and Mrs. Mary L. Bra$? of Detroit, Mich., were the dim guests oC Mrs. Roxie Hadley rj Clarence Hadley on Sunday 27. ' 'I 1 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, Dougj| and family of Chicago, 111., visiting Mr. and Mrs. E D. D las, and other relatives. Guinea ; 20 Soft shoe ,22 Salient angle , 25 Altar screen i 29 Christmas ! carol ! 30 Through i 31 Female horse : 32 Wings 33 Answer (ab.) 34 Genus of i shrubs 35 Trifolloate 37 Caustic : 38 Braided i 40 Backward i 43 Insert j 44 Chest bone 47 Thwart i 49 Dress ; 51 Puffs up : 52 Abounded ! 53 Novices 54 Bamboolike grasses VERTICAL 1 Donated 2 Persia 3 Promontory 4 Nights (ab.) 5 Pines CARNIVAL 26 Palm fmlt fruit 27 Soviet city 28 Fur-bearing aquatic mammal 30 Official documents 30 Gets up 37 Canine . .< 39 Chair 40 Plague 41 Depend 42 Eskers 44 Hoarfrost 45 Angered 46 Articles of I furniture 48 Oriental name 50 Golf device Ib 53 itt 3fa il 13 •ff SI 17 14 bO 8 10 26 Z7 11 W. Hfa •vD!ckT*ni«f say, grinning sheepishly. had any alibi about bad "Harry was a glorified amateur for 10 years and tonight he reverted to type." Matthews had little to Neither hands or officials. A Marciono-Walcott bout Sept. 23 ut Yankee Stadium is Norris* goal. The payoff on Marciano-Matthews was disappointing in con- trust to early estimates. But a lust minute gate sole saved it from being a flop. A crowd of 31,188 paid $215,707 to see the show that barely beat the rain. In fact. the semi-final was cut from six to five rounds and the main event was shoved on without lengthy introductions when it started to sprinkle. Matthews won round No.l on the cards of Referee Ray Miller. Judges Harold Barnes and Joe Agnello and The A. P. but that was nil, brother. Two crunching hooks lo the jaw, some 30 seconds after a long looping right started Matthews on his way, brought victory to s worth Rocky, an U to 5 favorite. Marciano had an UM> pound advantage at 179. I87'i to Matthews' tiuady lowing the old woman and Frank lin, demandinjj that these objects | icnship. The luck of the on Uto floor nominate Kefauver. Uj throws them together today should be noted, for whatever the statements are worth, that both Schenek and Smart later insisted U'ut although Jimmy at first defaulted, in the long run, he paid them back. These remmUcenes of a reign a gruesome in its consequences to American morality and confidence in government are not to be cvn- dcmned as spiteful in-elevancios, however U'uc. True they ar«, ab soJutely, and they were pertmeul these occasitMis wh«u the ,ers boldly bmcked the judgment thai the people couki ttom lackadaisically in spots &nd pulled away only in the second half. The U. S. team u composed chief ly of players from U»e PowU caterpillars, national \. A. U. champions, aint Kansas University, K C.A.A. champion. in swimming, the Waited States has high hopes of sweeping the first three places in tbre$a springboard divjjag where David iSkippy) Browainjj tar Andersun of When the 29-year-old Matthews went down on his back, clawed at the ropes in an attempt to get up end then collapsed -over the bottom strand, he lost his first fight since 1943. His last loss also was a KO by Eddie Booker in 1943. n his long 105-bout career he has ost only four and was unbeaten ShantzWins No. 18 for Athletics By CAR.L LUNDQUIST NEW YORK- i UP) — Bitsy Bobby Shantz of the Athletics -was moving rapidly toward still another distinction today — the first player on a second division team ever to receive the most valuable player award. Right now the biggest hitch to that achievement seems to be that the Athletics, mainly because of his magnificent pitching, might put on a stretch drive and finish in the first division. In the competition for the American League award, no player can come even close to Shantz right now with his record of 18 victories and just three defeats, his earned run average of 1.62, his strike-out total of 103 which is high for the league, and his record of 19 complete games in 21 starts. Ever since the award was established for the 2 leagues in 1931 by the baseball writers, it has gone each year to players on first division teams. But barring a late season clump, there seems little doubt that Shantz will gain the accolade for the American, no matter where the A's finish. Yesterday, Shantz, littlest man in the majors, turned in a five-hit, 3 to 1 victory over Chicago after which lefty Alex Kellner gained a 9 to 3 decision to put the sixth- place A's only two games behind the White Sox and just four games behind fourth place Washington. Cleveland won a pair from Washington, 3 to 1 and 3 to 2, moving fiom fourth to second 3li games behind the Yankees who lost their fifth in a row, 8 to 3 at Detroit, before winning 6 to 0. The Browns beat the Red Sox, 8 to 1, then lost, 9 to 3. In the National league, the pacesetting Dodgers suffered their third straight defeat, 4 to 3, tb the Cardinals, but the Giants stayed 4V-2 games behind, by losing 1 to 4 to the Reds after which their second in his last 70 until Marciano came|6ume was rained out with Cincy alone. I ahead, 1 to 0 in three innings. The Marciano. 27, put a spectacular] Phils took over fourth place by end to the fabulous Matthews story, ousting the Cubs with a 12 to 8 <o question about that, Scoring us 37th knockout in 42 all-winning ights, Rocky proved again his iUmning power and strength. The end came suddenly. • An and 3 to 0 sweep of a twin-bill while Boston topped Pittsburgh, 4 to 2, then battled to a 3-3 11-inning darkness-halted second game tie. overhand right in mid-ring seemed] Shantz was given enough runs ,o buckle Matthews' knees. As he; for victory in the first three in- etrcated toward his own corner, j nings of the opener, while in the ic tried to slip away from a Mar-j second game the A's made 16 hits ciano hook like he did in the first! including a 2-.-un homer by Eddie round. He didn't slip far enough: Joost. Ferris Fain, the league's and took it on the jaw. Another ' leading hitter, made six hits for the hook as he started to go down; two games. in the lap of Hurley. Cleveland with five victories in Although he made a fumbling J its last six games, moved up on attempt to arise, it seemed to most ringsiders he Q£ver would make it. He didn't For the night's work, a few seconds onw« tb»n fiv« minutes in ttw feet*. <*ch Mrs. Mae Z. Pierson and M Alice Pierson of Kansas City, j are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ch lie Bostic, and friends. Several local teachers of Hen stead county are receiving, th B. S. and B. A. degrees in field of Social- Science, Histc and Language from Philam Smith College. The persons ' ceiving these degrees ar Mrs. ! rilla Savage, Mrs. Parthenia B. les, Mrs. Augustus Trotter, M" Love F. Chcatham, and Mrs. lie M. Davis, all o£ Hempste county. Baseball By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Charleston 5 Kansas City 1 Indianapolis 7 St. Paul 6 Louisville i Minneapolis 5 (Only games scheduled) PACIFIC COAST (No games scheduled) Dallas TEXAS LEAGUE 9 Houston 2 Fort Worth 3 San Antonio 1 Oklahoma City 7 Beaumont 3 Tulsa 13 Shreveport 5 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Birmingham 16 Memphis 13 New Orleans 10 Mobile 2 (Only games scheduled) WESTERN LEAGUE Wichita 5 Omaha 3 Pueblo 4 Des Moines 0 Colorado Springs 1 Lincoln 0 Denver 4 Sioux City T. M. Rig. u. S. P»l. Off. ' Ccpf. 1902 to. NEA Bervic* "We must protest to U. S. A.—their lax attitude toward v .tax evasion is threatening our whole economy 1" fine pitching by Bob Lemon, who gained his llth victory in the first gams, and on a three-run, homer by Luke Easter, which provided Steve Gromek wttt » r«ave| (Iriumnb fee » . *^9ff *«». B«WUe Vo*t ager Casey Stengel. Johnny Gro-j hit a three-run fifth inning homtj to put Detroit in front for good arj send Allie Reynolds down to fifth defeat. Rookie Lefty, Hoeft won his second major victory. The other came again: the Yankees. Rookie lefty : Miller of the Yankees retaliated pitching seven-hit ball to win th! second game. The Yankees gavJ him a fine start by scoring threj runs in the first inning. ] The Browns made it four vie! tories in a row by beating Bostoj in the opener, but Boston put on 16-hit show to gain a .split, though St. Louis protested the ga, because Lou Boudreau .put him self in as a pinch-runner. Thi Browns claimed he was not yet 01 the active list. Faye Throneberr; hit a Boston homer. In the opene" Gene Bearden pitched his fourtl victory and got two hits. Bed Schoendienst singled in thi ninth to drive home the winnin, run for St. Louis as Brooklyn losl, its fifth game in the last six/Car] lier Billy Johnson and Dick homered to account for the St. Louis runs and GU 'Hodges bi<* his 20th homer for Brooklyn. , Cincinnati spiled Manager UK Durocher's 47th birthday by put ting on an eight run fourth in ning rally in which Andy Serninicl and Bob BorkowskJ hit three homers- Borkowski's was an tfrfc-park. job. SIDE GLANCES •y Golbralth " LMII OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams / WELL, 1 WOW'T f GO POWM TO THI' I C.ATE. WITH *rfOL > BOYS--I 6OT A '.y. LOM<3 RIPE AM' ' \ V I'LL JU&T SHORT T CUT HOME.' ^^- y WOW.' / HE'5 LIKE f TH' CITY I MEI6HBOR \ ( A TEMT THRU YOUR rl. ARKANSAS OZAKK Kt lASTOPTN'NINTH, ...AND OUR PONT WORRY KIP. I'LL KEBPYYOUfcE PEACHES OPS THE. PHOW6. ll NO MATTBfc.VVWAT VSAMT TO 5BB MOU STRIKE OIL AND MARBCY LITTLE HEIRESS M RimJfltN YOU PkA WASH TUBBS VI Uilii Tum*l| OUR BOARDING MOUSE WlfTi Major Hooplc 6E& HERE, HOOPLE / I'/VV JUST A PLAIM CITIZEN, HOT FJoMlfAG FOR pRES IDEMT, BUT X KMOvvJ MY RIGHTS/—ALL T SMELL AKOOID HERB S. HORGE/-K-EITHER. THAT G\£> EJAG OF GOES OR E6AD, 0AVCTER / YOU A THAT'S THE OF THE ERA •*— "SIMPLE" VMOULD A BETTER KEEP A HORSE, ,\ . "Tue COPS J V JACKAO Wlf 6%#'r v ( EIGH- 0ORLV DEBATE- OM FOUR- LESSED CREATURES* FUNNY BUSINESS By Henhberaer "Come on in and play your fiddle—I can't get our guest* to go home!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS •y BleiMt FOR, ME? BUT \Kwock: MV DAD'S BROKE I L I i WANNA KNOW— HE TELLS ue J HEAR SOME, DAY / r=-< SOFT MUSIC.' LAKP SMITH ITU? BANK HAS Ttvety AS C , A VICIOUS, \$ OMB OP THE STOLEN KBM5RMODT6, \ OKIV/i OT'»ICER! THE- OTHER ONE \& f-TILL PARTIMLV MI55.GET CAMOUFLAGED WITH WcKE6'$ SICKLV OfcUBS,/ BU5Y... . ,,^^ s ,, l ™, = WHICH THE GIRL WA£ REMOVING WHEN) eHi/CLEAM \T MR.NkKEE?/-— —7 W*5 lNTERRL)PTEDJj-(£) r-r- \ At i OPPil L y - SNOl THEAlNNOCENT «CC6*SORV,W ^ f MMJ $HOutDVCO^ITTep HO CRJWBL , „ ' MWQl ^^K^sai^rf*!W CMW ^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES «V Cdgor Martin v -UGS GUNNY WANTA, CHBCK OUT ONB 0' THEM ^< ^4 S^- «»..7iMk,WMMf" Illl, CXHMJ, M, T. H. 1^. 1)^1 M) ALLEY OOP YOUR FRIEND 5EEM6 TO BE HAVING A ROUGH TIME.../IF HE NEEDS HADN' UNTIL GIVE CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer CM CQP£ WITH IT, ]WAKN£P.Wei,HIN * OEM FeacTOK, JAL.I. AL.OHdA$AlH0r WITH OTHER WOKL&f ll/^iiy • J if~/at t*. at mWiiti FROM iK>0 OH THE EARTH. HtNRY

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