The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 2, 1977 · Page 1
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 1

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Friday, December 2, 1977
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The Indianapolis Star TODAY'S CHUCKLE The average man's biggest problem is that his paycheck comes minus tax and his bills come plus tax. Where the Spirit of the Lord is. there is Liberty" Cor 3 17 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1977 , Jjn 5 VOLUME 75, No. 180 fr ft ft ft CARRIER DELIVERED lit PER VK MOTOR Of LFVERID 9(k PER WK. i,n. OOP Cop, WIBC RADIO'S PAUL PAGE, 2 OTHERS HURT WEATHER TODAY Partly Cloudy High, 38; Low, 25 Yesterday High, 56; Low 35 Coplter Crake SPENDING SPREE TOLD Willard Prepared To Kill Heiress, Trial Witness Says By R. JOSEPH GELARDEN Accused murderer Howard R Willard threatened to kill slain millionaire heiress Marjorie V Jackson if she gave him "any trouble" when he robbed her home, a witness testified Thursday. "I don't mind blowing the b away if she gives us any trouble," Ralph A Wadsworth II. a former executive secretary to City Controller Fred L. Armstrong, quoted Willard as saying Wadsworth. who said he got his job through political connections because he is a Republican precinct committeeman, stated he first tipped otf Willard to the location and contents of Mrs Jackson's home at 6490 Spring Mill Road IN OTHER TESTIMONY, witnessses said Willard went on a spree like a drunk sailor after he allegedly burglarized Mrs Jackson's home, buying a $15,000 luxury Lincoln which he totaled in 48 hours, buying rounds of drinks for "the house" with brand new $100 bills and promising to buy several buildings in Mooresville and rename the town "Willardsville " Willard's ex-wife. Osa Willard. said the defendant asked her to give him' a gun March 29. sayjng he had to have a gun " "He said he didn't have enough guts to use it. that the other guy would have to use it." according to Mrs Willard She testified she told the FBI that her ex-husband said he would steal a lot of money, bury it in the ground and go to prison (or a while When he got out. he would be a rich man. she said She testified Willard told her about a "weirdo" lady whose husband left her millions ot dollars "HE SAID he wanted to do one more big job so he wouldn't have to work again." she testified Mrs Willard said she told him she didn't want to get it that way Wadsworth was visably agitated during his testimony, especially under skill-lul cross examination by defense lawyer James Voyles He said he first met Willard because the defendant was supposed to be "an expert safe cracker" who would help him "crack" the sate at L Strauss L Co Wadsworth admitted under oath he made several unsuccessful attempts to burglarize Mrs Jackson's home at the same time he was applying for a job with the Indianapolis Police Department's Victim Assistance Program During the same time period, he said he also was telling a deputy prosecutor about an $800,000 unreported burglary at Mrs Jackson's home He said he knew the manager of a Westside body shop who had a brother who was an employee of a flower shop where Mrs Jackson traded. Wadsworth said the body shop man told him he got two guys to burglarize Mrs Jackson s home in May. 1976. THE PAIR gave the body shop man See TRIAL Page 15 Inside Today's Star News Summary On Page 2 Amusement Pages 34-37 Area News 11 Billy Graham . . 27 Bridge 10 Comics 48 Crossword ... 47 Deaths 47 Editorials 28 Finonce ... 38-40 Herman 26 Sports 41-46 TV-Rodio 31 Want Ads . . . 49-61 Weather 61 Werner 28 Women's Paqes ... 18-21 Court News And Statistics 61 Star Telephone Numbers Circulation Vain Office Want Ads Scores After 4 30 p m 633-9211 633-1240 633-1212 633-1200 CM ME ALERT If You See A Crime Committed Or Spot Suspicious Activity Coll This Number 911 MINDING VOUIt HEALTH Scientists Emergency Fuel Crisis Plan Devised Washington iL'PIi The Energy Department announced emergency plans Thursday for dealing with possible fuel shortages this winter, including as a last resort such extremes as a return to mandatory oil allocation and suspension of clean air measures. David Bardine, head of the task force that prepared the plans, said the nation now is better able to face an energy emergency than it was at the onset of last winter's fuel crisis HE SAID, however, the threat of such crises never can be removed completely "Increasing energy demand and decreasing supplies of oil and natural gas can create problems even in a normal winter." Bardine said "As we discovered last year, any shortcomings in our production and delivery systems can bring parts of the nation to a virtual standstill if we have a severe winter " The two-volume. 300-page plan was designed to cover any kind of energy supply emergency regional or national, caused by weather, strikes, transportation bottlenecks or another foreign oil embargo to keep the nation from being caught off guard this winter as it was last. It listed more than 50 potential government actions as guidelines to help local, state or federal officials ease a fuel crisis Bardine said the plan leaves the energy industries with primary responsibility under normal conditions for avoiding fuel crises and for easing the impact of any shortages that develop GOVERNMENT officials will monitor fuel industry performance to ensure it acts in the public interest. Bardine said. He warned "there are limits to the capacity of government to control or compensate for adverse effects of shortages." The plan gives local and state officials the main government role during moderate fuel shortages, which might be met by state conservation plans, federal measures to increase production and priority transportation for essential fuels. Mandatory federal action should be reserved for extreme, nationwide problems and for correcting severe regional See FUEL Page 15 The Weather Joe Crow Says: A woman who is at a loss for words probably is doing a crossword puzzle. Indianapolis Partly cloudy and cool today with a high of 38. Continued partly cloudy and cold tonight with a low of 25. Variable cloudiness Saturday with a chance of rain, possibly beginning as snow, and a high of 40 Indiana Chance of light snow today north with partly cloudy and cold central and mostly sunny and cool south. Highs, 33-43. Partly cloudy and cold tonight across the state. Lows, 23-27. Chance of snow flurries Saturday north with variable cloudiness and a chance of rain central and south. Highs, 38-47. Today's Prayer We turn to You today, O Lord, for a new lift and a fresh start. Thank You for listening to our prayers as we feel Your love surrounding us. Amen. Slowly Learning To 'Explain' What BY HARLEY R. BIERCE There once was a bit of nonsense about migraine headache sufferers placing their hands in a pan of warm water for headache relief. Scientists scoffed. What could a warm hand possibly have to do with migraine headaches? To scientists, anything that can't be proved or backed by repeatable experiments often gets put in the category with ghost stories and tales of things that go bump in the night. And if something unexplainable was By NOEL RUBINTON A quiet Thursday afternoon on the Westside was shattered about 4:55 p.m. when Radio Station WIBC's helicopter, with three aboard including Paul Page, the "Voice of the 500" crashed on the Speedway High School athletic field. Page and the pilot. John Connolly, were taken to Methodist Hospital and the third man. commercial photographer Edward Moss, to Wishard Memorial Hospital. All suffered leg and back injuries, but were listed in fair condition, i The cause of the crash was not known immediately, but Robert Stierwalt. 42. 5622 West 24th Street, said he was standing at his front door when he saw the helicopter hovering 100 feet in the air There was a "high-pitched whining noise coming from the engine." Stierwalt said, and the helicopter dipped even lower "IT MOMENTARILY lifted and then came straight down onto a curve of the track." he said Page told Lee Daniels, another WIBC reporter. "Something just broke " Page , PHo'o bv Brad Qrtvt WRECKAGE OF WIBC HELICOPTER ON THE SPEEDWAY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC FIELD Speedway Firemen And Ambulance Technicians Aid Injured Passengers. Including Paul Page Slain Teacher Probably Knew Murderer, Police Say B PATRICK T. MORRISON And ROBERT J. LaMARCHE Evidence indicates that Lynda S McDamel. 23-year-old schoolteacher who was found bound, gagged and drowned in the bathtub of her Westside apartment, may have known her assailant, investigating detectives said Thursday night. They were attempting to retrace her movements from Wednesday night until the discovery of her body about 8 55 a m. Thursday in the one-bedroom apartment she occupied alone in the West Lake Arms apartment complex at 5923 West Lake Drive The body, slumped over the side of the bathtub, was found by an aunt A DISH TOWEL was stuffed in the mouth, hands and arms tied in back with a strand of red decorative ribbon and the head submerged in a foot of water in the bathtub. Clothed only in pantyhose, the lower part of the body was in a kneeling position outside the bathtub Detectives took statements Thursday night from two young men who had dated Miss McDamel Investigators determined that a neighbor heard someone enter the young woman's apartment about 5 30 p.m. Wednesday and that she talked on the telephone with her mother. Margaret McDaniel, 1608 South Fruitdale Avenue, between 9 p m. and 9:30 p.m. They have found no one who saw or talked with Miss McDaniel after the conversation with her mother. Results of an autopsy were not revealed pending further investigation, but Marion County sheriff's detectives said it appeared she was drowned. There were no signs of a struggle. The front door was bolted on the inside and Miss McDaniel's purse and wallet containing money were found undisturbed. The bathroom door had been locked by the murderer as he fled. These factors led Sheriff's Detective Sgts. Ronald L. Beasley, William J. Roberts and James Curry to speculate that her assailant was someone she knew. The murderer probably fled through a sliding glass patio door which was about See TEACHER Page 4 (Sixth of a Series) undeniable, it was a miracle. DR. HANS SELYE, an internationally famous scientist who has specialized in looking at the relationship between mind and body, said recently, "If a thing cannot be proved by science, that doesn't mean it isn't so. Miracles are simply those things for which we have no scientific explanation." But it is science which finally has explained the old wives' tale about the Alt Hi speculated the clutch of the craft failed, causing the engine to rev very fast and burn out "You pick a spot and it hurts." Page said from his hospital bed Page estimated the helicopter fell from a height of 400 feet Steven Wills. 20. 2024 Hermitage Court, said he was watching television in his apartment when he heard a noise that sounded like a small airplane that "had run out of gas." "THE TAIL WAS swinging wildly, and when it crashed, the sound could be heard a block away." Wills said. He said he ran to the field and jumped over the fence after seeing the helicopter go down. Wills said he believed the three passengers had been thrown from the helicopter and were lying on the ground 15 to 20 feet away from the Hughes 269 helicopter He and others covered the victims with their coats They said all three complained of leg and back injuries . PAGE SUFFERED a compound fracture of the ankle, it was learned Page. 32. has been with the station several vears and has done its traffic mary McClelland I XJ Artificial Genes Make Hormone ;To Order'; Cheaper Drugs Goal Los Angeles 1 AP 1 Scientists announced Thursday that for the first time they have succeeded in using artificial genes to "order" a bacterium to produce a hormone normally found only in higher animals The breakthrough, hailed as a "scien-, tific triumph of the first order" by the head of the National Academy of Sciences, paves the way for cheaper, purer insulin and other hormone-based medicines The researchers were working in the controversial new field of genetic engineering using recombinant DNA deoxyribonucleic acid, the material within chromosomes that contains the genetic code THE SCIENTISTS said they implanted an artificial gene carrying blueprints" for a hormone called somatostatin into a bacterium, and the bacterium obediently manufactured the specified hormone pan ol water Controlled experiments with biofeedback have demonstrated that people are able to control the dilation or constriction of blood vessels by thinking about it. One effective means of controlling migraine headaches is to have a patient raise the temperature of his hand just by thinking about it. Biofeedback instruments demonstrated that it worked WHAT HAPPENS is the mind somehow instructs the vessels of the hand to open up; more blood goes to the hand and the temperature goes up For some gh School reports for two years Last May he was named the "Voice of the 500." after the death of Sid Collins Connolly. 32. 350 South Grand Avenue works for the company from which WIBC leases the helicopter for its daily rush-hour traffic surveillance. Moss. 31. 629 East 56th Street, manager of Sonny Ruberto Studio Inc . was on assignment CPL. GARY E. Donaldson of the Speedway Police Department said ail three men were conscious, but in too much pain to talk about the accident "I don't think it was an uncontrolled crash." said Donaldson, who interviewed a witness to the accident Page had completed a traffic report at 4 46 p.m. and was scheduled to go on the air again at 5 15 p m. A WIBC employe said an attempt had been made to talk to Page by radio at 4 50 p m : but the station received no answer Rich Paquette of the Federal Aviation Administration said the wrecked cratt will be taken to North Central Helicopter Inc in Indianapolis, where it will be examined today He sam he had no idea why the helicopter crashed t-;-if.---Vv;;- LYNDA S. VcDAMEL Hormones are the body's chemicai messengers Insulin, a vital hormone that helps the body use carbohydrates, normally is produced in the pancreas Diabetics, however, do not produce enough and need it supplied to them Scientists say it is now just a matter of time before protein substances like insulin can be produced by this artificial gene process or one related to it The medicines would be made to order in living bacteria "factories " Earlier this year, a gene carrying instructions to produce insulin was implanted into a bacterium, but the scientists did not succeed in "switching on" the gene to initiate the manufacture of insulin BUT RESEARCHERS at City ot Hope National Medical Center in suburban Duarte recently were able to link a man-made gene with the proper control elements that turned on the hormone-making process Others Call reason, this also affects the blood flow to the skull and the mechanisms involved w ith migraine headaches There are a number of ways in which the new movement in health and new information regarding the way our mind, body and spirit work together are making sense out of what some have seen as nonsense Take the controversial substance Laetrile, for instance Why, in the face of almost total absense of scientifically reproducible evidence that it has any positive effect on cancer, does it have a 7 1 F'- K i.-., I? PALL PAGE W IBC Newsman Andrus OKs West-To-East Oil Pipeline Washington APi Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus gave tentative approval Thursday for construction of the nation's first west-to-east oil pipeline designed to carry Alaska crude oil from California to Texas The 1.026-mile pipeline from Whittier Narrows. Calif., to Midland. Texas, would be built and operated by Standard Oil Co of Ohio It would carry 500.000 barrels of oil daily From Midland. Texas, the oil could be sent via existing pipelines to refineries in 'he Midwest. East and along the Gulf Coast. Interior Department officials said THEY ALSO are supporting construction of a "northern border ' pipeime to carry Aiaska crude across the northern tier of the United States The Aiaska oil pipeline within Alaska is expected to carry 1.2 million barrels ot oil daily when it becomes fully operational The proposed pipeline would utilize abandoned natural gas pipelines for nearly three-fourths of its length. Interior officials said Andrus is seeking to exoedite approval tor the pipeline because ot the buildup ol surplus Alaska crude on the West Coast and "the need to make early provision tor west-to-east transport ot oil to refineries with capacity to handle it " ANDRUS ALSO noted that California already has issued Sohio a permit for construction of a docking facility to unload oil brought from Alaska via tanker Alaska crude is expected to become available in increasing amounts as oil production on the North Slope is stepped up The influx of new oil has created a glut of crude on the West Coast. Interior officials said, "and West Coast terminals do not anticipate being able to absorb the additional crude supplies trom Alaska " Some Alaska oil also has been transported to Gulf Coast ports via tankers using the Panama Canal A sketchy report of the succes came unexpectedly Nov 2 at a Senate hearing in Washington on guidelines for research on recombinant DNA Some scientists feel the research, also known as gene splicing, could produce dangerous new forms of lite At tt.e hearim; Dr Phihp Handler, president ot the Natmna Academy of Sciences, cited the work on somatostatin as evidence that the research has great potential tor good Details of the dramatic achievement were withheld until Thursday, when the researchers paper was accepted for publication in the magazine Science. AUTHORS OF THE paper are Keiichi Itakura. Tadaaki Hirose, Roberto Crea and Arthur 1) Riea- of the City of Hope, and Herbert 1. Heyneker, Francisco Bolivar and Herbert W Boyer of the See t.KNE Page 4 'Miracles toehold in our society sufficient to induce legislators to pass laws about it? Major providers of Laetrile have conceded publicly that "'probably" fewer than 5 percent of the people using Laetrile continue to live, and even this is stnctlv an estimate. , YET, SOMETHING does happen to some people who use Laetrile. In recent months backers of the substance have shifted to claiming it eases or eliminates pain even if it dosen't cure. It now seems clear that Laetrile and See HEALTH Page 4 ft 4 u

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