Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1935
Page 5
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f^^-'Tf ( t T T' ** ' M? 14, 1A6' '*&, : Rival in Love May Explainjhooting Second Woman Sought in 'Ipurder Committed by Jealous Secretary ' NEW YORK-A new motive for the shading of Dr. Frit?. Gebhardt by Miss Vera Stretz, New York university graduate, Tuesday came to light Wed- nesdny. Police are searching for nn- othtr New York blonde with whom the German scientist and foreign trader hnd been on intimate terms. It was intfmntod tiutl a quarrel (colt place in Dr, Gebhardt's 21st floor apartment before Miss Stretz shot him four times and , fled. It is believed that the quarrel wns caused by the woman's jealousy over his attentions to<the other girl and his supposed failure to arrange a divorce while he wns In .'Germany. • ' • Dr. Gebhimlt returned Friday from a two months' visit in Germany, during which he saw his estranged wife, Thea, and his two daughters, 15 and As police chocked translations of Shivering with Chills Burning with Fever Relief for Malaria! try homemade treatments or newfangled remedies I Take that good old Grove s Tasteless Chill Tonic. Soon you Will be yourself again, for Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic not only relieves the : npmptoms of Malaria, but destroys the ! infection itself. The tasteless quinine in Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic kills the Malarial infection In the blood while the iron it contains builds up the blood to overcome the •effects of the disease and fortify against i further attack. The twofold effect is absolutely necessary to the overcoming of Malaria. Besides being a dependable rcm- ,S dy . for Ma lnria, Grove's Tasteless Chill ,Tonic is also an excellent tonic of general ( lise. Pleasant to take and absolutely harmless. Safe to Rive children. Get a bottle today at any drug store. Now two .sizes—SOc and $1. The $1 size contains J254 times as much as the SOc size and i gives you 25% more for your money. letters from Oobhardt found in Mia Steete's room, they discovered that ho ardently wooed the girl. In nearly all he signed in romantic vein over his Inability to transmute his emotions from German Into English. Ml&s Stretz understood german imperfectly. Dr. Gcbhnrdt, for years n student loachcr In German .schools, was a frequenter of night clubs, the police also discovered. Liberal, he sought the night spots with Miss Stretz, and, as she enrne to believe, with the other girl as well. However, police did not discard the theory flint Miss Stretz shot also out | of a sense of frustration at Gebhnrdt's I failure to arrange a divorce. It appears from the letters that Gebhardt left for Germany last August with instructions from the girl to try to persuncje Fran Thea Gebhardt, his "non-Aryan" wife, to divorce him so he might marry the American girl. A large number of letters nnd cablegrams passed between the economist and Miss Stretz during his absence. If ;Dr. Gebhardt, on -his return, announced, that, Instead of arranging a divorce, he had effected n reconciliation nrtd. proposed bringing his wife ' and family here to live, police be- ] llevcd that alone might account for j Miss Stretz's net. Philippines Turned Pope Moves For (Continued from page one) F^;^l^f;'. I. (donthtued from page one) Ron) Washington won on the battlefield, Ever since American occupation of the islands, Quezon has been the ever- burning torch of Independence Blazing there, easily the outstanding native politician and statesmen developed in that period. Men of the World Quezon, though born at Baler, Luson, August 19, 1878, Is no Insular ruler of faraway jungles. Ho is distinctly a man of the world, with wide experience and acquaintance in Asia and Europe, whence he only recently returned. He is modern in every sense, nnd ccmbines every trick in the bag of the expert American politician with the philosophical irnits that go with his Spanish-Filipino parentage. He Is daring, quick-thinking nnd persistent, and loves a political fight Hope Boy Winning 'Continued fr«m page onel Flushing hoofs nt 'Oaklown park in Hot Springs attracted him. He went to the races. There he became acquainted with E. Drillon of Chicago. Drillon entered horses in the races nt Hot Springs, but Simpson had no previous training. Drillion gave him .six weeks of training and then took Simpson to Chicago where he brought home his first winner at Lincoln fields. Simpson's success continued and he won several other races for Drillion. From Chicago Simpson went to Detroit where he won other races and then to St. Louis tracks for greater success. At present Simpson is riding tor E. Johnson at Dallas. He will leave Dallas for California wfthin, the next few weeks. Simpson is the son of Mrs. Laura Good. 904 Foster avenue. Mrs. Good says her young son is saving his earnings and each week sends home part of his salary to be placed in a bank. Recently young Simpson presented his mother with a radio to "listen in" on the races. it* 1) Boy! I can breathe now! Just a few drops ,of Vicks Va-tro-nol up each nostril reduces swollen membranes, clears stuffiness, brings prompt relief. Used in time, helps prevent many colds. « j» m m warn. % ..vx^ MKK3ft££5 VicKS VA-TRO-NOL REGULAR SIZE 30eV . .DOUBLE QUANTITY 50c " Progress In Philippines 1521—Islands discovered by Magellan. l,5fiJ5—Spanish colonial government established. 1896—Widespread revolt against Spanish rule. 1898'—U. S. helps break Spanish domination; promises eventual freedom; pays Spain $20,000,000. 1D01—U. S. troops break revolt against occupation; Aguinaldo's "republic" collapses. 1907—First Philippine assembly elected under U. S. auspices. 1916—Comprehensive system of self-government set up under Jones Organic Act. 1934—Commonwealth status provided by McDuffie-Tydings Act; independence in 10 years promised. 1935—Manuel Quezon chosen first president, under new constitution, of Philippine Commonwealth. 1945— ? tt'ieVefllw Mediterrnnean situation. I Britain is not plnnnlic an mdlvid- u!?l reiilv to 'Premier Mussolini's pro- •tcit nrtlnst .the League's Invocntjoh of ,f>'inctioVis, which wns disnntched to na- tlrnp .<epawlely. Condon thinks a joint answer bv nil powers ohoul'l bo writ, trjr.ouph the I.ea o uc of Nnlions. ;Tfaly sheolfloally asked for the intentions of each country. It wiis alto stated thrt o talk Tufi'- day between Sir Eric Drummond, JBrlti/.-h.ambassador to Homo, ami Pi;e- I trier Mucsolirii WHS inconcluaiv? nnd tha| no, nro^rresg had been made. They ore corirldcring Britain's fleet concenv. trnllnp .In t^c M'cdll' 1 » > < > nncpn nnd ' Inrgc Italian forces In Libya, border- Nn Change In Po'lcv Inforniod sources said II Duce wns doomed to difnppo'ntmqnt if he is Inamblin^ for time in the hope of n imore conciliatorv attitude after the' Hfnernl rln^tion. The" fiid therf nosi- tivelv will be no weakening or change of nnlicv. British newspapers reported the first Italian reprisal anainst this country for ranctionr. /. London firm of rv>r- fumcry manufacturers was notified hv i'(r • "'onl^rr 'if Itplv t'-i^t its credit faciliite.'; have been withdrawn. Crintrictq fo r t^rec c^'MPers, thr^^ Ri'brrori'ier irrl 11 pltxilia'•^' vessels vrre n'n'-nd WednesdH". T\if f^nn- .itruclion is a part of the rcheduled 1C35 buil'Hrif nroK-nm. • lection Atlantic' Louisiana Pledge Allen Declares Crosses (AJiiea to. ' i Sides May Watch foiling Places •8a*ll—(/ft.— New 8A1&N AOtJQR La.—yp)—Honest .,... young and adventurous girl elections In Louisiana came to the fljer, *an Batten, stepped smiling front Wednesday as an Issue with a from nil- airplane at Natal 'Wednesday demaijd. from one Side for a fair count —tfirst 6f her sex to fly aldne across ' the Sbith Atlantic. 'She completed'u-i 1-,831-mile .flight Ifokar, 'Senegal, at 4:45 p, m., lofral I hie, a, total of 13 hours .and 15 mjnutej for the translate journey. Miss Batten, who abandoned music lessonp in London to, .talte up flying in a phne once owned by (He Ptince cf baltdts and a promise from the ether side that votes would be fairly counted, doV, O. K. Allen, head of the po- .litical -maohine left by the late Senator Huey 'P. Long, Said that "both sides" would have representation in oornmissionens and watchers at the polls in the January 21 Democratic liiilw^K^ ^^^Sj;wf^;%:^;: thf pffi||t$||f hen ypu ANES Heavyweight Champion never nsks Old Man Winter to pull his punches! You'll know I It at ihe minute you climb inside, nnd llio.'e luxurious, soft, close-knit ribs snuggle up to your akin. . Mister, if you want to start your own private hcivt-weave, get into HANKS this Winter I And understand this about HANKS: You get your true trunk- length nnd chcst-iucntiiirc too. And the elunlic-knit is so pliant that you CUM stretch and slruin as much us you wunt — and nothing outs or binds. Huttonii, buttonholes, cuffs, and seams are sewed and stitched to ijttiy. In lliis union-suit there is strength! Sec your HAN.E.4 Dealer today. P. II. IIANES KNITTING CO., WINSTOIX-SAI.EM, N. C. 4 nitcrby dealer hat IIANES Unlon- Suilf, $1 antl up ... Shlrth and Drawers begin nl 75c , . . Doy*' Uiiluu-SulU, 75c . . . Merrlnhild \Volst-Sulu, 7Se , . . alia Now Wlnter-Welaht Shirts and Shorts (illutlralutl al right), Me ajid B9c nich. THE ANTI-FREEZE UNDERWEAR FOR MEN A N P BOYS Hanes Are Sold in Hope by GORHAM&00SNELL T VI RTON'S CASH STORE SPECIALS FOR FRL, SAT, AND MON, PICKLES Libby's—22 oz. Jar. 13c LARD SWIFT'S JEWEL 8 u, 99c LUZIANNE COFFEE 1 ,,24c PET MILK Small 3c Large ;.C. BAKING POWDER 16c LIFEBUOY SOAP Bar 6c so much that some of his countrymen call him '.the Irishman of the Philippines." Law nnd politics attracted him naturally. Having seen at first hand the futility of trying to win independence by force, Quezon set grimly out on the long road to independence byb purely political means. He studied law. From 1909 to 1917 he •was resident commissioner for the islands in Congress—which means a sort of legally recognized lobbyist for Philippine interests. His continued efforts bore fruit in Lhc Jones Act of 191G, establishing the first steps in native government. Named Senate Head Urtitler thjs act he was elected president of the Philippine Senate, and held that post until very recently, when he retired to go to Europe for health treatments and to run on his return for the highest honor under the new government, which is launched November 15. Quezpn,..jiQW 57 years old, is a restless, ..energetic Mian, small and sHghTin" s sta.ture .like .most; of his, own people. He likes to wear a red beret, play pok- J or, and smoke cigarettes. j His wife, an artist and linguist, was educated ni the United States, for, which Quezon has a limitless loyalty and friendship. He has no illusions about the grant of commonwealth government which is to culminate in complete independence in 10 years. He is too good a politician not to know quite well that it came as much through pressure cf American farm 1 groups who want i a tariff on Philippine sugar and coconut oil (now duty free) ns through sheer idealism. But he is a good enough politician to say thot "No nation in history has ever done so magnanimous and so unselfish an act" as the United States in granting the islands their promised independence. Has Faith in Islands Quezon is quite confident of three things: first, that the islands are ready for independence at any time; second, that they can maintain it, economically and politically; ad, third, that tariff difficulties with the United j States can be cleared up satisfactorily | to both parties. ' j It is in this confident spirit that, Quezon faces heavy problems that will | confront the new nation. Philippine ! prosperity depends greatly on exports, I especially of sugar. | Most, of this is sent to the United I States, duty-free. Should complete I independence come, a U. S. tariff wall | might be raised against it which ; would ruin the industry and island prosperity. I And China is a constant warning of what may happen to helpless independent countries in the Far East whose rich resources may be coveted by stronger, expanding powers. ; Won Woodrow Wilson : Quezon's coaUblack hair is streaked with gruy today as he runs a nervous hand through it in a characteristic gesture. But his health is excellent, atter treatment in European and American hospitals, and his white teeth flash in the same smile that charmed Woodrow Wilson with its combination of good will and Oriental inscrutability. On his slight, always beautifully tailored shoulders falls the job of starting peaceably a new republic in a world which is widely questioning democratic government, ami in a corner of that world, the Far East, where it is an innovation. PARIS F- ->nco.~ r/pi -rOCfioial cir- r'^cf rgM WednesfJn*' nii/h*-- they' un- Hpi-.-tooc' Premier Musrili'M wulf' "ofll>onc noTimic i-r-nri ( "il*' rp'iinj-t Franco nnd also would halt ItaI'mi pre;:?- attnrk'' nnon this cnunlrv. Financiers hnd feared n rari.qus blow to. , France if Italv adopted r»nrisnls bo- JcauFo of Pni.is' support of League of notions sanctions, '< I The Italian nmbassador. Vittririo . Crmiti. informed Premier Pierre Ln- |va) that Tl Dues had derided on th's | set inn while nwaitine a French reply to his protest ap.iinst functions. Laval roportcdlv told Cerruti his Declarations at Geneva in supnort of ..the League nction—while seeking a friendly solution of thn Ifnlo-rEthin- pian conflict—answered Mussolini's Iprotest. The French note of renlv i was exnprtrrl to be delaved until Great Britain's answer v/as sent. Raps Street Tax (Continued from page one,) of'Wales, brought her, '; maqhitip, a primary. Hpvllaid-Gypsy, dow#at Natal in a I N.orman Bauer, icampaign manager perfeol.threerpoint; landing. ... | for the anti-administration .'home "J.'ll [ly on ;to Rjo de Jatieiro, 1 ' she rule" ticket, invited the .governor to said. ' -.'••'..- I bold a conference with a representa- iFr.orrj-Lympne, -.England,her-elapsed tive of the '-'home rule" ticket and time \*bs 61 hplirs and seven minutes ' agijee on "equal representation" at the to the moment her plane was visible polk-for an honest election count, over Natal, ; Allen, a .candidate for the unfinished 'term pf Long .in the United .States Senate, deferred comment on the actemodation.-pf spectators:at the .Bauer's.proposal. Friday .ga)jle, • 'v'. ! . |'. An act of one of Long's special leg- The iickrof£ is scheduled ibrV&DO p.;,islatiye sessions':.gives Governor Alm.;Tickets for-|he gatirteiafeVnow on.';len, control of yote counting. The at DcvQueijn'! drug stares../, • 'statute empowers the.-parish boards of "'-'-•' ' the 1935 ; .reo^rds*of the'(supervisors of'election to name poll ,Vqorhmlssioner.s. .< -Two of the :three rnembers of, ;the boards of guberna- ijoria). appointees, Prior to the act's j)8s_sage commissioners were named by ondidates arid drawn .from a hat. _ Jtt tete Arthift fefthelrtief, NeW York ttfekeUSef, t#e a tfttfcnt Trie bar afgoclatton said It* com- mitlet on professional cthlcr and grievances, meeting In Columbus, Ohio, November, i$, would consider a complaint by federal Judge William fciaik of lawyers. New Jersey against the They were listed as George S. Silzer of Newark, former governor of New .Jersey; former state Senator John E, Tosan of Perth Amboy; and Harry Weinsbfiijger of Newark. The judge asked the f'jfrg .,^ goverMnent iwbVai i£ ff« v«ei6n charge*. the .. Ur,c Juniper 0)1, Suehtt Leflve%, Fluch out excesB acids and v matter. Get rid of bladder irritdti tJiat causes waiting up, freqtrfinl sire, scanty Jl&w, bunting and ache, Make this 25c tesli Get f oil, buchu i«avw, etc., in litile "for an adjudication as to the proptle-i ty of the professional conduct shown" by the Schultz lawyers in a case be- tabtets called Bukete, the bladd association .atlyc. In four driys if noit druggisj, will return yeur 2§S. Drug Store and John S/ Gibson Company. two teams to dalle: ' j ".'' ,Bob(fat$'. : Hdpp 33, Idabpl; Okla., 0. '• Hope' 0, Camden-B.- 1 •' Hopi:27) HoBatte,.";'"'•'•'''. Hope 0, B] ; Dorado^l4.'.: Hope 55, Ai;k,adelphla>;0. Hope 32, fexarkana>0. . Hope Iff, 'Nashville, .6.* Hope 20i Smaskover 6. Hope 41, Presco^t,«0. LebpiuUs De Queen 41, Wrujlit^tx.-Okla., 6. De Queen 33,.Glenwpod;,0.',' De Queen, 52,>.Ashao\^n-.p.';- l De Queen 47,,-Texarkaho, r 0. De Queen 0, Nashville 0,; '., De Queen 39, Foreman,, 6. De Queen 7, Broken Bow.'.pkla., 20. be .Queen 38, Amity, ,7,i'"• [",' -. — «yX«r (.Continued; frpm'.; work in Hope. If anyone, doubts this let him look for himself. Right here in Hope. Ark., a city .with a surplus in the treasury, are people living on nothing, almost starving, wi(h bare] „ h j th ^ nd ^* enollgh to eal Th can .- t even y house ,. ent and . b p ^ there are onl about onc or . two vacant houses to renl ,_ an t , e Ask j,-^^ p orte rfield if this isn't so , And then.to. make the heads of these families or their support pay their hl ond. monoyUo the City ot Hope in a crlme . anc ,; j ev j ypne shPuid ask (he councilmen lo repeal that, un-' j usl S ircct tax law CALVIN SMITH November 13, 1935 jj 0 p e Ark. District 10 (Continued .from page one) there to carry on for the Leopards, and it may be expected that Hope will bring a large delegation of Bobcat boosters. In the evening following the game the De Queen Rotary club will be host at an inter-city meeting of Southwest Arkansas Rotary organizations, while the American Legion is sponsoring a homecoming dance to be held in the fair park building. Bleachers on- the south side of the field to seat 1,000 people in addition to the grandstand seating capacity will be completed and available for The Star after'!the;'cai).yn^s,-o-'of.;;Hppe w?s completed T^vuiS$aj';;;hj[pT$n : g. . "We are-so^happy i ,o r yifr>i|,'';: ! ^h,e' re- 'sppnse was . jiist : , ,firie., 4; ';(viver. : saw such a fine spirit';,'' We}gpt;4y,B.yi!thi from .'overalls-,' .to,'.silk;'(dresses,'.' the elated repcesenta,tiye. ,6f./th£\PrT. A. continued., '. . •'•-:•''•••'.'; : -;"','-'(•'•'^ Approximately, 50 j;eppeserit,viJtiy*is of the P.-T. A. launched',tn;e'u; .caityass at 9 a, m. and an; lioiu- later ilje'clothing was assembled and'-.tajcen.'to"t&'^'high, school building. ;: • \ ." , • ' The" P.-T; -"A. \will ,-nfaHe. :nccessary alterations, arid UierV'a 'plali:,pf .dis- Iributiqn -wi)l' be wQFke'd-;o'Ut..-.:The clothing will ''be ;given-.tq''ail.tn'eeay school children.'. • • • . - ; . . • :1: ,' Festive'0ne-r?Whasyer>lookiili,»fpr?; Pollceman-—We'tfe'-:VlooKlng' •'for' •;a drpwnded man.- '-.''• v .:-,' Festive -One^-rHhash ; ,yer;;.wa"nt -one- for?- -••- ' ; '. • ' ; ';! ' ! •••••. •'-• ';'"' '• "' Sixteen in the most' dangerous. .age- where bicycle. users ;are 'concerned. | WATtR i 'HEATERS 1 rfrgB'BV ICEl- . yoiir.old-on ;S1 DWWII BaM«vee. Monthly Plumbing-Electrical Spur Scotch Students I ABERDEEN.— (ft 1 )— Decorators have ! joined the staff of Aberdeen univer-1 sity to help students learn more easily, j Freshmen, in their efforts to master | logic, will do their thinking in a class- I room with green and blue walls. Those prappling with Greek will study in yellow surroundings. Thus far the idea is limited to two ?oH«ges of the university. If it is found that bright walls make bright students every room will be clone in gay shades. Some opals are as much as 40 per cent water. Eighty per cent of the world's cork supply Is produced by Spain. Most public schools in Sweden are Going to a Of Course You Are The gay whirl of a new social season is just getting under way . , . lots of parties . . . lots of fun. And Mary has planned many dianniug specials just fur you this season. Our Thanksgiving- Specials Start Tomon-o 9 Phone 287 For Your Appointment Let Us Make Holiday Season & Success Come in and let us describe the delightful new perjsaneBts that we adapt espec.ia.Uy (or your Individual requireiutnts. Not jjtst a l<jt of eurlb, but a smart, correctly fashioned coiffure to accentuate your beauty and charm. We kiiftw ppr i^ua(|ty ileau; you. prices will MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP 104 South Elm $trept «E GIVE EAGLE STAMPS No. 1 Reds JOTATOES IfELERY Well Bleached -ETTUGE 10 Lbs I Stalk Head tc )C K, C. Baking Powder 2S 02 Can .I7c SO pz Can 29c i5 ib. Can _...57c We Have a Complete J Assortment of FRUiT CAKE ' INGREDIENTS .Bar Committee to Probe •- Professional Conduct in'Federal Court CHICAGO— (fP)—A committee of the American Bar association, it announced Wednesday, will consider whether disciplinary action should be taken against three New Jersey law- FANTSfRE! with Every Suit,Clean^ ed This Week, This week we wiU clean an extra pair of Pants FREE with every man's suit. No strings attached—just bring; in the extra pants with your suit. PHONJ1385 MATCHES 6 „. 1Se CRACKER S—2 Pound Bex 18c4 T O M A T O E S—3 No. 2 Cans 2Sc| Very Best Mixed I "C Pound BEEF ROAST Pound DECKER'S TALL KORN BACON Pound 32c SLAB BACON Nice and Lean, Ib.......-:... Pound CHEESE American, Ib 22c| IMPORTED Roquefort, Ib.- 99c* SALT MACKEREL JCc23c Home Owned Gro. & Market Home Operated N PHONE 206 WE DELIVER Pound Can 1 Pound Bag 17c 3 Pound Bag SOc RED CIRCLE, Ib 19c B.QKAR, Ib 23c Salad Dressing Quart WHERE ECONOMY RULES No. 2 Can 7c SOUP ledixim Size. 2 Cans 25C Heinz Medixim Size .Can SOAP LIFEBUOY 3 Cakes 19C 1 APPLES DRIED Pound KETCHUP 21c 25c HEINZ Large Bottle. 'Small Size 2 Bottles PEACHES 1 DRIED Pound 12c SOUR KRAUT No. 300 Can 2 Cans 15c No. 2'/ 2 Can..... IQc SPINACH Del Monte 8 oz. Can—2 for • 13c No. 2^ Can,-- ilSc O V A L T I N E Large..63c Sm.alL.31c Wesson Oil, pint-:.25c SNOWDRIFT $-1.14 6 Lb Bucket I —SELECTED U, S. INSPECTED MEATS— No. 1 Full Cream Wisconsin, lb..23c Aged Clieesc, Ib 29c Decker's Tall Korn SLICED BACON u32c Fancy Selected Dry Pak OYSTERS ,33c NO. 1 CURED HAM 29c 4 to 6 Ib, Pieces SALT MEAT u23c B.uyU.S, Inspected Meat for Health's Sake SEE US ON FLOUR AND SUGAR BEFORE YOU BUY ORANGES CAB APP BRA ;ARR (AGE •S Size 252—Dozen Green Heads JONATHAN Large Size Large Size 2 21c Doz. 12C f FRUIT Urge SiM Ai> m rnUI I Texas Seedle.5—Each 46 )TS Big Bunches Nice, YeU°w 2 {ANANAS RISK POTATOES 116 Pound Id 21c Watch Our Window For Added Specials CRACKERS NBC—7|4ozpkg 9c LARD Mrs. Tucker 8 Pound Carton—$1.05 LOG CABIN 8 Pound Carton 99c 4 Pound Carton - 51c 2 CRACKERS Pound lO A Box IlfO FRESH STOCK OF CANDY Gum Drops, Jelly Beans and Orange Slices We GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD 16 oz. Loaf - 8c PAN ROLLS, Doz.... 5c Raisin Bread* loaf lOc FRUIT CAKES Pound Fresh and 39c

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