The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1940
Page 5
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TUSKDAY, APUII, iG, 10<10 THEHEflFFIN :s Yanks After Fiflh Straight Title; Reds Hope To Repeal Ity CiliOUCii: KlllKSi:V Unite'.] I'reM SUII Correspondent NEW YORK, April IB. (ljr>j — Tomorrow Ihc world may full asunder, but today the baselmll sensou opens. \Villi more (ha!! 200.000 people looking on, nnti aijproximalely 50,- COO.UOU Interested, (lie mujor Icugnes open n campaign which ends nexl October. The all-powerful New York Ynn- kccs will try to bag (heir nrth consecutive American League pennant —fl new record. The Cincinnati Herts, .so brutally abased in Hie world series, will try (o repeal--.something Uml luisia Ireen done in the National League since ic;i2-a3. In each league seven other clubs will try to knock them off, swell chance. Tile Yanks and Keels look like ;i million bucks to everybody from Broadway lo San Francisco's Market Street. As luck would have it, Hie Yanks start crippled. Joe DiMaggio, American League balling champion, will be on the. sidelines with a crippled knee. Joe Gordon has a chnrlcy- liorsc mid may or may not, play. Alley Donald lios n sciatica infection. Jake Powell is recovering from a brain concussion in a hospital in Ashovillc. K.v. Red Ruffing, designated lo piicli Die opening game today, lias a troublesome elbow which necessitated treatment yesterday. As Lefty Gomez sniri: "It looks like Ihc Yankees nre trying to break up the Yankees." Uut regardless of these cripples, the Yankees remain 7-20 favorites to win the American League pen- Mod wick Miikes Hi I Willi Kids, Too BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS York's piirl-imtlttel loras d ul the (rvcziiig winds nnd (rained (heir money Inlo the Iron Foui- Southern League Cil- ies Hole! Their Ojxiiiers 1 cxlay ATLANTA, Oil., April Hi (UP)~ won us rccklraly us If thu horses Miiiiiliiy wore nil ScnblsctiHs, Clml- . leilons niul lllinolwlis. The Now Yorkers established n record when (hey wngcrcd $91,043 '>» the o|)i'iili>B dtish, n slx-Curlong clntmcr between such fnsirives from tbe Blue works us Nljluskl, Kgrcss, N« lln < c»mo- Mno. Never before In llm history ol Ihe American lurf lins- so niiich money ever been bet on llic llrsl ... ~- ~"-. •»!"*' <v \v/i /— 'm-e of a card, not even on derby I lie second set of opening games diiy In ixjidsvHIe. loday completes the preliminaries' Jamaica was just u slartw There in the Southern Association ami 1 really is no lellhiR what the handle will permit the- learns to buckle i will be when lliu horses and Ihe llowji in eiirnral for a- «impntgn ; miu-hlues move to lui ger and bel- , ml promises to be hotter Hum <<'r enulpped trucks such as Atnie- llie weather (his summer. duel und lielmonl. The only lhlni> I,nek was on Hie side of the cit- that can prevent nil records from les Holding their openings [oday as- toppling Is « sudden shortiite ol eenerully fair and warm weather was expected lo chaw out between mid money, nnd such u shorlngo la ... uuv utitnv.-i.-ii ; unlikely because no group of peo- . -10,000 fans—compared 1 l>le on eiirlh cnu keep mi comlnu HJI u scant iwwo whlcli viewed I»l> with what treasury otllclnls «!_ wlnteisct" openers Friday. Helm "lettuce" Hn; way lio.Hi-pluy- loduy's yames were litrinlnghuin lpls can, K Memphis, Lilllc Hock al New j Two well-Piked Keiilnekv Derby Orleans, Atlnnhi n t Clmltnlioogn '><>'«*, Ilelnlr stud's Fene'lon anil •J-liciv wus no ciucslion who the kids' hero was while n,e slu g gln» | outfielder, Joe Medwick. was not in ihc lineup ol the si, Louis Cardinals in exhibition games. , and Knoxville ul. Niishvlllc. IligBest doings were expected at Chattanooga where Joe Kngel. showman-president of the fun- owned Lookouts, promised lo prc- '" now stunt featuring his roaows NOSE TO SWEU.-TASTIN6 nnnl. Some folks sny they can lose any two men in Hie lineup from now lo Christmas and still win. Some other folks don't agree- principally $4,000,000 Tom Yawkey, who owns (he Boston Reel Sox. Tom salrl Hint this is Ihe year his Hed Sax will come winging down in front and lie is asking no rruarlcr and giving none. In the National league everyone expects the usual dog-cut-doj fig In. Bill McKechnie of Cincinnati ... banking on his solid pitching staff of Derringer, Wallers, Thompvo i and Moore, lo tarry the Reds through to another pennant. In :\ pitchers league, McKcchnic has the best hand. But the St. Loids Cardinals are loaded from top to bottom with power which may blast nil p!lcliln-> to kingdom come. Then too there are the Brooklyn Dodgers, with tbeir hustle defense, the NCK what two different ball clubs will line up nsjnlmt each other — or maybe it will be the same old story of Hie Yankees against (he club that can survive n torrid National League race. Cut (oday we are concerned only with llic great American custom of opening the season. Among lhc many new Interesting sis;hls the fans will see rookies galo'rc—Uoni lUMnggio H-ilh the Red Sax. Jolin- sent Indian Ihli-d baseman, Wnlioo Arkcketu. I More traditional ceremonies were planned for New Orleans, Mem- pins and Nashville, where local dlanltnrles were chosen lo pilch bat and catch ihc first ball. 'Hie crowds were due lo be boosted by the fact Hint the home (cams In cvei-ycase won their opening series on Ihe road. Memphis, Now Orleans nud Clintlnnoogn took Uvo-ont-of-tliree series while the NasiiVillc Vols three times, Sonny wiillney's Currier Pigeon, foiifila it out to n photo finish In the feature raco at the day. W lth reneltin taking (he decision. Neither showed fiuuiKli (o mnkc Hhne- leeli look any less like a sure thing Dig Chief 1 ' 01 ' Hie sixth nice at laiilsvlllc on I Aljti' , York Giants, with their sparkling rookies, and the Pittsburgh Pirates, with their rekindled spirit under is iiy Rucker with lhc Giants, Dotn Uallessandro wilh lhc Cubs. [>ee Wee Reese with the Do-.l^rs. Mike McC'oniilck with the Reels, Waiter Judnlch wilh lhc SI. Louis Urowns Top game of the dny will pit (he nod Sox against the .Scrators ut Washington, w h c r ci ('resident Roosevelt will throw out Die first ball. The Yanks open against Connie Mack's Athletics at Philadelphia. ROLLED CIGARETTE SMELLS GOOD! TASTES EVEN BETTER -IT'S PRINCE ALBERT! TRV SOME? WED., APRIL 17th Iliuay (il Gniunil.s With Huge Wild-flnimal MENAGERIE, MUSEUM and Heal WILD WEST.. Slitua ol U l More Couctntulti Euleilnnmtnt tat > «l!i> el tntiwol Hj» |>, Olhu C.icw In 111 Worll Qnsuipassed AtenicQiampions Trained Animah • Maiwclous H«sp Slio • Ton-, ol Elcplianl-, . Clwns Gnloie . . fine roll-your-own cigarettes in vtcry handy Bucket tin of Prince Albert AMMOTH CMIVAS oi Illi '»/OEl.t>OI VOMITl IOPS Al milt III'lllING SfSI The National League's most important game will be ut Cincinnati where the Reds. 1039 champions, will clash u'ltli the Ctiicngo Cubs, 1938 champions, Rend Ccurlnr .lows 'Amir THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE PRICES REDUCED! Adults !S'OH- Only ag t Children Under" 12. .... ,15c Why Drive a CflR? fin mi. I iif }-iu, r ,. ;11 . ;11 ,,| Kain llin added respect ut "(hers. Our expert repairmen will be hapiiy lo pivi; you an estimate. ' Kody Denit'd? Fenders Bent? Glass lirokcn? Then See Us Today! WK'IJ, MARK YOIW CAR LOOK LIKK NEW AT VKRY LITTLE COST TO YOU. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lli * Walnut I'iionc 8111 walloped Atlanta Green Is No Match For Duqan Cola, 1'ower Co., Hubbard Himlwm-e Com|iaiiy, and I'hillliib Motor Company. lu (he Blrls league, three leoius have definitely boon formed If the foiii'lli Is secured, These players muy live an.vwhere In Ihe comity. Piny Is lo begin lhc first, week In Mny mid will continue until thu last week In August wilh (jiiincs (o be pluyed on Tuesday nnd Tliur.s- dny nights at liuk.y Kldd, Today's Sport Parade % KENU IMUEHOU NKW YOHK, April 1C (Ul') — Old "Gorilla" Dugnn smiled foi ,„ ., „,„ perhaps the first time In hl.s long '" ll .° I A .,. L mill career last night at the ehul- , U !>', lcvlilc ' leugc of Loyal Green, niylhe.ville l "'°' Wllsn " nl bnrber who last his first encounter I as a professional wrestler. The I seamy old Irishman wus too heavy nnd (oo experienced for the nii- pound Green who dropped two straight fulls wlthmil, giving his veteran oppnnenl more than a light workout, Green was undoubtedly aver- Ill Aiiiulem- League For l940Scnson The H tennis lo mnke up lhc Mississippi County Amiilcur llaso- bnll Ix-aijiio this simimur will play Ihclr first games April 28, It was announced today by Joe Whllley. count.)' recrenllonal director. Hoy Jolmsun has been elected president of the county orgiinlai- tlon which will (nnctlcm n.s a unit of the Nortlu'nsl Arknnsns Anmicm- I/'iigue of which Mr. Johnson Is secretary anil treasurer. Joe M. Martin, of Joncsboro, 1s president of Hie dlMi'lct leiiKiie with \V. I-'. Helm-, of Tiiimiinn, UK vice president. f'Jnnl plnns for lhc season will be made al a meeting of the comity league teiim represfntalivcs tomorrow in IJIyihcvllle. ut the Hardware store, prior lo rclenstni; of Ihe schedule within n few days. U has already been decided Hint, lhc first of tlie split senscm will end Jime :m. in tlie "A" Division will be teams Lutes, Ketscr. Yar- niKl Ulackwnlcr. The "II" Division will Imvo TO- uinlo, Huffman, llocce, llurks, ihlr- <(c((e, Hell. Tyroiistn l/|k>j nnd Smllli store ncnr Kelser for I Us elyht tennis. ng [but Ihclr glamour Is gone with uieir Bhoit tresses nnd thai they cannot keep their boy diciids when compelled to wear uniforms at soeliil cvcnls, members of (lie Auxiliary Terrllorlnl Service want two new rules changed. liule NO. l forbids the Imlr being worn longer (him the collar 5f Iho uniform, mid Die oilier siiy.l llnil the girts muy not c i W ngc iiielr klniki for frocks unless they bimi more limn 24-hour leave. While Iheso siicrlllces msy seem almost too great even for the cause of palrlollsm, espt'clally -ii the men nccm to jircfcr ijlrls with more feminine allure, |!IB tiles arc neccssnry lor dLscl|ilhie, deoliires — • i -...I.... H.I.T u'muumciity over- the SnnUi Anita track matched, and had only llic ndwin- opened for the Improvement tage of youth, lie wus outweighed ol Hie Breed (lie stale of California mound SO pounds by a man who has bnilKll'rl II .««,,• II,- «..!.. 1 . J ""'" W1IU the principal linbital of Amcricamis Sap- pus, or hoss-plnycr, California pointed out, and rightly, that tlie Iremendons handle of the Santa Anila pnrl-mutiicls proved il could muster more fools eager lo part with their money than any 0 I lhc other conuuon- wealths. California had better boast white the boasting Is good, because New York is preparing lo Issue a challenge that isn't likely to be denied. This was shown yesterday when the midiicl machines eunie lo Now York at the opening of the Jamaica track. The big tolnlisalor in the Infield lighted up at 1:30 p. m. and before it finished blinking four hours Inter its electrical innards had registered cxnfclly ?821,!H(i of the voters' money. Upwards of 25,000 customers swarmed on the track to' create n scene that combined most of the bad features of the Oklahoma hind rush. Glister's last stand. New Year's eve in the lower of Babel, and Ihe first five minutes of the Johnstown Hood. On a track that was bidlt, to accommodate wild, sednte crowds of 8,900 to 10,000 the hoss-.players charged the nm- tncl windows us if behind them lay Hie secret to eternal youlh. The handle would have been much higher had not, thousands of iimpchays been unable to light (heir way to the selling cages. The start of ench race found droves of them sulking and fuming nl the i disappointment of having the windows closed in their faces before I they could get money down on some sound, logical loser. 'Hie near million dollar lake al Jamaica was made all the more remarkable by the state ot the weather nnd Ihe type of program olTcred. The weather was llic sort that would keep Laplanders huddling near the fireplace, and live of the seven races were contested by thoroughbreds so .slow that eight dny clocks, not stop watches, were ideal for (lining Uicm. Hut lins spent long yours at the mat game, Given » more e(|Unl opponent he probably would have made a better match of II. Ongnn pinned Green in less, than two minutes lo hike Ihe first, full and required four minutes for the second. In the (cam wrestle followed the Diisnn-Grcen bout, Lefty Williams and Floyd liyrd collaborated In winning over Cluirles -Sinkey nnd George Thomas In straight falls, m ihc first frame Thomas was eliminated In 20 minutes Hum Sinkey struggled another an minutes before being downed. Kor the fimil snl-lo Hyrd stretched Thomas on lhc canvas In ten miimles and Williams succeeded tn Mnttonliuj Sinkey in 18. Will Have Jiol.h Boys And Girls Sol'l Rail Teams Four bnys | en ins of Hie Ulyllic- vlllc Amateur Boftbnll League, lo be sponsored by lhc Chlcknsiiw Athletic Club, have been completely organized and four girls tennis are in the milking, it was announced today by Joe Whltlcy. county recreation supervisor, who nlso made public the rules adopted for (he 1040 season. While no 'definite action lias been Inken, It Is highly probnblfc that it county league will he formed of both boys nnd girls learns but only lhc City League will be under direction of the Athletic Club, it was decided, with Mr. Whllley In charge. All plnyers must be members ol the Arkansas Amiilcur Soflball League and arc to lie free agents in play. For lhc boys learns, each group will be restricted to only players residing within one mtlc of Hlylhcvlllc except two members who may live nnywhcre In Mississippi Comity. The four boys teams will be Coca Safety-.<*tf</ Protection Your Car Needs these Services fhia! 1 CRANKCASE—Drained aail refilled with Summer MOBILOJU 2 RADIATOR — Drained anrl Hushed with MOBIL RADIATOR FLUSH. O WHEEL BEARINGS-Rcmovcd, •^cleaned and repacked with MOBIL- GREASE. A TRANSMISSION-Dr.iincd;flushcd. » Hllcd with fresh MOBIL GEAR 5 BATTERY — Tcstc.t nnd checked. Terminals cleared and tightened. 6 CHASSIS—Complete lubrication of vital poinls wilh MOBILGREASE. 7 DI ri'KR ENTIAI Drained; flushed. Killed with Summer MOBIL GEAR OIL. GAS TAIfK-Fillcd will. MOBILGAS which constant improvement has given even greater performance qualities for 1940. Afler tlio most severe Southwestern winter In years .... all cars need the check-up and protection of complete SUMMEIUZB SERVICE. 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Prices subject to change mthoul notice. 117 U. Main Kt. SERVICE MOTOR CO. Bljlhcville,' ArU.

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