Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS The S(nr of ncnr Dnvid's When sheperds stood town alone, Enmptured to tho Angels' word to bark, Twns then Hint the Almighty sent n mark, A flaming sign, candescent from his Hi rone. Tlic star that on the humble manger I shone r Still sends its kindly light from out Iho ilnrk, Rekindling in spark : Of new-born faith, to lift Ih nntl prone. Us rays RO mild shall never shine vain; i Bcnentli it, songs on Christmas Day shall ring, we but ope our hearts, entrance to gnin.—Selected, old custom of asso- stricken world Iho week in the purse, hut the note Christmas note, nnd the remains the whole thiuR has got to be u mil ion wide phenomenon. For tho past five years, it has been Iho custom to light the trees .surrounding the city hall in onr own town, nml nothing seems to stimnliile local Christmas .spirit, more than the lighting of (he eight lx>:iutiful cedar frees on cither .siclo (if the fmir doors of entrance til this hrauliful building, whose situation brings these sparkling tret 1 !-' under tho observation of not only our own community, but that of I he passing stranger. We do not know who first slriing electric lights together to dress Uie Christmas tree at Home, but we do know Hint tho lighting of the out door Christinas trees in 0111 own little city has been under the supervision of Miss Louise Knohr since its beginning some five year.s ago, very fitting to some of the pioneer citizens Hint the daughter is stil holding the light us it were, over the town that her late father, Col. Gu> ' Tho delightful - . elating holly and mistletoe and the 1 Knobcl helped to i-M.-ibli.sb. This ye.-n yule log With Christmas is being brood- I Miss Knobel had as assistants in this ened to admit other decorative items, boiiiiliful custom, Mm. B. H. Hamm. this is the result of an increasing Mis*: llnttie Anne Keild nnd the Home garden information, and especially of j !•>. Oil-Is, with the city malting it ixir;- an improvement of Uiste in the use , iihle as usual fiirnitilnng the electricity. of ornamental liveing material, and in the Christmas present it is within the limits of all to hnve n lighted out door Christmas tree, the symt>ol of the festival that includes all men in n common brotherhood. There arc thousands of them sprinkled through all the towns and villages from Maine to California and from Oregon to Florida, for lighted Christmris trees need not have a winter landscape as a setting, they may shine as bright among the palms and flowers. The decorations may be simple or elaborate, cost much or little according to Ifclateft loltbati By ELINOftE COWAN STONE Copyright, 1937, NEA Service, lr,e. Counsel Given to Girls by Dempsey ^-JJ THURSDAY-FKriMY Double Feature Johnny Mack Brown , -lU- "Gambling Terror" NOW No. 2 , "It Could Happen To You" with Allan Baxter, Andrea Leeds Matinees- 1.-30 and 3:30... 10f Nltes 7: and II: 20c 50 Scuts Col. Bnl 10c Children to 12 years FREE when accompanied by parent. -o- norothy Cliinler and Miss Lynn Jayless of Texas colleue fur Women. 3enlon. will arrive Friday to spend lie holiday season with home folks. -Q- Mac Anderson of Little 'Rock was Dip 'hiirsday night guest of his brother, toy Anderson and Mrs Anderson. --O- The Library club of the Hope High School will present its annual Christ- nas program at 8:'t!> Friday morning n the high school library. The public « cordially invited. Circle No. 5 of the WomaiiN Auxil- nry of the First Presbyterian church enjuyed a very delighlwul buffet snp- ler on Monday evening at the homo I the leader, Mr;;. W. Y. Fosler, Norlh Wain street. -O- Mrs. O. C. Sutton of Fayotlevillc will arrive Friday to spend the holi- luy.s with Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Briant. -o- Mrs. Charles Yontx of Washington. D. C.. has arrived lo spend the Christmas season with her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. C. Carltun. She will be joined icxt week by Mr. YonU. -O- Tbt 1 Senior Group of Iho Chrislkm Endeavor enjoyed a very' delightful Christmas p;>rty Wednesday evening at the Christian Pnr.sunage. A brilliantly Former Heavyweight Box* er Tells ofprunken Parties By JOAN DURHAM AP Fcatorc Service Writer New Year's eve is a lime for celebration—hot a signal for debaoch. Yo don't have to take os wort for lu " or that, we have, it on the authority of er y° ne ' Jack Dempsey, whom we present not as the former boxing champion nor as the New York restaurateur. Here you have Mr, Dempsey as the purveyor of avice to young ladies, Soys Monitor Dempsey: "There's no reason for young women (or young men) to do n lot of heavy drinking just because everybody else seems to be doing it. "Lots of our young women customers never order anything but ginger ale, orangeade or horse's necks!" Did your eyebrows shoot up at that last? Are you one of the hundreds who have been under the impression that a horse's neck is an alcoholic drink, and a pretty potent one at that? Then listen to Counsellor Dempsey "A horse's neck, you know, is made of ginger-ale, ice and lemon," he confides. "The peel of a.lemon, cut in one length, is arranged in the glass like a spiral staircase. But the drink, if it's, made by people who know their business, doesn't have any liquor in it at all." New The iranagerneftt of the New theater announces the change in program for Linda did os s/ic »>fls fo/</, looking very sioccf and proud as s/ia prepared lo face Mrs. Trent. (Continued From Price Two) , {and ^ n ^ ]y j can , t gaunt house that iiiadc her feel | people that fidget." very small, nnd n little frightened. •It was as if she sensed nbout it a grim unfriendliness — the clour, secret hostility of that which w;is old and worn out nnd disillusioned for that which was young and [resh and hopeful. Her childhood home had been built for gracious, sunny comfort. Here, one was conscious first of gloomy heights, of great spaces, Bnrbnrn Stanwyck comes Sunday in n (iHEAT pleliire . . . "Stella Dallas" HE'S PERFECT-SHE'S NOT YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WRONG 'IN GIVING ROLLINS HOSE Fine silk hosiery is so typical of the things that women cherish. It just naturally holds a Christmas thrill. Mothers and even grandmothers are no exception. They're never too old to love the sheer beauty and appreciate the true economy of Rollins Runstops. 79c and 98c Him BROWN^ SHOE STORE CO Linda's initiation as a working woman began. Her routine was simple to weariness. There were letters to be written at Mrs. Trent's dictation. There were flowers to arrange in crystal and silver bowls. There were interminable games of Russian Bank by the drawing room fire, with old Miranda Trent Phursday and Friday of this week with double bill program instead of 'Counsel for Crime." PJohnny Mack 3rown star of many westerns appears n "The Gambling Terror" with a huge cast of action players. The second fea- .ure "It Could Happen to You" with Allan Baxter and Andrea Leeds is 'ull of excitement and thrills for ev- In addition to the double bill all chil* dren accompanied by either one or both parents will be admitted free. All orphan children will be admitted free both days. Dizzy Dessie thought the U. S. wasn't going to mess with the Spanish int ' , lng tart in.tructians to sup- still other tall, shadowy chambers. "Tho room lo tho right, Miss, please," said tho elderly colored man who opened the door. Linda found Miranda Trent seated in a straight chair with a high carved back, before an open fireplace—a haggard bul still handsome old woman, with lips drawn tight as if by suffering, bright dark eyes, and a pile of beautifully sculptured gray hair. She sat very straight, her hands resting on tho top of a cane, without which, Linda was to learn, she never moved. "Ah, Miss Bonton!" she said in a crisp, cool voice. "You may take oft" your galoshes and come in pit-asc." Linda did as she was told, Anna May W< ni{ rnnes Sunday in "Daughter of Shanghai" ... a picture that's rated highly. looking very sweet and proud as she prepared to face Mrs. Trent. • "But—" Mrs. Trent's mouth grew straightcr and tighter as she looked—"Mr. Meredith did not tell me he was sending a child. . . You my replace your galoshes I'm afraid you won't do." "I'm sorry." Linda spoke fo? the firm time, in her lovely, warm gentle voice, with overtones thai floated through the great room like the echo of a golden bell "But I really am 21, you know,' she added, and turned to go. "Wait!" Miranda Trent looker startled, then thoughtful. "Oi second thought, you may stay. I you can make 'I am really 21, yoi know' sound like something from "A Midsummer Night's Dream, you should be able to read Wulte Paler without making him soun like a problem in trigonometry . . . Do sit down—although must say you do know how I N I T K Kids 5c Adults 16c "Expesive Husbands FRI--SAT S-A-HE NOW (N J'BOGBESS SILK and WOOL DRESSES $3.00 and $5.00 LADIES' Specialty Shop Double Show _ 1 __. "Danger Valley" _ 2 _ "JUWJLH MENACE" CARTOON _ 4 _ "WESTLAND CASE" Tor the of 1 lement Linda's ineptness. There ;ere long hours of reading aloud •hile Mrs. Trent knitted, and omelimes drowsed, her erect old ack still proudly held. There vcre evenings when Hie old lady ul aside her knilling, and \vilh cr fine slim hands folded on the op of her cane, lalked out of her lore of reminiscences. Many of Ihe reminiscences had o do wilh Ihe glory of Ihe house f Trent. The anecdotes were il- ustrnted wilh a pointing cane by he portraits on the walls. All Trent men, it seemed, had been lonorable, distinguished, and ibovc all olse, brave. All Trent vomen had boon beautiful and accomplished; but as if that were not enough, the Trent women had been brave, too. Courage was the quality Miranda Trent seemed to iolfl (he most essential atlribute of [entility. But always, sooner or later, the conversation turned to r 'lhe cap- .ain." "The raptain" was Captain Barryinori' Trent of the Uniled Slates Naval Air Force. He was Mrs. Trent's orphaned grandson, . whom she had reared £tom child- Here's how Tutor Dempsey judges the well-bred young woman: She sticks to her own party, doesn't attempt to attract attention to herself by a lot of raucous laughter or loud talk, and never allows herself to be "picsked up"— even to the extent of an "innocent" flirtation. The First Party What's a good procedure for the young girl to follow who's going on her -first party? She'll be better off if she goes in a group, says our mentor. Someone in the group can act as an unofficial chaperone and keep an eye on her. That someone may be an older sister or brother or an older friend. But it will be 'somebody who's on the lookout. Our New Year's celebrant also will be better off if she goes to a reputable place, continues Professor Dempsey, reverting a little, perhaps, to his professional tone. All reputable places keep troubleshooters who are trained to be on the look-out for annoyancas, he explains. The young lady may order something mild, like one sherry flip—if curiosity gets the best of her, But there's no reason for her to feel embarrassed if she orders ginger ale or a fruit drink. How can she know whether a man is, drunk or not? A drunkard sounds his own alarm, our guide explains. If he approaches her. ior causes any trouble she may ask lier escort to notify the waiter or the captain. Her escort, however, Rebels and now she reads that Franco- American relations are stronger than ever. Those filling out U. S. unemployed blanks can.always consider that it has the effect of casting their loaf upon the water. France's furor about a pretender to the throne must be giving Italy a good laugh—Victor Emanuel especially. A fashion writer says women now dress extemporaneously. Sort of mak- ng up as they go along? Russia ought to humanize its propaganda—for instance ( show what the speedup has done for chess. GIFTS FOR HER AT COX'S We Give Eagle Stamps Phone 84 Chambly's Gardenia TOILETRY SET Containing 11 toilet articles in heavy gift box WlttTMAN'S SAMPLER CANDY 1 LI). Christmas Package $1.50 Also 2 Ib, 3 Ib. Cutex Manicure Set III leather 2ii ail Cutex acMsMtfe*. S3.75 Other Cute* Sets 50c in Pilot Wheel Lamp 3 Legged wood base with cuktti wheel, a turn of the wheel switch** light off or on. Parchment shade..... S1.49 The number of air traffic-control stations has been increased to eight. They are at Pittsburgh, Detroit, Washington, Burbank, Oakland, Newark, Cleveland and Chicago. Each operates approximately 10 hours a day. A recent check of Southbound motor traffic entering West Palm Beach, Fla., showed 20 per cent of the automobiles carried baggage and out-of- state license tags. shouldn't serve eviction papers himself. He's apt to wish he hadn't. What about making noise? That's what New Year's is for—if she doesn't become obnoxiously boisterous. How about being kissed when the clock strikes twelve? That's a custom—not necessarily an affection, says Jack with a smile. So why not? Indirect Scientific STUDY LAMP Metal base of bronze and brass. Ivory colored parchment shade decorated in gold. Electric waffle iron, chrome finished with bakelite handles. Tray attached to base. Complete with underwriters approved cord. FITTED TRA.VEL- ING CASE Top grain leather fitted with comb, brush and mlrrow of black enamel with chrome trimmed edges. TOILET SET Seven pieces, comb, brush, inlrrow tray, two lotion bottles, shoe horn. Black satin lined gift box. SWEATERS $1.00 to $6.95 Separate and Twin Sets The Gift Shop PHONE 252 Lentheric Tweed In fancy gift boxes. Contains perfume, bouquet, soap, face powder, dusting powder and sachet hi Christmas package. 50c Items Cutcx Compact Manicure Set. Armond Dusting Powder. Enamel Compact, assorted colors and designs. Cashmere Bouquet Dusting Powder Box Cashmere Bouquet Soap (6 barsj Niloak Pottery Pepper and Salt Set Fancy-Ash Tray Set Lady Lillian Manicure Set Gobelin's 1 Ib package candy Montags Box Stationery. Gifts for $1.00 Lentheric Bouquet, 4 oz. bottle in Tweed, Miracle or Shanghai. Barbara Gould Dusting Powder. Thermal heating pad, no electricity. Nlloalc Pottery Vase, native Arkansas pottery in several colors. Boudoir Lamp with Colonial; design base and shade. AInnaid Hose hi Chlstmas box. Coty's Purse Package .Perfume, Six Odors to choose from. Electric Toaster. Whitman's Fau-hill 1 Ib. package of Chocolates. Barbara Gould ensemble set of Creams and Lotions. •Coty's Compact. Pnil Match-Ash-Tray. r Lentheric Tweed Sachet. Wlra Metal Water Pitcher. Black Enamel Cigarette Case. . MUST HAVE 8EEN\ VERY, VERY GOOD TO J GET THUS FINE GIFT/ / hood. Sometimes the lady . got out a scrapbook of newspaper \\\ clippings, all dealing with exploits of bravery and skill on the part. of Cafjtain Barrymore Trent. . . , "The captain," Linda inferred. was the very flower of Trent chivalry. When she learned that he was coming for the holidays on a month's leave, she wondered, sometimes, how she was to endure so much perfection under one roof at one time. Often, afterwards, she was amused to remember this. (To Be Continued) STEWART'S Jewelry Store First Nat. Bank Building 35 YEARS The Reliable Jeweler in Hope, Ark. Open Nights Until Christmas lilibU'd Cliiislmiis live and the lovely rL'liv.sl.mi'iilh svviv .symbols ul 111'-' u|<- proiirlnnK ynlrliile frslival. -O- Mrs. Hoy Ciiirner. Miss I'nuline Slepben.son of Ciiimk-n ;md Ralph SlepheiiKoii of JiMiii, Lii., arc in the oily allL-nding Ibe bedside of UHMI- miilber. Mr:-;. Clurk.s Clepbenson who ha;: been .s.'riou.sl.v ill at Ibe Julia Cl.ester hospital for tin 1 pitht wei'k. Purina Feed Tested at Feeders Supply Co. I'uriuu Slarta feed is being teslx-d at the Feeders Supply company store. South Walnut street, where a calf is on display. Tho calf luis been fed I'urina Startu since four days did. Tlie public, along with dairy nnd livestock owners, lire invited to tile .store and sec the develoj/im-iit of the fall' fed on Purina Slarta. COTTON OWNERS K. C. Biowu Cotton Company which firm tilts served this community Cor thirty years has been duly Bonded to handle GOVERNA1ENT LOANS. Immediately upon receipt from you at Uiis office of the Warehouse receipts and samples, we will class the cotton aiul huve check available immediately. Information will be gladly fum- ' upon request. & C, BROWN PHONE 2iQ For every nit'inbrr of the family. Make your selections from our complete stock. WARD & SON The Leading Druggist Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery Temperatures Range Widely Over Arkansas LITTLK HOCK i/i i-- Arkansas tem- pciaturc:.; ran 1hi- jj-iMUil lust week, raiiKint; IVum a high uf (16 degrees at I.itlli' Rui-k to a low of three degrees Minvi.' /ITU at Lrad Hill, tin. 1 weather liuivau re|*irted Wednesday. Tin- mi'iTiir> ilrupped tu the lowest lebeU since keb.-unry, ISKili, in Fort '.- inilh, Lillle Rock -iiul Memphis and inj-cil ilie weekly mo-in temperature l!i degrees below normal. Most of the •late reported rainfall and a si^rcity of sunshino for Ilie. period. Snow fell at several stations. The bureau .said the only winter cru\j to be damaged by the cold was spinach. Cotton picking was hampered and frozen ground in the northern half uf I he state prevented farmers plowing fields for spring planting. It is apparent that merely discussing peace, and passing resolutions cannot ijreservo it.—Lord Robert Cecil, Eng- lull pacifist, visiting America, Birds arc good pets. Fish are Imi re- mate, too far away. It takes a long lime lu train them tu understand you Or. A. A. Brill, psychologist. If we had just one generation of properly born, adequately educated, healthy children . . . we would have Utopia itself. - Herbert Hoover. What we need rinhl now is stability in employment and business.— Guv. Frank Murphy. Michigan. N<J one need look at next year with any uncertainty. The present slowdown is not u setback.—Henry Ford. ~*^gr 9~^P"-— Cockroaches are originally tropical insects and are believed to have been disseminated in temperate zones by goods shipped in commerce. 1 DUGGAR'S Today We Present Undi les by Kayser PANTIES Silk striped rayon panties by Kayser—tight fitting tailored types—Sizes 4, 5, G, and 7. PANTIES Glove silk panties by Kayser. 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Gets all Amer. ic»n and for. $ign stations, RADIO John P. Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps j~ VH SIMM ZENITH Hill J *NP liKIJH P Wllllt MTWNt M IfTTII If gNlftt J '• •,"•:• -: -TELEPATHY! LISTEN EVERV SUNDAY UiGHl r H E Z E M I H '

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