Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1935
Page 2
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r ; : IP Prom false Report! Star Publishing Co., th& ,e Star bUiWtng. 2ifc»4 South , , , AtSX ti. tVASMflUBN, Editor and Publhhtt _ ,..__ fctttt* »i Uifc postotfioe at Hope, tteto M ot Attrch 3. isafl. by modem day, to foster commerce and Iftdustty, rtentSj and to furnish that cheek upon has ewr be*n abte to provide."-Col. fc. Payable kk Advance>: By city cottier, per Ogle year $6.50. By mall, in Hcmpstead, Nevada, 1 $3.SO per year; elsewhere $6.50. *«9»! The Associated Press is exclusively r«ftublic*tjott of all news dispatches credited to it or 4 also the Ideal news published herein. Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Memphis, Lexington; Chicago, 111, 75 E. Wach- Woodward Aye.-, Si Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. .. ttpt,$Jrtl*Hl*S» tB<*- Charges will be made for all tributes, cards teAflatteas, at jtt«no»tels, concertina the departed. Commercial ..fi^f* hold ttt this policy to the news columns to protect '.heir readers i,delug« (rf space-takip^ memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility "V»9ate»kMptat or return ol imt unsolicited manuscripts. . • By Dr. Morris Flshbein '. . that Uta'children are .back, in ol:an,a,*ctjld,leather has begun, w,e ^ to see eySdencea >of the spread * infectious' diseases that pass to child; pplltenesSv Today extremes of wealth and extiemes of poverty have about . the same effect oh manners, generally speaking There is little difference in toto between the some-time arrogance of privilege artawie embittered -hardness of the under-privilged. Polished rudeness is no more polite than the other kind. This mother does not say what "kind" of other children are rude. /'condition that spreads rapidly 3?hey may liye in the biggest houses i seldom understood by parents,is in town, be driven to-schools in limou- 1 "m of eruption caHed German sines, and have three nurses apiece. ii Thf§" disease.,resembles .batbJ TJhere is only one thing to do -that I «-...--»-*>^Jl:««»,, v«<u»ia<, -;„ can See _t 0 go on with adrnpnishments and reminders, to set every good example possible in the home by coute- sy and kindness and then lay the fneasles in 'rom 'them" in' !&pt "that it is mild, with a slight ' " \of.+fjBTrer and with few serious complications. German measles 10 to 21, days after 1 the child has been in contact •with another who ,thiS disease. Ordinary, about 13 such contacdthe ,qhUd feels 1, and p).en there is a bril- on the skki. s'rash usually appears-next to. ..Whole business on the knees of the appears j gods and: hope for the best, . Phase of Development /Most children go through a harum- ; scarum stage. Be wise and allow for P/Uck,. Scribble-Scrabble and Mexican Jumping Bean that comprise part of ej/ery child's'make-up. The greatest Jjae on the forehead. reaness usuaHy is mistatjen, for sh 4 of ! ordinary measles or.scarlet e child nw-OiawJtee.iU9ick four days before' the rash f irst ap- ' " he- s glanjds.at ithe ., ot".t}ie -neck ,eyes,4ometiiBes-in3x be inflamed/, i tbe majority of cases ,the con- iion is .so, mild, thai. ,pa«6nt»- are jjjve it slMtle-, attention. icaUsfe of -tteirapidJEfcy with which disease spreads feomrone •'child t'gnother, it is customary tojjerroit, other children-in tKe family to go ;0ol for' 1ft daj».'a|tsr"the first becomes sick,- and then ^to re-_ home-for :the»nextfclO Jkya, dur- •which tune they are "^likely to down with, the ^disease ;if theyi been"infeeie& ' . ;' - I in 6ie. |amijy^to."'stay away j other e'bildren''Unth it IBJ certain ! are .not likefy to- carry" this .ingredient in the manner recipe being "kindness," these other qualities; won't interfere much. Of course,' we want children to learn to say '.please" and "thank you," and not to interrupt,-to sit nicely on chairs when company comes and behave at. least' as well as the family; cat. But right here j is, a point. To force children to display certain ceremonious tehavipr where they will be laugh'ed at by other children is going to. make, sthem Kaie all'good ^manners.'like sin: Better" to-let"some few things'go than' "to make them targets. '"It'is/too bad, but it steems wise to choose "between JhetleTsser of two evils.'^ Ridicule is .the devil's first and best weapon.- - 1P ' Wrtff S^Bruce Catton * (When^a.brilliant man makes a ?uc- of 'his life and has ,a wife who kijows^nor cares wJiat it is al}, most people feel very sorry, for . dargairetiAyeR'B^mes -discusses e wife's aide,of -it in, "Edna His Wife" *and suggestS'that the-little woman deserves a share of -the pity;, too. ^Ednar the central figure 1 of -Mrs; parnes* novel, 'is'/the, com-Jfed , dpugh- tei'of a small ^town^HKnois sailroad fitatipn' agent. . She elopes with art f^anibitious lawyeo, aqd' thereby joins. va ( procession which 'soon getst;so far_ | ahead of "her \that die can't even see £ the dust ' ., , , 'For ^lUbby ia one -of. those ruthless nd determined 'gents -who get to fye f top regardless.' He 'pecpmes a big, shot •* in" Chicago, moves 'on", to Washington' as a dollar-a-year man' in wartime. " in the rising % Alicia Hart Tickets Refunded at Mat Contest cih- Pftiek 'Program Postponed Because of Disappointing Crowd Becniise .-of the smnll turnout, the Americnrt Legion wrestling show at Fair park was postponed Wednesday night until the following Wednesday. Promoter Bert Mauldiu refunded the money to those who bought tickets and also presented free passes to everyone present. The passes nre good for the show next week. Weather conditions and a benefit show at the Sncnger theater Wednesday night were believed to have held down the crowd. Delma Wright «p*nl a fe wdays last week with his bother, Hflrvey Wright mm -m m" —*— • Rocky Mound utee&tfc*^ e's»?rcA Spring Hill . Those pupils making the honor roll in Spring Hill school for the first month,-are: First grade: John Doyle Flowers, Doyle Yocom, Lillie Mae Henderson, Rosa Nell Ross, Ima Lee Smith, Katherine Whitehead. Second grade: Paul Thomas Raschke Ruth Emma Calhoun, Marie Hatfield, Joyce Burns. Thitd'grade: J. B. Martin,'Durwood Anderson, Mar|ie, Baschke, 'S. A. Flowers, Dorothy Quillin, Viola, Burns, Laura Etta Byrom,'Margaret Stroud. Saturday night and Sunday is the I'egulnr meeting days at the Baptist dhurch. The public is invited to attend. Misses Helen Finoher, Byrel nnd Kiva Pickacd were sliopping in Hope Saturday. Mrs. Elston Messcr and Mrs. Florence Fincher called on Mrs. Norman Taylor and mother, Mrs. Ella Higi gerson Saturday. Friends and relatives of Mrs. Ella Hlggcrson are sorry to hear of her illness, nnd all wish her n speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Fairchilds spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Dillard of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Rogers and baby spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. «nc) Mrs. Henry and family of New iope. Mr. .and Mrs. Warren Picknrd and family spent Sunday with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Messcr of New Hope. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dewey Bearden and family spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Rogers. Mrs. John Bill Jordan and baby called on Mrs. Fletcher Easterling Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Arlis Ellis and family of Bluff Springs spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jordan and other relatives. Mi. and Mrs. Charlie Helrston and family of -Bodcaw spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heirston. Miss Susie Erwin visited the school with Miss Elva Pickard Wednsday. nnd family nedf Miss Geflene IJttyioi spent Saturday night and Sunday >l,th Miss Ourteen Caudle at ferighl Star. Misses Delilah and Gladys Galloway spent Thursday with Mrs. W. W. Wright and Miss Jassie Mae Wright. Mrs. W. W. Wright and daughter, Irene spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. nnd MrS. A. . Meadows. J. B Wright of Bodcnw is spending a few .days with Mr and Mrs. W. W. Wright and children Albert Chambless spent Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stuckey near Hope. Mrs. Albert Chambless and children spent Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and children. Mr. and Mrs. John Ridgdill of Hope called on Mr. nnd Mrs. A. W. Mendows, Sunday afternoon Mrs. Homer Davidson of Bright Star spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Ode" Taylor. Delma Wright spent Saturday night with Mi. and Mrs. G. H. Wise and family at Melrose. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Hodnett were visitors in the Evening Shade community Sunday afternoon. Misses Trudie Murl and BcLoil Davidson, and Gurteen Caudle and Melba Davidson, Curtis Caudle and Ansley Gilbert nil of Bright Star and Miss Gerlene Taylor nnd Cannon Aslin of tills community spent awhile RoHv Of Mr, BLOCKS We are now buying Sweet Gum Blocks in 40-tnch lengths. Call 328 for prices, Hope Basket Co. Orignal Rexall One Cent Sale Begins Wed. Nov. 13-14-15-16 Itntlio Programs Every Morning Over KTHS and KLKA. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company nic ncxnl! Storu Phone 63 Delivery by Robert Bruce O I93S ,NBA;Se'(vic<fiJnf;-'' • - 1IEGIN HEIIE TODAY • JEAN DUNN," iHfcrelnry sto DONALU tlHOXTAGUIZ; lawyer, delay. her nnWvccr iyJi'eii' UOllllV WA1,- fcACK, automobile -Mileaiiuin. nik» h»r to marry -'him. • At The. Golden li"cnthe.r ..nlclit club nhVmeet'i SANDlf HAHKfNH TFhone . • bmilneiMi • ,cpnnecUon.; '.» vnene. Sandy Introduce* Hubby nnd Jc»n ' to • a ~ Mil." nnd SIHSt. LEWIS. Bol>by!:«cHii upme . bom4i. ' i rft '' fortunately, the chin and throat-^ 1 genjerajly the first spots to show signs i of age—are fairly easy to keep young- lookirjg and. beautiful. Expenditure of a comparatively small amount of time and effort makes it simple indeed for, an£ girl to ward off fullness below the chin, a heavy look about'the jaw bonje and a crepy throat. : TJxe throat needs plenty of rich i cream, correct .massage and prepara-j tions to stimulate circulation, of covu-se. New routines in sortie of our better beauty shops make no use whatever of slapping and patting. Instead, operators who give facials work Up\vard with fingertips on the throat, then, with thumbs and forefingers, pinch and mold the flesh along the jaw/bone from the center of the chin ' tQ the ears. give yourself facials at home, your- sk»n thoroughly, and then "establishes ujsh fields of Manhattan. Edna goes along, of course, •CftiUVriV.'Wdenil ntteutt, In trailing WINOY LEWIS, wank robl>cr. He Icnrn* nbout the bond trnnnnotl.un nnd question* Hobby, tarnr believe*. f lie ear I/owlx bought In nrniorcd. Bobby un- dertnkcx lo flnd .'.out. Jcnn Agree* to'n secret rnernse- jnent with Snndy. The bnnk of nhloh her. father In president IN robbed and Lnrry »*nr(« n senrch for the robber*. Jean KOC* to-Nee Sundy who nan been Injured. He nnrt tbe Lewlne* arc Htoylne at n fnrmbonne. She •eon flndu hemrU n prlxoner. Larry learn* tlie robbem were the JackHon gang. '"" nien rciu-b .the fnrmhoiwe after the Rnnjs hn« cone. Dobby tclU I,nrry thi^l Jean In ntlaxinK. SOW GO OH 'WITH THE.STOn* ' . CHAPTER XXXVIII .«T CAN'T help it," said Bobby, * Wallace's voice In the receiver. "Mr. Dunn Is here and he went .up to her office this morning aoid sbe's gone out of town without-saying a word to anybody, or .leaving any message, or—" Larry Glenn's eyes .dropped to ,the.blotter full of fingerprint en- ilargements. As he glanced at the set which, according to Tony La- Jlpcco, had been made by a woman, a sudden thought struck "What's- it all about?" asked Bobby. "Just this," said Larry. "Jean; Dunn is—or was, six hours ago—in the company of Red Jackson and his gangsters!" w » • ^ ..' npH'B ; hired- -sedan » trom the- Af Lar ; ry replajcfed- : tb called .loudiy.4<>r Al. Peters. ^ that ageut .came d.o.wn tbe .stairs ..rirry ordered r h ; lni;.lQ:iBp .to. 4h«. alepJroDe-'.cojnpany 'Ofllce? In <Mjd- othiarv-.at pnpe, ssad^Wy -to, -trace be call tbat bad 'just been made. hen ho summoned haBoceo, and ' h from a four-room Chicago apartment to an incredibly expensive 'New 'York penthouse; but she gets practically no out of it at any stage of the I 1 game, I , A brilliant and successful man, one ft gather?, ia no bargain to live with. |t- Edna turned down an honest Bock is!-. f' awl brakeman to marry her lawyer, I,,* and she had cause to regret if, for she 1 remained a .small town matron at h'eart, and the glitter and ease of a millionaire's existence just left hgr {s probably a very good sym* 'fop * good many American worn-* ftt . *Fhe essential hoUowness of much ^ ow scramble for success is best re-. ~~ 1, not to the careers of the sue* but jn the lives of their Hi* Wife," is Co., at 1(2.50. by % Olive Roberts Barton ask« 3 mother, .'am I to et rude fey ays ts ftea Sjpnie y>pu«an4? or of, «tbsr matters face the pjrobtem. av- of not so t s «°t the garas ol |rab-and-catch that is no wand people J«y4ng WPie condition^ of livirig, chjl- of and W Kind, of An4 natural ad ever . then cover face and throat with a layqir of the richest cream you owti. Keeping fingers close together, lift -your elbows and, begining at your qo'llarbone, lightly pinch the flesh on your throat upward to your chin. After Massage, Hub With Ice Be extremely gentle, but press 'fingers in deeply enough to exercise the muscles underneath. Then firmly pinch and mold the flesh on your jawbone. The same light touch and gentle lifting of skin and flesh under- leath is good for the entire face. When your throat is warm and glowing and your chin feels quite stimulated by the pinching, remove tissue cream, pat with cold tonic, cover a piece cf ice with clean gauze and rub it lightly across throat and chin. If your complexion is dry, apply a new thin coat of cream and leave it on all night. Remember that bad posture often causes a double chin and sagging throat muscles. U you carry your head straight, making the muscles ber low the ears support it, these muscles will become strong and will hold the flesh firmly across your chin. If you make the upper vertebrae of your 'backbone do all the work, neck mus-. cles become soft and flabby. Exercise to Aid Chin To correct head posture, balance a hook on your head. Walk about the room, holding your neck so the book doesn't fall off and stretching upward OS if to touch the ceiling with the book. If the book stays on, your pos- tpre is good. Also to strengthen neckline muscles, try this exercise: Stand erect with arms at your sides. Let your head fall backward as far as it will go, relaxing the jaw until mouth is wide open. Then, making throat muscles tense, close your mouth and bring your head upward U> correct position.. Turn it as far to the right os it will go. Then to the left. Repeat twenty times. "Listen, Bobby," he said. "Do you 'remember the night you and I 'had dinner in Jean's apartment? Remember I took her fingerprints, to show her how it was done, and you kept the slip of paper I used? Have you still got it?" "yea," said Bobby, surprised. "Then get f. s=d bring it down here just as fast as you can travel. Hurry. It may be important!" Larry hung UP, replaced live telephone, and stared off into space for a moment, Then he gave his head ft Jerky little shake, as if to jar bis wandering thoughts back into place, and turned again to Tony. "J may be able to get an Identification for those prints In half an hour," be said. "Meanwhile, we've got to get after this thing. That Jackson gang left that farm house some time this morning— I'm convinced of it. Call up the airport and tell 'em to have a plane ready for you and Al Peters and me. We can be back at Midlothian before mid-afternoon, and we'll just raid that place and see what's in it." Tony departed, leaving Larry to stare abstractedly at the prints •while his mind raced on furiously. He waited in rising impatience until, at last, the girl at the outer switchboard announced the arrival p{ pobby Wallace. Larry asked ber to send him in at once, and (he young man arrived Lawy barely paused to shake jjands with him before saying, "Let's gee it, Bob — quick!" Bobby handed him the sheet ot note paper on which, for after- dinner jpst, Larry had ma.de an impression of Jean Dunn's finger- ?it.c.ounty^»aeat sped S.v?ytly ov^r. ihe^ road to iMidlpthialQ, bearing Larry Glenn, Tony LaRocco, and' Al Peters: behind It came another car. with the /county sheriff and three of his ..deputies."their aid hastily enlisted by Larry on the theory .that local co-operation never comes amiss. The two cars covered the 10 miles -to the Engle farm In just over 11 minutes, and spun Into the driveway with a crunching of tires on gravel and a. whining of brakes. Mrs. Engle was standing- In the back yard. She let out one ye! 1 . —a frightened squawk for, her. husband—and then froze Into immobility as a bulky deputy:sheriff swaggered over and told; her that, since she was under arrest,' she would do well to keep quiet. Engle came out the back door just in time te encounter the federal men. Larry thrust a search warrant under his nose; the farmer blinked at it, read it, and then looked up sourly. "Yeah!" lie said bitterly. "Ask- questions for the triple-A. I Kht to've known—" He, too, subsided aa a deputy took him in tow, and the raiders went into the house. The dishes on the kitchen table had been washed, since morning, and as they went upstairs they discovered that the bedrooms-had all been aired and straightened and the bods remade with fresh linon. Having been cleaned and straightened, the bedrooms con tained little trace of their occupants of the night before. After half an hour's careful peering anc north ot li.ere," said the sheriff in prying, stairs Larry came despondently, down the convincec prints. beside Larry laid it on the desk the unidentified prints Tocy bad copied from the table knife. As be bent over them, com- m waa then, is I -y—; be the bj$U of' N?XT: L^an* to relax, them wttb cold exactness bis face became gray and hard: at last, he Stood erect and bi« eyes were at Bobby Tory tired. he 8berlft:-ni»di S.U... ' 'of' ,tive ' . . ..130-' miles iut of niy faalJlwlGk. i never beard '' '' :an''sWeat' it "'out" 0f thV Epglqs. hough." .. ; So ibey questioned, tlie'.Engles, earning /.precisely-' .nothing ,anti i repHfes bUit'gluui shake Holly Springs Mr. Lynrf Phillips of Kilgorc, Texas spent Sunday night and Monday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Phillips. ; Mrs. Maude Clements and sons Weaver and Coy spent Sunday with daughter Mrs. Amzie McDowell. Mi's. Elmer Quillin and children are Fi9qn.diog a few days with Mrs^- Wndie Bufns. ' , :. .- it • ••'""-• Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wright,"Misses Mpzelle', Maydell and Marjorie Phil lipg drove to Evening 'Shade Sundaj afternoon to see the place Mr. anc Mi's. Wright are planning to move to soon. Grandmother Butler spent Sunday in the home of her son Silas Me ot the heatl to all their .q ijostlous ; ' md at last 'UaiEr.y $old- ^he .s p take them off to jail and lock hem., u.p, pj?, chargea .of iia,rbqrlnc ' ' '' '"" . -Flojtd ' ' ' .... , .hing .lf>yo,u'd. lev. , ' be . boys w'a ; i.t" ; ^ere . at ;tlie Al . ,tp , ,p,i,ck. jup! ; :t,h|s '•'.. when be' shOffB, up,". '•/ • • ''"•' '•' '• _ sheriff,-, agreed .''" -tbe the " '/•'• ;, • up".fo, ur ,,. of- toe ' : ' t ni that the house would offer no clew as to the gangster's dostina tion. * * > rpHE telephone tu the hal tinkled. Engle involuntarily started to rise, only to be jerkec jack to bis seat by the neavy hand of a deputy. Larry went to the plione, took the receiver from the hook, and said, "Ifello." The operator's roice said, "Portsmouth is calling Mr. Fred Engle." "This Is Engle," said Larry. He heard the prisoner in the parlor give a muffled gasp; then the operator's voice, far off, said, "All right, Portsmouth—ready with Mr. Engle;" sftd 4 moment later a man's voice came on the line. "Hello—Engle," the ma,n said. "Listen. Jaoif Flo.yil may show there this afternoon or •( If he does, tell him we're at French Pete's. Got it?" Larry tried to give bis voice the sullen, despondent tone tbat Engle always seamed to us<?. "If Jacfc: Floyd comes, you're at French Pete's," he said. Then, on a. venture, be said, "How does lie get there, from h,ete?" "What the hell's H to ygu be sets here?" snarled tbe voic.e suspiciously. "You glve'oi the message »ud keep your Hps buttoned, y' hear?" "All right," sftW L»rry- wag a click as tue man hung up fapm h'pu'se; oners- .and^ttie lie seJioK tor Larry • a'njl .UfttlOfl: on veranda; '• "•. »y and then. Lanry.. : • '.j)to^e.'6!f :| for Mike police. -Two' Mike on.: ; .tlie> J and, 'tn'cl'slveiy tie- outlined, t{ie--.pflVLlUlPV to.Mike,. ing up by : to Know •» -IWe something i everythiflg-T^-Jiav^ yo,u got even the foggiest .kind of notion where or wliat this French Pete's might be?" "Hmmra." aaid Mike r.eftec- lively. Th,ere was .a. ions ailw.ce; tUeji he said, "No, Laj.pj, \ hayen't. I'll t.eil ypu what I'll tio, .though, 'I've got a good friend wn;o Is a 'plain clothes man on the Portamoutb force. I'll just run over there and meet you there, and we'll talk to tlvis friend of mil)*. He might know something. A,i any rate b« can give you » steer or two asouoU Portsmouth:'^ "fine," «a(4 Larry. "We'll o* there by 6 o.'olock and meet ygu at police -headquarters. Okay-?" "Okay," said -Hasan, and hung up. Larry turned away from the phone Just In • time to greet Al Peters, back from the phone company pffleea, He reported ^bftt be had displayed Ws credentials and bad been Immediately pn,t In touch with -tbe chief operator to Portsmouth, who had been requested to give him every as&lst- ance. After some difflcultlea the call bad been traced—to a pay station booth in «, Portsmouth bus' station. Mrs. Roy Butler and children spen Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Mart Boss of Fairview. Mr. and Mrs. Ezra McDowell of thi place, Mr. Willard McDowell and Mr and Mrs. Hugh Garner of Spring Hil have gone to California on a visit. Messrs. Roy and Otis Butler, Mr and -Mrs. Silas McDowell of this plac and 'Mrs. Sid McDowell and Mrs. Al len 'Johnson of Spring Hill nttendei the funeral last Friday of Little Doro thy McDowell who passed away No vember 7. She was buried at Rond cemetery near Texarkana. Bells Chapel Mrs. E. E. Murphy of Texarkana an< Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Warren of Me Caski.ll were Sunday callers of Mr. an Mrs, Calvin.Honea. pisses Virginia Rae and Sybl Mitchell of Caney spent the week em wi.th their sister, Mrs. Zack Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. Finley Goodlett motor ed to Little Rock Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Bell and son o Hope were Sunday guests of Mr. aiv Mrs. Lester White. Cecil Tato student of Henderso State Teachers college, spent Thursda; night and Friday with his parents, Mi and Mrs. H. F. Tate. Durwood Lairly of Foulk, Ark., i visiting friends and relatives here. Martin Hartless left Tuesday fo Texarkana, Mr. and 'Mrs. Harim Honea and chil dren of Willisville were Sunday guesl qf Mr. and Mrs. O. L. White. Shellie Cullins of Little Rock calle on.. L. W. Cullins Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Anbry Bonds, Mr. an Mrs. Joe Osborn and Miss Doris Os born attended the show in Hope Sat urday night. Mrs. E. A. Wood, Miss Wanda Ash craft and Misses Irma and Joyc Wood were shopping in Prescott Sat "Ti»a,t's not nutted Larqr. "But »4,- hot trail, Just the 8<jme. I've gut a hun.cn we'll catch uji wi^b this ganjj befote we're $4 hoars older." W 9B!J4snJ.y DMJJJJ, time!" up DOLLS-DOLLS DOLLS Big Ones, Little Cones, Black Ones, While Onts. All kinds and sizes. Come and select your Christmas Dolls now while our stock Is complete. We have them on display in our window nil this week. It Is the window with the Ills crowd of children in front of it. DOUBLE EAGLE STAMPS all thin week with each purchase of n doll. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Friday, Nov. 15th IS THE LAST DAY IN WHICH TO PAY YOUR Friday, November 15th, is the last day to pay the assessment due;on your membership in the Herndon-Cornelius Burial Association. Those policies on which the : assessment has not been paid will be cancelled and it will be necessary for you to take out a new membership. Do Not Let Your Policy Lapse Herndon - Cornelius BURIAL ASSOCIATION T- S. Cornelius, Secretary Mrs. Alice Buckley of McCaskiH yisited relatives in this community last week. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Presley and daughter and Guy Tate of Delight were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Tate. Bro. and Sister O. S. Free of Caney were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. a/id Mrs. Tom Shackelford. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Leverette of Blevins spent Sunday afternoon with ]yir. a_nd Mrs. J. E. Gqrner. Mr and Mrs. D. A. Morris and children, Mr. and Mrs Porter Morris visited relatives at Sweet Home Sun- diiy Quy Brooks called on Miss Delores Ashpraft Thursday. Mrs. John Yates was the Sunday afternoon guest of Mrs. Ira Brooks. Wiley Browning of Hope called on Miss; Opal Yates Sunday. Miss Delores Ashcraf t underwent | an appendix operation Monday at the j Cora Ponnell hospital. Ifz Brooks attended to business in £t. Lfi.uis Tuesday of last week. Extra Savings from Compfon's Big SHORTENING BULK, Ib 13c 4 Lb. Carton Sic 8 Lb. Carton - 99c Baking Powder 10 oz 8c 25oz....l7c 50oz...29c M G. ALL KINDS Glass 29c B°x,3for25c SUGAR L t47c PEANUT BUTTER, Qt... 29c CRACKERS 2 Pound Box..;.. 18c SYRUP DELTA Gallon PORK & BEANS 5c MATCHES, 3 for. lOc SOAP Lg. Bars 4 Bars CASTOR OIL and TURPENTINE Bottle I*A* I.* 5c TOMATOES 2 Cane MILK Small 3c Large.... 6c COCOA 2 Pound Can. 23c BRICK SALT Each FLOUR A No. 1 24 Pounds 89c 48 Pounds $1.75 Compton Bros. GENERAL MERCHANDISE :

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