Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1937
Page 4
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.'? ' "tfee More You Ten, the Quicket Yoti Sell" RATES thn*—4e word, minimum Jfc .mw~3Hc word, mln. SOo Sis'Unte»-4c Word, mljilmiffit We One month (28 HBIM>—ISc word, minimum J2T70 Rates ue tor continuous Insertions only. id making word count, disregard classification nam« such as "For K*nV.' "For Sale," etc.-this Is fsee. But each Initial or name, or complete telephone number, couuU as a Ml word. For example: FOR BENT—Three-room modem furnished apartment, with garage* close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, Me to one time; at 3 he word, 53e for threg times, etc. MUTE: All «rders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill PHONE 768 Services Offered HOLD STVERYTHING - Old Beds, New Beds. For Christnuis can you beat it ff.50 to $9.50. Come and see >*empstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St. Call Paul Cobb, G5S-M. 12-2-2610 HOPE STAR, SOPS, ARKANSAS •He A NATION OUR BOARDING HOUSE with , . ; Major Hoopla OUT OUR WAY Wednesctiay,PccGmbor 15,If) 3 COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South Elm, Phone 383 Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed, be ready for Christmas. 29-2Ctp WILL SAW pine or cypress shingles, J1.2S per square or on halves. W. A. Austin, Centerville. 13-3tp Wanted HIGHEST PRICES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON. METALS P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. a04 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-tfc For Rent FOR RENT—Close in. two- or three- room unfurnished apartment to couple. Private entrance. 104 W. Ave. E. 13-3tp FOR RENT—Five room brick house, reasonable. 109 North Washington street 13-3tp LOANS yjUCH of the future of all China rested in the slim young lands of Dr. Sim Yat-Sen even as ;e began the practice of medicine n Macao after graduation from Janton and Hongkong. Then scarcely 25, Dr. Sun had ecome interested in the "Young :hina" movement. And very uickly he prescribed for the na- ion—a revolution. Shortly after- ,'ard he was compelled to leave Ihina to escape arrest. He took up csidence in the United States.and iter (189S) in London, where for time he was held prisoner at the 'hinese legation. Subsequent . release was ob- ainect, however, and the young doctor now turned his full attention to overthrow of the Manchu dynasty. In the next few years he traveled, preached, recruited, raised funds, and secretly drilled Chinese revolutionaries. And he was rewarded. China at last established a provisional republic. In December, 1911, a national convention elected Sun Yat-Sen first president of the new republic. He held office until 1912, when he resigned to elevate Yuan Shih-Kai to the office. There followed years 3f «nterminable strife until 1921 u-hen Sun again became president. 3ut the northern part of the rountry did not recognize him. from that date to his death in 1925, the statesman was embroiled in bitter conflict with the northern, government at Peking. Yat- Sen is shown here on a 1931 Chinese stamp. Copyright, l»37, .NEA Service. _,. . ._ .,TIME'S up* %& "FOR PLANKIN 1 DOWN TH' VJ% LAST C3ROAM OWTH' 'j& INCOME TAS/ NOT THAT ^k IT'LL MAKE? ANY DlPF M/ tO YOU—BUT THIS UW* ^ eMPLOYMSNT CENSUS CARD VVILL,^- rTfe BEEN AKOUMD HERE POR SEVERAL WEEKS, WAlT!N<5 YOU TO PUT IT TO / UNCLE SAM ZZf YEN/ YOU glTHER BSESJ K)N{. Oft YOU AIWT / IF± &£SM POK/W' A T/Mepiece iw TH' RiBS, YOU SHOULD A PILED A TAX -RETURN- IP YOU BEEN J' TH' M YOU BUT A POT-Bet-LIED HEATER f THEM YOU OLK3HT TO OF THESE UMEMPLOYEt> • PKOFOSE' YOU PROP AROUNO TO MY MEW PLACE OF BUSINESS ANTP ACQUAINT YOURSELVE-S WITH V\Y SANTA CLAUS EMPLOYMSMT A6ESJCY/ Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy • monthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 30-26tc For Sale .FOR SALE—Christmas trees. Washington Fir, Assorted sizes. MONTS SEED STORE. 9-6tc PIANOS FOR SALE—Two car loads used Pianos, good condition. Some cannot be told from new. Priced S47.50 up. $5.00 down $1.00 weekly. Will accept Victrolas. Radios. Live Stock and Farm Produce. Part or Full Payment. 4 Fay Half Now Balance Next Fall. Special Low Price NEW Studio and GRAND PIANOS. Write and will bring one on Approval. BENSBERG' C MUSIC STORE, Camden, Arkansas. 13-3tp FOR SALE—Crocheted bed spread, cream color, sunburst pattern. $35. Mrs. Henry Atkinson, 1301 South Elm street. 14_3t p Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One 1. The planets are Mercury, Venus. Earth, Mars, Jupiter Saturn. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 2. The doctor of arts and letters wears a hood lined in white; doctor of law, purple and doctor of medicine % green. 3. Twenty islands are included in the Hawaiian archipelago. Hawaii, _.Maui. Oahu, Kauai. Molokai, Lanai, Niihau i and Kahoolawe are the eight principal islands. 4. Admiral R. E. Byrd has flown over both North Pole and South Pole. 5. There are 3.28 feet in a meter. FOR SALE—Ladies fur coats. Latest styles. Full length and swagger. Priced reasonable. Apply Travelers' Camp, North State Line, Texarkana. 14-6tp Lost 1 LOST—Bunch of keys in postoffice FOR SALE—1250 gallon galvanized water tank, 30 foot steel tower, two- | or in downtown section. Return to horsepower .gasoline motor. R. A. Hope Star office and receive reword. Johnson, Spring Hill, Ark. l3-3tp 14 3l p Game of Skill HORIZONTAL 1 Game of skill, pictured here. 6 8 pieces and 8 - are the men in the game. 10 Assam silkworm. 11 Region. 12 Files 13 Prophets. 15 Night before. Answer to Previous Puzzle 17 Southeast. 18 Senior. )0 Sound of inquiry U Uke. i|2 Baked meat. io Fight. ?8 Bad. }? Sound X Vigor )5 Sailors. ?7 Male cat. 23 South ' ; America. 39 Kcrnitting. 41 Musical note. 42 Stomachs. 43 Cuckoo. 45 Brings forth young. 47 Data. 49 To make firm. 51 Ovum 52 Out of order. 54 Mooley apple 55 It was first played in the 50 It is played on the same type of board as VERTICAL 2 To hoist. 3 Gaelic. 4 To drink slowly 5 Hindu treatise, fi Pa.-=ei--hy. 7 Form of "be." ci Obnu.xioui plant. 9 Fabaceous tree. 12 A champion of this game. 14 To arrange methodically, 18 Sun. 20 Derby. 22 Border. 23 Humbugs. 24 Moldings. 25 Dispatched. 26 Golf club. 27 Kettle, 29 By way of. 31 Gigantic. 33 Form of no. 35 Shuts up. 36 One who snubs. 39 Scope. 40 Sandpiper. 42 Wise men. 44 Crippled. 46 Ever. 47 Verb. 48 Tree. SO Mongre!. *i'l I'i ^position. 53 Southeast. — —— • •- r^r-^,, » . ~ •*.-».., I *• • , -..^t r*. i j j j q BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES «^^ ' • • "— • - i ivo-s i . r. v -^ \v» . vj HEU5'|Ml^i\V^\> * '&/ SWMl ?V- ' ^ iT ~ ^'^J \\\ -ti *sw'*\ WASH TUBES , OH! HOW HER GKEEN GLITTER: WITH HATKEP AT THE 5ISHT OF BEVERLV HILL.' By WILLIAMS V No Luck SQgN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON. % J.PAVMU.IfHMS 12.-IS By MARTIN Marooned .„.-.... YOO«. ... ._ ! VOHEM "WE. < SoS'b'& VAJNVt \OO\< A f 1937 BYMEA'sERVICt, 11,0. V. M. Htu. U. B. PAT By HAMLIN THAT LIGHTWlW FLASH WAS CLOSE, IT WAS/ AMD IT HIT AWFUL NEAR TO OL'C S -^U WELL ', LOOK IT : LEC FRONT :^v^»S fc.j-^u.'• ^r . \>\\ ; 7 >, \\ • \ < -«aw«~w»i:.COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC, T. M. NEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. * done, But Not Forgotten , HEL6A 2MITH IS ALONE, ALOOF, HEE BKIEF ROMANCE WITH [=ASV SHATTEKEP. , FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A PROBLEM J HE WAS/TS TO QUIT SCHOOL FOR F.'K/AMCIAL. REASOWS., wi"//#:, BUT HIS MOTHER WAWTS HIM J-'';;'*4&&£ TO CONTINUE: ! Too Deep for Ossie I'LL SLAP HER "\ PON'T BE A FOOL? THIS IS 31LLV FACE! I'LL-; A BUSINESS TRIP.' By dRANE LAV OFF, UNNERSTANDAEASV'S MO vou OUGHT OF !<NOWN MUSJ BESIDES, BETTEE'N TO FALL FOR UF I LIK&A6UY, THAT PUMB ML)6,IMTHE/t LIKE HIM,SEE.' <FIKST PLACE.yANP WHAT THE v \ HECK CAN I DO A X^ABOUT IT? WHY, YOU DOPE^ SHE: WANTS HIM TO Go ON TO COLLEGE .' SHE WANTS HIM TO GET A DEGREE |W MEDICINE SO HE CAW BE A DOCTOR .' MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE DOES HE MEED ONE TO BE A DOCTOR By BLOSSER SURE WE: DOES .' DOCTORS WAVE TQ BE SMART, AMD A COLLEGE EDUCATION IS ONLY PAFTT OF "Hi TRAINING .' PEEPARES TO LEAVE . THE * SANATORIUM, SHE PAUSES Foe A FIMAL. woeo WITH THE PIRECTOie. PE. SO 7M47CS VVHV HE I COULP CARRV OM H'S COM- ' UKJMOLESTED/ WOW 1HEM, WHAT ABOUT « THATRACTIEM7 VOLI CALLED j \ JOHM, WHO ESCAPED! " TIME KMOW WILLIE rnis RAPID ROOM SOUND-PROOF RAPIO WOULPM Little Is Known About John THAT'S FUNNY f MY UNCLE LUDWIQ *^^ COLLEGE . KJEVER GOT ANYWWEPE IN LIFE ! MOM SAYS THAT WWEW WE WEWT TO HE WAD DOUBLE PNEUMONIA IN \'• SENIOR "YEAR AND GRADUATED WITH 104 DEGREES / HIS RECORP ISVERV SLIM-HE WAS P/CKEP UP OM THE STREET 3EVERAL MONTHS AGO, AMD BROUGHT HERE...HE HAS NO RELATIVES SAVS HIS NAME is J HE WAS RESPOMOIMG NJCEJ-V TO TREATMENT By THOMPSON AND COLL THAKJKS, DR., WATKINS -1 MUST RUM WE MUST FIWP WILLIE- NO-WILLIE STEEM EVAPORATED.' HELLO, JACK ANV LUCK?

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