Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 29, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 29, 1952
Page 5
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^7, w/f* MOM SfAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Tueidoy, July 29, 1952 Pbrk ..mi oj?«* fOPfl; i 'h cut* popular ««• going ami* a pound. m«blll7,n Kft*t*Mfly * on J»«n cut*la nalim—orc h»* _ October. w ", tho Buthnrb.ed In- JftWfif - - - 0n« s ccnt n pound Boutin build nnd Sporkmon (Sitting Rtody for Compoign WARIflNOTOM (*l — The Domo- rrnilr vlrc prrmldcntlnl nominee. fti-n. John 3, Spnrhmnn nf Alnbn- ma, wan hark in Wn»h(nRtmi indny rendy for whnt IIP prom- wmdd IIP "a very lo el«an up , however, he »»t<l h«- work Mn of. flco nnd (hen l<me « brlff vonn- lion. bt> tfl visit Oov, r)orUy atiov*? 100 per Cent from ctaNir, And n now I*W pfOVlflnc b»., given io wh»t he what lW(*l«d>, ,„,-,„,>, to early trnd i no-nnw buying In.,.,„. _,„, M> iwnflitiiftlfl mtmt* mo«i)y unnhnngrfd, Ho«* > to 00 'c«nU } itwlly »i<m<iy; lit* flAn-M^a Cot- ,WMdlVof th* U. 8. West • ! J»M«v >l n»UvQ only to Adlnl K, Ri«v«ntnn of Illinois, the nnmlnr«p. to wnrk out of the cnnuwlifn. H|ittrl«mnn ( tlrod and hrinrun, or. r(vw1 here hy trnln from ChlraKO .l»»l nlffJit, arcntnpAnlc'f by hi* Wlfft unit (Jnutthtcr, Mni, Tn/ewcil Shcpnrd Jr. JRt mi Id hf wnn "clcnr flnltbrr- g»»l(««l" hy thf Union Sltitiwi r»»- ri'pllon h«» reci'lvM from n fivc- lilcfp untid and ;MO fr-ilow Alu- hnmnnii who (trrelcd him willi re- find a . Ifo lolrl Ihom he would active part in it vnry "lnk« nri campaign of currying the Mood old lo (ill tho penplw evnrywhi-rc." Eisenhower to Address War Veterans By MARVIN U, ARROW8MITH DKNVKH i/fi •- r,f-n. DwlKht IX Kluonhower, tin? Hi'itiibllcnn proa- idcntlnl nornlru'c, will mldi-enn the flSrd nhnuiil i'ncnm|)inent of the utornnrf of foreign Wncif In Lou nlaelo* Aug, fl. In iirmouiH-lna coinpletlnn of nr- tmluy, Arthur H, Von- oxucu- (lonbf»i'« ,fr,, tho tivt) nuKlNtnnl, mild in a thftt Kltii'tihowpr'H fiiipiinrancf at Ihir convention will bo "entirely nmvrwlltlenl In nature," JJul hl« remiirkn to thf oro likely to don I with the International situation and the struggle /or world IMMICH — and arc certain lo bo uniilyrrd In the lltthl of hl:i bid for the prttHldciicy, Tho VI' ( W convention probably Will be llle occasion of I'llsen IIOWIM-'H ftrnt formal speech ulnci he wan nomlnuti'd at (he Hi*pnb< licnn convention July U. At this pulnt he hrm no cm Her Special Jury CoflUnutd from Pi|» OM furlough In n LlltU; Ro*k hotel rriom meeting a {<•« Any* Mttfn flu l*tma», nuh<i|) ((iirilivl hi* brother A* any(UK; "I I/ought ii furtmigh. I had to ten flfJO bills for ten dny»." 'M • I) f n t h P r »nU1 Tuck "l,i(tucrl nil thf pnpcm 1 «nw him Wilt)" (luring hi* <rtT>.<lay vldlt. He «M<I hlK l>r<»thr>r h»d written him from Utah flnking me to "look nrui w (f I could find th* furlough pnpor." "We turned the hoiino down anyway urn! didn't thing," the br«ilh»-r isflld. D<iwnl>- nnlrl thnt It h'ad ncen rn- tnlillthrrl thnt Ihc Wayi-r occupied fi hnii'l morn nt tin 1 time ho sold hi» paid lh<- motif y and that n .1 tf'li'Kdi|ih|c money order rcn-lvt-fl n( Little- Nock from S|trltiKfl«.'kl, Mo, whllf HUhop wan on (ho Ohri.itmim furlough, Th»v lonvirt gold the- money wan uncd lo pay fur hid freedom. Hut prison rccordu dhow that only tho holidny eltmpncy wn« re- icivcl liy ihi- .ilnyi-r nnd Oov, McMiith snld ypntprdoy that no rli>mr>ncy nthcr th«n n 10-rlny fur- WftH |(l Illlll-d, lutnunl VKW purndo nnd then will wllru'fit n drum nnd buKh- corpM |>ii|i"iint In the Cnllxcum. A hit Inter Rlxpnhowvr will re- ei'lvfj from the VFW th« first un- nuul llerruinl M. Unruch medal. The nu'dul Mill )>f prusriited emcli y< nr lo Ihc perMon the veterans orii'inl/nllon derlde.n hn« made the Breulcst contribution to tho cnusv i..f American unity nnd world pence, After the iircflontnllon,! 1",lHen- huwer will make hlii iiddrcSH. Vurir drnheru naiil It will be '' a ' brief Demos Urged to Rebel for Eisenhower Funeral for Eva Is Postponed ATLANTA. Democrats neutered lo By STANFORD BRADSHAW | BUENOS AI.RKS, A^entlna UR— Thc flooding grief of the Argentine ! people host postponed funeral aerv ,,,„ _ . i 'c* 1 * '»'• Kva Peron. the nation's J", 8ou 'b" r V r < 1 l»dy, nt U-ast until tomorrow. bolng Stirred in; President Juan D. Peron nn- f witch, nounced laid night that the , »u Ve "»TiJ. or I»«B. EUcnhower in ,,f his wife would continue to lie 1 Flying Discs Swoop Over the Capitol By CHARLE8 CORDDRV WASHINGTON <UP) — Those objects" swooped In over the capital again today as on in stole In an Improvised chapel i aroused Air Force called on top ^ . i" the Labor Ministry until wnll! scientists to find out what flying While rnon party leader* waited .'ing throng* could pay their lasti f-nucers really are. to «ee how th« Htevsnion-Spnrk- sorrowing respect?. j The civil Aeronautics Adminls- »non campaign shnpfs up. rilehur'li Peron gald after the mourning! tiallon traffic control center re- State*' JUghter* and a few othi-r-- n'mk» thinned, the body would lie • ported that its radar picked up the npptarcd «ag<?r lo line th(? dooi-H'in state for n full dny in the Nn. 1 objects for about six straifiht left op«n In several states for ;i tional Congress Building. Then it j hours early this morning, poiulble boll. , will be moved for burial in thei The objects, a CAA official said. Former Lt. Oov. Sam Uimpkin, h "" ot tnp General Labor Confer! i w« re travelling about 00 to 120 Miflftlxiilppl xold the nnme of tlu-i l ' ral '" n< whose six million mem- miles an hour in a 10-mile are Heptibllcnn Candidate d c 1 1 n i t>-ly i |K '' S wcrft Mrs - Peron's most dp "round the capital, between Herri- will brt proponed before the itnte j vntecl .supporters. idon.,V Democratic convention when it n Arkanioi Cities Get Airport Funds WA9HINBTON I* — Federal funds totaling $121.844 were allo- cnted.to four airports in Arkansas for construction work by the Civil Acrnnnutics Administration yesterday. Local sponsors will match that I search was P |an "ed today of sum, the CAA said in announcing 1 abandoned mine shaft where I Persistent Dog Brings New Search JOPLIN, Mo.. (UP)—A the federal-aid airport program for the year ending June 30, 1953. oii« ,. , ., ° rthc "" nmm i i ,,, provement of existing facilities. Allocations for the state for the the persistent collie, has kept gil for a month. The dog stirred a new flurry . interest in the mine yesterday I whining at people, then running the mine shaft. The dog also . year ending June 30, 1953, including ged at miners' clothing and gui the type of airport, the federal: them to the mine. ' ";7l. •*»» ™*J «*(W8! *' > a' ~ r 'W@3 tucidtty, July 29, 1952 HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pnone 7-8431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Thousands Pay Homage to Eva Peron DOROTHY DIX Broken Hearts Dear Miss Dix: Being 25 years old, I know I should be ready to settle down with a husband nnd By STANFORD BRADSHAW i fnml |y p but I am afraid to fnce UUFNOS AIHI'.S, Argentina l.flj reality. 1 have carried a torch for — Argentina's humble thousands Lone man for too ninny years. He paid xrit-viim homage today to Evaj married someone else, and I can- i me hostess s-rvi-ii frosted• 1'eivn. Tm-y waited four abreast not forget him. I've become bitter miscellaneous shower in honor, t i,-j n k s an cl cookies tu eighteen i'' mile-Ions queues for a 20-second and keep telling myself I'll novel- [Calendar Tuesday, July 29 Invitations have been issued to! conduced the 4th study of n series of lessons on the Book of Acts. , . funds, sponsor's funds, the tot.il) A two-week draining projec Miss Clara Allen, bride-elect | membel . s arul „„.,,<, miosls , M, bf Joe Barrentine, Tuesday night! Uo yd Guerin. Mis. Jerry Graves jfuly 29, in the home <-l Mrs. Ora|., n J M ,. s . H ;lvmon d J O ,H-S. en i'i mile-Ions iweues for a 20-second and keep telling myself I'll never rs. ^' alk P-^> tbe bier of their 1'resi- j again fall In love so completely. d political partner. \ A few months ago I moved from think people would slrniRhlen out! Is wrapped Up in her own troubles their difficulties just, for the sake i thnt she Is completely unawnrc of of their children. the bnd hfffocl her disposition 1 nm n teen-after of 17 nnd a i has on y6u children. If you hnv« victim ot siren circumstances. My! a friend or relative In whom you parents were divorced when I was'can confide try to bring the serl- smnll nnd ench has remarried. Jiousnesa of the situation to your live with my mother, and now.-mother, through a third person. after eight years, it looks another crisis browinR. She and h,,uso. yhitrjolf, you may help to my stepfather nn< nhvH.vs urKiiii\K : chnnite* her attitude toward life. Hy being cheerful about thfr | not tell yotiv> slnnce nnd le Dear Miss , and the proposed work: the mine was halted last we! Benton, Saline County; second- , when a search of the shallow \ ' ary, $27,801, $27,801, $55,602, pave runway, taxiways and apron; in- convenes In August. official announcement was made of the new funeral date, but A rrlUble nource In Mississippi hf .'. rlttl , s .. "PPnrently will not bc «nld thai if the Mate conventi/.n '" '' u "|", l m °rr™ and possibly doe« not nwltch to KUenhower, an'''"I u " tU '" lcr - , "indop«?ndcnt" iilata of elcctorK f,v ,, C( ' nsol ess line of mqurners vorlng the OOP candidate will i>e n " wi ' cl l )llsl lt 'e flowerstrewn displaced on the general election bnl- krl dc *f'' tc thunderstorms which lot. i nnctuated the night. Some per a., and Andrews Air Force! • sla " medium intensity lights, bea- The people n nearby Maryland. I con anfl win d indicator. backbreaking It war, in this same area thnt radar screens recorded the strange "targets" the past two Saturday nights, setting off a new rash of "flying saucer" rumors in the capital. Top Air Force brass has decided to get to the bottom of the mystery. Forsaking an earlier at- tliude thnt "there ain't no such animal," they are enlisting top there rnuy ' DOOM, night and Monday morning in study, it was learned today. A CAA official said the control " om " which four persons were known to center radar first started picking Ft. Smith, Municipal: Trunk. $24,000, $24,000 $48,000, pave apron reconstruct existing apron. Little Rock, Adams Field: Express, $50,000. $50,000 $100,000. ac- experts. He was expected to hold u news conference later today to give latest available details on v/hnl these things are that people see zipping through the sky. Air Force spokesmen insisted there was no military secrecy veiling the'quest for "saucer" data. rK nddtnl Hint the B*'n- to return to California In t ho fait for an out-nnd«out cum- On tour nf the, state. AUK. M. the KPfieritl will J'Jor hi* VFW a|>pi«nrniiect, Klsi'n- hower will fly from Denver to Lot! Anglos the mornlnu of AUK. n, Immediately, nftur aildruHNinK the convention In the early ovtmlnK lie will return by plant' to hln cam- patan hondnuiirters horn, Shurtly uftur nrrlvhiK In T,OH An ' nuiktj fi major iiddrcsa nt (he Amorlcdii Legion's iintuuil convention In New York. At hi. 4 etimiuilitn heath|iinrter.i here, Kijienhower arranged u luncheon conference lodny with Sen. lluf.h llutlvve, Nebraska Hepubll- ciin who supported Sen. Hobert A. TnH of Ohio for the GUP prvsi- nominiitlon. .lust buck from u I0>dny vuca- tloti in the Colorado Rockies, 1'Jisenhower held u long conference yesterdtiy with his new political chief ul staff, C.'ov Sherman Ada inn tif New MnmpHhlre. AdiiiTiN and other membora of the Kenernl's personal ntnff xpent Ihc entiro time on campaign or- I'.iml/ntlonal problem)!, Elsenhower Press Secretary Jimu-d C. Holier- LEE WELLS wrong, but it wa* bent Ml saw it •t the time." flow I WBVTBN whtn •wtatid th« * *orked at the ; »•-• bf| room, pushed ttsvay from the table and aro*«. "It's itill best, Paul, Mark'* got a heap to oftcr. TU (et iu«d to It In time. 1 hope •he'« alway* happy.'* At iMt OlatM Moaped to tho bedroom. Hat eam« ID Moon nrtcr, Both men *tretch«i} out on the bed, mind, » or* •Kid nbruptly, "Mnybo W«'d b«U«r puih on to Arliona." HlU thoolf hti hBAtt. "Poople b«,oU there'll n«ver forget t nut with « wild bunch and landed in a CuJlfomlii jtlU No, thtB In beat." ; "Thero'i no ranching," BUlne w»rn«L "Not enough to Keep K bunch of bl| utrMOl going Ilka tued to be h»tV Hat iidd thoughtfully. "But With all tho toUt* In Lo» AngcloH and more coming, I flffura you and nt« could maHo a go ot It. t,«-onla la. Why can't w«T" "I tM it that way, But we can't dipend on an>-ono but ouraelwa. "That'U mak« it tougher, Mayb« you won't ilk« thoao odd«, M "U you'd come baoK alone," Hal utttO, "\vould you liava givvn up W nowt" BteiM considered th* queatioa ' a moment, "No," fell, two men were a)way« hjittefn oa«,- Hal ajUd. "Vou've •till K9t a partner* 1 * Right after Uw noon m«*l, Blalno bualed hlnx»*lf tn the barn. work. ter Wit a hara«Mu Hal had »»u- <H«d * not** and h«d ridden north- w»jU up the Valley road on a lei- •uwljf, txplorlnt trtp. Blai*e nrffir^Mt tiowiy, M HI* thoughts mullMt ovw the factor* that had «at*4 and r^ttapwt W» (tiana. Ht iwUdn't be toe aura ot any t«*pt that he'd leave u>e M the morning. H* want*d t, K» now thought of ,,,, and mouataln* above lit 8«i remando »AftXOBl M a Urn* ot mtug*. »• could rebuild ip UttM bUlt, malt* tft» PMt dim, "In tho fields." "Why did you come • her«T H "R'a danfetoua. bad enough when htollf*. a buggy oome into the out h§ ajto m to window of ttui trao»ax«si. h.r without Qtaiae demanded harshly. Anger Bared In her voice, "TtoU l» my fauier'e house." "Ooos Mark know you've comeT" H«r eyea dropped and «h« looked toward the window. Finally she answered in a faint voice, "No. Ho ,,, dcwsn't want ma to M« you again." "Then why did you come?" It took ner a long moment to. nn»\v«r, "To «ee you . . . to explain about Mark and me." "You married htm," Blaiae aald carefully. "I've heard all the reasons and thought up more for my* self, It's been sudden for me, but all the same, 1 hope you and Mark nro happy." She turned, quickly, and then caught herself, "There wo4 something else," she said. Tm afraid for you," "Formef" "You're going to fight again." She made a swift gesfoire as his fao« fell. "R'a " BlaJso, (t was all ot ua were together. But you'll be alone now," "What would you want ma to do, Me»T" "You could forget the past, Ulalse. You could start all over anal"—-something new. There's lakid to be had here or up In the Sim!. (I'd be better than going back to the San Fernando VaUey?* "You'd want ma here—In this valley?" Red touched her throat and cheeks and then faded again. "I .would rather see you her* than In Jail again. oryde*d. Oh. Bialw, I can »«e now you feel toward him —all of ua do, But that's past and done. Leave Uonl* alone now, and hu'll leave you alone. He has all he wont*," "All he wtnta." Blalse repeated. "But how ara I braMMT Mut* dervrl" "We've ojMt peao*." she said and Mood up. t*W«g a atep toward him. "Now you'tt brtag trouble to ua again. It'll *t*rt «ut Just tlgnt. but you'U puU u» into , We've gone tluoug). OM range war, Blatt*. It'a horrttt*. We otnt tc go tferough _ _ AbrupUy M slroda wroM t)w room to (ht doer, turned to tac* her. iMvint tn UM monOBf. re • k — k jw«. lwoA'tte,8Mh James p. Byrnes of Smith n-pur tod killed. Carollnn, where the stale convc-n- •tion bun left thp donr open by recessing instead of adjourning, as was done In Mississippi, dccllm.'d to express his views. "I took the position ut Chicago When Ihe loyalty onth wns pi<>- I>o8rd thut the rece*»ed convention rhoukl have the rl«ht to decide mn- couroe," Uyrnen snld, "and 1 (now) take the snme position.' have died nnd four others were King Farouk Arrives in Italy on Yacht By JAMES M. LONG Cov. Robert K. Kennon of Louis- , NAPI -ES. Italy iffi—Egypt's ex- Intitt snld ho felt It Is "uncertain that Ihe South will support the Democratic ticket of Gov. Adlai StevoiiHon and Sen. John Spark- innn. Kennon, whose state Is one nf several In the South with doors Kmi: Furouk stopped today at the Isle of Cupri, across the Bay of Naples from this great Mediterranean port, on bis yacht ride into exile. Naples police said the former K was due hen? later today, "ort officials made preparations similarly open for possible switches , ' " n " rllciu ' s In;lck ' preparations by their state committees, said it' ", ,''f l j vo h j; " 1 " ltct | "'onnrch's "behooves me" not to make" his I 'V! "" tlolli "' y'' lM Mahrous- IK-rsonul fcclinxs known I s " ;it ^ h , c i '\ iy ' x l>l> 'Hnil dock, close vui.ii . <t ' "'finiisule the nnchoraue of U. S i;p tbe strange "blips" about l:3o[ Any SCDmin e reluctance to give vui.ii . <t i While these governors appeared; Al | m , R to be for raue oberl „. Clmil to crystnlize, (!ov. Gordon Urown- ln« of Tennessee und many other top polltleul k-adi-rs of the South endorsed the national slate out- rlKhl. («ov. Iierman Tnlmndj{e of Georgia, while adopting a "wuit and see" position, expressed satisfaction with the way the South was Adirondack. Egypt's ambassador to Italy, Abdel Aziz Badr Bey. awaited the royal yacht on this side of tho water. He had hurried down from Home last nit!ht, not because of the arrival of the deposed Fnrouk, Lut because the ex-klnff brought with him Egypt's new ruler, his six-month-old son, Kin« Fuad II. .,.„..,..,i „, ,., « ,, -• aiA-iiiuniii-uiu .-,un, iviiiK r uau 11. convinllnn D<flnocroUc N"" 0 '"" The infant wns proclaimed king O'Dwyer May Become Citizen of Mexico MEXICO CITY. (UP)-. Ambassador William O'Dwyer dropped hints to friends today he may become a Mexican citizen when he puts nwuy his diplomatic duds next January. Tho former New York mayor, an extremely popular figure In this colorful land of sombreros uml se- rupes, said the prospect of taking xip permanent residence here was "attractive," O'Dwyer. target of numberous political attacks since his controversial appointment as U. S. envoy In 1050, made his first public comment on his future plans at un American Leu Ion meeting. Legionnaires suld he told them privately his ideas were "somewhat nebuluus" but he was giving "plenty of thought" to u decision whether tg return to New York unU resume his law practice or remain In his "adopted country" us a Mexican cituen. O'Dwyer refused to be quoted for publication, however, lie said in un Interview he will "make n^ announcements at this time." "This is not time to be talking for the record about plans that just haven't erystalUed us yet." he said "I'll have something to suy when I finally decide what I'm going to do, and not before." The 82-year-old Irish-American politician hinted, strongly he ex pects his resitmatioiv. to be filed according to diplomatic custom with the inauguration of a new president next January, will be accepted for political reasuais. He told friends he is considering "lots of prospects", including law practice in either Mexico City or New York, several business ventures here or even the Mexican television industry. If O'Dwyer enters lasv practice her*, he will be required to become a Mexican citizen. As. an ex-ambussador, however, he could be expected to win cituenship o.uickly «nd establish a lucrative practice. Both O'Dwyer and his ex- model Wtfe, the former Sloan Simpson. huvjs indicated their desire to make Mexico their future home. As one of the most popular American am- b*sst»dors ever assigned to this country, O'Dwyer has made many friends, both Mexican and among th* large American colony. Close associates said O'Dwyer is not expected to make up his mind until after the elections, Saturday by Egypt's cabinet after bis father bowed lo the military pressure ot his country's new nimy communder, Gen. Mohamed Naguib Bey. That night Farouk, with his girl-wife Narriman, their baby and bis three daughters by a former marriage, sailed away from tegypt. Nothing was known here about a. rn. and that they continued showing up on the radarscope until G a. m. this morning. At some times, he said, there were as many as eight to 12 of the objects on the serope at the same time. A pilot aboard an 'Eastern Air Lines Constellation was directed to check on the objects at about 2 a. rn., but he reported he saw no lights despite a 15-mile visibility. The CAA official said the objects disappeared from the radar screen when the plane was in the area where l\)ey had been tracked and "then came back in behind him." The Air Force will rely primarily on physicists for its "flying saucer" investigation. This is In line with a tentative opinion already reached in some air force circles that variously described mystery objects of the sky actually are physical phenomena, however im- inrfectly understood up lo now, rather than actual flying discs. A hijih Air Force officer, who informed the United Press of these developments ,said, "svc are fairly well convinced that the so-called 'flying saucers' arc not'anything posing a threat to the air defense of the United State's.' Maj. Gen. John A. Samford, Air Force director of intelligence, meanwhile went into a second day of "saucer" conferences with his Farouk's plans. There was speculation he migh tidle awhile on Capri, where he and Narriman spent their honeymoon a year ago. Other suggestions were that his destination would be the French Riviera, or Rapallo, on the Italian Riviera, where the ex-king owns a villa. cut information was based unhappily on ignorance, not on military security, they said. , Sources who have followed -the "saucer" saga through five years asserted with renewed vigor that the glowing, vari-colored objects sighted visually all over the land, and recently by radar, are not secret aircraft or weapons developments. Short shrift was being given, too, tc the idea that the whirling discs were ethereal, extra-terrestrial, inter-planetary or of Communist persuasion. The present "saucer" craze has been building up -for 'two months and came to a head when mysterious "flying objects" were sighted on radarscopes at the Washington National Airport two Saturday nights running. On the latest occasion, last Saturday, the National Airport sightings were verified by military radar at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., and by visual sightings of qualified witnesses, including commercial airline pi lots. That sent F-!j} interceptor planes of the Air Defense command scurrying to the area plotting by airport radar observers. One pilot, LI. William Patterson, based at Newcastle Air Force Base, Del., spotted "steady white lights" over the capital area, only to have them fade away when he made for them in his GOO-mile an hour jet. A spokesman said defense command interceptors, on a 24-hour alert against unidentified aircraft, are ready to try to catch up with any more of the baffling objects that may appear if a chase looks worthwhile. *ack. Hostess will be Miss Fay i who died Saturday night nfter a j my home town but go back every i:,uin who jilted you. but pity for; soiuelhlnfl would hiv long illness. ' I chance 1 get. I live in the past, your own plight which is not I lllis llU> of «'«'<»'" ter at the bottom turned up onl; couple of old 'possum bones, who spent hours labor, not to m tion at least $3,500 in draining shaft, were pretty disgusted w Ihe "faithful" collie when bones were turned up. They I c-xpected to find the master mistress of the homeless dog. ( Clyde Hymcrt and Ted Aki leasees of the mine today oper a new hunt on their own. Th have pumped out the remain; water and now plan to dig i rock, timber and dirt debri blown to the bottom when a und I water blast was made in the il| The blast failed to bring aii thing to the surface, but the mij ope.-ators think the body master or someone else may been covered by debris. I % As the new effort started at tl mine, the brown and white col whined nnd watched excitedly. I Mr> i IlD's W.1S Coming and Going Wednesday, July 30 I rv m , 0 ,. hivn' i'i"u:er although there had been no i The Christian Men's Fellowship! Ml ' <UK ' Mli " l al r -" nnel ha \ p , ,, > , m-ement of the na- f the First fhrislian Chu.eh wi I i rI ? 1Ul1r " t ' d , Vom » vuc « tlon tn '? l " Philadelphia, Pa., ?) w York Pernn'-s doath in her early! enjoying the fact that everyone generally attributed to j knows of my heartbreak. I don't even think ot tbe future. with a friendship, that may help you attain it. Hecovcry from .1 Severe emotional shock seldnni is nuti<matie; it must be achieved through constant effort on your own part. You hove settled dn-vn! » ni! MuarrelllnR. She is suspicious j \ V hntevcr you do, Down, don't Into a state of actually .'i.joyin;; i "/ <; vc , ry nw ™ . ho . '""_ /.'.'!' , fl>:u 'i leave homo nt your tender nfie or conclusion that innr- >ne may be nn escape for you. Living under the present conditions, nnd doliiK your best to Improve them, is a Job you must responsibility ul. with God's help, you mny bc to crt'lite harmony from the of one of—the hOOu By l\Ot jc;vtiit£, ^fciiu-ajjohr^i. tho cute things typJqol "»f if hootl. Dnddj ww«li*et"b<» ftbtrf rclnto tho imccdot|S that _f£ fttb»l : | parents', chleti i" ""'* " Since you me ujifiiible to, your melancholy nnd the dramatic i t hl%i «' I" ""other woman involved.; , (m U) sens.itiun of being a heartbroken i Sometimes when be Is tote for din- H m nni-i .i..*..,•!.„i u..,..,,,,., v.,,,i- ,i,>,,,. ner she says, In front ot me and i ,,...... . atul deserted heroine. Your dominant feclniK is not. Ujve for the ner she says, In front of me my little sister, thnl she wishes something would happen to him. iivc their annual watermelon fes- ival at Fair Park veiling, July :iO, ;il four whole family nnd ;ood time togi'tlier. K. E. Ambrose jresident, will be in charge. Wednesday i Clt J- Atlantic City :.'«). have New Jersey, lure of her illness. Tho blonde wife Recently I met n fine young man who says he loves me and wants f President! to marry me. He, too, has had ^Notice The' VFW Auxiliary will not nuet tonight as scheduled. Mrs. LaGrone Williams Hostess to Circle 5 of WSCS Circle 5 of WSCS or the First points of interest in Washing-- Juan D. Peron lay in state in the > heartbreak, but isn't carrying a ton, D. C. They wore accompan- I all of the Labor Ministry, in a torch like I am. T [eel he would — l be a wonderful husband but ajvi afraid there would be times when my mind would wander to the pasl as it often docs now. Tbe young brough of Mulesliue, Texas. Amity Sailor and Son Drown JACKSONVILLE, Fin. W, — TJ bodies of Ernest C. Hughes, Jac sonvilio Naval .Air Station sa|' from Amity, Ark., and his flv ytar-old son Larry, were recovtj eel yesterday from the SI, Jo| Piiver. '' The two drowned Saturday nig| while on a shrimping exp.edltici ied on the trip by C. E. Connor! Klass-topped casket of mahoga- of Anton, Texas, and Dale Scai-'"> draped in white orchids, awaiting a full military funeral tomorrow afternoon. Tons of lilies, roses Mr -md Mrs H-ilph Cline and ! : "» l carnations packed the hall and| man says he believes 1 will stral- sons.' Jay and" Phil, from Ham- i overtlowed into the streets outside. | ghten out if 1 stay away from my mond. Ind., are visiting Mr. and! Crowds of somberly dressed, so-1 home town. He is trying to be p Mrs Pat Conner and other rel-'. ber-faced mourners wore first ad-; me, and that s what 1 need. Could ativos and friends.' j milted to tbe improvised chapel j I be happy with him'. 1 Do you ^_ | Sunday afternoon and continued in j think I'll ever settle my mind and 'an endless procession throughout I be a normal girl living a normal the night and morning. life? Peron spent much of Sunday be- M. I. side the casket ancl personally ar- tragie as you assume. Self-pity is the most devast.i'- ing of all human feelings; to give way to ii continually Is to mark you as a lost woman most envy those who can honestly say they live in a happy home. DAWN M. Answer: H is, indeed. 11 wonderful blessing to have n happy home. The unfortunate part of it is, s " wml ' do. Don't sWrk th resent discord. Mis* _ Ittt advise dadf I,Ian IB*. <from lo be grudi Tin; man 1 lovf «fs -ZOr W thht great a cHffciervCe? A180, do think 1 should eontWua.my «dtf* cation In colleger "where"! meet buys own R. : fitfe ngc (jlffofonee W?J ,,1-ent, provided'background < v js and liistes jr»n? slmtlar. Ad'to yottr j Answer; not too grcnti education, |hv frictilty advlsor v ,, dent counselor, or principal ot'f,, fij your high school 'should fao <lt>n- l *'' • ' ' *" most unbefitting n «irl of I 1 .;).! '»«' unfortunate part ot it is, n.-.ir Mlsff IJix; My husband ami | K ,,| tt , c |. "fidh't SO tb colleRO |USt t0< J Wake- up to tbe futility of youi ; though, that few children n-ali.-e | have one problem which w« m ,. c t -•'boy*,' hpwuver. U'S" rnthot? ! wasted love, the possibilities of a • how fortunate they are to live m c-annot HRlxo on. That is the up- „„ expensive way to get acquaint*•* _"! lino luture. tbe esistniice of a." -nHisohold free from discord. j brinuinK of our two-year-old son. c< ^ ' • • ^^ happy, productive present. j While it is true that many ill- My husband Is a strict dlsclpllnn- ' , _ ' . r » >4 "; Mr. C. E. Conner of Anton, Tex' as. nnd Dale Scarbrounh o[ Mule- •lothodist Cburch mot Monday i shoe. Texas, left for their homes night. July 28. at 7:30 ;>t the' Sunday after a visit with Mr. and home of Mrs. LaGrone Williams Mrs. Pal Cqnner. ' ith Mrs. Steve Bader and Mrs. j -, . iim Hartsfield us co-hostesses. | Homer Jeter has returned home Mrs. James -McLarty, Jr.. vice- from a Texarkann hospita^ where -chairman, presided in the ah- he underwent a major operation sence of Mrs. Claude Tillcry, and i and is doing nicely. .heard reports from the different • . chairmen. Mrs. llrack Schcnek Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Reeves was in char; progrann and ranged the placement of the bier. After a private funeral Mass, at tended only by government ministers and intimate friends, he ordered the restless crowds admitted. They had shouted to see the body, and once broke a police cordon to j>e.t closer to the entrance. Houston ! Tll ° mourntul viewing of the, ' body was accompanied by an un- quire land for approach protec: ion; strengthen pav'ement on Nj runway and taxiway. Magnolia, Municipal: Fee or, 22,043, $22,043, $44,086, pa runway, taxiway and apron. Month By Month. Sales Go Up For PACKARD 1952 PACKARD "200" 4-DOOR SEDAN delivered in HOPE '2670 fPlus state and local taxes, if any. Optional equipment and white siciewall tires extra. Prices may vary slightly in nearby communities due to shipping charges. Big-CarValue At Medium-Car Cost! PACKARD sales are going up every ^ month. Here's why; Packard offers big-car value at medium-car cost! • • With pace-letting styling inside and out, tbit big '52 Packard costs lessjor what you get than any other car! • • Bxtra-wUU door* make entrance easy. Packard's roomy interiors have setott <« witlt as tbe car is high! • • Famous Ultramatlc' ', a great Packard development, is rated the industry's outstanding automatic drive. • • Packard's Thunderbolt Engine is the highest-compression eight. • • Easamatlc Power Brakes* re- attire 40% less foot pressure, take 29% less time to apply! • • Before you pay $2 SOO for a car, see and drive Packard, the big car that costs less than you'd think. ancl (laughter. Pat. of Texas, are visiting Mrs. He-eves') . , „ , purcnts, Mr. and Mrs. W. T .! expected tragedy. Gen. Juan L.sto Franks, nnd other relatives. Answer: You most c.s.surcdly need a drastic change of attitude, and have fortunately been blessed vorcos would be averted it parents nlan and punishes tho child for Many Have Survived i slopped to realize the effect of everything — climbing on chairs, Many women have shared your { the action upon their younj-stei -s, : lakiiig too long lo eat, slnniiiK or, experirnci in fact, most wo it is also true that some people talking to himself when he's out| —4» men at one time or another have. simply cannot create a luinium-io bed, etc. He says be wants to been sure their hearts were cti-r-1 Unis atmosphere around them.! be proud of the boy and that this nally broken. Somehow or other' Such a one, apparently, is your j is the only way to train him cor- they survived the tragedy of 1)0-1111011101-. Since she could not make; rectly. I feel Hint HO much spank- trayed love and lived to look back: n success of her first marriage, jni; will mnke him dull and'slow, on the oxporienco with a .smile--! and is certainly' not being too eo- j A. K. \,. if not actual laughter. You can ; operative In lilts one, it would have the same happy ending to; .seem to be her nature, rather i Answer: Your conclusion IS your story, provided you Miss Jimmie and Johnny Willis! of Liberty, Mo., left Sunday to re j ban Vacua, director of the Army's) Superior School, .suffered a heart i attack Truman's Candidate Has Tough Battle KANSAS CITY President begin i than the fact of tbe divorce, that j ""'''h more correct that thai'of now to put all thought of your for-i is keeping your homo life un-' . V(HI1 ' husband. A hoy who;;e spirit mer sweetheart behind you. Stop' iiappy. ' i lms h . t!( ' n completely broken by dwelling on the misery be caused; '' constant, unnecessary punishment Has Own Troubles will be the dull child who will bn Probably, she In turn, however, is beset by worries of which you know nothing, so don't judge her actions too hastily. Perhaps she turn to their home after a visit i , r.i.^hl. He died shortly Percm's decision still was await- with their aunts and uncles, Mr. j ;cd on his wife's permanent burial and Paul Bain. Mr. j Mrs. J. G. Kaiser. Mr. and Mrs. ! Monroe Willis, and other relatives. place. Two suggested sites arc the i new headquarters of the multi-mil! lion dollar social foundation which Truman got another fill-in today on the difficulties facing his. personally-endorsed candidate for the Senate.. Even some of Truman's closest associates told reporters that J. E. she headed or in a great national I 'Buck) Taylor, Missouri attorney monument built for her. ! general, was facing a lough fight Temporary" interment, nt her! to defeat W. Stuart Symington for i own request, will be in tho hall of i the Democratic nomination for the low river bridge near Caddo Gapj tho G 000 000 I110 mber General La- j Senate seat now held by Sen. Kcm iCGT). She wasi(R-Mo). The Intermediate Methodist; Youth Fellowship camped nt the overue week end. Counselors | the boys were Hugh Gnrretl, Bil-1 AIR-CONDITIONED tfigjfe • TODAY ONLY® M- olowng among s memers ade her the nation's most potent ! cleanup administrator under Tru- olitical force after Peron himself, man. The President has given his but they believe he may compromise by going into a business her* do«s nel require him to give Win cituenship. Only • member of the bar h* farced to become * More Than 53% Of All Packanlt Utiilt Since IS99 Are Still In Use! INOINIIilD JQ OMf PI1POIM-IUILT TO OUTlAiT THIM AiLI ONLY PACKARD BRINGS YOU NEW tASAMATK POWER BRAKES FOR QUICKER, EASIER STOPS! Nwkml Iwt •t»»k°,the»utom»ucdrivethat !•«!«•, world's highwt-com- «ad fresh exterior colors accent exceU ia wnoothness, safety pression eifht, bu up to 2S% Packard's low lines. Seats *re •ad depettd«hilit>'. fewer working pans th*o en- as wide as the car is high. (iv* s-ou^&ste*. cask* stops * * V««kw4 Mtety-ftaM *re» goes 4.287 teparate factory with 40% l*s» foot pressure- of 3,046 s%. in- gives you com- inspections. "Built like • t*kt 29% less tiiac to apply! .- piece, aU-attHMW visibility. Paciard" means built to QWXS ONS you check the LOW t - , , - <prices of the BIG '52 KID'S GAME! BRIAN DONLEVY CLAIRE TREVOR FORREST TUCKER VERA RALSTON LUIHEit ADUK JOHN RUSSELL tin- unofficial head of the CGT, and| Symington served as secretary her following among its members) of the Air Force and as Rl'C IP p The slim beauty was regarded as support to Taylor. the most powerful woman in poll-1 He hasn't, so far, taken sides u tics in the world. j the gubernatorial primary bctsveer Tho nation's military chiefs do- former Gov. Phil Donnelly and creed her a funeral hitherto re- Rep. Phil Welch CD-Mo), served for Presidents who died in) Truman spent virtually all o ' office. i Two days of national grief and i 3!) days of official mourning were ! declared. I Tho CGT promised a perpetual ! gu.ard, floral offerings and a sym! bolic flame, always at her tomb. | Unprecedented mourning by Ar| gentina's masses — who called her i F.vita (Little Eva) and looked upon ! her as a Cinderella who had risen •om their own ranks to heights C glory — began the instant her oath was announced. As church ells slowly knelled, vast crowds noli in a night-long vigil in the ;un. Women wept openly, some in state of. near collapse. On Sun- ay all flags were dipped- to half staff. Buildings and lampposts hroughout the nation were draped n black. you, sto|i reveling in tbe limelight you now enjoy as a wan. jilted maiden. The days when a broken romance doomed a girl to eternal grief were in the last century — they have no place in this atomic age. You are lucky to have found a man who cares enough for you t<> put up with your lamentations ov-- r a lost love, lie deserves better j .•ealmenl than that, doo.sn'l he'.' ; iount your blessings, and forget • lie tragedies of tho past. Hut, on't many your nice young man! mtil you are sure that you have i juried the past, and buried ilj loop! A good husband is entitled | o more than the dregs of a vvarmj d-over romance. When you can' ; jo back to your home town with! 10 desire to dwell on memories, j you're cured! And make it soon!| Time's a waslin'! 11 i'i-i'(ltt to im ""'>• 'I''"- 1 milm-iil cvimsity of n youn«.sii>r .shuuld In- ciuHHii-uKiHl—-not quelled. Your lufs- bund is nlrondy depriving himself Rolenscil By Tho Bell SyndlCfttOt Inc. " ' a HOPE DRIVE IN THEATRE; Q, Majn A Country Club. rd. TUE8. A WED, Cartoon & Short WYlll MOTOR CO. STARTS WEDNESDAY and the; V Horse^ yesterday in his penthouse suite at. the Hotel Muehlebnch, talkin, with old friends and political as sociates. He returned to his horn at nearby Independence for th night. He likely will return to Knnsa City for further conferences tomoi row. The President plans to re main' in Missouri until he votes i the primary Aug. 5. Louisiana to Name Congressmen NEW ORLEANS A cuiiet political campaign end tivlay with primary voting for Woman Parachutes to Her Death BUDD LAKE, N. J. (/P) A prett mother, her parachute failing to open, plunged 2,500 feet to her death yesterday in an initiation for a parachuting club formed by Dear Miss Dix: When I was aj| small child 1 had a serious opor-' ation which left me hard of hear-j ing. I had lo be taken out ofi school in the tenth grade because i of illness. Now 1 can't seem to! find any friends. I am 21! years old and don't want people to fool sorry' for me, bu,t it does make me lonely to stay homo all tho time because of my hearing. B. B. Answer: You are by no means | in a hopeless predicament. Hoar-j ,ing pids are so efficient today, j antt' .so inconspicuous lhat they I can be worn almost without do-1 -lection. My strongest .suggestion: would be to got one, then make) an attempt to further your oduca-| tion, though you write a beauti-' ful letter for a girl who didn't iinisb high school. 11 you would like to work on u Worthwhile project, contact yourj| local borne or school for the deaf, where yur experience as » hard- of-hearing person would equip you e of confusion and «.«>m'™ b . l ?, t ? h ?! P near hysteria as 24-year-old Mrs. Dorothy Berard of Harrison tuiii bled from the small plane, clawed less -hearing. It would ulso help you to make u place for yourself in the world. Poor hearing need UiUU J.IUI1) HIU aiiiail i^icii*^, i.ju>>>-" . .... . desperately at the parachute and no longer cut poop o off from .so- finally fell in a cabbage patch, j ^ly as it once did. "I killed her, I killed her,"; ~~ ~ . . sobbed her griefstricken husband, I ^Dea^M.^U.x: < w.mt^to join Joseph, who organized the Sky-- the WAC but have no idea how _ U *JDV- JJII. V>UW *_ii^**n««*^« b**v. »-"-^ seven seats in the lower House of, Divers club) a pn rachutiiig-for fun to K«V about it. C;,n you Kive im- '' Joe McDookes • News » LAST DAY • B, R, Hamm Motor Co, JAMES MASON FINGERS Congress and a few minor state positions. Democrats voted in seven of the i-ight congressional districts. Rep. Jarncs H.'Morrison was unopposed in the Sixth District. Opposed incumbents were Rep. F. Edward Hebert, First Dislrict; Rep. Hale Boggs, Second District; Rep. Edwin Willis, Third District; Rep. Overtoil Brooks, Fourth Dis- lrict; and Rep. Otto Passman, Fifth District. .Rep. Henry Larcade Jr., 62, Seventh District, and Rep. A. Leonard Allen, 61, Eighth District, ire retiring. Republicans also voted for two congressional candidates in the First District. Democratic winners in the Second and Fifth Districts also will face GOP opposition in ihe November election. 1> Gentry, and Billy Wray. Counselors for the girls were Mrs. Hugh Garrelt, Mrs. Roy Fosler, j Miss Kathleen Broach, and Vivion Ross. The campers were Carolyn Lewallen, Loretta Munn, Patricia McGill, Margie Vickers, Linda Moore, Carolyn Story, Bil-j lie Joe Yount, Coe Ardith Harrie, j Linda Polk, Kitty Jones, Joe Polk, William Perkjns. Dick Brouch, Birkelt Wylie, Koyce Weisen berger, Jr., Bobby Story, Larry Garretl, Jerry Garrett. Kev. Virgil Keeley. Judy and Danny poin- c-d the group Sunday night and returned to Hope Monday afler hoon. Ho coUapsec i when she fell. ' ' lhc information'.' RUSK Kj VJ14IV. l*li \_W»!«l-'lJ*-*-l TT«»*.ll uti*- . ;. rj About 700 spectators ' at the ini Answer: Ihe Army . R Cation exercises al Budd Lake- Station in the city nearest you airport shrieked and shouted for will give you complete. . mtorma-l the woman lo pull Ihe ripcord as tion on -joining the service mid. she hurtled to the ground. Many j will be vc;^y ^lad^to boli^you. Dear Miss Dix: If parents knew Whal are believed lo have been 1 what-separation does to their chil- the first photographs ol the moorr dren I don't think there would were made in 1849. '• bu a « "i"''y divorces. I should women fainted. Moore Bros. Serving You Since 1896 DIAL 7-4431 FREE DELIVERY FRESH DRESSED TENDER FRYERS Lb. 53 c FRESH HOME GROWN A flV Lady Cream Peas 3 Lbs // c COUOR CARTOON t STARTS WEDNESDAY • An exciting New First Run (Musical! "to Btfe of New Ytii" Mrs. Dorsey McRa(-, Sr. returned yesterday from Denver, Colorado where' she visited her son. Bruce McRae, and Mrs. Me- Rat-. FRESH BUITER BEANS Lb. NO. 2 CAN PIE CHERRIES 5 Cons YEUOW Tka BEI1E 8J- : NEW YORK Mrs. Dorsey Mc-Rae, Sr. attend- j ed a meeting of the nominating j 11 committee of the Ouachita Pres-j I 1 byieria in Hot Springs yesterday. BANANAS 2 Lb*. 5 '^?; Hospitpi Notes M-S«% Josephine Admitted: Mr*- r. JaovRf ' $&^£i PIUSBURY — 4 FLAVORS CAKE MIXES 3 111 Summer Merchandise. We must make room for New Fall Goods. Buy at big savings things you will get of immediate wear. .... *4 Entire Stock Summer Dresses Redu AND OTHER PRICES Many have been reduced below frhe prices. All are reduced from 331/3 to*80% sale: SPECIAL GROUP OF 6 SUMMER SUITS The color didn't sell. We've decided to • give away at this low price. One was 29.98 R ••••-- • '*)'' MBp«|p : ' :! ^ Mil ENTIRE STOCK SUMMER SKIRTS and other prices. Reduced 33/3 to 60% Blue Denims included. SLEEVELESS BLOU - 50 $3-°° Entire stock,-out they go to moke room for Ideal for school wear in September and/ A FEW FULL LENGTH SEERSUCKER ROBES NYLON CREPE ROBES (PA5TEU&) "Seven Keyi to Foil Fashion*' 1 (Style Show) August

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