Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1935
Page 3
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tas crcL Mrs, Sid Henry Telephone 821 Oh, I have come to know by journeying far, How happiness is found in simple things: The Sabbath stillness of late afternoon: A collage sliver-thatched beneath the moon; A supper table blessed by evening grace: Sweet benediction of the rain against my face; Across the [jointed desert of the sky, One lone bird's flight; A garden where white lilies shine at night. .. I often wonder who has set my task Of learning where true joy i.s found nt last; Perhaps it's God.—Selected. • A —!"'! i —.- T' Miss..Haltio Anne FVilcl is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. A. L. Severance and Miss Marion Severance in Durant. Oltlu. r'Mr. and Mrs. Finley Ward and son, Ej&hby, who have spent the past few rtkmlhs living in Texarkana, have re- Itirned to the city and nrc occupying tljeir homo on North Hcrvcy street. ,'A.s spocial compliment to Mrs. Hnttie W. Caraway of Jonosbon and Wash; iAslori! who lias been « distinguished /jAlcsl in the city for the past few ctey.s, Mrs. Harry J. Lemlcy and Mrs. William Kendall Lomley entertained nt a beautifully planned tea on Tuesday -afternoon from 3 to 6, at tliu home of the former on South Edgc- \yoocl street. A profusion of the falls liveliest blossoms, with gorgeous PRINTZESS COATS and SUITS , A Complete S ock in Hie Very Neurst Styles and Colors. ladies Specialty Shop ehrysanthemufs predominating were used throughout the reception suite, with lighted tapers shedding their soft rays, completing the decorations, The guests were cordially greeted by Mr.1. L. M. Lllc, Mrs. Eugene White and Mrs. B. C. Shipp. Mrs. K. O. MeRae presented the guests to the receiving line, which Included the hostesses, honorce, Mrs. Lloyd Spencer and Mrs. Mary Lemley. Dispensing hospitality in the reception rooms were Mrs. Dorsey McRae, Mrs. A. F. Hanegan, Mrs. J. T. West, Mrs. C. C. Spragins, Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, Mrs. William Duckett, Mrs. A. D. Brannan, Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Clyde Hill and Mrs. Sid Henry. Mrs. N. W. Denty invited the guests Into the dining room where Mrs. W. Y. Foster served as hostess. The dining room decorations were of dainty chrysanthemums and roses, with yellow tones being stressed. The dining table, which has been in the Lemlcy family for generations, very beautiful in its elegnnl simplicity, was centered with a huso bowl of Talisman roses and baby breath resting on Irish poinl lace. Crystal candelabra held pale vellow tapers which gleamed softly itmmg the exquisite flower arrangc- ncnt. Mrs. E. S. Greening and Mrs. -losea Garret t poured from massive silver services. Assisting Mrs. Foster in the courtesies of the dining room were Mrs. William Glover, Mrs. Albert Graves, Mrs. Dick Watkins and Misses Louise Hanegan and Helen McRae. On leaving the dining room the guests were greeted in the front] reception room by Mrs. Thos. Brew- stcr, Mrs. O. A. Graves and Mrs. W. 1'. Gorham. Out-of-town guests for this very delightful occasion were Mrs. Horace Bcmis, Mrs. Mary Montgomery, Mrs. 7'om Bcmis, Mrs. Harvey Bcmis, Mrs. Tom McRac, Jr., Mrs. Duncan McHne and Mrs. Henry Moore of Prcscolt and Mrs. William Glover of Malvcrn. , Dr. P. B. Carrigan left on No. 8 j Wednesday for Jackson, Tcnn where he will attend the annual meet of the National Fox Hunters association. been the rfucst of Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd ' f f Spancef for the past few days left Wednesday morning tor her home in Johesboro. While in the city, Mrs. Cafuway was the inspiration for a number of delightful social functions. Mrs. Will Reed and Mrs. Jim BRrWrH Hailfi Sela«isip'<J of Magnolia were Tuesday visitors inl * , f » „ " city. and Joe E. Brown A birthday cdcbruon for Mrs. W 0" ^ rfi f : 'Over Ethiopia" at the Saenger ilm, . .... Mrs. Harris was celebrating her 83rd birthday. Her great granddaughter was observing her first birthday anniversary. Both were presented with a number of presents. A birthday dinner was n highlight of the celebration. Tabernacle Texts for Restof Week Rev. Bert Webb Speaks From John 7:46 at Meeting Tuesday Night The Rov. Bert Webb spoke at the tabernacle Tuesday night from the text "Never Man Spake Like This Man." John 7:<I6. The authority nnd conviction with which Christ spoke were especially stressed, and the fact that Christ did not mince words but went right to the heart of things, as he did with Nicodcmus in telling him "Yc must be born again." | The following subjects were announced for the week: j Wednesday night—"The Blood Cov- ! enant." I Thursday night—"What Is the Grc-al ! Tribulation and Whom'Will It Affect." Friday night—"Which Church Is the Right Church." with a minimum of „..., e , follows him like his shadow. Tills is but one of the many unusual, Impressive scenes In Paromounl's "Wings Over Ethiopia," at the Snengcr Thursday and Friday, starring, renl life picture, the fii-st full i cngt h f da lure of this, until recently, obscure empire in Africa. Hnilc Selassie, emperor of this strange kingdom, one of the most cdt orful figures in the world today, has been photographed In many inUmatd sconM, both In his ancient palacft aftid In his public* life at Addis Ababa. Glimpse.-) of his family in the itf» portal court gardens are also seen. Other thrilling, Informative so- tjuencea include pictures of the "Sea- nomlc, political, civil, legal and eer-» emonial life of natives, ranging from the market places of Addis Ababa tp the wild hill tribes In the mountainous Interior. • - • • Joe E. Brown, the funnei-'mouihed comcdiari Is the other feature on tlils Thursday and Friday double .program at the Saenger In what is heralded ua his most uproarious comedy romance/ In addition to Joe's laugh-provoking stunts, there are four lively songs, for the picture is one of'back stage life and the singing comes iri naturally. . ; '_ \ /_ . Joe E., himself sings and dances and does acrobatic stunts with the famous Curd of fhnnkt Wi Wish to thank our many friends And neighbors for their many acts of klndfless' to us in the Illness and at the death of our mother, Mrs. J. M Wttght, Atoo for the beautiful floral offerings and othtr expressions of synipathy. • • ' Walter Wright . Fred Wright '."•".' Mrs. T, T, Massey '•''•'. • • Mrs. L. 3, Baird. Maxcllos.',.':,..' ; Scbre.4'0/ pretty chorus and dancing 'girls appear,'in thfe theatrical sequences but "Bright Lights" Is rtelther'a-,mti*ical dr a farce, but a stirring, romantic comedy. A few. centuries ago, a man's rank or station In, life could be told by the kind, of bird he used in the sport of hawking. Kings Used the gyrfalcoi), carls the peregrine, yeomen the goshawk, poor'men the tercel, and knaves the kestrel. A Faithful Poftftlt Samuel F. B. Morse was ah eminent painter before he inveiited telfegra^iy, He painted a scene showing a nttn in death-agony once, and asked a physician friend to exafnlne it: *.W*11?" Mors<e Inquired aftti 1 the doctor had scnitlnl««d the picture. "What's your opinion?" The physician removed his spec-, incles, turned to Morse and commented: "Malarla!"- ; -AiTierican Mumbrlst, * . ^4». u*_ Without bees there would be no cucumber crops, except those pollinated by hand. . See Our Selected Line of New FALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens in the Newest Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland Swift* ftr^ tt&SitM Of bird flyers: It i9 ¥BM fot Perfectly nownftl •~- - i™-^—•••^•pp^ ATbeeDay*'® No matter liow ffififif wanes as the Is loosened atidv expelled, •Even if ether failed, don't be flruggist is auth Ci-eomul6ion and to money if you are not results ftom the very am, Get OreomUlsion right now, U rWAl^*** ' A : ^SS? W " to FROM ROBISON'S COMES THIS There may be war in Ethiopia . . and trouble brewing in China but it's "TOP HAT" Sunday at thc-^ Miss Margaret Swain of England, Ark., is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. J. K. Sales and Mr. Sales. TONITE m BENEFIT m Boys Band Uniforms "Powdersmoke Range" 14 14 Western Stars llemle.l hy HOOT GIBSON & HARRY CAUEY THUR 2:30 Mat. •§«•_ &FRI Thur I3G EXTRA Double Program Tliis you will find is NOT a News reel! In celebration of the birthday anniversary of her daughter, Miss Margaret Kinser, Mrs. Thos. Kinser entertained at a tempting four course dinner Monday evening at her home on South Main street. Being the Armistice anniversary, patriotic colors were used in the decorations, being stressed In the central adornment of the dining table, which WHS flanked with red candles tied with blue and white. Covers were laid for the honoree, Miss Margaret Powell, Miss Opal Garner, Miss Knlherine, Briant, Mrs. Henry Summcvvillc, Miss Ray Webb, Mrs. Clyde Coffee and Mrs. Bill Wrny. Fol- I lowing the dinner a scries of bridge j games was played, with the high score j favor going to Miss Opal Garner. The ' honorce received a number of lovely gifts. .. Mrs. William Glover and little son, Dorsey David who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRae (or the past week will leave Thursday for their home in Malvcrn. Mrs. Hattie W. Caraway who has - ^ = Helen Wclsltimer -and for the laugh of the week! AND HOW IT TRANSFORMS HANDS REBEAUTIFIES Y OU will adore the dainty ipursc- size Chamberlain's Lot i o n which the coupon brings you. You will enjoy quick-drying lotion. . wu w... u c amazed at how it re-beautifies hands and skin. Not sticky or gummy, a blend of thirteen imported oils, it is a complete beauty treatment — one you must try. USE THIS COUPON Chamberlain Labpratorica, ."lia . DCS Moinc/, Iowa. jlPleasa send (rco trial size of your !| lotion. j Name. _ _ i AddrM» trying this n. You will be DUNKIRK SOX HITT'S 5rownBt Shoe Store The return to the old-fashioned in- sUtution called a honeymoon is one of signs that prosperity, which we have been chasing around a hat, really may he hiding out somewhere. Brides and bridegrooms, if you please, are traveling to Niagara Falls. They are standing in the moonlight, at the water. They are buying picture postcards to send back home. They arc off on a holiday, getting acquainted. The United Pro.ss, believing that honeymoons are a barometer of prosperity, made n survey in the city by the waterfall—a survey which revealed that there has been nn increase of about 30 per cent in the number of rcgistraticns of ncwlywcds this year as compared to the corresponding period of 193-1. A honeymoon is a luxury. A man and a woman can fit the key in their own front door on the day of their marriage quite as easily as postponing I', while they ride in cars or on trains I to some special scenic point to eel- , ebrate the fact that hereafter they are , I going to have breakfast together every I morning of every year. Honeymoon Can't Be Postponed During the last few years honeymoons have been on the wane. The money was needed for chairs on which to sit. and dishes on which to cat. :|| Therefore, the boys and girls and men and women who have been tuning their hearts to the same tempo have deferred their honeymoons until some future time. Next year, in five years, sometime, we'll go to Vienna or Los Angeles or Niagara, they told each other; and sometimes they believed it. The time for a honeymoon is immediately after the wedding ceremony. Traveling somewhere with the one you love beat is twice as much fun before you know that ho is going to send buck his eggs if they are boiled three minutes instead of two, and that he always whistles tha same melody when he shaves. Betlcr Start for Married Life Marriages without ;i doubt, should get off to a better start now that ;i bride doesn't have to hurry home from the office on her wedding day, to get dinner, or, at the bc-st, merely gets a week-end holiday at the hegin- ning of her martial adventure. I Sociologists and psychologists have 1 often contended that marriage has a better chance to begin smoothly if the two people concerned have some time, away from all obligations and ac qimintances, in which to become ad- ,= justed to each other. Even martial in- !( j dependence depends on financial independence. Now that the honeymoon mecca. is receiving its pilgrims again marriage is getting off to a belter start. Clergymen, too, are reporting more ,_,_ weddings and bigger wedding fees. i|f This, too, is indicative of the fact that ji •there is more money available. i'lt Hepression Delayed Weddings H Young people, of marriageable age, have suffered greatly from the economic entanglements into which the nation was plunged a while back. Boys and girls had to postpone marriage because the boy s didn't have jobs. Lots of them still are looking at diplomas from schools of business administration and wishing that there was some business to administer. Not being able to marry, these same young people have been forced to postpone parenthood. After all, a honeymoon is one of the lesser things they have had to forego. Those who wore able to marry at all were so fortunate they could afford to give up the sound of rushing water along the Canadian border. | Now that honeymoons are in again, 1 I. uugui-.s well for marriage in gen- rul. Soon bridegrooms may be buy! ing engagement rings for their girls as naturally as our fathers and grandfathers did, and the narrow wedding 1 band will be guarded in the old time I manner. Receptions and orange blossoms and wedding marches may be re-! vivud, too. In fact, getting married] may assume the (importance of a social event again! That Is Sure to Be An Yard Wide Extra Heavy OUTING Yard Children's Ribbed UiHON SUITS 39c Knee Length Short Sleeves Our Regular $1.00 Yard Prints���Stripes—Florals Large Dots, Small Dots, Checks A Gay Assortment of Colors Men's Ribbed 70"x 80" NASHUA 25% Wool Blankets Regular Price $4.98 it Isn't every day that you g:-t such an opportunity. A b|ff, -wann, 25 per cent WOOL Plaid Blanket with 2-inch Satin bound edges. Colors arc Blue| .(Green, Lavender and Rose. Here's a Marvelous Value -PRODUCER Your Choice of Men's CORDUROY PANTS That We Regularly Sell for $2.98 «P-I •'•'•'.? -itf^VtX..- *j£very Size and Kind BOYS' ALL WOOL SWEATERS Siip-Over Style 98c Men's 8 oz. Sanforized Shrunk PAY-LES OVERALLS 00 Winter Weight Suit Look at 147 PAIRS LADIES TIES-PUMPS Women's Rayon Stripe JERSEY LOOMERS C Pair Regular and Double X Size in Values Up to $3.98 YOUR CHOICE ONLY $ Sizes 4 to 6«/ 2 Here's an accumulation of odds and ends in Ladies Dress Shoes that we have grouped for a quick sale. They arc not the latest styles but for a dollar you will get a well-made, comfortable filling and long wearing shoe. It's First Cproe, First Served—So Hurry Triple Stitched Bar Tacked Full Cut Plenty of Pockets Men's Heavy Fleeced Lined SWEATERS 98c Coat Style "Kongo Koat" Cotton Suede JACKETS Regularly Priced at $1,98 $ 1.39 Elastic or Cossack Style Bottom- MEN—Here's a Real Bargain. The Leading Department Store We Give Eagle Stamps ^j^^^t Hope eo. W. Robison 6* Co. Prescott Nashville

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