The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on June 25, 1976 · Page 38
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 38

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1976
Page 38
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PAGE 38 THE LIVELY ARTS THE INDIAN U OLI S STAR Bv Corl)in Patrick Mystery Film Baffles Master Sleuths 7k fab TT S TIME we had a good laugh, and nobody is better qualified to tickle your risibilities than Neil Simon, who is fepresented here h.s week in a ne movie titled "Murder by Death.'' It opens today at the Georgetown and Carlyle theaters. . Simon, hitherto known chiefly for Broadway comedy hits including ' Plaza Suite" and "The Odd Couple," makes highly amusing fun of all the cliches of detective fiction in his script for this Im. In doing this he's turned a neat trick, making it suspenseful as well as funny. It's a gem of its genre. The laughs are extra. ; Because the story is full of surprises, we can't tell you too much about its plot that wouldn't be fair. "But you should know that it features a stellar cast representing the greatest detectives (fictional) of modem times. THERE IS PETER Falk playing Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade a remarkable impersonation. David N'iven and Maggie Smith are the counterparts, thinly disguised, of Nick and Nora Charles, remembered from the "Thin Man" films. Peter Sellers impersonates Charlie Chan, under the pseudonym of Sidney Wang Two Agatha Christie favorites are representated in this international gathering of sleuths James Coco as Hercule Poirot and Elsa Lancaster as Jane Marple. That isn't what they are called in the movie, but you'll recognize them. Add Alec Guinness as the butler, who is blind, and Nancy Walker as the cook, who is a deaf mute and can't read English, and mix thoroughly. That is exactly what Truman Capote does in the role of Lionel Train, their host for an evening of haunted memories. The result is a squeaking door mystery comedy, done with uncommon sophistication in the script and polished acting in the performance. WE MIGHT ADD, HOWEVER, that Simon cheats a little himself, after chiding past masters of detective fiction for the loose ends they drop in solving their murders. But in this case it's fun to be fooled, even though it may leave you wondering about a character or two. Train, as played by Capote, is a swishy character who sends each of these celebrated sleuths this message, suitably engraved: "You are cordially invited to dinner and a murder." They come because they are in-.' trigued, arriving at the spooky, isolated t mansion at the height of a storm that continues to rage all night. The murder, tthey are told, will occur at midnight. 'The identity of the intended victim is unknown perhaps one of them. Even when things begin to happen, I they are extremely deceptive. When you see the film, don't repeat the mistake of the assembled detectives, who are ARTIST S impression of stors impe fiction in "Murder Bv Death." mvsterv at the Carlyle and George'own theate inclined to believe what they see. It's not that simple. In fact, we can't say exactly what it is. But you'll have a good time, we think. EACH OF THE SLEUTHS reacts and tries solving the mystery in characteristic fashion. And the actors, entering into the spirit of the occasion, play their parts in all sincerity, also superbly. Other members of the cast who should be mentioned are ancient Estelle Winwood as Miss Marple's nurse, Eileen Brennan as Sam's girlfriend. James Cromwell as Poirot's chauffeur, and Richard Narita as Chan's No. l son. rsonating famous sleuths of detective comedy by Neil Simon opening toady rs. 'Seven Keys . . IF GEORGE WASHINGTON is the father of his country, George M. Cohan must be its favorite son, judging by the popularity of his plays in this bicentennial year. "Seven Keys to Baldpate," third by or about him to be seen here this season, is now in its second and final weekend at the Theater-in-the-Woods, which plays in a pleasant sylvan setting behind the Jewish Community Center at 6701 Hoover Road. This one hasn't aged sufficiently to be hilariously bad like such dated melodramas as "The Drunkard" and "Egad, What a Cad." But it must have seemed deucedly clever when it was new in 1913 and it's still mildly entertaining in 1976. IN VIEW OF ITS limited stage facilities and other resources, this production lacks the dash and style of Cohan's "The Tavern." as the Indiana Reper tory Theater gave it recently. And it doesn't have the sentimental iharm of the flag-waving songs in the musical based on Cohan's life. "George MI", which also is playing this weekend at the Civic Theater. But the large cast directed by Daniel Kasie gives it a good whirl despite a mish-mash of manners in the acting. John Griffin is especially smooth as the clarion-voiced hero, a writer of popular fiction' who agrees to spend a night in the presumably haunted inn at the top of Baldpate and produce a finished novel to win a $5,000 bet. IT'S WINTER, the off-season, so the inn is an awfully spooky place at best, you see. Bland, the author, is supposed to have the only key. But in the course of the evening six other characters let themselves in with the only key, too. They are a mixed lot of political crooks, for the most part, who use the inn to stash their illicit cash. Their game is thwarted by a girl reporter and the hermit who inhabits the place. It's not all that simple, of course. But here again there is an element of surprise, so we'll not say more. The Bertorellis, Aldo and Dorothea, help Griffin wrap it up tidily with deft character work at the beginning and the end as the keepers of the inn. "The Seven Keys to Baldpate" will be repeated tomorrow at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 and 8. Noble County Ready STAR STATE REPORT Kendallville, Ind. The Noble County Bicentennial observance willl begin Sunday and run through July 4 at the Noble County Fairgrounds. Daily and nightly events will include craft shows and entertainment. CAPTAIN HOOK is dismayed by a menacing crocodile in Waif Disney's "Peter Pan," cartoon reissue opening today at the Arlington, Castleton, Greenwood, Speed-day, Meridian and National. LITTLE INDY BOWL 32S S. COLLEGE 1 2 Like-New Modern Low SUMMER SPECIAL Mon.-Frt. 45c Game Sat & Sun. 50c Gome CALL 632-2879 8 uxurv Elegance The Clastic Motor Lodge. 47trj Wet Sixteenth islreet ''At tlic Spccd'Aayl-MfTdiice'' lnl:iri,ipo!is4r2L'2 317 WU7l. "MOLL ElAkinCDC" 44 I eniWklXtJ . x . "A boii'erout bog ol burletquo" ?' Charln Stall. NEWS f "A lively musical romp" coram nmck, stak SPECIAL TUES. PRICE hlUUM a a A e. VinriEK A SnWTT f only O PIUS TAX leectel price eaM net epl ft VI rt IL Pes m-A J-L -vl n rtij ? ir Alt i NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS DINNER SHOW SUN. JULY TSth m ivki'i frogs JV . I I WtIK I'll "M 1S0 jack nichouon III xvxzzx riEWOVERTHE 1 1 "GABLE i L( CUCKOOS WEST J CTESEH mmmmmmmmr mini i 7:00 Adm Advlh tl 30. CMttVv, NOW TH1U ATUDAVI Jotw, MOtIN J,U ClATIUtG "GABLE t LOMBARD" eo t e 30 UHO (K ; All CINE MAS-BARGAIN MATS EVtRY DAY 'TIL 210P.M. 'ST. 501 F1 "i 1 iMt r.M r "i'i wi (MHo.j.l'iiif.M, wuki PBtSIDtNTSMfN f!"!i''' ';; .1 PI; "LIFEGUARD" lAlrliP, 'f AXI DRIATK j nAMi. k PETEIv vPiN fj L 'I' 'JMjs-M JJJ IXII M. -'1 J2r ! 1 J A ill I en timuM ' f man A-, i mi ni DOt Snor it' Omi ho I MIIHilOl rOlWf,l 'HIltKIH J I "i "f . Stl' . Vou'll be swept way '.' , to a Never Land L j of spectacle :;: -jTJi and song! Q Bjfa Vtj U'WiDuKOi Co , tn;. Mm "TKt HORU WITH TM 'LTIHO mt" IT fDOOII THITI WIT? ta ftttw Orlvt Ini Only Dlinir'l ' tummt U WltiK Mountain (0) UL1I1QL1 The only thing you on'r hove in this perfect world of totol pleasure is your 30th birthday. 1 Logan is 29. METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER presents A SAUL DAVID PRODUCTION "LOGAN'S RUN" starring MICHAEL YORK' JENNY AGUTTER RICHARD JORDAN ROSCOE LEE BROWNE FARRAH FAWCETT-MAJORS & PETER USTINOV -screenplay by DAVID ZELAG GOODMAN Based on the novel "LOGAN'S RUN" by WILLIAM F. NOLAN and GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON Music-JERRY GOLDSMITH Produced by SAUL DAVID Directed by MICHAEL ANDERSON Filmed in TUUD-AU and METROCOLOR I now a bantam bq5k ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK ALBUM AVAILABLE ON MOM RECORDS AND TARES ALL THEATRES . BARGAIN MATINEES EVERY DAY TIL 2:30 P.M. TIMES DAILY 12:43, 3:00, 3; IS 7:30, 9:43 SIDE ONE 1 00. 310. 5:20. 7 30, 0 40 SIDE TWO 12:30, 2:40, 4 50, 7:00, 9:10 TIMES DAILY 1:20, 3:33, 3:33, 7:43, 10:00 yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiB free OM-ttreet mriiln a AjMe. iMk El Attav AealM 11.00. CMleVen 71 E 0IH I M STARTS M E Tx MANEUX In 1 "JACHSON COUNTY JAIl" (I) TONWIT X em E OCBNSON In E "W IAD MAMA" (l g TONMHT Ti40 iniiiiiiiiyiiiiRiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiifl 215 N. loW for Ut YlrJA "DESK SET" , 3 Act Comedy obout 4 lovely tareuriet duelinfl o computer ond on eHecieney exoerl to keep their join. Storrinfl MRS. m GERARD oaour iatu AVAiueie OPEN 12: ITIrlTS , 1:00 ILl lUTt Till ! Well OIINirt "PETER PAN" ioi 1:10, li, I:, TiM. fiM eii siinit ruruerm "TNI MOISI WITH THi Um 7.11" 0 liOO. liOB, lial, IM, Ml rrxrxTTsnrn both theaters . LATE SHOWINGS fri a sat NOW! 1.1 CITY SHOWINGS (continuous I ALL SEATS $1 IATESHOWII MATINEES DAILY 60 'til 2:30 PM SHOWINGS FRI It SAT efTlfl'ffl'a HiramiMiONPftScms mm CHARLTONHESTON HENRYFONDA TODAV;-2:25,4-55,7:15,9:i5,i;:00 THEY WERE NOT FORGOTTEN BY HISTORY THEY WERE LEFT OUT ON PURPOSE! . MARVIN REED CUL -TtiTN- , TODAY:-?:30,450,7:2Q,:30, 1 1:25 PM Starts TODAY EXCLUSIVE SHOyVINGS CONTINUOUS MATINEES DAILY LATE SHOWINGS ALL SEATS $1.50 'til 2:30 PM rmoioMi TODAY; - 2:15,3:55,5:35,7:30,9:30, IMP PM NFJL SIMONS COLLMBIA IKU'RES v A RAY STARK ITwIlH lion , NKII. SIMONS "Ml KDlit 11V DLATH ir.v.vz v. 'Jiihi toal i'ftv: HI1TA' mXXWH TRIMAM.MlITi: LAMKSOK'XI I1TI K I AI K AI.H: (11 1.NNKSS LLSA lAMWESTIK UAMU MTU ITER SI IJ.I KS MVJili: S.Mmi NAM.1 WAIJvliR ismii. WINWOOD Ml CRL'M:STT,I'H1A CRIMl.S M.II.SIMOV RY STARK WIHi;RT MOOKK RViTAR G wo'i ricuci sguirii-::- THE BETTfcR OUTDOOR TMEATEHij IAFAYETTE RD. ' N on US 2 Cor W Stih SHAD ELAND SOUTH 31 ,7ioo e u ii shibv TnRilf ewe exclusive miVl W bVb. OUTDOOR SHOWINRS The girl is12. The guy is ataxi driver. What happensto both of themwillshockyou. V 1 w I) '(XHMIIIAfOLmi ROBERT DENIRO TAXI DRIVER A BILLPHILLIPS ProducUon of MARTIN SCORSESE Film JODIE FOSTER ALBERT BROOKS as Tom HAlWKFJTEq LEONARD HARRIS PETER BOYLE aTwirdfl "VDIll f l irni irnr r M RKiDti'un r77hP ana 1 DILL JncrncKU as Ketsy esS warren beatty julie chrislie goldie haw 3 3 K iv it

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