Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1935 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 13, 1935
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A Thought Pot tliou, tardVwiW Mfc» tha H*hledtisj with favour Wilt Ihou compass him As with fl shlfcld 5ii2, I Hope • 1 ,*i! $''\oV '' ' '' ''"iJX."<J 4 ^.V ''" 1 "- •'' ' VOLUME 37-NUMBER 27 HOPE, ARKANSAS, «t,ir of Mope is»»; Press, January IS, Here and There -Editorial By ALEX H. WASHBURM- NOV 1,000 Feet of New Sidewalk Is to Be the WPA Charge Is Only $14 Per 50 Feet—Property Owners Signing Up BUILD DRIVEWAYS T HE bulwark of the American republic—her middle class- is disappearing, \ve are told in a news dispatch yesterday which was based on a new book by Lewis Corey. century ago, Mr. Corey said, 80 per cent of America's population derived its income from the ownership of property. Today, only 12 per cent of the people depend upon property-ownership. Stating it from another angle, Mr. Rllllf HV thP WPA A°ccntury ago only 20 per cent of LlUllt WJ MIC Tl I r\ om . pcop]e dcpcndcd on a job for a living. Today, 80 per cent of them depend on salaries or wages. We have no reason to dispute Mr. Corey's figures. He is thc author of two well-known books, "Thc Decline of American Capitalism" and "The House of Morgan." In fact, the people themselves would have guessed pretty close to thc truth without looking at Mr. Corey's figures. We used to bo almost exclusively an agricultural people—and we arc no longer that. Industry has gathered thousands into great cities for thc purposes of mass production of goods. It has separated much more than half of America from the land—and, as Mr. Corey shrewdly points out, it has furthermore separated them from thc idea that actual ownership of a share of thc tangible goods of the world is necessary for their comfortable Support. XXX We have in this brief statement the whole kernel of thc problem which is confronting America today—the problem of unemployment insurance, old- age pensions, and so forth. For, while men may live comfortably on a salary divorced from property ownership, they can not live securely. A new fear has crept across Amer- ica—thc fear of millions who gambled on jobs in tho propertyless machine era, and now find old ago approach-. Iri£'-With* nothing in< iront of them to tie to and nothing behind them more substantial than a record of good work well 'done. This is the first panic to bring out that fear in our country. There were financial crashes, and unemployment, riots in 1873, in the 1890's, and in Material Cost, Paid by Owner, Is Only 9 Cents Per Square Foot Contract for construction of 1,000 feet of ncw sidewalk for Hope is expected to be signed by thc end of this week with the cost to the property owner only $14 per bO running feet. Four property owners had signed up Wednesday for more than one third of thc 1,000 feel. Other properly owners were expected to complete arrangements this week for construction of ncw sidewalks. Thc Works Progress Administration (WPA) is building sidewalks in front of homes at only ?14 per 50 running loot, which covers thc property owners share for a concrete walk four feet wide and four inches thick. H was announced Wednesday that thc WPA would also build driveways leading from the sidewalk to the street lor 9 cents per square foot. Thc WPA will also Build new con< ci'L-io walk Icatthig ftotpr-jhc- present walk to thc street for 9 cents per squre foot, thc announcement said. Charges for construction of these wnlk_s is said to be a very small part of the cost. Thc WPA is furnishing labor and other expense except material which WPA officials have fig- •fr * Chinese Ally pf Japan Assassinated Girdling ©lobe by Air Soon to Be Just a Little Matter of Buying Your Ticket •'"• ••' «>-.. -:. • • •• * <J U. S. Indignantly Denies Jap Rumor of Pact in Orient Native Japanese Papers Link America With Russia and China JAP ALLY IS SLAIN Marshal Sun Chuan-Fank, Friend of Tokyo in China, Assassinated TIENSTJN, China.—(XP)—A woman assassin Wednesday killed Marshal Sun Chuan-Fank. hitter opponent of the Nanking government and often mentioned as a possible Japanese choice to lead an independent movement in North China. ui-cd the cost at ?14 per 50 running 1 1907-8— but up to those dates America "" ' " Treaty Rumor Denied WASHINGTON-^)-Tokyo newspaper reports of a secret military alliance between the United States, Soviet Russia and China were described Wednesday at the Department of State as "too silly and ridiculous" to deserve notice. Beginning Novi2|, Leaves Single Gap Giant New Plane ; ;Wiji Make Commecrial Flight to Philippines ' '• ' AND THEN"?o CHINA Only Break in .Wo rid Girdle Is From There ! to Singapore ....•'••• SAN FRANCISCO—(NBA)—WJien the giant China Clipper takes <iff;n'tire November 22 for tts first commercial flight to Manila, the time wilMre yory near when you 'can : step intojan'air- line office and buy yoursol£% ticket Japanese Propaganda for a flight aro "«d the world. TOKYO, Japan-(/P)-Most of the- Except f or a short s P an to.con- afternoon vernacular (native) news- nect Dutch or British lines at Java papers gave prominence Wednesday to ?. r Sl " ga , pror( :, Wlth thc ncw American dispatches from Hsingking, Manchou- line at Manila or Canton, China, the kuo, of "reports reaching certain world is completely girdled by ajr- quarters" that a secret military agree- 1 p)anc . llne * r , ur >™ng on regular commercial schedules. Your annual two- week vacation will contain more .than enough flying hours to allow you to see the who.lc :rpiincl:,w6rld.'' •'-••'•• ':• AH this has beeri'happening so-fast- that it has slipped,-past many people. Remember that only eight years ago Lindbergh's magnificent New York- Paris flight showed thc world that trans-ocean air lines were just around the corner. feet. Persons willing to co-opcrale with WPA in sidewalk construction are urged to get in touch with City Treasurer Charles Reyncrson at the city hall. Mr. Reyncrson has been appointed to work out arrangements with property owners and is in a position to answer all questions concerning this project. Owner of Detroit Champions Is Dead Frank J. Navin, Boss of the Tigers, Stricken on Horse-Back DETROIT, Mich.— (/['} —Frank J. Navin, 64, owner of baseball's world champion Detroit Timers and vice- president of thc Amcnricun league, died here Wednesday «n hour after he fell, stricken by i\ heart attack, from his horse at thc Detroit Riding club. -—^OHHMr— — Au.',lrii.ii Hangman Destitute VIENNA.—(/F|—Fran/. Gauffer, sued for back alimony by his former wife, testified he was an executioner by trade but couldn't afford to pay the .sums alleged due because the bottom had fallen out of his business. It was otherwise in 1934, he said, when Austria was hanging rebels. It has been estimated that English women buy 5000 lipsticks every week. FLAPPER FANNY SAY& HEO. <l. S. PAT. OFF, was still pretty well rooted in land and thc ownership of tangible goods. | But today we arc faced by a ncw and permanently - changed condition I among our people. It is not strange that they change their mind more quickly today, that they show signs of greater emotionalism today than in the past tradition of America—nor is it a particularly dangerous condition, if recognized and met. We have paid a price for the machine and the machine-civilization that has raised thc nation to wealth ment between the United States, Soviet Russia and China is imminent. ;jThe reports alleged that Maxim -Llt- ymoff, Soviet foreign commissar, and W. W. Yen, Chinese ambassador to Russia, have already concluded the pact, which the .United States is expected to join shortly. The agreement, thc dispatches said, would obligate the signatories to maintain armed forces in thc Orient to preserve peace there. Japanese Cautious TOKYO, Japan—(/P)—Police forbade newspapers Tuesday to publish anything concerning military forces "which may be sent to China" except in official statements, indicating the possibility of armed pressure in the deepening Sino-Japanesc crisis. A foreign office spokesman said Japan contemplated no military action at Shanghai because of anti- Japanese incidents for the present. He said Tokio might have to .'sternly and power—and the machinery of thc warn" Nanking against the incidents, nation must today be adjusted to give thc people a personal security approximating that which they enjoyed when every man lived on his own farm. but expressed hope they would settled locally at Shanghai. bo 8 Children Burn to Death in Home Father Injured But Mother Escapes in North Carolina Tragedy ALEXIS, N. C.—(tt>)— Eight children of Mr. and Mrs. Hough Cunningham, farm couple, burned to death early Wednesday when flames swept thc two-story dwelling they rented on a farm near here. The ages of tho children ranged from a few months to 22 years. Cunningham was burned in an effort to warn his children of the blaze, which was discovered about 1 a. in., but his wife escaped unharmed. Guy Snow Hurt in Holiday 2 Negroes Lynched by Mob in Texas Alleged Slayers of Girl Wrested From Officers and Are Hanged COLUMBUS, Texas— (/P)— A mob of some 700 persons including several wcmen hanged two negro boys Tuesday night for the brutal slaying of Gci'aldine Kollman, 19, high school honor graduate. Ten masked and armed men forced two officers to surrender Ernest Collins, 15, and Benny Mitchell, 16, who allegedly confessed attacking the girl and throwing her body inta a creek. Fulton Negro Is Hit-and-Run Victim Quietly and efficiently the corner has been turned aljnost before we knew it. In a matter of months,-flying around thc world will have become not the daring stunt of an ace flyer, but a mere matter of buying a ticket. Sixty Hours to Manila On its first Manila flight, the China Clipper will carry no paying passengers, but shortly thereafter, as two more sister ships come into the service and further tests have been added to already exhaustive preparations, thc mere buying of a' ticket will take you frim thc Golden Gate to Manila in 60 hours, and very shirtly thereafter, six hours farther on to China, probably to Canton, Efforts are being made to connect this ncw American line direct from Manila to both the British lines at Singapore and the Dutch lines at Surabaya, Java. But in the meantime, when tho American line is extended to Canton, it will be very close to connection with an existing British line now running between Hong Kong and Singapore. Network Over Europe This short gap once closed, a magnificent array of almost parallel British, Dutch, and French airways swings west across India and the Near East to Europe. That continent is already well net-worked with Russian, German, French, Dutch, and British lines. Once in Europe, choice can be made between thc German dirigible and seadrome lines and a French line across the South Atlantic to Natal, Brazil. Here you connect with Pan- American's well-tried system to Miami. And once back in thc United States, the whole network of well- developed American airways is at your disposal for the flight back to San Francisco, completing the circuit of thc globe with no more preparation than is required by sitting down with an air traffic expert, figuring out the Gnr.Kn, Anchor and Coin Hrobs. Weight, 25 Tons ' /Luxurious, huge, powerful, thc Martin China Clipper, which soon inaugurates trans-Pacific service, is the greatest American plane yet built. Below, the world map shows how 'completion of .the Pacific line .wiuTginHe the earth with regular-schedule air routes. The solid..black line shows American lines, and the dotted ones indicate-foreign lines, cither operating or soon to be established. Very soon you will be able, to take an air trip'around thc world merely, by buying the ticket! • . • . ,.'.., ' s ;•••..',. Original Saenger Manager May Lose Eye as Result of Sham War Scene | Son Beard, 22, Found Dead ! at West Approach Of developments of a North Atlantic line, State Toll Bridge i Son Beard, 22-year-old negro, was j found dead at the west approach of the i Fulton toll bridge about 8 p. in. Tucs- ;day. He had been struck by a hit-and- Guy Snow, first manager of thc | run driver. Saenger theater here, and present I The body was discovered by an manager of the Malco system's theater | eastward-bound motorist who report- at Newport, was injured by a bomb I ed to Will Orton, bridge keeper. Up- in an Armistice Day sham battle at • on investigation Mr. Orton found Iho Newport. Fragments of the bomb, which exploded only a few feet in front of his face, struck him in the eye. Dispatches from Newport Wednesday said that Snow's condition at a hospital there was improved, but physicians feared that he might lose the use of the eye. Snow was director of u re-cnuct- negro sprawled in the middle of the pavement. A severe head injury apparently caused death. Thc negro was uncon- ;i-iou;.-, and died about a minute after Mr. Orton reached him. Hie Miller county coroner investigated and tuid that the negro up- 1'a thinks tlio ideal big family j 3 two children bi« enough to support parcntly had been struck by u hit- j ment of u World war battle scene i and-run motorist. Sheriff Tom Scwell ' staged by the American Legion post • of Miller county, and Sheriff Jim • at Newport. • Beank-a of Hempstead county also ' -*>4H<ev- j investigated. ; Numeruu.-: wild horses sire to be '. The Beard negro lived on the Cox j plantation about a mile and a half ! f or a terminus at this end. west of Fulton. There had been nu | This line would be owned sire found in Icvlnnd. These horses were formerly .shipped to England for in the mines, but are now permitted j ai rests at noon Wednesday, as far as to run wild and continue to multiply, i could be learned here. expected within a few years as soon as diplomatic difficulties can be ironed out. I The United States, British, Germany, •and France arc all actively interested in developing this service. Route More Difficult While shorter than the Pacific route, it presents difficulties not found in the western ocean. Thc German plan, for ii\slance, would use "mother ships" with landing aprons and catapult takeoffs, as it now docs in the South Atlantic. The ether plans require negotiations for landing facilities and solution of weather and flying problems before going ahead. A co-operative line run jointly by British and American interests has already been laid before U. S. officials. Representatives of this project are now in America, dickering for capital. They claim to have landing facilities at. Londonderry, England, and that Neva Scotia has granted a large situ &!•& jV!v as .&. j- '•-v^-^tS'Siili^i All Projects ji| State Suspended; Drop Director Dyess'Igsue'g Mil Order for All Afka Direct-Relief TO CLEAR Last of Relief .Ord'e^'Mil! Be Issued Before' $0thl' Director Warns v "«* _______________ ) v LITTLE ROCK-(/p}-State istrator W. R. DyesS Wednesday* ° ered the cessation of all activltiel» the Emergency Relief Admini&rftf (ERA) in Arkansas at nu*dnigiit|f vember 30. w ,On instruction from Washington" __ state relief director instructed'all sta^gf district and county ERA officials ' notify all personal and labor, w ing on ERA projects that these ;j ects will be terminated Novembe _ t The final relief orders for dire'ci-'i: lief clients must be issued before t date and all cases remaining ..ori 1 ^ ERA rolls will be closed, Dyoss ,831(3 While the exact figures on the'ntu , her of persons affected by the drder« was unannounced, it was estunate'd'A that the total would be approximately^ jf 10,000 cases. ^ 1 * Fordyce PioneeF Lumberman Dies Charles W. Gates,' 75, lows Brother,. "E. Gates, in FORDYCE, IS, ywho-jh^ijtbeen -vjce —_ , — general manager of the Fordyce LumVi ber Company since 1889, diecf at 1 " home at Pasadena, Calif., Tuesday.tHe^Jfi also was president of the "Cross^ttji jf Lumber company, .vice president,,\of>» ^ the Crossett Western company r of.(^ Wauna, Ore., and treasurer of^thet>"4^j Jackson Lumber company of- Lock-^ii hart, Ala. > - , v,^ Mr. Gates was a lumber retailer4h>'*| Waco, Texas, when his brothers, "P,/« G. and A. H., established themselves.,, ? 1 as producers of yellow pine in Arkansas. They persuaded brother, toi take an interest hi Fordyce Lumber company and to be^ come general-manager of the concern." Under his .management the company,, became one of the leading organizations of its kind in the South. * He was ' -widely known for his i philanthropic deeds. His brother E. W. Gates of Crossett * died recently. Italians Advance on Southern Frorit Eehiopians Beaten jn Attempt to C u t Makale Communication At his place on the navigaiion bridge as chief officer, Capt. Edwin Mnslck sits at his forward window In command of thc epochal Pacific flight. . . . Captain Mustek, Pan-American's No. 1 pilot, has had charge of the experimental flights which preceded regular service. In (his tiny engine-control room of the China Clipper, Chauncy D. Wright, engineer officer, sits dur, ing flights, surrounded by instruments. Hope Relying on Passes at DeQueen Coach Hammons Perfects Bobcats' Aerial Game— Band to Follow Team The Hope High School football team went through a long workout Tuesday in which Coach Fo.v Hammons devcted much time to an aerial offensive, coupled with shifty running plays. Coach Hammons said his Bobcats would probably throw more football; in the DeQueen game Friday afternoon than in any other contest played this season. He believes that hb team will offer a great scoring threat with an improved air attack. Drive for Clothes for Pupils Begins Canvass of City to Be Held Thursday—It Will Be Made in One Hour Fifty wcmen representing the various Parent-Teacher associations of Hope will launch a city-wide canvass at 9 a. in. Thursday to obtain cloth- ins for approximately 100 Hope school children. The canvass is expected to be completed within one hour. The 50 workers have been assigned certain streets. The one-hcur canvass was arranged to ucc-jniodatu housewives who may expect solicitors to call during that hour. Ncw or used clotliing will be I Hempstead Men MAKALE, Ethiopia— (/P)— Numerous irushcs with armed Ethiopian bands >y companies of the native army corps engaged in roundup operations continued Wednesday in the regions around this city. * The latest reports indicated that the enemy had fled, after several attempts to pierce the flanks of guards to cut off communication with General Santini's column. rvii on By the Associated Press The invading Fascist forces extended their normal lines Wednesday and the cities of Harar and Jijiga became the focal points of tho Ethiopian defense. The First Italian Army Corps jn, the north occupied the region of Pessa and joined the Danakil column, Gen-> eral Emilio do Bono notified Rome. T nc northern line was extended I native army corps completed occupa- . tion of tho Gheralca region, the north- T A TTlKik-v FTlwAnrl T-IotoVi iern commander's message declared. Dl 10^ 1 °?T P , ' Ethiopians Claim Victory Plead Guilty to Federal ; ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia.-(^—A Pnni'r PVi'ivn-oo 'bloody victory on the southern front, V--UUJI ^JleUgeft won at a heavy cost of lives to both -'ides, was claimed Tuesday by the IbXARKANA — (ff>) — Five men, Ethiopian government. pleaded guilty to violation of the: it was a fight of age-old infantry liquor tax laws in federal court here against modern tank and machine gun Wednesday. They will be sentenced; units of thc Fascist invaders, and the later. ; former won. Despite a withering Ita- The guilty pleas came from: lian fire, it was said the tribesmen of Rcubin L. Coe, Miller county, three, Emperor Haile Selassie captured four counts. i Italian tanks in desperate fighting at J. A. Huskcy, Hcmpsteud, two Ancle, Ogaden province, counts. j Thc battlefield was strewn with the Elwood Hatch, Hempstead county, dead of both armies, the announcc- one count. unent said. The absence of witnesses delayed! Ethiopia also claimed success in an- of Alton Bohanon, Howard | uther elath in the same region. The .. mli cepted. Style, size or color of cloth- . <•»<•' , We have been scouted all sea-son | mafee diffci . en AU of u will ; county, and Claud Dodson. Hcmpslcad, i government said its warriors killed Six 1 A repre- on »«"<» charges. I Ita»an officers and many soldiers, ' wilVi lllp romHliirlov flfpinp in nanip equally IContuiued on pege five) bv De-Queen coaches and representatives. They have seen most of our running plays. But they haven't seen a real air raid. Tell them to be ready —We are going to shower footballs all (Continued on page five) be appreciated by the P. T. scntatives. Persons having clothing to donate, but will not be ;it home from 9 to 10 u. m. Thursday, may leave their articles with a neighbor. The average age for marrying on the island of Madura. Dutch West Indies, is .12. If unmarried at 14. the girls are considered "old maids." with the remainder fleeing in panic, and captured six trucks. Win on North Also A victory on the northern front (Continued on page five)

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