Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1935
Page 4
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Pi«?iv^4 v - '--'S f » fe -,£V;, > v Vir •*?!>*, ' " Famous Artist PflMlc aara redact. Rivet rttid. |fo<Ut. lTo, harden. aus QHS • H HHH HCIHHH fish. \Mtd ducks. fIJog. i da«f time. fttelfc. „ tg&tfcht ft»j>. f .CMwteUatiott. Prttna donna. ' IAIRIM|1 ISITII ICIE| 3*Td flap. ^ d To beg. 1. <6 Ocean. I -.-i 47 Structural unit. 4S Burden. 49 Genus oE frogs. 51 Mister. 52 Inspires reverence. 53 Cod. 65 He was an American •. S6 He wns also a fine (1>V.). VBnTK'Af. 2 Laughter sound. 3 Frozen water. 4 Mineral Assures. 5 To leak. 7 Eager. S Shoe bottoms. 9 To perch. 10 Paid publicity. 11 He was born in 1 if-"'-, U flte won Many is Observed. 18 Musical not*, 19 Therefore. 120 Pussies. 22 Method of procedure. 24 Lonfc speeches. 2C To depart. 28 Danger. 32 Light steel helmet. 33 Pbison. 34 Perished. 3 6 To appear. 3 7 To preen. 39 He studied In .France. 42 To meditate. 43 Postscript. 44 Either. 45 Float. 48 To possess. 60 Tree. 52 Sloth. 54 Pronoun. Blevins > s 'fibrace Lay of Amity was Friday -anST Saturday guest of friends in K '? l Miss Flora Cotton: of Hope visited IS frfends'in'Blevuis Wednesday. ;,4 > *'flex 1 -McDougald, Alvin. Osborn and ~ ell, Smith were business visitors in Saturday. jr.and Mrs. Tom J. Stewart and . visittd relatives hi Pres- ' Mj^'Ruth Cox and Miss Juanita j^tjyttten were shopping in Hope Satur- '^Those of Blevins who. attended the i/fijheraf of Wash Hutson in Hope Sun' Mr. and-Mrs. S. E. Loe, ,,. __/.'were: .-_. _... HuMfs. Douglas Fulkerson, W. E. Loe, '* --Whiton U. Wade, Dully Gorham, Mr. ^ -'and'Mrs. A. H. Wade, Miss Charline I v! > Mr., and Mrs. Roy W. Bonds and iJale Bonds attended the Henderson- Tulsa football game in Arkadelphia Friday, night. Watt Bonds accompanied them home and spent the ' week end in Blevins. J Coy* Cummings, I. H. Beauchamp, Lige' Stephens attended quorum court in,-Washington, Monday. : "I.; W/Hendrix spent Sunday in Blevins. George D. Cummings of Longview, Texas, and William A. Cummings of Magazine, Ark., were week end guests of tjieir parents, Mr.' and Mrs. Will Cummings. i ' No Laughing jMatter ?Drapet—'.These are..especially strong shirts, madam. The^ simply laugh a{'the laungry." : • ' ' , > }Ciistomer—"I know-that kind; I had some which came back with their sides s^llt,"—Santa Fe Magazine. I . \ Sell It! Find It! Bent III Buy ItJ to the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. i time, lOc line, min. 30< For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in oqe atf 3 times, 6c line, min. 50< 6 times, ic line, min. 90c 26 times, 3>/&c line, min. ?2.7ft (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTE— Want ads will be accepted With the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of before the first publi- Phone 76& Shover Springs There is quite a lot of moving going on in this community at present. Health of this community is very ;Vo<l at pres.c.nt. Mr. and' Mrs. George Ciews were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. Grady Reece, Sunday. ' jife Mrs. Ella Hodnett and Mrs. Charles Rogers spent Saturday with Mrs. J. W. McWilliams. Mrh. John Reece spent Friday evening with Mrs. Allen Walker. Mrs. O. J. Philips called on Mrs. ( Lester Day Thursday evening. Mrs. Day has recently .returned from the hopsital wliere, she recently (Underwent an operation. Her many iriends are glad to know is is doing fine. Kelly McWilliams and son of El Dorado, Gaylena McWilliams and Erwin McWilliams and son, and Avery McWilliams of near Magnolia, George Johnson and Mrs. Allen Walker were callers at J. W. McWilliams Sunday] evening. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Philips and children, Wallis and Mary Sue and Thomas Walker, were all day visitors at Mrs. Charles Rogers, Sunday. eal'and Lynn Butler of Rosston, Route twp.'were supper guests of^their grandmother, Mrs. J. W. McWilliams and.Mr. McWilliams, Sunday. Mr.- and Mrs. George Johnson' and son Raymond and daughter Mrs. Kelly Gray and children, John Reece and Mrs. Cassie McWilliams of near Magnolia, were Sunday, November 3, visitors of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McWilliams. Mrs. Morrell Hucklebee called on Mrs. Howard Collier Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Laseter and little son, Donald, Joe of Hope, called on their father, John Laseter, Sunday evening. Miss Marjorie Byers of Henderson State Teachers college, Arkadelphia was visiting here Saturday. Mrs. 3. W. McWilliams called on Mr. and Mrs. Grady Reece awhile Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reed was a bcsiness visitor in Hope, Saturday. Several from here attended the funeral of Wash Hutson in Hope Sunday. •• t •» According to recent computations, the sun could relieve itself of a 45- foot layer of ice in one minute. FOR SALE SALE-Cood 3 in. Wagon. At auction, Saturday, November 9th, at 1 p, m- at Frisco depot, Hope. Ray SALE—Horses and mules, See g, |l Sutton at Suttcvi and Hale Ser vice Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp ~ FOR RENT RENT—Three room furnished rtment, 108 South Washington eet. Jimmie Fields, phone 41. ' 8-3tc FOR RENT—5 room house well located^ and very desirable. Call 655W, Smith. H'Stc LOST " LOST—Boston bulldog, four white feet Return Row Spears, White Way garberehop. 8-ltc FOUND " FOUNI>-Ladies black kid glove. Owner may claim same by paying for this notice l- rih Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Wlwt- ever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Slakes an Impression" «*•'« By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS t -DOKT tD 10 THE TONIGHT S , VQU AND 1 WOULtDNf T BE SEEN .H^foOhA MY e*PfcK\£NC& t\3> A SHoWfA^N, I KNOW \t W\U_"BB BETTER TO INTRODUCE YOJ *fO "PANS AS A MYSTERY MAN \-«1 WILL GIVE YOU AI^EPORT OP LSQNflS ABILITY .TOMORROW, SO YOU CAN PREPARE YOUR ATTACK AND -DEFENSE, WHEN WE GET A MATCH WITH HibA t HANCi A HAM OH Tt-V CHIN, AN" THEY 0>O "DOWN UK£ OVERALL'S AT TH S WHISTLE 1 Q 19/5 BY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. IJ. S. PAT. OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ANY tfHE //-/z- •DOESN'T WAsNT •ROSCOE TO SEE, A\N"D C3ET COLT3 FEET WE BBTTER TALK A LtTtLE LOW — TMET WEREN'T MUCH OP A RIDE T'DAV, AW' ME MAY MAVE TPttUBLE AG-ITtlW TO SLEEt> WWVk MISTER «-,. .v I TlAot VOU SAIO VOU N&VyGR WEWT TO BED _. OWfe gR TWO IM TW' it's ONUV 'BOUT -SIX., FELLER.OMCE, ME AM, WHO LIKED RIDIN'SO VJGLLME USfeD TO 0-IT UP, KETCU A MOSS, AN' RIDE IM MtS SLEGJ? ' HE HAD ALL OUR MOSSES DOWM MISTER G-UMBER HAIMT THCTAWAV THE FIRST -NIGWTER Boots Had Her Reasons r; VWTOi,BOOT'S' i VOO OONi'T. _ | TO VXNVE. VSOO\ P\C\<L- by MARTIN VYVrv^/- yyy. A \T'6 MOT OMV.V \M90<b6\BV£ s. ALLEY OOP Got 'Em Guessing By CRANE WELL, GUZ -MOW THAT !WE'VE GOTTUNK AW JBOBO, ISPOSE VER GONNA THROW 'EM 'BACK-iw THE PIT/ HA1AJ' THA'S.. WHERE YER WGOWG; OOP/ I'VE GOTTA LOT BETTER FLAW -. NEV'MIMD -YOU'LL SEE - MOW,OOP, Y'HAVg, \TAKE A DETAIL HUH? WELL; OF MEW OUT AW WHATCHA \ BRIM& ME IM A ' GOJsJWA DO \ BIG LOAD OF WITH -'EM 7) BAMBOO AM 1 5OME VIME5/ • > 1 WOMDER JDS' WHAT KIMD OF CRACK-&RAIWED IDEA OH &UZ HAS GOT RATTLIM ' 'ROUKJD IM HIS SKULL// jtf; « W VJ"? *mp %s grtHI,. 1 r-n.'i gu ru* !%"?.;• 'X"WASH TUBES It's a Sticker 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U". S. PAT. OFF. (•Z AWRI&HT, YOU &UYS, DUMP THAT STUFF » RIGHT OVER THERE, J{ AN'THEKJ SCRAM - /u^H #& •&&. W By HAMLIN BLA2ES.' I MUST BEGETTIMG DUMB. OUT O'-3 \ PZOP'-.B OM THIS ISLAND, I'LL BE HOG-TIED IF \ I CAM FIGURE WHICH ONE IS THE MURDERER^/ T" ...^•-'O-, '/>• ' % ~^r W' FOR INSTANCE. HE HATEP THE BI66ER BROTHERS-5WD HE'P KILL 'EM. C== /ZV. lULU BELLE HAP ACJRUDOE A6AIKIST 'EM,TOO^\ PRAkE'S A TOLJ6H HUd WHOP DO ANVTHIWG. BARBARA'S MOT ABOVE SUSPICION, AMP SWOOSE ACTS TOO ALL-FIRED INMOCEMT. :-O V / AS FOR JOHN SkEET—HUM/ A HEAP 1 / SMARTER THAM HE LOOKS. ALWAV'S SMOOPIM6. THAT BIRP'LL BEAR } ' Mdi FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nutty Is Ambitious By BLOSSER BETWEEN HALVES Kr PARTING SHOT; MUTTY, IS 1THIS... DON'T CARRY THE B/ALL...DOKIT THROW ANY PASSES^AND DONT TRY TD KICK / LEAVE THAT TO MORE EXPERIENCED PL/YERS....NOW BEAT IT, BOYS/ ; (^ <^>, You DIDN'T LEAVE COOK MUCH WORK TO DO.' TOO INEXPERIENCED! HE TRIES, BUT HASN'T GOT WHAT !T TAKES,.., AND HE'S THE ONLY ONE I HAD LEFT FOR THAT POSITION / LOOK .'THE kicKoFF IS COMIMG RIGHT 16 COOK WHY DOESN'T HE STEP /.SIDE AND LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE IT ? COMPOUND THAT KID .'/ L-<^/ MEY.'YOU HAD'ttiUR ORDERS/ WHAT DO fbU THINK YOU'RE DOING ? i^^l MAKIMG ^ ! v TONIGHT'S v SJBA/SPAPER ^ „ HEADLIMES.... SHADYSIDE WALLOPS ,, klNCSSTDW/ V fcCft® Dli'l'IKS 01' A CAPTAIN CKLECTION' of a captain of a football team ^ generally is loft to letternien of the previous year's s<|ii:ul. Jn my opinion, the captain should he the fellow who has the most team spirit, OIK- who fights with all he has with no regard for individual "lory. That's the reason why so many men from the line are elected leader of the squad. j A captain should be a player who, by his own j deed-, inspires a team to greater heights; one / who never says die in the face of certain defeat, and one who has the quality of leadership similar lo that of a general who is in the front ranks leading his men on in the face of cruel strafing. A captain also should be one of the best students on the (earn so that he can od'er an example to those win) have the tendency lo fall behind in their studies. a lol THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop} Some Cousin By COWAN NO.suuf AW WOULDN'T WANT T'tvXAKES ^AW UVIN' SWALLOWIN 1 SWORDS ; MR. MS GOBBLE' TUT.' TUT.' SWORD GUZZLING IS JUST A HOBBY WITH ME>& MY FORTUNE PLAYlNOr SHAKESPEARE/, -TSffOXiT MyCoBBLE VELD'S cpaw .SUIiLlOBEI 1 SHAKESPEARE/ AH NEBBER HEARD OB HOSS / NO/ NO/ SHAKESPEARE WASN'T A HORSE, /f UE WAS A PLAYWR|GHT,AND AN\ THE NNOST FAMOUS OF LIVING INTERPRETERS ART OF THE BARD OF AVON WHY, I WAS FIVE LONG YEARS PLAYING OTHELLO !j T 't i « • V V W I i W'H. 'Jf •' ii f MAN, DAT AIM' NUFFIN 1 T'BRAG ABOUT.) COUSIN RUFUS, ME DONE. LEW3N T'PLAY ONE OB DEN\ KIND; FIDDLES IN PREE MONTHS / Wi •1035 0V NEA SERVICeim TTffi/RE&U S. PAT. CFF

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