The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1940
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VOLUMK XXXVII—NO. 25. ™™ NEW SP AI .ER OF «OKTW ST * * ^ jniE DOMiMh r utaspAi-ua op KOBTUBA. sr MIUIIIUS AK.I «xmnau>r MIIUUIUII Blsttievllle Dally News Mtols.s(|j|>l Wiley Leader ' KjlUMiKMrt. iiW.,»ii,,.M liMTIlKVIl.l.K, .ARKANSAS, TOKSIIAY, Al'llll, 1C. IMC) '] G'OPIRS FIV'R. CENTS' ^M ^_ _ ^^m —' ™* ~" _ ~w. *u»j A- i r j-j wr/i\ 10 WARFARE IS INCREASING FURIOUSTY Rumania, Italy Are Becoming Focal Points KUCHAKEST, Rumania,i HOME, April 1C April 16. (UP)—Export ol A German military wheat was forbidden by government decree last night except as regards- existing contracts and it was announced that the government would hold large stores of gasoline for military purposes. It' was emphasized that the wheat export ban did not cover existing contracts and it was said Uiat the gasoline decision did not, mean the cessation of oil exports to Germany. The wheat decree was attributed to uncertainty as to the harvest, and to (lie presence of many farm workers in tlie army. Previously on the list of products reserved for home consumption were metals, certain hides, seeds and plants from which salad oil and cattle feed were made. It was forecast that, many other products would be added. As regards oil it was forecast that the decision to reserve large arrived from Berlin today and wan welcomed by high Italian army officers and members of the government. The Germans were expected to confer with the Italian general staff and to visit various army centers. In Milan, there Senate Committcemcn To u> Quiz Naval Chief About Relative lYlcnts WASHINGTON, April 1C. <UI>>Members of the senate naval af-i Palestine" fairs committee were expected lo question chief of Naval Oiioraiions Harold li. Stark today about the Allies Appear To Ik Ready For Italian Move relative value of battleships und airplanes us weapons of warfare. modern quantities might harden ment resistance to any German govern- demnnds for a larger share of the output. Still Claim Narvik BERLIN, April 16 (UP) — Tlie high command said today that two Lockhed bombers, an American type, hart, been shot down during "numerous" British attacks on Stavanger, Norway. (Great Britain Is buying hundreds of American planes:' It is known that many have been shipped from United Slates ports and probably are In service). . The, high command communique said,. British/planes also had attacked Narvik -"without success" and that "there was no attempt again yesterday to land British troops at points occupied by Ger- It said Germans had captured 36 cannons "In operations in which Ihe pacification of southeast Norway made further progress." The official news agency German trops hnd blown said up the British demonstration In front of the British consulate, it soon broken up by police. One emonstrator entered the waiting room of the consulate and (ere down a number of British fas posters before he was evicted. A number of demonstrations were reported in motion picture theaters showing news reels of allied forces and prominent personages of the allied countries. Coincident with arrival of the German military mission interest centered on long range plans of the Italian government and indications ot Italy's attitude towards the European war. Premier Benito Mussolini wns expected to visit the 1942 world's fair grounds today preparatory to a meeting of fair executives Saturday. There were rumors he was about to announce that the fair would be postponed until ISM, but these were not confirmed nnd meanwhile, thousands of workmen were still busy on the grounds. unti- The issue was raised by the contention of naval experts that Germany's failure to sweep the British and French fleets from the seas proves Uiat the battleship I 5 n potent weapon. Admiral Stnrk returns for his second appearance before Ihe committee In support of the liouse- approvcd Vinsou Bill authorizing addition to the fleet of 21 vessels of 107,000 tons at a cost of about $055,000.000. The committee bcga: hearings on the lilll yesterday aii'i through questioning of and the answers of naval experts lo n questionnaire prepared bv Chairman David I. Walsh, revealed the following: 1. Navy experts claimed (hat Gcr- nnny's vast air fleet not o,% has failed to defeat Ihe Allied navies. but thus far lias shown no ability to do so. a. The-'United States needs no more naval bases on the mainland at present, but should possess n navy-air .base in (lie southeast Hy KKVNOl.ns IMCKAKO Unlto,! Truss sum CornniJiiuiltut ROME, April iu. (ij)')_T)u> Allied armies in the K-.isi i,,- L , fioiuwj meet MIC |xiss!bl|lty of Italy 'I'liiK the war cm Hie side i>f Germany. A three-monlh iiisjierllnn lour which enabled nw to tee at first hand the AnKlo-i-Vearh fighting machine us set up In svrlu Egypt """"•"•- >.•«<,. i,,,,,. 'and inia convinced me thnl lliis preparedness is not uimed at Russia ns l s popularly siipposc-d. On (he contrary It | s a precautionary move (o hold the Sue?, Canal. Egypt, nnd (he Sudan against any invasion through Itnl- iun Libya or even Ethiopia Tlie army In |h e Middle East seemed smaller than | s generally believed. The talk of a mlllloij Allied men seemed greatly exaggerated, with a lota) of 300001) nearer the truth. ' j linllim < Sails for Medical Duty in France •i finTi'sixmdeiils coiiiplatm-d resti-lrlloiis placed on Ihi'm l» of lh|.. si . ccmnti-li's hiiliii, which sumo mlllhiry ra- IH'ils consider a ,>,, ss | Wl . ,)„,.,,,;„ objr-dlve und to wliii'h Ihc Khybn- ass would be Ihe i;alcway, | s p,,,. «<-'«lly devoid, I found, of ,, U y sjiMnl defensive preparations. On 'it contrary, ,., 1u?k , ml)im „.„ hnvo been trumferrcd lo i^yju 1 saw (hem I'lu-iimpcd In' iln> shadows of (lie i'yramlds. I .wins loglrnl that if the Allies "'"I imy nn.viely over linssta India would be turned Inlo one of Ihc bulwarks of Allied clcreuse in this SIV"," WOI ' UI: yct "»• l ™™is ttJHcli look me lo nortliern indln *'"*."° lll " t of ""* suc h I'l-epura- Thc majority of military experls Impnrtlal observers In the Kust Unit If Iliily should (, n i L ,,. «•<"' on tilt; side of Germany Tlie importance of corner of the Caribbean. 3. The proposed n per cent es- j pansion I 'iithe fleet will not fully Saturday s answer defense roniiirenicii'ts which meeting was disclosed with . the the navy believes are announcement that civil authorities from all purls at Italy, repre- needed. Stark proposed expansion to provide discuss Italy's attitude toward the inV the war. The fair, incidentally. Is ••"• known here as the "Olympiad of Pence." Approximately 100 students demonstrated against Great Britain after classes were out yesterday, riiey marched toward Venice Pal- nee shouting, "down with Churchill," and "the home fleet is home." that wo must face the possibility of an allied defeat," naval evperts said. Start's testimony about the failure of Germany's air fleet to defeat the British navy came near the end of n full day of testimony. Even if the British-French navies succumb to an air attack by Germany, Norwegian radio station nt Notodden. southwest of Oslo, which had continued broadcasts unfriendly to Germany. Police dispersed them before they 'he contended, no proof would be Newspapers maintained that the reached the palace. available that (he United states far-northern port of Narvik was British Prime Minister Neville "eel, thousands of miles away, useles lo the allies because Ihe iron Chamberlain was booed in news could be defeated in a similar fnsli- oie railroad from there to Sweden reels. i ion. had ben cut the first day of the] Newspapers have given Winston I Upholding their contention of German ' invasion of Scandinavia, ' Churchill, first lord of tile British/ 110 supremacy of the battleship. ond Iroiidheim, the nearest pore i Admiralty, the nickname "Minis- 1 u l e " aral ex l>"^ said: held by Germans, was 375 miles i t er W C " away, ' __' Afternon newspapers called attention to Germany's improved ' position for aerial attacks on Great Britain, now that she lias Nor- i wcgian bases, and said Germany ; was no longer bound by her prom- ' ise not. to use these bases against. Britain. .,, . o Variable Location To Be Planted In . "The sliip-of-the-llne (die bntllc- 1 ship at the present time) ever has I been and, as far as can be fore' seen, ever will be the supreme embodiment of a sen power. The battleship is the least vulnerable ot I any vessel against nir or any other torm ° r nllnck - ^ "s the mosi ror- mutable and hardest hitting, ills capable of withstanding maximum Coker's Pedigreed Seed will bu I«|"lshmeiit from .gnn s , torpedoes, used to plant the prize crop in the mines, and bombs. No fleet can Geographically, the term "nntip- National Cotton Picking Contest nffortl lo ln< * '"cm if they are odes is used to designate the in- which will be held in uiythevllle • co »ti>i"cd in an enemy's fleet As a habitants of any two opposite Sept. 23-24. Roscoe Crafton presi- rcs s"ve in power and as a 'rally- points on the globe, so they may:dent of the National Cotton Pick- ' ""' '"" " " be any place on earth. A group j ing Association, made the . , a- of islands near New Zealand are ! nounrcmcnt after the committee '"" ...... " "' "' " ' " known as the "Antipodes." Stock Prices A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth steel Chrysler 173 £1 1-4 29 3-4 79 1-8 5-8 | conferred in BlythevlUe with J. P. IClyburn, general manager of the jCoker Pedigreed Seed Company of Hartsville, s. C. Tlie seed company agreed to furnish 125 bushels of high quality delinted seed and also to pay a substantial sum of money into the Association's general fund to help defray expenses on the contest. "We arc pleased to have the Cities Service 51-4 General Electric "'.'. 37 1-2 Cokcr Pedigreed Seed- Company General Motors 54 represented In our first annual i motors 54 ICIHCMIHCU in o»r first annual Int Harvester 55 3.5 j Cotton Picking Contest," Mr. Craf- N Y Cei North 'Am Aviation ncry Ward 51 1-4 »<>» s«W. "They have shown a real nlral ig 1-2 sP'"t of cooperation. They are not .. 243-8 Packard 3 5.8 Phillips 38 Kndio G 1-2 Republic Steel 21 Socony Vacuum 11 Sludebakcr 103-4 Standard Oil N J •«! 1-4 Texas Corp 46 U S Steel 60 3-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Apr 16 lUP)-Hoes: 12.000, salable. Top 5,60 110-230 Ibs. 5.50-5.55 HO-160 Ibs. 4.35-4.90 Bulk sows 4.50-5.00 Cattle: 2,000 salable Steers 7.85-10.35 Slaughter steers 7.85-10.35 Mixed yearlings, heifers 8.25-10.50 Slaughter heifers 6.75-10.50 Beef cows 6.00-6.75 Cutters and low cutlers 4.25-S.75 only offering to furnish the ^ warship, the battleship Is yet the backbone of seapower "Under no circumstances should the United States agree to abolish battleships until every country in the world has agreed to auollsa this type nnd also to abolish sub" marines. seed | for the contest and help us out!Mar. financially, but they have also promised to send experts here from their plant in Hnrtsvlllc to assure. us of a prize crop." Mr. Clyburn said that the seed would be In Blylhcvllle ready to plant by Monday. Apr, 22 A 100- acre tract has been selected for the contest about one mite outside the city limits of Blythevlllc. Mr. Clyburn said that he believed New York Cotton prcv. open high I ow close close May . 1074 1078 1073 1077 1072 July . 104G 1050 1045 1050 1044 Oct. . 1007 1020 1016 1018 1007 Dec. . 997 1011 997 1008 995 Jan. . 992 997 992 99fj 988 030 877 98G 997 988 New Orleans Cotton prev. Ihe National Cotton Picking Contest will do a great deal In helping I to make people throughout the country more "cotton conscious" and should be one of the most colorful events ever staged In the south. May . July . Oct. . Dec. . Jan. . Mar. . open high low close close" 1083 1054 1013 1002 957 987 1090 10G1 1028 1016 1083 1055 1012 1002 093 987 1088 1059 1023 914 1003 998 1081 1052 1011 1003 095 985 joins Egypt. According to unimpeachable sources, tne Australians originally were intended lo be sln- uonctl In Etjyin, but owing to the desire not to ha ve loo many British troops maintained on their territory, (he Australians wiiro dispatched nt the last minute (o Palestine. Virtually nil tlie equipment, I saw in Syria and Palestine , as well us In Egypt, including balloon tire tniirspuris mid water supply trucks, use, the was constructed for desert giving tlie impression that prospective terrain was unlikely lo oe Turkey or 'Russia. Newspapers In Palestine, Syria, and Egypt? ccnsore> for military secrets, are permitted, to talk freely of possible' attacks from Russia, but no spent;'/' lalton -is permitted regarding (taly The Italian airline on which 1 fleiv from Cairo mis not permitted by Egyptian nuUiorlllcs to cut across Hie desert -between' jLlbyn nnd Cairo as it formerly ( |id. Instead Italian planes must fly n roundabout tt-ay along the const from Bcnglinsl lo Alexandria, where they must descend to 15CO feel so they can be checked from the ground until they reach Cairo, making the Benghasl-Calro flight uvo hours longer than before liie war. The British and French iinnlcs of Ihc Kasl arc organized lo fight us a single machine, but s< commands nre maintained, While I was In Beirut, Wcygnud's aulc-ilc-camp ..irniphaslral Wcygaml was merely co the French forces and was not over thc British troops of the Kasl Ihe Allied troops of the East nave an cxlrtiordliutrlly inrge ber of officers In relallon lo the number of men. This top-hcnvy suff apparently Ls aimed at 1 iliU officers so they can fiiuill themselves with (he terrain ,„„, lie in readiness to command reinforcements which may i )(! sel ii | nte . from other parts. \ and expected. According lo my u(vh cnl- culalions, the British havb the Jollowlliu: in . I5 _ 000 El , |!llsU 20000 i r(lk | nlls « nn<1 ' nnd Scotch soldiers; 35.000 FVyn- ti»i«; 3.000 New Zealaiiders Indians. In irut,. 20,000 n In • Palestine, 30,000 En B ||. s , ; .,.„, i=colch; 7,000 Australians. There HIT also large mills or the lirlllsh air force. Wcygaml, I should say, commands In Syria 100,000 men Including crack French I-'oreUju Legion troops and a large number of C. G. Hall Files For Secretary Of State | 0.."Crlp" nail filed Ills corrupt practice and party loyally pledge Saturday for rc-clcclion us secretary of slale. Mr. Mall .said Hint lie had been urged by numerous friends mid slnte civic leaders to seek re-election; parlicuj.irjy In order to complete the extensive andscaplng program now In progress on (lie Slale Capitol grounds His statement follows: "I have been solicited by numerous friends and stale civic leaders lo seek re-election as secretary of state, particularly in order to coin- plelc the landscaping program now in progress on the State Capitol Grounds. I Inauguraled the program and naturally I would like lo complete it. This can be accomplished In the next two years. "Durinj my .tenure of office. District Prosecutor Is To Allied, German Forces Racing Toward Norway By (hilled Press (,Vrmmi mid Allied forces niced toward Europe's new Hall clicld in Nonvny lodny iiinitl conflicting claims of tri- imt|>li iti win-fare that intensified hour by hour Bolli sides n|i|ic!iro(l in ii|?ra>moiil Uiat in Nortfrw the i»t'lli{f«rc!il.s at lust had found the spot on wliich they could liffljt otilsiclo Ihcii- own frontiers nnd ilevelopmbnts came wilh Ntaix'iilo bent Unit mcreiiHttl the fciira of other «mnl! iwitioiiH from Ihc low countries to Urn Dalkiuis. Tlic development, 1 ) Inehided: A Herman high command comimmlniio saying Hint n heavy British crulscr-the 10.000-ton ty],c, c-anylng 000 to 700 men-had been jmnk off Norway mid three lirltlsli plinies lncludin B a "Hying toilless" had been shot down. ^ A .slnli'iiieiit by French I'li'intcr llitil Iteyniuid that the Allies had iiuitllalccl" llu> Nn/l licet hi Ihelr coiwler drive In Nonvcglnn waters BlnkliiK ;tt) per cent ol the (Herman lino ships nnd scl/lne Die north' Norwegian port of Narvik, A ixindon statement lhat'Uoyal Air Force planes lino laldcd thc Clfrnmn decupled Norwegian |K>rt of Sim-anger in "wave aftci wave' of bombing crufl whleli did tremendous dmiwifc nnd slaitcd a great flio In nn ellorl to slash Qri'uuui air comiimiilcnllons HUM to the north A statement by authoritative London source's (lint. Canadians aiid possibly French troops were imillclpallni; In Ihe Allied cxpeditlontuy force landed In Norway to counter- nttiick Ihc aermans, who claimed to have struck hjluiid from Trondhclin to wltliln a few miles of the Swedish li-oiiut'i- lo set up ji defeiislvi) line. * A .siici'oh by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain relieral- li'l! his coiilldence ol victory over the "mad dog" Qermnn policy of aggression and assorllng that he Intended to carry on as prime minister until victory was assured. A statement by Die Moscow radio tlnit the Red fleet in (he Black Hen had started maneuvers opposllc Die worried Biilkim countries'aTid , Hint II Is In n "sluli: of prepaicdncss lo repulse any altcinpl to penc- tnite that .sea. There had recently been nntcli speculation on whether cm.nli Q I A. "" ; Alllcs tftalUI iil ' ok l(> K<> I'O'OMisli Ihe Dardanelles nhd thc Black ^u\LH jpcaKS Al|Hra lo snmsh Ocriiuni shtpiilny on Ihc Danube river. Arrival of a Clorniau mlllliiry mission.In Home nhllc null British deiiionsti-aUons were rcporlcd Irom various purls of Italy. Tlie Italian government spokesmen recently have repeatedly warned their people Hint war may be neur and llic Kalian Heel.In maneuvering ' iii the My parents njiujwe." |) e<1 . Incc Phillips, ilmDjhlcr ,,f (] s Ambassador lo llnly, pictured «s sic recently suited from New }ork to !<ranee, wliwe she «-ill ilrivo inedtcnl supplies bus bo- hind the linos Mrs. Southern Conference for Human Welfare CHATTANNOOGA, Tcnn, April 1C. (UP)-Mrs. TYnnklln U. Roose- did not bollovc tin; Wagner Labor Delations Aid'slioilld b'c chimsed-..and. repeated i Hint • only tliR president could answer thc question of whether he would seek n third term. Slit- IJHVO her views on these controversial question.! when Bated from (he floor last night iitlcr addressing Hies Southern Conference for llumnii Welfare. In snyhif? she did not believe the Wiitiner Act should be amended Mrs. lloosevclt milled: "Unemployment, (lie great problem of the nation us n whole, Is complicated In tin; smith by a linv slmiil.-ird of living. U'nr of cour.te would entail refltilclions oil t-lvil liberties." And as for the third term, "un- rortiinntcly, no one can answer Hint but the president." Mis. KoMevclt declined to Mediterranean but the' vast allied preparations against Italy's chlrimco In llin Mr on tlio side of Oc'rniany were ticllevcd In London to be sufficient lor any uveniwilUy. Make Race gressman ror Con- OSCEOLA, Ark., April l5.-I!rucc Ivy, Osccola nltoniey and prosecuting nllonicy for Hie second Judicial district of Arkansas, has the necessary papers with Bc- Taylor. Little Rock, secretary filed t lolt , of the slate Democratic central ment on iliu f)|(. s coiinntllee, wblcii a negro and a white speaker had Jltlcrly condemned before the conference. More tlmii n lliousand ivhltc and negro delegates nllcmlcil Ihe conference, over which Or. Frank Graham of Ihe University of North Carolina presided. Senate Says l^vcn Slower U. S. Planes Bcsl Nazi Coinhat Planes WASHINGTON. Apr. 1(1. (Ui'l- 'I'he niivy Infm-mwl Ihiuiciiiito iiuvnl affairs coiinnltlcc today dial Ami'r- Ii-an .made wmiilancs of types i,,,., slower tlian the new ones In the uurr navy nulfoiiKht Oeniiiiny's finest coinbnl planes. The Allies linve pinchiised several types of Amcrlciin combat planes und tlie navy said (hose sent Into actual combat In Kuropc have "demonstrated their superiority aver comparable European types." None of these planes so far used, [lie navy statement said, are ot the ate models now being acquired by Tlic conference's only other meet- lilt ' u - s armed forces ami also ' Mrs. Mary J. Thacker ~ Dies At Age^Of'SZ Mrs. Mary J, Thacker, died,ut her home .west ot Osceola: •" this iiioinlng. She was 82. The remains ivlll be taken" 1 to Cnmpbcll, Mo., accompanied by ineiiiUcrs of the family, where services will be held at the First Bap- list Church Wednesday afternoon, a.-30 o'clock. i Horn In Tennessee, Mrs. Thacker and her husband, the Inte.William 'Ihackcr, went to near Osccola "15 years ago. She Is survived by three daugh- Mrs. Little Fran; Mrs. Sarn roughs and Mrs. Cello Evans, anil two sons, Tom Coatney a'hct" Kid C'oalney, all of Osceola. Swift Funeral Home Is in charge. Ing wa.s In Hiniiinglm'm which lime il awarded thi; Thnmns Jefferson medal for distinguished; Ibclrg .sold lo the AlliBs. service by a southerner lo "juste ' John W. Haley Dies At Daughter's Home Hugo Ulack of tlic supreme cou for congress Irom the first congressional district ol Arkansas, the have endeavored to conduct the af- posFtloi, noThdd by EC , offi^ in a 1C coSolrbusi,«i 0atlll " ES ° f WCSl "™» M - ind efficient manner. Numerous Chicaoo Wheat May "We are going ( 0 do our best to Jl " y raise an ouutatuitiig crop" Mr I Clyburn said, ' "iy crop, i\ir. i jit • f~, after making a C fllCQQO Com "I bcllcyc It is possible lo pro- May duce a big yield from this tract." - July dose high low- m|)iovemcnts have been made to both the exterior and interior of [he Capitol building. Many offices mve been remodeled, new plumbing nstallcd throughout, the building and a flood lighting system has :ccn installed to Illuminate the building .it night. Through my ef- "orts. an underground sprinkler ;ystem was secured, which Is said o be one of the largest in tlic country. "Additional property has been acquired on the west side of Ihe :apltol grounds and plans are now being drawn to build n beautiful •\rtlficial lake in this area. This work Is all being done through ;lic aid of Ihc Works Project Administration. When this project Is s completed, the Capllol grounds will be one of tlie show places of he state. "I have operated the office with the same appropriation as my predecessor." dose high j ow Youth of J reel C Flics 1101-8 1161-2 1081-8 CANTON, Mass. (UP)—America's 103 109 1-8 107 7-8 smallest "man with wings" Is Ihe assertion of Robert Draper, 21. who Is only 3 feel S Inches Uill and weighs 80 pounds, his parachute exceptcd.- Draper started fly, Ing a year ago. passed ft test for a G2I 622 604 private pilot's license and NOW owns 033 834 0211 Ills o Mr. Ivy is a graduate of Frccd- Hmdejnnn College. Henderson, Tcnn., attended the University of Tennessee and is also a graduate of Cumberland University. Lebanon, Tenn. ire has practiced law in O.sceola since 1022. Mr. Ivy also served as secretary of tlie Mississippi County Democratic central committee tor ten years, Is a past president of Ihc former Osccola Civic club, and until recently president of the Ark- nnsas Prosecuting Attorneys Association. His formal announcement will appear at an early dale. Funeral Rites Held For J. W. Singleton Funeral services were held yesterday in Memphis for James William Singleton, former slallonary engineer for the A. D. Stnllh Lumber Company of Bragg City, Mo., who died Saturday In Memphis. He was 61. Born In Madtson, III., he moved to Blythcvillc and later lo Bragg City where he lived for 25 years. He ivent to Memphis five years ago Rifled ..., ! Joh " w ' Hnlc 5' died ycslerday etime Monday Night '" (tcr "" on nt thc llomc 1)f Mr - a"' 1 _ i M«. Ira Itominc of Luxora after '' Vl " 8 bn '" r ° llowln * - •me music box at r U TlUman's , negro beer parlor on First street l ""' ysls " JW ngo ' Ko wns was burglarized last night when ' I ' imcr ' 11 services were to lie held between $c nnd $a wns taken ! tllis """noon nt Ifanna Funeral The burglar entered the Mlnb-[ Homc wlth 1]lll ' lt>1 '" Sandy Hidje - llshmenl through n window. Police Ccmctcr y- Born In Nashville, Tcnn., lie lived . Ciilcf B. A. Rice said today. ' - • -- — U' cre until lie came to Mississippi Del! Infant DlVs County s-l years ago where he had tiiioiu uieh 5lllce rnrmef| imu| ))e bcca|i)e ln )(l Monday Afternoon [ 1ict>lth • • • ( He Is survived by his wife. Mra. Eugene Littleton, three months I Na ""le Haley; two sons. C. H. and old son of Mr, ntul Mrs. Rull I.itttc- ' Jolln H! >' C >' of Dell; two daughters. ton, died yesterday afternoon al the ! Alrs - Stldic Hominc of Luxora nnd family residence south of Dell. He j Mrs - Co ''"tie Hosklns of Dell Sons of Legion To Name Permanent Leaders Permanent officers for the local Sons of the Legion squadron will be clccletl Friday night at a mcet- jlng ill the American Legion Hut, |7::iO o'clock, according lo' Joe ' Whltlcy, chairman of the American' I.eylon committee in charge of the orgnnlzatlon of the squadron. Temporary officers ivcre 'elected 11 few weeks ago to serve until the lime the charter was returned from national headquarters. Tlie meet- ins was called for this Friday night following thc arrival of tlie charter ibis week. Any boys who are interested : in becoming members of the group, may vote in the election Friday night If they enroll at that time 6v prior lo It. A special effort Is being made to have all the members there as this will be the first meeting since the acceptance of the charter. WAS an only Funeral services were lo be held Ihls afternoon at the home wilh burial In Garden Point Cemetery one sister. Mrj Nashville. rs. Nannie Adams of ^i..\i^n i-ullll, l^L'HU'UTy I J|| JY Cobb Home Ism charge. Iron KatlOtt Gives Way Woman Taxi Driver Calls Job Enjoyable To Vitamized Food Bar LONDON <UP>—Tommy has become scientifically vitnmlzcd. „,,.,, .,„ IIIs famous "iron rations"—a tin SHELBY, O. (UP)-MalHtnlnlng of bully beef and a few slale bls- flay-aiid-nlght laxi schedules is culls - has disappeared and ils eiipoyablc work" to Mrs. C. L. place tins been tnken bv' what Miller, one of the country's few looks like a G-ounce bar of choeo- woman cab drivers. : late. Actually it is composed of 25 Mrs. ,\flllcr's cab service began parts by weight of double refined' Eight Year Old Boy Succumbs Suddenly C. G. Gardner, eight years od sou of Mrs. Bcrlhn Hfirtwig, of ISteele, died at Walls Hospital last night a few minutes after he hi!d licen admitted. Physicians were preparing to perform ait operation for a ruptured appendix but the child died before he could be given the anesthetic. The child had become suddenly 111 about two days ago, it Is understood. The remains were taken to Sleelc for funeral services. WEATHER and became farmer, son. !f. S. Single- Bethlel and Sirs. Ula Fogarly Ijolh of Meni|>hls. a year ngo when she decided she cocoa; 34 parts of dried protein t , , ' wanted a new home. Her husband which is prepared from milk and' A , rkflnSins - Lo < :al showers tonight gave up his factory job to build it 27 parts of refined icino waii- nn< > Wednesday, cooler in north and she opened a cab company 'i All tl I 1. »»!.•»• , . au( j central portions tonight, cooler *£*£,.•£!£• nXt ^ : M^Tr^, 1 ^'™* and '^- cl -* ^ 5 oo.m,, D WZ.K ^CT^rr^ K s^rrh'rri^r^: n soluWe as a food. lure, lowest tonleht about KH erage, protcl

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