Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1935
Page 4
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jjf«^w^r v .,v* War President )Nt,VL rrnsS* «{ eotn. mm 63 Island, •ode. 54 Oak. 55 \Vetrd. regret, gg Gaseous element. 67, 5SHe was In office on the on. first —- —— VERTICAL |fi imports. 1 Intertwined into fabric. 2 Native metals. 3 Over. 4 Sun god. 5 Oil (suffix). .6 Grief. ? You and I. S Exists, 9 Membranous bag. 10 Part of shaft. 11 Close. 12 He was a 15 Me was —— the Nobel Peace Prtte. 19 Rats. 20 Testifies. 22 To surrender. 24 Form. 26 Form of "be," 27 Peak. 29 Falsehood. 30 Night before. 34 Musical note. 35 Neuter pro. noun. 37 Writer's mark. :is Meat jelly. 39 Work ot skill. 40 Northeast wind •il Consumer* 42 To abound* 44 Fern seed*. 46 In the fear. 47 Toward sea. 48 To satiate. 49 View. 51 FootHke part. 52 To observe. te M r f$¥ so 57 27 41 ^ s 19 m 123 17 24 P5 53 ^ 56 er 29 n 30 Antioch •• - and Mrs. Joe Fergu- fi^of Prescott, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hill ftit} Emmet, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mohon \iiid 'Mrs. Douglas Dougan, spent Sun- |f 'Say with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mohon. m A*'We'are glad to welcome Mr. and *»A' Mrs- Sidney Dougan back to our com- |tv"Mrs.i Grady Coxwell and little ^daughter, Remona Ruth, spent Mon- Sday with Mrs. Sidney Dougan. f|f J. 1 R. and Ora Dougan spent Sun- night with their grandparents, i;:'and Mrs. Rich Dougan. i^Miss'Audrey Mohon spent the week ?f4end'*with.home folks. r. and Mrs John Mahon reteurned heir home in Waterloo. .Monday came to spend the day with 'JMrs. Belle Jones, on Wednesday Mrs. fcJJJbhbn became suddenly ill and was f Confined to bed several days. Rich Douglas, Connie Dougan, and r.' and Mrs. Lee Cook visited Perry ougan in Cora Donhal hospital Sun- s|;-d'ay. Perry who has been in the f hospital near a month has had to I N C L A I R I Z E " Youi- Car for WINTER Quicker, Easier Starting, Easier Driving undergo several operations. He is better and we hope he can soon be return home. Miss Cleo Dougan spent the week end in Prescott the guest of Mrs. Perry Dougan. Marie Campbell spent the week end in Prescott with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edwards. Earnest Coffee and mother Mrs. W. E. McFarland and son, W. E., Jr., visited in Providence community Sunday. We regret very much to lose Mr. and Mrs. Netern Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hamilton and Mr. and Mrs. Hodges from our community, but wish for them good luck in their new home near Gurnsey. Miss Francine Mohon spent Sunday afternoon with Miss 'Marie Hickey. We are glad to say that Andrew Hickey has recovered most of the clothes stolen last Saturday night. Mr, Hickey went into Milton Townsend's store for a few minutes and left his suite case on the outside . When re returned his suit case was gone. A search was made and everything was found, except a few articles. 700 Service Station »r WOI For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company I SeU It! Find It! Bent It! Buy It! / in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. I time, IBc line, min. 30c tvt consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one a if 3 times, 6c line, min. 50< $ times, *c line, min. SOc 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.76 (Average 5Vi words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with tha understanding that the bill U payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication, Phone 76& WANTEP—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade. Overcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. Round and S\vcct Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, Sec HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 24i Hope, Ark. DAMP WASH SERVICE- NflSON-HUCKINS LAUNDRY COMPANY WANTED WAN OB WOMAN Wanted to supply .customers with famous Watkins Products in Prescott. No investment. Business established, earnings average 525 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. R. Watkins Co., 70-84 W- Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Wanted—Female Address envelopes at home, spare ' time; ?5 to 515 weekly. Experience unnecessary. Dignified work. Stamp bripgs details. Employment Mgr., Dept 4739, Box 75, Hammond, 111. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment, 108 South Washington Street. Jimmie Fields, phone 47. 8-3tc FOR RENT—5 room house well located and very desirable. Call 655W, (Carl Smith. H-3tc LOST "" LOST 1 —Boston bulldog, four white feet. Return Ross Spears. White Way Want It Printed RIGHT? "<~>' We'll have a printing cxpurt call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve lliem. Star Publishing COMPANY 'TrinluJg That Makes an Impression" HOPE j^ftf HOI HOUSE t . ' *" " * * '< f i\ " fc By AHfeRN OUT OUR WAV WILLIAMS <SOOD NfcWS, £<SAt3, <SOOt> t SAW THE |Y\ANA\6HP, TOtW, OF PtUB-TjWv'EF, OLSOU, A.Nt> M£ "PROMISED ^AE A MATCH ^fcTWSEN'VOU AHlD H\S N\&N SOME NKbWT \N OL&ON -WOUU-Q WttfcSTLE YOU AS A SOKT OF PBJXV^nOb £>ER\OUS BOUT6 K SARCASM / UNV^ •OTVAtfT>S SWELL, •ooc/ t YEW NEWS TO L\V*«fs BE\HCi TOLD' H£"S GOING *TO "BE- HANC>tti W\TW /i^ S1LK1=«,OPE^ OP T.'M. aec.Ti.VVAr. off. StSf'srUFFBD WlTM WOWM' RAGS, AMD PARADE PA5T VOUR GIRLiS HOUSE TRVMA MAK& A Wrt-*-DOKft VOU KWOW TMAT AKJV ©IRL WOULD KNiOW TMAT &UM V WOULD KICK VOL) FLAT ON VOUR BACK, ^ AW IT'S MILES TO TW'CITY UM1TS, WHERE AM' A GUM WOM'T* SKOKE THAT LOMC WHV, A &RL WOULD HAF-TA BE AWFUL DUMB, MOT TO SEE TMAT/ SHE'S THAT I DOW'T* WAK1T HER, CU2L SHE'LL KGTCH KE IKJ TOO KAKiV VTTT L._ TME DOUBLE LIFE gj 1935 BY NEA SeRVICE. INC. T. M. RCC. U. S. fAT. OFF. //-// BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Lesson in Silver by MARTIN TSW.. TV\0,1 f- "X 1 " WE . . \NiCO WE «j\X - y •1M . YOU'Rt T>\' OK»^ A//// © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. . U. 8. PAT. ALLEY OOP CMOW, MEN, X. AWRIGHT, LE5 &IT WE'RE GOIW'OVERN &OIM.' I'M DYIM' AW RESCUE OUE T'GIT AMOTHER QUEEKJ UMPA/ / CRACK AT THAT ' DOOTSY MUG, .M'SELF' SAY, GU7L -THERE'S fSUMPlNGOINTOW THEPE IK1 LEMIAM LIMES/ Umpateedle Must Have Lost Her Temper I SHOULD SAY"! THERE IS.'/ IT | SOUWOS By CRANE A MUTIKJV- WELL, HOVKAWOW.' ITS HER MAJESTY, QUEESJ UMPATEEDLE! -AW SHE'S GOT A COUPLE OF PRISONERS.' SHE'S GOT OC • / IT LOOKS AS IF KIWG TUMK ANJ' 1 OUR-LITTLE WAR DOOTSV r/S IS ABOUT ALL BOBO.' / V-. OVER.' »|*> illAi © 193S BY NEA SERV1CE.JNC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. WASH TUBES Lulu Bell Takes Charge By HAMLIN '/AYS PASS. THE MURPER WSJEKV SsSKS. fa&MimuSJ'LWiW & ^ WA5W THEM CLOTHES /W THE OCEAKI, 6IRLIE.' WE AIN'T OOTTER NUF PRNKIM' WATER TO LAST OUT THE WEE«. r—— s (O TREtTKLES AND HIS FRIENDS i—»— WHAT/ Y YOU'LL BLOOMIM' WELL. EAT > CICU \ FISH AM' LIKE IT. THE MEAT'S rJ 1 ?:?-? ALL <30KJE AM' SO'S THE A6AIM ^. x- l (f; Between Halves : © 1S35 BY HEA SEKVICE, INC. T. M. ( LOOkS LIKE RAiJJ. I'LL RIG UP THE TENTS/ SO'STO CATCH SOME FRESH WATER. RFSTA VOLJ MUGS KIM TRVCATCHIU' ower o THEM MEA5LV OLP dOATS, ER PIMPIM' A MESS'A J5 TO EAT. p^-.^ WCW' f?'? ^ tt ( '. n l"«^&Ss K. J; .'- fe //v; , I GUESS, IF 1 FRECKLES NTGOOSEY WAS IN THE GAME, OUR DOWT ^ WORRY... HE WONT GET INTO THE TEAM WDULDMT ^GAME ' HAVEACHAWCE/ HE SKIPPED PRACTICE, AND A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK HE HASN'T GOT WHAT IT TAKES/ NO ONE SEEMS "TO KNOW WHAT CAME OVER HIM .' I I'M WOT SURE, ) BUT I BET, IF HE GOT INTO THE GAME, HIS OWN PLAYERS WOULD TURN A3AIWST HIM // / : " • THERE ARE RUMORS GOING AROUND THAF HE'S YELLOW... THAT HE WAS /; AFRAIP HE'D GET HURT IN SCRIMMAGE, AN' THAT'S WHY HE DIDN'T SHOW UP FOR PRACTICE:/ r ~^ / THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop} Sharpening His Appetite By BLOSSER HKH&BBSUHHBHIMBI MY NAME IS M C GOOSEY,... I OVERHEARD YOUR REMARKS...AND IF "TbU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I THINK ABOUT THEM, YOU'LL \V\.| FINP MY AWSWER, LATER^, ON THE SCOREBOARD " tr .<u By COWAN THE GREAT »5 GOBBLE THE ONLY N»AN IN THE WORLD WHO SWALLOWS TWO SWORDS AT ONCE • ***•'• *»<.,.. ^NW.' CATFISH f? THE SILVER.' SOMEONE UWs STOLEN THE J SILVER O \ YOU TOOK IT ^^4O HID IT IN THE CELLAR ?! WHAT'S THE AliSE ONE OB DEW CIPCU5 (V\EN5,| UPSTAIRS, DONE. 1 E.AT3DAT5TUFF/.'I

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