Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1935
Page 3
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* < '< '' in Memory JrL? rnn ,£ c lhfi , swn y'"8 Popples shei Their Plnmc'llke petals where th dead Arc sleeping quietly. Like drops o blood They mark the spot where young ;manhood Yiejded its life that TRUTH migh know Its fullest LIBERTY . . . Poppies glow But when distilled, give pain surcease— And souls of dend lads whisper "PEACEl'-Sclected. , "As their Artist's progrnm for the year, the Friday Music club will bring Angelo .Gortese, America's premier Aeblinn harpist, who'is making a tour of the Urtilod States, this program will be at the city auditorium, and it Will be a rnre opportunity for those who love music of the higher type to hear nn artist. The time and price wlll.be announced later through this column. The Oglesby P. T. A. will meet el 3:30 Tuesday afternoon nt the Oglesby .school. o Miss Kate Bridewell who has spent the post few months in Denver, Colo., arrived Sunday morriing for an extended visit with home folks. The John Cain chapter, D. A. R., k,wil| hold its November meeting with y a 1, o'clock luncheon Wednesday at Hotel Barlow, with Mrs. E. F. ~McFaddin and Miss Mamie Twitchell as hostesses. Daniel in Oklahoma City, Okln. Tlie Friday Music club held Ite regular bi-weekly meeting Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Minor Gordon on South Hervoy street, with Mrs. H. D. Locke a s hostess. Continuing joint hostess, the study on Twentieth Century Music, the following interesting in slructive program was given: Piano, "Whims" Schuman, Mrs. Minor Gprdon. Composers of the "Vanniess and Romantic Ern," Miss Joy.O'Neal. Piano, "To the Sea," McDowell, Mrs. F. L. Padgitt. Voice, "Ah, Love But a -Day," Beach, Mrs. Slith Davenport. Piano, "Rhapsody In G Minor," Brahms, Mrs. C. C. McNeill. Quartette, "Hark! Hark! The Lark!" Schubert members of the Choral club. The next meeting will be held on Friday, November 22, with Mrs. John P. Cox and Mrs. George Ware as hostesses. -—i- uu r • \ I-—-..—..... World Celebrates ArmistkeJWonday Roosevelt Delivers Address at Arlington National Cemetery By the Associated Press By martini atmosphere, the world Monday Celebrated the 17th anniversary of the end of the World war Fascists continued their push deep into Ethiopia and Premier Mussolini told Italians their armies were ready to defend their "interest in Europe, Africa or anywhere else.' > President Roosevelt, standing before the Tomb of the American Unknown soldier at Arlington national cemetery pledged that the United Stales will ever sock ways of peace," but must and will protect herself." ,„.„, Prcstd «>t I" Address * A , S « NGTON -W-On a grassy WITH LADIES > JS ! imaMgaaM,,!,,^,,^^ weigi,!. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Bridewell had as week end and Armistice day guests'. Mrs. C.'E. Bell and Miss Margaret Bell of Tcxarkana. Drs. Chas. and Etta Champlin and Miss Mamie Twitchell attended a dinner meeting of the Twin City Os- leopathic society Saturday evening nt Hotel McCartney in Tcxarkana. Miss Geneva Higgason of Ouachita college, was the week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hig- woodland ridge sweeping up from th Potomac, the president Monday wil offer a nation's homage to its her war dead. A ml , tr " f rr , From ^ humblest homes, from Ambrose Hanegan of Henderson austere embasises and leoali State Teachers college, spent the week from the highest offices nf ™',, * end with his mother, Mrs. A. F. Hane- mem, thousands will Join Mr p „ gan and other home folks. veil in solemn tribute to thp°?n" o J known soldier sleeping on Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Weaver and son, pillowed hillside. John Cecil spent the week end with N °t for him alone and his comi-nrt«« friends in Camden. who poured out their blood on th! , „ ° \ S ° f T rance wl " llono '- JS be lavished Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Green ar\ Thc unknown soldier lies today as lounce the marriage of their daughter P e ''petual symbol of nil ' Voncil Jordon to Jack Pritchitl, son '"""hood which bravely f Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pritchitt both "~" f this city. The ceremony was pcr- ormcd by the Rev. Guy D. Holt, pns- or at the First Christian church nt 7 'clock Saturday evening. Their only ttcndants were Miss Doris Boyett and Ikie Pritchitt. Mrs. Pritchitt was becomingly gowned in a fall model of rust and brown. She wore talisman roses. Following a short wedding trip to Texarkana the young couple arc at home in the Gib Lewis apartment on South Fulton street. Over the gleaming marble tomb of e man who .^..jficed ,, fe and in a war to end war" roll the ° of East African v ' Miss Louise Hanegan has returned from a three weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. H. M. Daniel and Mr PRINTZESS COATS and SUITS A Complete Stock In the Very Newest Styles and Colors. Ladies Specialty Shop CARD OF THANKS We take this method of expressing our sincere appreciation to our many friends and neighbors who were so kind and thoughtful of us in the illness and at the death of our husband and father. Also for the beautiful floral offerings and other messages of sympathy. Mrs. I. W. Hutson and Family. Wrestling to Be h l ° • P , eace may the mind of the president when he lowers a wreath on the whUe vor ' he sends "'ef word to the nation of his hopes and determination that the United State. rcmain nloof /at 11 a . m., the exact hour World war guns seventeen ago ceased sowing death his voice will fade into the tender, lulling notes or "tnps"-ln life the soldier'! slumber song: in death his requ em The clear .lingering bugle tones will vhispor through the dignified colonnades of a • stately amphi-theater MaTo Ul ° ,r St ° f the battle^ omw'i°« er lhc ., b ° wcd heads of assembled thousands, to die away among thn r°, V ?" "T 8 ° f crosses »at mark he resting places of military immortals and unsung warriors Resumed Here Rogers Appointed We've got some fine shows this week . .' . and just look what's coming next Sunday . . . Yeah! . . . "Top Hat." NOW III Matinee I 2:30 Tues. JACK BENNY Radio's Biggest Favorite —anil 150 others in "BROADWAY MELODY Cai'd Is Complete for Fair Park Exhibition Wednesday Night Promoter Bert Mauldin announced Monday that he had completed arrangements for the American Legion wrpstling show to be presented in Fair Park arenn here Wednesday night. The card: Speedy Schaffer of East St. Louis- will meet Al (Bull Dog) Stecker in the two-hour feature event. In the 45-minute semi-final Stanley Rogers of Minneapolis, will tangle with the Bald Eagle of Burbank, Alaska. Both are new coiners to Hope wrestling fans. Rain or shine, the program will be presented, Mr. Mauldin said. Courtesy tickets may be had for the asking at Hope business firms. The fight starts at 8 p. m. (Continued from page one) tion, and has a record of highly suc . ce«ful statewide celebration! extending over a period of 30 years TVrTI thm are the Massachusetts Tei '-Centenary, Georgia Bi-Centenary, Yorklown celebration, Ijew York Silver Jubilee, and seven eaj J di- of 1936" Cartoon and News WED-NIGHT ONLY 14 WESTERN STARS this great western picture that's wn for the benefit of the Hope Boys Band ... get your ticket NOW , . . then come down and enjoy n swell show! T ' ^^W"^W^^^fcJ *.»,>» *~, ^ flMb^ • IJ HARRY CAREY * HOOT GIBSHM The Wo lays value the teardrops of the dougong, or seacow, as love potions. They believe that n man carrying a vial of dougong tears can win the love of any beautiful woman. 'ANTS FREE with Every Suit Cleaned This Week. This week we will clcmi an extra pair of Pants FREE with every man's suit. No strings attached—just bring in the extra pants with your suit. Hall Brothers PHONE 385 Orignal Rexall One Cent Sale Begins Wed. Nov. 13-14-15-16 Radin Programs Every Morning Over KTHS and KLRA. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company Phone 63 The Rexall Store Delivery . Mr. Rogers was assistant to David R Francis ,„ the genera i managershi ° of the Columbian Exposition in St Louis and has been connected with many other enterprises of magnitude Members of the executive committee of the Arkansas Centennial commission made an exhaustive survey of centennial celebrations, and after becoming convinced that Mr. Rogers way the outstanding director of the United States, tendered him a contract. Mr. Rogers was prevailed upon by former Arkansans, with whom lie was associated Jn other ventures to accept the directorship in preference to offers made to him in the aast, and when he came to Arknnsas he came prepared to enter upon his new work. ' Mr Rogers has probably the most complete library upon pageants and celebrations in the United States and has placed it at the disposal of the Centennial commission. It has already been shipped to Little Rock. H. C. Conch, chairman of the Arkansas Centennial commission, and J G. Leigh, vice-chairman, will spend this week in the East, in the isterest of the centennial, and on Friday will confer wifh President Franklin D Roosevelt concerning government par-' tJcjpalion in the big event DeAnn Pup.ls on the honor ron nt DeA school for the first month of school r re: £ - yd Bllrke ' first ««de- James Burke and Agatha Poole sec-' oncl grade; Eulas Burke, Coy Breeding Virdio Mae Hnneycutt, Pauline Sam- •els and Ruby Wren, f ourth ^^ Herbert Roberts Allison Hembree Mattie Lou Burke and Phola Clark Win grade; Ladelle Burke J T Hon eycutt andHenryPoole, sixth grade." DOLLS-DOLLS DOLLS Big Ones, Littlp Ooncs, Black Ones White Onts. All kinds ajid sizes. Come uad select your Christinas Dolls now while our stock is complete. We have them OH display in our window all this week. It j s Hie w jj, dovv wWi the big crowd of clUldren In front of it. DflUBLE EAGLE STAMPS all this week w ^h each purchase pf a doll Phone 84 John P. Cox Drug Co, We Give Eagle Stamps I know the working classes do not need DJ g navies. It is their rule! who want them to protect their live their money and their pockets-Oliv Low-Brow arts" are genuine arts They satisfy native needs in huma nature.-John Dewey, Philosopher an educator. There is no danger of a dictatorship from the Left; the Right is too strong i is from the Right that the dictaor ship is coming.-Oswald Garrison Vil lard, noted liberal. Does anyone think that war betweet great nations can be a limited wai and that meanwhile we can trade with both sides in prosperous neutrality? We cannot bolt ourselves in an armed citadel and survive.-Prinw Minister Stanley Baldwin. Well, you can just say we 'n mako all we can sell and sell all we can make.-Henry Ford, answering interviewer's question regarding his 1936 production plans. Men and women are human being before the distinction between sex* occurs. But once the segregation take place it requires some pretty strenuou merger efforts to get them hack o Ine same plane ngnin. There's the matter of food, for in stance. If a man likes onion soup, h expects his wife to like it, too I he doesn't want her to try it th chances are that his love needs re plenishing or he'd insist that she share the delicacy. A woman to move across the table and back to the family kitchen-wil prepare a dessert that her husband Ikes regardless of her own dislike o. it. It s n sign she loves him. A man is hurl unless his wife likes his best friend, at once, hanging i a rosary of approval around her neck of dear old Ed or Pete or Joe. A woman breathes naturally again when her husband remarks that he doesn t see what she likes in Mary or Sue or Kale. A man loses the hair on the top at his head and preserves a good neckline. A woman saves her hair and loses her single chin. ; /r^i,. man .i S ? U OUt on a trans-oceanic flight and is queried about air tides and currents and technicalities while the woman who goes along is asked what she is putting in the lunch boxes. Women Sport Their Men Folk For every difference there is a reason. Women have spoiled men always. They have forgotten their own pains when a man had a cut finger in order • to exiJect the food th«-lBe«t suits n pampered palate. They hav told him that any food Is twice a« , H ' S J h £ ° ne he choos i/u ay of Fie " ch pastt-les «o y they concenti-Med on stewed apricots—if he wanted them. Why should they believe us when we work so hard to decieve them? A man has more egotism than a woman. He isn't afraid that his wife will notice that Ed or Pete or Jpe has a better waistline than he has Or what if she does? He is sure that he is loved for something of his own so he saves himself a lot of needless worry. A womar.; on the other hand, hap had to fight her way through lopsided competition and it's music in her ears every time she receives an announcement that she has taken another hurdle. She hasn't quite learned the great difference between those two small words—liking and loving. Historic Family Setup Explains Division of Duties That matter of the preservation of various parts of the anatomy has a good firm foundation, too. A famous beauty expert, Rose Laird, explained all that the other day. "Men have to twist their necks when they shave and put in collar JUttons when they dress so of course hey retain their youthful contour. Women forget to exercise their neck muscles since they aren't required to !o it in the process of dressing.'When t comes tp hair women have the ad- 'flntage. They brush their hair and xercise it when they arrange it. Men on't perform these mechanics. They /ear tight hats, too. Consequently IB upper half of a woman's head is ounger than a man's but the lower alf of a man's head is younger than woman's. 1 The whole set-up of family life—and DU can be as pre-historic as you lease about it—explains the division duties in a family. In her delightful ' fffl^f^ffjt -7! in Benefit Show Auxiliary of Hope Boys Bancl to Sponsor Pic-' ture Wednesday Romance and glamour of the open range in the days when men were cowboy.* and Aix*shooters were the law of the land is brought to the screen by Marry Carey, Moot Gibson and supporting galaxy of virile action stars in tills super' western picture 'Powdersmoke Range," the feature for ,he benefit of the Hope Bapd uniforms .ravel narrative, '"North to the Orient,' Anne Morrow Lindbergh says hat the reporters questioned 'Colonel Lindbergh on technicalities about his rip. "Oh, Mrs. Lindbergh, the women of America are so anxious to know about /our clothes," one woman reporter ddreSsing her. "Where dp you put the lunch boxes?" another asked. It is true, too. No man cared what Charles Lindbergh wore, but women id want to know how his wife look- d. '. • Men and women are different. It's very good',thing that we are. We et along much better. Drink Water With Meals GoD<3J For Sjtpmach Water with meals helps stomach juices, aids digestion. If bloated with gas add a spbortful of Adlerika. 'One dise cleans out poisons and washes BOTH upper and lower bowels. While they last SPECIAL 10c Trial Sizes on sale at John S. Gibson Drug Company. —adv sHhu Sfcenlet WedfteMi? A talfe iftf tire trfowssr Crete SH, Los Potres, and the speeteotdarover- throw of the sinister band which ebn- tfols ft by three roving cowboys, the picture IS replete wtih bfezlng acHon, thrills, rothance and comedy, 'Bob Steel and Boots Mallory carry the rdmantic interest of the story 6nd Sam Hardy plays the principal m en- a . ce r°h G ui «n "Big Boy" Williams, l;orn Tyler, Wally Wales, Art Mix, Buffalo Bill, Jr.. Buzi Barton, Franklyn Farhum, Bill Desmond, Frank Rice, William Famum, Adrian Morris, Ray Mayer and Eddie Dunn are others ift the brilliant cast. Eon—Mother, aren't you going to wait up for father? Mother—What's the use? I've such a cold I can hardly speak. "Forty-niners," on ther way to California's gold fields, had to pay 12Vi cents each for horseshoe nails. STRONG KNIT Crwi,tli<.Gtild •I DM GUARANTEED FAST COLORS WOVEN WnrovtHCAST EDCt 6 HOPE HARDWARE COMPANY Beware Ct from common That Hang WU have cold bt b |et raief tt sertduS troubte wfeiy be y&U cattftdt asrem WtafiS with anything less thatt ston, which goes righ of the tfoubie to ai soothe ana heal the itt branea as the-gewfti is loosed fed expelled; .Even if dther tei&e failed, don't be diseotasaeea druggist is authorized to gutt Creomulsion and to reiuft money if yau are not satiifl results from the very fifSt Get Creomulsiott right now,* $15 for your dW one" ?1 Down Balance Monthly. * *'• flarry W. Plumbing-Electrical ; Phone 259 WITH CHEVROLET'S NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES Safeguarding you and your family as you fiave never fieen safeguarded More SOLID STEEL <me-piece TURRET TOP o crown of beauty, a forlrtn oftaftly KO DRAFT VENTILATION ON NEW BODIES BY FISHER the moit beau/ifu/ and comfortable bodies ever crtafad for a low-priced car SHOCKPHOOF STEERING* making driving easier and »of«r than »yer before New Perfected Hydraulic Brakes—the highest development of the hydraulic i™ ke Principle-are standard on all Chevrolet rnodels for 1936. And, like many other important features of the only complete low- priced car, lliese new brakes are exclusive to Chevrolet in its price range! They are the smoothest and most efficient hrakes ever developed. They give stopping-pouwr altogether new to motoring. They help to make Chevrolet for 1936 the safest motor car ever built. Visit your nearest Chevrolet dealer. See and drive this new Chevrolet— today! CHEVROLET MOTOR COA1PANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN 'Wore Chevrolet'* low deliver*} prices and the n<te gnvtly rvduced -M.A.L. * per cent tune payment plan—the Imvesi financing cost in G.M.A.C. hutory. 4 Cfaural Mvlurs Value. Com G.A. IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION RIDE* (he smoothest, safest ride of all HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGIN5 giving even telfer performance with even less gas and oil AM THESE FEATURES AT CHEVROLET'S LOW PRICES.. . AND UP. List price of New Standard Coupe «t Flint, Michigan. Witli bumpers, spare tire and tire lock, the list price is $20 additional. "Knee-Action ou Master Models only, 520 additional. Prices quoted in this advertisement are list at Flint Michigan, and subject to change without notice. $495 YOUNG CHEVROLET GO. HOPE, ARKANSAS

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