The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1940
Page 6
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/AGE SIX Both Races Have Their Dangerous Angles, Write)- Insists BY GEORGE' KIHKSEY Vnlied Pr«s SlafT Corrcspoiiilcnt NEW YORK, April IS. (UI>)~ One more sundown and Uie 1C major league clubs iylll lie of! !n their (win derbies which wind up lale next September. Both races are fraught will) possibilities. Tlie Yanks are not the cinches Ihc- old guard'is trying to make them out. Tlie National- Leneue race is ilefi- jiilely an omelet in which many chefs will have n finger. Many unexpected returns may come in early because the ball chilis are far (rora being In shape (o open the .season. Some of ih« alriletc-s, especially pllchm, won't te ready for a couple of weeks. The inclement weather has upset (he plans of many pilots.I n yesterday's exhibition games sonic of the managers had four and Jive pitchers in uclion In order lo give as .many (lingers as possible their final preps. High spots of the opening das- program will be ni Washington where the Hcd Sox bailie the Senators with President KoosevcH in attendance; at Philadelphia where the four-time champion Yankees will begin the quest of their fifth in a vow against the Athletics; and at Cincinnati where the Reds begin the defense of their National League title against the Cubs. As the sixteen clubs get ready to go to the post, here's the final call over: American League: .Yankees—2-1. Chnmp until bcnt- cn. Same club with more pressure on veterans Dickey, Ruffing, Gomez and Crosselli. Red Sox—0-2. Danger. Pitching and defense improved. Cest punch. Indians—8-1. No weakling. Infield patched up at second. Tigers—10-1. Money chance. Superior power. Weak In infield. White Sox—15-1. Outclassed. Pilot Dykes has hands full. Senators—30-1. Could surprise. Good speed, liecd more pitching. Athletics—50-1. Must show more. Pitching weakest. Fair punch. Browns—100-1. Doomed. Better defense but woefully weak in box. National League: Reds—11-5. Given preference. Pitching strongest. Best pilot. Good balance. Cardinals—11-5. Long on power, problems. Cubs—5-1. Shaky. One to tear. Serious infield Spirit teamwork lacking but, Brynnl and Dean could ' make them danger-: ous. Dodgers- -5-1. Hard lo figure. Pitching and defense good. Attack needs bolstering. . nns-t. Diyrkhorsc,., ^Loaded with its .out; might become' ip^rr- cd by Hubbell's comeback. '• Pirates— 10-1. Possible surprise. Hustle and punch may offset weak pitching and catching. Bees— 50-1. Pass this. Weak i outfield and second. Pitching on ly fair. Phillies— 100-1. Hopeless. plenty ot everything. Need Capitol To Be At San Souci May 2 Snow While, and Anolliei 1 Beanly «-' #>~rr,f« . 'i^f&a! FINIS ' { Nashville Trounces Atlanta And Memphis Little Rock Wa ™«» (AUK.) COURIER NEWS ~~~ • ~ ~—' —— I,, ._ i rnopylao until the rclny e.imc in »"« lie lng(j«l I lie runner out, Home runs by Arkekem, Lukon, McDanlel and two by Dejnn enabled L'lifittaiioogn U> take Uio flrsl ganio from Kunxvlllo. Ox Miller's eight-hit )>ll«liln</ was the deckling factor In the nightcap mid nave the Lookouts a f.vo-lo- oiie series irliitnplt.' Hal Kellelier, Memphis moumls- mmi, made three errors and still managed to pilch lite mates to victory over Little Rock. A total Stickler Wins Three Old Car .Races Sunday Lee Stickler, veteran midget automobile racer, won first honors In tin; three races of the Old Car race staged here yesterday after- MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1940 Demonstration Club News Notes Flat Lake Club Mcels. Nineteen members of the Lake Home Demonstration and three visitors, Miss Cc Plat club of nine ml.scucs was charged to "°°" by the Dud Casoti Host of .... „,„, ,.,,.,, ^ olu , JU Hie two leiuns. Kellelier held the lne American region hi the first Coleinnn, comity home (taiionstra ot ti scries of similar events to lie """ held during the spring and summer. , Allnnla jillcher now wltli New Orleans, shut out ihu Wrmint!- harn nnrons on eight hits. the Pelicans a two In the Inilial .series. Ifl ATLANTA, r;u., April jr, (IJ ,,, —The Niislivlllc Volunteers headed loward a Iiappy homecoming tu- iliiy iillcr taking the Allnnta Crnck- •'].'•' inriiMire (hiee titral^hL Hairs for tli(; iicst pirrlHi'infmce In llir </]H-niiii{ .'.eite of die Southern As- JiOt'iiltjDJl. 'IIn- Vok bent dm G'rnckm a l« 1 yesterday lo make II three Jn a row while die Chattanooga Lookouts downed the Knoxvlllc Smok- ies iti n (tuiiblo-hcurler 10 lo 7 and ! 3 to 2, (lie Mejnphis fihleks dc-! Icatcd I.lllle Ruck C to 1 and Niiv.-j Orli-aiis look l!lrmlm;lmm 4 lo O.I With today reserved for traveling, the second set of opening gnnies v.'lll lie held tomorrow v/Illi Allanla at ClinUiiiiooud, Hlrmlug-, ° - - — limn al Memphis. Knoxvllle all ''" a " nugan In one of the wrest lint; Nashville mid Little Rock at Ne\v> mnlchcs at tile American Legion Orleans. | areiiu. The fliubby chimcraper has The third Nashville-Allanla uame! bc ''" lj ' nlllttl t' dally for his initial • an earlv st " n nll<1 lolla >' blossomed mil wilh rapped 'Hrav.le and Krausse for a <ten> [ T«<! rcov;d of more than 2500 Chubby Hobby Durham, former overflowed the Brand Maud at the There'll Re No Curly Locks For Dtigan To Grab l.oyal Green, who inns aside his bni'lrer's shears tonight will Iry a new kind of scissors ivhftii lie makes his mat debut against, "Go- -..,,, K ,,,,.v saw (ho Volunteers lake an early lead and holil it throughout al- Hie Crackers all ,., . r, .... uiuntu] uic <jiacKers nil Virginia Gttllfo'l, • pretty amateur golfer of Syracuse, gets ncriiianucu i the score in the ninth , with Snow White, said lo be the only pure-white Holler ever foaled | Mnrsh Manldin, Atlnnln outnclder. ••' "'••-' ' " ' at Phichuist. Snow White Is training with the stable oi Dr. II t'arshall of Uibnnn, o. M. Todays Sport Parade •7 HKNTvT M«UMO«S NEW YORK. April IS (UI'> — This is blue Momlny. The real blue Monday, I mean. I might, even sny this Is the black an;l blue Monday. Tills will scarcely have reached ;>rlnt and you will scarcely have hail lime lo rontl II. before Ihc mnddesl. army since General cosey said "Forward march!" moves lo- ward nn innocent mid completely neutral ground called Jamaica. Jamaica is n race (rack. Jamaica .5 a small wee I ruck, comprising litllc more lluin a few whitewashed buildings, all ol which couldn't quite nil the turf club ftl Santa Anlla or the Paddock at Arlington Park. The pnri-mutuel belting system tins conic lo New York slate and it 000.000 and the overly-optimistic S300.0CO.OOO. I say an even, round S-MO.OOO.OOO. Only one llilnjf I mil sure of. For the ilrst few months, nl Icnsl, New York will be (lie most uncomfortable, state in the uuioii In which to lose your money. The 1'nclllllc.s for loslnc your money just, aren't there. Jamaica can accommodate, say, 15,000 people comforl- ably. Around 25.000 will he on hand the llrst day. This makes one thing certain. We tan now forget, once ami for all. Iwr.sR-riicliig n.v anything bill money-making proposition. Uc U for the state, the breeder, lhe owner, the track. Iho tiainer, cer- lalnly it won't, lie for (he bettor. If il were for lhe Improvement of the horse, there wouldn't be a need even for public tracks. Let Ilicm run over enclosed ovnls, such as Alfred Owyiine Vanderbtll. has at Sagamore farm or Col. Edward Rlley Bradley hns nl Idle Hour. So Id ns welcome the bangs ami bruises we'll all get. at, Jamaica today If just, for these rcnsous: Kiicing to lilt a loii(; drive (o centerlielc which scored Manager p.ivil Rich- aids and Larry Bmllh with the sixth and seventh Cracker runs. But when Mnnklln tried to stretch Ills blow inlo n homer Catcher Greek George of Nashville blocked him oil the plate like his ancestors did the Persians at Ther- 1 lolla )' nev, r hairsut especially designed lie he mit tied for tlle wrestling business, so if Inning. Iillls lo lvlm ll >c "Id "Gorilla" ean'l. blame hail 1 in his eyes. . In n .supporting cast (not that Green will need .supporting*, will bo four other grapplers who are slated to put on a team wrestling exhibition. They are Charles Sinkey. Green's trainer and Instructor, and George Thomas, who will team up against Lefty Williams and Floyd Byrd. . Walker Kirk-Mississippi County Fail' Grounds where a barbecue was also held before the races. Stickler, by winning first in Die IS, 15 and 28 mile races, look home S52.SO of lhe $115 given in cash prizes among lhe nine entries of tuts not later than 1831 models. I" the 10 mile race, "Jinks" Scrape- was .second nnrt Roseoe Coleman, oi Luxora, third. Colcnm:: wo nsecond in the 15 mile race and third honors went to Ivan BetUloy after it smash-Up had thrilled Die liirge crowd. Coleman led Stickler for 35 laps of the final race only to be nosed out In the final rounds lo place second; third went to "Wimpy" Hums, fourth to his brother, Dick Hums, and fifth to Bejilley. The Burns brothers added much color to the race with nick making his debut in racing circles with the crowd cheering him each time he was able to pass bis brother "Wimpy." SPECIAL! 1/3 Mow for the same money Johnson's Wax and Glo-Coat SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 , - tion ngent, .and Mrs. Men Alexander and Mrs. Charles Ncedham, members or the Lone Ouk club met Tuesday at Flat Lake. The program was opened with BTOiin singing jifier whitli Mrs. Al. C. Critlenden yavc the devotional. 'Hie potin of Ihc monlli was rral by Mrs. C. M. Abboll. Roll tall WHS iinswered by each member U'JIljig ivlmt she had /or the club to see on the Metier Homes lour. Mrs. Essie Davis gave a report of lhe <iuiu-tcrly meeting of Uie county council hold at Uie Wom- nn's club March 20. Miss ColPiiitin discussed the play tournament | 0 be held in Bmdette nml ;ilso stressed the importniice of each club member's cooperating In (he nation wide program of cotton consumption. ; The program on "Belter Homes" was )«l by Mrs. C. U Abbott, better homes chairman, a iid Mrs. E. C. Thompson, home jnan.igomem leader. Mrs. M. L. Hawkins and Miss Beatrice Ilargclt served rcfresh- mcnl.s of collcc and cookies during Ihc scelal nour. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores •^^M^MiMM^MMMHi^flVMAi^Ml^H^MmHB^HCUMBjK^Hi^BQI^^^^^^H WRESTLING LOYAL GREEN vs. GORILLA DOGAN Also Team Mutch Hetwcen Charles Sinkey and George Thomas vs. Lefty Williams and Floyd Byrd American Legion Arena —;,~7" r v7 v -* •"-'• • "•" -"i'i^ <imi iv ^\n^iu^ iu exist ni\isi iinv otv comes lo Jamaica first, Wise heads the politicians In (he New York Racing commts- , n n -i,,,. /„ 1 , , , sion made a sensible but vain cf-jtl " Sck prainolers "" '"''' pay oil NEW EXCLUSIVE VACUUM-POWER SHIFT On all models at no extra cwt. Only Chevrolet hoi fhis marvelous Exclusive Vocuum-Powtr SSifl pioneered by Chevrolet, supplying B0?i of Ihe shifting effort aufa* maritally, and requiring only 2Q?o driver effort . . , now made even moie ollroctive in appearance and even moie efflck-nl in aclion. "181 inches fort to have the opening of the New York season moved lo Ucl- monl Park, a really spacious racing plant where Ihou.vind.s ;can be w,-i commodated. - !' ' There is likely to be a crush on Jamaica today thai will make headlines. You know (he sort ot thing I menu—mothers xcparntecl from Infants, limbs broken, bro- ihers and sisters reunited after 25 years of separation, and Siamese twins having lo ask policemen for guidance to those ivho came with them. I say ihls on a hunch lhal New York slate doesn'l realize fully what, psirl-muluul belling means lo the general public. Jamaica is jus! six furlongs from HOWHERE EISE "THE IONGKT QF IHE IOT" From front of grille to rear of body 081 inchei) Chevrolet for 1940 n lhe [ongeil of all lowest-priced can! Tlie first moonlight, dnncc excursion of the season will bt» prrsenl ed by the U. D. C. and. the D. A., the world's Inrgest c!t.v."lli'c"gi'cat' R. when the Steamer Cnpitol C st potential sucker market hi the world. Los Angeles, Detroit, lios- ton. Miami. Chicago and yes. even Snn Francisco, were amiv/.cd when they tapped tills golden flow via paii-inulncls. Maybe I'm go;us to be wrong. decks at San Souci Landing Tlmrs- .day, May 2. The steamer will mafcc a three-hour cruise beginning at .10 p.m. A group of popular musicians will be in Walter "Fats" Fiction's band on the Capitol this season, playing under the name of the . "Louisiana Swing Maslera." The rotund, chubby director has welded together n 11-piccc swing unit second to none on the river, to furnish dance rhythm for the moonlight cruises. Found on'Hhe rock of Gibraltar, the Btirbary'oape is Europe's only species of wild monkey. but t believe that when the floodgates arc let down for lhe Iwo- riollar chumiis -diat'.-i you and me and the oilier seven million in New York — that Ihis particular flow will be a millstreain of millions. Just how many millions, none of «s know now. There have been many cslimat-es. Those who wanted the bookies to stay made it very conservative, around tso.000.- 000. Uninterested parties snicl $100,- Hie horse owners. Jt'he only thing (hnl racing docs nut. 'hnyc'io |)ay>o[r to iralst are the horse plnyer.s. Uie body politic which .shows the S3, $5 and 5)0 notes through the- windows. I'm so tmllgnanl nbout, the whole matter, so aroused by (he injustice of Ihc entire Ililtig, that [ am not gelling (o Jamaica loilny until 15 minutes before the first nice. As n matter of fncl, I'll give you something good in (he fifth. NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Witttmif liuviiiff a BtfTAMJ (fAS ri.ANT. Knjuy Ihls pleasure tiiR. Heating, ![„( for ('iiok- aliT ami I-'nr full hiriinii.-ilion \irlle us- "r m:\kc inquiry al our orrirr. WE!S BUTANE GAS COMPANY *Vhc.itley-West .\remplds Ill.vtlicvillc I LIKE All THE MILDNESS ICAN GET' IN MY CIGARETTE, CAMELS BURN SLOWER AND SMOKE SO MUCH ^MILDER AND COOLER 85-H.P. VAIVE-IN- The mailer motor of lhe low- price fletd — placing CKevrolel 7| first in acceferatio.i, ftrit in ' hill-climbing, and firjl in a))round performance wilh all- round economy —now even more outstanding in imoolli, quiel, vibrolionlen operutiorr. combining all the here. Remember, on oaeni i^%««~— • ,ly Chevrolet brings you * . i ..,i+u NEW FULL-VISION BODIES BY FISHER The fineil bodies built lorfoy— bigge/, more beautiful, moif comlottable in every way. CAMEL'S SLOWER WAY OF BURNING MEANS SEVERAL DEFINITE'EXTRAS' IN PLEASURE—AND EXTRA SMOKINS PER PACKJOO EXTRA COOLNESS, EXTRA FLAVOR- SLOW-BURNING COSTLIER TOBACCOS In recMt taborstory tatj, CAMELS burned 2556 jhver than the average of the 15 other of the largest-wiling brioiis rested -ilowet than tnj of them. That means, oa the averafie, a ilm equal to &cntoi S*OK£S rex mac/ PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES Today, as alwayi, ino tail -word In dcpenddbllily, in coip and itnoolh- ncw of operation, in positive safety for you ond your famity, ci Oievro'ef owners everywhere will glodly tcilify. IMPROVED SHOCKPROOF STEERING On 5,,, cial Oe lu^e and Mailtr De luxe Serio Shulling out road iKock— assuring (hchighest degree of Mnoolh, easy steering al all llmei. < J '«i s NEW SEAIED BEAM HMOUGHTS wilh Separate Parking t^hfj The newest, sofcjl, moit iclcntiflc road- lighlmg system ever designed for any molor- cor. f/Sx «3j OF STYlt ANU YOUR CHEVROIH <»n« « o^ « . NtW CONVEKIIWE CM COIOR *//< ''/» 'e^ ^. 'o"*A '*/• ^cMtS IE ADER IN S AUS m * v^-g — ... 8 OUT OF THE LAST 9 YEARS "THE RIDE ROYAL" with Perfected Knte-Action On Special Oc Lu^eard Mailer DeLuxeS«rici Chevrolet's (omoui Perfected Knee - Atlion Riding Syitem —plus many Olricr advanced f«ofurei—brmgi you ride tesulii never before known. NEW "ROYAL CLIPPffi STYIING Wilh completely now ilreamlincd body — lowered center of gravily witr.oul rorJuclion inroad-clearonce — new, completely equipped inilrumenl panel. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633

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