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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 11, 1935
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; -rxv*$ .w>**\*"> 1 ->K"' ,« V A thought f«r In death th«N> I* «o n ..o .«*8 n the ffravo who «hftlt fit* th&J thft«lw?-,Psii[rt« Jig. ^llj^l^^^jg ^^^^l^^^j. J ~ ^ I Hope *HL»» I — ^ in east mid iWath ture In west aHd Central HOPE, ARKANSAS, MOKQ^Y, NOVEMBER 11, of JJopo lf»»9; Prfcw, 1.9*7 ; Jotisolldatftd JanUAry IS, .. . . , . a||jjjjjj||jui^ ^j^^^^: .-.- ^^^^^^ .^^^^^^1 .^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^. ^^^ ^^^^ ' ..... ..... " l " ' • l '•'• '"-'I'-J'. >"r •asassssj^j^^f' 1 -'^- ..... ••T'±"'::-.f ••'•• J ~::.':.:.- n i * ...... , • Jotisolldatftd JanUAry IS, 1929< JrrvLwIU ,^,__ - _ --- ___ — ,..^..^_^ 1 — ------ _: j-t-^jiin,, 'i_..^,' _ ..-!-,.__ __ ^^^^^^ ^^^» ^^^V ^^^J^^^r HHH flUB llll M!!^^^^^^! ^1^1 ^^^^k \ltitude Record Series of Raids Methodists End I D/N . r ^ . . — «C ^^n^ 7 T^7/*T~~ "I • , — IsSetMondavbv '" *?«**?_ Annual Session Red Cross C^Pa'gnjtarts_ ftg^JtoBg ^ftJ-M V ItfMM H Altitude Record Is Set Monday by U. S. Explorers Stratosphere Fliers Climb to 74,000 Feet Over South Dakota NEW WOR1LD MARK Previous Record Claimed $by Russians Who Went 72,177 Feet RAPID CITY, S. D.-(/|>)-Caplain Albert W. Stevens reported that the stratosphere balloon Explorer Second, hue! reached 74,000 feet, setting a new unofficial world altitude record Mon- dny. The mark surpasses even lhat set in 1934 by three Russian fliers, who were killed in the descent. The Russians were credited with climbing 72,177 feet. On complaint of several locnl whisky stores, city and county officials raided U alleged moonshine joints In Hope Saturday and the net result was one-half gallon of illegal liquor. Theo Eason, negro, was arrested with the half gallon of untaxcd liquor. Officers were unnblc to find any moonshine in any of the other 10 places. Some of the liquor stores, officers said, had complained that moonshine whisky was being transported and sold In large quantities. Participating in the raids were Dep- ucty Sheriffs Reginald Bcurden, R. O. Robins. City Policemen John Turner and Hugh Hoarder), and Revenue Agents, Ed VanSicklc and C. C. Mitchell. Balloon Tukc.s Off RAPD CITY, S. D.~f/p)-Explorer Second, the world's largest balloon, took off rit 8 n. m. Monday on its long awaited journey into the statosphcrc for scientific exploration. Culminating a six-week's wail for perfect weather conditions, the giant craft roses successfully from the rock- walled natural bowl. 11 miles southwest of hero, about two hours behind the scheduled ascent. Captain Orvil Anderson, who was accompanied by Captain Albert Stevens, commander and scientific observer, expected to land about 3:35 p. m. Preparation Mode RAPID CITY,' S. D.-(/p)_(/p)Inflation of the world's largest stratosphere balloon In preparation for flight Monday on a scientific exploration trip started in the rock-walled natural bowl, 11 miles southwest of here Sun*" i. -.......,..> •„.., •••*..-•:,.*•**. --.-.- .. 'Officials ' said about 230|OW*' cilbV \cct of helium would be injected into the giant bag. Confident, despite failure on two previous attempts to attain their complete objectives, Capl. Albert W. Stevens, observer and commander of the flight, and Capt. Orvil A. Anderson. pilot, believe their craft probably will reach a record height of approximately 14 miles. "We think we have every obstacle whipped this time," s,-iid Captain Anderson as the 3,700,000-cubic-foot capacity bag was haultcd from its crate for inflation. Lemley Named Cadet Corporal Hope Youth Is Making- Excellent Record at Marion Institute MARION, Ala—Special orders from Major F. H. Timnierrnan, U, S. A., professor of Military Science and Tactics, and with the approval of Col. W. L. Murfce, president of tho Institute, officially appointed the commissioned and non-commissioned cadet officers in the R. O. T. C. Unit of Marion Institute for the school year. Cadet Kenneth McRae Lemley, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lemley, 320 Edgewood, Hope, Ark., was ap- cadet Corporal of Company "A" in the Murioit Institute cadet corps. Cadet Lomlcy is making an excellent record at Mnrion and is outstanding in cadet affairs. Wash Hutson Is Buried Sunday Funeral Services Helc From First Baptist Church at 2:30 p. m Final tribute to Wash Hutson GO, one of the most widely known men in Hcrnpi-tead county, was paid Sunday afternoon when more than 500 friends packed the First Baptist church to attend funeral services. A throng that was unable to gain entrance, stood outside the church until driven to shelter by a shower of rainfall. The services were conducted by the Rev. Wallace R-. Rogers, pastor. Last rites were brief, but solemn and impressive. Probably the most touching part of the services was when a quartet sang a request number for the deceased, "When J Wake to Dream No More." Tine quartet was composed of Sweeney Cope-land, Claude Taylor, Clifford Franks und Otho Taylor. At the end of the service, friends who had come from Jill parts of the county and adjoining counties, filed past the bier. The body was then tnkcn to Rose Hill cemetery for interment. Former County Judge Born in Fike county, Mr. Hutson came to Hempstead with his parents when a small boy. He later moved to Howard county and for nine years was associated with mercantile firms at Nashville. He moved to Hope 23 years ago, was associated with mercantile establishments here a number of years and then was elected county clerk and county judge, serving two terms in each office. He was active in church affairs, and was president and treasurer of the Arkansas State Singing convention for dike Walk Is Announced A "cake walk" will be held Thursday night, November 28, at Bethlehem church, 12 miles south of Hope on the Lcwisville highway. Proceeds will be used in purchasing u new piano for the church. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS- tlEO. U. S. PAT. OFF. 4 ' a number of years. Two months ago he was stricken illness. Last Friday afternoon he suffered a stroke of apoplexy and died early Saturday morning. He is survived by his widow, five .sons, three daughters, four brothers and three sisters. U.D.C Meeting Will Open November 19 Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp of Hope, State President, to Be in Charge HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - (/|>, _ The forty-second annual convcnsion of the United Daughters of the Confederacy Methodists End Annual Session With Alignments The Rev. Fred Harrison Is Reappointed to Hope Church OTHERS ^ARE NAMED New A p p o i n t m e n ts in Prescott and Texarkana Districts Announced The annual session of the Little Rock conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, closed in El Dorado Sunday with the assignment of pastors by Bishop John M. Moore of Dallas. The Rev. Fred R. Harrison was reappointed to the pastorate of the First Methodist church in Hope. Other appointments in the Prescott and Texarkana districts are: Prescott District Amity circuit, Fred Mead. j Bingen circuit, E. B. Adcock. BIcvias-McCaskill, J. T. Thompson. Columbus circuit, to be .supplied. Emmet-Bicrne, A. C. Rogers. Forester-Mauldin, O. C. Birdwell. Glen-Roscboro, T. M. Armstrong. Gurdon, Rex B. Wilkes. Hope, Fred R, Harrison. Mineral Springs-Center Point, G. F. ilyde. Ml. Ida circuit, F. L. Arnold. Murfrcosboro-Delight, C. D. Cade. Nashville, O. E. Holmes. Okolona circuit, L. E. Wilson. Prescott, A. J. Christie! Prescott circuit, E. T. McAfee. Spring Hill circuit. C. R. Andrews. Washington-Czan, W. W. Robertson. Tcxai-knna District Ashdown. A. W. Hamilton. Cherry Hill circuit, J. B. Hoover. Do Queen, J. L. Cannon. Dicrks-Green's Chapel, R. C. Walsh ,Doddridge-Fouke, J. W,,.Ru.sh,ing,.,_ Foreman, J. D. Montgomery. Foreman circuit, M, T, Rose. Gillham circuit, C. H. Gilliam. Hatficld circuit. R. S. Bcaslcy. Horatio, George E. Williams. Lewisvillc-Bradley, B. F. Musscr. Lockesburg circuit, James Simpson. Mena, H. H. McGuyrc. Richmond circuit, W. T. Bone. Stamps-Garland City, E. W. Harris. Texarkana, College Hill, George G. dcyer; Fairvicw, K. L. Spoons; First liurch, H. S. Devorc. Texarkana circuit, J. L. Simpson. I Umpire circuit, Gcorgo Townsend. Winthrop circuit, J. A. Ginnings. Student Southern Methodist University, Louis Avcritt. Transfers In, E E. White from the i M v*. ?, ," B " P rocliu "» li «" «n!? (he public to respond, Governor Cr nTr r*™" '£? 8ta j c< ».«n*{'«*en to enroll In the annual Red Cross Roll Call MJss Wrenctta Wortlic.i of Little Rock Is shown pinning a membership button In the. governor's lapel. The Red Cross cam pa ™ period extends from Armistice Day; until Thanksgiving Day in every $100 Is Donated to Band Uniform Fund Total I s Raised to $691.04 With Legion and City • s Contributions Hope Boys Band uniform form jumped $100 Monday with donations of the City of Hope and the Hempstead county' post of the American Legion. With these two' donations, the uniform fund reached a total of $601.04.' Previously acknowledged .$591.04 City of Hope ....: •.-.•• 50.00 American Legion 50.00 Total 5691.04 Quorum Court Is I Convened Monday iNo A p p r opriations An- •Miounced Pending Ruling • From Attorney General Hempstead quorum court convened at Washington Monday, but !the county's budget establishing appropriations for the various departments of the county government for 193C .were not .definitely fixed, pending ! >.TVI<ll«k.* £. A J.J ' ' . .-!.«-• Farmers Get $71,612,285 During July and August North Texas conference, Harry S. De- voro from the Oklahoma conference. Transfers out, John L. Cannon Jr., to the Texas conference, John C. Glenn to the Southwest Missouri conference, and appointed presiding elder of the Kansas City district; W. C. House, to tho Northwest Texas Conference, Ralph H. Lewis to the North Carolina conference. will open here November 19 for four-day session at the Arlington ho(el. Mrs. W. E. Massey, of Hot Springs, U. D. C. president general, will preside, ' More than 500 voting delegates from all parts of tho United States will be formally welcomed to Arkansas by Senators Hattic W. Caraway and Joe 1. Robinson. Response will be given by Mrs. George Whitficld o f St. Louis Mo., Guests of honor at the conclave will be General Harry Rene Lee, of Nahh- Ville, commandcr-in-chicf of the United Confederate Veterans. He will bring greetings to the convention from the thinning ranks of the men who wore the gray. Exponents of special movements and Farm Mortgage Act Held Invalid Amended Frazier - Lemke I Law Unconstitutional in Virginia HARniSONBURG, Va.-(/j>,_i,, ,, case in which Senator Harry Flood Byrd of Virginia, Democratic critic of many New Deal measures, joined WASHINGTON.-(/p)-The Agricultural Adjustment Administration reported Sunday that $71,612,285 in benefit payments to farmers were distributed in July and August. Total AAA expenditures in tho two first months of this fiscal year were 589.111,906. Preliminary estimates of processing tax collections in August were $12,820,863, compared to $39,906 447 in August, 1934. If taxes now impounded in suits chalenging AAA's validity had been paid, officials said, receipts would have paralleled clo.sely the budget estimates on which expenditures are based. AAA expenses in. tho two months included $594,569 for removal and con- sorviition of surpluses; $3,0'IG,275 for _ drouth relief and disease eradication; j $2,170,224 for trust fund operations; I $7,114.622 for administration, ,-iml $4 012,930 for t»x refunds. ^-ruling, from Bailey.. , The -exact Attorney general Car appropriation for each department of the county government will not be fixed until the court meets again, scheduled for the first Monday in January. County Judge court at B a. m. Stephens convened The session was to Tokyo Gets Ncwsrcel Show continue until late in the afternoon. Another Warning for Street Tax Delinquents Given Until Thursday—Warrants to Be Issued Police Chief John W. Ridgdill issued i another warning Monday to delinquent street tax payers, and said that unless the $2.50 levy was paid by Thursday warrants would be issued If the tax is paid by Thursday there will bo no penalty, he said, but in the event, warrants arc issued the penalty would be left up to the court. Chief Ridgdill said that he planned to serve about 25 warrants and that court would be held Friday momfng. He said that from time to time additional warrants would be issued until all delinquents had been brought Hempstead Ruling Is Upheld Monday by Supreme Court Judgments for Gwilliams Sisters Is Affirmed by High Court IS SECOND~HEARING New Testimony Introduced Against A. & P. Company LITTLE ROCK—(/p)—The Arkansas Supreme court affirmed judgment Monday of ?1,SOO each obtained in Hempstead circuit court by Bobby Joyce Gwilliams and her sister, Norma Jean Gwilliams, against the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company. The children sued over injuries received from eating allegodly tainted and Impure food purchased at the company's store at Hope. Monday was the second time the case has been submitted to the Supreme courtf New testimony introduced at the second trial resulted in the verdict of the Hempstead court i being affirmed by the Supremo court i Monday. ' , Appeal Sent Oat for Clothing for School Children More than 100 children were absent from the city's schools Monday and the number of absentees will be even larger unless clothing is provided immediately, a spokesman for the Schools announced Monday. - The city in its entirety will bo can* vassed Thursday, November 14, by committees from the Parent-Teachers assocation. Every citizen will be asked to donate at least one article of clothing, new or used. Style or size is of little matter, A committee of women armed with shears and machines is ready to make the necessary alterations. Won't you check your closets and attic, That was the appeal Monday. If you do not plan to be at home Thursday—leave the clothes with a neighbor or. bring them to .the city hall. Week-End Wrecks Takejeavy Toll 122 Lose Lives in Auto Accidents—Virginia Leads With 13 Lightning Hits Negro Home Barn Here Sund Heavy Rainstorm All Parts of Opposition Shown Against New Deal By the Associated Press At least 122 persons lost their live in automobile accidents week-end. over th> t Virginia led the states in fatalities | with 13. Georgia reported 11, Illinoi „ , „ ninc - Ncw York 11, and Massachu C. of.C. Poll RevealsH ts ' cight '-, • Wifl-, T?W1«,..,7 ' on unldcntlf icd negroes were re Wltn JFeaeial '.ported drowned at Woodbine, Ga Legislation . : when their automobile plunged into 3 ° " | feet of water in the Satilla river. WARWTMPTnW in* n • , Three persons were killed nea A survey disclosed that polls taken among widely'scattered member organizations showed a strong tide of opposition to policies attributed to the New Deal. Only two local business groups their car hit a",r<jpHj»*tt i uelr"pt»lllng- : =i stalled automobile" from a ditch anc two women, were killed when their automobile struck, the rear ' of anoth er car during a heavy rain. The death list by states: Vermont « of 28 whose votes were reported to i Florida, Utah and Ohio one each he Associated Press favored trends Connecticut, North Carolina Maine for which a special committee of the California, Washington Mississinn! .ational chamber's directorate request- j Arkansas and Nebfaska, hvo Teh ^. % fitful attention." Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Louisiana Several other chambers have refus- and Rhode Island, three each Penn cd to take part in the referendum. Bylvania, four; New Jersey? Michigan , - referendum, borne objected that questions submitted were "too broad." Others corn- and Iowa, five each, and Indiana and Oklahoma, seven each. Wiseman Has Close Call TOKYO.- M>) -The all-newsreul movie ^ theater, which originated in Ncw York a couple of yciirs iigo, is coming to Japan. The Shochiku coin- to court. theatrical combine, has un- There was no'inunicipul court Monday, ;ill cases being postponed because of Armistice Day. The city hall wiijs closed. lained that the subject matter was partisan." The chamber at Columbia, S. C., j LITTLE ROCK^Two" weT'known where there is much New Deal activ- j Arkansans, Earl R. Wiseman state ty, resigned from the national organ- | revenue commissioner, and Harvev r zation. Its Board of Governors charg-i Combs, Missouri Pacific Lines attor d the U.S. C. of C. with "anti-New ney and secretary of he Democratic Deal proclivities." j Stale Committee: were injured se! Four Questioned Submitted i vcrcly in automobile acmident earlv Four questions, based on the special j Sunday, but they counted themselves committee's report-highly critical of 1 lucky to have escaped with theHvcs the Now Deal-were submitted by tho' And one of then? Mr Wisra national chamber to more than 1,000 j credited the other with f illii 1E tho i-nn local chambers and trade associations:! of rescuer. " g UlC lol ° >c extension of, "I was caught in tho car, unable to into matters of!»'°ve, with my head under water" 1 Mr ', Wi ^ a " said <><• hi« home Sunday would, I could not f 0 i °- Uld . J- he . r ° federal jurisdiction state and ocal concern? 4. onoulct the federal government "'got. "Try as I would I could nnt at the present time exercise federal extricate myself, by Harvey managed spending power without relation to to get me out some way^-I haven't revenue's. f \ crui*or1 rtii* .. — i i i . ».. . out yet how he did it. He •, o, „,,„ u ow e t. J.bhould there bo government com- certainly saved mo from drowniiiE Dtitmn «,,.), enterprisc-for The two mot, were en route to Lit„,_•) ! tie Rock when presumably Mr. Combs. with regulatory or other nurnoscs? j et r i it i'Mir*uai.*», , ---____ _., |*« voiuimwjy avir. V-iOniDS 4. Should all grants of authority by j driving Mr. Wiseman's car dozed L-ongress lo the executive department I momentarily, and the car left Hieh i i r P*'? ral government be within way 67 between Cabot and the Pu- elcarly defined limits? lui ' ! ' : ••• '- • - ---- ------- .~.v. a , jumuu ""unfed plans for a new theater ul , with other creditors in attacking thu !G " U "' lnc Broadway of the Japanese law, Judge John Paul i n United States District Court here held the amended Frazicr-Lcnikc farm mort- i gage act unconstitutional in Virginia. Senator Byrd in discussing the cle- : cision said he was acting in the cuse i as guardian of the estate of the late Hal Flood, Virginia congressman. The j decision was announced Sunday. I Judge Paul said that the act takes I away substantial property rights guaranteed creditors under Virginia statutes, and the amendments do not ' overcome all the objections raised by ! ei 'l )ilnl - which will show /in hour »<-w.sreuls for 6 cents. Loflgu Meeting White-field lodge number 239 laski county embankment lino, and plunged over an overturned in a v~ ...^ *,,o L tijj'"" ^""^'1 HI \4/nWMl III,, ....,*„ ,, questions, and "yes" to the fuorlh." - -— — „, will chUlJber^ 01 ^ "i? d Ki j lis ' 5011 ' Mont, |°f the car sprang openrandMr':'combs of /net Tuesday night, November 12. An ,',' „ , lr ^ * 1C only oncfi shown .'«'«« able to go to Mr. Wiseman's aid "" ' ' I'.•' U1C survey to have taken an oppo- ! —— --— site .stand. Iwenly-six local and state groups —•> «•«. uvut-iurncu in a have answered "no" to the first three'ditch in which the water was rec " I " M!llm " ••"'' "" fc /t deep. The door on { h cMcft side •/ •••O'«H • 1 \J V VHl UVl Li M. M. degree will be conferred. U. S, Maintains Small Army While Rivals Arm Millions representatives of other patriotic or- 1 belli panizations will be in attendance at I Sherman, the convention. Amendments to the by-luws und election of national officers will feature the program. At the formal opening of the convention Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp of Hope president of the Arkansas division and general chairman of arrangements, will be in charge. he Supreme Court of the United Elates in holding the original Frazier- "cmke act unconstitutional. The decision was handed down in ' ra(x '" put millions of men dismissing proceedings under whcih i arms John Clayton Sherman, Mary Eliza- i By NEA Service Seventeen years ago peace cann. after four years of war to end war. Today and military machines of the world have boon built to a slrength never before known. Only the United ha.s held aloof from this mad under Ihc cost cf the U. S. army in 1935 is , given us $295,900,000. Jn 1936, a little < more will be spent for military pur- 1 poses—5365,000,000, or a millon dollars! a day. will bring the enlisted men i strength up to 165,000, with modern} equipment. | Rogers Appointed Centennial Head Will Direct Campaign in Making 100th Anniversary Outstanding With the closing of Terrorism Grows Dismite ™ DAMAGE Automobile Dest&yedl Wheil Barn Bursts Into* * Flames During Stdrm >'"^ A heavy f rainstorm, accompanied by\W{ a flashy display of lightning -lashed A Hempstead county late Sunday after'-* noon and Sunday night. Total of 2.77 inches of , at ,, lau .^ we recorded at the Fruit ahd Trtic Branch Experiment farm from 6 t).» Sunday until 7 a.'m, Monday. There was no crop damage of consequence from rainfall, but tertyl races were broken and washed out dn"' several farms in the county.' . ' t ^t^j^ Streets in downtown Hope and 'in &$. residential districts were flooded frff-ty several hours during the downpour .fit Sunday night. , ,;>,*„ f A negro home in the south part p'f'V^ the city was struck by lightning.' The /'j roof was damlged and several chick- ,'"'' ens which had taken refuge under thd •** house were killed. ,, /jM There was no injury to persons 'or"'*)'? livestock, reports from over the cotin-W, ty indicated. ' , t ^ *• ^A barn on the premises of Ernest'««/ Spillers, who resides-near the Hope M, Brick Works in the .eastern -part of •{' the city, was destroyed by fire^Sun-^ day night ,^'rt An automobile which was stored? ia' the barn was also burned. The bariH was believed to have ben struck »by>' lightning during the rain and.electri-!! cal storm. Loss sustained in the "' could not be learned., * ,, _ ^"e weather forecast for ( this" are Monday night -wag fair and cold,' night withjPre'ezing temperatures, 1. Tuesdays forecast was fair, with '-f'9 rising temperatures in west and' cen-,. -* :J tral portions. ' "• r S" By the Associated Press l ' ; ' A biting north wlod brought winter '/£ step nearer to Texas Monday. ' * ,'• v The norther whipped southward;^ late Sunday, driving temperatures %, sharply downward. In a few hotirs," x '-\ the mercury sagged as much as 40 de-" J grees m the northern pan of 'the- -'M state. r The coldest weather of the season v ' : prevailed Monday morning at many" > points, Borger reporting a low read- ' ng of 22.5 degrees. The minimum T , there Sunday was 26. •> Sleet fell Monday morning at Lub'- < s lock and the temperature sagged from , 5 Sunday, to 25 Monday. jnorning.^The ' minimum at Abilene was 30 degrees, s compared with a high reading of. 5 Sunday. At Wichita Falls the minimum was ! 0. Sunday's maximum was 69. Mist- *' ig rain and a brisk northwest wind were reported in that section. No damage had been done by the cold except to tender plants. The temperature at Sherman drop, pcd from 80 Sunday to 36 Monday morning. San Angelo's low was 34, The minimum at Amarillo was 22 degrees Sunday night. Skies were clearing slowly there and the forecast for Monday night was "fair, and slightly warmer," A minimum of 35-a new low for the season-was recorded at Fort Worth Dallas had balmy weather until Sunday afternoon, when a north wind suddenly broke the temperature some w degrees in a few hours. Bulletins to spend a year in Arkansas as di- ni Over Slaying of Japanese Marine SHANGHAI ^P Ami Japanese terrorism flared anew Monday when a i eroup of Chinese threw bricks-and: bottles through a plate-glass show j window of a Japanese-owned sto-e Sherman, and James Strothcr previously adjudicated bankrupt, sought lo retain their apple i would be available for swift actio orchard property in Frederick county, ! Thc <-'»i'™ strength of the U. S. lai Virginia, under provisions of the! f orci;s '* 118,750 enlisted men—wi Frazier Lcmkc act. In the American army, if an emergency arose today, only 30,000 men i action. I land ; th approximately 10,000 officers, the list i topped by 67 generals. Reserve forces, army chiefs estimate, would provide about 2.000.000 men in two years. By the 1920 act, tho national guard total is placed at 430.000 and there are 120,000 reserve officers. 36 Hempstead Students at Magnolia A. & M. i A bashful person i« apt to he sjiy o£ friends. Hungary Asks More Children BUDAPEST.-^J-Speaking a celebration in honor of Hungarian mo th- «rs,_ Regent Horthy appealed to the nation not to become infected by "the moral epidemic of the one-child family." He t-aid the government plans economic aid for an increased popula- lion and laws to facilitate marriages »rv.l binder divi-ri-o. MAGNOLIA, Ark.—Thirty-six students out of 513 students enrolled in Magnolia A. & M. for the 1935-56 session art- from Hempstead county. Six of these students are in hieh f "•• *u^it a —if --.___ __ ...i^^^j U4 ^iv* l\-«i tail VI school; the rest are m college. Hemp-J educational tasks; 20,000 officers and In the World war the U. S. forces engaged were: Regulars, 545.773; vol- „,. . : ' unlccrs, 728,234; and drafted, 2.7S3.094. Thirty-two thousand regulars are in our foreign possessions; 36,000 in' Killed in action or died of wounds ccntmenlal United Stales. Just 86.000; were 50,510. of which a total of 2157 men—about 6000 more than could be' wore marines packed into Yankee Statdium in Now' ' York City. Of this 86.000, about 36,000 are rector of the Centennial Celebration •", a , le f 50 ° Japanese marines had the Arkansas Centennial Commission dl ^ mba ''ked here, has begun an active campaign to make i , Japanese landing party slmmlh Ihc celebration tho mosl outstanding '"'^d '"ore than 2000 with the ar- cf all state centennials. > nval of " lc Ilev >' force, although Jap- Mr. Rogers has completed „ partial *""" ~"' survey of the S f tate, and based upon lus observations, assures the com-, ... ., - j^.^» mission that no state he has hereto- I W ™ ial1 to Ja Pa« November 13. of Nashville, Ark., died Monday at the Navy General hospital here. The body will l»u forwwded to NushviJIo for burial. UTTLE KOCK.-W-B. II Fora if Chicago, assistant chief engineer for the Bock Island lines, charged, Monday, that Ihc WPA grade wuss, ing elimination program was he, '"g delayer! by "operations of so niiMiy duplicative agencies." He >aid that he ••found a great deal U discouragement over Uie couiitr>' at the delay." the United States has refused to place hundreds of thousands of ( men under arms, remaining eighteenth j , gaged in various kinds of clerical and! in rank among the world's armies, it ,>Hii*i!itirm:i I tuolrc- on AArt ~tr: _ i . . . ^V . »*•«, ftead ranks third with tho counties of Arkansas having representatives ut Magnolia A. & M. college, Magnolia Ark. men are on the Mexican border. And the other 30,000 are ready for the emergency, according to a recent .survey i}( Fortune magazine. is modernizing its fources as rapidly as possible, many units having been mcchanicd and motoried in the last year, with corresponding increase in •strength in the nuval und air arms. fwre been associated with, offers such '• possibilities for an outstanding observance of its 100th anniversary as ' does- Arkansas. Mr. Rogers has already opened offices in the Old State Capitol and will I socn visit all sections of Arkansas in creating a stalcwide organiation to ( insure active participation by all sections. Mr. Rogers comes lo Arkansas direct from the management of the Connecticut -Ter-Centenary celebra- •Continuod on page three) rival of ancsc navy officers asserted they were merely replacements for an equal number of blue-jackets who ovembor 13. ihe situation arising from the unsolved slaying of a Japanese marine, lideo Nakayama, which Japanese au- ihoriUcs said was "serious." was con- .vidcrcd to be increasingly threatening DV the outbreak of new terrorism. Hundreds of persons saw the Chinese break the windows of the store, ji one of Shanghai's busiest street ' i corners, but the perpetrator* escaped, ' later scattering handbills emblazoned • with the characters: "War on Japa;i , to save China!" The incident happened ot about 7:30 p. m. (5:30 a. in. central .standard time). B. 3. Bolts, 59, died at his home .' cvtn miles Eas( of Pn-scott Sunday afternoon. Burjul was to be held sometime Monday near Prcs- t'Ott. Mrs. J. U. Griffin, 69. died at her home nci'r Washington, Sunday. Funeral services and buriitl were lield Alonday. of Rcfal a ir force liombcrs roared into the air Mcnday, rcsumiuj; witli renewed vigor the scaj-ch fur Sir CliaiU-s Kingsford-Swjith, irissiiig Uu-ce days on a projected England to Australia flight, fhe pilots carried instructions to shiur ever every island and coast line of the VS'estcrn .Malay peninsula.

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