Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1937
Page 4
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" V!<< i V '' V " \tl , * ,1 V !. * STAR, HOFfi^AftSANSAS Sauti'ctay, fteeember 11, ,19,37 You Tall, th« Quidc«r You Sell" • •Oif tfcfe-4* wont, talniaiuia tte .tklf!,itti«*»$S<£ word, atla. 5*c Hate fe wort, minimina M« a»JJO> <» ttoes)-l8c ward, mhtbuum $2.71 AM to* wrotiauott* IBM** §tnj c wort count, disregard aim* atttlt as -ftt "fiu Sale," ete.-thlt it fat*. initial of n«un«, ot com- numbeif, eounu «i FW example: jfeNt-Thtee-room modem ettt, with IS. Bargain. J. V. | IS words, at 2c word, 3»c ttme; at 3%c wont, S3e tot ifiw* times, etc. -^•JifUXBi Ail -*ders placed by t£fe^fibHe are due and payable upon 1 bill. PHONE 768 Help Wanted ADDRESS ENVELOPES HOME FOR t&h. - GOOD t-AY, Experience unnecessary. Wonderful opportunity, hv- erjHtohg isuppued. ftauonwide Distributors," 401 Uroadway, N. Y. 11-ltp Aniw«ri t* OUANWM CRACKIR5 Questions on PagS One f. His Dominican Republic occu*.. _,.pies the eastern portion (about two-thirds) of the island of Santo Domingo, or Hispanidla. Hie republic of Haiti occupies the western portion of the island. 3. Iceland has neither deficit nof Unemployment 3. Antietam is at Shurpsburg, Md.; Cowpens at Spartanburg, S. C.; and Kennesaw Mountain near Marietta, Ga. 4. Hollldays observed by all the States in the United States are: New Year's Day, Jan. 1; Washington's birthday, Feb. 22; Independence Day, July 4; Labor Day (variable); Thanksgiving Day (by presidential proclamation); Christmas Day, Dec. 25. 5. Vice President Garner has one son, Tully. C. Garner, a banker in Uvalde, Texas. BARBS Services Offered EVERYTHING —Old Beds, NeW Beds, i'or Christmas can you beaten *teO to ?9.60. Come and see heinpsteaa Mattress Snop, West Fourth StJ Call faui Cobb, Bss-ivl. 12-2-19itc " ** ' ' .-. '."'"- COBB'S RADiO SERVICE J ' iHa bouth Elm, Phone 383 >>• Radio's, Ba.teries, Tubes Kepair worK guaranteed, be ready lor l-hristmas. ;> ifl-26tp For Sale bALE—Christmas trees, Washington Fir, Assorted sizes. MOMTb 'STORE. 9-6tc Wanted - 1 -; fflGHEST EDUCES PAID • : " for PECANS; SCRAP IRON, METALS. ^': * P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. to«J4 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. ' .'- . PHONE 40 18-tfc .-WANTED—100 busheis of good ear corn. 3. V. Moore at Moore's Meat Market 10-3tc. For Rent "FOR RENT—Furnished apartment and "sleeping room adjoining bath, continuous hot water. Ill West 3rd st. opposite Fire Station on 67 highway. <FOR'RENT—5 room house. Will repair .to suit tenant. 409 E. Second St. Write or see D. M. Citty, Ozan. 10-3tp FOR RENT—Bedroom, private entrance and adjoining bath, close in. 50$ -West Third street. Phone 839-M. i ll-3tc LOANS Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy monthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 10-26tc Lost LOST—Pair of spectacles, downtown Saturday night Reward for return to Cox Drug Co. 6-6tc Before Congress met in extra session it should have considered that he average citizen's kick is that he's already swamped paying for the extras. Report cards of grade schoolers are expected to show a general upward trend if America's youngsters make the most of the Big Apple fad. Rhode Island's argument over voting machines is summed up by one of the disgusted opposition, who says that in his life, the darned things just don't count. Hair clipped from Germans' heads will be considered a patriotic contribution of raw materials. The bald- headed row will be labeled non- Nordic. While Los Angeles gets' headline after headline on its collapsible hill, Florida promoters undoubtedly will come up with something to call the bluff. In Detroit, where Tony Sarg is showing, it's suggested his puppets are just the type for that contemporary historical play on life in a dictatorship. LOST—Black ani white bulldog, missing about 10 days. Name Smokey. Mrs. Frank Hutchens, Phone 79. 9-3tc Legal Notice WARNING ORDER. In the Hempstead Chancery Court. Myrtle Parrish Plaintiff vs. George Parrish Defendant The defendant, George Parrish, is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this 20th day of November, 1937. CSeal) RALPH BAILEY, Clerk. Nov. 20-27, Dec. 4-11. $16.95 DRESSES FOR $4.98 The Gift Shop PHONE 252 OUR BOARDING HOUSE <« • with . . . Major Hoople POW'T MAdcW A SAKJTA WHO £AMT p\iMPtH'BELLOWS WOWN A FISTFUL OP VEST BUTTOMS THESE P9T6, WHO P6C>DL£D ICG ALL •SUMMER ~"~ WHAT A ST. WICIK ME'P MAKfe/ WMEM MS (SeTS STEAM UP/CTLlsV PROM owe OP BLATS WILL dURL EARS/ THEM IM IM OUR W)WDOW IW TQVVM 1WO ST, TURN OV6P*, WILL BEAW EXPERT IW RE IM ME=M, t'LL owuv Twose OP EMPLOYMENT - OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS / AT LAST mfe's £6Y WISE <"* HE FOLU6&ED TH 1 0L' WATCHMAN ON fcOuND pee . IT TOOK HIM ALMOST A LIFETIME TO FIND 1 OUT IT WAS FOOLISH PEOPLE, V§N, It TOOK Mfc A UPET1M6 TO PlND IT 0Ut, TOO/ £ WAS FOLLOWIN' ANJ'/NOW/ IP 1 DON'T FOLLOW, t DON'T 6AT, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES What Next? H'l '09 By MARTIN _ HA PlACfc WAXV. H'OV.TP VOO\VOO . COUY.OKVT 9066\«>V.V 6^ VOO \ ALLEY OOP >PsViO HE\.9 , EW f COPR. 1937 BV MEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 8. PAT. Off. Orville W. Erringer State Manager Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp. Denver, Colorado. IV- Happy Warrior Ii6 F«mou* Yorker, ; pictured here. 10 'Melody. U Rootstock. 12 Thick lubricant. 14 pertaining lo ; bees. 16 poem. 17 Exists, 15 Stir, 19 Profound. 21 Epoch. 23 And. 25 Football fields •3434418. 3j Finger ' ornament. 33 fervor. . New Answer to Previous Puzzle 34 Porn. 49 Lion. 50 Carrion. 51 Ancient. 53 Wood turning machine. 56 Male cat. 58 Ratite bird. VERTICAL 2 Fat. 3 Liberated. 4 Jnlet. 5 Not so difficult 6 Flower part. 7 Chart. clooplike 59 Boat rowed by Si Pertaining to , sound. two. the iris. 39 Unit, 61 Afternoon 9 Amphibian. <0 To court. meal. 12 He was 42 fo handle. 63 He is of Irish of New York •<<! Organ of sight ••—». State. «j§ Right. 64 He made the 13 Discovery, 4? Power brown derby 15 He was a U. S. property. . ,.. ... presidential (p).). 20 Ovum. 22 Hops kiln.' 24 to bind. 26 To let fall. 27 Worship of idols. 28 Viscous. 29 Native metal. 30 Brooch. 32 Modern. ' 35 Quoit.s pin. 37 Dove's try. 38 Female deer. 41 Queer. 44 To decay. 46 Indian mahogany. 48 Bed lat!v 49 Unit of tree foliage. 50 Mooley apple. 52 Varnish ingredient. 54 Ozone. 55 Stop! 57 Indian. 58 Mother. SSPostscrip'. . 60 Sun god 62 Like. PUT OOOLA WISE/THAT WHSN' KKJOTTY PROBLEMS IN H£E JOB ' ARI5E/5WECAW D£- PEWO OW ME 70 GLADLY W~AS'HTUBBS WELL, HELLO OOOLA-IJUST DROPPED IM TO SEE. HOW Y'FIMD ' GRAMD VWIIEE. f THINK IT'S JUSTGBAMD, YOU'VE GOT JOB-TH'OLO QRAMD WAS SUCH.. HEAR. SOU 3A.V THAT Too Much for Foozy 'MOD MUST HAVE RDCGCnTEM THE LITTLE CAVE WHERE. SOU TWO USED TO MEET SEGRETLVEVERy MIGHT THE PARK- By HAMLIN DID LEAEWTHE>\ IOEMTITVOFTHE GIRL VOLJ CHASED THRU TOE MIGH^ - .< VK V» I. ' sou? v\ s m -.—. i.M. REO/U, S. PAT.'OFF, _ . COPR. 1937 BY NEA SEHVIC^. INC. ^ HAT a Pleasure! WISH I COULD STAY ( SAY I ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP" OVER, BARNEY, BUT V^ ME STANDING tAA BOUND FOR STATES ABOARD PLATONIC ME STANDING HERE ALL f OH ,1 FORGOT 1 LISTEN/SUGAR, rv RUN ACROSS AN OLD FRIEND. YOU WONT MIND TAKING IN THE TOWN WITH WASH,W1LL YOU? j, - THE SLIGHTEST; DEAR, /ABOARD THE PLATONIC ? BOX WHAT LUCK! f WHY, I'M SENDING BEVERLY, MY LITTLE GIRL, ON THE SAME SHIP—AND YOU'RE THE VERY PERSON TO LOOK AFTER HER 1 '"COf'R. 19? By CRANE f DON'T LOOK SO GLUM ABOUT \T,, VOJ DANCED^ OLD HORSECOLLAR..' HERE SHE IS, AND SHE'S, WHO 5AY5 IM GLIM? WHY, BARNEY, ITS A-PLEASUREI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Heavy Heart By BLOSSER JUST TOOK JUNE HOME, WUTTY....BUT WHAT EXCUSE HAVE YOU FOR BEING UP LATE? I JUST CAME OUT HERE TO SORT OF THIMK .' MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE /THAT BULLET HOLE IN THE MOM WAS CRYIWG....SHE DIDN'T THINK I SAW AND I COULDN'T STAND IT, So i CAME OUT HERE .' //HATS THE TROUBLE, NUTTY? SOMETHING WRONG ? SHE WORkS HARD, FRECK,AND WE 'DON'T HAVE MUCH MONEY.'i GUESS t SHE WAS FEELINS / CHRISTMAS \ ^COMING OMf J IS THERE AWYTWISIQ CAW DO; WUTTY? YOU CAW SIT HERE AWC> TRY TO CHEER ME UP? IF SOMEONE DOESN'T, I'LL HAVE TO GO HOME,, AMD -R4EN MOM WILL LEAVE..,, i SHE DOESN'T LIKE TO SEE ^^vC\ MB CRY, EITHER. / r\ vlihx* / Shoot to Kill! By THOMPSON AND COLL HEAVING MVEA TO EXAMINE. WILLIE 'EKJ'5 , AAORE FUL JACK PASHES TO THE STREET TO AIO IW THE SEARCH FOR THE ESCAPED MAKMA.C WALL,8VTHEWIK)DOW, ^URE LPOK-S AS THO SPMESPDV FIRED AT WILLIE AS HE WAS ••— ESCAPIMG/ • mE) '•) ^ AMD THESE TWO SETS OF HAWDPRIWTS OM THE WALt PROVE THAT THE SAME PERSON FOLLOWED HIM OUT "THE WINDOW ';/lMUST FIMDOUT^ / MORE ABOUT THAT V MAM JOHN - PERHAP5 7HXI?.' ILL. © UTSIDETHE SANATORIUM, JACK IS INSTRUCTING A SQUAD OF EMERGENCY POLICE. REMEMBER:, MEN- ^• T© KILL-THIS MAN > MAN'AC- AND HE'S AKMED/

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