The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1940
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 13, 1940 BLYTIIBVILLE (A1!K.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE i siurtlnu only on the romnn- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rnlc JJCT line lor consecutive insertions: One time per. line 10u Two limes per line per day....08c Three times per line per clnv...0(ic Bix times pet line per day 05c Month ni(c per line eoe Cards ol Thanks 50e & 7Dc Mlntinutii clim-go 50c Ads ordered lot throe or six times BJrtl stopped before cxpira- llon will be charged /or the number of times Hie add appeared untl adjustment ot bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rules'inny be eas- ili' computed from ubovc lable. Advertising ordtreu ror irregular insertions lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incurred insertion of any classified ao •1 room furnished apartment. Biilh Cnll 050. 15-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment."209, W. Kentucky, Mrs. Sisk. 15-ck-if 4 room house. 90S E. chem'. Telephone 283. )3-tk-18 Nice bedroom adjoining balh. 81111 W. Chiciisawlm, phone G3U. -dh Fronl bedroom iidjnin Outside entrnnee. 027 Phone »38-W. i2 C kl£ Furnished apartments nn d rooms. Phone 1129. Reasonable. Innerspring iniitlress. J3-iik-20 3 room furnished apartment. Cidl 7C4. Simon Apniiments. Main nnd Second. 9-ck-tt Modern bedroom. 8)8 W. Walnut, lilione 048-W. LOOK-OUT BELOW! CHIC AKK THU HKJCJH! US HI) CAR V AM IKK IN TOWN! —Ford Tmlor, A utioil :»i-; at n liar- ' gtiiii price i Shouse-Henry' ! Hardware Company ' iHsriiimn'tts j Ciise. Cutlery •Avon household products. Mrs. | John lM} S . us w. Kentucky, jphoni! 1157. a-pk-S-S TERMITES your properly. For Sale Largo comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. 1 closets. Men preferred, 10th and Chtcknsrnvba. Phone No. 1, Mrs. Suclbnry. , •! room imfunilshcd npnrlmriil. ' Cnll 327 riny—nighl 55. 'J-ck-II ',(• Ton V-8 Panel Truck. $25.00. It's renriy lo go. S. G. Clilsolm,"; : -—. S19 Lumerate St. 13-pk-n, 4 .'.'? om . fllnl . lshM nparlmcnl. 1011 — i . W. Ash. Phone 4'15-W, '3-ck-tt Nice building lots. Apply 2 room furnished apartment. Also n 1 VI T? IV T 1 ri I hpi-1 >Tin»n t 1fl9 \\l I ion ip m.n.isi R. L. Wade, Wade Fur-1 niture Co. 10 - ck - 17 bedrooms. 102 W. Davis. Phone FOR SAU5: Feitiiiy,er, biack inn. 2 room furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone Wi. TOpkl-M J!hKlors. Reasonable. Phone 8I9W.J 4 room apartment. Ball). Newly decorated. 1034 W. Mulii. Call 520. 30-ck-tl 75 Tons Hay ALFALFA & SOY BEAN EARL MAGERS Hell, Ark., Plionc 4II52 3 room furnished apartment. New ly decorated. Garage. Close in. 120 Dugan Street. Mrs. Belle Wood. 29-ck-ti ' T- — » | •"•""•• ""•> uunmtc your |>roj]cr(y '83-C'hcv. CoHch. Motor A-1.1 ^.J 1 *' ''^«"j« Can srn-w. A real buy for *•}•}! Walker and Archer „ _. _ ^fc • m I Lit El (f 1 1 .li'ciik/vrl (\, ,„.,.,*_.,., $77j someone %S — Plymouth Tnurmj. 2 Door. Color Hoist'. Tires mid motor in excolloni condition. Clemi «ir. ':!7~Fonl Tudor. Hadio and hwil cr. \V. S. \V. Tires .• ......... '•Id— Fonl Del. Tudor. Driven only nOOO miles. Cloud mist DOIVH pnv- Suite Unused Ourrntorc •yoiw SMettah 1,1 ver, '"' uile lo rid yourself of constl- nn , I*"; K >?* P11I11S ' "" d " 1Rt "O" 1 ' nll "k teeling, Tnke ono bo5( 0 , MULES §228 Will (hull- for Mules. COTS. llo t i, j Cuttle, Corn, Huy nm \ Lumber. Delta Implements, inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 3-ck-U t (1 arm Lo;uis inenf only ';j(i—Kuril Tudor. Tires and nioior in c.vocllcttt OfTC fondittoii. Color t>Iad<V«'w PHILLIPS USED GAR LOT Nicely furnished bedroom. 1017 W. Soy Beans. Larcflos, Dclsta, Ai^- _^"1 IU ' phonc _ 102 ' ^"•-'•-• l o(' Sn Mai 1 'iia A ' B " BC ' " '""f ™f.M3"or4 rooms"fo7reni."phone"]70. Large or Sinai! At Low Interest ltitli>< We arc equlpued to handle Inri-a or Binnll loans un n n s - sis-cd tract of farm laiia, m io ;v cost, nnd al T low interest rule TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY " a W»lnnt St. BJvllicvlllc. Ark n ___ Expert gmi repnlil, lg 7"seo~E~M Damnn al the Ulylhcvllio Arni- anil Thursdoys. State certified also pedigreed Stoneville 2B and 4B Cotton Seed, and DPL n-A. Can treat with Ceresan. Stevciis-Copped?c Gin Co. Phone 493-J, 331. 2-ck-5-2 Saddle horse, weight 300 poimas Age (i years. Black. Fast nnd gentle. Good for plantation or pleasure. S185, or will trade. Includes saddle mid bridle. R. E. Wright. 1 mile south on H. W. 01 Smnll electric refrigerator, good condition, cheap. Phone 174. 26-ck-ir AC'I'IVK KlVKH I'll.LS «e nt oh^ Ktrby stores "'wTiT<#7 Tl » - Utlle Sho'ii-- "IIIOH mid liquors. Wt .,,„-,., 'J f-«ileli and IniiiDrled Hems. IA'O urilTOiich, Mannger. 'iS-.<;k-4-'J& •Shod Kc|miritv« lot' t)iislncb.v oidPM. "shot'«'^(T In (he conitly. When otn- Inil. try ai. Kis 'em yep 117 «. ". SI. Simon P. Lee, Mgr. _ Siilcsnien ui with cnr. No house to i-Knviisf.lns. Kxperience nod ' Your Inrcinw will exeecd Siindcen,' lor iip- Cull 455-W-l I 0r orders o't or Churned butter milk', cow government Lrcntcd. Hal'• Dairy. Poultry Baby & Started Chicks" Citsloni Hatching Marilyn Hatchery Bl.vthtvllle Hitfy. Cl North Room and Board Hnom iind bonrd. wn-kly. Phoiif Mr c Hotel Tluusduv " y»ii)(! men wlih oar.s for snlrs work. Inlrrc.sllng. Reininicmllfc. huiii' Uniuoii Bnitlli, NnWc Hotel, Tliursdiiy. 'l5-|)k-ia \Vanic(i Hnve .snip for Imslncss iiroiicrly on Midn fit. Wliiit hove yon? Phone Zfl. Hollison & Co. Ill Nn. firc- 011(1 HI- U,-pk-Hl ,(>St Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. l-ck-tt Prisoner Says 60 Day« But Judge Holds to 30 PAULSUOUO, N. .1, (UP)-John Hlu\'!n, 70, win Imv'c lo lie 'nulls- fled wltli :io clny.s In Olouccslcr county Jnil. llroii|;li( before n Jusllcee uf the on cliiuiiFfi of disorderly con- bt-KKliifj on Die streets, nnd I'ni-Klni! ppiions who refused to donate, |he Justice nskcrt him "Wlm't shnll ivc do nlwiil H?" "I'll inke 110 dnys." sinvln on- sworcil. "Vdn'll hnve to be snllBflcri with .to," he mis told, Romance Called Only Flimsy Marriage Base IIO.3T0N lUl 1 )—rt Simmons Colli'Bi: iiisliliile on Micecssftil inar- I'iaiu- hits nyi'i't'il (hut, roinidice :i(best Is only n bii.ils for niidriuionv. Kecrdary Janii-s C. Jnmiey :mlil, younv. men nnd women iihouHl luvve - llc side nml snylng, 'He's a chnuf- fcur's son nnd his bnckgroimil Is nothing like mine, but I love him'." Women Filially Win Role In Mardi Gras Parades MKW OKLKAN8 (UP)-The Inir sex nnnlly has crushed the Mmdi (Irns pnrndcs. A m«t I'afnlvnl organization, the Olub fit Mllo, rumounees (lint (Is ICicvvo ol Venus will singe n pn- rnrtc ol 15 (louts In the 1041 cnrnl- vnl. The finals will bp occupied tin- Hrel.v by women, tho club oflli'liilK iii>y, mm they will be mnsketl nnd cosluined in manner similar to the cuMomnry l:rewes of men. Mnrdt Uras llonls hnve always Ijecn I'losixl lo women. Olive Itcnins on Hay I'nrr . UOSTON <UP)-A concentintc'd ('Doit lo lid Nun- KiiGlnud of hay fever is belnn tniulc by tiie Mnssn- chn.sell.s Slnln Kederntlon of Women's Clubs. The women Iml'C ndopted Hi,, sloijiin, "Pull, cut, spray nnd )ilow," nnd tire nllcmpl- Int; lo prevent Ihc trowtli of rug- week, one of the chief cruises ol liny fever. Special This Week 8 room reslileiife uii \Vali>ul St. 12S foot front. See us for lurnis uiul iirli'c. Thomas Land Co. H. (;. Ciimnboll, sak'sinan ORDER IN TI1K CHANCERY COURT OP CHICKASMVBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Blincr Einm. Plainiln, vs, No. 1192 ,•; Efitelle Klnm, Detcnrfanl, ', The tlcfcndnnl Estclle Elam 'la wnniwl to appeal within thlity «iiys in the eourt named in the cnptloh hereof and answer llin complaint' of the plnliUilT Elmer Klnm. Bntcil Iliis 12 d»y of April, 'lOW. HARVAT MORRS. Clerk By Kliynb'etli Blythc, D. 0, Cliuido F. Cooper, Ally, for PHP Percy A, wrlghl, Aity. nd juicm.' 15-22-29-lj Metropolitan FARM LOANS .las. I!. Clark fili'iH-or BulWInt lllyllievllle, Ark. Antlinrlii'd Mortgage l.oaii Kollcllom fcr ihfc Melropoll- liiii Mfc Iii.siir.iiKc Co, KATKS PROMPT INSPECTIONS LONG TERMS KEPAYMKNT PRIVII-KOKS Clnrk-wiliUiH Agency, liuur. Jns. B. Clark , Now l.nrnlcd In (Jlencnc Hulel ))%, ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITfeR SERVICE BUREAU 1>ON i:i)\VAIll)S, I'rniirlctur All Alula* of Itcbnllt 'r.v|>e«rltm, Ailillns Machines nnd 'tors—Hi'iwliltifi—flirts—Kltalitins Nice bedroom convenient to bath. Steam hent. Phone 280. Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartment Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 107. 1-ck-lf Business Directory Pour bend fine mules. Will sell i cheajx Wiley Smith, --Burdeltc. ' 19-yjk-4-19 _ L- ! .1. THQS. [JENFfiO, Business OpHunilies WANTED—Men to train for Farm Land Appraisers. Only men 21 to' 55 considered. Competent, trained appraisers earn $175 to S3(M monthly. Kami or building experience valuable. Write for interview Riving phone. T. E. Clark, Box "O", c/0 Courier News. Il-pk-lG Where rarmiar People Get Their USED 6A1S TORI Little €hev. '39 Plymouth Sedan Radio and Heater. Come early to see on Special I day $495 '38 Chevrolet Sport Sed?,n, Only $389 '38 Forrj V-8 85 Tuclor^ Motor Overhauled $389 '37 Ruick Sedan City Driven $425 '37 Chevrolet Coach Motor A-l Cond, $315 !3R Chrysler Sedan Black Color '34 PcnMac Sedan Real Buy '36 Dodge Coach New Rings Open Nights and Sundays Easy G.MAC. Payment Plan TOM LITTLE CHESSOLET CO. riioiir 633 $419 $149 $189 Minnows Fo Blacfe i'i- , n]1M . |,. ())n t . |u frorjt of 1'cisl office Rnt. 7 1>.M. . .. money but plcnse FOR SALE— TRAILER terms of linunces nnd KOclul Mir- .. . r ,, |,,.,.,v ,i, J-ck-j-j to courier Nctv.s. Nnbcrs nll-sleel log irnfltr, vticunni brakes, [or cash. K'DGAll MARTIN FULLER BRUSHES SALES AND SEKVIC'li line anil heavy welding spccinlty. Dr. A. J,. HOYD Veterinarian rhnr.e If) or Ues. J019 Acclylcnc 1129 Sycamore— 200 Keel Easl of WELOS13 elding oui „„„,. ecu, mo ni, nu «r«VKc. UK. 't. u trc Uivision Night I'honc 1114 5-i>k-5-5l Dragline and hcavj Looks Hail fro HV FKE'l) BARMAN GOT ALL TH' TlOU 1 NE.E.D lo SOOWP POSING AS A 5TRAMGEI? OVOM US TOYJr-3 TOLKS GQ-f f^AD A MUCH-W/\NTCD OOltAW, ARRIVES H to the Auto Hospital Next (o Camp iMmiltric John Buchanan Phnne 107 STfeALIMG "Ct)E CLOTHES, BADGE AUD Sewing & Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Blackwell. Armnrpl. Phoi' OF A DEAD U.S. /•W2GHAU. EXPERT ON STARS HORIZONTAL 1 Pioneer ;isironomer. 7 His his! \'i The- Supreme Being. i:tTen-<:cnt pieces. Youth. Answer (o Previous 1'iiMlc Hill, Cim Ik' Do 1(7 A RNH THING.'SENDIN'ME I'LL SHOW FOLK5 I'VE BV GUM, I'VE GOT} CUNNING ' FOOL EVERYSOPvA MV HEAD ,,. I'LL OUT- SMART I \VELL AS MY ) - THESE GAU5.' /\ BACK! J( -s~~~^ "TIME-EX FINALLY REACHEP THE FRONTIEF? OF THE LAND OF THE AMVZCMS AND FOUMD THE COMELV MOTIVES HOSTILE SO ALLEY OOP HAS 5HEM DETAILED TO DO A SIT OF RECONiVAISSANC >7'f? rcR MUCH AS IT DOES BRA1MS 17 Cli;iiT on 18 To ransolkl.-itc. 29 To name again. 22 Having handle. 24 Noun ending. 25 Groups of \rar vessels. 20 Snrrinct. Si! Bitter heib. 'f'hrough. SS Tnnnine pul 50 lie .wiis the most astronome known. tool (i !.ubrii:;int. 7 Jewel WASH TUIJUS 3 StK. (prefix) 1!) Cavern. l-.Ti-l., FREDDIE, THAT WA^VJ'T /!s B^ WGHt'5 WORK.; WU60T VOUK MEW5PAPER JOB g/\Ck' AVJO WE 60T THE-500135 OH TIIE PUKE WRII-' OUT ACTUMW BY ROY CRANK ^ KWERE'S IH/XT FOOL OF mc-w WE'LL USE THE SECBtT IT MEANS, THO, THAT WEXl \Wte 10' U$E Tffi BOAT OF THE CAR He proved the 10 PI <\nlh \v;tH not 11 To prepoic the center of for publication M Mire. 10 He UMS n HEl.lOl THEV'VIE (HE BO AT, TOO I •17 Caper 33 Senior (iibbr.). 39 N.ireotic. To ab>cond. •IB Impolite. •10 Knr wings. •17 Willy remnrks. HO Mister (nbbr.). 51 Food container, FKKCKLHS ANi> UKS BV'MEUIttLL BLOSSEK 'f Oliow COME YOU'Pf ( RIDtNQ . BAr»; You SAID IF THE CONVERSATION Qor oijui. 10 ur -tcu Know— so ru YOU So L ASKED TO BACK HERE 1 WOULDN'T V TO MAKE Hi=p

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