Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1935
Page 6
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J * . '-l^^^fT*' sr'srt t'e** 1 , * t r^|;',- ; ' f » 5 tf><«'Y YWl^fW r: s /fc '«vB'' v r ' , Sfv /K ' »'"'' V * 2 id Coming of Prophesied the of 193S, Evan* ra ' 1M Asserts Reasons Why I Believe 1 come before the close of „., Rev. Bert Webb's subject message at the Hope Gospel lu &te Thursday night. Two texts Bsed, John 14:1-3 and Acts 1:9-12. i two hour* to •$£ in. f "As th« days ot JloaK wore, s» shall 'alsti the coining of the Son of Man. Be.' ; Meh did not believe the warning of Noah that the flood was coming upon the earth. Doubtless many scoffed at him. but Noah had heard from Gdd and the flood earned Tonight, the ,tnly way you tan escape the judg- jment cf Oid is to repent and turn to i God. j "The Jew—the great barometer of God's prophecies. A recent issue of the Sunday School Times calls attention to a prophecy of Jeremiah over two thousand years ago that is being fulfilled today. Mr, Davis and survey- Ms cheeks dout onrt found that the boundaries of Jerusalem are now what •a historical fact that Christ as- Jfttd glory" said Mr. Webb. If ™# Spirit of God has been sent to earth the second coming of „ Christ Is a positive event that aitd 1 have to look forward to in n*6t future. People and scholars. ,nost all denominations have ac-j iwtedged that the Baptism of the Ghost is a necessity for the, k Some call it sanctification,' the Second Blessinf, others be- ihey receive the experience in -tion, while others believe that same manifestations that accom- the outpouring on the day ofi .wwjst will be in evidence when; tte are Baptised with the Holyj thejr would be wtoft fartfet mturnik Jer. 31:8 says "Behold 1 w»I brfHg them from the N6i;0t eoUhlry." WRen the Zionist movement Started some years ago, the Jews of Germany refused to co-operate, but today they are glad for the opportunity of going to Palestine. MdmentuoUS thiftfs from a prophetical standpoint are happening in Fal- elstine today. Irrigation projects are causing the 'Desert to Bl6ssom as a Rose." The Jews S6meho\v have not inlefmarlried with other races as other nations navs and are no wreturn- irig to their land in great numbers. However, in thai face of God's word, fulfilled prophecies, and all, many people will not believe. The Lord ^''frS V?'- The Missionary society met with Mrs. Johnnie Carrlgan Tuesday afternoon, We meet with Mrs. <3, S. Srhlth next Tuesday. We have good attendance during our study "That Other America." Earl Robins was in Nashville Satnr- day afternoon. •• -*.' "* Mres. Jack Leewood and children, of Mineral Springs spent last week with her mother, Mrs. Mattye Nelson. could return an ytime now to catch away His own, without doing violence to any prophecy. Are you ready?" : '"there are 266 chapters in the New rnenJ; 306 times in the New Tes- it the Second Coming of the is teferred to. There are some Jcejn opinions regarding the sec- coming of Christ. The event is . with the Rapture of the reu. Wilbxtr Glenn Voliva set a and hour for His return, but He ijoVlo appear. Others say that He S$t coming at all. It is equally " to say that He is not coming ps iv .»,to set a day and hour. There ffiVdistinct difference m the rapture v, $P&k church and the second coming Mesas Christ. 1 Thes, 4:16-18, where ifll tells us that "The dead in Christ all rise first," etc, refers to the ptji¥e,'' no f to tti e Second Coming.bf i of the indications that the re-1 ,f the lord is near is that 'Mens ,- aiciuw are failing them for fear.' Not ^'long ago David Lloyd George, one- c jffme Premier of Great Britain said. •stand aghast and look in awe up- he-'world and wonder what to ex- next.' The uncertainty in the ^ minds of great leaders grouping for i '"Irfway out is expressed by Gen. Hugh >'^jS.'Jbhnson of NRA fame when he said [/Jfvno can tell where it (the NRA pro- j might lead us; and by Arthur} • who in one of his syndicat-' -eu suw^essaio' 'We wonder what this . ' Incitement (the new deal, etc.) will, %»ch us.'- - - • ! "f»"MjBn's hearts shall wax worse and se." 1 Another indication of the near iroach of Christ's return. Some are | f tbHay that people are getting' ;v«u' and. better. The sin and crime ;, this" time bear out the truth of the 'e scripture. In Germany in 1910 6 "were , only 20,000 atheists. In 9 ^ there were Vfc millian. In the • V «U.'SC'A. today there is an increasing 9 - Vj Sbin^ over,, to Communism. One of far the * prominent Juvcmal J'udges of Ir l tthieago said thet only four out of feany thousands that hs had to pass. -;sihtence on had had any Sunday; ;SchooI training at all. I know it to be S fact that in one city officials refus- ,'Jittp permit obsene advertisements of § certain moving picture to be posted the city. Bill boards were erected 'just outside the city, and people yironged to the theater, some stand- frig" in line in a downpour of rain for $S<Wrai rVohi here attended quarter- Sy x coitfer(Sn6e at Washington last Wed- rittsctay night, .tea fiobtna of Mope was n visitor hfr« ti»&iday, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Utloy and daughter, 'Settle Rh'ae, of Nashville visited Mr. and Mrs. Ear) Robins Sunday. Mr. «rid Mrs. Chas Heed and son, ChaS Jr., of Hope were visitors here Sunday. Mrs. Ross Roberts returned to her home Wednesday in Shrevcport, Ln., after a few days visit with her sister Mrs. Ben Gotfdlett. Mrsi Byrtle Robins was called to Stephens this week to be at the bedside of her brother, Dr. Norf Partec, Holly Grove The termers have nearly nil 6f their crops gathered in this community. Mr. and Mrs. Sob Arnold nnd son, Robert Arnold And wife, of Fulton were visltnig nt the home of Mrs. An- who is seriously ill. Floyd Matthews mnde a business trip to Nashville, Tuesday, Jack Ooodlett was n visitor in Nnsh- ville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stuart were visitors in Hope last week. Miss Alma Hanna wns shopping in Nashville Tuesday. t&egagg£g£ji Jf^efflbwEMl^ drew Cos, Sulnday, . Mr. and MM. J. J. Honeycutt of Hope, attended Sunday school here Sunday afternoon. Mr. Brown and family of Union GroVo atended the LeaRue and singing here Sunday night. Mr. nnd Mrs. ft, T. Hombrec and children attended the pie supper nt DeAnn Saturday night, which was quite n success. Miss lona Yeager and Jack Cox were married Saturday. We wish thorn much happiness in life. Miss Lena Belle Sullivan entertained n number of her friends with n Halloween party Thursday night, Mrs. Sullivan has returned home „„. a Visit at fexarknna with her daughter, Mtss Ruby.Jack, who has been quite ill. Mrs. Martha H«nbreo and two daughters spent Sunday with Mrs. Maude Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hartsfleld arid; little son spent Sunday with Mr. am Mis. Lonnie LumpKms, Several from here attended church conference at Ernmot Sunday. Miss Beatrice Hembree spent 'Thursday night with Miss Sybil Samuel of DeAnn. The Great Barrier reef extends nlong the Queensland const of northeastern Australia 000 nautical miles. When Sluggishness Causes ' Distress After Meals Take BLACK-DRAUGHT ;The good that Black-Draught does 'fai'thfe relief of constipation makes it '•w»e of, the most popular laxatives of Its kind. Thousands of men and wo- " &en keep it. in their homes for prompt Use at t|ie first sign of intestinal slug, v . take Black-Draught for constipation that causes a disagreeable feeling after meals, bloating, bad taste tod excessive gas," writes Mrs. Eugene West, of Dothan. Ala. "I can cleanse my system and regulate my towels with Black-Draught and I do pot have this trouble. I find Black- Draught splendid. I recommend it to Others. My husband takes Black- Draught and it holps him." Black-Draught is purely vegetable. Sold in 25-cent packages. —adv. Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Terms Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 P PTURFO? S COBBECTLV FIT YOU WITH A TRUSS, $T« carry the largest and most copiplete h'ne of Trusses in South- we*t Arkansas. Our line is select- etffrora the stocks of the five leading manufacturers of Trusses. We guarantee you a fit. JOHN S. QIPSON Company Tbe Store S3 Delivery PROGRESSIVE HOPE RETAILERS OFFER YOU THE ADVANTAGE OF STAMPS Are. your, discount for cash—a clear saving to you on your daily purchases of necessities. Booklets are easily and ' quickly filled and each filled booklet is redeemable for cash. In keeping with our progressive policies iand high standards, we take pleasure in introducing Eagle StSn^Sc^ greatest profit-shariHg plan. 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GREEN, Dry Cleaning 556 SERVICE STATION HOBBS f GROCERY & MARKET oao « K¥1W STORE STEWART'S JEWELRY GEO. W. ROBISON & CO.

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