Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1935
Page 5
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a. JW» OTAK, fi<»&, Atkinson, Law (Continued fiom page one) Ing up on alleged gambling ring in the capltnl by rcl/ing gambling ywrnphe- nalin and burning it on the public square. He wns consistently active in behalf of the Democratic pnrty except in the 1890 cnmpniRn, when he telm pornrly withdrew from activity be- CBU.SO he was not in sympathy with the party's free silver drive. A tinptlsi Lender For 40 years, he participated prominently In the state nnd southern Baptist conventions, was three times president of the state group, held important board posts in the southern convention and wns an ardent temperance worker. He assisted in locating and building OuachiU college nt Arkadelphia, nnd Avns one of its trustees from its founding, once serving as president of the board for more than a decade. A devotee of southern literature, his private library contains tin impressive collection of the South's Writers. He was married in 1874 to Miss Hat- Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub VICKS COUGH DROP DRESSES BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED By OU!l SPECIAL Odorless Process All types of Ladies Dresses thoroughly cleaned by our spcc- inl process that restores the :olor nnd freshness to Hie fabric. Minor rcpnlrs made at no extra cost, Hall Brothers PHONE 385 tic Wlllldms of OufceriUft county, They had four children, Mrs, Atkinson died In 1884 and Judge Atkinson waft subsequently martted to her sister, Miss Lillian William* To this union wai born one son, Wi W, The sec-. ond Mrs. Atkinson died in 1889. In 1891, Judge Atkinson married Miss Lidie Powers, of Augusta, Ky., and they had three children. Liquor folicy Hit (Continued from page one) afternoon's session of the congress at the Hotel Marlon was given an opportunity to participate in an open forum on government, led by Will O. Akers. Under the general subject, "A New Concept of Adult Education," led by Mr. Akers, and participated in by Griffin Smith, slate comptroller; C. P. Newton, member of the state Corpora" lion Commission; Albert Graves, mayor of Hope, and Dr. A, F, Harmon of Montavello, Ala., flflh vice president, National Congress of Parents nnd Teachers, the responsibility of public servants, weaknesses In the legislative system and problems of municipalities were discussed. Unanimous endorsement was given the movement launched by the congress in the creation of community councils for public forums, in resp» Unions adopted at the morning session, at which Mrs. 0. A. Graves of Hope, first vice president, presided. Vote Consolidation (Continued fr*m page one) Sixty qf These Ships Will F orm New U. S. Armada local elections. An alternative choice is provided. The situation is treated differently in New York city, where five large counties are encompassed by the city proper. It provides for-reform and modernization by giving the Municipal Assembly power to abolish any county offices within the city limits, except that of judge, county clerk, and district attorney, and to reassign functions of any office thus abolished. tern Store Quality Groceries and Low Price* Pound 5c Head 5c Lbs 5c Yellow Ibs 10c Ibs 18c APPLES Fancy JONATHAN Nice Size Doz 25c L WILSCO Pure Cotton Seed Oil 8Lb Carton Red &Gold Pound CORN FLAKES L pkgs 130 PINEAPPLE Broken Slices—No. 2 Can ... 15c CHERRIES, Red Pitted No. 2 Can IQc Chum Can lOc Scott Co. Large Bot. MUSTARD Quart Jars For 25c PUMPKIN, Scott Co. Large Can 10C PEACHES DEL MONTE Melba Halves Large Can 19c 1 PURE CANE 10 Pounds Salad Dressing Sandwich Spread, Qt Jar 3 Tall or 6 Small 29c MATCHES 6 Boxes . Soap, Peets White or O. K., 6 Bars BABY BEEF BABY BEEF Quality Meats 32c Lb 111 Wilson's Sliced CHUCK Lb No, 7 or Chuck Pound PORK CHOPS Korn Fed L T ound 24c Mixed Style 111 A Pound I I 2 C GROOND MEAT Fresh XrJ 12ic PORK ROAST^ Cut PomA 22c LIVER Tc " der ' sllce<l Pound 14c Full Cream Wilson's Certified—Lb K 0I LINK SAUSAGE V 100% Pure Pork Pound fi 490 Coiislniftion of a mighty a ruin da of 00 giant Air cruisers,, ptilicr'hc'dl.nftnr the twin-motored flying patrol boat XP.'JY-] f*lin\vn tibovo, wjll K'ot uiuH'i- Way nnmpclifitclyi the Naval Bureau of Aeronaut li-s announces, nnd limy roviso coinploiely. functions of the ncrinl WHIR ol! tlie U S. fleet. Ke- cenliy, lln- XI':!Y-1, shown .in top photo Inking off, ami in. lower photo being re-fueled, made a ix-cord ;!7<>0-ii)lli? non-.slo'p (light front .Pnnnmn •'to AlliniPda, Calif A local liase nt Hawaii and flouting .tenders, it is bt.'licvofl, will '\w. provided ''for tlir- projected nil- flout, wliicli could cross tHe 1'aeifie non-stop.' Nbto the ielnictnlylp. wing pontoons. Flag Button (Continued from page one) day to assist in caring for the children of veterans during the coming months. The funds donated for this little j button will go to support the efforts | of this organization in the care of children *left fatherless by the war, | or of sick or disabled veterans' child- I ren. The bulk of the funds collected here will be used by the local Legion I and Auxilary -in meeting the needs i of these children in this community . during the coming year. In her discussion of this work Mrs. Arthur S'wanke had this to say: "The welfare of veterans' children is a constantly expanding repsonsibilily of the American Legion and Auxilary. j Injury and disease are taking a steady toll • from the ranks of the veterans, ( and nearly every veteran now dying i pr,{.becoming disabled has dependent children 1 . My committee is at-work | continuously bringing aid and' cnre to such children, and we must look to i the Flag-Button contributions for our chief support, in this work." The local Flag Button sale is being conducted as part of the state-wide > plan arid the interest of every citizen in the comunity is urged in this worthy program of service. T O L--E--T E X OIL COMPANY. Tractor Fuels and Lube Oils. Anything for Your Car. Phone 370 D «y and S1JUE GLANCES By George Clark Get the World on a CROSLEY All-Wave RADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shop WANTED-HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade. Overeup, Post Oak and Reel Oak. For Prices and Specifications Apply to HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. <<i /!"•' \Bfe>&^.-i'-• "'"'.'''>•.••/%:••"••'¥'f? v i-i-. x\H|:}fitf v' : /'.n .•• -r4,=- •.•'.rAfe\ fc.\ S f-v; :»»fr.f.'^ •.'•'f:r./-v •- V; .•.(>?>•..:•• • ''.-'• i* KBJ/i ..',•'.' .\ ';.'•••:;>,:•••.•"•-•"•-•• 1 .^i<?^''v^<"¥^2K3e»F?-*£«w#i ^^!?Mfe^!l^Mg;>^': "I don't know AVKa^ She sees in her father." A total of 851 aircraft was produced in the United States during the first six month of 1936. This represents an increase of 14 per cent over the same perod last year. • ' For safety's sake, never-disengage the clutch or 'throw, the car out of gear when descending,a'hill. . Water should >never be added to the rnidator while the motor is extremely hot, because of the danger of cracking the cylinder head. . -•. • When jacking up a car, the 'jack should be-placed as near the. end of the axle as possible. T)ie closer'it is to the center of the car, the'more weight it must bear. PATTERSON'S GROCERY Phone 21 Specials for Fri, & Sat, Delivery SUGAR Cloth Bag 10 Lbs 55C Apples, Fancy 1O* Jonathan, doz IfiiV TOMATOES No. 1 Can—Each Hershey's Cocoa 1 Pound Jc 15c POTATOES |H No. 1 Red, 10 Ibs I3C COFFEE,'Patter. |jj_ son's Special, lb.. IvG ORANGES |0 Nice Size, doz,-.-. IOC TOILET TISSUE C- 1000 Sheets Roll.... JC CHEESE, Best Cream—Lb 19c Palmolive SOAP—3 Bars.... 14c Tomato Juice OJftA Libby's—3 cans All U GRAPE FRUIT *srar ROYAL GELATIN 2 pkgs, and 1 pkg Royal Budding all 3 LOG CABIN SYRUP With Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour Free 25 Fresh Complete Stock of Fruit Cake Ingredients. Lots of Extra Specials Not Listed Oil Waste Found to Be Gas Supply Gulf's Discovery to Extend Nation's Oil Reserves for Years English Consider Killing Incurables &ut "Mercy Slaying" Pro*- posal Is Denounced by American Specialists LONDON— (fc)— A campaign to es* tablish ''the right of persons suffering from incurable disease to die' 1 was announced Thursday after an English doctor was reported to have admitted five "mercy slaying!." A "kindly faced elderly family doctor,' said the Daily Mail, told it in a "ccnfessiOfi." "I've taken on five different oeea* siting. My conscience never pricked me. I still carry with'me memories of those cases and the happy faces before they died. "I've broken the law and, ciretim- stances being similar, I'd do-It again, If need,be, I'm,prepared to face any •tribunal 1 'in the land, 1 ' • Tiie doctor said 1 the five cases were; an infant "clearly doomed to imbecility" and four adults suffering from: incurable diseases. Lord Moynihan, one of Britain's most distinguished surgeons, disclosed a campaign to give'incurables "the right .to die." ' ; . ' * "This is a serious proposition," said' the peer,•who'has been an a'dvocate<, 'at the formation of.^a "voluntary euthanasia' legalization'societyV', • , ' '•Lord Mo'yrtlhan.announced that the group to which''he and; other influ&nV tial metnbers of • the ^medical profess-' iori and, clergymen bblong, has callecJ a'meeting December 10 at headquarters of the, British Medical Associa- tion'in London to propose "laying the whole proposition' befdre the country." "The 'right-to die'is gaining 1 support throughout the nation," continued the peer, "and we believe we will not fltid opposition except from R6man Catholics, who are objecting for obvloUs reasons." Condemned in U. .S. OKLAHOMA CITY —(/P)—Internat- iarially known specialists ' united Thursday night in condemning the "mercy-killing" of so-called incurable patients. . No doctor'.has the right to: take- a patient's life,-because he has, no ; way cf being certain a case is incurable, it was agreed - by American and foreign specialists, here for a clinical meeting. Di. Henri Coutard of Paris, chief of Staff of the Curie Irtsittute, said: "Often in the medical arts, we make mistakes. "We don't know- sufficiently the conditions of the disease ever to take the step. Life is too big o thing to take away. Even in hdpeless cancer cases it is possil?le i to give some substance for the relief of pain, "Men borh crippled or'feeble-mind- ed have been responsible for some of the great works pf'art." Dr. Max Cutler, director;of the tu* mor cUnic of'Michael/Reese hospital of Chicago, .declared;'i "We do ,hot nave the moral'right even to cofisitfei 1 , any course medically except one .Which represents an effort to bring about the recovery of the patient. "Why? Because of our lack of un- Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Oreomulsion, Serious trouble may.be brewing and- you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- slon, which goes right to the 'seat • of thef trouble to .'aid''.hature to soothe and heal-the inflamed'mem- branes as the igerhi-iladen-phlegm. Is loosened and expelled. Even if -.other : remedies -have failed, don't 'be discouraged, your druggist is authorized • to guarantee Oreomulslon and to refund your money if you are not satisfied,with results from the very - first bottle. Get Greomulsipn right now. (Adv.) • derstandlng of the fundamental causes of moil diseases and our inability to 6cR« w!«i absolute cei'ttinty the iourte any s^en p&tlent wfll taft«, and tciuWf ot thfe octasiohal recovery of apfiaferitly hopeless cases." Even if it wefe legal £6r a doctor to take life, advances constantly made In the science of medicine might make hirh fegret it, said Df.,ftusseU L. tta- den, Cleveland. 0. "The year before liver treatment for pernicious anemia came in, I kept one poor fellow alive, wondering some'- times why f did it, But a treatment Was discovered, The fellow is cured. What if I had let him 6is?" In the early daya of aviati&n, it Was riot considered unustial tot a student 16 fly solo In a day's time, after taking 6 few hops with his instructor. , The rim of the steefittg wheel, rather than the spokes, Should be field When driving. anything happens to the thfe front ;\ -1 Asfa Wo$att,(his .._... pand frontiers'') Co«W vated t6 fch« tfifff out that since'Selassie's tit of kings,". He'' {jossers have kings UMdef Him. In 1928 durhi«. the feign 6f presh Zauditu, aunt of he Was erowhed'klng the title of crown prince Two yeafs" latei 1 , following'; 1 press' rfeath, the present eW invested with the full dtte kings, anointed of God, afld, Ing lion of ^ 1 ' * Electrical Needs At Special Price* That Will Save You Money ;2 Electric Popcoh Popper .... £fi Will Give You Lots of Van This Winte* -'',' St. Regis Heating 'Pad—with 3-heat control..$3,2 Electric Iron, 6 pound—a real yalue r . .$!/ GENINUE I AUpQ 15 to 75w*tt 8 _l G-E LHIfirv. 75 to 100 watts Westclox Electric Cldck _.J '... Made by the,Makers of BIG BEN Electric Toaster : „ Can Be jtJsed for Cooking Meats Tod. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 • We Give * J - lj * .« jf •MM YOU SAVE HERE ON QUALITY , GROCERIES QUAKER OATS 2, 35c DIONNE QUINTUPLET BIRTHDAY CERIAL BOWL FREE BLACK WALNUT BUTTER COOKIES Pound 30c AUNT DINAH/ : MOLASSES For .GINGERBREAD GRAPE NUT FLAKES 2, BEETLE WARfe TUMBLER FREE NEW r "* SORGHUM Gallon DUG GOOD LUCK Pound OLEO 22c CHOCOLATE COVERED , CHERRIES 30c FRESH TOMATOES 5c Pound STRING BEANS Home Grown, Lb 6c SERVICE GROCERY Phone 607 Prompt Delivery ijnrtS Htli •&i •v. PITTSBURGH, Pa. — (yj>) — A new process which makes synthetic gasoline from the wastes of natural gasoline manufacture promises to extend the nation's oil reserves by many years. Tliis new development of the oil industry was reported Thursday for the first time to the group of industrialists and bankers touring industrial research centers under sponsorship of the National Research Council. Basic materials in the process are hydrocarbons, among the chief constituents of natural oil, which now are allowed to escape as waste gases from oil wells, refineries and storage tanks at the rate of 300,000,000,000 cubic feet per year. This wastage has been increasing as gasoline production multiplied. "Scientists at the Gulf Refining company laboratory, scene of the first part of the tour of the group, said | that a portion of their process is secret. It consists essentialy, however, of compressing the gas into a liquid and rearranging the molecules of the hydrocarbons into larger groups by use of catalyzers, substances which promote chemical reactions while remaining unchanged. The resulting liquid product is synthetic gasoline having a hiph octane number. It is similiar to ethyl gasoline in reducing the knocking of motors. The scientists and engineers are repeating the experience of others who 20 years ago, under pressure of the World war, found that coal tar. once thrown away as useless, was a chemical source of a vast number of dyes, pigments and other valuable products formerly bought from Germany. • ^&-«*-«*- — Weather reporting teletype and broadcasting service has been installed at the Wayne County, Michigan, airport. More than 25,000 flights were made from the municipal airport of Long Beuch, California, during the year ended June 30. 'Calumet sure gives you your money's worth, jwith that Big ^ew 1OX Can!" SAYS MRS. W.-.W; H1CKEY, OF CHICAGO, ILt. "THERE'S a lot of good baking in that lOc can of Calumet," observes Mrs. Hickey. "It's worth more than a dime any day I "Of course, with my big family I get the full-pound can—and it's only 2Sc pow, As long as I bake, Calumet will be in my pantry I" Grandfather Rommel, who was a baker for 40 years, says: "Calumet takes the guesswork out of the job nowadays." LOOK AT THE NEW CALUMET CAN! A simple twist., , and the Easy-Opening Top lifts off. No d«lay, no spilling, no broken fingernails I WHAT in»ke« Calumet so dependable? Why i* it different from other baking powders? Cfduract combines two distinct leavening actions A quick action for the mixing bowl—act free by liquid. A slower action for the oven—act free by heat. This Poublc-Action produces perfect leavening. All Calumet prices are lower! Calumet is now selling at the lowest prices in its history., ,The regular price of the Full»Pound Can is now only 35c! And ask to see the new JOo can —a lot of good baking for a dime—with Gajumet, the DpubJe*Aeting Baking Powder. A product of General Foods. f , *; ' ! I X , 1

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